The "Karen" Meme

I have absolutely no idea how this meme took off. During university/grad school I worked in a ton of bars and clubs. Middle aged white women are by far some of the most pleasant customers and the best tippers. I can count on one hand the times an older white woman made my job unpleasant. Black women, on the other hand? Train wrecks. Loud, rude, entitled, angry, always trying to steal or get free shit. Always screaming at you and threatening you. I have no idea where that stereotype of black dudes tipping poorly came from. Black dudes actually tip better than average because they are trying to not be a stereotype. Black women are the total opposite. At least once a night I would watch a black woman try and steal tip money or pocket the tip their boyfriend put on the table. At least once a night I'd have to kick one out.The Karen meme is a fucking lie and it shows that niggers and antifa trust fund socialists have NEVER had a real job or interacted with customers.

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God I hate niggers

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>>265090864fuck off roastie, TITS OR GTFO

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>>265091059I'm a dude, faggot. Eat a ball bag.

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It's a racial slur.

fuck it. meme thread.

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>>265091120You still have tits, don't you?

>>2650908649gag did it

>>265091185Every time you ask someone they say it applies to all races or that you can't be racist against whites. Its pathetic. I tell someone to stop being a La'Shonda and I'm fucking fired.

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>>265091185this but unironically

>>265091185This.Whites really need to speak up about the problematic nature of the Karen meme like all the liberals do.

>>265090864I'm a white woman, and middle aged white women, and young black women were the meanest customers. black women will roll their eyes, talk under their breath, snicker, will openly tell you they won't tip, etc.white women will threaten your job, take pictures of you, and will just openly get in your face and scream.they were jealous because I was pretty and young, of course.

>>265091262I mean, I've gained a bit of weight. I wouldn't call them tits though. Maybe proto-tits.

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>>265091320it was ebaums my dude

>>265090864>Middle aged white women are by far some of the most pleasant customers and the best tippersi really doubt thatjust one month in fast food made me hate everyone, especially fucking boomers

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>>265091399Yeah it does seem to be something women talk about more than men. Women will take any opportunity to shun or belittle another woman.

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>>265090864>During university/grad school I worked in a ton of bars and clubs. Middle aged white women are by far some of the most pleasant customers and the best tippers.Have you considered that alcohol may have been a contributing factor.

>>265090864It was a meme around the advice dog times. Literally over 10 years ago.It was a reference to very specific female customers. With a certain haircut, and a certain attitude.The revival of this meme is nothing more than niggers being extremely late to the party (imagine a nigger being late), and overusing it until it's cringe.Now it seemingly just means 'any woman', which is gay and not accurate at all.I HATE NIGGERS.

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>>265090864>I can count on one hand the times an older white woman made my job unpleasant.From my customer service experience the rude most aggressive people are generally 30+ women. The older they get, the worse. Old (male) farts come a close second.

>>265091535Why would alcohol make a woman more pleasant? Most of them are light weights as shit.

>>265090864Demoralization of whites, round 57

>>265091535Black women don't even really drink at bars anyway. They nurse one drink the whole night and just cruise for dick.

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>>265090864You don't get the Karen meme because you're keeping the Karens happy. No one notices the Karen problem when the Karen's are being entertained and coddled, but as soon as the Karens are forced to actually debate their attitudes, or their entertainment runs out, or they're held to account for their actions, etc, that's when they act like fucking Karens.Unironically OP didn't notice Karen because you were a piece of eye candy, or if you have tits, you were the young chick who made the Karens look cool by interacting with them.

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>>265091531it's so fucking weird. I can kind of expect it from black women, since they feel no sisterhood towards white women (and likewise), but older white women talking shit and being rude? like what the hell.I am always nice to white little girls, because I see myself in them. I don't understand why these middle aged ladies can't be the same.I truly think it's the specific generation. I used to work at a pharmacy, and elderly >80+ white women were always sweet.

>>265090864Why are you defending Karen? She's a bitch

>>265091720I am a large ugly Austrian-American man with no tits. I don't think that was it. I think white women are just far more pleasant and well-behaved than black chicks.

>>265091606This. Why the fuck do women drink so fucking fast? Jesus christ, you could probably call me an alcoholic but even I like to take my time with drinks. It's just fucking retarded to drink your entire surplus in one go and get so wasted you have to go to sleep. I like to be awake while I'm drunk. Fucking women do this all the time, I swear. My wife included, when she drinks.

>>265091399post tits or your story never happened.

>>265091810Yeah old people slap. I even like black old people. Theres something about knowing your days are numbered and having nothing left to prove that makes you really cool

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You can call black people karen.

>>265091531poor dog

Karen's were known as nosey parkers or curtain twitchers for years here.Karen is actually a better pejorative.Indian women are the worst customers, "£5 on the label can I get for £2?" They never wanted to pay the price.

>>265090864How the fuck did she get her feet on her tits like that?

>>265091825Yeah and she pays taxes and sends her kids to college and keeps a nice house. She probably sucks her husbands dick too. God Bless Karens.

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>>265090864just a family friendly way of dehumanizing and isolating. like a cult.better not step out of line or you could be next

What's the equivalent of Karen for black women? Oprah?

>>265092020She actually moved her tits down to her feet. Thats the trick,.

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>>265091830of course they are. anyone who says otherwise is autistic. black women are 100% the worst. this is the very reason black men want nothing to do with them. They scream, jump up and down, and refuse to shut the fuck up.The karen meme is just another way to turn white womenz toward nigger men. They don't want to be karenz so they'll start sucking nig balls.

>>265090864and they always oprder Long island Ice teas and half way through they say, Dis shit is weak, throw some mo in there, dis shit watered down and shit.All night they nurse the same drink, if they aren't picking up other peoples drinks.


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>>265092123yep. and to try to convince white womenz they gotta get with black men or else they'll be a viral story online and the next karen.

>>265092123Giving niggers smartphones was a horrific mistake.

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>>265092138Oprah seems pleasant

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>>265092023She probably votes straight left too and supports every fucking cultural marxist moral war with which the media inundates her, you dickless simp.

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>>265091830Sigh, you aren't getting it. The Karen meme isn't "lol look at this awful cunt of a woman" it's "wow, look how needlessly entitled and out of the blue cunty this woman is".Black women are cunts all the time, full stop. A Karen is a seemingly normal middle aged white woman who under the smallest bit of pressure turns into a massive raging cunt. You expect black women to be this all the time, but a nice white woman who you politely asked to not park in the handicap spot? That's a Karen.Also, dude, being a man serving them drinks is already 'eye candy' status. I doubt you're so ugly that people wouldn't want to approach you to buy drinks.

>>265090864InversionIngraining of self hatred -- women are easily swayed by what's popular t. OldChad here -- girls licking the asshole was an extremely rare occurrence from the 90's (nearly unheard of except for the biggest freaks that wanted you to piss on them)..all of a sudden a few years ago here comes the eating ass meme and now they all do it eagerly. This is The War on Whites and they are attacking the small minded and weak willed first

>>265092023Cry more you sound like a big baby. Your fee fees hurt because of a meme? YIKES

>>265090864>Karen meme is a lie>Video evidence shows otherwise

>>265092349Forgot the change your meme flag

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>>265090864Just counter it niggers have felishas and tyrones that make up most of their community. It go popular on nigger twitter.

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Aren't middle-aged white women the primary driving force that gave us things like the self-esteem movement, 3rd wave feminism, safetyism and political correctness? About time they got put in check I would say.

>>265092382No I got laid a lot but thats only because women confuse a man being the center of attention as him being attractive. Outside of the bar I couldn't get laid in a spic whore house if you dipped me and honey and rolled me around in pesos

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>>265090864its a psy-op and a mass hysteria which is just another way of the leftists taking out hate at white peoplei remember the first karen meme in like 2016it was a chihuahua wearing a wig with a caption about speaking to the manageranother one got passed around with a caption about her being a soccermom. it didnt get vilated by redditors until recently thothe whole karen meme and antivax meme is a psy op and were pre cursors to the planned coronahoax, to make fun of conspiracy theorists and white people

>>265091185You can't be racist against whites, Karen.


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>>265092447BLM started as a meme, faggot. Go be a tough guy somewhere else.

>>265092669>working of the together women power>working together of women the powerJUST

>>265091403let's see em

>>265092666checked. and yea it is deserved in a way, but it also makes white women more likely to support retarded shit so they don't get cancelled.

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>>265090864Ok Karen

>>265092666middle aged JEWISH women

>>265092722Literally every day, dude. Its like a thing black chicks do. Wait for their boyfriend/husband to go to the bathroom and they pocket the tip they left. They are scum.

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>>265091531women are designed to be emotional creatures that put each other own for little to no good reason

>>265090864Karen is an ancient meme that refers to vapid, arrogant, entitled, and acerbic middle-aged women middle-class women who expect society to cater to their princess has nothing to do with niggers

>>265090864it's alright to complain. the anti-whites have hit white people with a lot of slurs over the years. time to hit back to make them stop

>>265090864>black twitterAnd its the end of the BLM nigger show. Soon white women will all be Karens and when Karen doesnt get applaud for being woke anymore they will demand gas chambers for their abusers. Deep inside no white women will ever feel that some curly haired disgusting african monster is their equal

>>265092990timestamp or GTFO anyone can add a filter to spoof the reverse image search

>>265092020It’s another woman. I have this done to me every time I visit an Asian massage parlor

>>265092730I will. Lastly if you think Karen didnt fuck the mailman while you were gone your delusional. Take care dude.

>>265092957Its crazy that "Karen" is the first one to stick. Honkey, cracker, peckerwood, all of that shit was weak as hell. "White trash" wasn't even that bad and we called eachother it more than niggers did.

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>>265093082They aren't actually my tits, faggot. I'm a dude.

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>>265092669But that's what I mean. A man serving them drinks? That means you have 'authority' that's enough to impress ladies, at least to get them in the sack. 'Eye candy' at least at a low level.It's why you have ugly as shit cops rolling in pussy, women literally can't help but get wet about a man who has some level of authority.

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>>265093305Jesus, dude, im a dude. I was making a joke and just posted some random tits.

you sound like a karen

All middle age working class Americans are good tippers.

>>265093382You sound like a faggot. Have some nazi tits.

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>>265092946but its taken on a new form. usually with some lady caught in the middle of a rant against some black person.then the MSM is all"evil Karen harasses perfect good boy for no reason at all"

>>265092990you promised you would never share them. asshole. delete my number.

>>265093377Eh, I'm just a guy who has basically been consumed taking care of family the past month and haven't had a chance to go out thanks to corona.

>>265092990where's the benis, wtf? I was promised a femboi

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>>265090864Welcome to clown world fren

>>265093502kek. no ideas who these are and I wish i had a girlfriend to get dumped by.

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>>265090864dude this tops cringe posts

>>265092491>doesn't understand with 100's of millions of people that there will be extreme outliersThere's people eating powdered laundry detergent right now bubYou people would benefit from even just a 100 level Philosophy courseAll Humans are AnimalsAll Humans MammalsNot all Animals are Mammals

>>265090926This>>265090864I used to bartend in Manhattan, and your post is a good post

>>265093672Its cringe to shit on white women. they may be retarded but they make more white people

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>>265093537here is some fembois for u

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>>265093756word, post is just cringy

>>265090864Because white women are the worst racists. They have started every war, and destructive evil the world has seen and you white boy pussies do what they say in a heartbeat. We weakened you and now it’s their turn. We will break them too. Uppity cracker whores.

>>265093881sorry ive been drinking and i live around niggers

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>>265092990You lying shit. Those are my tits.

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>>265091330>it's realholy shit hahhahahahahahahahahaha

>>265091399I hate to have to remind you of the rules.Also what is going on that people will act so shit to other people? Threats, cameras?

>>265093964English women don't have tits.

>>265090864I've worked in tourism and I've had a fair share of both Karens and Laquishas. Tbh, every now and then you get a white lady that just wants to stir up trouble and same goes for black ladies. Dunno on other jobs, though, but it doesn't seem too disproportionate if I'm being honest

I'm actually getting bored of my own thread. Here is a list of all the GirlsDoPorn chicks who sued the company after their lives got ruined after they had their videos published without permission. It makes spanking it so much better knowing their lives were destroyed and their dads saw,.

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>>265094154Theres black people in Puerto Rico?

>>265090864>Black dudes actually tip better than average because they are trying to not be a stereotype.I've noticed this too. Especially in recent years >>265091399White women have social aggression down to a science. I'm not sure where OP worked but a scorned college aged white girl will go out of her way to end your career and not lose sleep over it.

Theres not much more to it.Bunch of niggers, spics and limp wristed white faggots can make things much more bigger than they appearAnything on twitter or redit is nothing but a pre calculated attempt to demoralize us. In reality its just ass blasted marxist jewry trying everything their little faggot orgy can do to muster up any kind of negative emotion.With apes that works. With reasoning Whites it doesn't

>>265092722Not only would I not tip a server that tried to sit me next to black people, I would probably never eat there again.

>>265094371Yeah honestly the best customers to have would just be a group on black dudes out for drinks without their women. They'd tip every drink and usually just watch tv and send girls drinks.

>>265090864>Black dudes actually tip better than average because they are trying to not be a stereotypeThis is how I know you are baiting

>>265091810>>265091941I'm convinced it's a generational thing, and agree that old black people (at least in the South and more rural areas) were always pretty cool. Boomers get shit on a lot here, but it truly is a fucked generation, with exceptions of course. I live in a trendy, liberal little mountain town, and the hordes of 55-70 year old out-of-state divorcees that come to live here are fucking intolerable cunts by any measure. Worse than shitskins imho. Also I would suggest, that since many of these (often wealthy) women had kids later in life and/or took responsibility for their grandkids, they are responsible for Millennials who share many of the insufferable narcissistic traits these Boomers possess. The few GenX people I know who had kids, have pretty decent, functional, non-faggoty kids.

>>265094432>This post is unironicNice

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>>265090864Holy shit, good point OP. Middle-aged white women are our allies and belitting them like this is exactly what the Jews want.>>265091185

>breaking: being a jerkoff isn't restricted to your race/age/sex

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>>265094043Fuck you.There’s a lot to criticise UK for but our tits are world class.

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>>265094613Have you ever bartended? Its true. They are much different in large group, but individually or just with other black guys they are fairly decent customers. Mix blacks chick in and it gets very chimp very fast.

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>>265094643tl;dr Yes elderly pre-Boomer people are based, but the elderly people replacing them are not.

>>265094809Where do you think you are?

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>>265094552Where did you work that white women were an easy demographic? I know you were talking about middle age, but if you went through your college bartending career without ever having had a nightmare entitled girl story you're very much an outlier

>>265091531fucking revolting white people

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>>265094851That chick is as british as a flavorful meal and a dentist's appointment

>>265090864Why the fuck do you think it took off?Most of our newer insults are designed to be used against white people.

>>265095004White college chicks were sometimes a mess, but not as often as the nigger college chicks. It was a largish college town so we had townies too, plus Parent's Weekend. Any white chick over 30 was guaranteed to be an easy customer (more or less).

>>265094552What the fuck?Here in Europe, blacks are one of the worst tippers (behinds asians and southern Europeans)

>>265095188I have noticed black men tip well when they are by themselves or with an all male group of other black men. I cannot speak to restaurants, though. This was bars/clubs.

>>265092666dont forget crossovers and monster SUVs with no space inside. you ever sit in a 2020 suburban or escalade? the driver seat is built for a woman. center console is like a 1 1/2 feet wide.

>>265090864Oh motherfucker please. You have never dated a hot 15 year old girl. I have (when I was 15) and her mom was a total Karen bitch. Always asking personal questions in a passive aggressive intrusive manner, always eyeing me, always nagging her husband for something or whining in traffic. Eat shit. Karens exist, they suck, and the meme is 100% justified.

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>>265095294Yeah I work in the restaurants

>>265091859>It's just fucking retarded to drink your entire surplus in one go and get so wasted you have to go to sleep.They're literally asking for it, and I'm using "literally" unironically.

>>265095407>YoU'vE NeVeR daTed A HOT FIFTEEN YEAR OLD (fyI..I HAVE btw).

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>>265095463I think in bars its more of a status thing and not wanting to look life a cheap no-money faggot in front of your boys. Credit where credit is due, a lot of niggers try and defeat that stereotype

>>265095560Yeah I definitely know you haven't because you're that fucking passive aggressive. Hey buddy you're a loser who lost out on teenage love. Blow me.

>>265095028Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay are on literally the entire worlds TV stations, you fucking idiot.And yes, British girls tend to have large tits.their faces might trailing, attitudes left wanting, but their tits are great.But then, you represent a nation where the main staple is lipids, and fat bitches are considered ‘beautiful’.

>>265091330Table 42 for anyone confirming

>>265093250love that movie

>>265095384>sitting in a GM product manufactured in the last 48 yearsGross.

>>265091399Ok Karen

>>265095560Yeah the guy is missing the point anyways. They exists, but sheboons are on a different planet of intolerable-ness but are seemingly above mainstream reproach.

>>265090864Before Karen, it was the Beckys.

Karen believes in law and order.She like the HOA, the PTA, and any number of social orgs that she belongs to.When you see her freak out for the management what you're seeing is a woman that is beginning to see the edges of her Society crumble and she's desperately trying to hold it all together.She's not particularly racist because in her heart she believes in the all created equal nonsense and is trying to hold blacks to White standards of living in conduct.And that's her whole problem trying to force two different people to live by the same code.The Karen meme is an anti-white meme and any white person that uses it has officially been blacked.

>>265095654I am a grown man who had several girlfriends and romantic partners. I don't still think about the ones I used to fuck when I was 14 though, faggot. Keep obsessing on the one chick who was retarded enough to touch your dick when you were in literally fucking high school.

>>265095657>seethingDidn't Gordon Ramsey go to France to learn the industry?PS. Take care of your teeth

>>265095657Ay man I like a big ol ass

>>265092007My mate used to work in PC World. He used to say he hid when Indians came through the door. The concept of a sticker price meant nothing but an early offer, and they would immediately try to negotiate the price down, even prepared to spend 30 minutes haggling to get one quid off.

>>265095851Becky wasn't really hateful though. It was like calling someone a "valley girl".

>>265095294when i worked at a strip club, a lot of the girls said they hated dancing on stage when there were only black guys because they said they were cheap. this includes black strippers too>>265095737oh i know. this was at an auto show and i was thinking what it would be like to have a brand new luxury freighter and throwing two mammoth turbos on it as soon as i got it home. look at this fucking Great Divide in this interior.

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>>265091403fuck I've always loved that fat little retarded pepe so much. he's an adorable little fuck he is.

>>265091399Clothed boobies or GTFO. You know the rules. But yeah it's not a race thing it's a middle aged wamen thing. Happens when they are on birth control and don't have kids early enough.

>>265092916crack alley nigsCRISPR combined covid and ebola may target only sickle cell carrying niggies.2R Cain>Curse of Ham>Repatriated Kikes>SC (Matt. 15:22)>Inbred Mosquitoes (Gen. 1:24, Matt. 15:26-7)XX Cunt>Submissive Sex (1 Cor. 14:34-5, 1 Tim. 2:11-4)>Daddy Issues (Gen. 19:8)>Stupid Bitch (Num. 30:3-16)>Lustful Whore (Lev. 21:14-5, Tob. 4:12-3, Gal. 5:16-9, Eph. 5:3, 1 Thess. 4:3-5, Heb. 12:16; 13:4)degenerate, demoralizing, depressing, disgusting suicidal cuck faggot niggerniggered fuckee traitor trash burns petrified sage in helldiscriminate the nappy niggers>Ex. 23:29, Matt. 7:6boycott the destitute niggers>Lev. 26:22enforce the anti-nigger laws>Lev. 19:19, Deut. 7:1-4; 22:9-11, 2 Chr. 22, Ezek. 44:22, Matt. 5:17-9, Rom. 13:12-4niggers, jail them all>Ex. 21:20-1, Luke 12:42-8, 2 Cor. 6:14-7deport the diseased niggers back to rapebolaidsfrika>1 Kgs. 8:53, Neh. 13:3, Matt. 25:32, Rev. 5:9; 7:9; 11:9; 13:7; 14:6; 17:15; 21:24; 22:2reinstitute apartheid for the hideous nigger sub-sahara>Gen. 16; 24:3-8; 26:34-5; 27:46; 28:1-2; 28:6-9, Ex. 11:7; 33:16; 34:10-6, Lev. 20:22-6, Josh. 23:5-16, Judg. 3:5-8, Ezra 9; 10:2-19, Neh. 9:2; 10:28-31, Mal. 2:10-2, Matt. 10:34, 1 Cor. 5:9-13re-enslave the lazy niggers>Gen. 9:22-7; 10:6-20; 28:1-2; 34, Ex. 21:2-8, Lev. 25:44-6, Eph. 6:5-8, Col. 3:22penectomize and neuter the retarded niggers>Deut. 15:17bomb and shoot up blacked niggers>Ex. 22:19, Num. 25, Deut. 22:20-1; 23:17-8, Ps. 106:26-43, Prov. 6:24-35, Rom. 1:21-32, 1 Cor. 6:9-20Lollicost 2: Satanic Niggaboo, X Y DNA edition>Gen. 7:21-3; 19:24-9, Num. 12, Deut. 23:2-8, 1 Kgs. 11:1-13, 31-9; 16:30-3; 21:17-29, Neh. 13:23-31, Jer. 2:5-37; 13:15-27, Ezek. 16, Dan. 2:43-4, Hos. 5:3-7; 6:7-10; 7; 10:2-12, Jonah 3:7-9, 1 Cor. 10:5-12, 2 Pet. 2:4-19, Jude 1:4-18, Rev. 2:14,>Universal Soldier, Adulterers (film), The President's Keepers, District 9, The Route, Stories of Our Lives, c0alfax

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>>265090864You worked in a place where you gave middle age women alcohol, no shit they are going to be nice to you and tip you they're drunk.I worked in a bar in college and the drunk Karens that showed me pintrest drinks are the crazy antivaxer's I deal with today.Your retardation shows me you never worked in anything related to medicine.

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>>265094506kek. i think its the "maitrede" or whatever that seats people at a lot of these places. point taken though.

>>265090864Karen meme is just the zoomer’s version of soccer mom but get co-op by sjw to be someone racist and any women who carried ideology different than them

>>265096314Nice meme flag, faggot. Sorry I can't be a janitor at some hospital like you. I'm too busy making money in the business world.

>>265096314>no shit they are going to be nice to you and tip you they're why dont the niggers? and lets be real kid, because you are "pre-med" in community college, you aren't becoming a doctor.

>>265091941Dude, I know where I am everyone, but old black people, particularly old black men, make me feel safe, for lack of a better term (and I'm a 215lb man who's been competing/training/instructing MMA for the past 10 years); I don't know what it is, but old black people are cool as fuck.

>>265096506They've lived full lives and been through shit.

>>265094870>They are much different in large group, but individually or just with other black guys they are fairly decent customers. Mix blacks chick in and it gets very chimp very fast.just further proof that women ruin literally everything.

>>265096113>Great DivideI hear ya. This was one of my first observations when we got a new 4runner recently. I've gotten used to it but yeah, coming from a 20-year-old truck it felt like a ridiculous distance between driver and passenger.

>>265096506you've won cuck of the thread award. tell us more about how based the blacks are!

Attached: demonic niggers assaulting a beta cuck white.webm (780x530, 2.96M)

>>265096454I'm sorry you cant even be a janitor at a hos[ital. I hope you don't lose all your birthday money on /rwallstreetbets.

Attached: __julianne_stingray_va_11_hall_a_drawn_by_reiesu_reis__fb99d7c4659b9dec73ea3c67f1a39d7d.png (753x753, 907.04K)

>>265096626Stop putting words in his mouth. He said elderly black men make good company. He said nothing about being based or crime statistics. Go bounce your butt cheeks on some black cock, faggot.

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>>265096697I'm a lawyer and a CPA, nigger

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>>265096697At least there is stuff to spend it on in his world, as opposed to yours.Btw, you will Never gain power. You will be lined up against the wall and shot. That’s what always happens.

>>265090864Many of them are sensitive, being women and all, so they will tend to call out bad behavior. As a scumbag this will of course offend, so they attack them.It's basically an attack on the weak if you break it down.

>>265096854What are you trying to say?

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>>265096495White middle class women drink more and get drunk easier with larger amounts of cash?It's not like im fucking solving cicada 3301 here. Also who the fuck get's into premed in community college? Again pol fags are oblivious.

Attached: __dorothy_haze_gillian_jamie_and_jill_stingray_va_11_hall_a_drawn_by_y_35504109__a1563baee4fd572021067a75938d7d7e.jpg (700x700, 125.15K)

>>265096982meme flag faggot. you know you don;t have a real job.

>>265096626Just once I want to see a video where one of these white guys have a hidden weapon.

>>265091531me in the back


>>265090864>I have absolutely no idea how this meme took off.>Being this new

Attached: wotw.jpg (1020x1064, 124.5K)

Attached: Roastie_VS_Chad_part_2.webm (720x1280, 1.94M)

Attached: 1588277913634.webm (720x720, 1.98M)

>>265090864I've thought this from the start. It's a great way to alienate white women. Some will work harder to join (((them))), others will flock back to white men. Easier divide to see.

>>265091330>its fucking realhahahaha

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>>265090864>I have absolutely no idea how this meme took off.It doesn't matter if its the most clever thing or the most stupid, its a way to harass white people and that helps vent shitskins insecurities.

>>265096753I heard CPA firms are having layoffs hope you're not involved user. I'm sure the happiness you get from managing another's money is all you have.>>265096855Pretty sure basic bitch liberals have been popular for a while and with the potential of an American recession the popularity of Socialism will rise. Reeeeee all you want King George Socialism is becoming more favorable.

Attached: __komi_shouko_komi_san_wa_komyushou_desu_drawn_by_drawfag__sample-ae825efdafd4b9a598c3d9a277e46cb1.jpg (850x478, 63.69K)

>>265097540Thats nice, hopefully I don't have to lay off any of my employees

>>265097048MUH FUGGIN MAY MAY FLAG!Come the fuck on you're better than this. You disagree with what im saying but why? Is there a real reason or is it just because It's pol propaganda?

Attached: __erica_hartmann_strike_witches_and_world_witches_series_drawn_by_momiji7728__89aea8893cd396022bebde58154b1c57.jpg (600x648, 198.53K)

>>265096855>and shotIt's surreal when reading wikis about the Soviets. Almost any govt. figure at any level at any stage of the revolution, is inevitably taken out and shot in the head and replaced by someone who is later taken out and shot, replaced by someone who of course is later offed. By the time you get like 7 levels deep you start wondering "Is this fucking real? Academic faggots actually look favorably on this murderous orgy of power lust?"

Karen was a meme, invented by the obnoxious people you mentioned, for suburban white women who complained to the authorities about their bad behavior. Its basically the trouble maker of the family calling someone a tattletale

>>265090864Astroturfed. It comes from this game.

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>>265097802you havent said anything, faggot. you said some bullshit about the medical field and some gay meme shit about socialism that sounds like its coming from a 19 year old xanax addicted coal burner who gets C's in her shitty sociology program as a fifth rate state college

>>265090864>The Karen meme is a fucking lieNo, it's true, and the reason it took of is because it's true.

>>265090864Karen meme is uppity white girls. thats all it is. it is in fact racist.

>>265097719Dude if you're an actual lawyer you should be scared shitless of laying off a soul since you're retarded.

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>>265098005that makes zero sense and you are gay and unemployed

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>>265091941Because most (not all) old people got to that age by not starting sbit and also realize that life is better when people get the fuck along. The ones who don't can be dangerous if theyve accrued power, but most likely they're miserable fucks who try to find happiness through political bullshit (like George Soros).

>>265090864>bars and clubsI can believe they are cooler. Also they may have wanted to fuck you.

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>>265098192Agree, but I've got a town full of Subaru-driving, virtue signaling, passive-aggressive, divorced white women who beg to differ.

>>265097946Dude I brought up a counter argument to you're whole "white karens' post. You're purposely ignoring post since thats the white nationalist strategy when confronted. The only attack you have is "muuh meme flag" which is even old among wannabe nazi pol fags.

Attached: __lee_hoon_suicide_boy_drawn_by_parkgee__2d952c9a978b63622f32ebe97829435b.jpg (676x626, 65.42K)

>>265094253Based>PhalanThe fuck kind of name is that? Will look up her videos though.

>>265098005Wew, I recommend Rosetta stone reading comprehension. I thought someone in law school would understand a basic sentence. but we are in the age of fail sons so I hope daddy can teach you.

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>>265090864>I originally thought Karen was just a "bitchy woman" meme in general because lots of women are bitchy. > It's only about white women apparentlyNow who is being racist

>>265091720Such fucking cringe from a leaf, no surprise. Karen meme is about losers getting frustrated/guilty that someone is trying to hold them to a standard instead of letting them get away either their general pathetic apathy.

>>265090864lol you haven't worked retail have you? Karen's are either the best customers who will brag you up to your managers or the absolute worst who will throw a hissy fit over being slightly inconvenienced, there is no in between.Not saying niggers are better, with the exception of civilised old black ladies who are usually the best customers.

>>265091810Women tear each other down to be on the same level. Men compete to be on the same level.Has alot to do with socities value on a woman being attractive and a man being successful.You can work hard and be successful. To be attractive you either have to luck out out with genetics or dress and act like a slut.

>>265090864typical saul alinsky tatics my man. Accuse your enemy of doing exactly what you are.

>>265091531God i fucking hate swingers.

>>265090864I'm just here to say I like that picture. also, karens are

>>265091330>>265093992>>265095691>>265097343It just comes up with a "Connection Refuse" when I try to look up the link?

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>>265097239What's happening here? Does he lose his pet rabbit or something?

>>265090864how did you put your feet on your boobies

>>265099567I don't know. I'm drunk.

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>>265090864>Black dudes actually tip Ask me how I know this is bullshit

>>265090864Black women are the most obnoxious pieces of shit and to change the stereotype hey created the Karen meme.Its a forced meme by lefties.I never really liked those "ok boomer", "you are such a karen" memes because they are forced and a popularity contest.99% of memes are pisstakes, but now there are forced memes used by "popular" girls aka roasties who find themselves working a shitty job and not getting any praise.Its textbook projection and this is why the left cant meme.Its not funny it is spiteful.Which made me think of creating the black incel meme aka the Blincel.Blincel = funny cause its a pisstake and not really me shitting on niggers who cant get laid

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>>265099376Are you typing it right?

Attached: Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2008 - Statistical Tables.png (1676x1319, 193.51K)

>>265091185anyone using it is racist then?

>>265098957>I recommend Rosetta stoneWhat are you, some kind of faggot?

>>265091185oh no how terrible nigger

Karen is a Gen x meme originating in the hospitality industry that pre dates the internet.pic related.

Attached: karen1.png (768x541, 28.72K)

>>265091185“Karen” is a way for people who hate women to vent their feelings in a way that is socially acceptable

nopeKaren is basically the busybodythe woman who won't mind her own businesswindow-twitchingit's a trope that's been a while for ages

>>265097837They do, yes, because those previous murderous tyrants weren’t real murderous tyrants.It’s never been tried before.

>>265090864The karen meme is just some unfunny reddit shit.I honestly thought it would be dead by now but they keep shilling it despite it only being funny for 2 weeks 3 years ago.It probably originated here though, like everything.

>>265097540>popularity of Socialism will riseSo will anti communist forces.And they do not consist of self mutilated perverts, junkies, and people who are perpetually offended.

>>265091399>they were jealous because I was pretty and young, of course.I doubt this. Older women are too busy dealing with adhd kids and worrying about how to take care of their ageing parents to notice how young and pretty you are.


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>>265100056Okay I clicked your link and it worked. Thx

>>265100842There's a difference between hating women and hating the product of an entitled culture.

>>265090864My gf is pretty based, bug on church, and shes black. Reserved and shy

>>265099567Bird flew into him

>>265092722Around blacks, never relax.


>>265091330What am I looking at here?

Attached: Screenshot_2020-06-27 Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2008 - Statistical Tables - cvus08 pdf.png (741x303, 16.01K)

Can we please help get the sheboon arrested who assaulted the Karen who called her a nigger. It's felony assault. Happened in a convenience store. DOXX HER!!!Also, are yall scouring all the Madison looting vids to see if Althea Bernstein was there. Scour them, she'll turn up, maybe. Then the hoax is confirmed.Also, help arrest the Macy's nigger. And the 2 niggers who contaminated supermarket fruit. Thanx.



>>265090864Have one as a boss and you'll sing a different tune.

>>265100842Correct answer

>>265091185Tucker called it out as such. Sempai has noticed us.

>>265090864When I delivered pizza in college, I always called blacks "Canadians" since they never tipped. The only ones that would tip were the younger coke head types or the normal construction worker types.Karens are a cancer. The entitled white woman trope is true. We live in a Karen dictatorship

>>265092020Thats clearly her butt, user.

>>265100699Kek, checked

>>265090864Karen is a slur against white women who respect order. That's all it is.It wasn't invented by blacks btw, it was invented by their Jewish masters.


>>265090864Who gives a shit. Women made their bed, let them sleep in it. I won't lift a finger for these pieces of trash.

>>265090864Yeah yeah, whatever you say, Karen.

>>265090864>black women on the other hand?that's called Whataboutism. Sheboons are a different kind of rude; they never tip and they abuse the nature of a servers relationship with a customer, larping as though they're kangs/queens during their meal, without ever leaving a single tip. doesn't mean Karens don't exist, just because niggers do.You're talking out your arse. I worked in hospitality for years, everyone who has worked with people knows the Karen meme is real.older white women are the most entitled, unemphatic, bitter and mean spirited adult-children ever. They are particularly nasty to young attractive female staff. the girls I worked with always used to ask me to deal with groups of karens because I was immune to their bullying tactics, I obviously didn't take any shit off fat karens. They can be scary to young girls, but their kryptonite is confident masculine men, because they're all cowards.On the other hand, white men NEVER complain, period. I've known white male customers to have drinks spilled on them by staff, and they only ever laugh, and leave a tip for the waitress/waiter and say "don't stress/worry about it, accidents happen,etc"White men actively resolve issues/problems, wherass most older white women (Karens) actively generate them out of thin air.

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