Apple catches Chinese TikTok spying

Chinks at it>Worryingly, one of the apps caught snooping by security researchers Talal Haj Bakry and Tommy Mysk was China’s TikTok. Given other security concerns raised about the app, as well as broader worries given its Chinese origins, this became a headline issue. At the time, TikTok owner Bytedance told me the problem related to the use of an outdated Google advertising SDK that was being replaced.

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Jfc:>The most acute issue with this vulnerability is Apple’s universal clipboard functionality, which means that anything I copy on my Mac or iPad can be read by my iPhone, and vice versa. So, if TikTok is active on your phone while you work, the app can basically read anything and everything you copy on another device: Passwords, work documents, sensitive emails, financial information. Anything.I can't tell if China is more insidious than Apple users are stupid.

Ban TikTok now!

>>265074638No shit. I cant believe we allow that kind of scummy Chinese bullshit. Everything from China's tech industry needs to be stripped down and inspected at every turn. They're fucking liars and cheats.

>>265073524US citizens BTFOed again

>>265073524You'd have to be retarded to have this app on your phone god think of all the teenie bopper titties they get to look at though

>>265076156Wtf I love TikTok now

>>265076156You kind of asserted a position and addressed it in the same sentence

>>265073524Should I say no to my free epic gamer games? Or if I already bought something is too late and might as well continue being part of the bot net?

>>265075845>it thinks US consumers are the only people being spied onBad news, memeflaggot.

Add zoom to that list. Never use chinese crap

>>265077138I:>haven't paid to see a movie in 12 years>do not allow permissions for most apps>turn my phone off when I'm at work or I'm using my PC instead>only give fake profile details to any online entity asking about my life>use a different browser and email client for personal correspondences and web searchesI've used Protonmail for several years now, and have begun using DuckDuckGo after rooting my phone.

>>265075397Just nuke them and then nobody will be on the other end of the phone.Seems fucking simple to me.

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>>265073524So it's actually the Goole AdWords SDK that's doing the spying?China man bad!

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>>265077590I always wondered if being super extra careful actually red flags you.

>>265077590I want to do all this, but then at the end of the day I just don't care if they are spying on me and see the fucked up shit I buy and post. I don't want to be cuck but I am nobody and they don't care about me

No one cares incels.The real reason you hate Tiktok is because you're ugly and no one wants to follow you. The spyware is just an excuse.If you weren't incels, you wouldn't give a shit since you would be the one benefiting so much from it.

>>265077590LOL look at the idiot who thinks he's smart for using protonmail.

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>>265073524I really hate China and I hate USA corporations who suck China little dick

>>265077676God, if ONLY.>>265078217Stop it, now you're fucking with me.>>265078301There were times I've been fooling around on my phone while taking a shit, after a few too many drinks, and I propped my phone up so the rear camera had to watch me bend over, spread my asscheeks apart, and wipe my ass, just in case some fucking glownigger happens to be streaming me. If they want to spy on me so badly, they can stare into my brown abyss. Fucking dickheads.

You know what's sad is, Trump and the NSA can ban TikTok, and they have full legal authority to do so under the Patriot Act.Why won't he do it?

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>>265073524If it's that bad, they can ban tiktok. If not they need to shut the fuck up

>>265073524Get chick toc the fuck outa the USA! gET ALL THIS CHICK SHIT OUT OF THE FUCKING COUNTRY THIS WEEK.


265078431>memeflag(You)>>265078435>OP under investigation for dealing drugs through a website>Protonmail is implicatedI think the idiot here is the guy who thought he would get away with selling drugs on a fucking website. You're just retarded for not connecting the dots. Go get some fresh air before you choke on your own fagsnark.

>>265073940They really are iToddlers.

>>265078749Why would they wanna ban their top performing app?Normies don't give a shit. They're not gonna throw away their validation/social media capital over some spyware.Theyll just say you guys are suffering from sour grapes and you don't want them to benefit.

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>>265073940how doits impossible to react to this through textwhat the fuckall the technology is fucking stupid dogshitall of it

>>265077590Long way to go fag. Old hardware from pawn paid for in cash. Run only live systems with encrypted storage if necessary. Paxful or similar platform to get crypto through cash in mail. Proxychain through tor bridges. Real sweaty is rooted phone (or used raspberry pi) dropped on a mesh network routing encrypted traffic to your box. Spoof mac always. Learn more. Holla Forums will not teach opsec.>All done in minecraft


>>265077676they kind of make everything europe and us buys.The europe and US have almost zero microchip production capability anymore.Think about that...there is almost no way we ever go to war untill the US has a few chip factories up and running. When microchip factories in the US start massively increasing production then a war with china will begin.

>>265073524ugh how retarded of Apple to leave such a massive security hole like that...

>>265077910thank you

>>265077313my local church group insists on using zoom, sad.



>>265078018>t.The same slit eye/chink that's seen on Anti-India posts

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>>265073524>apple catches themThis shit was already approved through their app store review process. Apple got caught caught with their pants down for letting china do this and had to pretend they're not sucking tiny chink cock.

>>265079303Teach me your ways, Jedi.

>>265077676Every day I think what would have happened if Truman hadn't pussied out and given macarthur his 50 nukes.

>>265079720Two hints. Tails os and bash.

>thinking literally anything with the word smart in its name isn't spying on you>smart phone, smart watch, smart TV They are always watching

>>265079997Factual. The only hope is to get lost in the noise. Be a very good goy on the surface.

>>265079980Thanks>>265079648>lolololNot seeing your point.

>>265079997Take it a level of paranoia further: There is technology that can spy on you using electromagnetic waves.I seriously doubt anyone who is native to 4chan would care though, for all I give a shit the chinks and NSA can keep watching me jerk off to bad fetish art while I smoke pot and play gmod all day. I got a VPN just so the faggots who own my ISP wouldn't have an excuse to send me a letter every month about it being my last chance to stop stealing hundreds of trillions of billions of dollars of revenue from Disney by pirating a game.

>>265080570Oh yea that obviously happens aswell. That tech however is reserved for actual threats as its expensive

>>265080724>actual threatsThe people who own that technology are fully aware they're the only actual threat, and they use it freely because they're the ones who give money value.

>>265077590Why even own a cell phone if you actually care about your privacy?

>>265079997I have never in my life once understood why so many people would allow so much shit that records their every utterance in their homes, let alone willingly paying thousands for it.

>>265080393Protonmail is not secure, they can read your mails. Try totanota instead, but if you really need security then you would use something much more secure. If you don't, then use gmail like most normal people?

>>265080570The point is that someday the memes may become illegal. Encrypt and stash data that may be hard to obtain in the future. Even books and videos that are potential wrongthink could be shoahd or outright considered criminal. The joke is> oh great 4ch is dead now I can have a lifeNo. We cannot allow ourselves to be cut off from communication. Find other avenues. That is one of the prime reasons this site is allowed to exist. It funnels communication into one easily observable channel. It's time to git gud bros.

>>265073524>Apple complaining about spyingIronic

>>265075397Good goy, only god's chosen people should have the best technology!

>>265080570>he doesn’t stop the torrent from seeding>he doesn’t stop the torrent remove the file from your downloads >he doesn’t delete the file from the torrent downloader

>>265077313Zoom is located in America.

>>265081085Because I'm not retarded and am keenly aware of the fact that phones invade privacy if given the chance, and so turn my phone off and put it away when I'm, say, having sex or discussing something personal with family. I also stay the fuck off social media. As it stands, being employed requires having some means of communication, so unless I want to be a neet I'm stuck using a telephone. Novel concept, right?

>>265073524My conspiracy was that tik tok almost exclusively has the users face from all angles in the videos and people upload 100’s of videos to their account. Prime for scraping and making deep fakes from

>>265078814>1 post by this ID>US flag>Anti-ChinaReminder that anti-China US flag posters work for the Pentagon.

>>265079298The iPhone was a mistake

>>265079651Reminder that pajeets got btfo'd by the PLA in the recent border dispute.

>company that exploits cheap chink labor "catches" chink app starts doing chink shit on their chink devices

>>265081395I like seeding because it makes me feel productive.

>>265081698it was the other way around chang

>>265081149Most of my Protonmail messages involve employer stuff; I use gmail for shitposting and convenience using Google services, but I never have given them my actual name, DoB, or anything like that. If I send an email through Gmail, it's like a Craigslist ad or something, and pretty much half the people on CL use fake names to begin with. How long has Totanota been out, and how is it more secure?

>>265081443I have a family, good career, make good money, and I am responsible for a few workers too. I have never had a cellphone and refuse to do so. Landline and email is sufficient, like generations before me it is not necessary for me to be in contact with my employers 24/7.If I’m not at a computer or landline than it has to wait, period. When I go outside I am incommunicado and living in the moment, it is great.

>>265077590>duckduckgo>owned by a jew>sells your data anywayretard

>>265073524i'm sorry, how is this news? in what way is this not expected?if i woke up one morning, and heard that china had been nuked, i'd be immediately energized, and whistling my way out of bed

>>265081322>>265081388>>265081442>>265081578>>265081698>5 seething, anti-India, pro-Chinese posts by this foreign studentChinks are so cheap they can't build a decent school for their kids and have to outsource their larvae's educational requirements to other countries. Now that's ironic. You should be kissing the UKs ass for giving you the kind of schooling China never could.

>>265081856>and how is it more secure?I've not heard anything negative about them, they have been out a long time now, they are based in Germany I think and their laws around privacy are rock solid. Proton mail also asked for a phone number I believe or other personal info when creating an account. That's hardly fucking anonymous now is it? Because of that fact I refuse to use their services because they are false advertising. Also I did here how they ratted on someone or some people.

>>265078217Yes, it does.>>265078651>Stop it, now you're fucking with me.Ideally you would have a normalfag internet presence that makes you look like any regular asshole, and then use your super sekret bullshit for things you don't want anyone to see, like Holla Forums opinions. If you're hiding EVERYTHING and don't have a normalfag presence, it does make you very suspicious.

>>265082246I'm British you dumb fuck.

>>265081840How so?

>>265081442This does not make it secure to use.>data in america>accessed from china

>>265081578>4 gorillion posts by this id>british/canadian flagReminder that all Chang posters are CCP shills

>>265081856If you're a protonmail shill which is what I think you are. You can take away this for your market research purposes. Its very hard to convince people to use your services once you tarnish your name. If you fail to deliver what you claim to offer, then people are going to walk away and never sign up for your services.

>>265075397>Everything from China's tech industry needs to be stripped down and inspected at every turnKek this or better yet

>>265073524All apps spy on you, retard.

>>265082270Well, I don't intend to be anonymous using Protonmail, I use my real name and all that. I don't sell drugs, online or in meatspace, and if I were up to anything illicit, I wouldn't conduct it online or by any means through my phone. That being said, I will take your advice and give the other client a shot; I was rifling through some old emails in my PM over the years yesterday and became severely depressed. Ready for a change.>>265082066>oh no he watched porn, tell the CIA so they can take him to horny jailLol

>>265082521>I lived in a garage for 10 years, I'm a carChing chong

>>265082746I work for Harbor Freight Tools, user. Your post was a bit premature, didn't see it til just now. See >>265082868I'm literally advocating the use of the email client you suggested as a PM alternative for highly sensitive messages.

>>265079697Exactly. And why the hell is Apple letting apps read from the system clipboard in the first place?

Your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now. For more details visit our help pageOH FUCK OFF, THE CAPTURE SYSTEM IS FUCKING GARBAGE REEEEE.I get that when moving to audio capture now because I have to solve like 10 captures to even post. WTF

>>265082831Oh, no worries then, we should just let hostile foreign governments continue their attacks, there's no such thing as privacy these days anymore, anyway, get used to it, goyim.Absolutely bootlicking.

>>265083405Wtf?I only ever need to solve one, maybe two every once in a while.

>>265083189I don't care use what you want, I just don't get why you would use protonmail over something better like gmail...>>265083499Its some stupid bullshit because I post a lot and fast, they think I'm a bot...

>>265083640Because the last company on Earth I will ever trust is Google. I might use Chrome every once in a while, but I'm not tying my personal synced data to my posts here or anything like that, if I can help it.

>>265078301That is extremely naive. Look what happened in the Soviet Union and they had none of this spying technology. They could literally snatch you in the night and you're gone. Or just kill you, like Duncan Lemp.

>>265082521Why do you fucks go to England anyways? I swear every piece of shit study abroad chink I meet at my company is britbong educated. If you fucks are going to tell me stupid shit in English couldn't you at least do it with a proper British accent instead of that fake one all the chinks use that sounds like Harry Potter ran through a diarrhea soaked cheese grater? Or just give up like every other foreigner and speak with an American accent?

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>>265083499captcha plays nice when you use nsabrowser-pro

>>265079409I'm pretty sure we will survive a few months without new computer parts.

>>265084227Top fucking zozzle, changposter btfo

>>265084237But user, I didn't pay for the pro version. Am I going to prison?

Raither the chinks spying on me then the 5 eyes.

>>265083936Well they control everything, it does not matter which service you use they can read it. You will feel better when you stop caring about it, but do try totanota because as I said they are more transparent. They have laws in the country they're based in that protect their users. I don't use my totanota account much, because I have no reason to. The free account is limited slightly, for instance if its not logged into within a 6 month period. Then they will delete your account, so you have to log in every now and again. I still prefer Gmail though, Google is the standard mail provider imo, I got so sick of Microsoft's live. Terribly slow interface, junk mail and none junk mail ending up in the spam box. But the worst was mails not even getting through, or having to logout of it, and then logging back in again in a new tab to get the inbox to refresh. All the web shit added to email providers pisses me off.

>>265084227I'm British you dipshit, can't you read?

>>265073940We should all copy the word nigger and see the salt.

>>265082957Keep deluding yourself, schizo.

>>265082686Objectively wrong but nice deflection, fed.

>>265084821>iPhones with "nigger" in clipboard suddenly get throttled

>>265082590What's wrong with it being used in China?

>>265084227The fuck are you talking about you cheeky cunt?

>>265085080They are documenting everything we do. They are building a profile for all of us Holla Forums users for if they successfully pull off their attempted coup of our democratically elected governments. You do know China executes political dissidents right? You should be concerned that zoom was hyped during the lockdown as the goto app to talk with your buddies hehehe. They are monitoring and planning for future brutality, never trust the Chinese.

>>265073524I think we can make the zoomers turn on tiktok by telling them the reason they can't go outside and live their lives because China created the virus and didn't do their job.

>>265085080And then there is the fact that its available on the arch user repository the AUR... Oh they are not daft, they know that a lot of their enemies use this distro. They have even infiltrated the Linux project with their subversion SJW crap, have you been living under a rock?

>>265085802I have NPC fatigue so severe I stopped even trying. They're hopeless.

>>265085802tiktok NHS nurse videos, its all so tiresome...

>>265085802Now I get why Holla Forums is said to be full of out of touch boomers. Do you even know why tiktok is popular in the first place?

>>265084237Have to regularly clear 20+ captcha on brave, 1 on Firefox, but Firefox 4chan render is bollocks33!

>>265084806And me being some white guy working in China makes me another goose stepping chicom. Keep dreaming Charlie Chan.

>>265081442nope line: Zoom’s Chinese R&D is one of many security concerns, but Zoom’s users should be more concerned about known software vulnerabilities. At the same time, the bad press surrounding Zoom’s Chinese R&D operations could lead other multinational companies to rethink locating R&D in China. China R&D is no longer a great way to save money, so it’s most commonly used only when it presents other major advantages.Chinese body, US head: Zoom is an unusual beast. While headquartered in San Jose, its product development is “largely based in China,” according to recent corporate filings. The company employs 700 people in China, up 40% from last year. The company also mentions an R&D presence in the US. While the China coders + US market startup model is unusual, it’s not unique. Tiktok forerunner targeted an American audience from a Shanghai base.

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>>265073524> telling everyone I know to steer clear of this app for a year+. Half of them thought I was paranoid. Laugh/them.

>>265073524aPpLe pHonEs cAnT gEt vIrUseS!!!!!!aPpLe pHonEs cAnT gEt vIrUseS!!!!!!aPpLe pHonEs cAnT gEt vIrUseS!!!!!!aPpLe pHonEs cAnT gEt vIrUseS!!!!!!

>>265073940>I can't tell if China is more insidious than Apple users are stupid.mfw you think you're somehow better off on Android.

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>>265076156Meanwhile SNAPCHAT teaches children to start selling their bodies, slippery slope to porn.

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>>265077910good work, Ameribro

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>>265088444Clear cache cookies mac address and unplug / replug in your wifi.

>>265082569check this article,

>>265073524Filthy chinks eating baby animals and spying on everybody. Nuke ‘em.

>>265073524This is why I stay off social medias. I don't get the hype in getting likes. What is even the point.

>>265088444Nice get.

>>265089319Ok J-Lo

>>265090069Dopamine, user. The same reason people get addicted to meth is the same reason people get addicted to social media.

>>265088031its because people are retarded and assume value in something just because they read something on facebook or something of that nature. Short videos are retarded, they offer nothing, same goes for twitter micro blog posts are retarded. I hate these websites that take away the power of human creativity and replace it with trash...

>>265088031And every little dickhead is on it, if I know someone has a tiktok account I will walk the other fucking way. I'm simply not interested in anything they have to say at that point, the same is true for people that give me weird looks. Or who just think that I'm weird when I say I don't watch TV, I know that these people are fucking shallow and have nothing to offer me, other than boring regurgitated shiteREEEEEEEEEEEEEE

>>265090827Try not to get rustled too much over the opinions of assholes, user. Remember, one day very soon, we get to see them all tossed into Hell.

>>265076156I was watching a live stream on tic thot of some thot one day and she went of camera to change except she didnt know wasnt totally. everyone, like 30 people saw bush and a boob. I lol'd. the amount of amatuer porn on tik tok servers is massive

>>265077590I pen and paper fuck digital, CB radio only

>>265077590Why do you cunts even own a smartphone? You faggots are insufferably stupid.

>>265078814Wow this post is really organic.

>>265092263Because not all of us are selling drugs or trying to start a race war, you fucking dodo.

>>265092413Lose the smartphone and get a fucking life you idiot.

>>265092516What's your idea of getting a life, posting on 4chan using a PC instead of a phone? Besides, Germans are basically scheduled for extinction, there's really no point in worrying about your opinion.

>>265091158None of these people know God, its difficult to accept Jesus these days because they made it that way, they brain washed people don't you see? This God who made us is amazing, this universe is insanely beautiful and none of these fucks get it, they are oblivious sheep waiting to be fucking slaughtered. Its sad because I wanted and tried so hard to save them, to snap them out of the stupidity trance they have been put into. That is why I keep coming here, because here is the only place that will ever understand me, even my local church group are all sheep. The real church is inside of each and everyone of us, we are like those described as the indigo children. They targeted us with vaccines that damaged our brains, they made sure we would be bullied at school, they made sure that the education system was designed to bore us to tears so we wouldn't be as successful as we could have been. They turned everyone against us, they will be destroyed.We got smart, we learned their tricks and they do not like that, they are trying to silence us before its too late, but we do not have to do anything. God is all powerful and is destroying them.

>>265085524Will China flood our countries with their citizens if they succeed in their ambitions?


>oh no my spy machine is spying on me!

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Some of autistic people, who only did learn about our autism when we were adults because the system was designed that way. They wanted to ensure we would suffer with our autism, oh they did... But some of us wised up to their game once we became self aware. We learned that diet played a big role, and we went on the carnivore diet which is the natural human diet. That is the reason the colour blood red is used by companies like Facebook and Google to indicate notifications. They don't tell people that its because it is the colour of oxygenated blood. Right you people reading this are following what I'm saying? Because we are going to deep red pill territory here and I simply do not give a fuck what they do with me so I will tell you.They deliberately starved the population of humans by pushing literal slave food such as wheat, corn and vegetables. Labeled it as healthy for us over our natural diet, look into anti-nutrients...Then they use that blood red colour to distract us on a massive scale, we click on it because we are fucking starving. They use it to further brain wash and control the population, its physiological warfare 101.The carnivore diet saved me, I was a vegan because I was brainwashed into thinking it would cure my health issues. Those health issues got worse after some years on the vegan diet, I won't go into the symptoms because they are a long list, but lets just say every that almost every so called disease with no known cause I had it... Fast forward to today, since only eating meat when I can afford it. I've not had even a sniffle of a cold, my health is great. My brain fog is gone and I can now formulate my thoughts into words which I could not do prior. My ED is gone, my psoriasis is clearing up, acne gone, constipation etc.

>>265085524Sorry but that's fucking stupid. Assuming China took over and started looking for political dissidents to execute, then they would just ask Google for your profile.

Now if you're reading this and think that everything is a larp on Holla Forums then you are in for a fucking nasty shock. However those of us with the brains given to us by God are now able to think clearly like we were meant to. This is what they are scared of, they are scared of us, they are petrified of us, if this place was all bullshit they wouldn't need to shill it 24/7. They are fucked, they don't even understand God, they don't understand what they have done.

>>265073524>Chinks at it againChinks are always at it, just like jews. They never stop and the quicker you realize that the better.

>>265077910The headline should be>Warning - When Apple Tried To Install Their Spy Software, They Noticed They Were Second, Damn Chinks

>>265073524The US is just 6 propellant bags away from making sure China never spies again.

>>265095861>making sure China never spies againI want to see that happening

Zoomer narcissist attention seekers and virtue-signalers deserve it lmao

>>265073524Every single time, i keep telling you retards not to trust ANYTHING that comes from china because the government owns every single company and has dirt on the "free" onesprotip they are not free, on the otherhand any intel cpu past 2004 is backdoored for western interests too, this is confirmed and not a conspiracy

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>>265077590I haven't paid for anything that wasn't in cash and used my father to buy shit for me, disallow most apps permission, have no drivers license nor bank account and i'm only 20.


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>>265097071Many such cases... Have you been living under a rock?

>>265097071Btw don't need an account to view this retarded shite if you so inclined...

Omg its girl... selected from trending videos.. See how it just abruptly ends, this shit is retarded as fuck.Fucking disappointing, it must just be me though I'm sure? No its the fact that these total morons have an attention span of just 5 seconds, which is why they are fucking dumb.

I fucking hate normies, they are cancer.

>>265077590>>265096503you guys are still on the

>>265099162You are hinting at things not fit for normie consumption.They should stay on the surface, its safer for them.


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>>265100933That stuff is for normies. I was gonna post some more websites but then realized posting those types of digital forensics/intel gathering tools here is a bad idea.

>>265101766its a bad idea trust

>>265073524This is all American propaganda.Tiktok is not a problem at all. So many activists in USA use it. If it was really that bad, do you think they would use it?



>>265102381This has to be fucking bait, if not you are so far detached you have literally lost your head...

>>265073524>Ban this chink tik-tok so we could push our own goy-oyState of muh2ndmutts

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>>265102381If you saw the shit beyond surface you would see how bad that piece of shite is. It is destroying the youth, you think we had it bad? they will be so fucked in the head by the time they reach the age of 30, there will be so much bad that comes from it.

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Western faggots are being overtaken by chinksGood

You will have literally jittering wrecks that go out with a bang every month, we are talking mass homicides. It has been planned that way, its planned exactly and perfectly. Just you fucking watch the next 10 years are going to be fucking hell on earth! We're losing the youth to this evil which is programming them, think mk ultra but everyone is brainwashed not just a few. That is why you have people protesting and not even knowing what they are protesting for, these people have been driven to the point of insanity.

>>265104996and you will be next ivan.

>>265075397yeah but fuck america

>>265073524>copy Tiananman square massacre>tik tok spies go to gulagEasy peasy

>>265073524Yes don't use TikTok use our apple service, so we can spy.

>>265073524They've embedded themselves firmly in the White House and Congress. This is just par for the course.

>>265078431So is this your way of saying you'll have sex with me?

Does y’all fears ever let up? Like is it possible for y’all to merely exist without complete fear of stranger danger or psyop paranoia?

>>265105518Yes.But if ignored where will it go?

>>265074638Just ban smartphones then China can't put spyware on it, problem solved u retard

>>265105518Don't get me wrong, or us wrong, we would love to just live life and no care about a single thing. But when we ignore shit that's when the bad cronies move in and do shit under peoples noses.That is when little kids go missing, that is when school shootings happen, that is when men are sent to destroy other countries.

And yet still normies insist on using zoom for everything

>>265106020normies are cancer, we should ask God what should be done because they're a lost cause at this point.

I'd like to do an experiment with regards to God, I believe the inner voice is God. So called NPC's do not have this inner voice...

>>265076988Me too!