Hitler's involvement in the Holocaust

Adolf Hitler made it apparent on numerous occassion he was fine with the destruction of the Jews.From Goebells Diary> Führer once again expressed his determination to clean up the Jews in Europe pitilessly. There must be no squeamish sentimentalism about it. The Jews have deserved the catastrophe that has now overtaken them. Their destruction will go hand in hand with the destruction of our enemies. We must hasten this process with cold ruthlessness.One of his own speeches on Nov 8, 1942>will not be the extermination of the European races, but the extermination of Jewry in Europe. People always laughed about me as a prophet. Of those who laughed then, countless numbers no longer laugh todayHis endgame always seemed to be the destruction of the Jews so why deny his involvement, approval and the methods used?

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I have more evidence if anyone wishes to debate this


>>265089689Take your meds, shizo

>>265089689Holocaust never happened. Auschwitz was a leisure centre with pools and a brothel. The fence was to keep people from coming in. Hitler did nothing wrong. Invading Poland, USSR, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands and belgium and killing millions of whites was absolutely the right thing to do.

>>265092255Your the schizo who can't refute anything.>>265092289But it did and evidence proves it

>>265089689November 8th, 1942Here's the full quote:"Another power, too, which was very strong in Germany has meanwhile been able to learn from experience that the National Socialist prophecies are no mere phrases; it is the main power to which we owe all this misfortune-international Jewry. You will recall the Reichstag session at which I declared: "If Judaism imagines by any chance that it can bring about an international world war for the extermination of the European races, the result will not be the extermination of the European races, but the extermination of the Jews in Europe.They have always derided me as a prophet. Today countless numbers of those who laughed at that time, laugh no longer. Those who are still laughing now, also will perhaps laugh no longer after a while . . . will spread beyond Europe and over the whole world. International Jewry will be recognized in all its demoniac peril. We National Socialists will see to that. This peril is recognized in Europe, and country after country is adopting our legislation. Thus today we see in this vast struggle only one single possibility; it is that of complete success, and there now remains only the question of whether there are any reasons at all to doubt this success."It is nothing about systematically genociding Jews but getting them out of Europe. Nice try with your strategic snipping.

>>265089689Neither of these quotes proves a systematic extermination or the Jews. Though I will welcome the rest of your evidence. >>265092255Checked

>>265089689Annihilation does not mean direct extermination. When the United said they wanted to annihilate communism they did not mean they wanted to execute every communist .

>>265092575He viewed them as the eternal enemy and clearly desired their extermination as he perperuated the conflict.>>265092603But it outlines Hitler's desire to destroy the Jewish People

>>265089689i think we can all agree that even if the holocaust didn't happen it should've, the fewer the jews the better

“Jewry” is rarely meant as “every living Jew in a geographical area.” “Exterminating jewry” means cleansing every institution in your national borders of pro-jewish (identical in meaning to anti-native goyim, in this case anti-german) actors. Usury, sexual degeneracy, and every other tangible thing that wrecked Germany post-WWI was proliferated by Jews with the motivation of fulfilling economically and socially marxist ends, those ideologies being invented and pracitced primarily by jews wherever they (jews themselves or those ideologies) exist. The most logical way to do this is mass deportation, which is clearly what the NSDAP intended to do when you take an honest look at the layout of railroads and the design of the labor camps in the reich. Did it involve a decent amount of jewish death? Certainly, but you’re smoking crack if you think Hitler or anyone else was just stroking their dick at 3am thinking about throwing jewish babies in open fires in death camps full of movie theaters and wooden doors.

>>265092764"exterminate from Europe" yea like ship them off to the swamps of Russia or Madagascar, not use Zyklon B in gas chambers disguised as shower rooms.

>>265092773Nothing good about the deaths of millions of innocent men, women and children.

>>265089689woah i guess this proves 6 million jews were killed. case closed boys

>>265092910Hitler did plan and for a time period was making population exchanges but even he knew this was impractical and wouldn't work out hence him being alright with his subordinates orchestrating it.

>>265092764You are working backwards from your own personal conclusion of what you want it to mean rather than accepting the statements at face value.

>>265092603>Barrack Obama announces his intention to liquidate all white Americans>Has the means to do so>Numerous people testify to their participation in and victimization by this liquidation>Blacks deny such statements and testimony constitute proof of anything decades after the fact but also emphasize that they wish that it had happenedThis is what you sound like user.

>>265093078He desired their destruction, even if we exclude that speech the other quotes demonstrate it.Extermination, destruction etc doesn't mean pat them on back and send them on their merry way, it means killing them.

>>265093084Why would you expel people that you intend to genocide? Why all the false stories of Jews as lampshades and soap? Why are all the witness testimonies second or third level hearsay? There are no first hand accounts of any gas chambers or systematic killings. Why is there no Zyklon staining in the so-called “gas chambers” in auschwitz? Where is the evidence of the killings at Treblinka? Why did the Worlds Jewish population go up rather than down after this genocide of 6 million people? Why do the census records not show this change? Really gets the noggin joggin

>>265093262“Extermination” is really the most crude and shocking way to translate from the German. And even if you accepted the word “extermination,” it really means the destruction of international Jewry and a loosening of their vicegrip on Europe.

>You can't quote Hitler and his party officials because they were tortured. >Here look at all the info graphs and memes I downloaded from storm front that prove holocaust is fake>Using blatant photoshopped WW2 pictures and fake quotes The state of pol, wtf happened? Why did all the neo nazis migrate to this board and why did they subvert this place so quickly? Some of you neo fascists make me blush in shame, this level of subversion is praiseworthy.

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>>265092877Is the phrase exterminating Jewry comparable to the phrase exterminating Christianity then?

>>265089689Great points. Hyperbolic political speech did not exist in the early to mid 20th century.

>>265093620Again it wasn't working out and manybwere still present also what? While the soap thing wasn't done in mass there was a few incidents of it occurint and there's plenty of evidence of them getting gased and burned hence the widespread academic consensus.>>265094805Unironically this. Before you know it they'll use the redcross numbers


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>>265094805>you’re an ebil neon yahtzee if you question the holohoax What do you think of David Cole’s documentary then? He’s a Jew himself. In fact, not only have some Jews recognized that something is wrong, but prominent historians, experts on execution, and scientists have uncovered the lie.You want to believe it so badly. You *need* to believe it.

>>265092877Like ending "whiteness"?

>>265095142because you can't debunk jackshit

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>>265095285hitler is dead you fucking brainlet, hes not coming back, move on with your life.

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>>265095113>While the soap thing wasn't done in mass there was a few incidents of it occurintYou’ve lost all credibility. It didn’t happen. It’s a lie. > hence the widespread academic consensus.Appeal to authority I though we were going to debate the Shoah. What happened, Shlomo?

>>265092484Not 6mill

>>265095445He's dead but still revered on this board despite plunging Europe into WW2 which killed millions along with the deaths of millions of Jews.

>>265095185Yeah, because questioning the holocaust is the same as denying it happened. Some of you here even deny physical evidence. How many on pol deny that mass graves exist? How many times was this debunked, but you still go muh wooden doors muh fake chimney muh fake gas chamber muh 6 gorilion. You are low IQ retards clinging to long debunked theories, and you dont care for the truth, you peddle these lies because you hate Jews. Its fine if you want to hate because you are a sheep that hates whoever your masters order you to hate, but why deny facts and spread disinformation just because it causes harm to your "enemy"?

I will say that I find it suspiscious that all the so called "death camps" were behind the iron curtain, where only the communists were allowed to document it, and so we are basically taking the word of an oppressive totalitarian government about the activities of their most hated enemy.The "death camps" in West Germany were all investigated by the Western allies, and determined to be mere concentration camps.The amount of lies by self professed holocaust survivors is rather suspiscious too.The reparations taken from the German people, and paid to all ww2 era European Jewish families to this day is enraging to me, and gives a nice incenntive to every one of these people to keep the lie going.Can you give me any evidence that it did happen?

>>265095490 Zyklon B was used for killing Jews.fcit.usf.edu/holocaust/resource/document/DocAusc2.htmThis is a bill by Desgesch for Zyklon B used at the camps, giving warnings that even a smell could be lethal.m.imgur.com/N4SBq6WThe millions of deaths are also attributed by the Korherr Report, Einsatzgruppen Operational Situation Reports and Höfle Telegram.

>>265095740Incorrect. Questioning some 'official' accounts of the Holocaust and outright denying anything happened at all are not even close to the same. But you'd have to be more than a low IQ retard to get that, I guess.

>>265095740You are the one that ignores inconvenient truths that do not fit the narrative you want to believe so badly. If the evidence was presented in a genuine court of law, do you think it would be sufficient to make a conviction? Hell no. Ultimately, one simple fact alone is enough for me, and that is the world Jewish population. How is it that a people supposedly genocided on a mass scale came out with greater population numbers and even more power and influence than before this event? And just so you know, you aren’t my enemy. I have no altering motive. I just don’t buy the lie.

>>265095577nobody cares about hitler except for the jewsbut why they care about this man so much?the answer is simple, to hide their crimes.people cant know about Genrikh Yagoda and the jewish bolshevik genocides if we flood the media with Adolf Hitler, can they?

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>>265089689There are declassified intelligence reports from the CIA over at infinity pol that list every camp as a labor camp.

>>265096409Holmodor and atrocities commited by others against Palestinians doesn't negate those of the Holocaust or make it just to genocide countless innocents.

>>265095998>testimonies under duress Into the trash it goes. You realize that all credibility goes out the window when they unironically got them to testify that they made soap out of the poor Jews. This was later debunked but was admitted as evidence at the trials - trials that condemned men to die. As for the second link, what is that supposed to prove? That they bought zyklon b? No shit. It was the foremost effective delousing chemical. The delousing chamber at auschwitz shows the expected blue staining from this chemical. The “gas chamber” unfortunately does not.

I used to deny the holocaust based on the notion that europeans couldn't be so cold-hearted as to do what jews claimed they did. But with every passing day I find my empathy eroded further by kikes. Now I absolutely believe some germans could have been fed up enough to invent electrified killing floors and masturbation machines that jerked you to death, and I find myself fantasizing about the kinds of things I could invent to painfully slaughter kikes if I were given government funding to do so. If the holocaust happened, they deserved it. If it didn't happen, it should have.

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>>265096575Jews were never innocent

>>265096317easy! Christian values make people more open hearted to the "beaten and downtrodden", After WWII regardless of holocaust or just mass imprisonment, the jews had permanent victim status. "I want to be the CEO of your bank", "No" said the current CEO. "Its because im Jewish, and your an anti semite!" Cucked christian white knigness mode activated "anti-semite, anti-semite"The whole bible goes on and on about not being skeptical, loving strangers, blindly obeying!

>>265096575world leaders are bad people, welcome to reality.

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>>265089689Jesus I never thought I'd seen an AU Holla Forumsster being so based.Personally I don't know why people have such a weird hate boner for the Jews and still want to say Hitler didn't share in this.

>>265089689No one denies it. They celebrate it. Holocaust deniers are controlled opposition.

>>265089689One option hes basedOther option he's even more based.Next thread.

>>265097331>Holocaust deniers are controlled oppositionkys shareblue tranny

>>265097097the people are always innocentworld leaders and the elites are guilty of every mass murder in history

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>>265096680Proves it was a dangerous chemical. Also testimonies proved that said chemical was used to murder them in mass.

>>265094805Does anyone have the link to the greasemonkey script that hides all the kikeflags? They’re so ugly even in the way they type.

>>265097506Jews? More like bad news.

>>265095577>despite plunging Europe into WW2 which killed millions along with the deaths of millions of Jews.Hitler tried to make peace, he definetly shares some guilt for the war, but "he caused the war" implies he is solely responsible for the conflict wich is just a narrative, and only brainlets believe in narratives.

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Aerial photography of the camps showed that there were no chimney stacks, which are needed to safely exhaust deadly gas.

>>265096680So a bunch of people trapped in a prison camp were told by their captors that their soap was made out of Jews and they believed and testified to that effect. Later the truth came out that this was a lie. How does that prove the holocaust wasn't real again?


>>265098207>ignoring the rearmament and reconstruction of the German Warmachine for warHe exagerrared the massacres in Poland and the Nazi Regime used it as justification for their invasion of Poland.

>>265095285yeah, and those buildings arent there today? moron

>>265099839Say Holla Forums, do you know about the time when communists jews in Germany started a massive civil war?Oh, you don't ?Well it happened in 1918 and lasted nearly a year. Communist jews and an army of 2 million strong attempted to establish a communist nation in Germany shortly after the conclusion of WW1. Countless German lives were lost because of the jewish war machine. Picture related, it is the kinda weaponry the jews had at their disposal.Now you understand why jews were treated the way they were in Nazi Germany? They had to be controlled or they would start ANOTHER civil war and kill millions of innocent German citizens.The more you know!infogalactic.com/info/German_Revolution_of_1918-19https://infogalactic.com/info/Paul_Levihttps://infogalactic.com/info/Eugen_Levinehttps://infogalactic.com/info/Rosa_Luxemburg

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Hitler's War - What the Historians Neglect to Mentionhooktube.com/watch?v=7mA0kk29DBABloody Sunday 1939Murder of hundreds of Ethnic Germans in Polanden.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bloody_Sunday_(1939)--------------------------------------------------The Polish CorridorNo free movement within Poland of Germansen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish_Corridor--------------------------------------------------German Revolution of 1918en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_Revolution_of_1918------------------------------------------------------Murder of Ernst vom Rath by a Jewish manen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernst_vom_RathGermany used the incident to publicize that the Jews had "fired the first shot" in a war on Germany; in his funeral oration, Joachim von Ribbentrop declared, "We understand the challenge, and we accept it."---------------------------------------------------Zionism versus Bolshevism - Winston Churchhillen.wikisource.org/wiki/Zionism_versus_Bolshevism

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>>265101475First link doesn't work. Isn't that the name of the book from the Holocaust Denier Irving?


>>265102258Isn't that the doco that states minorities benefit from economic recoverey? While also ignoring how the Nazi's rigged votes?

>>265089689You know he's was right don't you? I myself would like to see the destruction of the jew. They're a shitty people. You know they suck mutilated baby dicks?

>>265105448Nah because wishing the death of numerous innocents is not just