Was Malcom X unironically based...

Was Malcom X unironically based?>Believed in gun rights >Men running the nuclear family>Maintaining moraly strong black community>Exposing the J E W Where did niggers go wrong?

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>>265090269that's incredible based

>>265090269Niggers went wrong by following jew puppet MLK

>call outs elijah muhammad for being a 70 year old kike impregnating teenage girlsWas too based to live honestly

>>265090269He did all those things because he was a muslim. Muslims get it right sometimes but I don't want to live near them.

A rare breed of negro.

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>>265090269When you look at it soley from the success of blacks hes definitely a better option than MLK. Anyone else, who knows lol.

>>265090639so based the fbi had to kill him

pasta thread sage

>>265090269Tupac is where they went wrong

>>265090269Goerge Lincoln rockwell made a speach to the nation of islam and had great respect for malcom x “You know that we call you niggers,” he said. “But wouldn’t you rather be confronted by honest white men who tell you to your face what the others all say behind your back?”Mist of been an overdose of basedness to witness

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>>265090269>school teaches you MLK is a hero>school teaches you MX is a uppity violent craaazy negro>MLK was a CIA compromised sex addict blackmailed to do all of their biddings then murdered so they can martyr-ize him>MX was a real one trying to instill strength in fellow blacks and was murdered

>>265091883Tupac was an Illumakike boyhole

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>>265090269Malcom X was Shaun Kean if Shaun Kean were really black.A POS either way.

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He was fine. Definitely confused on the idea of segregation, but still a good man. I’ll see your Malcolm X and raise you Fred Hampton however. Now THERE was a man they knew they absolutely could not allow to live.

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>>265090639Based Elijah smoked his ass.

>>265090269based muzzy

>>265092453>Shaun Keanlol illiterate faggot

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>>265090269Very much so. He realized it was the Jew all along too late. His honky hatred was really meant for the Jews, but he didn't realize it till later in life. When he did, they shut him down quickly.

He wasn't black he was half scottsh? Because red hair..

>>265090890To all you lefties and blacks lurking: they will fuck you just like they tried to fuck Clarence Thomas once you stop toeing the line. They tried to smear him just like they smeared Kavanaugh.You are their nigger much more than you are any 'white man's' nigger, if you get what I'm saying.

>>265090269Malcolm x hated white people, he only changed when he went to the middle east and saw white people practicing islam there. He was responsible for a lot of deaths and violence against white people in the USA.

>>265090890Very based and rare, Belarus, btw. What do you fuckers eat over there? So many world's strongest men and powerlifters come from your slice of earth.

>>265093981They eat lots of mayonnaise, all slavs do.

>>265090780He didn't want to live next to white people. Imagine a world where Malcolm X and George Lincoln Rockwell didn't get offed and instead lead their people to a peaceful separation with "no jews, ever" as a commonly unifying goal.

>>265090269yes he was based he and lincoln rockwell were friends almost

>>265094120So does my cracker ass yet I got fucking manhandled by some off the boat Belarusian mongloid freak in college. Wrestling, not buttsex. Although he probably could have raped me if he wanted to.


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>>265090269When they killed him>looking at you farrakhan


>>265090269J e w s went wrong

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>>265094178I have a book by clark howard called/ Zebra: The True Account of the 179 Days of Terror in San Francisco It is non fiction. During the 70's the nation of islam were killing random white people all around the state of California. Its strange there was never a movie about this and the media completely covered it up. SF wouldn't even disclose where the self help moving company or its attic hangout was. The history has been completely erased.

>>265094612Holy based schizo posterCan anyone make sense of this post?

I think Malcolm is a great example of someone who bettered himself despite despite his circumstances. I admire how he cared for his family and the education of his children. He was a man of faith who was murdered by those closest to him because he aspired to something better.

>>265094362Slavs have more Neanderthal genes, they are just stronger and with thicker bones than most people.

>>265094753Never heard of this. Would you go into more detail, please?

>>265090269Yes he was. Are you new here user?

>>265094902Fair enough. It was like wrestling a refrigerator with limbs so I buy that.

>>265090269>Was Malcom X unironically based?Uhm based on what? Care to finish your sentence?

>>265090592MLK was a communist puppet his speeches were written by Soviet Jews. So basically he was a rapper before rap existed.

>>265094902Slavs, like other Europeans, are primarily of cro-magnon descent, not Neanderthal. Jews are primarily descended from Neanderthals.

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>>265094978Yeah no one outside the bay area has heard of it, even when the feds had one of the perps kept at the holiday inn In Emeryville, black muslim police were trying to get to him before he talked. The murderers were all animals, the book is very good and I think its even free online. Read the first couple of chapters and you will be hooked.

>>265090269was he even black? he looks like a mulatto

>>265095207based, not based. you know like the department?

>>265090269>Where did niggers go wrong?Jewish civil rights movement of the 1960s. That is the exact period where it all went to shit for them and they fell under Jewish influence.It's all been downhill ever since.

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>>265090269>moraly strong black communityDoesn't exist

>>265090269>homosexual prostitute nigger>based What is wrong with you?

>>265095336You could be right, I assumed it was Neanderthal, but it also could be cro magnon.

>>265095694goddamn if I was black I would be pissed off at what they took from me.

MX is a personal hero of Clarence Thomas

>>265095336I always thought jews were blood sucking vampires. The cross Christianity hurts them, they drink baby's blood, etc.

>>265090269>exceptio probat regulumhe was the test to not all nigger, that's why the animals slaughtered him. evolution tried to take a step forward for niggers and they killed him for being an abomination. a negro who was able to think like a human.it sad really. sort of like how they kill albinos.

>>265090269Second look at Malcolm X

>>265090592Based poo in loo

>>265090269muslim nigger. He's better than 99% of other niggers, but he's ultimately still a half-ape.


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>>265090269I'm gonna need proof he said this, don't be a faggot and spread lies. Just cause you found an edgy image, doesn't mean it's accurate.

>>265090269What went wrong was that he was a black op puppet intended to cause race division. When he decided that it was all BS and that the white man was not the hlack man's enemy, they blew his brains out. Divide and conquer courtesy of the government

>>265090269Yes. Look who he was friends with. They were both assassinated because they both wanted segregation.

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>>265097415Why do you think they killed him?

>>265098042Back then, liberals didn't have power. Conservatism ruled America. He was killed because he was an uppity nigger. The Jews didn't have that kind of influence then.

>>265097415His autobiography is a pretty fun read. TLDR - he did. Glowies l didn’t off him for no reason after all.

>>265098447Get a load of this retard. blogs.timesofisrael.com/the-hidden-us-role-in-the-balfour-declaration/Jews subverted America a long time ago.

>>265098697Like I would read/believe anything in that post.

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>>265097724Rockwell was cringe af and turned nationalists into a trashy meme. Malcom was a nigger. Not a loss to society honestly.

>Where did niggers go wrong?they killed him and started listening to MLK.Malcolm X wanted to segregate, if people listened to him we wouldn't have the problems we have now.Malcolm X realized that the American experiment was doomed to fail while MLK wanted to continue it.

>>265093907Clarence Thomas is a piece of shit. Just because someone is black doesn’t automatically mean they’re good or that they have black people’s interests in mind in the same way you can wrap your head around the idea you don’t agree with all white people or think they’re all inherently good. The fact you’d side with a sexual predator should tell you everything you need to know about the right wing

I don't get how the campaign to turn segregation into a moral wrong by default succeeded to the extent it did. "Access to whites" is being framed as a fundamental right, Alt Hype is correct about this.

Niggers got uppity with guns and got guns banned for everyone. Fuck niggers.

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>>265090269He is dead. Who fucking cares? He is not going to rise from the fucking dead to fix the black race. And niggers have moved on to taking orders from hook noses who fucking murdered nigga kang malcom.