Reduce your chance of getting COVID-19 by 5X

Hey, did you know the FDA just approved a medical device that reduces your chance of getting COVID-19 by 5X? It’s trade name is called Wearamaskasshole. Side effects include mild inconvenience, possible victim complex, fear of people thinking you are a sheep, being ostracized by your anti-vax pandemic bros, and the power to stop your own asymptomatic transmission as this country stubbornly dives right on into that second wave.Check with your doctor, or really anyone, to see if Wearamaskasshole is right for you.

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>>265092862Man you normies are really triggered by not wearing a mask lolIf yo>>265092862ur scared of germs stay indoors faggot

>>265093467I feel sorry for your family. Not you though, you are just a stupid twat that thinks you know everything

>>265093890Why are you changing flags?

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>>265094545To fuck you up

>>265094545cause they think its fun and havent been shamed for it,theyre also spamingexcuse me, he/it/she is also spamming

>>265092862Can’t, I have breathing problems when I wear a mask

>>265092862Wait, then how do you explain this?

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>>265094845Tell you grandmother that when she is strapped into a ventilator. Oh wait can't she will have to die alone. All because you were too much of a pussy to wear a mask

>>265092862>leftypol/ muh mask postingNot wearing one, faggot, it’s just a flu, already had it, so fucking kill yourself maskfags.

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>>265095165>already had itask me how I know you are lying

>>265095022He doesn't care about the American public just the people that are in his community. Exactly the kind of selfishness you should expect from niggers.

>>265094725And how, exactly, is that supposed to fuck anybody up?

>>265095589dunno, but it's obviously triggering you

>>265095898go away

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The left cant meme holy shit

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>>265097112>The left cant memeyou need another meme, that one has holes in it

>>265093467The people refusing to wear masks will be dragged through the streets for prolonging this pandemic

>>265096683We don’t think you have an irrational fear. We know you’re lying through your teeth and using peer pressure to control our behavior while simultaneously encouraging your side to chimp out


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>>265092862Did you know that you can reduce the rate of transmission by killing yourself. Also if you convince your brainwashed faggot coworkers, friends, and family to do the same you can further reduce the rate of transmission. Hop to it faggot

>>265092862Havent worn a mask this whole fucking time. Totally fine. If I die from the coof then deus vult.

>>265097112>leftshut the fuck up nigger

>>265092862There's no covid though. You should already be one leg in a grave for covid to do something. Over 99% don't even have symptoms.

>>265092862Have fun having no immune system because you spent a year wearing a mask that prevents helpful microbes from entering your body. You are being fucking played.

>>265092862Masks don't work, remember?

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Japanese start-up creates 'connected' face mask for coronavirus new

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>>265092862faggot, covid 19 is just the flu rebranded so they can sell poisonous vaccines, they murdered old people to pad their statistics and testing is being used to drum up dramaNow fuck off and go suck some more corporate cock

Look at it this way.If everyone is running around naked and some bloke pisses on you, you get wet. If you are wearing pants you still get wet. Not as much but still wet. But if he is wearing pants all the piss goes down his leg and none at all on you.The same logic applies to masks. Your mask isn't to protect you, it is to protect everybody else. Their masks protect you. People in Asia have been wearing masks for years, every time they catch a cold or flu, to protect their colleagues and family.See Hong Kong for example, a cramped city of 7 million people right next door to China. No lockdowns, 1100 cases and 7 deaths.Enjoy your ventilators.

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>>265100451But you didn't believe in retarded conspiracy theories because you are smart, right?

>>265100600you don't even make sense spastic

>>265092862I go out and exercise and when I encounter people walking by me with a mask on I intentionally breathe heavily and wheeze while using my half of the sidewalk so the maskcuck will walk way around me. I can see the panic in maskcuck's eyes as he or she is assessing my likelihood of carrying COVID19 (no mask, sweating profusely, wheezing), their amygdala jumps into action and they move 10 ft off the sidewalk then walk back into their air I exhaled 3seconds ago safe at last. Unmasked people we just smile and nod, maybe even exchange a greeting.

>>265092862Hey, did you know not everyone is a retarded faggot?

>>265092862The at risk group should be protected while those at lower risk continue as normal, if this is dragged out into winter its gonna be hell. The more infected you can get now the better

>>265092862Yeah, im thinking boomerposting should be a bannable offense.

>>265092862Way ahead of all you half measure maskfags that just want people to die.

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>>265092862>Karen didn't waste her prime years making power points like me>Everything she does is transactional

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>>265095150If only you fags had the actual strength of conviction to do the right thing.Grandma's blood is on the mask of every science denier.

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>>265101139So obviously the solution is to get in the bubble.It's the only 100% surefire way to avoid getting pissed on and not have to get put on a ventilator.There's really no way to argue against it. It's science.

>>265093467You sound like a Facebook boomer npc whining about “muh muzzle”

>>265100451They need to murder more old people

>>265101950You sound like a petty tyrant who gets off on telling people what to do, but doesn't have the sack to get in the bubble and actually save lives.

>>265092862I have a medical condition that prevents me from wearing a mask. It's literally illegal for you to ask a follow up question.

>>265102074what are you even saying

>>265100457I'm not sick and asymptomatic transmission is extremely rare.

>>265093890Replying to your own post? Lol fucking mongoloid.

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>>265101139Yes! So it's a human nature (perhaps anglo-nature) thing. Glad to see my Canadian brother experiencing the same strangeness. Chances of catching the virus outside are basically zero, people are morons

>>265102396Asymptotic transmission is extremely common. You’re not going off what the media spewed out after mishearing the WHO?

>>265102036Well the good old BBC got an article just for you. Interesting timing on this article

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>>265092862The media is lying.

>>265103974>The media is lying.And what makes you think that? Donald Trump tell you?

>>265104771anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows the media is lying you absolute and total faggot>weapons of mass destruction>Hillary 95% certain to win>Brexit will never happenjust a couple of obvious examples, more recently>Armaud Arberry murdered>George Floyd was a saint>nigger who fights cops and steals their tazer was murdered>black people are being murdered by the police disproportionately The media is the propaganda arm of the international bankersYou can fuck off now

>>265105237So the virus doesn't exist? Half a million dead people will be relieved

>>265102355You are a bad person. Both for denying other's freedom, AND for advocating for masks instead of infinitely more effective bubbles.You both want people to die AND not have bodily autonomy.

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>>265092862Go fuck yourself.

>gasmask with eye protectionIf serious, what can actually protect you from virus?Except for full hazmat suit.

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>>265105446730000 people die every year from the flu. This season that number has not even been published… HMMMMM

>>265096683Just because you are lazy and don’t want to do your own research doesn’t mean any of those things aren’t dangerous. Most especially Niggers. They are the most dangerous thing on your list.

>>265105446tell me how many people die every year due to seasonal flu and then tell my why the global total isn't even as high as previous years even though we know the statistics have fabricated by marking as covid deaths when people actually died of underlying conditionsNow fuck off, really

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