African Africans and African Americans are feuding on twitter right now

African Africans and African Americans are feuding on twitter right

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>>265085217Uh based?

>/r/BlackPeopleTwitter bantz

false, they sold their own people to jews not whites

>>265085543you faggots keep saying this but y'all never provide a legit sourceits whites, fuckin deal with it

>>265085217I'm not even pulling this out of my ass, my history told us this back in high school:africans sold their lowest of the low people to the white man. people who had money, or were otherwise useful, didn't get enslaved.

They what?Hope that isn't a troll account and it's really an african dude roasting those fucking apes.

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>>265085638found the jew

>>265085217>Garby JoomanYou cant make this upWhen black Americans go to Africa to see their "roots" do they get BTFO?

>>265085642I think I read somewhere they mostly sold POWs

>>265085217Excuse me Mr African. I'd like to return these slaves, they stopped working.

>>265085543One second on this board is evidence that there's no difference.

>>265085881i dont disagree, most americans act like kikes because they are brainwashed from hollyjew

>>265085217The African bloodlines that prospered from selling Africans to Arab and Spanish slave traders, are the ones that should be on the hook for African American reparations

>>265085713nope just tired of the anti-semitism bs here, instead of focusing on getting trump elected you guys focus on hating jewish people

>>265085217>even literal Africans hate niggersI have truly been everything. Lord save my sides

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>>265085217This is from earlier this week. There were threads on it as it was happening.

>>265085803Yeah, going to war for the purpose of capturing slaves was common practice in western Africa.In some places, that was one of the few forms of private wealth, since all the land was owned by the king.Also, lots of the elite were Muslims who had no problem enslaving heathens.

>>265085217chad African African vs virgin African american

>>265086201idc about trump idc about demoncraps and you fucking kikes are just as disgusting as ever

>>265086409>>265085217> right now> this week> dec 09 2017Anon i...

>>265086626Go to the actual thread he linked, dipshit.

>>265086201>instead of focusing on getting trump elected you guys focus on hating jewish peoplewhy would we get trump elected if we hate jewish people.are you retarded?

>>265086201>glow harder

>>265085217Paul Mooney has always said he hates african africans for this reason

>>265086963... that's not what the glow meme means.


Christian Africans are based. They waste no time learning English and are generally family oriented. If they immigrate to North America and have kids, the children tend to adapt to the culture very very quickly though.

>>265087637>>265088040No hold the fuck up you glowing nova faggots. this is a honeypot thread leave now, stop trying to sweep the jewish question under the fucking rug. every god damn time with you jidfs

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>>265085638>y'all never provide a sourceFaggot there have been pages of fucking sources posted on this. Literal pages. How much AIDS dick do you suck every day?

>>265088186>If they immigrate to North America and have kids, the children tend to adapt to the culture very very quickly though.this happens to every immigrant race. the parents sacrifice everything for a better life. the kids they just drink up that liberal diversity-is-our-strength lazy koolaid and join the ongoing destruction of anything than made america meaningful to come to in the first place

>>265088418yet you can't link them huh?

>>265085638Yes, the Dutch had a large part in the slave trade. But the Arabs aka JEWS had slaves as well as Africans long before whites did.

>>265085638>y’all Opinion discarded

Africans are fucking based. How can their retarded cousins over here be such shit by comparison

>>265085642Is this the explanation as to why african americans rely on welfare to survive?

>>265086565This has potential

>>265088801>capture prisoners of war>sell them to foreigners for shit that you haven't made due to widespread endemic encephalitis and malnutrition>expecting people who couldn't avoid being captured alive by literal brain-damaged tribal groups to be representative of the population as a whole and not a living example of the founder effect


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>>265089273>romantalking about modern day retard

>>265085638>Aaron Lopez (1731–1782), born Duarte Lopez, was an Anglo-Portuguese Jewish merchant, slave trader and philanthropist. Through his varied commercial ventures, he became the wealthiest person in Newport, Rhode Island, in British America.>He belonged to a family of conversos, ethnically Jewish people who had converted to Catholicism, although the family continued to practice Judaism in>Levy, a slaveholder>Born into an elite Sephardic Jewish>James DeWolf (March 18, 1764 – December 21, 1837) was a slave trader>DeWolf>He also owned two ships named Elizabeth and Hester, and they have been known to be involved in the slave trade.> Jacob Franks who was an Ashkenazi Jew and Mordecai Gomez who was

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>>265088499Division in the family like that culturally makes me wonder what side Africans are gonna pick in the upcoming race boogaloo. White Team: Black Corps would be hilarious.

>>265089341Wow, it's like not engraved in their culture since the dawn of time

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>>265089778Chef roasting that nigga like he roasts goats over a fire pit.


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>>265086201>instead of focusing on getting trump elected you guys focus on hating jewish people

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>>265085543and to a-rabs

>>265086201>instead of focusing on getting trump elected you guys focus on hating jewish peopleYou and Zion Don are not our friends, you just temporary allies. Either GOP and Dems are going to break into new parties with modern vision or America gets into chaos

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>>265086334In Africa, there are 'blacks' and 'colored', who are mixed, basically USA niggers. Colored cause all the problems and in many ways whites and blacks get along, and the colored are the problem. I believe the blacks even segregate from the colors, they hate them.

>>265085638they brag about it. just like they brag about controlling porn. they arent ashamed. they also arent ashamed to lie about it in the face of evidence


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>>265085543ok zoomer

>>265085217"african-american" is not a synonym for "black" you retard. what you're seeing are africans BTFOing african-americans

>>265085638Research where the first synagogue was built. Hint, it's where all the slaves ships arrived.

>>265091015ok memeflag AKA liberal faggot AKA glowie AKA nigger AKA kike

>>265085217It's a known fact that even Africans hate niggers. I knew a migrant once who talked real funny I used to fuck with him about it, and he got into a rant one day about the niggers at school and how they would be beaten in Kenya. He said that he knew niggers in America were like that, but when he saw it personally it really shocked him.

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>>265090832I find westernized African women feminine and sexually attractive, but not in the least bit even the toppest tier American negress.Ethiopian women are especially built for BWC. Pic related

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>>265091232It's probably like how it's upsetting for us to see how the English degenerated so far.

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>>265091318Some Africans have aryan in them, or at full least human genes, where a lot of the dark niggers have proto-human DNA such as homo-erectus. That's a fact by the way.

>>265091576lmao ok new chineseland

>>265085217kek these African bants are good

>>265086073Not Spanish... English, Dutch, French, Portuguese. No blacks in Spanish colonies, never was a Spanish trade!

>>265091350We should make “African American Privilege” a thing. For instance “You American Africans think you’re oppressed, Lol come to AFRICA and see what oppression is really like!” “You think you have it hard but you get by on your African American Privilege to get what you want. You’re way more privileged than REAL Africans who sleep in Mud Huts.” “You have University, we have Civil War! Stop acting like you’re oppressed, you clearly have AA Privilege” etc

>>265085217woo africoons got bants

>>265092109Something I was thinking of was saying African American is offensive to genuine African people (which is probably is)

>>265085217When the niggest are your greatest allies against the nigs...

>>265092226Fucking love it. What can we use “American black Privilege” or “Black American Privilege” ? “How dare you call yourself African, you’re just a Black American. Stop acting like you’re the oppressed one with your 100k a year job and Maseratis” etc. watch them seethe at a taste of their own medicine

>>265085803"war" is a generous overstatement.when the Spaniards found the aztecs, their standard practice was to send raiding party into the surrounding jungle.these parties would find isolated villages and attack them, slaughtering everyone who resisted and bringing the remainder back to the capital to be used for human sacrifices.west Africa was not much different at the time.the only difference, was that instead of sacrificing the captives to a hethan god, the Africans sold the captives to European (Jewish) slavers.

>>265085638just google it bro

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>>265090832the average american nigger has ~20% euro much the same way euros refuse to acknowledge American "whites" as European, Africans refuse to acknowledge American "blacks" as african.they are insulted by the term "African American" because there isn't a fucking thing "African" about niggers

>>265092444Maybe cultural appropriation angle too. Nice way to get stabbed. We have no niggers here so I won't say it anyway

>>265091576North Africans are sapians. But even sub Saharans have a bell curve that extends to genius iq. A first generation Ghanan is one if the best net engineers I know.The slave trade was Africa selling us the dumbest niggers on the continent

>>265086201yeah i cant believe all these nazis invaded Holla Forums after trump got elected and infected it with anti-semitism...where do you think you are faggot?

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>>265085217>right now>December 9th 2017M8

>>265091519Holy kek

>>265085217The Asians in the US are high quality. The low quality ones are back in their own countries. Whereas, low quality whites are obviously part and parcel of a white country.This by the way is also why blacks from other countries perform better than African Americans. Only the better ones are allowed in. Whereas African Americans are the lowest of the low. Their ancestors were treated as slaves by their own kind. The average African is pretty dumb, so imagine how dumb the average African slave was.

>>265088418Give em to me, mongoloid. I need sauce

>>265085217Hahahaha this motherfucker got the bantzLet it be known to all: when we say nigger, we refer exclusively to American niggers. This guy is a fellow human being who happens to have darker skin.

>>265086201That is hardly the case. There are just as many, if not more, posts dedicated to Trump then naming the Jew. Keep in mind this place has insane traffic. Don't be such a bitch and contribute where you can and ignore the other threads. love you boo just don't throw out the (white)baby with the bathwater

>>265085642that could honestly explain why our niggers are fucking trash but African immigrants that come in are actually useful and they hate our niggers

>>265085217>>265085217They sold them to British Jews. British Jews enslaved blacks, whites, and the Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews Jewish Onslaught Dr. Tony Martin Cargo Hell or Barbados; the Ethnic Cleansing of Ireland and Negro Slavery in the Old South -

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>>265092030Uhm, there certainly were less imports of black slaves, but they were brought here nonetheless. If memory serves, it was technically illegal but authorities looked the other way. Here we have black communities not nowhere near the numbers in Colombia.

>>265088892begging and needing others to keep them alive is a universal black thing. some need more than others, but all need nonetheless.


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>>265085760I know I did when I went to Germany to see mine. Not a single Aryan in sight.

>>265086201fuck trump, fuck jews, fuck you... if you think trump or voting is going to fix the problem you are mentally deficient and should kys immediately.

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>>265088523>the Dutch had a large part in the slave tradeThey were Sephardic jews in Holland. The whole slavery business was part of the jewish Merchant Empire. It's got almost nothing to do with 'white' people.The whole slavery narrative that the jews have implanted into the minds of the mob is as big a HOAX as their holohoax. Maybe even more harmful.

>>265085638>711 AD - Jews help Moors take over Iberia>711-1400 - Jews run all the vice in the Mediterranean, including the slave trade and even child slavery>1492 - the year Jews were finally expelled from Spain>1492 - the year Columbus discovers America>1492 - the beginning of the rise of the Atlantic slave trade>most of the Spanish merchants, traders and explorers were jews evading the

>>265085638Reminder: Despite what is portrayed via jew controlled media, Billy Bob le evil white male on his 10 acre dirt farm did not own slaves. Slaves were *extremely expensive* along with other factors (white Christians typically being opposed to slavery etc).Who bought slaves and had them imported to the US? The mega plantations. Who owned and ran the mega plantations? Pic related.

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>>265092751And yet African IQs are lower than African American IQs. HHHHHHMMMMMMMMMM...

>>265092030>No blacks in Spanish colonies, never was a Spanish trade!how come every mexican who posts their dna results is around 5% sub saharan african?

>>265085217They sold retarded criminal blacks to the jewish cotton masters.No wonder the 13% is retarded lemmings owned by the jewish larp media.

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>>265085638Poor Jew, does it hurt that your group of people suck that much?You are disgusting, own it.

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>>265091519the easiest ones to catch are the dumb ones

>>265085217Holy shit, imagine an alliance between white nationalists and african black nationalists

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>>265085217niggers being niggers lol

>>265085638no it was jews and moslems

>>265085543both jews and whites. you must realize that slavery was normal until the 1800's. Arabs were the largest slave owners globally. If not the chinese.

>>265088418Meh, I haven’t really ever seen shit either. Why not post a credible source instead of being a mouth-breathing ad hom machine?

Who are running slave markets down in Africa now?Blacks and Arabs, China tries to join also.

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>>265085638>you faggots keep saying this but y'all never provide a legit sourceNice bait faggot.

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Who kidnapped Europeans for hundreds of years?Must hurt being so deep inside jewish media propaganda.Jews are larping as whites.

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>>265085651>Hope that isn't a troll account and it's really an african dude roasting those fucking apes.Nope, it's for real. It's been going on for a month to the point that they started banning the Africans. There's been a bunch of threads about it and thousands of posts on the twatter.pic related.

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>>265100144Hint: Arabs and Blacks.

>>265085217stop posting these threads it's over already

>>265086334>even literal Africans hate niggersEven literal niggers hate niggers. It's why the black-on-black homicide rate is so high.

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>>265085217>Motherland niggers shaming spoiled niglets with actual value of lifeGood stuff.


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>>265085638suck my fat ogre cock

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>>265100253>stop posting these threads it's over alreadyYou wish

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>>265086201Is this bait?

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>>265085217Caught the feud on video

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Cotton Plantations in many parts of the South wholly in the hands of the jews... read it

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The American Jew Tool AKA Niggers fear the pure-blood African and his banter. Also, actual Africans have every right to absolutely fucking hate American niggers. Imagine managing to leave your poor country because against all odds you became a good fucking scholar or a doctor and went to a different country for a better opportunity at life, and then others have to not relax around you anyway because your supposed brothers spent their freedom after slavery becoming exactly what the white man used to think of them: savage beasts, materialistic to the end of the earth and just a stupid stinking nigger so now you can't enjoy a better life because your kin set you up for social failure. I'll share a battlefield with a cow blood-drinking African before you catch me in the same room with more than 1 american backstabbing sucker-punching, looting, lazy, stinky nigger.

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>>265100341>Even literal niggers hate niggers. It's why the black-on-black homicide rate is so high."Black people are scared of the same crime as white people."-Tupac

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109 countries got sick of them, nobody wonders why.

>>265085217This girl is trying to convince them Wakanda is real>

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>>265089341there are no slaves in the modern day, retard.

>>265100253the fuck up bitch

>>265085638>you faggots keep saying this but y'all never provide a legit sourceSee>>265092508>>265096238>>265097642>>265099157>>265099220>>265099755>>265100409>>265100477>>265100516>>265100594>>265100622>>265100652>>265100678>>265100698>>265100778>>265100794>>265100840>>265100857>>265100886>>265100937>>265100989>>265101016>>265101056>>265101083>>265101102Yeap ZERO legitimate sources Shlomo

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>>265091519>murrica blacks so bad Africa doesn't even want themThis should be a HUGE red pill for people.


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>>265101115Libya is one place, retarded idiot.

>>265101115Just this over 90,000 slaves

>>265101115Libya, say thanks to king nigger.

>>265101115bls lurk more

White people stopped a lot of slavery, no wonder the jews are moaning.


>>265085638Kill yourself Moshe, you were the slave traders, deal with it.

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>>265085217Don't get involved or you truly will be neo-niggers.If you MUST get involved, let it be exclusively to incite division among nogs, but don't go fucking overboard larping or be the "meddling ypipo" or you just end up uniting them.

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>>265088801Niggers are not based, fuck off Shlomo.

>>265085217My friend from the Congo constantly made slave jokes towards niggers throughout middle school and highschool. He's a great guy.

>>265102771>memeflag ID: 666Go fuck yourself.

Reminder that Rwanda, a nation that suffered an extremely bloody genocide two decades ago and was left to rot by “progressive” world powers, managed to rapidly improve their infrastructure and quality of life across the board in a few years while black neighborhoods have stagnated in disrepair or have gotten worse despite politicians funneling money into them.

>>265085638I have plenty of sources 1 second. Also capped.

>>265099220Based namefaggot change your ways


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>>265088512>>265085638Look at this summerfag. Lurk moar.

>>265085543furthermore jews were heavily involved in kidnapping and selling europeans to the arab slave traders ca 1000 AD. agobard the archbishop of lyon took notice of this for instance.


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>>2651036413 forgot pic

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>>265101115Libya, sells them off to Saudi Arabia

>>265099755I teach at a predominantly black university. Many blacks would read .35% as 35%. It may be better to say less than 1%.I am not joking. I have college students in my classes that cannot convert decimals/percentages/fractions. They also can’t do division. At all. I spend half of every semester trying to teach students fifth grade math.

>>265085217Its a big nothing. Africans dont have any pull in american nigger circles. They might as well be arguing with white people immune to "dats racist!" attacks.

>>265085642Truth, that’s why we hate american niggers I’m from a well to do African family it’s only recently African immigrants are succumbing to the brainwashing ‘black’ propaganda. Even in my Igbo culture having long hair or dreads was seen as shameful because criminals would get exiled into forbidden forests for their crimes and would grow long hair as a result. We associate this with Caribbean people also and find it crude. We are commonly told as chidren ‘don’t bring a Caribbean home’ or ‘don’t hang around those Jamaican boys’


>>265103824Lmfao niggers are retarded I’m black and I have to deal with these dumb shits all the time. Being an outlier fucking sucks

The Jews financed the ships, and later on bought out the diamond mines.

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>>265085543You think they can tell the difference?

>>265103824that's incredible...

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>>265103895>Even in my Igbo cultureare some african americans descended from igbos?

>>265104014hey are you the guy from The IT Crowd?

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>>265104269Yes they may have been upper class immigrants or a lower caste slave class. Even within Igbo land we had different kingdoms and some were more powerful than others and within the society there were lower class people based on their ‘reputation’. Of course obviously slavery as well. When an ‘Eze’ or king died they would go around and kill others to bury with him mainly slaves as a token. We also used to kill twins. So the Christian essentially civilised us but also destroyed an ancient democratic civilisation in Africa. Not technologically astute, but functional and thriving despite its flaws

>>265099415>we wuz sandniggers n shiet

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>>265088892There were only 5 million Africans during that time period. What happened was certain tribes mass produced, those tribes were not the best and brightest just the greatest reproducers.

>>265091239Africans are fucking ROASTING>that one dude with the pigeon saying they don't have dadsjesus christ my sides

>>265104931>We also used to kill twins.shit. im a twin. lucky i wasnt born then. >When an ‘Eze’ or king died they would go around and kill others to bury with him mainly slaves as a token.ive heard of that happening in other cultures too. guess the king needed slaves in the afterlife.

>>265090925saved as CHAD AFRIKKKAN vs virgin bbc poster

>>265085638Moshe, how was the Bar Mitzvah from Lewin?

yeah, i've always heard that african blacks didn't like american blacks; i find hispanic blacks' existence funny because they speak spanish like the mexicans i see around here buncha dumb rowdy hispanic blacks

>>265104932>we wuz sandniggers n shietive only rarely noticed north african dna on mexicans results they post.

>>265085217the date literally says 2017thats 3 years ago you stupid fucking retard

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>>265086201fucking gas yourself you disgusting kike