Weathergate General #17: Sponsored By Pinochet Edition

Remember those commie terrorists from Weather Underground affiliated with the Black Panthers that started throwing Molotovs in the 1970s and 80s and graduated to bombing, robbery and murder that you've never heard about that we put in prison for life and the Clinton's pardoned? Of course you don't. Well, they're running, influencing and financing BLM now. And the rest of the Democratic Party lobbying is a communist hellscape.Have a redpill user, they said. Learn about the communists, they said. Wake up call motherfuckers. This is the literal Pandora's Box of communist influence in modern US society. Care to find out just how BLM is tied to Occupy Wall Street, rich oil barons, Walnut Sauce Tom Steyer, the Clintons, Obama, the fucking Sandanistas and just about every other Fund and NGO on the planet? Read on.

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Legend:Triangle: personSquare: organisationCircle: movement or temporary orgDiamond: product or publicationRed: known or highly suspected to be communistBlue: DNC or DNC controlled (at the time of edge link)Grey: undetermined or unclear affiliationBlack edge (line): influenceGreen edge: fundingEdges are weight and direction dependent. Heavier the line, the more cash or influence.//BREADSPrevious Threads:Thread 1>> 2>> 3>> 4>> 5>> 6>> 7>> 8>> 9>> 10>> 11>> 12>> 13>> 14>> 15> 16>

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Latest Ghostbin: first rule of Weathergate is don't talk about Weathergate (until we're done).The second rule of Weathergate is don't talk about Weathergate.The third rule of Weathergate is archive anything you look at right away and post the archive link.The fourth rule of Weathergate is lead, follow or get the fuck out of the way.The fifth rule of Weathergate is opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one.>CIA and British Intel indirectly funding BLM??>see last bread for exhaustive list of other leads to be tracked down>Anon5 joined us, fuck ya!>Tying Hilldawg to Saul Alinsky, SDS and Weather Underground and possibly Antifa>Still a lot of work to do to isolate the Hunt family and prove links that they are founders of BLM using Garcia and others as proxies>We are now using SocNetV to map these networks--if you are serious and want to help, we can talk about access to the Git but RTFM>STILL need more research and digs>DOs: READ THE OTHER BREADS, bump, provide high level analysis and suggest avenues we may have missed or forgotten about from previous breads>DONTs: sperg out and be Captain Obvious without reading this shit. Yes we know 1000C finances BLM, that's not a revelation. Yes, there are Jews aplenty in these networks but it's not specifically about them. Pointing out that Soros is involved is a waste of our time, we know. And don't bother asking us what we hope to accomplish at this point.>Once we have a comprehensive overview of these networks with SAUCE, we will spam the shit out of every rep, talking head and ally until somebody blows it open. It was pointed out in previous breads that the Feds probably know about all this shit but need public acceptance to actually do something about it without seemingly cracking down on "benevolent" organizations>and thank you to every user which has been a part of this to date, this isn't just a couple of us, we're a team

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Thread tools:keywiki.orghttps://www.influencewatch.orghttps://www.discoverthenetworks.orgVids if you need to get acquainted/need

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>>265080458Bump for Epstein and Issac Capo

RECAPFord Foundation links to Foundation(CIA) offshoot is: Movement for Black Lives(BLM), which is supported by: Alliance for Global Justice (AFGJ) (Commies), which supports Refuse Fascism(Antifa)Movement for Black Lives(BLM) is also funded by: Borealis Philanthropy. BP funds, and supports arms(Foundations) lead up to: Service Employees International Union (SEIU)It goes like this: SEIU>ABNY>DP>DA>big orgs>BLMGNF>smaller BLM orgs.See sauce to link all

>>265080643Update to this

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just to reiterate: >>265078982 >>265079939

>>265081200Checked. Saved. Great work Leafbrah.

>>265080458Bless you user you're truly doing God's work. We stand with you

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>>265081375Just remember, it is about exposing the commies. As simple as that

Cathlyn vs. Bernardine? If you were hanging out with a bunch of Weather Underground communist chicks with tons of coke available and every day could be your last, which one would you do? I think Cathlyn would like a good railing but Bernardine probably smokes a mean cock.Tough choice man.

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>>265081557Yeah. We had a couple people that were trying to weasel it in.

>>265080744Would a copy of Hillary's senior thesis be useful? It was on Saul Alinsky. I can't access it on gutenberg though


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>>265080458They invented what is known as critical race theory. For example, the term "white privilege" was invented by a communist named Noel Ignatiev.

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>>265081912Some user posted it in like Thread #13, or so. He said she hung out with him. We linked her with two other Alinsky students. I haven't read it, yet, though.

>>265082476OyVey. Gross.

>>265080458Bump for PonochetS to spit on commie "shotgun to the face" Allende


>>265082205That's pretty quick. Have you mastered the program yet?


>>265082762Mastered? No. Working on that, And I'm not quick, my desktop workstation is...


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>According to the IRS, “all section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office. Contributions to political campaign funds or public statements of position (verbal or written) made on behalf of the organization in favor of or in opposition to any candidate for public office clearly violate the prohibition against political campaign activity.”>ActBlue Charities is also a 501(c)(3), as is Thousand Currents

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Keep this shit bumped user its the most important thread on the board (juuuust above Biden saying the N word)

>>265082931Kek. Same here, especially after digging. Having a robust rig helps a lot. You seem to be doing quiet well with it.


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>>265083174That, and his whip cracking ancestors is pretty good ammo. Like we needed anymore, lol.

>>265080458>Remember those commie terrorists from Weather UndergroundYes, i do :Obama was personal friends with the leader(s).They planned(!) To kill 38million americans ( they calculated that 38mil can not be reeducated. They were allready figuring out the logistics. ).Obama personally pardoned all of them ( not Clinton afaik ).

>>265083446FUCK YA BRUH

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>>265083148Seems to be more 501(c)(4) that are involved. ActBlue Civics is the 501(c)(4) arm of the left-of-center pass-through political action committee ActBlue and its 501(c)(3) pass-through affiliate ActBlue Charities. ActBlue Civics functions as a fundraising platform that facilitates donations to other 501(c)(4) left-leaning activist organizations.


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The Chalupa-Kimberlin connection

Noob question, how do I download an archive from 4plebs with all the images expanded? I see that if I just save the html doc, it seems to save the thumbnails only.

>>265083570Bill/Hillary/Obama/Nadler/Stacy Abrams all have connects to them. A lot more also.

Remember when The Weather Underground broke Timothy Leary out of prison, took him to Algeria where he teamed up with the Black Panthers? He then did a 180 and started advocating for the unending of society and the murder of police? I always found that so bizarre.>Resist physically: robot agents who threaten life must be disarmed, disabled, disconnected by force... Arm yourself and shoot to live... Life is never violent. To shoot a genocidal robot policeman in the defense of life is a sacred act.His full

>>265084147Leary was CIA.

>> are you guys so obsessed with a smartphone app? /s


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>>265083748So is it illegal, if Actblue say- raises money for democratic candidates?

>>265084230>>265084312>>265084451Good sources user just posted in 16


>>265084290>Leary was CIA.Yes, he was obviously an asset of theirs at minimum. I just found it odd that he "turned" into a violent militant so quickly. I guess that was the part they wanted him to play at that point.

>>265080458Vote in the straw

Pinochet was awesome. But you need to give credit to admiral merino. The real mastermind of the salvation of Chile.Fought in ww2 also.Follow our steps. Torture the shit out of the assholes and then throw them of helicopters to the bottom of the ocean.Is the only way to deal with commies.A bullet to the head.

>>265084681Thanks!They’re old.I’ve been torn between digging into WUO to find old leads and tactics & also digging into BLM to compare those leads.

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>>265084642It's such a tangled mess, who knows. Maybe some legal anons could help out with that. It's no easy's a good start if you want to work the campaign finance law angle.


>>265085231>>265084642501c4 can be political501c3 isn’t supposed to be

>>265084908man we did everything wrong, thanks to the "exiled" it's why chile was accused for muh human time, no exiled, just corpses


>>265080458Sad they let the order sit in prison for life for real for doing the exact same things. There was a few groups that did terrorist things that were in fact commies and got super light sentences.

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Watching a documentary on this group.They come across as a bunch of MKULTRA subjects.I doubt they're in charge of anything, just a deterrent.

>>265085365Yep. Put them in rail cars, and ship them to the ocean.

>>265082655S con orgullo

>>265085873They are the one mentoring the next generation of commies.See: >>265081177So, it wouldn't be a stretch to think that.

>>265083366>>265081200>>265081200What's really interesting (to me?) is that the hunch that led us and others into digging into this shit in the first place is mathematically supportable. If you look at the cluster of actors in the middle of the SNA radius it's BLM, 1000C, AFGj, all the [usual suspects]. I'm using a proximity prestige grouping algo from work which started on the concept in 1979. >Proximity prestige generalizes prestige by considering both actors connected directly and indirectly to the actor i>If Ii (called the influence domain of actor i) is the set of actors that can reach actor i, we can define proximity d(j,i) as the shortest path distance from actor j to actor i>Proximity prestige is based on the average distance, i.e., where |Ii| is the size of the set Ii >Proximity prestige is based on the average distance[equation related in pic]In English, what that means is that no matter how many other actors I add to this dB, and there clearly are a lot, the proximity distribution is not likely to decrease much for the aforementioned [usual suspects] which means we're bang on with our suspicions. This is not a provable approach yet from a mathematical standpoint, but is approaching one.Further distilled, this means that for the past 3 decades, TPTB have been concentrating their funding and efforts into grooming AFGj, 1000C and ultimately BLM and we can prove it. I'm fucking pumped knowing this now. >please pardon the blog postCurrent thread

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>>265087051Yep. When you start digging into the persons they groomed they all started in the same "grassroot" activist circles. Then suddenly BLM pops up with, surprise, the same end goals as the old commie groups. That's an interesting explanation. Pic related.

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blm + antifa are just same shit different decade

>LeftRootsLeftRoots is associated with the Freedom Road Socialist Organization/Liberation Road. It launched as a formal organization in 2014 with our first local branch in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are now working with comrades around the United States to start branches in a number of other cities. It came out of Steve Williams and N’Tanya Lee's Ear to the Ground Project.In 2018 LeftRoots "is a national organization of 250 frontline organizers and activists, committed to politically developing their members to lead social movements across the U.S."[1]The LeftRoots publication is Out to Win!.LeftRoots HangOuts are national, online political education spaces for social movement leftists - revolutionaries and radicals engaged in frontline mass organizing, movement building, people's struggles - to have dialogue about critical left ideas and inspiring movement work collectively. Past HangOuts have featured Alicia Garza on Black Lives Matter, Marta Harnecker on 21st Century Socialism, George Ciccariello-Maher on Venezuela, comrades from MXGM & FRSO on Jackson Rising, and Sandra Moran on Grassroots Internationalist Feminisms, M. Adams, a Black Queer Wimmin, dad, political theorist, movement scientist and community organizer. She is the co-executive director of Freedom Inc. and co-founder of Young Gifted and Black Coalition in Madison, WI. Biju Mathew is Secretary of the National Taxi Workers Alliance and is active in developing transnational strategy to combat the religious right. [11] Transformation of Self & Society with Raquel Lavina, Staci Haines & Spenta Kandawalla (2013.11.08) Venezuela & the Bolivarian Revolution with George Ciccariello-Maher (2014.04.03) Jackson Rising with Ash-Lee Henderson & Sacajawea Hall (2014.04.29)[12]

>>265087051That's pretty big brain. So I guess it would it be possible to eventually visually map this out temporally, too, while tracing the entities as they transformed or their names changed. Something that complex would take a while though.

>>265084784Thanks user I will check it out!

Thread #16:

funniest thing is WUO’s origins started way way way back as a Railroad Fraternity.The railroad fraternities used to pay for insurances because the railroad firemen (coal shovelers) would be harmed frequently and had low pay. These fraternities bonded together and created one of the first unions of the members of ARU organized a protest/strike and was jailed for sedition iirc.. well during jail a bunch of commies sent him literature and also visited him in prison.. he came out with a 180 and later on became one of the most prolific socialist in the US (Eugene Debs)>Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen & Enginemenwhich bonded together to merged into made the student grew up to form made their own Student version–59)Who formed the as we all know gave birth to WUO.I recently have bought a few books on Eugene Debs and read about his conversion. I also downloaded some of Yuri’s books and in one of them he mentions this guy: Stanislav Levchenko who helped John Barron write a book about Soviet Active Measures.not much info out there and it was hard to get some of his books but I got them and am hoping to scan them soon.

>>265088414Are you the same LGBT flag which has been posting in these threads all week? i certainly hope you are.Yes, Further (Führer kek), using filters in SocNetV we can demonstrate conclusive Spatio-Temporal relationships. The dB supports it after all... For instance, we're already tracking temporal transforms like IDEX > 1000C in this dataset. It's fucking wild dude.

Pinochet was a piece of shit. Criminal and thief.

>>265089914none of this info is particularly relevant but shows how closely related unions are to the dems and how they operate.which reminds me how SEIU wears purple during the purple revolution and has been known to be hired thugs.That info is also not completely relevant but just more of some back history for anyone that was curious.

>>265081515Echo. This is truly God's work. Thank you. Best general in a long time.Hard to find time, but I'll try to help.

>>265090075Chew some glass and die, faggot.

>>265089914page of Love letter to america where he references Stanislav

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>>265089914It goes like this: SEIU>ABNY>DP>DA>big orgs>BLMGNF>smaller BLM orgs.See sauce to link all relevant.

>>265090524is me

>>265080458Bump for dead commies

>>265090620I agree on relevancy.just my small history post isn’t holding a lot of documentation info or stuff directly relevant to today’s protest (indirectly yes)

>>265090524Good read. Yuri warned us; many didn't listen. Useful Idiots get the wall.

>>265082655Ive just read " Oro Cañones Decmocracias " any more book like this?

>>265090776It's always good to have context. We at Holla Forums know this, but, most people would say, "How is that relevant?"

>>265090620Hamas > UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office > SEIU–-astroturfing-for-hamas/

>>265091020They get the wall by their own people.This part of the book (and talk) has always struck deep.Think about all of their assets they have in place now. They wiped out an entire town of 20K sympathizers overnight with just dips and documentation..... now they own facebook, Twitter, and all social media assets. They build profiles of you “for (((advertising)))” even if you don’t have an

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>>265091237It's really good to see staunch supporters of a particular cause actually giving a shit. We still don't have a conclusive link to CCP. Just throwing that out there man.

>>265091237Unrestricted Warfare is essential reading, to understand the kikeroaches.

>>265091309accurate.>>265091432And how social media fills the role that Yuri used to do... gathering data and influencing people.Like how Anon5 talked about the leftists having (((christmas lists))).

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>>265091717>>265091682uuuugghhh im not posting that again. ANYway I plan to contribute more to the CCP side, I just need to look into stuff from previous threads.

>>265091918That was weird man, I had a piss and came back and shit is all fucked up. We always welcome and encourage all contributions without reservation.

Stuff like this might be useful for further validating our claim that the whole BLM thing is just a front for marxism.

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>>265091432>>265091724I remember that. They also have software that can predict the mood you were in, when you typed a certain post. They build a psychological profile on you to map what input stimuli you are susceptible to, for a given reaction.

>>265091047read "El Dia Decisivo"

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>>265092261I have some stuff I could explain about BLM, but just by looking at the news, not hardcore digging. I think it ties into how Obama made that weird legislation about UN troops in the US.

>>265091376Yep. Thanks for that. I wanted to find that link it the earlier threads. Are you the user the made it?Non-pozzed archive:

>>265092755Shouldn't be difficult for anyone to understand, basically they are trying to bait Trump into activating Obama's old legislation. I don't have a source on the specifics of that law of course when I look at this article what do I find --- the new "UN troops" are largely Chinese.Basically this is all a huge play to eat away at American sovereignty and give it to China.

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>>265092597So was OWS.The controversial leftist organization, Alliance for Global Justice, accepted tax-deductible contributions on behalf of OWS[95] and managed OWS’s finances.[96] The union-owned Amalgamated Bank held OWS’s funds.[97]> Alliance for Global Justice (AFGJ) The Alliance for Global Justice (AFGJ, sometimes styled AfGJ) is an organizing group that serves as a fiscal sponsor to numerous left-wing initiatives, among them Refuse Fascism,[1] United Students Against Sweatshops, and Stop Mass Incarceration.[2] The group arose from the Nicaragua Network, an organization which supported the Communist-aligned Sandinista regime in Nicaragua.[3] The group describes itself as “anti-capitalist,” opposed to the principles of liberal democracy and individual rights, and favoring a “multi-polar” world order with powerful rivals to American international primacy.[4]The organization provides “fiscal sponsorship” to groups advocating numerous foreign and domestic far-left and extreme-left causes, including eliminating the State of Israel,[5] supporting convicted violent leftist extremists, and advancing various labor union efforts.[6] Fiscal sponsorship is a legal practice by which a parent 501(c)(3) organization can handle tax-deductible contributions on behalf of a project in alignment with its mission.[7]AFGJ has been criticized for close alignment with authoritarian or semi-authoritarian left-wing regimes in Latin America, including the Venezuelan Bolivarian socialist regime of Nicolas Maduro, the Nicaraguan communist Sandinista regime of Daniel Ortega, and the Cuban communist regime of Raul Castro. Persons associated with AFGJ have even affirmed the propaganda of the gulag state of North Korea.[8] got that from the Op Woke Gen.

Pastebin:>"20 Social Justice Organizations to Support Right Now">((("By The Editors")))AKA: 20 Communist Organizations Active in the Continued BLM Sedition Movement01.>"Black Lives Matter was founded in the wake of Trayvon Martin's murder back in 2013, and has been fighting for structural, community-based change ever since, advocating for an end to the violence and injustice inflicted on Black people in the US. It's necessary, hard work, and I'm proud to support it."02.>"I learned about the EJI through its founder, public interest lawyer Bryan Stevenson, and his book Just Mercy (an extremely educational read if you haven’t picked it up yet). EJI has been fighting racial and economic injustice in the prison system for 30 years and provides assistance to advocates and policymakers to prevent unfair incrimination."03. Campaign>"This group, founded in 2015, is dedicated to police reform and works with a 10-point plan aimed at reducing violence. It's always been an important cause but feels especially urgent now."

>>265080458Can an user pls send me info on the Clintons pardoning them?

>>265084784Following up on this, I clearly need to work on tweaking my settings cause it's taking ages. I mostly just wanted the images expanded, so I went ahead and wrote a little script that should work on and If anyone wants it ask and ye shall receive.

>>26509377404. The NAACP's Legal Defense and Educational>"The NAACP’s Legal Defense and Educational Fund uses litigation, advocacy, and public education to work towards racial justice and equality for all Americans. The organization is fighting to protect voting rights, reform the criminal justice system, and improve equal access to education, among other civil rights causes. In donating, you can pick where your money is directed (for example, towards police reform, education, or voting rights) or simply choose 'Where it’s needed most.' Right now, the organizationis specifically fighting for the arrests of the other three officers involved in George Floyd’s murder—as the nonprofit said in a recent Instagram post, 'Partial justice is not justice at all.'"That's something else I noticed!!.... A lot of them are using If you look at the Bail Fund stuff I posted in the last thread it has a few Salsalabs sites. 05. The Bail>"The Bail Project is a national fund that helps pay bail for people in need (including protesters). After a client's case ends, the bail is repaid back into the fund and recycled to help additional clients, so your donation is passed on."06. Community Bail>"Donating through this secure platform is an easy way to support protestors nationwide. The site equally divides your donation between 38 community bail funds or allows you to allocate a desired amount to each fund."

>>265093721>You got that from the Op Woke Gen.Yeah, and seemed pertinent to what we're doing here, at least with regards to the big picture discrediting BLM goal. So, figured I'd drop it here in case anyone found it useful.


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>>26509384007. Fair>"There is so much to be done, but I keep coming back to the need for fair elections. Voter suppression is widespread and endemic in this country and an election year is yet another reminder that our government cannot make progress until people of color are not disenfranchised at an alarming rate. This organization, founded by Stacy Abrams, is working to ensure free and fair elections."08. The>"This might be more of a long-view approach to social justice, but I am a huge supporter of the ACLU and its efforts to ensure the rights and privileges provided by the Constitution are available to every single person in this country."09. Color of>"I have donated to Color of Change, which is the largest online racial injustice organization. I can't accept the discrimination that people of color face, including but not limited to the criminal justice system, income inequality, and disparities associated with the current COVID-19 pandemic."10. The Loveland>"The Loveland Foundation, started by Rachel Cargle, is a nonprofit that provides financial assistance for Black women and girls seeking mental health support. I also purchased Cargle’s lecture series Unpacking White Feminism to learn more about the history of feminism and race."

>>265092740im asking a lot but theres a none manipulated version of this book?

>>265085365Tell me about it.We are so fucked bro.Commies fucking infiltrated everything.There is no way that we can win against 30 years of massive infiltration. The right went full cuck.The moment covid ends shit will get real.

>>26509390611. George Floyd Memorial>"I am supporting the fight for justice by donating to the George Floyd Memorial Fund. This fund raises money to directly support George’s family with costs related to his death, including funeral and burial expenses, counseling and travel expenses for court proceedings as they continue their fight. The money will also go towards care for his children and their education fund."one of these is triggering spam

>>265093774Good link. Will look into any we have missed. That reminded me when I was digging, I came across a Sanders campaign consultant that recently went to jail for sneaking weapons into an unfinished prison, so future inmates could break out, kek. These 'people' are insane.

>>26509419712. Reclaim the>"Reclaim the Block is a Minneapolis-based organization that is working to move money out of policing and into community-led safety. They organize around policies and strategies focused on reduced investment in police, diverting those resources to build a community that has real safety. Their goals: investment in affordable housing, accessible mental health services, community violence prevention, and youth services, the resources that will help communities stay safe." 13. Communities United Against Police>"Communities United Against Police Brutality (CUAPB) operates a 24-hour hotline in Minneapolis for people to report instances of abuse in their area. If needed, CUAPB will send out a crisis team to investigate the report, offer immediate assistance, and provide legal, medical, and psychological resources into the future. CUAPB also provides educational programs to teach communities about the detriments of police brutality and justice system issues.">24-Hour Hotline: (removed) 14. The Brennan Center For>"One major long term strategy for achieving social justice is ensuring that we have a real democracy in which all voices are heard. The Brennan Center fights for voting rights, election security, campaign finance reform, electoral college reform, and an end to mass incarceration, among other avenues to achieving justice and fair representation."

>>265094301holy shit that’s mental

>>26509432615. The Committee to Protect>"The arrest of CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez is only the most prominent example of widespread attacks on journalists right now, not just those covering the protests that erupted in the aftermath of George Floyd’s killing but those who’ve been tirelessly speaking truth to power for the last four years. The Committee to Protect Journalists is a lifeline for members of the media to continue pursuing their important reporting at a time when the freedom of the press is under siege." 16. The Southern Poverty Law>"From monitoring hate groups to seeking justice for vulnerable people and educating youth on the value of diversity, the Southern Poverty Law Center is doing the work to fight hate and systemic bigotry in this country." 17. Emergency Release>"The Emergency Release Fund is part of the National Bail Fund Network and works to get trans people out of jail and back on their feet—even if they've missed court dates. It's doing necessary work for people who don't always get the help and resources they need and I'm proud to support it."

>>26509442818. Assata's>"Assata's Daughters is an amazing organization in Chicago, run by Black women to benefit the Black community. Its projects aim to educate, support, and organize Black people in the city."19. The Okra>"There are so many groups that need attention and funding right now, but one organization I've donated to recently is the Okra Project, which aims to provide healthy meals to food insecure Black trans people in New York City."20. Black Women's Health>"I donated to the Black Women’s Health Imperative, the only national organization dedicated solely to the mental and physical health of black women and girls. The organization creates programs and advocates for policies to improve the health and care of black women nationwide."

These are all obviously fronts but some of the worrisome ones are 12 & 18.18 reminds me of the all female feminist leftist bombers back around WUO days

Bump, commies deserve the chopper

>>265094624>Assata's DaughtersThey are tied in with BLM. Some user was making those connects in like thread #8 - #10. I think.

>>265094185It's never late to expose jewish/masons/communist are working together to your relativesthey believe you if you dont get angered while talking/explaining them about italsoHow its that communists/left and part of the" right" pray for constitutional change?Them both extremes are sided in that topicyou can start by signaling this point, with luck it's going to make "click" on their minds and make them ask themselves if it is the ultimate win against oppresshun evul capitalism

First time in really tuning into these threads, and it just makes too much sense that TWU are mentoring these new commies. Fuck me.

>>265094918I’ll have to go back and read all the threads.desu I just saw a “WUO” related thread earlier and clicked because I’m already into researching them.This is hands down one of the best generals I’ve been in — in many years.I stopped coming to Holla Forums a couple years ago. Looking forward to more and also memeing.I don’t know if any other anons were around for CFG, but some of these anons are right about bitsize pieces.. but that can be handled separately.Autists

>>265082655SSSS S S S S S S S S SSSS S S S S S S S SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS And 400 times S!

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>>265095559very very good idea so we can streamline responsibilities and make this more efficient

>>265095326dumb isolater trying to push anons into emotional problems with family.

>>265095686has to be shared responsibilities in some fashion. the one thing that will keep people on track is regular posting and good quality.Quality Memes & Quality Researchnothing says people can’t do both.

>>265093470kind of reminds me about the COG stuff.Continuity of Government plans.i.e. if martial law is declared than the shadows take over legal responsibility and backseat the’s been a while since seeing any of that.

>>265095559No worries, brah. There's a lot of info to digest. That the direction we're wanting to go. We are brainstorming the best way to categorize the info, so that everyday people can follow it, without having to read a months worth material.

>>265095695 i forgot about the repercussions of doing it

>>265095878True, its better if there isn't some rigid structure. But for anyone who doesn't know how to contribute, just taking a bit of this information and trying to make a visually striking meme, etc could be something they could handle.

Did the shill from the last thread give up?

>>265096077Maybe that’s a way of doing it.Reading the threads from the beginning like you’re a brand new person and noting down the critical things & connections while also making side notes about how to explain those in a quick fashion.eventually this will condense and compact the information into a narrative for memeing.but meme’s also rely on the person not always having complete understanding of what’s happening but touching on their real feelings about what’s happening.Nothing against using multiple strategies and of the best ways is to turn it into an avenue maker — allowing anyone to make memes out of the narratives that have been built.i.e. the riots — it doesn’t require an understanding of the groups paying the rioters to know what they’re doing is wrong — and then dropping a humorous seed in the image — in a non cringe way

>>265096169100% agree

>>265096544Checked. I like that plan. We just want to organize all connects into each stated end goal of the ogrs.

>>265096973good idea.That makes sense.each org has an ideology (goal,plan,actions,counteractions)much like how Soros and others used BLM to shoe horn AntiFa in, and they were waiting in the wings to move on to “La Raza” but AntiFa & BLM started working and taking hold so La Raza was backburnered but it’s still active.Listing out these groups goals (REAL goals, and stated goals) might help to predict upcoming moves in a sociopolitical nature.I personally feel they paid the cop to kill off that guy (if he’s even dead) — because they needed a martyr that fit the thousands of organizations they erected specifically for this type of an event.....same thing for Environmental organizations, race orgs, etc etc certain triggers and things have to be met before they’re publicly activated.

>>265097483>I personally feel they paid the cop to kill off that guy (if he’s even dead)It's more like what J. Edger Hoover said: Never let a good opportunity go to waste.

>>265098235>>265097483Either way, they have been trying to push for one of them, and would have kept trying.Ahmaud Arbery wasn't enough to spark outrage the full outrage. If Floyd hadn't worked they would've just kept trying until they got it. Actually I think I saw imagecaps of the exact same thing happening in multiple cities within those couple of days.

>>265080458This is one of the best things on Holla Forums ever.Crazy to see the CIA-niggers and us actually do something together for once

>>265080458Finally, a latin american that looks spanish. Just joking don't get mad. Honest question: what is the % in Chile of people looking as spanish? And looking as native american?

>>265095559>>265095686If we could highlight the biggest conclusions from all the research into a fairly small amount of "selling" points, probably most of Holla Forums will want to spam this all around social media in all kinds of creative ways.

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>>265100278Did someone change her Wikipedia like last fee days? Can't remember terrorist being on the description when I found the general and looked her up for the first time

>>265100278yeah, someone (or all of us really) could compile a list of bite sized "stories" that people could turn into infographs.personally I'm only really well versed on the CCP stuff so I could only do it for that sphere


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stop by to bump currently reading like a madman work quickly boys

>>265101813I'm sure they are scrubbing tons of stuff now.the CHAZ/CHOP official twitter also scrubbed their stuff and is now shut down, can't access it anymore.

>>265082655>>265084488>>265095666What did kek mean by this?

>>265102447kek has spoken

>>265080458Better dead than read.Fuck Commies and Fuck Jannies

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>>265080458Have a bump

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