Why have people stopped reading?

Even on this board, I doubt more than 5% of posters have read a single book in the last year

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>yearstopped reading there

social media, obviously. the chans are a form of social media, essentially.

I just finished Farenheit and have started on brave new world.Go to lit

>>265096785I have posted images of my books (700+) many times with proof, and the board all spergs out.I don't bother anymore.Holla Forums is just normie now.

I don't even read the chat

>>265096785I've just read Man, Economy and State by Murray Rothbard. I'll admit I haven't completed a full book in about 2 years prior to that.

>>265097480attention span the length of a asians dick...

>>265096785So what? I read a lot of shit on this website and have improved my english that way. I don't see the issue with not reading books. Also I read my local newspaper almost daily, so you couldn't say I wouldn't improve my capabilities of speaking my native language, too.

>>265096785What u mean bro i’m reading right now

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>>265097683Obviously trolling

>>265097722Ah shit I just fell for the bait.

>>265096785Too long didn't read

>>265097707lmao>let me just pull up this pdf ive had on my PC for 12 years and click to a random page>LOOK GUYS IM READING LOL I READ THINGS TOO LOL

People look at the phones all day. They don't read, they barely watch movies, and they only watch shows they can "binge".

>>265096785I can't read

>>265096785Das fucking right

>>265097417brave new world is just the story of the Buddha

>>265096785Books are gay. I started thinking about all the books I was forced to read as a kid at school back in the west and most of those books were written by a very unsurprising tribe of people.

>>265096785I'm reading your fucking post. My low quality reading materials are your fault.


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>>265097435>>265097683Chad Aussie vs. the Virgin KrautReminder that your time is better spent on eternally valuable information, rather than day to day noise that you have little ability to impact.>>265097628Excellent book to start out with. Oceania really representing ITT.

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>>265096785Reading books is for faggots

>>265096785I've read Karamazov brothers, I doubt the average Holla Forumsack understands anything from it. But to answer your question, I've read Animal Farm and re-read 1984 and a Brave New World.

>>265098078And fantasy shit is fucking gay

>>265096785I have read plenty. These last few months off the top of my head I can recommend every book as nearly required reading from most recent:>Storm of Steel>Sweden's Dark Soul>Senso (collection of letters written by japanese during wartime)>Growth of the SoilNext on my list is the ancient history of Aratta-Ukraine and Ride the TigerStill waiting for my copy of meditations among the peaks to come. I have a feeling that is going to become my favorite evola as I am an alpinist myself.

>>265098092even worse, you open the pdf file then tab over to ur interracial gay incest porn

>>265098142Alright mutt, you better look forward to having a president that doesn't suck donkey dicks.

>>265097417Farenheit's good stuff. Would recommend

>>265097787I don’t know if that’s a bait or not but I unironacally agree with that

>>265097628Yes mind poison is also my favourite.

>>265097683Then you're reading and this post wasn't directed at you, you fucking retard

>>265096785I knew a girl that got turned on if you read books before, she was fucking insane and belonged in a psych ward.

>>265098279Explain what a normie like me can do other than vote and convince people in my circle. The big lie of Democracy is giving you an impression of ownership beyond your ability to act.Long term if I succeed, I may actually be able to make a measurable difference in the future.

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>>265096785You're right... Us right wing white guys are actually illiterate.

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>>265096785Do people really set up casual sex dates in advance like this? I thought people just impulsively met up when they were horny. You actually make plans to be a degenerate?

>>265096785Lack of an attention spanWanting instant gratificationEasier to watch Netflix/TV

>Readingayy,what a faggot

>>265098532whats in the jar

>>265096785im reading Hitler's War atm

>>265096785Read about 30 books so far this year. Watching TV and Movies is gay, I haven't seen a shit Hollywood movie in about a decade, they are all a waste of time.

>>265098526>Explain what a normie like me can doGet me a beer for example. But other than that, maybe just consider moving the fuck out of your shithole? It won't get any better with only two parties. >>265098426I don't see how this was only directed to people that don't read.

>>265098633Seed bank.

Started reading Hans Christian Andersen fairytales today. Wholesome as fuck. Kids need to read this

>>265098532When I was a kid, I always thought people with a "For dummies" book were actually retarded.Kek

>>265098633A java executable.

>>265098237Quite based. Fyodor was a prophet. Even as he spilled gallons of ink naming the Jew, Einstein loved him and paid him highest compliments.That, my friends, is based

>>265098526>voting>considers himself intelligent

Do audiobooks count? I listen to them pretty much all day at work.

>>265096785>Why have people stopped reading?Nice source.

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>>265096785I read many books in the last year.Cat in the hatOne fish two fishHop on popChicka-chicka boom boomGo the fuck to sleep

>>265096785>wall of textTake your blog post and fuck off, I'm not wasting my time reading that shit.

>>265098715>maybe just consider moving the fuck out of your shitholeI think about that probably every other day.Scenario 1:We're in late stage Roman Republic, we'll get a strongman (like Augustus), and we'll have a few more good hundred yearsScenarios 2:We'll just collapse all at once, and living in Panama, Czechia, Phillipines, Signapore, etc. is the only way.Either way I think I can make some money in the meantime.

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>>265098864This...In addition to my library I have at 100+ titles on Audio..Too bad they are making me want to puke by trying to jam "White Fragility" down my throat.Fuck audible for that

>>265096785Read 3 books this year. Started a fourth.

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>>265098857>Take the final red pill, have LITERALLY ZERO impact

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>>265098532> C for dummies> No K&R > Not even K.N. KingDennis Ritchie, praise be, is going to strike you with lighting if you don't unfuck yourself quick, user.

>>265097899Binge watching is one of the worst types of media consumption that has become far more common in the past few years. It's fastfood TV. The need for instantaneous delivery of demands is a fucking cancer that has infected every facet of our modern culture. a) It completely blurs your understanding of the story. The brain is just not made to remember stories that long that quickly. b) It makes you overlook shit writing because If an episode is crap It doesn't matter you can just start the next one without having to stew and get irritable over the course of a week waiting for the next one. c) It completely disconnects people from a sense of shared culture and understanding, which is one of the main points of art. Water cooler effect is incredibly important for the longevity and success of a TV show, and in my opinion, the enjoyment of that show. To make matters worse of this, because lots of people do enjoy the sense of community and discussion that comes along with new media, there is strong incentive for everyone to binge consume something so they don't get spoiled, and so they can start talking with everyone else knowing that they've finished. Life was just better and easier when everyone was forced to consume something at the same pace because of the realities of media delivery. As a tangent, the rise of interest in sourdough baking during lockdown made me very happy. Most people will give up no doubt now that bakeries and shops are open again but I hope at least some people stick with it. I haven't bought bread in years.

>>265098260Bro... Storm of Steel is absolute KINO...Good for you.One of the greatest reads ever.

>>265096785>what's your favourite?Instantly discarded. Let's discuss the qualities instead of listing our top 10 like we're 11 year old girls.

>>265098956Sounds like a plan.

>be me>go to book store>ask for 12 rules for life>pretty female employee gets shitty>takes me towards Kitty Flanigan's 488 rules for life>tells me it's way more entertaining >tell her no thanks>says they don't have it in stock>ask to order it>she says they can't>ask for 1984 since i haven't read it>she takes me to the section>it's at the bottom of a classics shelf crammed in the corner>''omg america is 1984 right now with trump''>pick up the book>cover is oily and disgusting to hold>''do you have a different version''>she's annoyed>''what's wrong with that one''>hand her the book>''oh yeah this feels gross to hold''>we don't have another version but have you read the barefoot investor?and that was the last time i went to a book store, everything is bought online now.

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>>265098614>Lack of an attention spanI just don't know how to stay focused. Anything I read, whether it's a novel, lecture material, a textbook, after 20-30 minutes I start thinking about random shit, the words I'm looking at just merge into one, and I retain nothing. It's quite depressing tbqh

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>>265096785We have enough intellectuals, now we need men of action.

>>265098961>Amazon censorship and anti-white racismThat is fucking infuriating. I put my account on hold and of two minds whether or not to cancel. There's a lot of free shit out there.

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>>265096785They read more than ever, just instead of deep thoughts and things that make you go “hmm”, it’s shallow surface ideas and easily digested social media drivel. Look at the long walls of text lefties post on Facebook, and how it distills down to a long form version of “orange man bad”, and random sentences about how much they love black lives matter. It’s little better on 4fags but at least people still debate ideas here.

>>265097480Tl;dr: Chad eloquently says why Dostoyevsky's Karamazov Brothers is a great book ("it's long and thick"), roastie gets wet

>>265099158Cool, recommend people books on the subject.You can be a fucking badass with your rifles, but what about us?

>>265099158I like you.

>>265096785Ive read like 4 comic books

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>>265096785Books are trash, because the ones who write thing in it, are trash. ANyone who need books is a trash, a weak, effeminate man who need other people tought to be able to think

>>265096785Book sounds interesting I want to read it now.

>>265099275 (Off-topic) Holy fucking shit I forgot about that guy, how does it come he isnt referenced on 4chan more often?

>>265096785Because all modern books are political anti-white bibles.

>>265099172Ever since they were sued and credits build up I don't see any reason not to have a SUB..You can buy expensive books for cheap with credits.I used to do body work (hail damage/PDR) traveled..Put my headphones on and worked 10-14 hour days 5-7 days a week for months..Absolutely murdered books.Now my brother and I own our own construction company so I don't have the time to read.I feel ya though... Bullshit books being pushed.

>>265099191One of best aspects of Holla Forums is that you have to condense your ideas. 95% of the reddit faggots don't even read the long posts, they just upvote stuff that looks impressive to their coomer lefty brains.

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I just read The Sea Wolf by Jack London. Great read. Ive ordered a few more of his novels.

>>265099137You have to work on it. You're going to be absolute shit at push ups when you first start. Don't shit on yourself for reading slowly at first.

I read the master and margarita last week and dead souls before that. Both very good

>>265099172Bros..READ OR LISTEN TO ..."Undaunted Courage" about Lewis and Clark ...A stellar read.

>>265099158"intellectuals" don't exist anymore, all logic and evidence is ignored for emotions. Science is used as a tool to control and spread lies. Statistics only matter when they fit the narrative. What is left? Schools? Full of propaganda and useless shit which is taught by a fucking idiot to top it off. Truth no longer exists

>>265099137Anon, try taking a break between words fewer times. So instead of pausing on each word, pause on every few words. Turn off your phone/TV Or place it where you can’t easily grab it. Hope it helps :)

>>265099191What do you think are deep thoughts mutt are you 14

>>265099132Use Booktopia or book depository m8

>>265099137>>265099485Yup, he's correct... Start with something fun..Not going to lie go for something middle school level ( don't worry about the haters)All quiet on the Western Front...Where the Red Fern Grows..( sort of a kids book but still an amazing book)STORM OF STEEL ..Work your way up.

>>265099381That's fucking based dude. I took the college route, and you're probably richer and better educated than me.

>>265099137Have you tried reading Mr Nice

>>265099717Look at my pic above... I have a degree some University of Illinois.. I paid off my student loans by 26.. I'm 32 now.I have never used my degree in enviro engineering.

>>265096785I read one book and its the Bible

>>265099137The others are correct, but also constant internet use (Holla Forums among others) is instant intellectual gratification and short-wires your intellectual pleasure centers so to speak, much like weed does with physical pleasure, making it hard to gain pleasure from longer-term (but ultimately more gratifying/satisfying) intellectual pursuits. Short sentences/paragraphs, small quantities of thought, your brain grows addicted to small tasty packets of information and finds it very difficult to prioritize longer pursuits with longer gratification than the short, high gratification packets (Holla Forums)

Serious question; why is it that it's so deep and cool to read a book -- but same cannot be applied to information? I don't want to read books, I rarely play games, watch TV-shows, movies etc because I just don't like it. Same goes for books, it's some other persons imagination and I have plenty of that for myself. So I rather read up on different subjects that I feel I need to improve in.

>>265096785I read a book. I read you diary where you cried about being a gay faggot and talked about how you wanted to turn your penis inside out. 2/10, would not fap again

>>265096785I had a pretty excellent dollar bookstore near me up until about two years ago. It was in an old mill building, and was large- like half a high school gymnasium. I could take the kids and stay for two hours. Both would bring home more than they could carry, and it never ran me more than $20. New books, none used.The bookstore owners owned the mill building itself. They shut it down and leased the space to a "wedding store". It's a pity, but I can't complain too much as I can order most things on line from my public library. They don't have much themselves, but can borrow from anywhere else in the state and get it delivered here.

Just read Fascism for the million by Sir Mosley, more of his books on the way. I highly reccomend 1984, but moreover Brave New World. Brave New World is far more applicable to today than 1984.

>>265096785i lost my habit since i since college startedbut i was reading wealth of the nations and foundation now I'm reading the history of art and manga

>>265096785>vibe checkI hate women.

>>265100020nigger faggot shill spotted fellows

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>>265096785Been reading some real shit the glow niggers classified in the 60's about how the next planetary collapse will happen.

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>>265100037Ever read "amusing ourselves to death"??

>>265099087>binge watchers will never feel the joy of watching a weekly show and discussing it with people trying to figure out what happens nextI fucking miss LOST even if the ending was awful

>>265096785Most likely. I actually enjoy books.>>265097435Post it, faggot. I want to see what books you read, call you a retard even if I like your books, and see if there are some interesting ones I should add to my to-read list.

>>265100039>i lost my habit since i since college startedThe state of universities

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>>265100037I think it's a pity that the word "pneumatic" hasn't caught on.

>>265099998This, why would I read hundreds of pages about someone elses personal thoughts, when I have my own ones.I mostly read about different subjects tho. I don’t even read much news, most of them are lies anyways.

>>265096785of course i read, i go through ALL of the classicsIdiot and basically all of Dosto bar Karamazov which im saving for laterMonte CristoNotre DameBel AmiWitchhammerBovaryBoule de SuifTherese Raquin which in regards to moral decay and deepening guilt i find better than Crime & Punishmentcurrently going through Moby Dick and I love itWar & Peace or Marquez are next

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>>265099581these days it’s mostly a grim acceptance of the things to come in the world, realizing you can’t do anything about it on your own but still should be a part of it, and that the lack of conflict over decades has brought about the very strife we see today. It’s really not that profound desu.

>>265099649Mate I had similar experience with Dymocks Sydney when I went in asking for The Gulag Archipelago series.Like a self fulfilling NPC Karen meme old love at the counter touts "Thats a Russian name isn't it? Oh wow you must really love marxist literature.." and pointed towards an entire communist wet dream...>2020>Recommending pro-communist literature>Not even knowing who Solzhenitsyn wasYou'd think if you worked in a fucking book store you'd at least know something about 20th century literary gods, I could understand if they didn't have Leviathan or Social Contract.I fucking hate sydney but I hate melbourne more.

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what I'm reading right now

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>>265100115How? You can't get the full original book

>>265100411Bro you get it..Count of Monte Cristo... The Red Sphinx...Absurdly good books.Pic is a full set of Mark Twain's Circa I bought as a pieced together set from 1909..Just got a hardcopy of "Gone with the Wind"because fuck BLM.

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>>265100668Check library genesis in Minecraft. You can.

>>265100320>>265099998I prefer historical reads, for example I would like a redpilled version of world war 1 and 2, not nobody here posts it.I don't mean tl;dr, I mean a thorough read of what occurred in a way that doesn't whitewash the jews, the UK and Russia.

>>265097148Yeah, that was the last word of the post.You did good.


>>265096785false. /g/ taught me to find an old kobo for $50 and load that fucker with shit off LIBGEN. I have over 300 books on mine. Finishing up Steve Rinella's "meat eater" RN - Great book.

>>265100438Omg life is an eternal struggle and not a fairytale like in a five year old kids mind, how surprising

>>265100836fuck niggers and jews

>>2650967854chan is fucking retarded

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>>265096785i’ll read what i want and i’ll read it when i want to

>>265100829The WW1 destroyed the glorious Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, it shouldn’t have happened

>>265100411If you ever get a chance to read or listen to Moby Dick I HIGHLY recommend it..Amazing book

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>>265101092spending a paragraph of dense prose describing the shape of a bar glass is not literary geniusit's technical masturbation and nobody would read it were they not forced to

>>265096785A literate mind likes structure and reason. Sentences have structure. There are rules, grammar, syntax. This can foster logic and reason. However,nowadays with texting and lolspeak, people are losing genuine literacy and turning to a creole mock language that is making people dumber.

I usually avoid reading any sort of novels as they are a waste of time. I mostly read textbooks about programming, particle physics and various aspects of engineering. I read a book on welding techniques cover to cover as if it was a novel a while ago. Maybe I am a little weird..I did start reading the book series "Ancient wisdom for modern readers" which offers various old texts translated to english with the original text on every other page. So far I read "how to think about war" from thucydide, "How to keep your cool" from Seneca and 2-3 others which I forget.Those books are overall interesting, mostly to see just how little changes in 2000 years. But I would not use them as redpills or actual sources of wisdom.

man that pic and conversation is cringe. so contrived and sleazy. the person who craeted that pic is also the idiot who set up a fake account and had a conversation with himself. he then added in the crying man, and magnifying certain words to somehow imply what hes saying is so intellectual and witty.Imagine being this much of a faggot

>>265098932A man of culture.

>>265100990The beating and murder of the draft horse in "Crime and Punishment" is the most horrific scene I've ever read.>t. Grown male who doesn't give two shits about animals

>>265100118No, but I just had a look and its now on my list, thanks burger bro. Orwell was looking n the wrong direction, he thought fascist regimes would enact totalitarian control over us; really it is the globalists, disguised as, and aided by useful idiot Marxists, who are the real danger, who shall make humanity a servile mass, in order for them to meet their own ends. I call them globalists for they are about as committed to the ideals of leftism as Stalin was to Marxism-Leninism. Capitalism and communism are just 2 sides of the (((same))) coin. As uncle Yuri says those committed to communism and leftism are useful idiots, who won't understand their mistake till Soros has them lined up against a rule and shot. As Uncle Ted says, these people think they are rebellious, without realising this rebellion is exactly what the system wants; there are profits to be made out of open borders, BLM and LGBT.

>>265101199Haha... You have no idea what you're talking about.The book is rich and above your smooth brain level.Go back to your pop ups faggot.

>>265100879Daddykins bought me a Kindle Fire 5th gen when it came out. It's definitely helped with books. I'll have to look at Meat Eater - I have a few books by him but I've not gotten around to them yet.>>265101199That's just how they wrote back then for some reason. I'm not really a fan of it, I like my texts to be simple and clear, like Hemingway's style.

>>265101239yeah im just trolling

>>265099485>>265099551>>265099661>>265099785>>265099976Thanks, anons. It'll take a while to get over the years of instant gratification and dopamine release, but little by little I'll get there

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>>265101224Based and galaxy brained

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>>265101228>Imagine being this much of a faggotYou are on the worlds number one faggot mongolian incel website, what did you expect

>>265096785Nah we ok.Ive read the golden bough again ,chechovs the cherry orchard and three sisters,also have tried Jerusalem by alan moore but the fucker is a hard one .im at the fifth restart or something

>>265099137practice buddy, practice. like other anons said, you need to work at it. shit analogy, but the mind is somewhat like a muscle. i study for absurd amounts of time, and I'm kind of like you, what i do is put on a podcast while I study, study for X amount of minutes, tune out for a second, listen to a point, go back to studying. if I really need to focus on something, I don't do that, but if it's just general, simple material, I can fuck off while studying.


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>>265101245Yup, you get the premise and probably don't NEED to read it given your take, but still it's something worth checking out.

>he thinks he is well read but has never even read stoner by john williamssad

>>265101224Okay this user is the only based one on this thread

just reread pic related

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>>265097435>>265097417>>265096785Imagine reading books like a plebian when audio books exist and you can multitask and do something worthwhile, also great for commutes and exercise. Imagine fucking sitting there with a book. God you fucking disgust me with your wasted time.

>>265096785There's the entire internet to read, and you demand people read "a book".Does context mean anything to you? I guess you need to read "a book" to find out.

>>265096785>I doubt more than 5% of postersI read like 35 nonfiction books since january, Plato's republic included thanks to Holla Forums

>>265101487No man i used to do that but not reading (lit) gradually makes you a rigid \pol\ack faggot .

>>265100825>Count of Monte Cristoi have read every beautiful page of those 1500, amazing book, id say its most likely the second best ive ever read, just behind Idiot, and i fathom Karamazov will knock that down a point toowill definitely look into Red Sphienvious of Mark Twain, must be amazing!

this one i read recently as well

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>>265101530Retard cope

>>265101515Ask me how I know you never "read" anything difficult.

>>265096785You only need to read the bible

>>265099132I asked for 12 rules and the old cunt behind the counter scoffed and said no. They fucking did have it too

>>265100892That’s the 8th grade reading level take, sure. You eventually start to see mass death as a beneficial thing for humanity, and get into this weird yin/yang “all things in cycles” kind of vibe. Next stage you think you rise above it all and are “free” but it’s just apathy- eventually you need to take action, because the monk on the mountain is just as useless as the guy parroting talking points. It’s like this weird stages of grief for accepting the nature of reality or something, and it takes years to discover and work through it all. It’s always been this way too, and figuring out your place in the game I guess part of the fun or something.

>>265101224What is autism like?

>>265101400>>265101644Self check.kek believes in me

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I started reading a lot more this year especially, I'm a poorfag so I just read old books that are available online for free, started with Lord of the Flies and then Dune up to God Emperor and now reading books from pic related basically, currently reading 1984

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>all these bookletsWhat's the static load rating of a .23 thrust bearing

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>>265096785With all the water I now have to thread digitally, I have no surplus mana.

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This thread is based, but how does it compare to a typical >>>//lit// thread? Never bothered with them. Am I missing out?

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Say what?

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>>265101648Count of Monte Cristo is an absolute Triumph of human will and literary genius.. I could read it over and over.If you like Dumas... You will love "the red sphinx"...It's the second book in the three musketeers trilogy.Not as complicated or long as count but I recommend reading the three musketeers first. Because the layout for him being the villian in the first book and then the Cardinal being broken down and understood in the second is just great story telling... One of my favorites..I want to get a replica of pic related

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>>265101589fucckkkk, I bought the republic, got swamped with work and school, and haven't finished. with the pandemic and all, I have more than enough time; thanks for the reminder. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of Plato's work I've read thus far (some from the republic), but my buddy who studied philosophy emphasized how utterly essential he finds it to be.


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>>265097435bro i read thousands of books here is my proof.try and refuting it, cause you can'tpic related: proof

>>265102105What app is that, portubro?

>>265101929Yessir.. Do not pass this gem up.


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>>265101860wrong characterization of kek


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>>265096785Because books aren't the only source for information.

>>265102140sorry breh fucked u my previous posti definitely had plans to look into the Musketeers so ill surely look into themwouldnt they have that picture as a puzzle?would be fun to build and then get framed for the wall


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>>265102205How so ?

>>265096785bought 2 books in the last 2 weeks alone. just because you are a retard doesnt mean everyone else. imagine making a thread about a shitty ponder you had. nice slide, faggot


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>>265096785>Not a single medium effort post of recommendations.Kys

>>265099137I have made the repeated experience that after consuming a lot of ADHD content like tiny articles, image board posts or Quora answers, it takes me about 2-3 days of forcing myself to keep reading a book for 30 minutes or more at a time until I get my focus back.Once I am in this state, within about 10 days of daily long reading I can keep reading for up to 6 hours nonstop. (Or more if the book is really, really interesting and well written at the same time)The best books to get back into the groove, I found, are books of medium "difficulty". Novels would be easy difficulty, textbooks on abstract algebra or scientific papers would be hard difficulty. Medium difficulty would be self help and Business textbooks. "How to think like a rocket scientist", "Quiet", "Ultralearning", "Atomic habits", "Outliers". Those kind of books.They may not always be good, but they are probably not really bad either, esp. if you first read the critiques before buying.>>265101822Its like coal mining except you can actually live off it you bogan dingofucker

>>265102406MARS series by Kim Stanley Robinson. It’s fucking amazing.

>>265101796My place in the world is to reply to deep thought fags on a mongolian autismo board I guess

>>265096785I read about 8 books last year, one of them being the full annotated Pride and Prejudice which I was particularly pleased with. I've ordered 4 more books including Anna Karenina but corona has made it difficult (reading at home doesn't work, all my reading is done on buses and trains)

>>265102464Kek fair enough

>>265096785I've read Hunter at least in the past month alone. I'm thinking about reading Jared Taylor next.

>>265102328>shitty ponderLook, even if you had lots and lots of mental processing power, being forced by the (((system))) to chug through millions of lines of javascript daily, you'd be no better off than an old slow computer running a fraction of that code in say, c.

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>>265102110>>265102152>>265102200>>265102248>>265102316>>265102347Great, when you're finished with the teen thrillers maybe you can pick up a classic?

>>265101530you should probably kill yourself if you think the internet qualifies as literature

>>265099137it's because of internet addiction. you need to do a digital blackout if possible for 3 months or so. no phone, no internet, no computer, no tv etc. just books and outdoor activities.

>>265102161It’s called nomie, not sure if it’s still supported. They have time trackers that I click when I start my reading sessions. I also have trackers for noFap, noSmoking and things like weight and calories. It helps me keep my goals in check.I actually intend on ramping up my reading time this summer: I’ve been averaging 1 hour a day so far.

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>>265102009Lol..I'm not at work, can't show you all the manuals.You don't even know the answer to that without looking it up..Good try/bait though.

>>265101515You read book like plebeian listen to music, without your full attention.

>>265101589>Plato's republicI dont get the hype. Reading Plato is only interesting from a historical perspective (wow these ancients used their brains too?!). Read "Revolt against the modern world" by Evola

>>265102694Are a bigbrain are you with your programming metaphores

>>265096785I'm reading fiction books only. Right now I'm reading science fiction Hyperborean Plague about modern world but with many conspiracies being real like rat mutants in Moscow subway, nazi base in Antarctic, tomb of Tamerlan, cross-species breeding of I. I. Ivanov and etc.

>>265102971>digital blackoutI quit carrying my phone years ago. I don't get paid to irradiate myself while keeping up with bullshit banter and frivolous regulations. Public services, employers, schools, banks, &c, keep demanding continuous input to stay functional.

I stopped reading books about seven years ago and now I'm literally retarded. Or maybe it's due to all the booze.

>>265103095I would say reading the Greeks is important to understand Evola.

>>265101515multitasking is bad you nigger

The Myth of German Villainy

>>265103085Based as fuck monsieur

>>265097417>and have started on brave new world.Just remember it's not a dystopia, it's utopia.

>>265097972Siddhartha isn't like a Brave New World when you read it at all. Fuck off with that shit. Clockwork Orange is better anyways.

>>265102931you fucking idiot. the "internet" contains everything. every book in digital form, wikipedia knowledge, news articles etc.Having a physical book and being all elitist about it, scoffing at people who instead use the internet is just faggy. "heh you get your literature and knowledge from the INTERNET?"What makes books so sacred that the same quality cant be found on the biggest domain that comprises all knowledge known to man? FAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

>>265103227I have read Plato, I just didnt enjoy his philosophy, so have never bothered with republic. Evola talks mainly about the myths, like the eleusinian mysteries, and less about the pure philosophy.

>>265103348THe archive is currently in the process of being deleted for copyright infrigment.How do you know the internet's books haven't been modified, btw? Do you just never doubt your providers?

>>265103295>it's utopia.That's why it's more enjoyable than 1984, because when you read it you want most of the things to happen (if you're white, not a lower caste).

>>265103348Books are far superior in quality than some blurb a credentialist reguritates to signal he's still in the loop.

>>265096785True. I'm one of those people who's always saying "did you ever read this book?" but I'm 90% talking about stuff I read 20 years ago. My attention span is fried, and I usually only read technical stuff that I have to and browse the web anymore. I've read 2 books this year.

>>265101701>>265103085>>265103240Ask me how I know you are sub-120.

>>265103225Everyone thought I was odd when we were cleaning up the class rooms at the end of the school year because when they were getting rid of books at school they would ask if anyone wanted a copy.I always took whatever textbooks they had, especially math, science and history books.Fuck they were handing them out because they were getting "new" books next year.Same in college. kept most of my books unlike the kids who resold..A man should have a library or study in my opinion. whatever you want to call it.

>>265103348Sir you have me mistaken. I agree, why pay when books are online? But I thought that faggot meant reading 4chans and wikipedia and not reading literature.

>>265103466How do you know the paper books haven't been modified? Do you just never doubt your publishers?

>>265096785Reading The International Jew and that is a motherfuckerNeed to also pick The Bell Curve back up, but that's just meaty as fuck with it's info dumps

>>265098746good choice

>>265098757My sides Hans, they hurt from laughter.

>>265099042Every vote shows approval to the system that fucks the strong and pampers the weak. Do your part and dont vote. At least youre less guilty of perpetuating the system then (I assume you work for fiat money and dont give state employees a hard time).

>>265103574>libraryIn my language, a library is a bibliotek. From wikipedia:>The Bible (from Koine Greek τὰ βιβλία, tà biblía, "the books")[1][a] is a collection of sacred texts or scriptures.

>>265099158we have no intellectuals

>>265096785I bet you can't read a book as fast as I can, user. I'm state champion speed reader 3 years straight! What do you have on that. Faggot??

>>265096785I read a lot for law school and listen to like 20-30 audio books a year.

I stole this from an old thread. All books fiction or non fiction worth reading, including some scholarly articles for free in PDF form. informationavenue.ga/books.html

>>265099137Once you understand hypocrisy and anti-hypocrisy everything is derivative.Only intent matters.What is your intent when reading? What are you looking for?For me, intentionally deceptive arbitration does not interest me, especially in the form of inconsistency of those that dodge between context and generalization (ie "for me, but not for thee" hypocrisy). Only the truth, and the pursuit of it, interests me. Those that coddle lies are degenerate/demons.When someone calls out hypocrisy, their intent for doing so matters, not the hypocrisy.When someone posts graven images, their intent for doing so matters, not the images.When someone tears down a statue, their intent for doing so matters, not the statue.When someone commits a crime, their intent for doing so matters, not the crime.When someone does an "act of kindness", their intent for doing so matters, not the act.When someone tells you to "read a book", their intent for doing so matters, not the book.Only intent matters. Reap what you sow.

>>265103444Sure, not so much philosophy but having the knowledge of greek writers helps your enjoyment of evola. Like you said the eleusian and the hyperborean myths all come from the Greeks.Plato’s republic just gets shilled here because he describes a quasi fascist state, but there are a lot more Greek ancient authors worth reading like Herodotus, Thucydides, Pindar, etcThey are also incredibly funny sometimes, even after thousands of years

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>>265103792Yeah you sit this one out, retard. We'll take it from here.

>>265102998Can't see it on the Play store. Oh well.Don't smoke, don't need to fap and couldn't if I wanted to because we're under lockdown and my kids, wife, and self are all in one room in the house most of the day. What are you using for weight? I use the app geniusly named "Fasting Tracker" to track my fasting; I usually do about 22 hours fasting a day.

>>265100825this guy really likes Mark Twain

>>265101515>thinking an audiobook is the same as readingKek

>>265101358>>265101487thanks.Another book I can recommend is "Letters from a Stoic" by Seneca.Not for the stoicism (he was only mildly stoic and stoic itself is far from perfect, what with their whole predestination and all) but for the look into the life of romans 2000 years ago and how similar they were to us:On motivational posters, speakers and books:(Letter CVIII):>Some of them are stirred up by the noble sentiment they hear; their faces and spirits light up as they enter into the emotions of the speaker. ... They are captivated and aroused not by the din of empty words, but by the splendour of the actual content ... They are deeply affected by the words and become the persons they are told to be- or would- if the impression on their minds were to last, if this magnificient enthusiasm were to not immediately be intercepted by that discourager of noble conduct, the crowd: Very few succeed in gettin home in the same frame of mind.

>>265104134Ever since I was a kid, I would avoid using words unless I knew how to spell them.

>>265101199Don't listen to this man, he is beyond hope.

>>265101515how are you supposed to take notes?

>>265096785been reading a lot lately actually>pic related

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>>265103095Meh, allegory of the cave is baby's first redpill. truly, if you apply the essential premise to it, it's rather eye opening.

>>265096785I have read lots of books in my youth, I plan on reading more but I formed a world view and an idea that I want to build out.The final red pill is to build something that collects the ideas of others and finds the limitations and expand on what is being discussed.Then you are able to push your ideas instead of following others.If you do not know what others have done before you, it's not possible to progress a single thought further that your own perception of the world.At some point you need to end the reading and start on your own projects. Thats my 2 cent anyway.Or you can just become a domestic terrorist!Did that get any bots attention ?What about this? Weapons grade Uranium enriched ore buyer from Iran.Natural language bots picking that up ?

>>265096785Just finished my annual reread of Crime and PunishmentDostoevsky is the greatest writer to have ever existed and I'll fight anyone who disagrees

>>265104591Dostoevsky.I have watched a video summation on his works but have not been exposed to the ideas.Probably because It's not promoted too much in the anglo sphere.

>>265104082I mean, I grew up on the Mississippi so it was kind of a thing..But still I haven't read all of them.I was just looking one day and this complete set popped up for sale from the New York Library for around $150 so I jumped on it.Some are in poor shape so I won't actually carry them around or anything. I have read a lot of Twain, but these are collectors items more or less.

i want to become cultured and read good shit but i dont have any idea on what good shit is

>>265104733if you really want to impress people read T.S. Eliott

>>265104733What interests you? I'll try to give you some ideas

>>265104426An application on my phone that I activate verbally. >>265104134And? What of it? I read all day, do you think I do not know how to read? Do you think I do not know how to absorb information because I am hearing it verbally instead of taking in visually? Do you have the brain of a child? Slow-witted bitch.

>>265104733reading is for nerds just spam nigger on Holla Forums

I feel like I don't have time for reading books as in, if I sit in an armchair during daylight hours reading a book I feel I am wasting the day. No free time at night to read books getting dinner ready and getting ready for the next day. Only time I would have to read is about half an hour in bed before I go to sleep but then I end up reading too long and don't get enough sleep. When do you set aside time to read a 3000 page book?

>>265104733I really enjoy the poetic drive of Grieg, but I doubt it'd be transferable to another language.>>265104591I've seen people claim you'd have to know russian in order to really appreciate his works.

>>265104591dostoevsky was a glorified comic strip writer and religious grifter

>>265104902>>265104134I am actually legitimately surprised that we have a bunch of people here that are unable to transcribe words in they hear into their mind. At least one's that would post in a thread involving literature. Go back to your e-celeb threads, bitches.

>>265104862Anything, really, as long as its written well and isn't trash. I have always been a bit of a history buff, but I wouldn't want to stick to just historical settings. This thread has actually inspired me to start reading books I've always heard about but never bothered with. I think I'll start with Don Quixote

>>265104824if that's too pretentious go for Yeats

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>>265099300>Frenchie writing like a retarded caveman>thinks he doesn't need to read

>>265098266Major cope

>>265104733Unironically... The hitchhikers guide to the universe is something that could get you into reading..That or "the lord of the rings"Very good, fun, easy reads that will ease you in.Then again, I like novels, but I also read technical manuals all the time for work... so yea..I'm also the dude who has been drinking and stayed up until 5 because I saw a thread about reading/books.

>>265100461>need to have a degree or well rounded knowledge of literature and nonfiction in all genres of all time periods>not realising it's just a 5 hour shift, casual wage job>not realising consumer engagement drives barely any sales but having a pretty ditsy face behind the counter doess e e t h i n g

I'm on the last of the Short Sun cycle after reading Gene Wolfe's Long Sun series.

>>265105233Also, I read 10K reports and quarterly reports for stocks I invest in all the time..Some people just don't like reading.. Try audible..Who gives a fuck?

>>265105076no I think people are sour to listening to audio books for a lot of good reasons. First and foremost, reading isn't anything like listening, if you read something challenging you repeat passages several times, certain phrases, it's a drawn out activity, whereas you don't or can't do that with an audio book, and unless it is all you are doing and really devoting your attention, you aren't getting the full meaning.

>not referencing Industrial Society and it's Future>not referencing actual professors from our time>living in the pastISHYGDDT.jpg

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>>265096785>vibe checkwhat the fuck is that

>>265105076>transcribe words in they hear into their mindI automatically synthesize subtitles the stuff I'm able to parse. Texted instead of dubbed television undoubtedly played its part for me.

>>265104260Too bad you never learned to spell.

>>265096785I have read shitloads of books. Currently it is more important to keep up to date with current affairs. That's all.I am reading topology of janich if I have time.

>>265104733Start with European enlightenment.- Immanuel Kant on morality - The works of Descartes is an interesting starter.- For economics Adam Smith.- Hume is pretty decent as well.- Of course John Locke and the social contract of Jean Jacques Rousseau.I was blown away by Descartes idea> Cogito, ergo sum.It is truly a profound statement once understood Descartes contributed so much to so many schools of thought that the French thought that they didn't have to contribute ever again and they never have!I was raised in the shadow of a monster I struggled to under my demons and the evil that exists in us all.If this is something you want to explore Immanuel Kant lays it all out.There is so much, even some based Jews that produce some literature and ways of thinking, but I dare not mention their names here since I will be called a kike.

>>265100836Q predicted this

>>265096785Because we from /lit/ remember how his night ended.

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>>265105229cope on these big fat nuts of mine you fag

>>265105445Learning related languages kind of broke the whole spelling paradigm for me.

>>265105525And then get a good understanding of the scientific method.You will be officially a westerner, doesn't matter what your race or skin colour is, you will be a based negro.

>>265105094Don Quixote is a fine book.You may find the length a bit intimidating as a beginner.Here's some novellas, although I haven't read half this list they're generally praised a good short novels.

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>>265105408>listening to anything Ted the Luddite has to say>still using 4cuck, a computer, consuming industrially produced food and utilising modern transport, not just walking everywherePathetic

>>265096785I finally read Dune after putting it off for so long. I read all the good shit when I was a kid. Unless you want me to dive into Harry Potter, there is nothing left.

>>265105517And I am studying the poetic Edda right now. And for recreation I reread The night watch and American gods.

>>265105418>mind addled by weeb shitshocking

>>265096785only the unwise has to read to not be fools

>>265105792>weeb shitprojectingUnlike the germans, who dubbed everything, and thereby robbing people of the opportunity for learning new languages, nords mostly erred on the side of subtitles.

>>265096785I don't read fiction and if you don't read fiction, might as well just read science articles.

>>265105517I agree, despite all I've read/listened to..I can't break away from the zeitgeist..I know what it is and that I have a hard time focusing but the current situation has me captivated and I do not think that is necessarily a bad thing.

>>265105925Fug, I no can grammar in this heat. Gotta go cool down before I have a heat stroke.

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>>265105925I assumed you were inferring you watched dubbed anime, which wouldn't be out of the question on an imageboard like this

>>265096785I can't fucking see the books and ebooks are like being fisted up the ass dry with a barbed fox penis


>>265098142Huma Action is a must read. My wife is a doc, colleague douche says econ is his second love.Hasn't even heard of Mises when my wife asked. just yesterday, kek.

>>265106042What is it like 85 degrees and breezy there bro??Lol I'm in pozzed Austin ...a sweltering 100 is normal

>>265096785this is a good read

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