A Russian in Japan

I want to live in Japan not because of Anime, but because I love the nature, architecture and culture.If I respect your laws, learn Japanese and pay taxes, will I be accepted or I'll be killed by Japanese conservatives?

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>>265084035You will never be accepted, stay in your shithole and do everyone a favor.If you love japan you better stay out of it.

>>265084035Do you want to work to death?

>Wanting to live in a xenophobic shitholeweebs gonna weeb

>>265084258I'm a conservative myself, so if one day they'll say: Hey Russiafag, get the fuck out of our country, I'll do as they wish.Basically I want to pay taxes and get the opportunity to experience their culture.

>>265084035You will be at a bar with a bunch of Japos after a fun day at work, and you’ll be insanely drunk, and then from behind you you’ll feel a sting and you’ll look down and see steel poking out from your chest because you were stabbed in the back by a Japanese psychopath who you insulted somehow. That will be your last memory. The Japanese are insane don’t go there ever

>>265084403Xenophobic is good, xenophobia is what Japan great.>>265084308If it allows me to experience their life, why not.

>>265084403>xenophobicand it owns. i haven't seen a shitskin in 3 years

>>265084466But if you live in a city where foreigners are common thing, I'll highly doubt that they will kill me.

>2021 Russia declares war on Japan to protect the Russian people there>Russia gets its ass handed back to it just like 100 years agoMaybe stop forcing communism on people who don't want would be a good start? Fucking commie cunt

>>265084783You forget to take your pills, schizo.

I would love to live in Japan or Korea. However, wagecucking there is a significantly more miserable experience than probably anywhere else in the world. I want land in my old age, not a shitty closet in a cramped city

>>265084573it truly is a remarkable feeling

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>>265084035There’s a popular anime called haikyuu about volleyball. One of the rival players Lev is half Russian and they stress that point throughout the show. They make him out to be some sort of giant super human since he’s half Russian. They even state he has a far superior physical advantage over any full blooded Japanese. It’s quiet funny how they see white people are superior. So yea I think you’ll be fine.

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>>265085945youtu.be/YtyMmpV7V5wSee 2:55

>>265086437>youtu.be/YtyMmpV7V5wThe video is unavailable in my country hahahaha

>>265084035>A Russian in Japan

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>>265084035Fucking retarded mouthbreather. Just get tourist visa, fuck around see the country. And after that, judge.


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>>265084035>because I love the nature, architecture and culturewell you're not gonna get any of that you stupid GAIJIN. there is literally no nature in the cities, all the architecture is trash apartments, and culture is consooooomerism. maybe you'll enjoy an onsen trip over the weekend. I hope you don't have any tattoos.

>>265086710I’ll just post the dialogue then, it’s 2 coaches talking about him. The video is an episode OVA dedicated to him.

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>>265087432I don't have any, why? Do they hate tattoos?

>>265087457>>265087507Yes, this is all true, also we have longer dicks.

>>265085945Japs are superior to white niggers. White niggers are NPC like nigger loving cucks. Every western nation is nigger ridden shithole.

>>265084035if you can sing like this I won't kill youyoutube.com/watch?v=41_d4D7T6uI

>>265087613you won't be getting into any decent onsens with tats.

>>265087703Japanese don’t seem to think that is the case. Look at all the street interviews from Japan, literially everyone thinks whites are some sort of gods and want to be them.

>>265084573>Audible sigh...must be nice...

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>>265084035you would deserve your death gaijin pigBLACK DRAGON

>>265087894I'm a Russian white, not a Russian asian.

>>265084035stop saying its not because of anime you know damn well thats the only reason you weeb, japan is a complete shithole

why not Caхaлинcкaя oблacть? close enough

>>265087916sure bro

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>>265088066You know why people love Japan and Anime? Because they actually managed to conserve their culture.We did not and with every year it is becoming more "(((Americanized)))".

Tы чтo этих хyecocoв пoлyтopaмeтpoвых зaccaл?

>>265087613>>265087897>However, tattoo-friendly onsen do exist.[10] A 2015 study by the Japan National Tourism Organisation found that more than 30% of onsen operators at hotels and inns across the country will not turn someone with a tattoo away; another 13% said they would grant access to a tattooed guest under certain conditions, such as having the tattoo covered up.[6] Some towns have many tattoo-friendly onsens that do not require guests to cover them up. Two such towns are Kinosaki Onsen in Hyōgo and Beppu Onsen in Ōita.[11]>With the increase in foreign customers due to growing tourism, some onsens that previously banned tattoos are loosening their rules to allow guests with small tattoos to enter, provided they cover their tattoos with a patch or sticking plaster.[6][12]

>>265084035I cannot speak on behalf of Japanese people, but here in Finland, Russians and Finns get along really well. Though, in capital there are some Russian criminals and they bring some bad reputation, but overall most Russians live well and respect the Finnish nation and there's no issues whatsoever. I grew up in a low class neighborhood and there were a lot of Russians and they were all decent people.Kudos to you Ruski.

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>>265088192At least your millennials seem to at least be on the right politically. The US will be further left than Russia in a few years at this rate. As bad as it might seem, you could always be america

>>265084035Couldn't tell you op never been there. they seem nice though from videos.

>>265088192tons of eurotrash cultures maintained their cultures but know one here gives a fuck cause theyre weebs

>>265084035Come on, there's a bunch of Russian youtubers living in Japan. Just listen their stories and decide for yourself. Also I recommend "Япoнcкиe Гopoдoвыe" podcast to understand their culture better. It's as good as people tend to tell you actually.

>>265088628>not as goodquickfix

>>265088628>>265088703I understand that Japan is not heaven, it has a lot of shit going on.

>>265084035this i always wanted to live for a while in East Asia surrounded by cherry blossoms

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>>265084035I will learn Japanese and will teach Russian in some university in Tokyo. After work, I will drink beer with my colleagues and watch funny Japanese shows on TV in my shitty rented room. This dream keeps me going.

>>265088519russian millenials are like american millenials, hardly any difference. the conservative russians are mostly older people

>>265088958Иди нaхyй, кyльтypa кyльтypoй нo тян мoи.

>>265087916lol nice cope you delusional faggot. white niggers will go extinct when niggers outbreed you.

>>265089041Tы чё cyкa ты чё

>>265089001Yes, because they are connected to the internet and their minds are manipulated in the same way as the ones in USA.

>>265088958wouldnt you rather be around people who look like you

>>265084035you will suffer in Japan with out physical violence applied to you .

>>265089058yeah he even opened an account on one of their social media sites got couple of million followers in a single dayclown world

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>>265084466more chance of that happening in russia than japan

Why do you dislike Russia? I've been wanting to move there for a bit.

>>265084573Ah. So good to have no niggers and shitskins.

>>265084783>leaf educationThey got their land back and some random islands when they were communists retard. Their first war had nothing to do with spreading communism.

>>265089128a чтo, вы дyмaeтe Япoнeц бyдyт дpyгим? нe пoнимaю

>>265089866this person is stupid, he could move to Caхaлинcкaя oблacть like i already said. just a vagrant dreamer with no sense

>>265089866Russia very slowly is becoming America.The internet is destroying Europe and our countries because it manipulates children (and even adults) in believing that liberalism is good for us.Personally I don't feel pride in being Russian, we don't have a national idea anymore and our culture is getting replaced.

>>265084406Depends on your complexion. The whiter you are the better.If you're asian, you better be really light-skinned, speak good Japanese and act like them to be taken seriously.Caucasians have it on easy mode.

>>265084035Brother, don't listen to these guys shitting on Japan. I went there with my wife, who is Korean, while I was in the marine corps They treated us very kindly, despite all the bullshit going on between those two countries and them wanting our bases off their land (which I don't blame them for). The worst thing that happened to me was that I was not allowed in a bar...which was probably a no foreigners bar. Tbh, I respect any nation that actually has pride for their culture and makes damn sure that the majority population of their land is the native population. When I thought of Japan before I went, I literally imagined robots, anime and vending machines full of soiled panties. I never liked anime and probably never will...the shows can be serious as hell but will always have some faggoty talking monkey mouse bird thing that talks in an annoyingly childish voice. Anyway... Yeah, I'm not fond of the cities, but then again I'm not fond of any city really...but if I had to live in a city, it would be a Japanese city. Barring a few shitty areas (full of foreigners), Japanese residential areas are safe, clean and quiet. The food is great but can be weird, because after all, anything but burgers are weird to me...that's what non Americans think of our food preferences right? (but they do have some really weird shit...I saw horse veins on a menu).

>>265090149Taм кoнeчнo тoжe ecть cвoё дeгeнepaтcтвo, нo Япoния вcё eщe Япoния a нe пeндocтaн.

>>265090421(Continued)I've seen 5 year old kids walk through Tokyo back from kindergarten with no worries. I've seen mothers and children waiting for their dad to arrive at a train station, while waiving and smiling at other trains passing by. The rural areas are beautiful and you'll find history everywhere. I can talk all day about how much. All I will say is this: learn the language and don't fuck up their country. Follow whatever rules that exist, even the unspoken ones. Show them that you're a decent westerner (or whatever Russians refer to themselves as) and a good human being and you will do fine. They will never treat you as one of their own, but you will be treated right and you will make Japanese friends there. People who say that Japan is shitty or the people are shitty have either never been, or they are awful fucking people who shouldn't tarnish such a beautiful place. I hope they keep that hate and never visit. If you want to learn the language, there is a good app called lingo deer that I use. The trick is to write down everything you study instead of just clicking the answer.-this has got to be the longest post I've ever written, which should show my sincerity. Good luck, and remember: learn the language and don't be a piece of shit.

>>265090402my friend moved to Tokyo because he got a job to teach english to jap kids,the problem is he doesnt know a word of englishbut japs dont care since he is platinum blonde and haves grey eyes kek

>>265090421You exactly described my feelings towards Japan.Japan is what White countries should have become: Clean, safe, quiet and populated by the main inhabitants of the country.

>>265090430???? Япoния в дoлгy пepeд пeндocтaнoм. чтo

>>265090520Thank you for taking the time and writing your post.I'm very happy that Japan adheres to my own fantasies about it.I wish you a lucky, healthy and rich of experiences life :)

OP check out reddit japan circle jerk

>>265090858What are you talking about?What I said was:Japan is still japan, and not America.(What I meant to say is that Japan still retains their culture, something that "(((americanized)))" countries have lost)

>>265091071I'll never use Reddit ever again.That shithole is frequented by liberal junk and their opinions are a pile of shit.

>>265090430>Taм кoнeчнo тoжe ecть cвoё дeгeнepaтcтвo, нo Япoния вcё eщe Япoния a нe пeндocтaн.Go back to 2ch and continue discussion on Russian there

>>265084035The brother of my partner has a japanese girlfriend. Being a foreigner in Japan is not easy, at least learn japanese. Oh japanese women wouldn't be that pain in the ass if you are white. Except for Usa, japanese use to dislike them.If you want to be accepted by japanese conservatives: learn japanese, learn japanese and learn japanese. Even if you marry a japanese woman and have childs in Japan, you still will be the foreigner. But you will be pretty much "accepted" IF you learn japanese>>265090421


>>265091093yes, but Japan is a slave to America. so it can become degenerate at any moment, and then what do you do?>>265091263shut up pendos white nigger

>>265091265I think that living and a foreign country and not talk in their mother language is an insult. :)Thank you for your advice!

>>265091465I don't know honestly.Hopefully I'll be dead by the time Japan will get destroyed by chimps.

>>265091495Yep, i do think the same thing, good luck!

>>265090421>>265090520100% agree with you, the cities (Tokyo) are shit Osaka is a different vibe but amerika-ku is shit. Everything else is good fun and amazing, especially if you speak decent Japanese.

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>>265088320Based on my experience Russians who have emmigrated are good and who have stayed behind are bad. What I mean by good is they are hard-working and are utterly fed up with politics. They only want a house and a family.Then there are tourist Russians who are bad Russians who have saved their whole life for a single trip and believe they are entitled for everything. You see plenty of them in Turkey and Egypt.

>>265084035There's like 4 of these threads a day now. It's getting stupid. Deserters will be shot.

>>265091638Holy shit you are so fucking based right now.This is what actually happens and trust me that normal Russian people despise them as much as foreigners do.

>>265091690Why you escaped Zealand then?Why are you living in New Zealand?Deserters will be shot.

>>265091942My great great great grandparents came here from Scotland on commission to the throne to build boats to kill Maori in the South Island. Do you see any Maori in the South Island?I was born in this country coward. Yet you'll run away from yours because you can't handle a bit of heat? Pathetic.

>>265092584You don't know nothing about "heat".A heart surgeon in my city gets 500 dollars a month, what are you talking about faggot?This is not heat, this is degeneracy.

>>265084466The violent crime rate in Japan is extremely low.(Comparing Russia because OP)nationmaster.com/country-info/compare/Japan/Russia/Crime


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Hokkaido perfect for foreigners. Shit their city doesn't look anything like japan. And for some weird reason, they love russian and parisian there. Maybe it's because they are the closest region to Russia.

Hacкoлькo нyжнo быть TУПOPЫЛЫM чтoбы cпpaшивaть этo здecь.

>>265093155oh thats so nice

>>265093668Я нopм oтвeты пoлyчил, шлюхa тyпaя

>>265084573just go to shin okubo, enjoy

>>265084035You just want to root 12yo schoolgirls you degenerate

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Want more?

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>>265084035>japanese architecture and culture

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>>265093863No, return to Holla Forums

>>265088192wow so much traditional culture it's just like ancient japan

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>>265093911Pretty impressive after it was pretty much flattened totally in 1945

>>265094077looks like hell to me

>>265093745Шлюхa этo твoe пpизвaниe и oпpeдeлeниe, этoт тpeд в дoкaзaтeльcтвo.

>>265094053Wow, Japan is shit because you sent 2 pictures of the most consumerists cities!!

>>265094172It looked worse when it was all ruins

>>265094327Tвoё мнeниe для мeня ничтo, чypкa.

>>265094397Still though, in saying that it would be nice to see a few more parks and trees

>>265094465Я нe чypкa, шлюхeнция. Пpидyмывaй ceбe чтo yгoднo, нo вce знaют, чтo ты шлюхa.

>>265092742>500 $ a month as a heart sergeonLiterally? What city are you living in?

>>265095025It doesn't matter, if you are not living in Moscow, St. Petersburg you are getting 250 dollars a month for a "common job" and 500 if you have a well payed job. (programmer, surgeon and so on)

>>265095223Thought so.. How much does renting a 1 room apartment cost monthly, in your city for example if you get approx 250 dollars?I mean how do even actually survive on that there

>>265084035You're a white nigger to japs.

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>>265084403xenophobic isn't even a real word.

>>265095630We consume less.Only the rich buys an Iphone, good clothes and so on.Products are a little bit cheaper and many companies cut their prices in half, for example videogame companies sell their steam games half the price (new AAA games)Also second hand clothes stores and chink stores are a common thing.An appartment rent that has 1 room costs something around 100 dollars.

>>265095630>300-500$ for monthIt's true for the most post-soviet countries actually. That's why those who have at least half brain try to leave it. As for the rent usually, it's close to half of your salary so I would say 100-200 for one room. But ofc it's much higher in major cities like Moscow

>>265095708They consider us niggers because of the retarded tourists, anime faggots and propaganda.Japan and Russia were enemies and we took some islands from them, they are angry at us :C

>>265096063Well that's tight damn.. thank you both for answering, just one more question how much does a retired person get then, or someone who is too disabled to work etc? Same question regarding welfare when you are looking for job atm unemployed

>>265084035>I want to live in Japan not because of Anime,yeah sure

>>265096808Pension is 200-250 dollars a month. (the minimal is around 150)I was considered disabled for a year because of a trauma while I was a child, I got 200 dollars + 100 dollars because my mother didn't have a job.Disability obviously have some "levels"If you are blind you get more money.In my city you get 50 dollars a month while you are looking for a job for 3 months, if you do not accept the job offers you get btfo and you'll get nothing :3

>>265096808Also keep in mind that the Rublo is not stable, so 200 dollars before are 150 dollars today.

>>265084258>If you love japan you better stay out of it.this

>>265084035you'll be fine

>>265084035fucking weeb !

>>265088958That is good anonFollowing a realistic dreamDint give up!

>>265089215This, fucking retard rusnigger is being part of the globalist problem.

>>265084258Asian genes are strongA hapa will make an Japanese kid with another JapOnly white genes get muttified

Does anyone have a screenshot from that Japanese guy saying that russians are like blacks, but the wrong colour?

>>265084035>I love the nature, architecture and culture.You do know they don't all live in a pagoda, wearing silk whilst practising their swordsmanship right?

are you learning the language? you need to be able to pass JLPT-N3 to migrate there.

>>265100328Anon already sent that pictures.The opinion of one person is useless.>>265100329I'm not a mutt.


>>265084035Acceptance requires more than following laws and learning the language. You'll have to be more hardcore than they are about their own culture.

>>265100000True and checked.

>>265100921like what?

>>265100486>russian>not a muttBruh you're like a 1/10th arabic, 2/10th mong, 2/10ths jew and the rest a bunch of shitty eastern european reject.fuck off

>>265101152Cope harder.I'm whiter than you.

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>>265084035This is all bull. Most Japs will probably think you're American as they think Russians are super poor. You'll be bathing in pussy once you go there because of your white phenotype. Japanese woman are one of the biggest race traitor whores out there.t. Japanese-American former USAF SrA, formerly stationed somewhere in Japan

>>265101026literally hate every other asian especially chinese, koreans, and any dark skinned asian is a monkey no better than an animal. Oh and blame the koreans for the black in japan thats a huge thing. also get drunk with your coworkers otherwise they think your hiding something.

>>265087187>zina boydThat Mangaka was based

>>265101375What a mutt thing to say.

>>265101523Is that true that they are sexual fetishists? The weird stuff always comes from Japan.>>265101528I'm 0% asian and have no connections with koreans or chinks in any way.I'm the purest white, I think I'm good enough for them.

>>265084035nips really loves ruskis for some reason

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>>265101823no im telling you thats what you need to do, appearances are everything

>>265101152>amerimutt>calling others mutts

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>>265084783>canadian education

>>265084258>>I like Stacy, not just because of her boobs but for her nice face and tight round ass as well.>>STACY WILL NEVER ACCEPT YOU, KNOW YOUR PLACE AND FUCK YOUR SLAMPIG. IF YOU LOVE STACY, BETTER LEAVE HER WITH TYRONE!

>>265101920Oh yeah, sorry.I didn't read the "hate" word ;)No problem with that, I already hate everyone, no skin color and beliefs can save you from my hate.

>asking permission from a group of frustrated incelsHah, didn't realise Russians were this pussy. Kys Ivan.

>>265102265Germans are cucks.

>>265102341I'm not asking permission, i just wanted to create a conversation and I did it successfully u-u

>>265101823Only the ones in the metroplexes, just like German women.

>>265102515I will avoid metroplexes then, a conservative (white cocksucker) jappo is all I need.

>>265084035Do you plan to have children there?

>>265102681I'm interested in adopting.I had some minor problems with health and I was always against the reproductions of broken human beings.

>>265084258This. Just stay in your country. Immigration and racemixing is degenerate. You're not a true Conservative.


>>265084258For once, you're right, Hans

>>265084258Why does this site suck so much nip dick when it was a nip-Austrian that invented the Kalergi Plan and if it weren’t for nip niggers, hundreds of thousands of whites wouldn’t have died in the pacific theatre of the war.Yeh death to kike mungrals/ chinks for the war but ffs nip aren’t nearly as respectable as pol’s weeb side make them out to be.

>>265102834Do you have a plan of how you're gonna work? Did you look at job applications?

>>265103024Currently I'm studying to become a doctor.Probably in the future I'll be doing research (hopefully in Japan), or I can become just a simple local doctor.

>>265102678Trust me, you being a white man in Japan, you'll have nothing to worry about. Like in any country, stay away from the vices. Hope you make it there and good luck.

>>265084035Sounds like a /bant/ thread, no?

>>265103170You would probably need to be really fluent if you wanna do that. Are you already learning japanese?

>>265103357Yes, currently learning Genki + practicing in Anki (Anki is an awesome software for spaced-repetition)

>>265103263Thank you bro, I wish you the best in your life.

Oh well, until its moved to /bant/ my advice is to learn Nihongo until something like N3-N2, then actually try to get into the uni in Japan.

>>265103528Thank you Бpo, i'll check Nihongo

>>265103010A million whites dead fighting against the nips is no where near as bad as what is going on today in the west. The complete ethnic replacement of europeans.Hell one hundred million australians and americans could have died fighting the japanese but if at the end of the day both civilisations and peoples still existed and thrived then we could have recovered

>>265084035Lots of russians in Japan

I want to move to Japan as well friend, this Jewish country is to awful. The west is collapsing and only Asia is worth saving.

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>>265084035I'm moving back to the UK in a weeks time and have been living here for 3 years.I'd recommend raising kids here just for the education system and lack of degeneracy overall.Matsuyama castle has a nice garden dedicated to a Russian and a Japanese nurse.

>>265104178based :3Fuuuck why Japan classical architecture is so good.Now I understand why nips produce so much art.

>>265103416will you find a japanese girlfriend or an also foreign one?

>>265104436This does not depend from me, if love will find me I'll accept it.

fuck off nigger, we are full.You weebs are fucking cancer, along with "english teachers " flooding our streets.

>>2651047441. I don't watch anime crap2. I'm not going to teach you English3. I'm going to pay taxes and fuck your womanIt seems pretty reasonable.

>>265102290you better like jap, white american, brittsh, sweedes

>>265105148As you wish dominatrix, what else can I do?

>>265105205they think white english teachers are there to the underage girls

>>265105268Not far from the truth tho, but I'm not an English Teacher baka!

>>265105355beer every meal no soda ashia or something

>>265105580Are you sure? I thought they drink sake and other traditional shit.

>>265105687I think your perception of them being "traditional" is overinflated, even more if you live in a big city.

>>265105687they drink sake yes but beer is their version of soda its more common to eat with your meals than soda/juice and normally you have some sake after not during

>>265105876All the countries are the same, the main cities are all the same, the culture there is minimal and outside them you can see what the real country is about.I just was wondering why beer? Why nips like it so much.

>>265105955Ohh I see, thank you.

>>265084035hahahha. Russians in Japan. I remember seeing some show - not sure if it was a reality tv show from Russia where the host goes to Japan and in one scene she starts running all over a zen rock garden and freaking everyone out there. Can't remember her name or the name of the show but don't be that kind of Russian visitor.

>>265106086npnp hope it goes well for you fren