Eastern Europeans

What makes you stay? Why don't you move to developed and civilized countries like Canada or Switzerland?

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>>265088684Are you nuts! Eastern Europe sounds great to live, the USA and Canada and west Europe suck!

i'd rather be poor than live with niggers

>>26508899290% of the Americans on this board are terminally fucking retarded.

>>265088684better than living with globohomo and niggers

>>265089029This money isn't every thing.

>>265088684I'd like to visit Romania again.Pretty sure I left several wallets there.

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>>265089125It’s honestly so true

Kazakhstan is a shithole country full of churkas and pigs.

>>265088684Have you been watching the news lately?We're about to become the new hip migration destnation of white flight.

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05:40 >youtu.be/kq6hv3OCdWM

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>>265088684You fucking blind, the west is on fire. You’re taking your peace and quiet for granted

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>>265089125yes I like being a debt slave to a country that hates me, and where people are poor but they rent every thing they have, yes I'm a retard!

>>265089450Visegrad is looking pretty nice at this point desu.

>>265088684Switzerland? hahahahahahahaha

>>265089125If you think the west isn’t a decaying like of crap at this point you’re terminally retarded.

>>265088684Because my life in Moscow is very decent and it will be significant downgrade to move elsewhere. And since most of the Western countries decided to kys, East Asia is the only option.

>>265089389Well, why don't you move to Germany if it's such a shithole? Why do eastern europeans stay? Truth is only scum, criminals and unskilled/uneducated left the East.

>>265089541It is. I live here.

>>265088684I moved to the US from Belarus almost 7 years ago.Now I honestly want to go back. Will hate to live under current dictatorship, so probably going to apply myself in politics again and use new political experience I've managed to acquire here.Would be better to build an ethnostate in the US, but I see it far less realistic at this point.

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>>265089541Belarus, Ukraine or the Caucuses are even better. The exchange rate of your money is worth way better there.They don't speak english though. I guess that makes us better.


>>265088684The grass is always greener on the other side. there's nothing wrong with your country, don't be a fucking faggot. if you lived in Canada you would think this place is a fucking shithole, like i docanada fucking sucks bro. you want to be surrounded by pajeets and chinks? yeah go right on ahead and move right in

>>265089735Magyar vagy? Jó itt látni!

>Be leaf>Permanently relocating to BudapestFuck Canada. My girl and I are getting a place near downtown. Can't fucking wait.

>>265088684I believe that the country can get better and even if i don't make the difference i want to be here when it happens

>>265088684>Canada>civilizedDobra šala, maybe 20 years ago. All the niggers that are being flooded in here has made our unemployment 7% with only literal shithole places like Estonia and Venezuela worse. Move to america or uk and be white trash with everything being way cheaper and unemployement at 3%.

>>265089977I should add that life in Canada is comfy but everyone here is completely insane. It is sad what happened to this country. A disgrace.

>>265089842Relax, nobody wants to move there except the low-life kind of people. Besides, I'm an EU citizen. I could book a ticket right now and fuck off to WE. Just challenging some claims that EE isn't 'quite Europe', not quite there, where in fact the gap between West and East is not only economic, but culturally too.

>>265089886Igen. Próbálom azért másfelé terelni az ameri-kocsokat, de hogyha ide akarnak jönni, az sem lenne olyan nagy baj.

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>>265088684Switzerland is bas-

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>>265089735I studied Russian and the non-mutt half of my family's from a Polish ghetto, so if things continue to slide my plan's to emigrate back after I get my degree and language won't be a huge problem. Not too sure about the future of the Ukraine, especially if the west collapses, though.

>>265088684because i love me country simple as

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Because its my shithole

>>265089691lol. If you're not larping, you kinda felt for the memes my dude. Besides, Belarus is an ethnostate already with their own way of life. Doubt an american could make a positive contribution.

>>265090361>>265089691>>265090044Slavs are not white. You have to go back.

>>265088684A Russian Empire. I am not even kidding, i am an unabashed imperialist and my dream is for an eastern european empire, does not even matter which country,but Russia has the best chance so lets go with Russia i guess.Everything would be better with imperialism>stylish flags>serious literature>forced marriages and arranged marriages for dem soldier cattle boyos>weapons research>tank parades>soldier parades>shit-flinging other nations>pure chauvinismall this "democracy" shit is FAKE AND GAY! we need an emperor or a tzar that can openly genocide, ethnically cleanse, rule without compassion and everything will be perfect.>inb4 thats wrongdont hear about privilege in tzarist russia or sovietland. hell, i would serve poles if it meant SOMETHING historical happening here.


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>>265090678Correct i'm a white nigger of europe now fuck off kike

>>265089526>>265089581>muh fricken baste russia!You guys should be institutionalized.

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>>265090678>memeflagFuck off nigger.

>Пpивит мyдaки!As some people pointed out, better to be dirtpoor than dealing with your daily bullshit.

>>265090612What memes are you talking about? I was born and raised in Belarus and moved to the US just as a new life experience.Belarus is an ethnostate, but what's a point of it under tyranny of a single man?I want the ethnostate in America and to help building bright future for all whites. What would you know about it

>>265088684I love my country and I make enough money to have a comfy life here. Besides only low life people leave to live in the west because they don't realize that to better their country they have to stay home

>>265090790holy fuck i'm in love with eastern europe already

>>265091030You need to get off 4chan, you're too stupid to use this site. You'll never be belarusian.

>>265090972>>265090936Slavs ARE NOT WHITE, otherwise your countries wouldn't be commieblock favelas populated by pale monkeys.The only Slavs that shouldn't be genocided are Czechs, they know and accept their place as German serfs.

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>>265088684>thinking Switzerland is civilizedAnon, I...

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>>265088684Because for 1000€ per month I live like a king here. Granted I have no car, or gf. I mean I just bought myself a whole new bedroom that cost 600€ and I still have almost half of my paycheck left.

>>265090994this merda is right

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>>265090855>posts a fat, washed out FAILURE that failed everything, ever, but he looked "cool" doing itthis is the leader of serbian nationalists lol. we deserved to lose kosovo>omg i am gonna sell my house and move to belgrade>omg i will just hire albanians to mow my lawn, "work ethic", literally yugoslav boomer tier>omg why are they everywhere!kek, you cattle need to be forced to breed or you go muh human rigts violashuns :(((

>>265091207Mouthbreather, can you read? We don't give a shit. Now fuck off.

>>265091181Not an argument

>>265091384you still need to kys

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>>265091392I wasn't even aware that Russian monkeys had access to internet nowadays.Jump out of the commie block, Ivan.

>>265091207GOOD. None of that weak shit anyway. Forced marriages between peasants solves all of our problems, make locals have arranged marriages between families and done. Ban all contraceptives, execution for abortions, both for doctors and women that want it, only voting allowed is local voting on village and small town level, everything above is literally decided by the ruler.we should bring back class differences too, give proles rights to be violent drunks >>265091541still lost the 90s wars boyo. it aint coming back. empire or peasanting this is our choice.

>>265091659Fuck off with your memeflag retard

The only place I would move to is Texas, for the weather and the gun laws.But you dont give visa to a white christian experienced engineer, you only let uneducated lowlives chinks niggers and goatfuckers to migrate.

>>265091659This is golden coming from a memeflaggot.

>>265088684Even without the anime girl, those residential blocks are A E S T H E T I C.

>>265088684Cheap and organic food, real culture, peace, no gays, no blacks. That's all is pretty much non existent in the west, that's why I stay.

>>265091807> I would move to is Texas

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>>265091807Cyмнo, дyшe cyмнo.But well, such is life in west.

>>265091846I know right? It's a abysmal difference from the graffitied and torn down blocks ridden with urban apes.

>>265091761>>265091814Nice VPN, Alyosha.

>>265091207>You're not white, because, uh, you got occupied by soviets! Yeah, that's right!The absolute state of memeflag kikes.

>>265092188Suck my aerodinamic dick flaggot.

>no welfare>has already survived diet off-brand collapse of society>nothing of note to loot or pillageEastern Europe will survive the fall of Western Civilization.

>>265092323Keep thinking that and please stay where you are!Thanks.

>>265090678>>265091207>>265091659>>265092188You have to go back to Israel.Surrounded by angry Muslims.You made your bed, now lie in it.Do the world a favour and vanish off the face of the planet.

>>265090384This. Also my response

>>265088684No niggers, peacful and calm city, i can go out at night anywhere and not get in trouble, no niggers, no shitskins, no chinks, never in my life heared term "race" used outside of biology class, all white, can make racist jokes all day, boss makes racist jokes all day, no niggers, people are mostly friendly even in my country where half of the population are Russians and other half is Latvians, police wont shoot you.

>>265088684I lived in West Europe for 10 years. Worked a easy well payed job. Slowly things got darker and darker. I prefer making 700 euros per month in a majority white society rather than making 1800 euros per month in Germanistan.

>>265092911>things got darker and darkerracist. there is nothing wrong with being a gypsy. serbia is an enlightened society and has understood it needs to uplift all gypsies.So it uplifted them all. To Western Europe lol. You should try it

>>265092690Go back to your shithole, mongoloid.>>265092811Latvia is full of Russian animals. They're worse than niggers though.

>>265088992>move to shit tier countriesYes, of course! Let’s move to Bulgaria! Or maybe Moldova? Even Albania maybe?

>>265093354Lol, a lot of peace corps retards didn't go back to USA after serving in Moldova.> No spics> No blacks> Cheap good food> Cheap good booze

>>265093232>They're worse than niggers though.its impossible to be worse than niggers, atleast show criminal stats and IQ map to back up that statement, you can't nigger

>>265093232Go back to your shithole and drop dead, kike.

>>265093699Whatever you say, town rapist. Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. Literally Africa-tier.

>>265093171>serbia is an enlightened society and has understood it needs to uplift all gypsies.Jew detected. I actually spent 6 months in Serbia. My serbian brothers are the most based Europeans. They have deep hatred for gypsies, turks, arabs and blacks.

>>265093955They also hate westerners.

>>265093955>My serbian brothers are the most based Europeans. They have deep hatred for gypsies, turks, arabs and blacks.Why can I hear accordion music in a low-res video while reading your post?

>>265088684people who glorify slavnigger countries have never been there. Outside of kitschy tourist centers, the other areas of town are dilapidated and falling apart

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>>265093829Moldova is not really that bad. Compared to the U.S it's S tier.>t.wallachian hereAlso memeflag

>>265088684>civilized countries>Canada

>>265093818Russian diaspora detected. Don't reply to me, subhuman.

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>>265088684My country is the only country where i would live and die.

>>265094342>no proofscope nigger


>>265090384>disney princelol

>>265091719>give proles rights to be violent drunksThis let them do with the left over foreigners whatever they please and dont (((reeducate))) them. Proles are the leucocytes of a folkish society

>>265088684Switzerland is my guy , probably filled with Jews but at this point which place isn’t , atleast they are cool with guns and have beautiful mountains.Canada on the other hand is becoming a authoritarian semen drinking piece of shit.

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>>265091207Russians are officially victims of Western supremacy since 1917 and POC as well


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>>265088684I don't love money unlike the slaves that leave the country.That's why

>>265089125not only is it all the shitskins like you see in the Holla Forums meetups but I'm pretty sure americans really do just lack tact and basic common sense

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>>265090790Be eastern jewropeenHave less power and force than literal pajeetsJust kilme

>>265094826>Switzerland is my guy , probably filled with Jews but at this point which place isn’tUm, I can name one country with few Jews. When I visit Zurich, I see lots of Jews there, out on the streets, dressed in black, with the little hats and the long uncut hair on either side of their faces. Compare that to Munich where I have yet to see one, ever.

I work as a software dev for a German company. I get above avarage german salary and live like a king here. I have lived for 3 years in Berlin and honestly I like Sofia better. I can move to the west again, but this will only increase my (((numbers))) and not my quality of life.

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>>265088684I earn enough to satisfy my basic needs and save some for rougher times. Besides I doubt I'd earn enough to buy a small patch of land near a lake for a summer getaway in fucking Canada or Switzerland, and I already have that here.

Because living in EE is not much worse thsn living in Switzerlsnd or Canada nowadaysIt s not 80s or 90s anymore, common.

>>265089029> hides his flag for writing this.You’re actually living with niggers, don’t you?

>>265088684Canada is a joke. Switzerland is too difficult to immigrate to, I only know oligarchs going there.When I was younger I actually dreamed about moving to Western Europe or some anglo country. But now I'm actually fine where I am. If you only you western scum didn't interfere here, it would be just perfect.

I'd just like to live somewhere where it's ok for me to have racial preferences and support racial interests openly.

>>265088684man why you buy honda civic?? just buy ferrari 488 speciale~ its more civilised vehicle overall.

>>265091207>YOU ARE NOT WHITE>memeflagWHO COULD IT BE?

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>>265088992Retard. >>265088684The ones that stay have economically viable jobs/estates or are too down on their luck to move.I'm returning to Croatia in 2-5 years.Bought an estate with grazing grounds so I can keep cattle and set up a local meat industry.

>>265088684We don't need to consume every product we see to be happy. We just want to have peace.

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Develop your own country instead of leeching on others.

>>265091207German kike detected.

>>265096732Imagine cleaning toilet for 5 years in a foreign country as a second class citizen. :/

>>265096592an american

>>265089125I've lived in Eastern Europe. It is better than America.

>>265088684We have enough human garbage already sorry

>>265097102They fucking squat and get numb by alcohol and smoke by default.

>>265097090Not really. Doing a factory job and getting an education in trades. +I'm not even 30 and already a landowner.


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>>265090044hey nigger i hope you die a painful deathBest regards,Estonia


>>265094342Damn bro, you're phoneposting and being a greasy ballsack of a kike. Never grow old.

>>265088684In other countries I'm a worthless slav slave treated like cheap workforce import nigger.In my country I'm worthless slav slave treated like cheap workforce but I'm least not a nigger or near them.

Can I get a call-girl to my hotel in Belgrade, or is Serbia a pussy desert like Croatia? Traveling there next week.

>>265097273>+I'm not even 30 and already a landowner.Age not important. You could have got a degree in farming in Croatia, access some EU funds or get some other way of funding to buy a piece of land instead of throwing life away wageslaving 5 years for germans. Just my 2 cents.

>>265097090Isn't this what all the westerners want?How many times have I read that boomers could buy a house with one factory salary back then?You can now do this as eastern european. Go west, work simple job for 5 years and you can start your family back home with dignity and not owing everything you have to the jews.How is it bad? Have fun paying rent to 'landlords' for the rest of your life I guess.

>>265090790Bring back royalist Yugo under Serbian royalty am i right? We just need a new Draza

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>>265090044>Estonia>shitholeYou’ve clearly never been there. Would much rather live in Estonia than in Canadat. Canadian

Why would I want to live with niggers and sand niggers?

>>265097857I bought myself a house and car working on construction in Finland for 4 years - 0 debt

I live in the most northwestern part of this shithole, and after experiencing life and how people are in both Germany and Sweden it's a pain to live with the other slav subhumans

>>265097912Forgot the VPN, Vlad?

>>265088684Honestly niggers

>>265088684>Why don't you move to developed and civilized countries like Canada or Switzerland?

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>>265088684>move to developed and civilized countriesOnly the people with a drive to achieve are ever going to consider moving. But if they all move away out of the selfish desire to live easier lives, how will their countries ever develop?>What makes you stay?A sense of belonging to my country and duty to my ancestors. Besides, what gives anyone the right to go to a different, already "built up" country and profit from the work of its people? It's the natives and their ancestors who worked, generation after generation, to develop the nation.

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Niggers and overall faggotry.

>>265098500One of the best answers in this thread.

People always post these pictures from winter, pic related is view out of my window now

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>>265098886What a shithole. Jump out of the window, please.

>>265098886Depressing as fuck imo, commie blocks all around.

>>265088684Why should we?First, living in the Eastern Europe is not much worse than living in the West nowadays. It's no Warsaw pact times or 90s anymore.We are driving the same cars, wearing the same clothes brands, having same furniture from IKEA, attending same McDonalds and Starbucks etc. (only if you are not talking about total shitholes as Ukraine). Yes, they change car once in two years instead of five and having holidays abroad 2-3 times a year than 1. But is it worth to leave everything you have here and move to another foreign country without any guarantees?Second, some things are worse there. There is more possibilities for you to be robbed in Paris and Berlin than in Warsaw or Moscow. There are higher taxes. There are more governmental regulations (if all laws of USA could be stored in a one room, laws of Austria occupy place in a whole house - (c).Third, money, For moving as a White man you need some money for nostrification your diplomas and licenses, money for a proper home and money while you are job searching. Not many people in Eastern Europe have them, and even if have - it is risky, because you can lose and lose everything. Moving as an Illegal and living as niggers and arabs? No thanks.Fourth, West in a fire nowadays. Elites are confronting each other and use common people is their tool (be it SJWs or Trumptards). USA is even falling to second Civil war (hope it won't be nuclear). You don't want to move in a warring country or county with a internal strife. So I don't see a proper reason to leave my comfy shithole and move to Western Europe

>>265098558What are you doing in Russia, faggot? Go to Estonia.

>Canadathose guys have the same issues as my own country.I was looking into Asia personally, I'd rather be a second grade citizen in some other nation than being a "first" grade citizen in a nation that just seeks to use me to import niggers.

>>265088684I've been to both, they're nice to visit every once in a while but I wouldn't want to live permanently in either.

>>265099048I disagree, i grew up in a big house with a garden, and been moving around a lot the last seven years, and among all different types of housing commie blocks are second best, nit as good as a house but peek comfy

>>265088684It makes sense to move only for people who'd have blue-collar jobs there.

>>265090361why the fuck are white women attention whores?

>>265098962Nikita, fuck off to 2ch already, you kike scum

>>265088684>What makes you stay?IT drone and computer junkie here.Food is great, Gigabit ethernet in large cities is chap, no jogger trouble though we have gipsies here that might stir similar shit down the line.EU is still pissed at us because we shown them the midle finger when they wanted to cram my country full of rapefugees.Could I earn more in 'more civilized western countries'? Sure, but IMHO it's not worth it.Though it's anecdotal evidence I have few acquaintances and one family member that left Germany and Austria, even if they had jobs there.

>>265090361>Every single sign is in English>N-no we're not just virtue signaling

>>265099838No idea what are you talking about, Ivan. Why should I go to Jap imageboard?

>>265100229>Jap imageboard?2ch != 2chan2ch is textboard

>>265088684What makes you stay? Because now I am at home, in my country, in my homeland, in my home, among my countrymen.I was in the west, but as a Slav you will never feel at home there, you will always be a strange

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>>265090420this,this this kurwathis this this 100%

>>265099136Keep seething and try to cope, my man

>>265088684Better being a big fish in a small pond than an average fish in a huge pond.

>>265088684If you run away from your problems then they will stay that way and nothing will change. I will rather try to change something then nothin. Plus I kinda like this shitholle becouse its mine shitholle.

>>265088684>Canada or Switzerland?Totalitarian shitholes, like the most of Western World

i dont wanna be a fuckin immigrant, especially in times like these.

>>265096132>You’re actually>don’t youتعليم مجانى ابن متناكة

>>265088684>What makes you stay? Why don't you move to developed and civilized countries like Canada or Switzerland?Why don't you you larping gypsy fuck?

Home is home. I like it here, I like speaking my langauge, I like living amongst my countrymen, I like our food. I like my comfy commieblock apartment. The only thing I dislike is gypsies, but doesn't make much sense changing them for niggers, basically same thing.All it comes down to is that I know it here, I'm content. Like a bed that you have slept in for your entire life and it copies the shape of your body, meanwhile other countries apart from Czechia feel like a new hard bed.I don't even like travelling to the west desu, everything is expensive, all those foreigners make me feel unwelcome, I just feel like I don't fit there whatsoever. It's soulless, like an NPC world.

>>265091896There are gays, but those are latent.In Moldova they are called "Pidari"

>>265088684Because it's safer than being killed by niggers in West.

>>265101122ThisWest is not the same as we knew it before.

>>265101880For all the reasons stated above.

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>>265097126>I've lived in Eastern Europe but I actually live in the US. It is better than America.

>>265097090>Imagine cleaning toilet for 5 years in a foreign country as a second class citizen. :/Somebody gets it.

>>265088684I can tell you why I do not consider to *move* to Western Europe.They are not as rich as it seems. In Germany, for example I have personally witnessed older people counting eurocents in Kaufland. Also, one of my German colleague (I work as cheap remote software developer), brang her own food with her when she was in a workshop in Switzerland, Zurich canton, despite earning 2 or more times than me. I have witnessed a piece of bread to be put in a freezer not to rot.But in Moldova I am considered above average with my salary, whether in Switzerland not even a schwarze-nigger would accept it for having such skills.

>>265091207all g*rmanoids need to be slaughtered

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>>265097273>+I'm not even 30 and already a landowner.>working since 18>paying the debt

>>265088992This /thread

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>>265089212This looks like Iasi region.A lot of Gypsies there, Romanians hate them.

>>265093171>cigani su dobriubi se

>>265098035Now you scrounge around in Estonia.

>>265088684Avoid gypsy areas like the plague and living here is good enough. Luckily gypsies self segregate themsleves into their little ghettoes, where they parasite off of the state and human residents. Sad but they aren’t spread everywhere like a pest infestation.

>>265089450What a shitty fucking language and the home of the performers in the western porn industry, overcrowded with gypoos.

>>265088684economy keeps getting better. If I have a business I'll be able to earn more by exporting shit to westerners than moving there and doing that business there.

>>265091219Well, I walked there on night without any fear. Locals do not give a fick about you if you do not create problems.

>>265102181I need more Codreanu memes

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>>265090363Don't most E Europe has a nasty weather, just find a nice Mediterranean spot like in Croatia or Greece.

>>265088684I love it here, after having experienced the magic of the Western world.Seriously, either you want to lose your sanity or work hard.

>>265102587I'd be interested to see this map accounting for immigration from either other European countries or from Neighbouring countries.

>>265089461Those buck teeth.

>>265088992Ofcourse its nice living here when your salary is tied to U.S. salary and not 3rd world country. Even the poorest American feels like a high class citizen. Retard.

>>265088684will do soon, fuck this place, fuck this people, fuck this geo location.

>>265091207It appears that Hitler missed this one’s grandparents back then. What a shame!

>>265089691>so probably going to apply myself in politics again and use new political experience I've managed to acquire here.

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>>265091207>memeflaggot >retardChecks out.

>>265099840Well Slovak,do you know how *expensive* is to live in Austria/Switzerland and major German cities?I am considered poorest country in Europe but I would not *move* there. For work, maybe if there would be great projects but not permanently.

>>265088684>Why don't you move to developed and civilized countries like Canada or Switzerland?Because I am not a leeching nigger begging whites to gib me gibz

>>265090136Are you sucking dicks for luxury soup yet?

>>265103098Moldova was never meant to exist in this form, but thanks to Russians it is

>>265089450Yes for sure everyone wants to move into your dirty corrupt shithole full of gypsies.

>>265103609Apparently there is a lot of peopleHow are the Commies there?

>>265102874Honestly I can’t disprove that

>>265103609Pekke, belive me I want to change that

>>265098886we need to post our comfy commieblocks view more often

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>>265088684I was in Georgia (not the US state, but the country) a year ago. It really isn't that bad. Actually almost everything is better over there. The reason I don't move to eastern europe is only because I can't speak the language. Otherwise I would move there in a heart beat. Taxes are lower aswell. Everything there is great.

Attached: 1592255103605.png (680x504, 361.55K)

>What makes you stay? Why don't you move to developed and civilized countries like Canada or Switzerland?because i'm too poor, i earn pennies at my job, i have low iq and i'll always be seen as that "crazy eastern european migrant" by foreigners, no matter how much i wanna leave, it feels like i'll stay here forever until i die

>>265103098Well, good luck.Just remember, there is not a paradise.Maybe some places with more opportunities for a poor man like you.

>>265088684Don't come here the west is on the verge of collapse.

>>265090384You will never have Yugoslavia, now describe the feel.

Attached: f84be3949963ebc7962e56d827ae100f.jpg (500x557, 28.92K)

>>265098886comfy>>265102874Agreed. We're terrible. You should definitely stay away.


Attached: na-paklon.jpg (4160x3120, 1.81M)

>>265103841Traitors should be encouraged to move.

>>265100713Same sentiment here. As long as you avoid major cities, land or flat is fairly cheap, many opportunities for enterpreneurial types. A few things to dislike is local political squabbles, a level of corruption and incompetence in public sector. Oh, and if you get few ethnic neighbors together, they probably have a grudge that is at least a century old, which is sad and hilarious at the same time

>>265103930>Agreed. We're terrible. You should definitely stay away.I see the game you play.

>>265103777those still look shitty

>>265103559Well, look at you :)And yes, somehow it happened that Russians removed kebabs in 1812 and it became a Russian province.Even a russian poet Pushkin was here. We still have his house as a museum.

>>265103559>RussiaIt is 100% commie shit

>>265097126>flagIt checks out.

Attached: Sam.jpg (360x450, 32.65K)

>>265103782The touristey areas of big cities all have more than enough english speakers. Go for a university city!

>>265093171Lmao all thse smooth brains that dont read posts to the end.

>>265089125you're the 10% of Americans on Holla Forums who are brain dead MIGA tards that think niggers and their coal burning slaves will suddenly give up their Marxist plot

>>265103969Nah the gyppos are actually terrible in fact they are literally the worts threat in this country

>>265104090Spelled fag wrong

>>265104042ofc you are slav in moldova, who would've guessed.

>>265088684Born in Moscow, spent 3 years working in Paris, came back because I like it here much more. Moving anywhere as a Russian is a pain in the ass though: all the migrant-happy countries set up ridiculously high barriers for legal migration from non-OECD.

>>265104141How come Hungary is such a champ at right wing politics but doesn't hammer down on the gypsies?

>>265088684i have little interests in money and i love it here

>>265088684Good life in a bad country > poor life in a good country

>>265104211>all the migrant-happy countries set up ridiculously high barriers for legal migration from non-OECD.If you're not a complete monkey nigger nonhuman you mean.

>>265104001True, view when i lived in Sochi was like 100x better

>>265088684where is place free from Jews?

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>>265104042Why don't you go to Romania it's like a few Km away.

>>265104249The reason is that anyone who isn’t a rapefugee lover and refuses that there are more than two genders is a right wing extremist nowadays

>>265088684Basically im neither poor enough nor rich enough to move. If i was rich id move to miami or something

>>265104347Yes the discrimination if you are real human is astounding desu.

>>265088684Because I don't want to be stabbed by nigger while faggots grooming my son.

>>265104307this. not having to worry about your kids being robbed for their shoes by a pack of niggers is PRICELESS. fuck the west, fuck amerikikes, and fuck (((cities)))

Attached: (((Americans))).jpg (1024x683, 110.66K)

>>265104141First gen white flight western migrants obviously won't move to the "cigánysor" in small villages. They'll barely even see them.>>265104249Gyppo votes are very cheap to buy and they are definitely selling their votes. It's a scam to keep them around basically.

>>265088684I may hate the dumb fucks inhabiting this country, but I still love her.

>>265089461Stop spamming this in every unrelated thread faggot.

>>265104476>Gyppo votes are very cheap to buy and they are definitely selling their votes. It's a scam to keep them around basically.Hitler would disagree.

>>265103425My cousin worked for Lenovo in Bonn so yes I do have some basic idea.She spent more than a decade there, so it wasn't some fast-in-fast-out when money run out case.My friend worked for Erste Bank in Vienna similar case, though he worked there even longer.Assuming you know the language and have some qualification for more than garbage disposal and toilet cleaning you can get by.But you'd still be an outsider.

>>265104488Just like I love your mother for only 2 US dollars.

>>265088684Why would I want to?Finding some opportunities to earn money there and stay at home sounds nice, but moving there? What for exactly?

>>265088684What's wrong with people creating these threads? Don't you guys have a concept of motherland? Don't flee your country, try to make it better instead. Not for the government but for your own people.

>>26510424997% of this place voted for Orban:youtube.com/watch?v=5X3hKKwArxs99% of this place voted for Orban:youtube.com/watch?v=atMMysP90KoThey know what's up and who's protecting them.

Attached: 1579561440547.png (620x466, 494.7K)

>>265088684>What makes you stay?Dude, living conditions in Eastern Europe are better than in many places in the world, not everyone can live in just one region of Western Europe.

>>265104476Listen here István if I see one gypsy begging for me on the street while going home, it ruins my whole day. Here in the capital they are begging everywhere and they stink.

>>265104642>Not for the government but for your own people.When 'their own people' are joggers screaming for gibs and wanting to kill them, not everyone wants to shed blood for motherland like that.

No, fuck off.

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>>265104381all commieblocs should be destroyded

>>265104642>What's wrong with people creating these threads?It's another one of those threads saying>you see Romania is not that bad, even though you know jack shit and never visited the doubt due to it means it's slightly better than everything you heardIt's like Romanians keep making threads about their country trying to promote it or something, it's really weird, they get buttmad if you post an article or something saying it's not that great.


>>265104592Thanks for taking them in. :3 Prepare for bigger incoming waves of mobsters and prostitutes since the """mafia""" culture won this country in the last 5 years to the point it became taboo to speak against it.

Attached: 1519751810875.png (813x616, 738.14K)

>>265104759really bad in Serbia and Croatia too, or at least they were 15 years ago. pro tip: your rental mercedes can be used to make them flee if they wont leave you alone at the food store. love mercedes: big, hard bumpers built for pushing gypos out of the way. kino.

>>265104538We're technically a democracy, so that's irrelevant.>>265104759>BudapestThere's your first problem.

Attached: 2019 budapest.jpg (1300x879, 309.46K)

>>265104845Oh yeah what a fucking improvement this is you brainlett

Attached: Novi-Beograd-smrdljive-zgra.jpg (800x465, 86.41K)

>>265104914and destroyded too

>>265104980>technically a democracy,Sounds like pussy talk bullshit.

>>265105045And this tooCommieblocks are cancer

>>265101966>It's soulless, like an NPC world.westners are pretty pretentious indeed.Knew a few guys from Czechia and they are really chill friendly dudes. As are Armenians.

>>265105132>memeflaggot advocates for blind and impractical naziismwowshocking

>>265105156thats not a commie block though those are modern balkan developments my friend.Very cheap only 1500 euros per square meter.

>>265105045looks comfy af

>>265105045>thinks i would replace them with equally disgusting buildings>b*lgrademonkeydonian faggot

>>265090790Based. Eastern Europe is far from perfect. But it's currently the best bastion for whites. I'd rather be there than where i am currently. Ethnic worship and getting taxed out my arse so migrants can be put in hotels until they go on a stabbing rampage. Or even worse, say something on social media about it and get the police at my door or fired.

>>265102587ours is just russians we refuse to integrate or give citizenship to

>>265104882First, we all know you are romanian diaspora. I'm sorry you've had to go trough hunger due to your parents' lack of qualification.2nd, I've made this thread not to promote Romania (it's not even about Romania), but >>265090217 -- for eastern nations to remember that diaspora is pure scum in 90% of the cases and to inflict anti-western, anti-diaspora sentiment in case of possible western flee.

>>265104980We should deport every single one of them to Sweden, get rid of their ctisenship, from taxpayers money. That would be the greatest act for the fatherland, dare I say almost as big if we reversed Trianon.

>>265103609Seethe Fingol. You'll be begging us to let you in soon

>>265105220What else is there other than blegrade in serbia?All you have other than that is gypsy villages.4 million people and 2 million live in belgrade lmao.

Wages are shit for low iq people ,but zero crime,no niggers,and renovated infrastructure from euro Bux ,makes it up ,we are whiter than Belgium and Dutch by seeing kindergarten demography,we are richer too,every 1/5 drives BMW,mercedes. Cars

>>265105393>we are richer too,every 1/5 drives BMW,mercedes.>thinks the cars emulates how wealthy the person isAbsolute brainlet.

>>265105317>2 million>belgrade1 million smrds live in that shithole it should be demolished along with kragujevac>All you have other than that is gypsy villages.tough words from a macedonian

>>265088684Meanwhile more and more westerns are contemplating moving to eastern Europe as most of the states there aren't multicultural hellholes.I wouldn't be opposed to moving to Hungary but I'm already fluent in Swedish and English and have studied German, Japanese and Spanish for at least a few years each, so I'm not really in the mood to learn yet another language at this point.

>>265105227heard lot of expats in bulgaria you could try there. maybe ukraine if you want to keep your initial investment low

>Hungarian president Viktor Orbán is warning of what he calls "liberal imperialism" by leftists in Western Europe and in America:>"I look at the countries of those who keep sending messages to us about how to live correctly, how to govern and operate a democracy well, and I don't know whether to laugh or cry."Orbán tells it how it is.V4 didn't import millions of rapefugees so we don't have to deal with muslim child rape gangs and jogger riots in the streets.Not saying we don't have a bunch of own problems, but wild joggers aren't one of them.

>>265093354Bulgaria is actually quite based. Not as based as Serbia but still pretty good. Full of gypsy slums, corruption and the mafia but still based because:-non woke-rather conservative-beautiful landscape-rich cultural heritage, architecture etc. -business friendly-old school women (high maintenance but feminine and servient)-great food>t. germanic german

Attached: Bulgaria.jpg (990x556, 578.63K)

>>265103777Wow you even have electrical wiring above ground ?? Im a boomer from the 80's and I cannot even remember shit being that rudementary ever in my country.

>>265089029have fun living with feral gypsies


>>265105393Demography of Baltics is so bright, so even European Union has doubted once about their statistics

>>265105610>electrical wiringDoubt it's that. Those cables are too thin to power a block like that.

>>265105255Letting that imagination go wild aren't we user?

>>265105594Please don't come here though. I'm having a hard time enough with the local women who as you said are high maintenance. Since you're a Westerner they'll cling unto you and I'll never get a gf with (half of yours) salary.

>>265105269The world isn't ready for that yet. We need to play it smart.>>265105559South america and the Carribeans can be comfy too if you move to the right places.

>>265090964Eastern Europe is not just Russia, you moron.

>>265105779How much?

>>265105745>Letting that imagination go wild aren't we user?It's called meme magic.

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>>265105610Tha't local LAN probably Was quite popular in mid-2000sOr internet cables.

Because im not a faggot and "civilizied" just means pussified to the maxI prefer we get more violent instead

>>265105891>It's called meme magic.Everyone but kekistani morons were shitting on that idea since it's inception.Cringy newfag.

>>265105793The Swede can come here if he wants tho

>>265089125>90% of the Americans are terminally fucking retardedFixed that for you, mutt

>>265088684I live like a king.t. Dalmatian

>>265105813You just let Soros come up with a few billions and see the whole Eastern Europe with their puckered butholes in the air ready to get pozzed.

>>265105610It's an internet for 5$

Attached: speedtest.jpg (480x473, 27.45K)

>>265106127not really he is already banned in Hungary and people here are already alergic to him here

>>265106050I don't want sw*des here to be honest. They're weak.He has to show up at our border with 10 decapitated niggers head tied to ropes to the back of his car for me to accept him.

>>265106116Where is the best property to buy in dalmatia?I was looking at Split and laughed at the meter per square prices.