Why aren't young males having sex?

Why aren't young males having sex?

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>>265094577too good porn

What is the point? Sex has become as vapid and meaningless as anything else humans do.

>>265094577Love is on its way outLove is on its way outLove is tired and it's on its way outLove is on its way outLove is on its way outLove is broken down, it's on its way out

>>265094577Fake bird = porn



>>265094577as if it is something that you can get at will

>>265095157Pretty much any normal guy can.

>>265095075It's not even about love now, it's just lust.Why take part in the carnival of carnality.

>>265095296then there isnt many normal guys left in the world.wonder how they look like

>>265095452Look in the mirror.

Covid means it's too dangerous to fuck

>>265095062This is more like a waifu/body pillow. Kind of like that penguin, Grape-kun.

>>265095473is this post wholesome or gay?

>>265094577Only the good die alone.

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>>265094862They used to say "Every generation thinks it invented sex." but millennials may be the first to make sex boring.

anyone who ever typed that question is a fucking CIA agent

>>265095692A little bit of both hehe. I'm drunk enough to feel unashamed about my the 1% of gayness that defines my sexuality.

>>265096053that question

>>265094577Because women are heartless monsters incapable of love only other simple minded animals reproduce out of instinct

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>>265094577I'm dead inside and too black pilled to do so, I barely have the desire to talk to friends that I care about.

>>265094577You wouldnt buy a used car would you?

>>265096291kek, this happens to most men that can't get pussy. They become bitter and resentful. The more bitter they become the distance to pussy increases.

>>265097519I've had pussy it's not that great

>>265094577Hypergamy, low income, dysgenic, socially crippled and short (one or all these issues are affecting men).

>>265097570Probably because you have a mutilated dick, you can never feel a pussy the way an intact man can. You have a damaged cock.

>>265097718For a pussy slaying European you drifted towards cock discussion pretty quickly

>>265094577No foxgirls to fuck yet.

>>265094577Life is trash. You wouldn't want a girlfriend who loved you back and your shared love made life a magical adventure worth enduring instead of constant torment at the hands of a God who isn't there if she weren't pretty. NUKE YELLOWSTONE.

>>265094577I have several mental and emotional deficiencies which make me a poor mating prospect. Also, I'm a nerd and look the part.

>>265097570Based.I'm 34 and fucked 65 different girls since I was 16. I've retired from fucking or even dating women and I'm all the happier for it. Plus I have a lot more money, free time and peace/quiet.Loli incest hentai is all I need these days.

what's the point?

I’m high as shit.

Because women want you to be spontaneous and sweep them off their feet and kiss them in the moonlight of a rainstorm.But if you do that you're a rapist who will go to jail.

>>265097519I’ve fucked enough to get bored of pleasing a woman. To the point where I remember being glad when I left her and watched porn again. If you want to bitch to stay she has to be entertained in bed and that’s your A game every night.Fuck that

>>265094577What's the point of having sex if it is purely for pleasure alone?Like, dude, I can just jack off for far less effort.The only reason to have sex or even pursue a woman in the first place, is if you actually want to marry her and have kids with her.

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>>265094577Because womans have became soulless npc,deprived of real philosophical thought, enlightment phases and critical thinking, they are just as good and interesting to interact with than these fake bird statues.

>>265094577I don't need a woman, I need a punching bag. What used to noble and just cause is (((for some reason))) frowned upon now. Fuck this gay society.

>>265096921Why wouldn't you buy used?>don't have to take as heavy a deprecation hit>you've had enough time to gauge whether or not the car is reliable >if you want a fast car just rent oneI can go on. I get your meaning, but poor analogy.

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>>265098457>becameThey have always been that way. God made them that way. Sex is worthless. Life is trash. Nuke Yellowstone.

>>265094577Hate womenThink about it lads, would you eat an apple that's had 10 other guys' cum on it? How about 1 other guy?so why would I fuck a woman that's been perforated by another male

The cutoff time for a meaningful relationship with a female is kindergarten. If you didn't find someone by that time you're fucked.

>>265098601>They have always been that way.I disagree. I was in high school before cell phones and they were different. They read books, watched movies, had opinions. Smartphones and social media really fucked them up.

>>265094577it's so fucking cruel they lured him vwith sex bots then studied him as he died an incels.

>>265098616>would you eat an apple that's had 10 other guys' cum on it?

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>>265094577young girls don't want to have relationships with young guys anymore.

>>265098184Quit being ugly

>>265098304Nah man. Just be passionate enough to last long enough to cum fairly quickly. Like both of you cum fast. I've fucked and busted in under 3 minutes then apologized like a cuck and the girl still said it was good.

>>265094577No-strings sex is overrated and I'm not some lonely virgin saying that, I non-stop shagged my way through three years of university and I'm not especially attractive. Most girls at university are as desperate to fuck as the guys areFinding a girl you can actually bear to spend time with and want to raise a family with? That's the hard part

>>265094577We can get what we want to see out of the internet, and it starts us off so young that by the time we have the chance for sex, a lot of us find it boring.That, and we don't want her to take the kids and half of what we worked our asses off for just because she got bored. I've met more men my age that had failed marriages than have had successful ones.

>>265097519Western women are fucked in the head, user. Years of being exposed to birth control pills disrupts their brain chemistry and hormones, and then years of usage of social media and dating sites completely warps their perceptions of how attractive they are versus how attractive everyone else is.

>>265094577I get enough out of typefucking without the expense or the mess.

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>>265098679I'm starting to think this too. I have a girlfriend in kindergarden but after I didn't have a girlfriend up to now. Love back then was more pure.

The value of pussy gets inflated by simps, cucks, plummeting standards by men, feminism, and culture.Average women see average men as disgusting and think they deserve top tier guys instead. The value of pussy is inflating everyday where we are at the point that below average women think they should have top tier guys.Modern technology also means she can use her phone to source cock from anywhere in the world and fish from a pool of potentials far grater than the local village which is all is was in the past. She can talk to an old bf on facebook, she can post on insta and see who likes a picture of her ass. Your competition for the female has gone from a small circle to the whole world.Throughout the whole of human history war has always wiped out a load of the guys who wouldn't have otherwise reproduced leaving less competition for women. In times of danger women revert to traditional roles and seek protection from males. We need a war to restore balance.

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>>265099301>desperate to fuckThis is our nature. This is why we are attached to life in the first place. And what does it get you when you win life by copulating? Do you attain Nirvana? No. It's a sneeze in the loins and you are just as bewildered and overwhelmed as you were before. And then you think "well maybe if I did it again..." and yet GOD'S STILL NOT HERE.We may as well be beasts for all the more we actually know about why the world exists and what the hell we're even supposed to be doing to it. God hasn't told us shit and left us to our stupid instincts that only result in the creation of more victims. End all life and then kill God. That's the only rational response to being shat upon like this.

>>265098814It is pretty fuck up, isn't it?

>>265094577Probably because a lot of men don't work out or socialize, and therefore aren't very appealing. That a majority of women engage in cloak and dagger shenanigans for shits and giggles probably also helps at keeping men away from them.For me, it's because getting laid requires a level of trust I'm not comfortable with. I don't wanna risk some one-night-stand accuses me of rape after the fact.

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>>265094577Last relationship almost killed me. It seems every time I have sex a group of faggots try to kill me in some way or another. Almost caught a murder charge last time of a meth binge. What’s your excuse?

>>265094577If I could just magically make a kid with my DNA appear, I would. I rather not deal with a woman.

>>265099765Well we do have that thing called the bible and it has some rules for living a good life. Maybe try that out for awhile?

>>265099320>how attractiveIs it really too much to ask of God that everything that has a sex drive also be doable? I swear to God's father that if I ever fuck anything ever again it will be GOD'S ASSHOLE. Why can't it just be easy and fun? Why does it have to be brutal and bitter? I blame God, personally.

>>265099845also most 4-6/10 women want the "6'0' minimum abs strong rich massive cock" 10/10 guys, makes it really hard for a 4-6/10 guy to get a 4-6/10 girl if all they want is 10/10s

>>265094577F Nigel brah


>>265095831live by the waifu, die by the waifutruest of niggas

because women became possessed

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>>265094577Because young women do not bathe as often as they should.

>>265100002Yeah, a ton of women are violently unappealing, and most I see who work out are Instagram thots. The dating market is pure shit.

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>>265099945fuck your bible and fuck your jewish prophet. we don't need to pretend we are second class jews in order not to not to kill or steal

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>>265094577dude, just literally masturbatei mean, like, are you retarded

Where do I get sex without strings attached?

>>265094577Most women I know aren't suitable mates. Tattoos, bad habits, bad attitudes too, hell, I can't even bring myself to fuck them. This is what a Jew controlled system looks like.

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>>265098699It's so depressing to remember my early teens, just before the social media and smartphone takeover and then the end of those years.Girls used to have hobbies, I remember having meaningful conversations, then it... just stopped. You couldn't find a single one that didn't have a smartphone in hand at all times.


>>265097884i felt that

>>265095831>Penguin dies lonely near anime characterQuintessentially INCEL

>>265099945>that thing called the bibleThat's not God. Yeah sure, we have lots of sex predators telling naifs such as yourself that they totally know God and speak on God's behalf. NO SELF-PROCLAIMED PROXIES. God gets his stupid motherfucking ass down here and starts directing life OR life has no value to its victims. I am so sick of this shit, and what? I'm supposed to care about it anyway because maybe I'll bag a Stacy someday? Stacy smells bad down there just like all whores do. Life is a sick joke at our expense and if we are separate from God then what else could we possibly do in response besides curse him and his whole stupid ecosystem based on predation and parasitism? What is he Lording over us? Stacy's stanky pussy? God can count himself lucky if I fuck his asshole with a DULL knife.

>>265100440>leave usa>fuck whores

you don't understand economics if you have to ask you're probably broke

>>265096921Yes I would, but not a used woman.

>>265094577>Why aren't young males having sex?20% do almost all the sex wake up and demand reparations!

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>>265094577Nigel should've bought that bird onahole and focus on his gaming.

>>265096102I’m willing to hope it’s more wholesome than gayBtw randoanon here

females with more than zero sexual partners are an instant no go for me, used holes are a big turn off. I'm not desperate and have enough to do on my own

>>265097882Man that was a ride. Care to unpack that for us, user?

>>265097884Dont worryYou fit right in with pol

>>265100566I just want you to know that I'm not gonna read that

I'm 6'3 and haven't had a woman in my bed in in 6 yearsnot for lack of opportunityjust... not impressed with millenial woman

>>265094577Cause social and cultural connections have been broken by the internet.

>>265094577Much better things to do.

>>265100597>>265100482Kek that was already the idea I had, I was expecting some other stuff tho.

>>265100885I'm here for the interesting and controversial conversation, not to feel like I "belong" somewhere.

>>265100932You read the first and last clauses, though, which is what really counts.

Even birds are trying to get that tight sexbot pussy now

if this article says men are having less sex, then it automatically means that woman are not suffering from thisdraw your own conclusions OP, holy shit

>>26509457721 year old virgin reporting in, never even held a girls hand. I gave up hope and now I just draw propaganda for natsoc's.

>>265094577Why does anyone care?

>>265100440Get a whore once every couple months.It always goes the same though.Get rid of a trivial amount of money, get your release and then you remember that you don't want this. It's just literally masturbation with help.

>Why aren't young males having sex?Extreme female hypergamy brought on by online dating sites and apps.Start watching at 05:40.youtu.be/kq6hv3OCdWM

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i'm 6'4", and when i used to workout i had a couple of broads ask me outi always said 'no'i don't care about people, and i literally do not understand as to why anyone would care beyond material gain i just assume you're all weak and stupid with no self-respect

>>265097519I disagree, the more of a fuck women personality you carry the more pussy you pull in. See women don't crave respect, they crave attention and proving they are worth attention to those who don't want it.

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>>265098616Apples aren't pussies, for one. you don't consume a pussy for another, and finally, another man's cum on an apple is an entirely different thing from it being inside a vagina. You're just a sad misogynist who never picked up a science book. When you go to restaurants do you bring your own plates and utensils?

Women now have the opportunity of finding hotter guys on dating apps and that killed the chance of average guys.

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Cause half of the people on this site are degenerate

>>265101151I remember being there.Then I just gave up, went to fuck a whore and realised just how much of sex is literally just an excuse to filter people.Long story short, don't expect a miracle. It only blows the mind of underage teens who are driven by hormones.

>>265101379fuck off outta here femoid. you don't belong here. you beef roasts have ruined everything. literally close the page right now and never come back here.

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>>265098616Would you shake a hand that had a penis cum in it for 5 years?

>>265097884Those feels...

>>265101379In the Bahamas we actually do that, we bring are own fork and knife sets lmao. It's either that or the plastic shit. Fuck off with your white knighting, just show tits even if dude.

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>>265100878>unpackHumans already have the capacity to drill halfway through the Earth's crust. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kola_Superdeep_BoreholeNow, what would happen if they did that over all of the largest known magma chambers, lowered a chain of fission bombs into each pit, and set them off? Supervolcanism on a scale never before witnessed in this planet's entire history. The SINGLE supervolcano that caused the mass extinction at the end of the Paleozoic era eliminated 96% of marine species and 70% of terrestrial life-forms. Multiply by 42.Sulfur compounds fill the troposphere, rendering it unbreatheable. The oceans turn into sulfuric acid. Biochemistry becomes impossible. Nothing fucks anymore. Problem solved, right?Or do you still want a girlfriend but only if she's pretty?

>>265101369women enjoy validation more than sex

>>265094577112 replies, OP! Do YOU care to chime in on this?

>>265101814>>265101151Go get a girl to smile at you first before you come in here trying to justify 2nd grade tier views about sex. >>265101609>>265098616All of you. Do you still think girls have cooties too?


If I'm even alone in a room with a woman for more than two seconds, it can be used years later to destroy my life

Notice it is never female birds dying by there mates side.

>>265103794>get a girl to smile at youHow? By flashing a wad of cash?>girls have cootiesPUSSY SMELLS BAD. DARE YOU TO LICK IT!I love it but I hate the taste? KILL GOD.youtube.com/watch?v=xQ04WbgI9rg

>>265096361This. Only hit up old friends now to give away all my things.

>>265094577I do time to time. Just don’t know what to to with girls after that

>>265094577Because I'm unironically asexual

>>265095361Mark? Mark Corrigan?


I have 3 months until I put on my wizard robes. The world will pay when I learn the Cosmic Bolide spell.

>>265104468>give away all my thingsDO NOT COMMIT SUICIDE. Yes, by continuing to live you are risking drowning, being set on fire, being cut up into little pieces, being raped by a pack of niggers or avalanched. Or, come to think of it, worse. However, Yellowstone hasn't been nuked yet, and it's not gonna nuke itself!Save the Kool-Aid for the victory party.

>>265094577You know why.

>>265096291>>265097570>>265099320Thats right women are just to unstable to mate

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was engaged, nop'd outcan safely say it's because it's real fucking hard to find a woman you can standmore logical vs emotional you are, the harder it getsissue with similarly logical women: few/far betweenhave had issues with women taking issue with how I spend my time, I'll spend it how I wantissues with "why dont you ever talk to me", because we like very different thingsissues with "omg how can you believe x, y, or z", still simple: because it makes sense to me, if it doesnt make sense to you we're clearly not on the same wavelengthcombine all this with beta orbiters online, overly boosting her confidence and suddenly she thinks she's too good or too highgo to put her back on even levels "so and so says im blah blah blah"they're not objective, they're [generally speaking] overly emotional creatures that have 2 purposes in life and have somehow gotten the notion that they're special.

>>265094577>courtship requires assets>home money, car, ect.>homes are unattainable on a normal wage cuz boomers raped the economy and leech off the younger generations for muh retirement>average male cant economically support a family, so they don’t actively seek partners.>s o y>o>y>most women are whores due to rise of polygamy and casual sex and arent worth the resources to court.>women aren’t attracted to poor peopleFeel free to add whatever.

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>>265100962I'm a 24 year old virgin. I had a gf who wanted to smash a few years ago but I wasn't comfortable with doing at the time and I've had other opportunities but I turned them all down. Now I'm wondering If is should just fuck some whore to get it over wth. Is it worth it?

>>265094857>implying marriage laws have not been changedbluepill detected

>>265094577I don't want sex, I want a gf/wife

>>265105490>Is it worth it?NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(times a million)Sex is DISGUSTING. God is a PIG. Life is TRASH.The only reason to go on living is to END LIFE ALTOGETHER. Being summoned into existence only to have to be human is an INSULT leveled against an innocent soul. God is an ASSHOLE and the universe is SHIT.NUKE YELLOWSTONE!

>>265100390Even real Jews are nothing special according to Jesus: "And do not think you can say to yourselves, 'We have Abraham as our father.' I tell you that out of these stones God can raise up children for Abraham." Matthew 3:9

>>265097867underrated post really>>265098599>>if you want a fast car just rent onebeen doing this for about 15 years, though I am glad that my first car was a new car>>265098616you shake men's hands, right?>>265100186funnily enough one of my friends had to break up with a woman because she didn't shower for like 3 weeks

>>265095831Based Penguin.

>>265100440Thailand/Malaysia/Vietnam/etc best bet I hear from most, but I've been partial to Czech>>265100962Neither am I but you might as well fuck someone