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► Detected: 9,912,223 (+13,676) ► Died: 497,067 (+988) ► Day: 170 (-16:34:35)End of day numbers for Day 169: 9,898,547 (+194,190); 496,079 (+4,893)— 1,080,506,980 people under lockdown —— 186 countries and territories infected —— 26.8x more confirmed deaths than swine flu —— 163 vaccines and 312 treatments announced —— 5,429 genomes have been sequenced —>LIVE STATS/literally WHOyoutube.com/watch?v=NMre6IAAAiUhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFCn0Gp_9aQ>NEWSEU Considers Banning Americans From Travel as Cases Rise in U.S.archive.is/mObIXThe federal government is ending funding for coronavirus test sites in 5 states as Trump claims the US is testing too mucharchive.is/3ga5xScotland: worker at care home tested positive in February, recovers, tests positive again in Junearchive.is/WjnfUHow SARS-CoV-2 can damage the brainarchive.is/e6AqlChina culls 1.6 tonnes of rats bred for their meat due to SARS-CoV-2archive.is/Zy3Mr>ARCHIVELIST OF PROPHYLACTICS, TREATMENTSpastebin.com/raw/3MMpRP54Multi-pronged human protein mimicry by SARS-CoV-2 archive.is/jijwuFAQ on SARS-CoV-2 spread and damagepastebin.com/raw/jeDsZPGdSummary of brain-damaging effects of SARS2pastebin.com/raw/6wGeMfrGPossible immunity evasion via SARS-CoV-2 ORF8 proteinarchive.is/t0IxVhttps://archive.is/3S2ckSARS-CoV-2's D614G mutation in the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein reduces S1 shedding and increases infectivity>scripps.edu/_files/pdfs/news-and-events/The D614G mutation in the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein reduces S1.pdf>Thread is fake if OP is a leaf, memeflag, has text, old stats/no updates, does not link to immediately preceding thread, has wrong archive links.>>265073874pastebin.com/raw/fqdFu7Qihttps://pastebin.com/raw/qy5RFpVX

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CIDF is waking up, time to deploy the bug sprayWuhan biological weapon 武汉生物武器 China manufactured Coronavirus Test kits were broken on purpose 中国制造的冠状病毒检测试剂盒被故意破坏 动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门习近平的阴茎很小。每天晚上,在上床睡觉之前,他都会吞下几加仑的非裔美国人的阴茎汁。它充满了他的胃,使他忘记了自己难以置信的小阴茎。还有,他妈的中国,台湾第一。

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Remember this article from a month ago?>Fund manager who nailed recent bottom calls for ‘virus relief concerts’ where people intentionally get infectedarchive.is/MnIbKNo way that would hap->Wisconsin 3-day ‘COVID Herd Immunity’ music festival confirmed for Julyarchive.is/OLbO3_________Smart thermometers predicted US outbreaks before 2 weeks before CDCarchive.is/rmZgv_________>Data shows possible link between protests and COVID-19 spikes in multiple citiesarchive.is/k5zxh

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>>265094357What a time line.

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>TODAY'S LATEST TOTALS▶ 291 new cases in Singapore[THREAD THEME]soundcloud.com/user-275864738/viral-counterpoint-of-the-coronavirus-spike-protein-2019-ncov

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>>265094442I hope they are gona listen to that musical version of Corona someone posted few hours ago


Honest question - can someone explain why they still think this is a somethingburger? I was on cvg from the very start in China and stopped paying attention around thread 2000. I forgot about cvg and now it feels like a complete nothingburger. Why are you all still bunkered here like it's airborne aids?

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>>265094652Ok retard

>>265094505CORONA CHAN

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Who wants to have a piece of cake to celebrate the 10 million mark?

>>265094652>he doesn't know

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>>265094236Second wave when?

>>265094892have you been paying absolutely no attention?

>>265094853Heard of that months ago. Where are the waves of reactivations, or highly lethal reinfection? I don't see any.

>>265094892The first one never endedMrBonesWildRide.jpg

>>265094236Poos, explain

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>>265094892Depending on your deffinition either now or once the current, first wave ends

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>>265094892soon, you can thank the screeching apes and virtue signalling whites for that

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>>265095155well he wasn't entirely wrong. shit went completely insane after march 13th.

>>265095155>societal collapseUSA is what I'm looking at right now. Their people are so fucking stubborn and drank too much of the sjw/democratic juice.>economic collapse0 chance. Even our pisspoor country still has money.

>>265095155Its crazy how there is not a single post by cataloina that isnt a shitpost >>265095110

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>>265095275thank you

Like clockwork, Iowa reports numbers in the middle of the night.

>>265094996>Where are the waves of highly lethal reinfection?fall, dumbass

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>>265095277That’s my birthday!


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>>265095256I said waves, not isolated cases. If it was like Holla Forums said, we would be seeing people dropping like flies from deadly reinfection by now.>>265095401Why so long? We're already seeing surges again and more cases than ever before, yet the death rate isn't increasing


>>265094996you need to get infected twice with the right strains. as long as the virus is spreading the enviroment for ADE is possible. there is not going to be any proof until it's too late.

>/cvg/ historical accuracy

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It's called having a plan to protect the most vulnerable segment of society.>>265094648Hey flipanon. I am so glad you managed to get back home. How was the trip? And are you safe back there?

>>265095517He's right, though.This is with humanity forever now. Vaccines haven't even stopped the 1 and down Measles.The death toll of Corona in a century will be insane.

>>265095472In my honest opinion, these aren't likely reinfections. I feel like those people who are positive were still infected. The virus likely lingers in hard to reach places where it cant be tested for.

>>265095749> i-it's nor r-r-reinfection, it's a-actually no immunity at allkek

>>265095679>He's right, though>140 yearsRetard.

>>265094236Oh so now we're into headscissors?

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>>265095472>Why so long?Because most people most likely have some type of antibody response to the virus, whether it be 2, 3, 6 months. We don't know. That's gonna help them stay protected from infection during that period. Even though we have almost 10 M cases, there are 6 B people on earth. That's why we're only seeing isolated cases of "oh i had it in February and now have it again in June", they're still a relatively rare group. The virus needs time to mutate, as well. The amount of time between waves/re-infections depends on antibody length, which we don't know. >We're already seeing surges again and more cases than ever before, yet the death rate isn't increasingWe got better at treating the disease and the age incidence downshifted incredibly. Do you think it was a coincidence they rounded up the nursing homes first and pozzed them up? It's called playing with the numbers to make it "look" like the death rate is oh so low now, but it evens out in the end. Wait out the lag time, deaths will begin increasing in the US again, and when they do, it will be exponential

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>>265095517Funny. If the world had listened to the schizos of this thread we could have absolutely contained the virus in january within 2 weeks. Would have cost the world a tiny fraction of what it already paid and what is yet to come.

So why is the virus suddenly back? Is it because the elections are coming up?

>>265095987>imagine the smell

>>265095918This will be here forever for all intents. 1000 years and we'll still be dealing with it.Corona will be the leading cause of death for most of us.

>TODAY'S LATEST TOTALS▶ 112 new cases in the United States▶ 11 new cases in Hungary

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>>265096068it's because niggers matter so much to white cucks that they cant wait to die for them

>>265096068Because you had lock downs that slowed it down, and since your government let people loot, riot and get haircuts, here you are.

>>265095679Measles resets your immune system and essentially wipes all of your immunities. You don't wanna catch that nasty one.

>>265096068If that was the case it would be back closer to elections to have the shock value. It's just a natural consequence of opening things

>>265095842And yet very few recovered people have any problems... even if it was permanent, it wouldn't have to be a big deal. Herpes, for instance, doesn't get cleared by the body but isn't really a big deal.>>265096004I mean I can't prove you wrong but there are a lot of leaps of faith there. Why aren't actual virologists talking about this if so?

>it ignores the immune system>it attacks the immune system?

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>>265096068>suddenlyshort attention span or NBer cope?

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>>265096192I know that but it is funny how many people in the US think that the Dems actually control the virus and have some major conspiracy despite losing most national, state, and local elections.

>>265096203>Herpes, for instance, doesn't get cleared by the body but isn't really a big dealFound the user with an std.

>>265096029On the plus side, I now have a much better idea of what canned goods I prefer for the second wave of the pandemic.

>>265096203>even if it was permanent, it wouldn't have to be a big dealnigger, SARS fucking crippled people for life, this is SARS 2

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>>265096084I wouldn't mind.

>>265096203>I mean I can't prove you wrong but there are a lot of leaps of faith there. I mean I have background, I'm not talking out of my ass. You can check the pastebin, I believe there's an article on other coronaviruses and re-infections. Also Spanish flu waves are relevant because most scientists think that strain had ADE + reinfection>Why aren't actual virologists talking about this if so?They are though? Everything I said has been said by a scientist. The overall sentiment is that fall will be worse by an order of some magnitude due to co-infections with influenza + increased viability on surfaces + increased indoor activities, but throw ADE and/or re-infection in there and it'll be a real party

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>>265096280That's also rightIt antagonizes Interferon and directly attacks WBCs (t-cells and so on)You're really fucking up your screen shots

>>265094236Nearly 10 millions.Pic related: The absolute state of third world countries.

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>>265096068Lockdowns ended, mass protests started. Tourist attractions like vegas are back and you can eat out again. Theres just more points for exposure. Even getting groceries with a mask is dangerous when theres a higher chance of the people in line next to you hanging out at a bar and getting infected a week before.

>>265096068the virus never left, but our media will most likely play it up to place blame on anyone even slightly right of center

>>265096587also niggers and white women who want attention on social media

>>265096455yeah, but in fairness sars2 isn't nearly as bad as sars1.

>>265096455Just because it is called SARS-2 doesn't mean it is SARS II. >>265096553I was under the impression that protests conducted in the daytime with appropriate distancing and social distancing were not going to cause numbers to go up.

>>265096520stop feeding the 5-minute-country troll, just say CATALUNYA GRATUITA and move on

>>265096668It's far worst in that it's actually can spread in the normal populationCFR of 4% compared to 10-20% is a lot worst if it can infect most of the world

>>265096203>Why aren't actual virologists talking about this if so?Because they deal in hard science, /cvg/ deals in bullshit and ignorance>>265094853>virus multiplies inside antibodies>insideDoommong is a fucking retard.

>>265096668> a virus that infects 1000 more people and kills 10000 more is not as badnigger, WHAT

They're going to tweak the contact tracing program. Saying PoC don't trust contact tracers because they don't trust the government lol. Look out for tracer news ameribros.

>>265096681>protests conducted in the daytime with appropriate distancing and social distancing were not going to cause numbers to go up.It is a sacrifice they are ready to make to combat the most dangerous virus of all.Racism.

>>265096756The CFR number is getting lower and lower as we speak. SARS-1 caused long term impairment. SARS-2? Not so much.


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>>265096668>sars2 isn't nearly as bad as sars1.The fuck are you even smoking, user?Death rate wise, sars1 is surely worse, but we never had a pandemic with the first sars.And the reason why we are not reaching the previous death rates is exactly because Asia had sars in past; otherwise we would've been fighting a fucking nightmare.

>>265096681*coof coof*

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>>265094236/cvg/ how can I redpill my Zoomer friends who think the virus won’t harm or affect them?

>>265096524Don't worry, the pozzed tourists will be flocking to shitaly for their summer vacations in droves for the coming weeks pastanigger

>>265096668Hey mate, you ever think "Man I'm a retard"Look at any piece of technology from 2002. Now look at tech from 2020.Then look at the evidence.The evidence suggests that treatment has improved and that the disease is far fucking worse.

>>265096885>ahemYeah, nigger, not even podium worth.Also we report a bunch of covid deaths, instead your shit country is masking them with pre-existing conditions.Try harder.

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>>265097039Owner is in her 20s

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>>265097108>covidback to normiebook you go

>>265097084I want to know what would happen if SARS-2 was released in the 18th century or some shit.

>>265096498>They are though? Everything I said has been said by a scientist.Source me on a virologist saying that ADE is gonna kill tons in a wave of reinfection

>>265097285>Source me on a virologist saying that ADE is gonna kill tons in a wave of reinfection? this is just written into the definition of ADE..go to wikipedia. Don't waste my time with this level of ignorance please. ADE may or may not exist in SARS2, but it does for every other hCoV so I wouldn't take my bets against it

10 million cases soon

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>>265096875CFR is still 3-4%, and it won't change.Corona is causing long-term illness and disability already. Mild to severe cases.

>>265097108Correct, Italy was likely the most honest country in this pandemic; many other countries have adopted various lying/coping tricksCHINA: NO VIRUS HERE, ALL GOOD EXCEPT YES VIRUS BUT ALSO NOT BAD, ALTHOUGH YES VIRUS AND YES BAD BUT WE CONTROL ALSO VIRUS NO COME FROM CHINAGermany: Stairs are the pre-existing condition to someone breaking their neck after being pushed from the top of the stairsUSA: If we don't test for it, maybe it will go awayBrazil: LOL WHAT VIRUS?

>>265097190zoomers have 10 to 20 lol, saying such thing as 20's is dumb lol

>>265097395also 500k deaths, bang-on 5% mortalitycan't wait to see the BUT MUH 0.00001% ABCDEFGHIJKL FATALITY RATE fags

>>2650979095% will only happen if you assume every active case survives. In reality it will be higher than 5%

>>265097393It's not written into the definition of ADE that coronavirus is gonna return with a massive wave of lethal reinfection. That's what would happen if corona actually did ADE, was actually impossible to be immune to for more than a few months, and couldn't be vaccinated before then. What I'm asking for is an example of a virologist warning that there's a very real chance that something that catastrophic will happen. We would be hearing about that shit all over the place if it was well established to be probable.

>>265096384Lulz. If you're older than 30, you 99% have herpes. Ever get a cold sore? Herpes. It's stupidly contagious, and most of the 30+ crowd caught it from being fed from a parent's fork in childhood.

>>265098002true, here in Romania we already have two over-capacity major hospitals dedicated to infectious diseases, they have no more room for new cases that need intensive care


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>>265096068It’s because some states count the number of positive tests instead of the number of infected people

I am going to slaughter so many people if my lungs do not clear upHoly shit

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>TODAY'S LATEST TOTALS▶ 307 new cases and 11 new deaths in India▶ 6,852 new cases and 188 new deaths in Russia▶ 6 new cases in Czechia▶ 14 new cases in Slovakia

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>>265098310nice larp sheeple

>>265098211Are there intensive care units in Romania? I thought you just used the gypsy method of leeches and rusty saws.

does anyone have the tentacles study?please and thank you?

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>>265098310>peoplejews and niggers, not people

>>265098054Majority are predicting the fall wave will be larger regardless of ADE but I'm not doing any more spoonfeeding for somebody who is already pre-set in their viewsDon't worry, fall will be fantastic. You can stop wearing your mask now

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Does Corona-chan make your eyes hurt? I've been having a little pain in my right eye for one day now. No other symptoms though, not even fever or headache.

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>>265094648>#1 ENEMY OF THE COUNTRY RIGHT NOW ARE COMMUNISTSif he means Chyna by that, he's... not wrong

>>265098389we use rusty saws sparingly, only for foreign tourists like Australianswe have 2600ish total beds for intensive care, but verry few hospitals are equipped to handle Kung Flu victims; I think the last num,ber I saw was of 190 beds already being occupied by ventilated coofers


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>>265098545Are you spending a lot of time in front of a screen?

>>265098418>yellow tentaclesHastur time

>>265098719Is. She "just" needed a double lung transplant.


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>>265098732I've been doing that for years and never had eye pain.

>>265095597>Hey flipanon. I am so glad you managed to get back home. How was the trip? And are you safe back there?I am safe, I'm doing self-quarantine for a month. Thank you user, I think I remember you as well. >>265098549>if he means Chyna by that, he's... not wrongDo you know how much our country's officials suck Chinese dick?


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>>265095597>>265098930Also, the trip was fucking elating. I got a bit nervous on the checkpoint but I had proper documentation. I was smiling at last when I saw the arc that signals that I am within my home province's domain.

>>265098930you've been complaining about it, so i knowbut an anticommunist rant? are they trying to coup him?

>>265098880even that second paragraph is spooky, see you guys in the Hastur Happening General

i should start drinking before 3 am next time, and by next time i mean tomorrow night.

>>265099125> imbibing the liquid jewbut why?

>>265098930>>265099071From the confusion of the lockdown to the permits needed that sometimes I think even the permit giver doesn't even know what it's for.You had a hard journey home user.There is just one out of a billion journeys by a billion people. But this one is yours.

How much longer until people start getting cured from this?

>>265099125drink responsibly fren

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Damn it why is it under control in Malaysia already?

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Can I just save my germs and infect myself a second time with the same strain?

>>265099517dead niggers are magical!

>>265099403you are experiecing a mid-tier form of coping, see the list below, ranked from worst to best> 5G government Coronspiracy> nuffinborga> alcoholism> there's gonna be a vaccine/medicinal cure> maybe this is not that bad, making some prep> this is airborne AIDS spread by yellow chinsects, I will protect myself

>>265099498Good health services and consistent messages from the health ministry?


>>265099527yes to the first, qualified yes to the secondthere's no proof anyone can clear the infection, to begin with. for all we know she may be lingering in the nervous systems of everyone she's ever touchedotoh we know that not all infected develop antibodies, and that antibodies you do develop may or may not be effective, so yes there's a good chance you can reinfect yourself with the same strainpeople who get better from corona should clean their houses obsessively for a while

>>265099517this makes no sense.

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>>265099498probably because your tests per day took a sharp dive about 3 weeks ago when cases began climbing again

>>265099766I have to go to Uni in the fall to graduate, but I don't want to die. I don't know what to do.


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>TODAY'S LATEST TOTALS▶ 15 new cases in Uganda ▶ 14 new cases in Slovenia▶ 5 new cases in Lithuania▶ 210 new cases and 10 new deaths in El Salvador

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>>265099517Amazing. We should kill more joggers! Its only way to fight Corona-Chan

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>>265100119Please please please I want the lockdown to come back. Literally everything is returning to normal

>>265099276liquor was invented by the white man.i don't want to hear any sjw historical revisionism that says the fucking gooks or sand niggers did it because the celts were the first to distill alcohol, and the scottish and irish are still the fucking best at making it, seconded by scots-irish in the united states.

>>265099904>ayo where the drugs atsir this is a corona testing site>can i smoke dat rona? nah let's torch this place>>265100104did I miss the stan numbers drop?>>265100119no tests, no cases. Just pneumonia

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>>265099996worst case scenario: you get your debt-slavery certificate from your jewniversity, move on with your life of figuring out how to kill yourself slowly while you pay off your debts to the sandnigger overlordsbest case scenario: you wait and watch the Great Satan state collapse under the weight of its political correctness, its fetish for kneelers and giving women the right to vote, all the while shitposting here with us

Good morning lads. How are you doing right now? Stay safe from the coof.

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>>265100285white inventions can and will be co-opted by social parasites in order to weaken the EVIL NAHTZEE race of whites

>>265099078>but an anticommunist rant? are they trying to coup him?I don't know. Our president seemingly lost all his wits ever since he won. >>265099389Thank you very much user, I hope Singapore sorts it out soon and lowers daily infection rate.

>>265094648Nice. Be careful now.

>>265100354holy based

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>>265100250we will probably never see a global lockdown again or even whole countries locking down. it scared (((them))) too much even though they walked away richer


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>>265100499You're...not svenanon but thank you fellow swedebro.

>>265094892>Second wave when?Hospitals are shilling September.Not sure about that, I stopped giving a fuck a long time ago.Personally, I wouldn't even bother with a lockdown.

> 1,236 deaths ÷ 1.4% IFR = more than 88k confirmed cases.just 54k more to detect, du30.

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>>265100285>the celts were firstDistillation is pretty ancient tech, and we can't place exactly who did it first because it got figured out early on by a lot of people. The earliest users of it were probably in areas rich in grapes, honey, and sugar; these are easier to distill than malted beverages like whiskies. certainly greeks, romans and poles were early adopters due to their access to gapes and honey>>265100378The coof has not yet come to me. Though my county has many more cases than the surrounding>>265100627Probably. It was ascertained it won't probably kill every goy, and that prolonged lockdowns threaten too much. Everyone who dies from now on is a sacrifice to the economy

Attached: the cheesepill.png (850x944, 480.6K)

>>265100285>>265099125cringe and muttpilled

>>265100654Other viruses now?

Attached: 1590363258877.png (1166x1057, 347.94K)

>>265100727Do you know that we are shortening our quarantine/asymptomatic recovery to 10 days which means recoveries would soar high which is a false sense of security.

>>265100104It's fading away.Back to normal soon.

>>265100454jews can't even handle their liquor. it's not right to call it the liquid jew.karl marx was an alcoholic, and look what happens when you mix jews with booze.

>>265100847whoops. I guess so. Not really my field but variety is the spice of life

Attached: 1591158319132.png (2480x3508, 2.74M)

Do people take a trip down the memory lane before death?

Attached: corona_vs_ebola.jpg (960x480, 103.82K)

>>265097190Why does it look like a rack of ribs covered in cheese


Attached: 1590369211801.png (720x644, 66.56K)

>>265100378I am coofing slightly but it is confirmed that i dont have corona as my test result was negative. On the other hand, I am having a weird increase in libido and my erections feel stronger. Overall feeling okay and waiting for uni admission results fren.

>>265097271We'd go full Pathologic, boy

>>265100875i don't really care about that tbqh.it's obvious that the bureaucrats at the upper levels of government, have brain damage from Corona-chan.

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>>265101110Because you're an obese Amerishart who equates everything to food, maybe?

>>265101206maybe you have the big gay

>>265101068Generally, I think so. Certainly in cases of suicide when people unexpectedly survive, like jumpers, they report recalling how small their issues seem. So it's likely they have flashbacks or recollections. Hard to ask dead people, though.>>265101110>cheesecheese

Attached: the cheesepill2.png (600x500, 229.86K)

>>265101271Nah senpai, I coom to wholesome vanilla doujins exclusively.

>>265095918Retard the Bubonic plague is still around today even.

>>265101344But only in third world shitholes like Africa and the USA.


Attached: 1588960396119.png (2480x3508, 2.37M)

>>265101243Oi mate you have a shitposting loicense?

So covid19 still a big one? Not the big one, but a big one? Will it ever start killing young people en masse like it did for the elderly? 2nd wave is taking too long to start, in England the cases and deaths have pretty much disappeared.There is a cnn post on r/worldnews saying the 2nd wave could kill millions and be do greater damage than the 1st, how is that possible? Be cause of the mutations?

>>265101206I just looked at mine and I'm reserve nr 1 reeeee

>>265099517Why would they lie?

>>265101406and chyna

>>265096668Americans deserve to be the hardest hit. You're all pathologically stupid.

>>265101344The Black Death didn't begin 140 years ago you utter spastic.Are you really this fucking stupid?

>>265101466Y-you see the result now? Isnt it the 9th of July bro?


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>>265101406It hit sydney some time ago. We got plenty ratbros. Though I kind of wanted to larp vermintide in the CBD

>>265101488And degenerate. Don’t forget it was America that created Blacked.com.

Wait you guys actually want this to get worse? What the fuck?

>>265101444Significantly more people are infected now, so it'll spread much faster, killing more people. Not necessarily more deadly or infectious, it just isn't starting from 0 this time.

>>265101517YH does it faster fren.

>>265100875And besides, we never stood a chance against the dæmon; we'll just take it in the ass and hope for the best.

Attached: Screenshot_20200627-165836.png (720x808, 63.31K)

>>265095044Imagine that moefang dragging across your dick. It makes me wanna coom.

>>265101503He’s not saying it did, you stupid fucking bong. The comment he’s replying to stated that the Black Death (aka the bubonic plague) only existed for a period of 140 years in the Middle Ages.

>>265101444see this>>265096004>>265096498EU is not going to do better than US by the end of this. Hurr durr chimpouts is a distraction. The west is fucked

Attached: tennessee3.png (1272x1386, 659.47K)

>>265094892soon in Czechia user.

>>265101611Ah you gonna be a tradechad fren? What field?

>>265101503>agoHe didn't say ago. No one said ago, I sure as fuck didn't. He said it went on for 140 years. Obviously, X number of years ago. I don't know if it actually lasted 140 years as a serious pandemic, but it never actually left. That's my point. You shouldn't have booted all your thugs over here, maybe that way you could have kept some testosterone in your gene pool.


>>265096524Anybody believes American death numbers? They suddenly dropped, but not new cases.

>>265096668>sars2 isn't nearly as bad as sars1.SARS1 killed like 800 people globally

Attached: excesscases.png (1811x595, 38.18K)

>>265101557Well, I mean... (((America)))

>>265100817Countries that manage to make entire seas disappear don't get to have opinions.Further, landlocked countries don't get to have opinions, and the Caspian doesn't count. Ukraine gets off on a technicality because the Black Sea is connected to that other little thing that leads out into the Aegean. Ukraine gets to have like 1 or 2 opinions because of this.What I am saying is your country is a portless ocean virgin, so that means you are gay.>>265100759i read old books written by white men that said otherwise. that means they are superior to wikipedia.

>>265101677GIS with BIM

>>265101750Because it usually takes about a month for death numbers to catch up. Look at Iran’s data.


Attached: 1591770456605.jpg (1200x1501, 975.41K)

>>265098880Have you seen the Yellow sign?

Attached: The_Yellow_Sign.jpg (340x408, 13.54K)

>>265101794As if there’s a difference.

>>265101696Maybe if you didn't have autism you could understand the point he was trying to make without having sixty people explain to you that you're a moron


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>>265101894This is true.

>>265101444Nice digitsWuhan Coronavirus is a big one. It could potentially start killing young people, though right now that seems unlikely. The most concerning mutations would be if it picked up something from other coronaviruses, like via infecting a camel and picking up traits from MERS or similar from other animal coronaviruses. The second wave is starting some places, but others might not feel it until July. It will certainly kill millions and cause a large-scale fall in demand and an economic recession even if it just kills the elderly, but it can always get worse>>265101831I read old books by white men that said the greeks really liked getting drunk and had far more access to written information and fermentable sugars than proto-paddy

Attached: __original_drawn_by_kokoromachi__ac2cabba85a7df60ad2331751a63af5f.jpg (1200x1200, 149.78K)

>>265101831didn't read, cringe lol


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>>265101444Patience my friend. It's barely even been half a year and she's already done so much

Attached: 1587923003507.jpg (411x600, 49.93K)

>>265101840I have no idea what those abreviations mean fren, but I believe you will get in!

Attached: 1493501143345.gif (311x362, 1.99M)

>>265101951His point was fucking stupid. The argument was Sars-Cov-2 would never go away. Bubonic plague was used as an example. Some room-temp IQ faggot got uppity and I pointed out that Bubonic plague is indeed still around today.


Attached: 1591435349354.png (500x250, 20.45K)

>>265101974Correct, fellow cultist. Iä Hastur

Attached: YellowSign.jpg (1168x876, 186.48K)

>>265102176It's geografi information system with building information modelling . Thanks user, hopefully you will get in as well.

>>265099089I just hope Yellow-Chan is cute

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>>265102245SARS2 most likely will never go away but is fundamentally different than plague because it will mutate down to common cold coronavirus tier within 20 years or so

>>265094236What virus? Show me evidence, that there is corona virus? How you identify corona virus? Does corona virus have jew sign on it? Can you see corona virus with electronic microscope? If it is that small, how does your mask “protects” you? The Empirical evidence, also known as sensory experience, is the knowledge received by means of the senses, particularly by observation and experimentation.Can you provide evidence of suggested to imagine corona virus, to the judge in the court? Your decisions to restrict peoples activities, caused harm, that you need to restore, compensate peoples loses. Court will be Popular Peoples Congresses as a highest democratic institution, that legally exist by the Rule of the People – that what Greek word ’democracy’ means. Local people gather together in a circle of equals, to share vital information, in order to serve life.Every single person, who have participated in a criminal swindle corona, will be hunted down and pay for harm done to society. Jew fear mongering hurts humans

Attached: Screenshot from 2020-05-17 14-03-00nurseRatshed.png (610x458, 389.98K)

>>265096756reasonable take, but that's exactly why sars1 didn't and couldn't spread: it was too lethal. being too lethal is what makes it worse in my book.>>265096810essentially the same argument as the aforementioned.>>265096887i don't think sars1 and a small amount of asians contracting it has anything to do with our current situation.>>2650970845 lines, and the only one of value was the last, and even that was factually incorrect.>>265101488i expected better from you, but australians are overrated as shitposters.>>265101764i use a different metric. ebola is so much worse than corona because it is so much more deadly. it can never spread like corona, so it will never be as deadly in the long run, but i'm thinking of in the single instance, and which would i rather contract? ebola or corona? i'mma go with corona. the same with sars1. jesus fuck would i rather have corona than sars1.

>>265101590one look at my flag should explain it

>>265102544Time will tell. This baby put the whole world on lockdown, when it normalises I see no reason for it to mutate towards being less deadly. It's not like there's a selective pressure and the virus that doesn't kill as good gets to spread. Nothing's stopping even the most lethal of strains from chilling dormant for long enough to spread en masse. It MAY mutate to be less lethal. But it has no selective pressures pushing it in that direction.

>>265102090you nigger. i know read it.

>>265102787nope :)

>>265101590You're in the acceleration general, sir.

Attached: 1591254464152.png (885x731, 138.97K)

>>265102044Yeah, but my books were older, and the authors were even whiter. Checkmate.

>+47,341please get well soon americans

>>265102660>i expected better from youSome times the truth is all you need.

>>265102660you are missing the most critical point about this numbers game, user: hospital capacitythere is NO COUNTRY that can handle even a measly 1% of its population requiring intensive care. None. Not China, not USA, not even Germany or any of the much-praised Scandinavian countriesas we currently stand, we see ~5% of the infected needing critical intensive care OR THEY WILL FUCKING DIE (and most of them do anyway, after extended ventilation/intubation time)what is undeniable is that SARS 2 spread as much as it did even with all the lockdowns in place, re-opening nations right now is a statistical certainty to start a snowball rolling down the bloody hill of coofing

>>265102867your country is so inept that you made an entire sea disappear. you know what you did.

>>265102660>ebola is so much worse than corona because it is so much more deadly.that's your mistake though. ebola has a 50/50 chance of dying but you have to shit blood down somebody's throat to transmit itthrough sheer transmissibility alone, SARS2 is unstoppable. even if 1% die...that's roughly 60 million people contrary to what people meme here, most SARS1 survivors did go on with their lives without major impact, but some did have lifelong damages. SARS1 seems scarier to you because youre looking in retrospect and you know what it did. but you don't know yet what SARS2 will do. give it time and you will change your mind

>>265103094why is it you stupid americans always turn it into some country issuebesides, i know what you're talking about, and it was ussrsea didnt disappearand i am not even from kazakhstanso, stay butthurt yank discord tranny shill kike nigger mutt scum

>>265103243can't even be bothered to hover over your flag untermensch

>>265103047Thank you, may the Reich rise again brother! :D

>>265103089Dude you misunderstood my entire point, which was the way in which I view what makes it worse. That is a subjective thing, and to me I look at which is worse in the single instance. If I had to contract one or the other, which would it be? Obviously Sars2 over Sars1. Sars1 is a guarantee you are fucked for life, if you manage to survive.I am fully aware Sars2 has wreaked unbelievable damage upon the world, so in that respect it is magnitudes worse.

>>265103358ok butthurt tranny

when will trump get covid any bets

>>265103358He’s using a VPN. Imagine choosing Kazakhstan as your flag. His real country must be embarrassing as hell.And he gets irritated when you say mean things about Jews.I wonder which country he comes from...

>>265098880true detective yellow king?


Attached: index.jpg (575x568, 35.26K)

>>265103486Israel will fall

>>265103471your opinion is subjective and shortsighted - I can agree to that

>>265103571>>265103358>>265103094>>265103646all cringe and gay-pilled third worlders

>>265103676>third world>flagHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>>265103676>Every country that makes fun of me is the third world

Attached: 1591135628203.jpg (767x1024, 63.35K)

>>265094652>I've been spamming nothingburgers since day 1, why won't you listen goy

>>265102544>it will mutate down to common cold coronavirus tier within 20 years or soThat's not how it usually works.Coronaviruses stay the same for all intents outside of small mutations here and there. What happens is that it'll kill off or disable all young people susceptible to it, and those that aren't, will keep on getting mild illness until they're older and eventually succumb.A vaccine will likely be around within several years, so most countries will be have low case numbers then. But, it'll be a yearly one.

>>265103796>>265103793heh stay mad

>>265094236Anyone got a link to the CDC or WHO (don't remember which) saying that BLM riots are fine because racism is a bigger issue than coronavirus?

Attached: 1569488391043.jpg (229x250, 7.53K)

>>265103243>it was ussrThis method of arguing is bullshit, and I know firsthand because Americans use it against Canadians when they try to claim victory and say they burned down the White House."lol leaf, that was the British. Canada didn't even exist."It's a disingenuous argument, and we're fully aware of it. I will only admit this because I am drunk. No Kazakh, you fucked that sea. It doesn't matter what flag you were flying under.>and i am not even from kazakhstanWho the fuck migrates to Kazakhstan?

>>265103884third world shit lmao

>>265103842Why would I mad friend? I was just pointing out the flaw in your argument

Attached: 1587915831694.png (600x600, 177.23K)

>>265103897you typing all that out, only for me to reply STAY MAD KEK DIDNT READ BTW

>>265103571Kazakhstan, greatest country in the world

Attached: borat1.jpg (1674x2616, 1.31M)

>>265103842>thinks I'm madWew lad

Attached: 1584968202935.gif (512x512, 510.38K)

>>265103819>That's not how it usually works.>A vaccine will likely be around within several yearscompletely disagree but don't feel like explaining

>>265104005that's a jew do

>>265103649I want to attribute this to poor English reading comprehension because I was agreeing with but explaining I use a different standard to determine which is worse.

>>265103965>>265104013ok butthurt underage discord tranny

>>265095918You know the plague still exists right?>flagOh

>>265104071-stan , -stein, what's the difference?

>>265104071Ein Judenschwein.


Attached: 20200528_105511.png (506x632, 324.22K)

>>265103927What country are you from, really? Be honest. We're all friends here.

>>265104093Why would make these assumptions? Is it due to a familiarity with the concepts?

Attached: 1591861327479.png (599x667, 300.01K)

>>265104131different etymology.i get it's a joke.

>>265104016No, it's a common misconception that viruses get "weaker". They get weaker due to past-exposure (doesn't happen this way with coronaviruses), or it kills off all those susceptible, and those that aren't have the next generation that get mild illness.Since it's a coronavirus, we might be in for some surprises, though. Influenza viruses are more solid on what to expect.

>>265104087and I agree twice now - you standard to determine that SARS2 is less severe than SARS is1. subjective2. short-sighted

>>265104152lmao what does it matter you dumb cunt? so you can find something imperfect about my country and point it out? so then what?why not instead have a STAY MAD BUTTHURT YANK NIGGER MUTT DISCORD TRANNY SHILL THIRD WORLDER AHAHHAHAHAHAHA

Will we reach 10 million today?


>>265103977I type fast bitch, that took like a second. Not even.

>>265104329you're a subhuman yank, you cant type fast.

>>265104250i stand by what i said but i'm too tired to link papers

>>265104152It’s a place in Palestine that a certain tribe likes to occupy.

Reporter at Trump's Tulsa rally tests positive for COVID-19YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YESapnews.com/3b4f69c49231eff5ec7dabfce02e55aaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

>>265104131gengis kahn never rekt havok like the kike


Disregard the derailer


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>>265104437both made krauts tremble like little bitches thoughled by a womaneeeewwwwwwwwww

>>265104457See you around.

Attached: 1591262488843.png (897x1657, 853.45K)

>>265104493nah, we eliminated about half of them worldwide by (((their))) count


Attached: 1583796985694.jpg (686x1024, 83.74K)

>>265104414The mutation to become weaker, only applies to viruses that have short incubation, not incubation spread, and high mortality.Corona has none of those, so it has zero selective pressure on it. The mutation path right now is to favor more infectiousness with similar mortality, and there's zero need for it to change from this.


Attached: 1592111703882.png (800x727, 308.3K)

>>265104742that's cool information but i still stand by what i said

>>265104823Please don't say things if you aren't willing to back them up

Attached: 1584502310741.jpg (724x1024, 74.44K)

That I'm proud to be an AmericanWhere at least I know I'm freeAnd I won't forget the men who diedWho gave that right to meAnd I'd gladly stand up next to youAnd defend Her still today'Cause there ain't no doubtI love this landGod Bless the U.S.A.

underage zoomies, go discuss your favorite streamer getting badlmao pol is getting 20 threads about this

>>265105242you're subhuman>>265105246banned*

>>265105246Who?I'm not a polfag.

Baker needed, bump limit reached

>>265105246Clearly streamers getting banned is the real happeningIn reality, Pol stopped discussing Covid as soon as America got btfoed. Can't make their golden boy Donny look bad after all

>>265105433Oh, oh did Ukrainebro pass out?

Attached: 1591624347021.png (308x583, 51.12K)

>>265105198like RBCs don't have "grabby things" for SARS2 to latch onto? that guy says a lot of questionable things but is very sure of them. not everyone is worth digging through literature at 6am for. but yeah you can check all the things i've "backed up" in the hundreds of articles in the pastebins friendo


>>265105569I guess?

>>265103819>and those that aren't, will keep on getting mild illness until they're older and eventually succumb.correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure this is how it's worked for quite a long time.


>>265104267I'm just curious dude. Play along, and let's have fun. Why try to hide where you are from? Why choose Khazakstan? Are you on a VPN, or did you honestly migrate there from somewhere else?I hate using the term "migrate." Amongst first worlders I just say "move," but you aren't really a first worlder.Like if someone came here from England, I would say, they "moved here from England," the same way I would say someone moved to my state from fucking Ohio. It's a lateral move and doesn't actually count as immigration.

>>265105842i got it

Is the Ukranian gone? Let me put the thread together, give me a minute,

Bros how badly is Brazil fucked? They have like a million cases and 2.5M tests and 50k deaths. That's a 5% mortalityWill everyone in Brazil get infected and die?

>>265106000thanks, I kind of died a little for a moment there


Attached: 8a3d423609d6e3e2d26f391c736ba35b9b548dfc9e19a5e666b1ed3ae0ded153.png (1536x1308, 2.13M)

>>265105576Sorry, friend. It's hard to tell whose just shitposting around here

Attached: 1591767008099.gif (1200x960, 1.69M)

>>265106077You should go to sleep if you're passing out man. Not healthy

Attached: 1593155854479.jpg (350x318, 89.23K)

>>265106067Hopefully both americas will be kill.

>>265106085i don't think he's a troll/shitposter/idiot, probably a university biology student if i had to guess

>>265105973Leave him alone, at least Kazajztan has no nigger problem, hence why my 3rd world shithole also makes fun at you stupid Amerimutts

Attached: 96233067_251695556039625_7369932497162862592_o.jpg (1896x1896, 222.53K)