What explains the rise of white supremacy in the USA?

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>>265085169deez nuts nigga sage

Leftists making everything about race and casting whiteness as some sort of original sin where you are responsible for the actions of dead slave owners

Page 9. Demographic Dividends and Liabilitiesapps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/1056847.pdf

>>265085169Couldn't have anything to do with BLM tearing down the statue of every American hero they see and turning whatever cities they go through into war zones. That's for sure

>>265085169jewish behaviour

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Gee I don't know

>>265085169“Supremacy.” We want to be left alone. You’re not going to leave us alone. Let’s get this over with.

>>265085169Jewish manipulation to protect their wealth.

>>265085169The attempt to stomp out whiteness

>>265085169You're throwing the word supremacy around like you know what it means or something.

>>265085169>the riseAmerica was always white supremacist.

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Where are leftists seeing white supremacy? I wish there were as many as they claim. Seriously? Where are they finding this?

>>265085895It's literally the boogeyman

>>265085169Probably because there’s a class of white faggots that kneel to black people

>>265085761What does being left alone mean? Your actions have consequences on everyone else in the world. White people can't live separated from the rest of humanity, they should join the rest of us.

>>265085169The last three weeks should have tripled the membership of the KKK and Skinheads.

> no, no, you can't defend the genocide of your race goyim.

>>265085169Why even bother asking this here. This is ground zero for nazi larp

>>265085999kill yourself shitskin

>>265085999Keep trying to make them then lol

>>265086076>nazi larpThe founding fathers had "nazi" values, they would have liked Hitler.Your 1960's Liberalism is very un-american.

>>265085169decline of percentage of the population that has the capability of abstract thought. The current system relies too much on it. however, they have been importing people without it for over 50 years. >inb4 intelligenceI think of it as more like aphantasia. some peoples just don't have the capability to think abstractly even if they are intelligent.

Imagine thinking that if you think there is a difference between races that you are some kind of supremacists

>>265085895that's true. they just keep moving the goalpost

>>265085999China for the Chinese, Korea for Koreans, Japan for Japanese, Africa for the Africans, WHITE COUNTRIES FOR EVERYBODYThere is nothing wrong with white nationalism, and you are a faggot piece of shit

>>265085169But the rioters and looters are of all races


I can't understand why marching around the streets with shields and yelling would change anything.For me the final solution would be seccession, separatism from the US, but because of big government it is extremely hard to secceed. Perhaps if you get big generals on your side and a lot of troops, you could pull it off, since today the destructive power of a military is far greater than during the Civil War days, so probably to avoid a destructive conflict the US would just allow it.

>>265085999Trips of truthWhite arrogance need to stop. You’re not that special white boy.

>>265086487>he says in a White country

>>265085169Anti white rhetoric becoming more mainstream definitely has nothing to do with it.

>>265085169Define: White Supremacy

>>265085761This so much

>>265085169Learning pic related. I went from basic bitch conservative to White nationalist when I learned Whites were going to be a minority in America.

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>>265085169Telling other groups to leave us alone is not 'white supremacy'. In fact, it's the opposite of that.How could we rule over your and subjugate you if we're not around you at all and your people govern yourselves?It's Jewish supremacy you have to worry about. They're the ones who want all up in everybody's business.

>>265085999What does this even mean? If someone wants to just be left alone they should be allowed to be left alone?

>>265085169Whoever though that white polos and khakis was a good idea for this march should be publicly executed. Nobody's gonna take dudes larping as 65 year old pensioners seriously.

Losers unable to get laid.

>>265085169You Op. You are the problem.

>>265086487Just as special as all other cultures

>>265086425What is a white country? Australia is a white country? It was 100% aboriginal 300 years ago, so what makes it a "white country"? The earth belongs to all of us, moron.

>>265085169Using a 2 year old picture because that's all they are going to get

>>265085999You know damn well that we're targeted by all the other groups. You just don't want us to wake up and realize that, because then your worthless beggar people won't be able to siphon our resources anymore.

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>>265086672You would only say that if you didnt know how easy it was to get laid.

>>265086715You get the gas.

>>265086715lol. posthumanist nonsense. Do you guys ever have better arguments.

>>265085169Ethnic replacement, you dumb Amerilard.

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>>265085949Thats how it starts. Soon you'll say any white person is a supremacist and killed for skin-crime.

>>265086715Whites conquered it and other races are trying to conquer us. Let's just cut the shit.

>>265085999You're not "wanting" them to join you you're wanting extermination and you may end up getting it if things keep escalating however not in the way you're hoping

>>265086715Even IF we didn't hypothetically consider countries like Australia or America to be "white" countries it wouldnt be enough for you. Nothing ever is. Just fuck off already.

>>265086715Except for Israel, right Shlomo?Sounds like we're ideologically in a stand-off. There is no middle-ground to yours or my stances. No way both sides get what they want. So I wonder how all this is going to end? Are you ready for the full might of Europe to come down on you?

>>265086715>Australia is a white country?Yes>It was 100% aboriginal 300 years agoThere was no Australia 300 years ago. The very concept of Australia didn't exist until Captain James Cook discovered the landmass and White settlers began to show up.>so what makes it a "white country"?It was created by Whites.

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>>265086591And why is that a reason to be a white nationalist? Look beyond peoplesskin color and judge them not by birthbut by character. If you actually careabout America thats what you should do.

>>265085169Gee, I wonder.

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>>265085999LOL this nigger thinks niggers have the right to live near White peopleNiggers are retarded

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>>265085169There hasn't been, its just media amplification because liberals are obsessed with it

What rise of white supremacy? It's fabricated bullshit. Sure it exists, but the idea that it's on the rise is complete bullshit. If anything, any rise currently being seen is because of these retards burning down cities.

>>265085169When did "hate" become a bad thing?

>>265085169>Media says white supremacists on the rise>You believed itthese are the same people who told you Iraq had WMDs.


I live in Calabasas. It's a true white American city.

>>265087130lol. and they said that white supremacist were the real threat to the country.

>>265087046>Are you ready for the full might of Europe to come down on you?Lol what are you gonna do tough guy? You're not gonna do anything.

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>>265087081Enlightenment Liberalism dies with Europe. It is not a sentiment the other races give a fuck about at all.Every other group goes above and beyond for their own, only Europeans are asked to be 'enlightened' and not look at skin color.I'll stop concerning myself with race when these faggots stop attacking my people.

What explains the entitlement complex of blacks around the world.

>>265085169fake news about the rise of white supremacy feeds a rise in white supremacyunironically

>>265085169> why are whites mad of constantly being debased while being taxed to death Lmfao, I know this is b8, but you have to be retarded to even ask this. Like the majority of this board, I’m not even white — :^) — and I can see them getting perpetually fucked. Hell, “white supremacy” is a leftist red herring: whites had their identity revoked, at least now they’re coming to realize it.

>>265087374All things in nature have their consequences and reactions.

>>265087077It dosnt matter what the settlers skin color was.If we claim that because they were white thatsis justification racist policys then the samejustification will be used against whites.

>>265087398>Enlightenment Liberalism dies with Europe. It is not a sentiment the other races give a fuck about at all.that's a good point.

>>265085169I question the vaidity of this report given the reputations of the ones who made it.But assuming it's true, what explains it? Maybe BLM going around and saying they will wipe out white people with no repercussions for the authorities while whites are being demonized not for saying some, for being silent too. The idea is that if you are not with them, you are against them. That draws a clear line in the proverbial sand.


>>265087250Literally this... these kikes and their pet shitskins are even trying to label the black sun as some white supremacist symbol now, judging from that photo with the headline. When that pendulum makes the full swing back to the right, remember ALL of this kiked bullshit. They ALL get the fucking rope.

Some whites standing up for themselves and the kikes don’t like it.

OP is a larper. When they call for a rally we see all ten show up. I have never met one in person yet, have you?

>>265087374They always say shit like that, until it all hits the fan. Then they're poor little innocent victims.I want people like you to continue to say shit like that.You help us more than you'll ever know.

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Those fags marching in brand new clothes with liberal haircuts and freshly purchased equipment? George Soros. The negro fatigue comes from niggers, the kike hate comes from kikes. It's not hard. We're also tired of spics and smelly arabs.

>>265086836europe has many ethnic grounps i never heard of an ethnic group called white? white people are mutts and dont belong anywhere


>>265085169The media, making it up.

>>265087398So youre reason for denying what makesWestern civilization so great is that otherpeople are savages and you want to belike them.. be the better man and judge not by skin.

>>265087895White people don't exist unless there's something you want from them or something you want to blame on them. Then suddenly you know exactly what white is.

>>265087022> You're not "wanting" them to join you you're wanting extermination and you may end up getting it if things keep escalating however not in the way you're hopingYou're the only people making veiled threats and talking about extermination lol white supremacists are like that psycho nerdy kid at school fantasizing about shooting his classmates while everyone around him is getting laid and enjoying their youth.

>>265088063I care about race because people like you care. The anti-white sentiment diidn't just fall out of the sky. It is designed by White people's enemies (mostly jews) to disempower Europe and destroy it as a competitor. Just because I'm European, does not mean I owe these groups anything. If they attack my people, I will defend them.

>>265088063Most people here did do just that for a good while. Would be nice if the rest of the world did the same for them.

>>265088087you wouldnt want chinks living in japan why would you want some 30% german white mutt living in germany

>>265088063"The ultimate goal is the forcible-coordination of all countries of the world: That shall be achieved by mixing the races with the goal to create a light brown race in Europe.For that reason, 1.5 million immigrants from the third world shall migrate to Europe every year. The result would be a population with an average IQ of 90 that is too dumb to grasp anything, but intelligent enough to work.The European countries would never again be competitors in the struggle for global domination and a multiple millennia old culture would be destroyed. Irrational people who will fight against this 'mingling of races', and put up any resistance against the global world order, should be killed." - Thomas P.M. Barnett, Jew, director of the Israeli military consultancy 'Wikistrat' in his book 'The Pentagon's New Map', 2004

>>265085169>jews, in their hubris, try to slow boil whites into a mud slaverace for the N-th time in history>wHaT'S cAUsInG tHe RiSE iN NaTioNaLiSM

>>265087895Kaiser Wilhelm II sure believed in a White race.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellow_Peril#Imperial_Germany

>>265088326Is that divide and conquer I see?>X isn't really white goy, fight!I know what white is and so do you, faggot.

>>265085169anti white racism

>>265088096>KILL WHITEY>KILL WHITEY>KILL WHITEYYeah, those damn NAZI's sure are psychotic

>>265087554No its not a good point.Firstly other races are not a hivemind theydo not all think the same because they sharethe same skin color.Secondly Enlightenment Liberalism does not die with Europe it has spread acrossthe entire world and if we stand up forit then it shall continue to do so.Just because you saw some random idiotautisticly screech does not mean thatliberalism is over, get some perspective.

>>265085169Basically this happening 100,000 times.

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>>265085169Whites wanting to defend themselves and their families from the nigger army jews are raising to attack us.

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>>265088063you are being replaced by populations that believe in the opposite of that. And you live in a democracy. What you are describing will disappear in the coming years and you will either adapt or die.

>>265085169all i see is the black sun, and a friendly dude just praying to his pagan gods. whats the problem???

>>265088668>Enlightenment Liberalism doesnot die with Europe it has spread acrossthe entire worldlol All evidence to the contrary.If that were the case, we wouldn't be having the race and culture issues we're currently drowning in. We wouldn't have a sea of people proudly trying to censor other people's thoughts and opinions just because they don't agree with them. We wouldn't have race-baiters trying to kick up a race-war all the time.>other races are not a hivemindVery untrue statement. Everyone has an in-group preference. It's just a natural part of existence. You see it in nature all the time. You have to be programmed to not put your own first.That's why they push that shit so hard in school and in kid's entertainment. They have to fight nature, so they have to constantly propagandize, because if they stop, nature will resume.We have places like China towns for a reason. People like to live among their own. They're very comfortable with people who think like they do. Race exists, and certain races think very differently to others.This is all simple stuff.

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>>265088365I see your operating from a conspiracy theoryview of the world.I am not going to challenge your conspiracy theory here but at least consider if yourconspiracy theory is false in which caseI would like to know would you then agree with me?

>>265085169The rise in coonery.

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>>265088096I'm not threatening anything or anyone let alone are other white people I thought we've went over this with wanting to be left alone? Obviously if you stopped trying to erase history for a moment you'd realize where you're damning yourselves but then again you're unironically cracking jokes about bullied kids shooting up schools you obviously don't have enough sense to pay attention

>>265085895Wherever a person of European descent refuses to apologize for his ancestors or to kowtow to Leftist group think, that is where the Leftsees a white supremacist.

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>>265085169grow up around niggersthat's all it takes

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>>265089289>conspiracy theoryIf you won't take my perspective seriously, why then should I humor yours?White Genocide is Real (2 hours of evidence):bitchute.com/video/JY6exTqkTQd1/

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>>265085169Identity politics that have been specifically anti-white or at least very white-attacking.It's just a reaction to what is happening.In a free and liberal society what will always form is the antithesis to any political party or movement but it need not even be a full opposite. It is actually often a mirror image where some of the goals may be fundamentally the same just the reasons may be in favor of different groups of people.For instance, the alt-right has talked about ethnostates and race realism and all of that. What have we seen from this far left SJW crowd? Basically the same thing and now even experimenting with creating separate ethnic-centered areas such as a black only area in a park recently, things they did in CHAZ/CHOP, the "safe spaces" that were created for various races and genders only in universities...But the SJW does it for everyone "non-white" or "POC" while the alt-right wants to do the same thing exclusively for white people.Here's the thing, the white supremacists and identitarian movements really don't need to do much at all to recruit. They can just point to the mainstream instances (and there are plenty) that demonstrate that the identitarians of the SJW side really just don't care to address issues of white people, males, straight people...and so especially straight white males. And now..trickling in...straight white females.Hell, with the whole TERF thing you may soon see actual feminazis.It's really a no-brainer and quite organic. When individuals feel like they are being pushed from society they will seek each other and form groups that may mutually serve whatever it is they believe to be their interests.

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The fire rises brothers 14/88

>>265088063Race is not skin color.

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>>265085169Someone's rewriting the dictionary.

>>265089614Though I do not believe the conspiracy theoryI did not call it false I merely asked theoretically that "if" it were false would you agree with me?

>>265089851When I say skin color I am using itinterchangeably with race. I assumed peoplewould understand that but if it was not clearI will refer to race and skin color separately.

>>265089821"It is crucial for White People to acknowledge and recognize our collective racial experience."--Robin DiAngeloCount the number of words in that sentence.


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>>265090287You are deliberately conflating two related but not coextensive concepts - it is common to claim that the only difference between races is skin color when this is a patent lie. Your conflation of terms is a typical effort to imply the lie without having to take responsibility for defending it.

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>>265090049Using the term 'conspiracy theory' denotes that it's a crazy and false concept. That's why the word is used.'Conspiracy theory' is a phrase quite literally invented by the CIA as a dishonest means of discrediting people who didn't believe the JFK Warren report. It's use is specifically for discrediting others. Don't act like you don't know what you're doing.

>>265089282In response to your first point the fact we have people "trying" to do things like censorship rather than actually doing it is because liberalism is still around, perhaps not as strong as we would like but still here.Secondly people preferring their ownkind is due to culture not race.


>>265085169HERESY! Each society has its own word for HERESY!Communists called all HERESY! fascism.Fascist Italy called all HERESY! Communism.Today, the Politically Correct tyranny calls HERESY! "Hate!"They call people who speak HERESY! names.You Political Correctness fanatics are playing a very old game.When you scream HERESY! aka Hate! at people who disagree with you, it says nothing about the point we make.But it tells us ALL about YOU ANTI-WHITES.

>>265087901you're right. he should have called out the established religion of political correctness


>>265090931Wrong on both accounts. Also, your style of argumentation reminds me of something.

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>>265085169Everybody started hating us so we started hating them right backReal simple calculus, nigger. You're outside your mind if you think the white man--the single greatest class of specimen this world has ever known--will go down without a bitter fight.

>>265085999>White people can't live separated from the rest of humanityWhy not?they should join the rest of us.No.

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>>265085169LOL, someone's trying to force a race war way too hard.Please, whitie friends, don't drink the kool aid

>>265085169There's a bunch of fucking glowies if I have ever seen one.

>>265090800Personally I take the term more literallywhen I say conspiracy theory I honestlymean those words many theories haveturned out to be true, Im not using it as an insult rather as a description.

>>265085169Propaganda. You see, black people cant distinguish between a Jew and a white. There is no white privilege. There is Jewish privilege. Even if you count Jews as white, you have to admit it’s very specific type of white. Yet a black mind sees no difference between a Martin and a Goldberg. 48% of billionaires in U.S are Jewish. This is astounding given their population. But a black mind sees these Jews as the same club as a white man and blames whites to the happiness of the Jew

>>265086236But much 1770s liberalism is telling Hippity Hoppity redcoat

>>265085169The Devine spirits of Christ, Hitler, Czar Nic II and his family, Saint Simon of Trent, hundreds of millions of White souls yearning for righteous retribution against the vile jew. jews shall burn in infernal hellfire. AMEN.

>>265091293\Yeah, sure thing man. Cause you know how people always use that term like that lol. You're such a bullshitter, user.I've determined that you're a Jew. Your pilpul, as usual, gives you rats away.

>>265091160You say I am wrong but give no responseother than calling me Jewish.If I am wrong as you say then by all meansexplain why.I have refrained from base insults and thatis credit to my argument I suggest you do the same.

>>265087521>If we claim that because they were white thatsis justification racist policys then the samejustification will be used against whites.Already the case you moron

>>265085169Thanks for posting link you no effort faggot

>>265091430How fucking retarded do you need to be in order to think that white privilege has anything to do with being part of the 1%.. You’re incredibly stupid my man

>>265091671Well, you didn't exactly provide proof of your assertions either, kike.>I have refrained from base insults and thatis credit to my argument I suggest you do the sameIs this your first day here kike? If you can't take being called out for obvious kikery, then don't hang around here.

>>265091646Since I am interested in getting to the meator our discussion rather than dancing aroundinsulting each other I will stop using the termconspiracy theory if thats what you want.Now then shall we continue?

>>265091855You’re right. White privileged has nothing to do with. It’s all Jewish privilege

DNC/Media Agenda driven LIESOnce people are larped into believing it exists,, they can be convinced it needs to be destroyed

>>265085169There isn't one. Meanwhile, niggers are over 50x more likely to commit violent crimes against whites than whites against niggers. If there's any racial violent threat in this country it's niggers. Who just razed 25 fucking American cities.


>>265085999california literally is abolishing anti-discrimination laws because they want to actively discriminate against white people. You don't want to live in peace, you want to enslave.

>>265089289Found the niggermutt boong jew. Die on fire, subhuman.

>>265085276>>265085169no they blame us for civilization and offer nothing in return. somehow theyve blamed everything in civilization as being racist. tehre faggots niggers arent civilized or part of OUR civilization but your all a bunch of niggers what do you know.

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>>265091923I was less proving and more stating my view.If I coudnt take being called a kike I would have started insulting back, I didnt.

>>265092214Piss off, you mutt jew.

>>265091953Implying you're even arguing in good faith.You don't want to consider my points or stances, you only want me to consider yours. You demand answer from me yet you give none yourself.You've been busted using typical pilpul tricks by multiple people, and it's clear already that your goal is to get me and anyone viewing our exchange, not to take our own people's sides. You push the Jewish agenda, and you use pilpul tactics.You can't really expect me to treat you seriously, can you?Is this genuinely your first day here?

>>265087791Has it killed itself yet? That thing is gross.

I think there's generally more hate going around among all people, and it is perhaps mainly driven by economic factors. I think modern dating is also perhaps driving some of the increase in hate. We are all unhappy with our lives. We are all stuck. White, Black, Red, or Green, we all have a sense of having been fucked over. I think it's a generational thing.

>>265085169They keep pushing woke shit and it infringes on white people's comfort, as a result this happens.

>>265092376jews like that rodent will never argue in ‘good faith’, obviously. Every one of their positions is the opposite of truth and can only be defended with lies, etc. The solution is gas.

>>265092522>muh ‘hate’>muh wun rayc muh humin raycYou are inbred, genetically tainted filth.

>>265085169>white supremacy>guy front and center is literally an accelerationist symbol bearing fag, pushing for SHTF that will fuck EVERYONE overalso>((((((((((((((((((((((CNN))))))))))))))))))))))))you're an idiot

How about you kill yourself, live-stream it, and share the link. Thanks

>>265087081>Look beyond peoplesskin color and judge them not by birthbut by characterThe problem is, this mentality has crippled whites. Non-whites don't follow that logic, they only think in terms of what's best for their racial group. Their agenda puts them first. How can whites be held hostage by a suicidal mentality like you are demanding? It's just not a fair game to play. It's only fair that whites put their interest first as well. Unless you can convince non-whites to stop thinking in terms of race and judge people by their character, then whites are just gonna have to do the same. Time to start preserving.

>>265085169hard to say

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>>265092992>judge them not by birthbut by characterWe do. Niggers are violent, lazy criminal retards, Chinks are subhuman, canine torturing insectoids and jews are disgusting, subhuman, vile mutt filth. That is literally the character of these races.

>>265085999Please die subhuman filfth.

>>265085999>join the rest of usjoin you in your favelas? no thanks

>>265092992I understand your point about other peopleputting their own group first and that whitepeople need to do the same but I think that we should do it along lines of nationality rather than race.

>>265085169White people are inherently evil and must be cleansed of this earth


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>>265093292Assuming your correct in your descriptionI would say that the reason for their characteristics is because of culture ratherthen race.Culture is part of someones characterbut race is just what people were born with.

>>265093512>but I think that we should do it along lines of nationalityrather than race.What is nationality to you?

>>265093741ASIA FOR THE ASIANS, AFRICA FOR THE AFRICANS, WHITE COUNTRIES FOR EVERYBODY!Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

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>routinely tell whites how they're the epitome of evil, tell them they don't have culture, mock their mannerisms>worship blacks despite how non-productive 99% of them are in society, push black culture until the average zoomer white girl is a coal burner and white liberals are literally bowing to blacks>then, for apparently no reason at all, white supremacy explodesOy mai goish! How cud this'a eva happened??

Whites have always been supreme to other races.

>>265085169because jews are labeling Whites who make any moves to defend themselves instead of letting jews genocide us as "White supremacy."

>>265085169Lets see>Whites don't want to become a minority in their own countries >Whites are now constantly attacked for their race>Constant white hate and attack in the Media>Minorities get more benefits than whites>Minorities are a net-drain in welfare>Minorities rise the crime and dumb-down our education

>>265093775>is because of culture ratherthen race.Your only demonstrating your own stupidity and ignorance, subhuman. Twin studies for one have proven you totally wrong. IQ studies, etc. When we again have real science and not jewshit, this will all be revealed more and more clearly for the moronic (presumably chemical lobotomies) like yourself. Enjoy watching it happen in your own rodent lifetime and then seethe at superior Whites until you die, bitter and jewish.

>>265086487If white countries are not so special, why do so many niggers beg to come here?

>>265085169Its obvious at this point do you really need to ask?


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>>265092139Now liberals are fleeing california in droves because they realize it's a shithole. They will bring their retarded ideas wherever they go and ruin the lands they inhabit

>look at these evil white people standing in line peacefully and yelling they are literally domestic terrorists the biggest threat to america by far>how dare you call BLM a terrorist group they are peaceful protestors that burned multple cities assaulted hundreds of people stole millions of dollars in merchandise and literally murdered 10-20 people

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>>265085169Well they are reacting to black communism isn't that all there is to it?

>>265093512>we should do it along lines of nationality rather than race.Again, you can have whatever ideas you want but non-whites have different ideas of what they want. It really doesn't matter what you think. You don't have the luxury of not thinking in terms of race.


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>>265094403Good retort, rodent.


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>>265094972No effort needed schizo

>>265085169The spread of marxismThe rise of black supremacy

>>265094426Nah. I was liberal going into California and Centrist coming out. I left months ago after living there for over a decade. Now my home state is just as pozzed as California and I'm probably right-wing compared to the people living in the local major city here. I'm definitely going to red-pill people on why far-leftist shit is a terrible idea based on my first-hand accounts of living on the left-coast.

>>265085169>using photos from 2016Nice try

>>265095031>schizoProjection. We all know that it’s the jews that are literally schizo. Try again, subhuman.


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>>265095095Do your part, user, I believe in you. A country cannot exist which caters to the weakest members.

>>265095373Did your whore mother make that for you to make you feel better, subhuman?

>>265094403"It is crucial for White People to acknowledge and recognize our collective racial experience."Count the number of words in that sentence, user.

>>265085169Jewish smears. It’s perfectly reasonable for white men to collectively defend themselves as they’re attacked as such

>>265085761Yup. I'm seeing more and more white people getting angry. Normal white people, not Nazis NEETS from Holla Forums. If they can push someone like me, someone who doesn't hate blacks, to wanting severe punishment for our enemies, they are fucked.


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>>265085895White supremacy = white person who doesn't hate themselves.

>>265085999You are insane. We tried that, and it got us to where we are today. This has been hell of a wake up call.

>>265086487Yes, we ARE that special. There's a reason you guys are obsessed with us.

>>265085169White supremacy is a myth



>>265085452Our civilisation is better anyways than the western one

>>265085169Fake News

>>265085276This.White Supremacy is forming out of self-defense.

>>265096516Sad but true

>>265085169There is no rise of white supremacy. White supremacy is not the same thing as simply preferring to be friends with one race, or wanting to protect your heritage. White supremacy is thinking whites are better than others, and most people accused of being white supremacists simply want to protect their race - not worship it above all others.


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>>265095706>not on the far rightGo back

>>265092878>sonnerad>acceleration Kys newfag

>>265090800ironically for those of you defending the taig president, cia means catholics in action


>>265097892seething bitch

>>265085276slave owners that werent even white but jews teaching them to blame whites instead of jews. Among ignorance of thousands of years of slavery of whites by whites, black by blacks, muslims by muslims, blacks by muslims, and black slaver tribe sales of slaves to muslims and later to whites for a much shorter time. while jews enslaved blacks as long as muslims did

>>265089289found the kike

>>265088096No: Muds are the kids, Jews are the teachers, and whites are the jannies who do it all for free... chinks are like the rival school or something,

>>265085887not racist, the word they're looking for is b a s e d

>>265085452western civilization is gay and cringealso not everything is da joosmost of the people pushing for this shit are whites, lots of them american

>>265085999>Your actions have consequencesDitto, your pushing this into existence. Keep going it will be fun.

>>265088798every ''artwork'' on this jews site depicts blacks killing whites

>>265085169White divinity.

>>265085276It's the labeling of anyone who defends white people as a white supremacist. Candace Owens is a white supremacist. All the spics here are white supremacist. It's a drawing of the lines. It's preemptive to war to label your opponents as evil. Eventually someone is going to do a mass shooting similar to Dylan Roof and they will justify it under the guise of stopping white supremacist. All hell should break loose then.


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>>265091671>>265090931Why the fuck are you formatting your post like that? You're making it extremely obvious this is your first day here. Show some respect for our intellect and lurk more before you attempt to blend in.

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>>265085169White advocacy=/=white supremacyMost of us just don't want to deal with you faggots, yet you insist on eroding our existence

>>265087081We are judging you by your character.

>>265099887>Most of the people pushing for this shit are whitesYeah not shit Sherlock. What do you think shapes the ideals of normies? They follow the mainstream narrative. How is that narrative formed? Media. Movies, news, entertainment. Who controls the media? Indeed. No matter what thread you pull, there's always a hooknose at the end of it.


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>>265085169What fucking rise? This is a joke. It's even been pushed off the internet


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>>265085169You take a generation that from Day One was conditioned to trust in science and reason before faith, to not factor race into decision making, then put them out in the real world. They're going to experience massive cognitive dissonance and adopt one of a number of stances. It's bad to see race, you're evil if you see it but damned if you don't, and so you must repent for noticing it, or not noticing. It's bad to see race, but the numbers don't lie, your eyes don't deceive you, a pattern is there and you can't ignore it. Maybe, it does mean something after all?It's bad to see race, but you see it. You're parents and friends see it but explain it's not all. Not all that way. We can live together, have shared values and morals because not all rob and murder. Not all.And many other in between. However, those who can look to the past without the filters of indoctrination can see the truth. Whites were a cohesive force. They recognized race, theirs and others. They noted the difference being beyond mere appearance. To deny them would be to deny reality. We denied reality and felt the consequences. Now, we're looking to restore it. To bring sanity back, true sanity, not the kind manufactured and drilled into us to make us docile. That involves knowing our people, loving our people, and dealing with who or what would harm them in whatever form they come in.

Saying white lives dont matter and backing the words with actions.

>>265096458CNN=Hate News

>>265085169Someone needs to teach the newfags how to sage jesus christ

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