Honest question; What the actual fuck happened to western civilization this decade?

Honest question; What the actual fuck happened to western civilization this decade?

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>>265093704>this decadewe're merely reaping what was sown 50yrs ago

Can't we just fucking sticky this once and for all?

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>this decadehoo boy just wait for the ongoing one

We gave women too many rights and not enough opened handed lefts.

Corporations know this is a lie, but given the state of the average consumer, they know they can make more money coddling than they could fat-shaming.

>>265093704>USA>a western civilization

You cunts spent all your time indoors fapping to hentai and eating tendies instead of living life and having children

>>265093704West sold it's soul to degeneracy for short term satisfaction

>>265093704Simple, you normalised weirdness.

>>265093704You know what.

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>>265093704I'll give you a hint, we fought the wrong side of the last world war and this is what we got for it.

>>265093704Obama sponsored this mega diversity stuff on universities, it went turbo mode

>>265093704The same thing that’s been happening for 7 decades

>>265093704Corporations and (((local governments))) have created some kind of communist technocracy hellhole and forced it upon us and none of our politicians have any will to power.

>>265093704Slave morality is reaching its tipping point


>>265093704>westernIt exists just not in the media. The media doesn't represent you anymore that's all. White people are actually the minority of the world, so how is it profitable to appeal to us? Now they can send their movies all over the world so naturally they try to appeal to the majority. Quit looking to the media for some kind of validation, you are never going to get it.

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Do corporations think plastering big ugly fuckers make them want to buy their product? Because it fucking does not. They think "I dont want to look at that." The problem is these mega corporations don't even know how advertising affects their sales anymore, they just give the marketing team money and say "do whatever" and then politically motivated marketing hacks that got hired by marxist subverted HR use that money to virtue signal.


People stopped bullying

Pre 2008 (B.O.or Before Obama) life was pretty swell. The country was still patriotic from 911. Joggers weren't a protected class. Women weren't a bunch of Roasties and Karens. Fags and trans were made fun of and bullied. China was not a superpower. It was okay to be a white male.

>>265093704Social media

zoomers..."based" zoomers

>>265093704Neo-marxist oligarchs in universities, the tech industry, and hollywood.

>>265093704>Klein was born on November 19, 1942 to a Jewish family in The Bronx

Shut up it’s called progress you bigot. We are defying beauty standards so every woman feels beautiful in their skin.


imagine needing to be reminded what beauty is from a company trying to sell you something. Get fucked inbreds

>>265093831I think you meant the industrial revolution and its consequences.

>>265093931The 2012 prophecy was right, a new era started

>>265093704mass infestation of normies on the internet is the actual root of the problem

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>>265093704both pictures r gay desu

>>265094687The average CK consumer is closer to the right one than the left one. The difference is that in 2009,women still wanted to look good, so marketers use the "wear this and you'll look like that" method.Now, in 2020, striving to look good is seen a form of oppression. So marketers use the "you're already beautiful in our product" method.Morality changed, not marketing.

>>265094211Tard level di no one a fqvor fag8t

>>265093704Social Media doom us ever degenerate and retard have a voice now.

>>265095186>the internet is reel life guyzzz

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>>265093831This. No one listened to Yuri.Yuri.youtube.com/watch?v=ti2HiZ41C_w

>>265095186All women always want to look good. Some just give up and use feminism as an excuse for being fat and ugly.

>>265094848In one word : California

>>265095328can pol stop posting this literal who pls

>>265095068Based and ted pilled


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>>265093704Capitalism and repeatedly accepting "the lesser evil" instead of rejecting evil altogether.

>>265095390No, they want attention, doesn't matter how it's achieved. Looking good is just another way of getting it.

>>265094747The pre 2008 Era elected Obama, twice.The worm was already in the apple

>>265095518Not false, but being good looking gets you BETTER attention. You think any millionaires or even well off men would even look at that hideous monster? Theres a reason why millionaires buy beautiful models and not ugly ogres. Who the fuck would want to have that beast in their line of sight?

>>265093704People used to reeee that the white model was anorexic. It's always been about using something comment worthy with your logo smeared over it. All these threads show how the old trend is still prosperous

>>265095399->> pleddit

>>265093931Thanks for the infographic, Mario! I'd never seen this one before.


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>>265095710I do agree with you, but that's not the point. The point is that, now that slave morality has unequivocally won, most girls, and people in general, don't have the drive to try to look good and instead settle for that cheap attention

>>265094891I hope you die in a car accident

>>265093704It's been happening to the US for a while now. It's just reaching its apex.

>>265093704Jews subverted your country.

>>265095328Fascism is the cure, or led



the majority of people have been brainwashed.

>>265093931TAKE YOUR MEDSfuck off

>>265094879I wonder what (((he))) actually thinks about this? At this point I'm sure he's not involved in any of this shit. He's just an old jew who made a bunch of money selling glamour. Not obese basketball queens.

>>265093704>What the actual fuck happened to western civilization this decade?High fructose corn syrup.


>>265094211numbers observed

>>265093704I wonder if someone knows that the 2020 model is a tranny

>>265099344>tranny>tranny>thats a tranny>the trannies>trannyim suck of fucking hearing everything is a tranny nowadaysyou fuck off too amerishart memeflag fucking nigger

>>265093984>> open handedNo. How about closed fists or gripping a pistol

>>265094211And instead of targeting said satanic bankers they killed off the jewish guy that stood on the street corner selling fake watches at most! True saviours there right?!(all they did was confiscate rothchild money and assets, the people behind them fucked off from germany even before hitler was voted in to office as they saw what was coming!)

I actually know a relative of Calvin Klein.Anyway, the whole CK, DKNY, Kenneth Cole, and assorted other Jewish owned "Macy's Brands" of designers are all a close-knit racket. I have some cheap "prototype" coats from these brands. There is a big conglomerate of Jews out of New York doing business under the name of Search ResultsWeb results G-III Apparel Group that basically hire fashion school drop out designers to come up with ideas for their lines. They then have their Chinks produce them in sweatshops and have fashion shows to shop the stuff around to see who likes what. The prototypes are sold at trunk sales, large wholesale lots, and assorted other Jew stores like Burlington Coat Factory. This expands to many many other brands.Point is, all these major labels are a Jew racket. giii.com/work-with-us/officer-bios/https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G-III_Apparel_Group"Aron Goldfarb, a Polish-born Holocaust survivor[3][5], founded the company as an outerwear brand, G&N Sportswear, in 1956, and in 1972 his son, Morris Goldfarb, current Chief Executive Officer, joined the company. Now called the G-III Apparel Group, being a leading manufacturer and distributor of apparel and accessories under both owned and licensed brands as well as private label brands."Oy Vey, My Holohoax.

>>265093704>Honest question; What the actual fuck happened to western civilization this decade?Jewish accelerationism.And just like every other fucking time in history, the Jews went too fast too quickly, and the goyim are waking up.The one white pill is that this time, the Jews have nowhere to run to or hide.This time we will end them once and for all.

It's because we let fat uppity niggers and SJW cucks dictate their feelings into a state of quasi law.

occupy wall street. that's when ((they)) flipped the fuck out that so many people were onto them. so they did this to take away the attention.

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>>265094747Ron Paul got robbed because the media was in full force against him.

>>265098900Shut up, Nige.

>>265093943Shitting myself desu

>>265093704we had a nigger as president


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>>265093704The Internet, largely thanks to smartphones and social media, bled into real life while at the same time being taken over by corporations. Corporate culture, which encourages a safe and inoffensive society of consumers was normalized in real life in the US, and it bled into other Western nations. Add to that a media which likes to push racial hysteria for views and a corporate desire to suppress unions by using foreign scab labor, and you get a world where Google is God. I can only hope that the US gets punished for its crimes against the Western world.

>>265101802Nothing wrong with what he said. Weaker race must serve Master race.