soup Holla Forums How do y’all self-reparate from white people?

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>>265090568>Literal who twitter screenshot.Everyone who replies to OP below me is a literal retard.

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We need to be segregated again

>>265090568I used to work as an airline gate agent, and I would intentionally mislabel bags for niggers going to Europe, and send them somewhere else.

>>265090810why segregate when you can exterminate

>>265090568That sounds kind of racist

>>265090826Good work, user, keep it up.

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>>265090568Pretty sure holding an elevator open for a white person would annoy them more.

>>265090932Those two things are not mutually exclusive.

>>265090568I just fuck nigger bitches and get them prego...and never come back...then when the kid calls me in 20 years I will tell him I hate him because he is half a nigger.

>>265091472proof or you’re just another wannabe internet racist

I've denied so many loans to black people I've lost count. There was even a black who brought his entire family to the bank, him and his ugly goblin looking disgusting kids who was crying like a fucking child when I told him he wouldn't get approved no matter what.

>>265090826das systemized raycis yo

>>265091472I don't think black kids are proactive in looking for their father. I imagine most of them could find their father very easily, he probably lives over in the next block

>>265091708That's actually gay bro, let them get ahead if they are willing to try

>>265091472That’s a good idea. Also a good way to get AIDS.

>>265091879Nope. They would never do the same to white people and you know it. No mercy for these failed organisms.

>>265090717That's okay. I don't give money to anyone.


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>>265092008Well at least give loans to the bad ones and get them into the lifelong debt cycle

>>265091472Eww wtf

I cannot fucking wait for the inevitable turnaround on this, i hope we fucking hate them for the next 1000 years and we treat these filthy nigger monkeys as such, me personally im just waiting for the right time.

>>265092114At least suck them off and fondle their balls more

this is why nobody likes niggers

>>265090568these no name twitter posts should be a bannable offense

>>265091708Nice try kid. Decisions on loans are not up to the person talking the application. 15 years in banking. Oh know.

>>265090713Almost 600 likes and counting. COOE HAARDDEERRR

I watched a Mexican beat a nigger half to death.Then I watched the Mexican get arrested.I win.

>>265090568I hope Americans are screencapping shit like this and spreading it among boomers.

I watched a Mexican beat a nigger half to death.Then I watched the Mexican get arrested.I win.True story

>>265092725I know that. But I bet you didn't know about requestee qualifications, some of which are so arbitrary that I can literally throw forms in the trash right in front of them. Like having an expired ID.

>>265090568I dont, I separate from niggers, and its easy because only 0.5% of the population here is niggers

>>265090568Most nogs drive like shit where I live so it’s nothing new

I always follow Rule 1 in life and avoid the groid anyway, as should all of Holla Forums. This doesn't affect us.

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>>265091879The average black credit score is >600. The other poster would have lost his job by now if the bank thought he was being racist.>banks are onto searching for racists, cousin works with one

>>265092114dept to blacks means jack shit

>>265090568Lol half of them say white homeless has more privilege than them wtf

>>265090568Why are niggers so thoughtful in giving Holla Forums material to use against them?

Stop dickshaming, bigots. It's transphobic.

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>>265090826This is one of the most based posts I’ve read. You were doing the lords work user.

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>>265090568Nice. Hope these savages keep this up. #niggerfatigue

>>265090568Good thread

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>>265090568Lol niggers have been doing this since I've been alive at least. About half of them have manners, though, and extend common courtesy.Do they realize that part of the reason why we hate them is shit like this? It is going to get them all killed soon.


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>>265096442The only niggers I worry about are 100% not on the internet. Legit gangbangers aren't fucking commenting on YouTube videos or Tweeting.Bunch of middle to upper middle class niggers trying to look tough.

I heard about a doctor who would inject crushed up spiders and bugs mixed with AIDs blood into niggers, he learnt this from his vast experience as a doctor in the concentration camps of WW2. He actually killed my parents when they were 10.

>>265090568I don’t understand this person. Can we just segregate at this moment or do we have to wait longer?

>>265096396smart kid. lot of blacks are checked out on this garbage white hate shit realizing it's going to end very badly for them all in the long run.but then again, niggers and long term planning aren't very common.


Imagine being this childish

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>>265096233You guys taking down names and locations of these people or is it just this fictional guy I totally made up and don't know in real life doing it?

>>265090826Sky King posting from heaven!

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>>265093692elaborate on what your shekel cousin knows. has he filed a whistleblower's complaint? get this shit to one of the right-wing twitter cult of personality people. it'll get visible

>>265091879A loan officer has very little say in who gets approved for credit. It's all algorithms set up by actuaries and financial engineer types.There's some room for discretion, but if the candidate's credit risk profile isn't within some acceptable range, nothing a bank employee can do.

>>265090568It must suck to be black


>>265090568I want to know how I can self-reparate from blacks for all the trillions of dollars poured into affirmative action, welfare and prisons for niggers.

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>>265096468dessalines is such a cunt, louverture could have made the country slightly less of a shithole.

>>265090568i just punched up the local nigger with my friends just now. I just wanna see my face on social media for fuck sakes

>>265090826Based. Someone screen cap this post?

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>>265097793>Niggers glorify criminals>Become criminals themselves for gratification>Niggers glorify you for being a criminalIt's a vicious cycle.

>>265090568Heh. I can't wait until these fuckers get the rope.

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>>265092716Verified kikes are the same

>>265090568>>265096233>>265096602>>265096725>Act like a nigger for no real reason other than to be passive aggressive towards whitey>Surprised when whitey doesn't like you>Chimp out when they call you for what you areYeah. That'll show them.


>>265092053It's funny because she is probably helping the black homeless people kill themselves faster with drugs and alcohol. She is saving white lives, thanks lady.

>>265090568To describe what this nigger does is the reason the word petty was invented.

>>265091069hey, is that Furio from Sopranos??

>>265096413Anyone else has fun looking at ratios?


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>>265101711This is why people hate niggersCivilization will never be civil when low iq apes focus on petty shit and never give anything of value to society

You guys all reported her, right?

>>265102469All these white people making an effort but slowly and inevitably coming to the same conclusion. N.

I burn down the pro-jek whitey builtAlso, slide thread

>>265096396They think we don't already know about this little game they play? Its like the boy who cried wolf, anyone whos redpilled knows they always lie about racism and being called the n-word to justify doing whatever they want

>>265098406What the fuck is their problem? What do they even want anymore other than free reign to act sadistically and sociopathic towards people

>>265090826b a s e d

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>>265103709People are racist for a reason this is what the ape don't understand and never will.

>>265090568But this stratum of animals do this kind of stuff all the time anyway so why even look for an excuse?

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>>265090826based if true

>>265099925Yes. Look at who he’s painting.

>>265091290This. I’d rather take the next one than deal with the smell, or be on my guard against the knockout game, or listen to their music.