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>>265089798Why didn't the protesters need to wear the mask?

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>>265089798it's either too late anyways or already over

Tell that to the niggers rioting

>>265089798Of course. It's a slight inconvenience at its worst, and only a self-absorbed faggot would refuse to wear one.

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>>265089798based male greta chris martenson told me to do it and me and my family are doing fine thanks

>>265089798MASKS REDUCE THE SPREAD OF VIRAL VAPORyoutube.com/watch?v=kYJvU81DKgkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piCWFgwysu0https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4ts7VflPnoWEAR YOUR GODDAM MASKS YOU FILTHY ANIMALSIF WE STOP CORONA EARLY, WE WON'T NEED MANDATORY VACCINES>>265089940they should all be locked up for not wearing masks, but the police are too scared of them and appearing racistcertain countries are laughing that the west is so weak and can be conquered without invasion or warit's really like watching an organised sports team run circles around a bunch of retards with no coach

>>265089798>>265090988Why are Aussies such blind drooling pussies about the chinky flu? Is it because half your nation is owned by the CCP?

>>265090988Masks don't do shit. Go shill your commie horseshit somewhere else, maskfag.sott.net/article/436447-Masked-Threats-Studies-Reveal-NO-Benefits-to-Global-COVID-19-Facemasks-for-all-Policy

>>265091149howcome australia managed to control the virus, and you are the laughing stock of the world?we dont need to repeat history classimages.theconversation.com/files/338977/original/file-20200601-95032-126zcl7.png

>>265091236>sottliteral fake newseveryone dismissing masks is working for china to cripple the west so china's century of domination is 100% ensured>this guy wore a seatbealt, and he still got in a car accident!! don't wear seatbelts guy!!

>>265089798I'd rather get the kung flu and diefuck this gay earth

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>>265090027there will be wavesyou may not be able to stop the waves because of the sheer amount of stupid people who can't follow basic instructions, take no precautions and don't know how masks work, but you can at least reduce your own risk and not spark an outbreak in your community if you caught itimages.theconversation.com/files/338977/original/file-20200601-95032-126zcl7.pngunless you wanna just give up and become a laughing stock like brazil

>>265090988So if I already got covid and healed why should I wear a mask in hundred degree heat?

>>265091437The seatbelt analogy is the telltale sign of a commie infiltrator. I see you fucking rats using that terrible, unconvincing analogy all the time. If you want me to wear a mask, come physically make me do it, pussy.

fuck you

i got some robust farts going right now. not too loud but very girthy

>>265091766>Oh no, my upper lip got sweaty because of this mask.You should wear a mask just in case. God forbid you slightly inconvenience yourself.

>>265091639you may not dieyou may be crippled for lifewhich is worse?nytimes.com/2020/06/26/health/coronavirus-immune-system.htmlhttps://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/coronavirus/dallas-woman-battling-coronavirus-again/2380797/https://fox5sandiego.com/news/coronavirus/study-finds-covid-19-can-damage-lungs-without-showing-symptoms/20% less lung capacitymysterious strokes, seizures and blood clotspossible sterilitypermanent organ damageloss of taste and smellbbc.com/news/uk-53026903who knows what else we will discover since we are only 7 months in

>>265089940they the reason wave two is happening Why is Holla Forums anti-virus, if anything they should be pro-virus.>shows the resilience of china for shit.>shows how china lies>show how weak healthcare system has become, and were too cocky.>shows us how cities are diseases centers.pro-virus is redpilled.

>>265089798Anyone else really like wearing masks? I think they're cute

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>>265091904It's about the principle retard

>>265089798Ironic that you go to a forum that resoundly agrees with you.

>>265091766because your immunity only lasts for 3-6 months, which is why people are getting reinfected, or they never actually recovered, we don't know if they're still contagiouscnbc.com/2020/06/18/coronavirus-antibodies-may-last-only-2-to-3-months-after-infection-study-suggests.htmltime will tell


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>>265091816>dont wear a helmet at a construction sitecause you might get crushed by a ton of brickshelmets don't work! look at all these bullshit studies saying helmets don't work

>>265091989>>265092146>All of these kike owned websitesTransparent as fuck. You're not even trying. They should've trained you better.

meanwhile 40,000 new cases in one day. >say the line shill

>>265092079The principle to act like a selfish asshole? Ya, you have that right. Obviously if you don't have a medical reason why you cannot wear a mask you should still wear one to err on the side of caution

>>265092220Another shit analogy, and more fearmongering. I'm not scared of your Jewish hoax though.

>>265089798So much of our media dare not link the faggots protesting for their marxist overlords and the spike of Corona. Good on the ones that are though, they are resisting this demoralisation.

>>265092265The funny part of this whole shit is the fact that Trump is fucked if he cannot fix this Covid problem.

>>265092048yepchance to restart manufacturingchance to fix healthcare systemchance to fix housing "market"chance to have a serious debate about surveillance and data trackingchance to improve everyone's hygiene so we don't get hit hard by bird flu or another bug in the futureif people took it seriously, there would be no rioters and there'd be no wave 2

>>265092393>Trump is fucked if he can't fix the hoax invented to fuck him overMakes sense, after all, that is the point.

>>265092265Selfish because I don't want to be forced to wear something pointless and ineffective? No fuck you. Unless you are coughing or sneezing theres no reason at all to wear one. And if you are sick stay the fuck home

Economy is fuckedUnemployment FUCKEdCases rising Nobody gives a shit So Leftists ruin cities but I gues right wingers ruin a whole country.


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>>26509252740,000 cases in one

>>265092620>According to media JewsYou forgot that part.


>>265092649If you say so

I hope this virus ravages you stupid right wingers

>>265089798>noKung Flu is for old people

>>265092710Just an indisputable fact.

>>265092237go and catch corona then, be funny seeing you try to blame everyone who tried to help you>>265092393this is the moment I knew you guys were in big troubleyoutube.com/watch?v=WQfaSJ3cSIshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tDTaz52DaEjust close your eyes and maybe it'll go away lolyoutube.com/watch?v=svrxYLvJYtolike an idiot who thinks he will be ready for tomorrow's marathon race when he has a broken legmuh rallies!muh numbers!>>265092346yeah, they're blaming non english speaking migrants now for not following instructions lol

>>265089798That's a big mask

>>265092393I disagree. Trump could do nothing about coronavirus and there is still a decent chance he would win.>>265092527It's not pointless and ineffective. You don't know if you are sick or not, because people's symptoms range from minor to very serious, so for the sake of your community you should wear a mask just in case. Give me one good reason for not wearing a mask other than it is slightly uncomfortable

>>265089798That mask has slipped

>>265089798No. Had a great time tonight and maybe 5% of people had a mask on and they were the "nerds."


>>265092527>Unless you are coughing or sneezing theres no reason at all to wear onewhile it's true that people who have symptoms are much more infectious than those with no symptomsPEOPLE WITH NO SYMPTOMS CAN STILL SPREAD THE VIRUS THROUGH EXHALATIONWHICH IS WHY WEARING A MASK IS IMPORTANT, SO YOU REDUCE HOW MUCH VIRUS YOU'RE BREATHING EVERYWHERE TO INFECT OTHERS

>>265092808Except I haven't been wearing a mask this whole time and I'm just fine. All you commie shills can do is try and scare people into compliance, and when they won't comply you wish death on them. You're true evil scumbags.

>>265092535And yet none of it is due to the decisions of one man, but a network of pedos wanting this one man out of power. Not only do we test far more than any other country but our kill rate is still .03%. The entire thing is overblown. "Flattening the curve" assumes everyone is going to look towards the medical industry, which won't happen because they are too expensive.

>>265093014You again?



I thought Holla Forums would love the masks due to the average polfags weak chins.

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>>265089798No, also bend over.

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>>265093046>I haven't been wearing a mask this whole time and I'm just fineRetarded anecdote. Also, you could have been infected and not have knowledge you were infected, all the while potentially spreading it to other people.

>>265092548FUCK off with this shit nigger

>>265093014>pol in 2016: omg, they use facial recognition, they won't let me be anonymous!>pol in 2020: omg, they made me wear a mask, I wanna show my ugly fat face to everyone on the planet for FREEDUUUUM!!>>265093046>Except I haven't been wearing a mask this whole time and I'm just fine>I didn't wear a seatbelt, and I didn't get in an accident, so I'm fine!no, you're just lucky


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On one condition

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>>265092808How are there still corona shills running amok on this board? Fuck off.

>>265090988unironically masks are for those incapable of understanding basic science and common decency. the purpose is to stop retards coughing etc. without covering their mouth/nose effectively. masks are actually worse; the pressure forces out the sides but the wearer thinks they and those around are invulnerable, because mask. also acts as incubation chamber if/when the virus gets inbetween. it's the same rationale as why the able sighted have to follow the same road laws as the legally 'blind', for example. lowest common denominator.

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>>265093200>You're sick and dangerous goyim, you just don't know it, so you better do what the Jews tell you or elseTrue scum. You'll get yours.

>>265093148the same WHO that said there was no H2H transmission after china already said there wasthe same WHO who said there's no reason to shut down flightsthe same WHO who said there's no pandemic for 2 months while you idiot burgers believed them

>>265093180>gay jogger with aids


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>>265092237Jesus dude, I just stole some wojak edit from another board and posted it here expecting like 3 replies. People like you sound legitimately schizo.

>>265089798I don't get this. Is it shills? It's obvious masks protect you: 1. Virus travels in droplets of snot and spit2. Masks stop droplets3. ???4. You don't get sickIt's not rocket science. Is the anti-mask thing ironic trolling or actual knee-jerk refusal to do anything someone tells you to do? The latter would be fucking retarded. You are gonna die, because of ill-understood anti-gov sentiment. Masks work and they are not oppressive you fucking idiot.

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>>265093286yeah you'd know a lot about medicine mr laughing stock #4gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6why do doctors and nurses wear surgical masks?

>>265093316science denier

>>265093351I'm a schizo because I don't trust NBC, an anti-white, anti-American, Jewish run organization? Go back to your tranny discord shill.

>>265093228Lmao yes this pretty much.Not only did Holla Forums a 180 again but it busted so many retarde conspiracy theories AGAIN:2019:>Guys facial recognition is literally going to fascism and leftists dictatorship because when you protest / go outside they scan you from millions of cameras>Also Chemtrails are real this is obvious by the fact how many jets are flying all over the worl/pol/ in 2020:>NO FACE MASKS ARE FASISCM I WANT TO BE RECOGNIZED!!!>NO THE PLANES ARE ON THE GROUND NOOOOOO (no chemtraisl anymore to control the masses haha)

>>265093370Fuck off boot-licker. Masks are useless other than to humiliate you goy.

>>265093442>why do doctors and nurses wear surgical masks?So they don't accidentally spit their chewing tobacco into the patients chest cavity during open heart surgery.

>>265091311>den howcum straya contorl da voirosBecause your leaders are 100% compliant with their Chinese overlords, where mine are maybe 60%.. you don't think for yourself none too much, do you, boy?

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>>265093308I'm not telling you to go die if you don't wear a mask. I'm telling you that you're a selfish asshole who places the sensual pleasure of not wearing a mask above helping the community.

>>265093447apocalypse denier

>>265093228>>265093486What do facial recognition and race masks have to do with each other? FR works even with the masks.

>>265093536Why are you like this? This is pure retardation.

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I don't even go outside. Didn't even go outside before. It makes no difference to me.

>>265093610They don't even work, kike. And even if they did it's just a flu. I know, I know, NBC and Chris Cuomo say otherwise, but they're wrong and you're wrong too. Mind your own business. What's on my face is not your business.

I don't think it really makes that much difference but I like wearing the mask because I have social anxiety. The more anonymous and unseen I feel the more comfortable I am.Normally wearing a mask would do the opposite and draw more attention. Otherwise I'd wear it all the time.

>>265093609>Because your leaders are 100% compliant with their Chinese overlordsyeah right, they're pissed that we want to investigate where the virus came fromthey wanna stop buying our exports which we're dependent on, at least it's better our leaders got a wake up call nowrather than in the middle of a hot waralso this virus has been a godsendall the bullshit jobs will go bust and good riddance to those

>>265093460Who am I shilling for exactly?

>>265093688Ironic coming from a literal masktard

>>265092527Would you agree though that it should be optional for private businesses to let you on to the property? And that it should be fine to democratically legislate mandatory wearing of mask in all public spaces? Of course you should be free not to wear a mask in your home.

>>265093781The culture of fear and blind compliance that you kikes have been trying to build since March.

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>>265091236Then why do doctors wear them in operating rooms, why did the outbreak in New York slow down, why haven’t you done any real research

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>>265093711The virus travels in droplets of spit that the masks do stop you absolute brainlet. Why is Holla Forums's IQ suddenly 50, this is a actually scary.

>>265089798>When it comes to preventing coronavirus, public health officials have been clear: Healthy people do not need to wear a face mask to protect themselves from COVID-19. >"There's no reason to be walking around with a mask," infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci told 60 Minutes. >While masks may block some droplets, Fauci said, they do not provide the level of protection people think they do. Wearing a mask may also have unintended consequences: People who wear masks tend to touch their face more often to adjust them, which can spread germs from their hands.

>>265093884Because they're told to by hospital policies and that's it. Here's some research, though I'm sure you'll pilpul your way out of it like the greasy kike you are.rcreader.com/commentary/masks-dont-work-covid-a-review-of-science-relevant-to-covide-19-social-policy

>>265093902>this is actually scaryI bet you are literally shaking rn

>>265091989>my body>my choice

>>265093902Try reading the label.

>>265089798If you don't wear a gas mask bong, you don't care about people.

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I need to make a timeline of all the dumb ideas and theories regarding corona since januaryremember when it was a disease that only affected asians?then it only affected the oldfirst you were blaming bat soupthen you're blaming chinanow you're blaming bill gates for warning youwho will you blame next?better blame the fire department when a fire breaks out, obviously they are involved because they trained for it!! they asked the government for money to prepare!!

>>265093744You do realize that while single viruses can pass through a mask, viruses that are suspended in cough/sneeze droplets will be stopped right? So if you are infected, the viruses in the droplets will be prevented from spreading to other people. Masks, when worn by everyone, reduce spread in the community. Masks don't make you invincible to infection, nor are they a significant obstacle to being infected, and anyone arguing that is wrong

>>265093810>Would you agree though that it should be optional for private businesses to let you on to the property?yes>And that it should be fine to democratically legislate mandatory wearing of mask in all public spaces?No since they have negative side affects and there is no evidence they stop covid. It's like mandating winter coats in the summer cause Karens think that will prevent people from getting colds. No.

>>265094101Wrong. See:>>265091236 and >>265093987

>>265093797youtube.com/watch?v=9Mkb4TMT_Ccmasks work>>265093902save yourself hungary, you can't fix stupidI am only in this thread to save those with eyes and ears to get to the helicopter, THE REST OF YOU CAN ROT IN VIRUS WORLD

>>265093797>>265093841>blind complianceJesus fucking fuck you low IQ retards... I have been wearing a mask during flu season for years, many people have, it's a new thing (((they))) want you to do as novelty. What compliance? It's like saying drinking water is blind compliance after someone tells you you need water to live.What the fuck is wrong with you people? Why do you want to kill yourselves?

>>265093884Are you retarded? Ah, of course you are, you're a leftist. Have to have brain damage to even believe half the shit you do. No mask for me, desu. I have a medical condition where i cannot wear anything on my face. Bake my cake, bigot.

>>265094101>viruses that are suspended in cough/sneeze droplets will be stopped rightlol no you just spray out the sides. That's where the air pressure goes. All while creating an incubator. Maskfags are a public health risk.

>>265093046> Except I haven't been wearing a mask this whole time and I'm just fineOf course you are, only a few percent of the population have had it yet. Your turn will come, don’t worry.

>>265094051when you're at home and putting nobody else at risk, surein public, noignorance is not an argument

>>265094201Not a new*

>>265094201Compliance with policies that politicians are imposing on American citizens, you idiot. You bozos have politicized this whole thing and now you're surprised when people are splitting on this along political lines? It is you who has the low IQ.

>>265093442>why do doctors and nurses wear surgical masks?1. their concern is usually not to infect open wounds which they're working on. not general dispersion. 2. they also need the lowest common denominator treatment. plenty of doctors drink, gamble are overweight etc..

>>265094282good, stay away from me maskless subhumanyoutube.com/watch?v=9Mkb4TMT_Cc

>>265093771And what exactly do you think will come of that? The kind of stability afforded to you by cultural cohesion and a glut of earned wealth from an industrious society? You don't reckon there will be drawbacks to a few million people needing to come to terms with their new found futility? If you just said: This is end stage progressive globalism, I'd be right there on your side.

>>265094201Why have you been wearing masks when there is no scientific evidence they do anything, but scientific evidence they create negative side effects? You're a public nuisance.

>>265094400Humans haven't needed masks to survive. Take your new age mask religion and leave society if you want.

>>265094201>wearing a mask is comparable to staying hydratedkek I know you're a shill but holy shit how dumb do you think we are?

>>265094176You're going to argue that masks allow 100% of viruses, both in air and on droplets, to pass through both ways?>>265094282Ya, I know. They aren't prefect, but they do prevent some transmission, and that's the bottom line as far as I'm concerned. Every little bit helps.

>>265089940>Why didn't the protesters need to wear the mask?when i rioted, i wore an n95 with a bandana over it and pretty much tried to keep 6ft from people and 12feet from crowds. it was pretty easymy downfall was the heavy drinking once we got the target

>>265094477>They aren't prefectNo.. they don't do anything. It's not a perfection issue. They do nothing. They change the direction of the spray, and also create an incubation. They are worse than nothing.

>>265094352>1. their concern is usually not to infect open wounds which they're working onso you're saying masks catch stuff expelled through nose/mouth?who is more likely to get sick?someone who inhales 10% of a sneeze, or 100% of a sneeze?if this is the trend nationally, which would have more infections?

>>265093841Huh, I had no idea I was Jewish...

>>265094477I'm not arguing anything, I merely cited for you multiple studies all of which say masks don't work. You choose to ignore all of those studies because this is not, and never was, about any kind of safety, and has always been about compliance with your fear culture and state authority. This is a social conditioning psyop.

Gosh I know Holla Forums is a cesspool but this anti-mask movement is another whole level of stupid.>>265090061>I want to be dumb like them

>>265089940because dead niggers temporarily disable corona

>>265094473humans haven't dealt with bioengineered airborne aids before

>>265094282>spray on the sidesNo? Air goes through, it's not a solid lmao. >>265094333>Compliance with policies that politicians are imposing on American citizens, you idiot.People have been wearing them during flu season for decades. It has nothing to do with your retarded political system scheming. How is me - a retard from the other side of the world - wearing a mask for the last decade during flu season a US leftist plot? Please explain.

>>265089798tulsa rally is over can we go back to corona being on the run again pls

>>265094657Ikr it's literally like refusing to drink water!

>>265091236>masks don’t work>doctors have worn masks for decades and were fighting for them when this pandemic broke outYeah dude, sure, use some common sense

>>265094714Of course it's about political scheming when political designs have been drawn and imposed against us. You can't pretend this is not political when politics are involved. It doesn't work that way. And I have no idea why you've chosen to be one of the bad guys. I just know that you are.

>>265094352>1. their concern is usually not to infect open wounds which they're working on. not general dispersion.So masks stop the patient getting sick, but wouldn't work the other way around? Are masks magically one way? Use your fucking brain.

>>265094825>Fuck multiple scientific studies, doctors wear masks so they must workThis is you. A coward who kneels to any kind of authority, independent of whether that authority is even right. Disgusting. This is the kind of craven culture maskfags are trying to build.

>>265094714>air doesn't follow the path of least resistance and my mask is a vacuumI can see the lack of oxygen has already had an effect on your brain


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>>265094927Wow. Do you have a YouTube channel I can subscribe to?

>>265094547How can it do nothing but change direction of spray, and cause an incubation effect at the same time? I'm not even sure what you are suggesting by incubation.>>265094639You cherry picked two studies that agree with your desires from journals (are they journals even?) that are unfamiliar to most people. That's not to say unfamiliar sources can't be correct, but there is hardly any consensus that masks don't work at all. So why not just do it to be safe, because after all, you really don't know what you're talking about

youtube.com/watch?v=vFwxvHEg2tMslowing testing down, so you can let the virus spread even more without isolating the infectedHONK HONK

>>265094947The culture was already there. Masktards were ready made for this psyop.


>>265094201>I have been wearing a maskcuckfaggot

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>>265095070>headachesOOOOH NOOOO!THE MASK GAVE ME A HEADACHE!THAT IS MUCH WORSE THAN 20% LESS LUNG CAPACITY FOR LIFEI swear you masklesstards should all be put in fema camps

>>265089940Most photos I've seen of protesters they've been wearing masks

>>265095182No, not two studies, many more than that. One of the links I gave you cites SEVEN different studies, all coming to similar conclusions. You ignore all of them because they don't fit the narrative you're being paid to promote here.And safety is not the only concern people have. Not everybody lives in fear like you. There are other concerns, like not wanting to live in the culture of fear you animals are trying to create. Just go fuck yourself.

>>265095182>How can it do nothing but change direction of spray, and cause an incubation effect at the same time? I'm not even sure what you are suggesting by incubation.bacteria getting caught by your mask on the inside are continuing to be breathed back in and out. If you're unfamiliar with how incubation works, check it out. You are concentrating a population and growing it. This can be then burst out with a sneeze through the sides of the mask and sprayed all around you. Not to mention it can make you sick with a bacterial infection. In which case you are then probably going to be contagious and a health hazard. One that you created needlessly -- well for virtue signalling points.

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>>265095327Wanna know how I can tell you didn't even read it?


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>>265093884>Then why do doctors wear them in operating roomsBecause their hands are literally too full to sneeze or cough while operating on someone with their chest open.I can cover my mouth when I'm NOT operating open heart surgery just fine.

>>265094425>saliva is not stopped by masks>doctors have been wearing them for a centuryYeah no evidence lmao. The question is why are you turning this into a political issue and a hill to die on when it's simply basic health requirement and has nothing to do with politics. Check this out and actually spend a minute absorbing what I am saying - politicians turning a 100% proven health benefit into a political issue, because they are selfish fucking idiots, does not erase the underlying benefit all of a sudden. I have been wearing a mask during flu season for 10 years and now suddenly it becomes s problem and I am called a shill, because retards on another continent have politicised it.user, you have to be smarter than this.

>>265089798i don't wear mask in Seoul. but i recommend to wear in very busy city. USA, Europe are not that immersive population. so wearing masks are kind of meme in USA,Europe.

Make me faggot.

>>265095409>Not everybody lives in fear like you>if I take no precautions, I can't be harmedthe irony is you own a gun out of fear for things that will probably never happenand you wouldn't be allowed to use it, even if they did happen lmao

>>265095327>humans have been fine without masks since the species has existed>now thinks we need masks and those who won't do it should be shunned from societyThis is how you know you're a boot licker and low IQ malleable mind that will do whatever the media tells him.

>>265095623I own guns because it's my birthright. My birthright isn't to hide my face behind a mask.

>>265095538>user, you have to be smarter than thisI dunno m8 he probably refuses to even drink water if he refuses to wear a mask

>>265095409I'm sure people have made hundreds of studies at this point, and you are neglecting all the ones that disagree with your narrative so what's your point? Wearing a mask isn't the same as living in fear, and if there is a chance it can benefit people around you to wear a mask, you should.

>>265095538masks help prevent droplets from getting to you. You spraying aresol out the sides is a different matter. They don't prevent spread if you're infected, but can help you not get it. That's the point. If someone wants to wear one to help prevent, fine. But saying it must be worn by someone or they are a health hazard is a work of fiction written by those larping orwell.

>>265095724But I won't, because the greater evil here is the mask culture you're trying to create. That is simply worse than an overblown flu.

>>265095644I don't care what the inbred thinkgo read your fake news and inhale airborne aids you lunglet

>>265094321not putting you at risk if you are wearing your ineffective* mask. * new england journal of medicine 04/01/2020

>>265095810ok karenkeep believing the authority in your life, the leftist tyrannical media.

>>265095693living in fear lmao

>>265095439Don't wear the same mask for weekz... Thot deserves to die.

>>265094833It DOES NOT MATTER if some retards have turned it into a political issue. What matters is if the masks work and if they protect you - the answer is yes. You can choose not to wear them for political reasons, but don't deny the facts. Otherwise you sound like those leftist climate change retards. It's like wearing a hardhat or gloves - just because it's mandatory does not make it bad.

>>265095932Given how tirelessly your comrades work to disarm us, I think it's you guys who live in fear of us owning guns.

>>265095439Interested to learn more but I wouldn't be surprised if pic related happened because she wore the same mask countless times without cleaning or changing it. Also, you can't incubate coronavirus in this way because it needs host cells in order to reproduce, no?

>>265095810I'm 99% sure you're a woman. Only a dumb whore could be this obnoxious and wrong at the same time.

>>265095975Incorrect, see>>265095070

>>265089798In my country they are literally calling then mouthshutters. I think they made the word up.

>>265095975>the answer is NO

Attached: 1586809705536.webm (320x568, 2.57M)

>>265095975No, the answer is not yes, as the data confirms. The data you maskfags will keep ignoring because this isn't about safety, it's about compliance. And again, the American left has made this political, so now it's political. You don't get to just demand we ignore the politics involved when those politics affect our lives.

>>265096042Yeah the incubation would be for bacterial infections. As for corona, it just turns a direct frontal spray aerosol into multi-directional side spraying. Mixed with whatever incubated bacteria one has been storing up all day in their mask if they sneeze.

>>265089798Masks only worked back in January and February when Holla Forums had half the catalog filled with mask advice threads

>>265091726Thing is you can't stop this thing and it's foolish to think you can. Masks and social distancing slow (IE Prolong) this thing. With the length of time you can infect someone as well as how infectious this thing is you are only prolonging the inevitable. You are going to get this thing no matter what unless you are hiding in your house. The only thing that can beat this thing is herd immunity. As long as our icu beds aren't full we are doing just fine. Unfortunately, people are going to need to get this and develop the antibodies to fight it. There's no other way short of waiting another year for a potential vaccine to develop.

>>265093884Doctors don't wear T-shirts over their face. The government is specifically telling people to not wear medical masks.

>>265095996im actually in favor of personal protectionwhich includes both masks and gunsI am highlighting your stupidly inconsistent positionbut you'd rather not wear masks, to give the real communists an opportunity to force vaccinate everyone because you're as stupid and irresponsible as they claim

I still think anti-mask is some chink op to keep the USA econ slowed for as long as possible or just people being dumb fucks. Being you're out next to nothing to mask up here or there when doing what still should be limited trips anywhere.If it doesn't work oh well we all tried, if it does then hey maybe we get more shit open.I don't get the risk to reward some see being rabid no mask sorts. I assume most of them are zero college so they don't understand issues like studies with numbers etc..

Attached: anti.jpg (1125x603, 117.41K)

>>265096047you forgot about Fredo Cuomoyoutube.com/watch?v=rfWcskih1D8

>>265096191Are you just so stupid that you can't figure out how this place works? In January, politicians weren't issuing orders against us, so people who didn't buy into the hoax just ignored the maskfags because we didn't care. We had no reason to, because nobody was being ordered to do anything, so maskfags congregated and discussed their pet topic. Now that a culture of compliance has been growing and being enforced against us, we have a reason to chime in.This isn't complicated stuff.

>>265096342You're linking TikTok videos now? I could care less what this faggot gets wrong and right. I'm capable of researching this on my own without media aid.


>>265096285>Wear the mask goy or we'll forcibly vaccinate youMore fearmongering. And nobody is going to vaccinate me.

>>265096358>24 posts by this IDget a life loser


>>265094561> so you're saying masks catch stuff expelled through nose/mouth?i'm saying masks no more effective than not being a social retard and in some cases less effective. What happens when someone thought they had their mask on but forgot to put it back? are all masks equal? why are you opposed to self discipline as a solution? it's zero cost and is also good manners/common decency behaviour anyway. why don't you do this normally anyway. then you have the gall to lecture others about spreading germs?! added bonus: the mask cult gives you a wide berth.

>>265096445Suck my dick, communist.

>>265089798I will why not.Niggers dont have to wear one hahahaha so they can die first and in higher numbers

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>>265095409he's not being paid to promote shit. He's a robot programmed by media and culture to subvert to authority. No incentive needed he thinks what he's doing is smart and justified.

pic relatedfirst column is billing classfourth column is the primary diagnosis for the visittl;dr - COVID is anything they want it to be to get major $$ reimbursement> it architect for major health system

Attached: LJ20 at 12.45 PM.png (986x494, 56.2K)

>>265089798>The Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has concluded that face masks do not significantly protect against the spread of infection.>In an investigation, the Ministry has looked closely at research results as well as international recommendations and guidelines from different countries for the use of face mask.>Based on the result, protective masks can to some extent counteract the spread of viruses if the person wearing the mask is infected, but the mask's protective effect on the population is described as "insignificant". Using the mask incorrectly can even increase the risk of infection.

Attached: no.gif (244x160, 1.11M)

>>265096243you can slow down transmission so much that the virus doesn't spread anymorethen you just test to find out who still has the disease, who is still contagious, isolate and give them healthcare to get better without spreading it and the virus would be gonebut because every country has monkies in charge, new infections will pop up from refugees, tourists, etc, even if the virus is eradicated in a countryantibodies only last 2-6 months, so herd immunity is out of the questionthey are discovering that chinese people who caught the wuhan covid strain months ago are not immune from the european strain of covid that is reinfecting them rnthere's no guarantee a vaccine will be produced that works or is safe





>>265089940Checkmate, Niggers.

Masks and respirators do not work. There have been extensive randomized controlled trial (RCT) studies, and meta-analysis reviews of RCT studies, which all show that masks and respirators do not work to prevent respiratory influenza-like illnesses, or respiratory illnesses believed to be transmitted by droplets and aerosol particles. Furthermore, the relevant known physics and biology, which I review, are such that masks and respirators should not work. It would be a paradox if masks and respirators worked, given what we know about viral respiratory diseases: The main transmission path is long-residence-time aerosol particles (< 2.5 μm), which are too fine to be blocked, and the minimum-infective-dose is smaller than one aerosol particle. The present paper about masks illustrates the degree to which governments, the mainstream media, and institutional propagandists can decide to operate in a science vacuum, or select only incomplete science that serves their interests. Such recklessness is also certainly the case with the current global lockdown of over 1 billion people, an unprecedented experiment in medical and political history.phibetaiota.net/2020/05/john-petersen-its-official-masks-dont-work/

Worst fucking thing about these people is, when the virus appeared I took it very seriously, normies called me names because "I panicked and overreacted".Fast forward a month, when lockdowns happen and talmudvision starts shilling virus 24/7, people start calling me irresponsible for saying luckily I was wrong and virus wasn't as deadly as I thought it would be.Normie genocide when?


>>265091311Did you notice our country engulfed by flames for months during peak holiday season? The chinky tourists certainly did and didn't fucking come here, they went home.

>>265090988Nobody is arguing that masks do not stop the passing of viruses. Its that they arent necessary because commie chink lung aids is literally the flu

>WHO stands by recommendation to not wear masks if you are not sick or not caring for someone who is sickcnn.com/2020/03/30/world/coronavirus-who-masks-recommendation-trnd/index.html

>flatten the curve>new normal>wear a mask>socially distance>we're all in this together>it's better to be safe than sorry>heros on the frontline>shelter in place>use hand sanitizer>follow the science>trust the government's advice

Attached: problematic.gif (326x192, 40.41K)

>>265097003I'm not even fucking big into conspiracies and say to do some precautions, but if you get like 5% of their dogma they get really fucking pissed it's hillarious.

>>265096488>What happens when someone thought they had their mask on but forgot to put it back? then they are stupid and it's their fault if they get sick or make others sick>are all masks equal?noyoutube.com/watch?v=SJ_6QMr7WQsand this may be why people are claiming masks dont work, was this factor ever considered in your so called studies?>why are you opposed to self discipline as a solution?im not opposed, but it's not enough because this crisis has proved without a shadow of a doubt that THE AVERAGE PERSON HAS NO SELF DISCIPLINEeven if it was airborne ebola, you'd all be finding reasons not to wear a mask, until your family dies of it in front of you and you realise it wasn't fake news

>>265097003Exactly. It was good to be cautious about what could have been a bio weapon from China leaving people exploding in pools of blood on the streets. But it's the flu, so let's get over it. Now it's just the government ramping up more ways to control markets. If you don't do what they ask then you won't be able to work or shop, ect. If you don't get the vaccine you won't be able to work -- it's all coming. The masks are ways to prep this and get an army of karens to shame every other normie into submission.

Attached: 6148302F-F64F-4998-B69C-7541DBCA7F52.png (484x185, 45.32K)

>There are no large-scale clinical trials proving that personal use of masks can prevent pandemic spread; and the ones that look at masks and influenza have produced equivocal results. But this smattering of evidence doesn’t tell us much, either way: The trials neither prove that masks are useful, nor that they’re dangerous or a waste of time. That’s because the studies have been both few in number and beset with methodological problems.wired.com/story/the-face-mask-debate-reveals-a-scientific-double-standard/

>>265092874My community hasn’t done shit for me except allow me to be enslaved and terrorized by even some of the “people” who make it upI don’t care if any of them die, including myself, especially if I’m going to have to live in a world where the only remotely ethical, lawful types of people are going to be covering their faces and avoiding human contact as much as possible And at this rate this shit isn’t going away in any conceivable way any time soon until everyone develops an immunity to it, if even that works

>>265095775Ah so you agree masks work, if you are healthy and want yo stop coofers infecting you, but disagree they work if you are already infected? I would say they help prevention and that's enough. If you are sick and coof into one it will catch some of the particles. They are not perfect, but even if they lower infection rates by a small percentage that's still a benefit at the end of the day, no?>But saying it must be worn by someone or they are a health hazard is a work of fiction written by those larping orwell.I don't care about that. That's political crap that has nothing to do with masks working or not. If you conflate the two it becomes some weird competition who can come up with more outlandish "proof" to defend their religion-like beliefs. Facts should not be influenced by political games

Where were you anti-mask shills in March when Holla Forums recommended full CBRN gear?

>>265089798I’m not Bane. Only he can wear the mask.

>>265097045youtube.com/watch?v=l_u8ELCWujghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ja1lL_f846ohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CY44rs5R0Eohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hy9Ub_Z5Uwthe WHO can get lost

>>265096416your loss, humorless wretch.

>>265097260Yeah they can help prevent getting hit with an aerosol, but not stop someone from spraying their aerosol all around. Which means not wearing a mask doesn't increase the risk for anyone around you so everyone can stfu about mandating them.


>>265096137>And again, the American left has made this political, so now it's political. You don't get to just demand we ignore the politics involved when those politics affect our lives.Some retard deriving political capital out of an issue doesn't change the laws of nature, user. Droplets are stopped by masks hence doctors wearing them in their practice, that is undeniable.YOU can choose not to wear them as a political statement, but don't deny that they work. Bending facts to your ever changing political needs is a leftist tactics, don't be like them.Saying "masks work, but I refuse to wear them for political reasons" is perfectly fine. You don't have to defend your decision by trying to deny a century worth of facts, that's ridiculous.


Attached: 20200627_010922.jpg (1469x530, 273.26K)

>>265097028>just a flu bronytimes.com/2020/06/26/health/coronavirus-immune-system.htmlhttps://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/coronavirus/dallas-woman-battling-coronavirus-again/2380797/https://fox5sandiego.com/news/coronavirus/study-finds-covid-19-can-damage-lungs-without-showing-symptoms/https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-53026903

Attached: 20200627_011111.jpg (1547x352, 153.13K)

>>265097127>then they are stupid and it's their fault if they get sick or make others sickso you're saying masks provide a false sense of security then where self-discipline would be more effective. ok. >studiesfalse claim, only common sense, observation and basic education required here. >THE AVERAGE PERSON HAS NO SELF DISCIPLINEif people can learn to put on a mask when going out then they can learn to cover their mouths when they cough.


>>265098103>so you're saying masks provide a false sense of security then where self-discipline would be more effective.a seatbelt doesn't work when it's not used>only common sensenot common in india, look at your mountains of garbage, your polluted rivers, your designated streets>they can learn to cover their mouths when they cough.your country can't even teach people to use toilets or not to rape, what hope is there?you can't teach an old dog new tricks


Attached: Screenshot_20200627-011959_Firefox.jpg (1920x1200, 735.19K)


>>265098485>not common in india, look at your mountains of garbage, your polluted rivers, your designated streets>your country can't even teach people to use toilets or not to rape, what hope is there?yes, those things are on-hold. we're too worried about your space programme, bruce. you still lost the argument.

Attached: 20200627_012217.jpg (1050x675, 175.84K)


Attached: 20200627_012411.jpg (1920x871, 608.09K)

>>265097440A bit too dogma-like user. A barrier will stop at least some of the particles and you can't in good faith argue that it doesn't at all. You don't have to make up stuff to justify your decision though. I now understand where you are coming from. Just say you refuse to wear it and that's it. Here >>265097772

>>265098794their reasons get more fragile if the virus is controlled through social distancing + maskslike someone trying to sell you a winter coat in summerits not about obedience, its about getting through the virus sooner, getting back to work sooner and not needing a vaccine

>>265099073>A bit too dogma-like user. A barrier will stop at least some of the particles and you can't in good faith argue that it doesn't at all.It's not a barrier. Just another surface to attach to. Think of it like a road that ends and you have to go left or right at the end of it. That doesn't mean the car is stopped.. it means it goes left or right.


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>>265089798How the fuck conservatives fell for anti-mask propaganda when normalizing it is by far the best defense against state implementation of facial recognition software is beyond me. We've got this chance and once again Holla Forumstards are actively demanding to get fucked in the ass because some gifting orange retard finds it politically convenient. We deserve everything that's coming to us.

>>265099284>it's good that I won't be able to work unless I do exactly what the state says I should so I'm not a danger to others.

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>>265099361I'll make sure to remember your valuable post wheen shtf.

>>265099457That's great bro. I hope you get lots of social credit score points.

>>265092457Go back to china!!!!

>>265099280all these studies are funded by china so you turn up to war with no protectionmakes their job far easierthey never imagined americans could be so stupid, but you are living proof

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>>265089798I just dont careMask or no mask my life is shit so I'll just do it

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>>265099499Wont do me any good if they can't ID.

>>265099185You talk as though they aren't manipulating and outright faking the corona news 24/7. The mandatory vaccines are gonna come regardless just watch. They've already got plonkers like you convinced everyone not wearing a mask must do so for THE GREATER GOOD. They will have you going along with anything with the correct media campaign.

heres the digif you hear more then 3 coughersthen use your mask.but you don't need it if your not around people you don't know.also if you want a good mask only n95 worksbut don't use it all the time unless your bound to run into people you don't know.you do need some viruses in you to stay alive.but better than the mask is getting enough sun20~30 minsi think most you can manage that.don't be a pussy.

Attached: slide thread.jpg (474x832, 101.06K)

>>265090495because ive seen an influx of newfags this is necessary

Attached: thisisbait.jpg (625x626, 23.97K)

Everyone who wears the muzzle is a dysgenic beta facelet cuck or old (and naturally ugly) boomer who is glad to have an excuse to hide their face and also signal their subservience to groups which are actively destroying their lives and enslaving them They will be the first to eat the bugs and live in a pod too

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>>265099694all good points, but masks do work and actually reduce viral spread which undermines the vaccine push when it comes

>>265099694this is a good point too.watch for the mirco chips the cunts are trying to push this 100%

>>265099818go drink your glass of urine, 2016 meme

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>>265089798I'm not even scared of kung flu I'm just so NEET and autist I like hiding my pathetic face.

>>265100041No, the masks prep the public mindset that those who don't take preventative measures are a danger and should be treated as a leper. First it's masks, then it will be the vaccine. Easy step. You won't even be able to be employed if you don't take the vaccine, and the public will be well prepped to handle such a thing, where as years ago it would be absurd. This prep is helped along by the psychological warfare of mask pro people and con.

>>265100041No no, masks are bad. "emergency' vaccines are good! Who cares if it's conveniently timed around the election to build support for retard-in-chief. Just re-elect, take the shot and show your face. It's the only way we'll stop white genocide don't you know?


>>265092050>likes full face hijabFlag checks out.

>>265089798No thank you

>>265093014Aren't you that genetically fucked up german with a similarly fucked up girlfriend, always kvetching because you know you should have not survived early childhood with your deformities?End yourelf already, Abschaum.

>>265099715agree with most of thishowever even people you know are a risk if they keep mingling with random strangersyou can catch corona even if you meet just one infected, so just use a mask in public, especially indoors where ventilation is poor and lots of people have been coofingyou're not going to be able to tell them to wait for you to put the mask on after they've sneezed or coughed on youvitamin d and other nutrition works to prevent the virus taking root even if you do get itsurgical masks are not totally uselesssmartairfilters.com/en/blog/n95-mask-surgical-prevent-transmission-coronavirus/?rel=1in theory, n95s can prevent you catching itin theory, surgical masks can prevent you infecting othersin practice, it's a bit mixed, but they both help and are better than nothingand beware of fakes

>>265095525Winner winner chicken tendies

>>265090988I want to spread it though?

>>265100474its bullshit brah. if it don't come from a real doctor you shouldn't give a shit.fauci is a china shill and an occultistwrong person to get the "truth" from.he's saying that because they don't want to tell you about them putting old people in with covid paients in nursing homes to kill more old peoplebtw the marks are not working because 5G is ging you rad poisoning at the same timetop kek i told you never to trust a sat*nist.thank goodness i'm a educated rural bumkin.city slickers btfo

>>265089798Will it kill you if you do?

>>265091989So obviously the ONLY solution is to get in the bubble and masks are half measures of people without the strength of conviction to save lives.

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>>265092265>mask wearer calling other half measures selfishBubble up or shut up.

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>>265102500>>265102601lmao, that's actually pretty cool to be honestI always wanted to be an astronaut

>>265099185How is not infecting people to reach herd immunity going to prevent us from needing a vaccine?Why can all the maskcucks not stay on message, which is that onviously the only solution is the bubble?

>>265089798What virus? Show me evidence, that there is corona virus? How you identify corona virus? Does corona virus have jew sign on it? Can you see corona virus with electronic microscope? If it is that small, how does your mask “protects” you? The Empirical evidence, also known as sensory experience, is the knowledge received by means of the senses, particularly by observation and experimentation.Can you provide evidence of suggested to imagine corona virus, to the judge in the court? Your decisions to restrict peoples activities, caused harm, that you need to restore, compensate peoples loses. Court will be Popular Peoples Congresses as a highest democratic institution, that legally exist by the Rule of the People – that what Greek word ’democracy’ means. Local people gather together in a circle of equals, to share vital information, in order to serve life.Every single person, who have participated in a criminal swindle corona, will be hunted down and pay for harm done to society. youtu.be/URIy1DNO8DI

Attached: Screenshot from 2020-05-17 14-03-00nurseRatshed.png (610x458, 389.98K)

>>265102840you can't get herd immunity if the antibodies only last 2-6 months

desu I only wear a mask because work requires me to. Always throw it off the second I step out of the building. I have a reusable one that I keep in the glove box in case I need to grab something from a store, because I live in an upper-middle class suburb filled with maskcucks and Karens. Masks don’t work and corona is a massive fucking psyop, but social/employer pressure is a hell of a motivator.

>>265089940Corona is a smart virus.It spreads at Trump rallies but BLM protesters are in it's do_not_infect.txt list

>>265089798I'll wear a mask until niggers stop stinking in public.

Just think if you took the virus seriously the first time during the winter none of this would have happened.Hardly anyone in Canada wears masks and our entire countries daily case count is a fraction of that of a single US state lmao

>>265094657Trust your lying ass government, you fucking slave. Typical submissive, effeminate bitch that believe everything the higher ups tell him.

>>265103234Then what's the point pf waiting for a vaccine if herd immunity is impossible?Just get in the bubble and start taking it as seriously as you say.

>>265103983im not advocating for a vaccineim advocating for it to burn out like the 1918 pandemic, and we can do it sooner with masks, hygiene, testing and targeted lockdowns for certain areas, but you don't wanna

>>265105139The 1918 wasn't politicized though. This virus is.Goodbye boomers.