If the west was orthodox christian, we wouldn't be in the shit were in, prove me wrong

You cant

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>>265097490We need Jesus

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>>265097490Catholicism has better marketing department. Orthodox Church is too autistic and inward-looking to convert new nations. And in my country (with the largest Orthodox population in the world) the ROC was re-created by Soviet glowies.

>>265097490I am CERTAIN if the east went through the rapid industrialization the west went through, they would deal with the same problems

>>265097490implies we would be lost without the guidance of the Jews.implies we must reach for the Jews to answer life's questions.implies that the best possible advice must come from the Jews.

>>265097490Orthodog country here.Yes you would.

>>265097490Eastern Europe, fell very easily towards communism, while the West produced both nazism and a militant form of social-liberalism to battle it, it took the left a century to slowly undermine the West, which is causing rightwing political parties and militant groups to slowly sprout out.If anything, Orthodoxy would have made it even easier for the left to succeed.

>>265097490The Protestant Reformation and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

>>265097490truth, the post

>>265099410Imagine associating the degeneration of morality and truth to the Reformation when it was the Roman Catholic Church that diluted Biblical truths beyond recognition.

>>265098975>Eastern Europe, fell very easily towards communism>5 years of Russian Civil war>10 millions died in Civil war>thousands of uprisings up until early 50s>fell very easily

>>265097490I want an Orthodox theocracy, complete with churches that train war priests.

>>265098975Communism was enforced on eastern European nations by war. Here in Greece, communists lost the war so we never become communists. Btw Poland was communist too and it's the most Catholic nation in the world.

>>265097588Too bad orthodox Christianity doesn't have him

>>265099799No point talking to a retard mate.

youtube.com/watch?v=S_VeNg7GE2oAnyone try praying the Jesus Prayer for a extended period of time? First off, I had so many mind distractions it was unreal. Sometimes I'd forget the words of the prayer, other times my mind would insert an explicit image I did not want to see. Eventually I fell asleep. I had a dream of two people ripping up my face flesh under the guise of it being a needed surgery. It was like I was being tortured. Am I going to be ok? I'm not yet fully Orthodox so I haven't confessed my sins or taken communion.

>>265098975This makes sense to me as well. F*** the blackpills

>>265097490We'd all be communist now.

>>265099410F*** off mexi-nigger

>>265100098Tk ur meds.

>>265097490if the west never took kike worshipping and kept managing its finances instead of letting the kikes become the wealthiest and mos powerful people in the world we wouldn't be here

>>265097490No they would subvert it. Everything that is core to the national culture and identity is attacked and subverted

>>265100213Looks like you don't have him either, not if that horrible language is your daily language and if you don't want to repent of it. Repent, brother

>>265097490What is and the beliefs of Eastern Orthodox? I’m interested.

>>265100098Come away from the false Orthodox faith and come to the Biblical truths of being saved by grace alone through faith alone (Romans 3) by Scripture alone (2 Tim 3)

>>265097490People just need to follow Jesus and keep his commandments. There would be no problems in the world if everyone did that.

>>265100717Believe Jesus when he says we know that we know him if we keep his commandments. He wasn't lying.

>>265100888I am by no means implying that we don't have to keep them. If we don't keep them, it is evidence our "faith" isn't saving faith at all. Even that verse you somewhat quoted is a description of those who believe, not a commandment for those who do believe. It's not like "do this to be saved" but "you are saved so do this, otherwise we know you're faith isn't real"

>>265101094I don't think anyone believes we can earn salvation through works. A lot of strawmanning within the body of Christ. It's too bad.

>>265097490What’s your stance on looting niggers?

>>265100717No where does it say grace is given by faith or scripture alone.

Orthodox Christianity is too Bolshevik. Even God hates it right now.

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>>265101157If salvation does not perfect the believers in the eyes of God once, then there must be some effort by man to keep said salvation. The saving grace with the RCC and Eastern Orthodoxy is that many many people don't believe the official teachings of their respective churches

>>265099790Protestants are responsible for:>Dividing the Western World and encouraging centuries of bloodshed against fellow Christians, distracting Christendom from its true enemies of militant atheism and Islam, instead of trying to reform the Church>Bombing abortion clinics and trying to hang gays>Witch burnings>Editing the Bible at will due to their feelings to justify any of their actions>Demonising the Inquisition through the use of propaganda>The concept of Faith Alone, leading to cold, heartless, and degenerate societies who place no value on good works>The concept of predestination, whereby none of your good acts on Earth matter if you don’t believe in their particular version of "Jaysus" and go to hell>Keeping the American South a backwards shithole for more than two centuries in stark contrast to the much more developed and wealthy Catholic regions>Contributing less to charity than Catholics and even some atheists, now and in the past>Prohibition>Creationism>Rapture>Megachurches>Worse than Catholics, Jews, and Muslims when it comes to sexually abusing children>Faith healing>The anti-vaccination movementetc.

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>>265101221"All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work." - 2 Timothy 3:16-17So is helping lead someone to salvation not a good work?

>>265101389Maybe. A lot of denominational communities of Christians have developed some missteps in teachings over the many years. But as Christ said, we can know that we know him if we keep his commandments. So regardless of what variety of denomination one declares themselves as, if they are doing that, then Jesus says that he knows the person.

>>265101593>All Scripture is breathed out by GodThis is the Jew god Yahweh and not God. They're two different things.

>>265097490If you were to just submit to the authority of rome we might actually be able to colonize china!

>>265097490>praying to maryDont do that

>>265101559I find just about all of that abominable and damnable without Repentance. However, you are pinning all this on a movement that pulled the West out of theological darkness and not on the evil heart of man (who takes advantage of and twists scripture to allow this stuff)

>>265097490Does orthodox consider race?Because that's the inherent problem of Christianism, they ignore race, are naively inclusive and end up getting infiltrated.

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>>265100888>his commandmentsHis advice to love Jew god Yahweh is not good because Yahweh murders, lies, and rapes.

The world started going to shit as the West abandoned Catholicism.Fear not, for He reigns supreme and He will bring an end to these accursed ways.

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>>265101791This guy gets it. "Protestant" just means they protested what the catholic church was doing, which was clearly against the word of God, and much of it still is. Protestants became many different things. Most protestants joined with the catholic church to persecute the anabaptists, ect, who kept what Christ commanded and did not fight back with carnal weapons.

>>265101559Based, protfags are heretics. Catholic and Orthodox is best.

>>265101961>the dark ages were the best of timesok

>>265101732Why do you hide behind a memeflag?

>>265102047And the adoration of Mary, Eucharistic Adoration, and an imperfect atonement aren't bordeline heresies?

>>265098568But the Orthodox Church did convert the Slavs

>>265102259The Eucharist is the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ. Are you saying it's heretical to worship Christ?

>>265101807God clearly distinguishes between peoples and nations of ethnicities. All can be Christian regardless of ethnicity. I cannot see why he would condone the destruction of an ethnicity unless it was or is under His wrath. And perhaps one is right now...The idea behind Christianity is not to be so concerned about this world and what it does. This life is but a vapor. We are citizens of another kingdom not of this earth. Ambassadors from it, trying to tell as many here about it. We reside here, in countries, but we are citizens of another kingdom.

>>265097490Can't prove you wrong, I think you're probably right.>>265099410The Schism From the Father not and the Son ok

>>265102259See >>265102372Reminder that Luther removed 7 books from the Bible. Prots don’t truly believe the Bible is infallible.

>>265101559Pic needs "Tomics" too

>>265102415>God clearly distinguishes betweenThere is no proof that God is able to distinguish anything. There are no things that exist or have ever existed that can be proven to have been distinguished by God.

>>265102082>dark agesNever existed.


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>>265102635The inquisition was Godless and of their father, the devil. It was not good times.

>>265102113Why do you care about flags?

>>265102372If the Eucharist truly is the Body Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ, then no, it should most definitely be advocated. However, the idea that Christ continues to come down is false. The book of Hebrews explains how he went ONCE into the Holy of Holies and then was SEATED at the right hand of the Father. No one sits and the right hand of royalty and works at the same time. To say that Jesus's blood is still being spilt contradicts the idea that Christ died once and for all.

>>265102623Drop the cringe flag. Why are you afraid?

>>265099799Yeah mate, WWII didnt creat any victims in europe, lul.....

>>265102501The Jews didn't consider the Apocrypha scripture either, my guy


>>265102723If you were TRULY a polack then you would understand that memeflags are something that are used by shills 90% of the time

>>265102756Perfect understanding of such issues has no bearing on salvation and should not be obsessed over, let alone used to let satan divide the body of Christ.

>>265102807Oh wow.... the ((((((jews)))))) don’t have it in their scriptures, that means we shouldn’t either! Protfag thinking at work here.

>>265097490>you cant

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>>265101559>Im a Catholic but some of these are just Trusts vaccinations Witch burnings were feminists Creationismyoutu.be/Hqvroege-Hk

>>265097490Based and checked, if it wasn't for the Great Schism.


>>265102756Based and Bible-pilled.

>>265102856I don't care. I like my green flag, so what? Anyone can lie and choose any flag like Mongolia, so it's pointless.

>>265102856Maybe I am just ashamed of my country and don't want to be judged based on a stupid flag.

>>265097490Orthodox church is corrupt to the core, dont ever think of joining it.

>>265102862Perhaps Transubstantiation does not, no. However, there are some huge implications with the idea that the mass atones for sins. If the once-for-all sacrifice that perfects (according to Hebrews) must be taken over and over and over again to cleanse even venial sins, that means that it doesn't perfect. If it doesn't perfect before God, it isn't Jesus. I'm not saying we literally become sinless after the atonement, but I'm saying if I had to constantly take part in that sacrifice on the cross, I'm not at peace with God and I could die in sin. can you say you have peace with God?

>>265102862But I do agree that the true invisible church of Christ musn't be divided my more trivial things

>>265097490you are really dumb, right?

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Only naive westerners think this. You guys are retarded.

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Orthodox is terrible. It's not biblical and all nations that follow orthodoxy have problems. Russia has a dictatorship, the church led to the genocide perpetrated by the Serbians, Greece is garbage, Egypt is awful, and on and on. The problem, it is true, is increased secularization, but it was because if protestantism that we've become so powerful. England, Germany, America and Switzerland all dominate in their own respect and all embraced protestantism which God blessed as noted in Deuteronomy 28.There problem with orthodoxy is that it has a twisted sense of salvation, among many other things. If you can't get that right, realizing you don't have to work for salvation, then why would God bless you and show the world your the correct way? The answer is obvious he wouldn't and that's why he hasn't.

Catholics, is it true that the Pontiff is considered to be sinless?

>>265100098i live in a 5g trial cityeverytime i get pulsedJesus prayer = 100% effectivethe demons dont want you praying ladkeep going

>>265103521Not Catholic, and no. However, he is considered infallible when talking on matters of morals and dogma for the church. I'm sure some very small sect of Catholics do believe he is sinless though

>>265101807The Ethnos is already considered in the Byzantine model.Dont make your race an idol, but yes we can be Nationalist. Are we not the nations?

>>265103520Most of what this guy says is spot on. Both catholics and orthodox are two sides of the same bad theological coin.Watched a video where the orthodox were literally engaging in necromancy to make "holy" water. pretty sure that both Old and New Testaments had something to say about that practice.

>>265097490You fucking idiot there's no such thing as orthodox Christianity. It was called eastern church

>>265104170are you talking about this?

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>>265104170There's all sort of wacky stuff with EO and the RCC, but the heart of the issue is the Atonement and Justification

>>265104332That one works too.

>>265101732Not you again.

>>265098759>this postImplies modern Jews and ancient Israelites are anything alikeImplies Christ-denying Judaism and Christianity aren't at odds with one another

>>265104350>the heart of the issue is the Atonement and JustificationSure, but you can't ignore the outlying theological issues either. The icons (which include kissing dead human remains at times), and other practices don't line up with sounds Biblical doctrine. If all the warts of the Protestants are fair game, so are theirs. And there's plenty in theirs.

>>265098975And despite that, the Orthodox Church came out the other side with it's integrity intact. Can the same be said about the Catholic Church, or Protestantism?

>>265103520a protestant faggot pointing at the old testament who could have foreseen this? i really hope its all real so heretic faggots like you can burn. your idiocy is a festering blight upon the world.

>>265104554If it came off as if we shouldn't take the wacky stuff as seriously, I didn't mean for it to. I agree with you 100%

>>265104332Serbs be like"Vracaj se vAEru svog pradAeda!"

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>>265100098Huh, Howard Storm's near death experience involved evil spirits telling him they were taking him to surgery but it was a ruse to torture him.Tbh it's a good sign, when people get closer to God, the devil often comes at them more overtly and more desperately.

>>265104666No worries. I don't want to completely trash what they and catholics do (even a very minor number of anglicans), but pretending that they have some mystical key that solves everything is another reason why so many churches are in trouble: they went off course for other reasons, and they think getting ritualistic like the pharisees will somehow magically fix everything.

>>265101807"It is quite legitimate for nations to treat their differences as a sacred inheritance and guard them at all costs" -- Pope Pius XIIChrist did indeed come to save all men, but our inheritance, culture, language and race is important. It just isn't as important as God; this we must remember.novusordowatch.org/start-herehttp://www.ecclesia.luxvera.org/Directory-USA.html

>>265097490Your gonna get your wish with the new fascist Christian nation. It will be great, for you, at first. But charade will slowly collapse till you are just like a typical China man. Produce for the state till your sick, then shot.

>>265105249You said all that bullshit accomplishments you had nothing to do with, is just as important as God.You are worshiping a false idol, even if it's culture and all the other gibberish. Quick question all the same, why do true believers still care?The goal is heaven, the trap is in life, you got a golden ticket with not giving a shit. I'd rock climb with no equipment, run red lights, walk into traffic. Anything that wouldn't be suicide. Like if I was Christian, a long life is a continuous trap for a eternal punishment.This is obviously for dead set believers and not your casual weekend masses, they just pretend to have morale.

>>265097490If the west didn't let itself be subverted out of literally every aspect of it's culture, it wouldn't matter what church our nation followed. And I say that as an Orthodox Christian. Orthodoxy sure didn't save 50 million Russians, did it?

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>>265105794As a believer, it's not just about life in eternity, it's about bearing witness to others and living out your life as a Christian here as well. While the sjw people emphasize the Jesus as social worker who only cares for people without doing anything spiritual (like sharing the Gospel) Jesus fed people spiritually AND cared for their physical needs, and called his people to care for both. Obviously, if you had to choose one, the priority is saving someone's soul, but if you can help someone get a job and share the Gospel,,, do both.

>>265097490why are you promoting this? You know the West has its own church.

>>265104563ridiculous, what is the Orthodox Church known for? Catholics are known for patriarchy and denying gays equality.