Thousands of dollars of fireworks found scattered around a precinct in Philly


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>>265075969oh they got cakes, that's the good stuff

>>265075969Philly looks like THAT?

>>265075969> dealers love fireworks, what's the story here?


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>>265075969So its the police that be setting off firewerks?

I thought the loud bang thing was a meme but i hear them every night now. >outside Boston

>>265075969It's Philadelphia and 4th of July is really soon.

>>265075969im deebly goncerned about fireworks on july 4 wow

>>265076552Yea das ritesheeeeeeeeeit

>>265076269I was gonna say... Wow that poor person living in the top floor.

>>265076569same.. i live in small town in kansas that usually abides by fireworks times and use of during after hours needs permit.... one or two loud booms each night every night for around a month now

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>>265076269Worse. Unironically, memes aside, worse.There are also far better places in Philly. More towards center city you'll notice it's slightly more taken care of (Probably because it's a lot of business type buildings)The niggers destroy the place and do not maintain anythingLitter/trash, burned out buildings, destroyed cars, etc etcIt's a shithole

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Man, I got lost in flint Michigan at 2am one time, but damn philly looks rough

>>265075969bump for interest, somethings up with this

>>265075969Omg I found fireworks a week or so before fourth of july omg shut the fuck up shill



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>>265075969Trump is using the CIA to give joggers fireworks in deep blue cities to fuck with the BLM supporting white liberals to keep them up all night to the point they beg the police to do something. Trust the plan.

>>265076971Maybe they'll use the sound of fireworks as cover for a sneak attack.

>>265076833this is the future liberals want and have been working towards since 1965

>>265077007You're a retart

>>265076269Seriously, this looks like delapidated 1970's eastern europe

>>265075969this is still the rights fault... somehow...

>>265076857>They're coming to the suburbs!!I coom

>>265075969And now niggers are going to force a a nation wide banned on them. Im so motherfucking sick of these niggers

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>>265076269>Philly looks like THAT?Shitty parts, yea. Some parts are very nice and expensive like Rittenhouse Square in center city. On the edges of the city there are some really nice neighborhoods like Roxborough. Where I grew up, Northeast Philly, was really nice but it going to shit as well. I sat and listened to them looting my old neighborhood on the police scanner the other week. It's sad but oh well.

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I was lied to. Why isn't it sunny?Unless you put them there yourself OP, good find? I guess? Finders Keepers?

>>265077321>>265077373jewgle maps streetview does it justice you'll see

>>265076652>It's Philadelphia and 4th of July is really soon.This isn't normal though. Not that much stashed in that neighborhood.

>>265075969those have been used already i think

>>265076857Did you get the links and sources mentioned?

>>265076833This. I went there for 8 months for work. Piles of trash in the gutters held in place by tires and bricks. Trash fucking everywhere. People selling chopped watermelon out of the back of vans. Beggars at every store and every red light.I went there to set something huge up at the philly airport, PHL, and one day they had to close all the runways and do a ground stop for “trash patrol”. I watched from a tower as a dozen workers zipped around the runways scooping up trash that had blown over the fences due to high winds. I could not wait to go home.... to Detroit. Philly is fucking vile

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>>265075969I love this trick.Easiest way to rob people blind.

>>265076857do you have the list of cities experiencing heavy fireworks?

>>265077369>retartDum shit spaghetti nigger

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>>265076857At least give me a tiny greentext sample if you expect me to both click and then read that shit nigga

>>265078082also not normal to do it around a police station. are they trying to intimidate the police?

>>265078630tl;dr the illuminati is going to incite minorities to start the "great purge" on July 4th, sending them into our suburbs to kill us, loot and burn our houses.

Probably just looted one of the parking lot pop-up fireworks tents and set everything off at once.

>>265076857I would love to see an angry mob try to come and try and kill all the white people in my neighborhood. I am friends with four of my neighbors who are army/marine combat veterans, and several more who are at least AR owners who shoot regularly.

>>265075969Why would it concern me? They're getting rid of liberal hell holes and we don't have to lift a finger.

>>265075969what a shithole

San Jose, CA

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>>265075969Maybe it's a psyop to get people ready for war or something of a combustion-type nature.

>>265075969That is one shitty neighborhood. Burn it to the ground

>>265076269oh yes. that and worse.

>>265075969Man your Independence day is going to be one to watch this year

>>265076269Dude, philly is FULL of niggers. Went to downtown philly 15 years ago to get my business license and homeowner's license, niggers ALL OVER EVERYWHERE i felt like a fucking grain of rice in a bowl of cocopuffs it was that bad.

>>265079806Its a shame the niggers destroy so many historic properties

>>265075969Made in CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! think, people think!

>>265079806a lot of nice architecture ruined

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>>265079775Could be. It's absolutely some concerted effort going on here. I live in SoCal now, about 60 miles east of Los Angeles and random unaccountable booms and pops plauged us for weeks, and now that the police are investigating its all stopped.Something is being planned here.

>>2650762692/3rds of the city is a no-go zone if you're not black

>>265079580>he's a big guy

>>265075969That's like $500 of fireworks at the most.

>>265075969Duh. Firework companies are dumping tons of the decent (but in many places illegal) stuff on the market at discounts because the usual firework buyers weren't going to buy shit. So no big tube/shell batches to sell, lots of smaller stuff instead.We've had mini-bangfests pretty much every week in the neighborhood because people are buying triple or more the amount of fireworks they would for their budgets. And the local spics and niggers are blowing unemployment/stimulus money on them because they're bored and burning stuff is cheap entertainment.

>>265075969Spent fireworks?Or never used?>Should have thrown a match on them

>>265079580oh shit

I hope op took them all.

>>265077830Still stuck in NE Philly. Trying to decide where to escape to.

>>265078630just read it you low IQ, low attention-span retard. Sit and Focus for once in your worthless life.fucking faggots, you're completely useless.

>>265077667Better stock up on fully auto bump fireworks.Especially anything that might be considered useful

>being such a sheep brainlet that you can be told that fireworks in the month leading to 4th of july is unusual and actually believe it

>>265079580There was a similar report first hand account here a day or two ago, with the eyewitness stating he hopped onto his fence and witnessed 4 guys all dressed in black blowing up a ton of fireworks, with their late-model black SUVs close by, being very loud and when they noticed him they hopped into their cars and bailed.Surely SOMEONE knows who is funding these firework nuisances. It's clearly a nationwide effort to continue these random late night firework annoyances. People are getting paid to do this. By who and why are what we need to focus on.

>>265080310They remind me of ghouls from DND. Hideous former cannibals that infest the ruins of once-great civilizations, and only come out to attack unwary trespassers.

>>265076857The mistake about this is whites celebrate the 4th too by launching fireworks... in groups. A roaming band of niggers not only would be spotted but the reaction would be swift and deadly. And it would spread nationally that this is what's happening.If this is the grand plan it's going to be quite pathetic.

>>265080920mannn if i walked up to that all them would be lit up

>>265076857>proof is GLP schizo post ayy lmao

>>265078630Commie terrorist groups like antifa and weather underground are doing a dry run of firing illegal fireworks to test cop response times. In areas with no cop responses, they'll start bombing and shooting people since gunfire sounds like fireworks.

There letting off fireworks every night so that when they start the mass white shootings we just think it’s niggers letting off fireworks, when it’s really blm marxists breaking into houses and killing our familys

>>265079089claymores and sentries.wish i want poor, id buy me nightvision goggles and a .556 with a suppressor and just tag me some ......zombies in mincraft to protect the villlafers.....

>>265075969OP its funny I saw this thread right when someone literally just lit a cake off on my streetI am in north philly near 27th

>>265076269thats nothing lol. theres a car a few streets away from me that someone lit on fire and its just chillen there halfway in the one cares.

>>265076389nah...drug dealers dont waste thousands of dollars on fireworks like this and draw attention to themselves.

>>265075969Cops do shit like this, but its definitely deserved at this point

>>265076652>>265076713its been happening every single fucking night for months straight you absolute brainlets.

>>265076857The weak link in the chain here is that niggers are retarded. Where's the social media posts of "ayooo dis cracks out here giving away FREE FIREWORKS!" Or, in the case of a basedblackman, "FYI, these weird creeps are giving away truckloads of fireworks and telling blacks to set them off. Isn't that weird?"

>>265075969dont sleep tonight it a hunch

in detroit, these fags were still blasting them off throughout a thunderstorm

>>265081634this, blacks would be bragging about getting free shit. but they're not, this is deff antifa or another subversive group.keep civil, stay armed and ready. especially right now, its the sabath.don't sleep tonight

>>265075969>fireworksIt's just joggers running wild because the streets are lawless in these cities aren't cheap either

>>265076269North of the city, yeah. Kensington is an absolute 3rd world Haiti-tier shithole. West somewhat too. Downtown is pretty nice on the surface, and there are heavily gentrified areas south and the northeast of downtown.

>>265075969they looted them

>>265075969>be black>pick up fireworks and start shooting homeless people with themI think the question we should be asking is why the first thought that crosses the mind of a grown adult when finding fireworks is to launch them into somebody's bedroom window or car, and then we can answer the "who is leaving the fireworks?" question later

>>265082340Digits and ayys are planting them to see how we react. It’s like putting a mirror in a jungle full of gorillas

>>265080387Are you stupid ? above user posted the exact units and prices above.

>>265081130This. You had your peekaboo clowns, now what is so unnatural of snowflakes dressed in black doing this especially if they get paid by some Soros fund.

>>265077667>white person makes eye contact with you>shiet i ain't finna let dat slide

>>265075969reminds me of pallets of bricks being (((randomly))) placed around cities

>>265075969one thing to notice is that they are all the same type, another indication they werent purchased but instead they are getting entire lots of them

>>265076857GLP is a psyopjust like Holla Forumskill yourself glownigger

>>265083336I don't see anyone itemizing what's on the ground. And did they take into account that most fireworks that size are BOGO? Those look like $40-80 multishots. And no one pays full price for fireworks. You probably never spent $500 on fireworks before but you can buy a shit ton of 20-shot aerials with that amount of money.

>>265076269>>265076785>>265077373lmaoing at americans just now realizing their entire country is 90%+ a completely dilapidated third-world tier rundown mess being sucked dry by big corporate interests and policed with iron fists by the government to keep the slaves in line, while the better off 10% of the country have to keep on migrating from one spot to another in order to remain blissfully unaware of this ever encroaching realityI've been to the south and the midwest, I've driven around small town america, the mighty USA is pretty much brazil but with way more parking lots and fast food joints, you'd be hard pressed to find a small town bustling with life anywhere in the country, unlike in Europe

>>265077830Sup.>T Roxborough

>>265076269Kek, yes also Baltimore

>>265076721Damn muhfuggin white people muffugin bix nood disturb our neighborhood cant even hear the gunshots sheeeeit

Every major city

>>265076857half makes sense half schizo

>>265076269Philly looks like a building that burnt down twice

>>265077369Yous doing alright up there in Kensington.?

>>265084967Dumb hue monkey, don't pretend you understand my nation.

>>265075969The (((agitators))) are handing them out to protesting and rioting blacks in hopes that they will trigger a Kent State situation with the police.

>>265076857July 3rd / 4thIf you are celebrating in the suburbsBE ARMED & BE DEFENSIVEDON'T GET WASTED & BE READYInvite your neighbors / frens over & have a few burgers & drinksTalk red pills & enjoy eachothers company

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>>265080354>for you

>>265077172That almost sounds believable...and it’s driving me kind of nuts but I know cops in California won’t do a fucking thing since the commie mayors and gov won’t let them enforce anything besides a traffic ticket

>>265076221They're cheap because all the fireworks are stolen. They were sold for $5 a piece in kensington

>>265076269It’s actually worse

why not film the fireworks guys when you see them? If people saw 10+ vids of dudes in all black setting them off people would maybe take notice

>>265077667>battered wife snaps and attacks the specific person victimizing her>the same as a jogger snaps and kills random white people no matter their background or characterWhite racism is real. What an insult to all the poor disenfranchised white people the world over who have their suffering and struggle dismissed because of the myth of white privilege and this perverse pandering to blacks and other non whites.

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>>265076269the entirety of the rust belt looks like this as well

>>265075969It the 6th of Jully what do you expect?

>>265076793very small town in California. Even heard some here.

OH NO AGAIN BIG BRAIN THINKING REQUIRED TO GET THIS ???WHY ARE PEOPLE USING FIREWORKS HMMMMMM>Big parties for the 4th of July were canceleed so producers have shitton of fireworks . This means there is a huge hit in demand resulting in lower prices. Lower prices mean people that wouldnt have bought it are buying it NOW> CoronaPeople are fed up with Corona. what could be better than buy some fireworks and let off steam>Riots and lootingPeople oooted stores that had probably fireworks. Niggers stole them and are now using them .WOW took my3 minutes to come up with this

>>265084519Does it matter? $500-$2000, there, faggits.

>>265081503what attention? They're balls deep in Philly, there aren't going to be any cops showing up.

>>265088553Why not make the video happen then?

Where did my post go?


>>265088635Why is it that 100% of liberals mock the ‘black on black’ death count?

>>265076269It’s over user,just accept it

>>265075969> called it when this shit started

>>265076857>were going to use fireworks that don't sound like gunfire to make people who don't give in our areas ready for an invasiondoesn't make any fucking sense

>>265075969Thought this was some bullshit until I heard it in my neighborhood the other night. Downloaded citizen, and there are reports all over San Fernando Valley suburbs...every night. Fuck this shit.


>>265076269Its amazing we havent had a revolution already desu.

the fireworks are for niggers to shoot at cops and try to get the cops to shoot the niggers and replace our cops with UN troopsthat stream when the niggers bursted into CNN they were throwing huge fireworks directly onto the cops and burning them

>>265089414it says you only have one post user. what did you say?


>>265089132you know somethings up when shills insist on nitpicking over tiny details that don't do anything to disprove the overall point.

>>265082822the answer is very obvious niggers

>>265088635where is this?

>>265076569I’m in Haverhill at a friends house and there were fireworks here for like an hour from 11 to midnight. It’s creepy. I’m a New Hampshire suburbanite so this is my first time seeing it in person. Who the fuck is paying for these fireworks and why?

>>265081303But actually you wont.>well its not my grandma they mutilating over there hehe dont wanna get in troubleWe all saw the truth the blm apes beat old white people up with wooden slats and people just stood around and watched

>>265089883any in particular you find interesting?

>> said that country has 2 options during crisis: civil war and external invasion. So in your case it will be a civil war. Short one I think and normalisation with their puppet and less rights for population. They even fucked economy to make people dependant on money from the government.

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>>265075969Jesus christ man, US streets have become Bangladesh tier. I thought the downfall of US was a meme but pics don't lie.


>>265089862The first post with attached pic never showed up after reloading.This has been happening to me on this chan on every board i post with a pic for over a week now.Feels like im shadowbanned everytime i post here anymore.Its getting old.

>>265075969haha go have fun people. its cool with me. i saw some cool ass fireworks an hour ago.

>>265079580The father needs to have a rape kit done on him.

>>265076569I'm in the south shore and these been some going off over the hour, its 3am now

>>265091312Also a question is this directly connected to this 0:45Or they will possible force it when country will be taken over. It's not an entertainment but better understand what to do in that situation.

>>265077667When do we get "battered man syndrome."You work for 14 hours a day, and come home to a torn up house, your wife is drunk off her ass, and nags. Nags. Nags. Nags. Nags. The moment you step foot in the door, she just fucking nags. It's 9:00 at night, you haven't eaten anything since noon, and there's nothing on the table--but of course, she had time to feed herself all day. She says raising kids is hard, but they were at school for 6 hours (plus an extra hour of travel total), then after school shit for 2. She had 9 hours of peace, and it's not enough for her to accomplish anything.You microwave yourself a TV dinner, and then go to bed... Not before she tries to start drama with you as you're drifting off to sleep. Because you just can't relax. You aren't allowed to. You have to provide for this soul sucking wrench.On the weekend, she demands that you do more shit, and when you refuse, you get NAG NAG NAG NAG NAG NAG NAG NAG NAG NAG NAG DO THIS DO THAT DO THIS, even though she does fuck all besides spend YOUR money.After 10 years, you snap and snap her neck.

>>265077172CIA and Trump are on opposing sides. You really cant see that?Intelligence agencies plus the military industrial complex is the deep state. That's all it really all it is.

What if that FEMA camps is not a bullshit and they will use it in civil war or after.

>>265092953>paralyze the police with riots downtown>teams of arsonists burn down the suburbs>displaced whites go to FEMA camps>trust the plan

>>265076269You know how people talk about the south side of Chicago (minus the white enclaves) like they're third world countries (justifiably). Well, Philly is like that, but everywhere.

>>265084967Do you have any idea how large our country is? Smaller than Russia and China, yeah, but we're populated top to bottom. You blather and sound retarded. Project all you want, brazilnigger.

>>265080055Got a lisence for that home mate? Seriously whats a home lisence? Is it something saying a new build is habitable, that would make sense.

>>265075969>antifa took all the stolen fireworks and shot them off around the police stationWOAH NO WAY BIG IF TRUE YOU REALLY THINK THIS COULD BE?!I'm so fucking tired of this 80 IQ topic. Kys.

>>265090394i live in a rural area, and haven't heard of people getting beat over here. maybe keep your joggers in check and well educated and you wouldn't have a problem. country blacks are calmer, city blacks are the dangerous ones

>>265086824>july 4see pic

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>>265078629whistlin' "kiddie" chasers?

>>265093192So they shut the economy also to free people from job to do this riots. If only some influencer told people what they will do. So they will protect their communities. Even one man in community that get that information can spread it to his neighbours and out of fear of their house will be burn they will take protective measures. Adam Green can do it for example. Let's write him.


>>265076429Bing Bing WAHOOOO!

>>265088938same same.I'm in the highdesert. heard a couple booms a about half an hour back.any anons in this region? (not for meet up, not glowing or wishing to glow)

>>265094634north county san diego. heard 2 bangs about 1 hour ago.


Sorry guy that pile is worth $161 on the Mexican bootleg fireworks website. Get with the program fucking nerd

>>265091833get a baofeng radio, learn how to use it(legality too), fine the pepper/emergency/etc frequencies, and get ready. remember the callsigns, use discernment, don't meet up with people offline you don't know.

>>265092781You just made me break up with my wife senpai

>>265094634sure it wasn't some Phelan Methlabs

>>265094991just gonna go to the noise and find anyone who is suspicious and kill.

>>265092041not the first time, are you getting the custom threads too based off of your conversations and search history?

>> him link to the thread through form.

>>265094598gamers rise up

>>265092822I just reminded me, most expresidents were heads of the CIA....does trump have any cia ties?

>> neva shot nobody

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>>265079580Does anyone remember that mercedes post from the other week? About the two dubious people in a mercedes with something in the boot?

>>265077172NSA is the only intelligence agency that trump has on his side

>>265094446Adam Green tells the truth but that doesn't mean you can trust him. According to "David Goldberg" (a pseudonym) Adam Green is really used to compile lists of people who know too much, so they can later be killed and a virus will be used as cover. This was all said almost a year before coronavirus


>>265094582july 30 is a holiday for them. what's the holiday about?the times they were defeated, in one way or another, my sister prophecied something was going to happen this July, she said this in march, idk what date, but i got something similar.I was told id fly my own ship (my own ufo), and many of my men would die (in battle), but we'd win in the end.pretty self explanatory, whatever ship I'm flying, a lot of the guys I'm leading are going to die.could be you guys online, ip tracking, and these guys setting off the fireworks to "mark" (confirm) the houses as the appropriate targets.or maybe something something meds>>265095112nah, it was in apple valley before bear valley.there was a fire a week ago, but these were fireworks, saw them first hand and the vehicle leaving after the two shots (and a few pairs every 15 mins)

>>265095857but no one knows anything, they keep us in the dark, although if you're jq aware.....careful announcing that to the world.

>>265075969America unironically looks like Fallout in this pic.

>>265076269Imagine being the person who lives there who is happy they just got home. Home sweet home is not the same for everyone.

>>265084519Thai is 425 but one get two from phantom in pa

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>>265095857>According to "David Goldberg"Fishy channel. If you here you already in the list if it exists anyway. Send him link, don't be a pussy.

>>265096536This is *


>>265091833I heard them the first time the night of the George Floyd riots, and they have been going on ever since.

>>265075969San diego here, a major amount of fireworks going off here. the other day I noticed empty packages of firworks left by a homless camp near. A NIGGER KNOCKED ON MY DOOR ASKING FOR FOOD. Strange niggers with backpacks and speakers walking in the alleys.

>>265076269I live in the badlands, it's fucking awful here and the mayor is a retard trying to make things worse with an open injection

>>265095295^^^^^^^^^^Send him link to the thread. We can save some lives.

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>>265075969What a shithole. America really is one giant toilet.

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>>265091833Checked. Keep your deck of cards near by.

>>265094224what is Rosh Chodesh? That starts the day after it was predicted that WW3 is supposed to start:>july 21, 2020>exactly 3.5 years after trump took office.>you know of the 7 years and how the first half would be "nice".

>>265075969Holy fuck is that really USA ?It really looks like a third world country.

>>265096847Isnt that area mostly Puerto Ricans? Kensington and strawberry mansion?

>>265075969Niggers around the block are lighting them day and night every night they dont stop until after 4am i want to skin them alive my dog has ptsd now. There is no way in hell they are paying for all those fireworks they have no jobs they are literal porch monkeys no way they are spending gibs on them either it wouldnt cover two days worth of fireworks. Something is up. Two weeks ago there were atleast a dozen cop cars there from city pd, sheriff and state troopers. They wanted into a car but nogs said no get a warrant then the cops left and the nogs took off with the car and it hasnt been seen since and the cops have asked the neigjbors if theyve seen it. I want to skin these fucks, my dog is a good dog and they have hurt him, he is not the same dog. They must pay.

>>265076429holy shit user, i've heard similiar sounds here in indiana, but i never see these cool fireworks, just the noise. almost like they're shooting them at the

>>265097095forgot link

>>265076569Im in mid michigan, its been going on since black jesus stopped breevin.

>>265097257yeah you are right, i have been hearing fireworks ever since george floyd died but i have never once seen one. i wonder if they are communicating with each other in some way with boom sounds?

>>265097202Probably chinas version of the cia trying to forment and capitalize on political unrest, just like ours does around the world.

>>265075969We've seen Antifa do lots of drop-offs in the last month. It's absolutely them. If I had to guess, I'd say they are trying to make the world SEEM more chaotic than it is. Without riots every night, people will start to calm down and think things are getting back to normal. Fireworks every night fucks with your head and makes you think feel ill at ease like things are out of control. It adds a chaotic element into the back of your mind.Basically, it's psychological terrorism.

>>265092781only a pathetic brainlet would marry such a dumb bitch so enjoy your lack of intelligence, it is all your fault

>>265097389Antifa forgets blacks have a very short attention span, once they chimp out for a few days they are done for quite awhile.

>>265095353Are you a fucking idiot?

>>265097257>almost like they're shooting them at the ground...It's to keep from being seen. They want the noise to disrupt your normal life and make it feel the government doesn't have control. It's a literal psy-op. Not the Holla Forums variety. It's Antifa making sure no one relaxes.

>>265076947Brother lived there for a couple months. There gunshots not fireworks every night. There were two shootouts in his back yard, cops never came. He left in the middle of the night after the second one and never went back.

>>265097389Its no coincidence a random nigger comes to my door casing the place, when i answer he tells me he is hungry and asks me for food. I suspect people should be alert. lock your garage, barricade and B and E entry points to your property. I sense the fireworks are just for softening us up and getting them bold.

>>265077667>lineage therapy is a must.Can someone explain this?

lmao look at the state of that place. fucking nignogs

>>265096768a black here was going door to door selling fireworks. i dont think its even legal to sell fireworks like that

>>265080920Someone should shoot them and search them for identification. I would do it but its not happening here. Come to think of it if it did someone would shoot them first to steal that SUV.

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Damn lucky I’d have so much fun with those

If loot drops don't convince you that we're in the matrix, nothing will.

>>265097257That's exactly what I saw.

>>265097124Yeah but niggers have a tendency to run around our neighborhood looking for people to jump & mug.I remember driving through that area during the riots and seeing a white guy get jumped immediately. Some Hispanics are terrified too since some of us look "white" and likely will be targeted.

>>265096847The final result of American nihilistic society.

>>265090283Been happening on Long Island, every night. Suffolk county, very close to my place on the south shore . 4-5 loud booms per night and different locations.

>>265075969what is it about niggers that makes their cities look like average mexican wartorn slums?

>>265098853White flight. Without whites there is no tax base yet still a solidly dem voting base

And fireworks are still going off right now in Antelope Valley Ca. It has never been like this before the 4th.



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>>265097058>2012Its a lot worse now

Start getting prep'd. They'll spread police and fire thin with random fires everywhere and fake calls

>>265099999Holy Fucking Quints.

>>265097058Post white flight.

>>265076569Same>Toledo Ohio

>>265076569hearing them almost every night here in LA, mostly mexican part of town, they've been doing it for the past 2 years but this year it's happening much earlier than any holiday or july 4th. it gets annoying.>what part of LA91706

>>265097389Why not just drive around in a truck or something and pickup all the fireworks and pallets of bricks, and dump them in the river or woods. That way there would be less chance for people to use the stuff for harm and make things hopefully safer?


>>265100988Pollution is never the solution.

Is this supposed to be a mystery? Antifa is attempting to edge people by waking them up every night. They also planted the brick pallets during first week's riots. They're well funded idiots. Why do you think the ADL, UN, Leftist Media immediately went for their defense when Trump named them Terrorists? If it was only to egg Trump, they went too far.Antifa is a globalist plant meant to hijack/disrupt any and all grassroot movements. They've been broadening up the definition of "grassroot movement" over years, and when Trump won the 2016 elections, it included disrupting Trump. Constantly disrupting and radicalizing movements and finally attempting to disrupt the American President, has turned them into anti-American terrorist organization. What started as deterrent against OWS ever happening again, has turned into a terrorist group.

>>265076793take a paper and a pen and make notes what night what time what direction from your position how many "loud booms"

>>26510094891792almost every night for 6 months

>>265095713Svetlana Apulaz (alias) Ukrainian jew

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>>265098589Former Sayville fag here.I saw a vid about blm hysteria in Smithtown a few days ago. Some black dude got bloodied at the edge of the blm-side of the protest. Suddenly proud of LI.Will never go back to it though. Other than visiting senpai for Christmas.Why are you still there? LI is not worth the costs, and exists in a bubble. Also gun ownership is a hassle.

>>265095857>According to "David Goldberg" (David Goldberg mixed truth with fiction. It's like the dial on your oven. Turn it to off, then nudge it just a bit to the right. That's how Goldberg skewed the story. The particular goal--or rather waiting for it, because he had a good long very convincing run up into the "skew" and slid it in there without missing a beat. Seamlessly.What was the goal? to take advantage of the "Israel shit" Trump voters / and others, that hate his stance toward Israel. The MIGA people, so to speak. The story made SURE to involve Trump with the Jews against USA. And obviously with the timeline shift that happened in 2015, there are as many FAILS on the board as wins.

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>>2650813035.56 with a suppressor is weak which is why they made 300 memeout

>>265095763stfu qtard

>>265079580>5'9" at best>glasses>tiny tball batI am laughin. Liberals love the idea of punching someone or imma get muh bat it's great seeing reality sodomize them with their kids bat.

>>265076269And they all have nice cars

>>265075969Wow I forgot Niggers lived like this.So the Jist is that those antifa kikes are going to get the niggers to use those fireworks within ear shot of white communities to see how the police reacts, and condition them to the explosive sound of fireworks so when the shootings happen they won't know better?Have a bumb

You look like a cuck OP

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>>265102322>libcuck neighborgirl is worried about her degenerate pot dealing ex boyfriend breaking into her house>asks dad if he has a bat>gives her two of my brothers bats>later that winter she knocks on our front door at like 2am bloody and crying>her nigress exroommate/extenate/exfreind beat the shit out of her when she let her in for some dumb reason>mom drives her to the ER>gets stitches>watches the nigresses spawn the next day>next summer>we live on a busy street>niglets always beating the shit out of the youngest, about 3 or 4 years old or throwing rocks at passing cars as the sow of a mother sits on the porch on her phone.>im chilling on the porch waiting for the ups man, dont trust these monkeys>watched as the oldest niglet pushed the youngest off his bike and infront of a car going about 35>sows first reaction is to smack the shit out of the oldest didnt go to her stain in the road for what seemed like a minute, didnt seem sad or anuthing just angry at the oldest and the driver.didnt sleep for almost a week.

>>265091177read about the irish/english because they are english language and a lot of the irish guerillas wrote first hand accounts, very good stuffche guevara also wrote a book but it's kind of shitty desuIf you want some useful info, the first two years of something along those lines usually wipe all the fighters out, so if you are chilling now you are doing it right....hope this blows over and all this conspiracy shit is wrong but the firecrackers are a good desensitizing methodI honestly thought the FBI were doing raids and using them to cover the noise

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>>265075969Man this place is even shittier than Israel

>>265102037when hunting rodents you don't want something big, especially if you don't want to wake the neighbors just shoot once or twice and let out bleed cataclysm dda dany0 version.........I'm the you're that goes light for a reason, smaller footprint

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>>265096847A land of such natural beauty destroyed by degenerates.

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>>265076857ok boomer


>>265096847Take a good hard luck for what we fought forPic related is rolling in his fucking grave.

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>>265103748Che is a meme, if you want to fight a guerilla war and lose, do as che.

>>265097515Don't half of marriages end in divorce? Lots of bad women around

>>265105419Skewed metrics user, most of those failed marriges are not first time marriges.

>>265077667Jidf don't teach you English before sending you here to shill?

>>265105333Tri ps confirm we need to find the identities of all these people

>>265075969is there any greater proof of the american empire being in decline than a single shot of any american city?

>>265077373Fuck that , it looks like Syria in 2015, hopefully it doesn't become as such

>>265097950it's an euphemism for exterminating white people, ie. killing the lineageshe wrote it that way to not have her post be removed by twitter

>>265102934>chrono cross soundtrackare we really all listening to the same music on this site?

>>265075969IN some places ( Philly and Newyork) the police are lighting off expensive fireworks and blaring sirens and crazy hours to disrupt protest movements and justify not having their budgets slashed.

Y’all are fucking idiots if you can’t connect the dots on why there’s been a recent surge in extremely discounted fireworks

>>265105677There’s no parts of London or Coventry, etc..., that look like this?

>>265076269Yea, philly is a dirty nigger infested seething shithole.

>>265105974>yallKys kike