>"Washington State">"Which one?"

>"Washington State">"Which one?"

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>>265077450of course this will die in the senate but imagine thinking the capital city actually needs to be a state, everyone who lives in DC should be murdered in minecraft, it's a city of nothing but parasites. it's the richest city in the USA and all of that money is tax dollars extracted from the provinces.

>>265077450Washington was a slave owning racist, I think the city should be renamed to Floyd.

I’m gona need a veto on this one

>>265077450DC would be the name of the state. Washington is the name of the city. Duh>Washington, DC>Seattle, Washington>>265077646ok but if not statehood then should they not have representation nonetheless?

>>265077450They can't, it's part of the deal the feds signed with Maryland and the Commonwealth of Virginia, in order to create the federal capital from the land of these two independent and free nation's, the feds can no grant statehood to D.C. it can however revert back to MD and VA proper.

>>265077450I can see them naming it George Floyd or some other retarded nigger shit.

>>265077937Fucking thank you for explaining this so simply that even a retard should get it.

>>265077937liked and subscribed

>>265077851They have plenty of representation


>government votes to give themselves more power and be less accountableOH BOY

Don't brush this off just because it will die in the current Senate. If Dems win in November, they WILL be able to do this and they'll go for it because it will just about give them permanent control of the Senate.Think of how far left the Overton window is right now. Look at this insane situation. We're on the defensive trying to stop the Left from fabricating new states to permanently disenfranchise us, and they're on the cusp of being able to achieve it. I've never seen anything like it. Trump's win in 2016 has led this nation to going harder left than ever before. These people and their lemmings have been absolutely frothing at the mouth for the past 4 years and won't stop. They're never going to leave us alone. We can't live with these people anymore. We need to divorce and balkanize. We need to get out while we still can.

>>265077450I fucking hate the Democrat party so much. LIterally everything they do is some fucking power grab. It's fucking disturbing. They haven't done a single thing to improve the lives of the people in this country.

>>265081328>Democratic party is supposed to be for the everyman>Turns out they're completely power hungry and demented to Hell and backLearning that fucked with my world view a lot. How do people just not realize this?

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>>265077937>They can't do that, it's against the rulesThe rules mean fucking nothing. They'll do it and get a judge to sign off on it.

so many things happening, and im too lazy to keep track

Petition to rename Washington DC to Floyd in honor of the new Black Jesus.

>>265077450It's afraid. It wants more D electors since migration out of CA NY IL NJ is shifting the balance.

>>265081798>>Democratic party is supposed to be for the everymanWhat are you talking about? The Republican party is literally the party for normal humans. The Democrat party is like a fucking bar scene from Star Wars

>>265077937I believe the land for Virginia was returned to them, so it’s really just part of Maryland.

>>265077937But judges just legislate from the bench now. If leftists don’t get what they want through the democratic process they just use the judiciary. Whether it’s authoritarian or democratic, leftism must advance.

>>265077851Would it not be called columbia?

>>265082027That's what I was brought up being told: That the Dems were for the people, and that the Republicans were for the rich.

>Pluto is not a planet>DC is going to become a stateUmm, no sweaty, no chance in hell this is gonna happen.

How will it affect US?Will DC have its own senators?

>>265077450Hey fuck you, Superior is the 51st state

>>265082147After Christopher Columbus? Thats not gonna fly

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>>265077851>should they not have representation?They ARE THE REPRESENTATIVES. No, they do not get to have additional pull beyond their already ridiculous power.

>>265079554they have 0 representatives in Congress>>265082147maybe? idk

>>265082994The left would virtue signal with the name of the 51st state. How does puerto rico vote?

partition the united states.

>>265082147Washington, Douglas commonwealth. No joke, look it up.


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>>265086009I'm serious, in their proposal for giving the city statehood they want to rename the area Douglas Commonwealth, because as another said, District of Columbia pays homage to racist a Columbus and they don't want that.


>>265077450The whole point of the creation of the District of Columbia was so that no one state will have the capital. What an absolute shitshow.

>>265077851They do have representation. They have a representative.Secondly, if DC voted conservative you wouldn't hear a peep about this.

>>265077450It's like the entire House of Representatives never studied American History.

>>265088389Isn't it a non voting rep though?

>>265081052Change can only really come through a reactionary movement. and that reaction requires an existential threat. Unfortunately there are a majority of people out there that would vote in a radical communist before they voted in someone on the far right. They won't vote far right until their very lives and livelihoods are threatened and then there will be a small window where something like that can happen. It just depends on whether we get the right people at the right time.

Democrats are trying to make new states to increase their power. Unbelievable.

>>265087905This, one would think a Constitutional amendment would be required in this specific case. But not in clown world.

>>265088492>It's like the entire House of Representatives never studied American History.You don't need education to become a representative.

>>265077450utterly retarded. nowhere near enough territory and DC was made separate from the states for a FUCKING REASON.It was to keep a certain level of neutrality.

>>265091048Regardless, I thought statehood was based on population, not territory. They have more people than Wyoming does.

>>265077450>Democrats vote to give themselves 2 more senate seats and one more congressional seatsWow, who'd a thunk it?

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>>265077851As in the "State of DC"? You don't find that retarded? Anyway, if they find the current situation so terrible, merge the territory with Maryland.

>>265091661quick, find five more states

>>265077450Wake me up when the senate passes that bill...

>>265089049There are still white liberals in South Africa.

>>265091373doesn't matter. the point was that a state would not have jurisdiction in any way over the fucking state capitol, the buildings, etc.If you make it a state it gets a governer.It is a special territory.It was ALWAYS meant to be a special territory.It is not meant to have representation in congress. Its where the politicians gather anyways. It doesn't NEED representation because as their gathering place and the place where the leadership lives, it will ALWAYS have their fucking attention.

-lets make a district where politicians can work and be free of the state control-Lol moved a million niggers in the district-Let's turn it into a new state defeating the purpose.

>>265077851>DC would be the name of the state>DISTRICT of Colombia

I never could imagine the Democrats would stoop to this level of buffoonery. What happened to this place..We are truly in the clown times.

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>>265077851The whole reason DC never became a state was intended from the start. Imagine if NYC was the US capitol. The state of New York would get special attention/funding/rights that the other states wouldn't get. It brings about unequalness that the founding fathers tried autistically to root out.

>>265077450Make Jefferson a state.

>>265083043The represent their home state you absolute retard. You do understand DC is a city filled with people?

>>265077450its more sinister than that.Washington D.C.district of Columbia.what does Columbia mean?the dove/messenger.get it? wear the mask, goy. kneel, goy! stop professing the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, GOY!they're destroying the haven of Gods messengers, starting with the capital.when you see the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place....das it mane, its over

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51 or 505150

>>265077937An intelligent person. Thank you.

In Brazil the federal district has senators and representatives and an elected governor. Kinda dumb to be honest. The only difference form the federal district to a state is that they don't have cities and mayors and the governor has both the powers of a mayor and the powers of a governor, so in a way the governor of the federal district is the most powerful governor in the country.Oh, and the federal legislature can also rule them and override their decisions if they desireDunno how it works there, but Argentina's equivalent of DC also has its own governor and senators and representatives.Kinda dumb to be honest. Doesn't make sense to have a special place to be your capital that isn't a state in name but in practice is.I don't even think Washington should have an elected mayor either. It should have one appointed by Congress.If DC people want representation they can move to Maryland or Virginia Or maybe they could just reduce the size of DC proper to rid it of the excess population that wasn't supposed to be there anyway

>>265092559Or just unite the Dakotas

>>265097431DC doesn't have a home state. They have a mayor that is already the most powerful mayorThe mayor of DC is effectively the governor of DC. They are the top of the governance of that place, with power over the city and people NEEDED to make the federal government WORK.They have plenty of fucking power.

>>265077937Can't they just return the eastern shore of the Anacosta river back to Maryland? Boom, 100.000 people have representation in congress. Same can be done to at least some parts of the western side of Rock creek. This has already been done with the Virginian side of the Potomac.

Now they can control the Senate.

>>265081328And the Replicooms we vote for are the opposite. "Power? Fuck that!"Damned faggots. Why don't some men run for office?

>>265100791It requires money and suffering.

>>265077450Fantastic news for Virginians. NOVA is a jewish cancer and a blight. Excise the tumor.

Why make DC a state?It just creates another layer of government

>>265078417>>265098153Shut the fuck up tourist

>>265077646DC ruined Virginia.

>>2651018212 free dem senators for all eternity

>>265081052>fabricating new states to permanently disenfranchise usPuerto Rico should be a state. Puerto Ricans are American citizens, they deserve representation in House, Senate, and a say in who gets into the White House. If enfranchising American citizens "permanently disenfranchises" you, maybe consider running on policies that aren't democratically unpalatable.

>>265102430This applies to DC as well – whether or not it should be achieved with DC statehood I can't say, but American citizens in DC should get to vote for their representation in Congress, Senate, and their votes should count in the presidential election.

>>265081052They need to amend the constitution for that. It'll never happen In this climate. Getting 2/3rds of the states to agree.

>>265077450They're passing this so Trump can't use federal power in the district.

>>265077648>starts to laugh but then realizes that this might be a possibilityPavel why

>>2650980835050one to va and the other to the other state it belonged to.

19 Pussypublicans not voting out of pure cowardice. Ten percent of the House Republican delegation.I hate Democrats, but I hate Republicans worms more.

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>>265102835this plus they get 2 more democrat senators and a few more democrat representatives

The Republican currs that dodged the vote.

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>>265077450>DC as a state when the whole point was it would not be a fucking state and instead a district

>>265081798>>265081328>>265082159Grew up in Georgia. Knew this since I was a tyke. We're still referred to as Yankees since the family moved to Georgia after the Civil War.

>>265104766> Democrats had one defector, Rep. Collin Peterson of Minnesota, who also voted with Republicans on President Trump's impeachment Based.

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>>265077450If my some insane chance this passed, it won't. They'd probably name it the state of george floyd