Coronavirus Causes Weaponized 'Tentacles' To Sprout From Infected Cells

WHAT THE FUCK is going on bros??? Latest coronavirus research is some of the scariest shit ever!It has fucking TENTACLES now!!!>The images taken by scientists at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) laboratory in the US and University of Freiburg in Germany will be published in the medical journal Cell on Saturday.>Most viruses do not cause infected cells to grow these tentacles. Even those that do, such as smallpox, do not have as many or the same type of branching as Sars-Cov-2, the virus behind Covid-19.

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>>265072162source you stupid nigger

>>265072162Link, you fucking faggot leaf.

>>265072162i fucking knew these hentai weebs were taking it too far lately, now i know why, their wet dream became reality. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck




>>265072222give him what he wants, OP>>265072162


>>265072162Digits and it infects the brain turning victims into cannibalistic walking corpses

>>265072162That's popsci for ya. Shoot all journalists.

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>>265072725sauce? im cooming

>>265072162I don't mind growing tentacles

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>>265072162are they talking about immune cells kek. that's what they do.

>>265073060> said only small pox causes this in a smaller degree, you stupid little bitch, stop coping


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>>265072162meme virus living up to its name, Karen will never sleep again

>>265072561>gogglesomg its a steampunk virus

full article

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>>265072162Lmao.Zerohedge shills are the absolute stupidest faggots on earth.

>>265072864>sauce? im coomingYuck, degenerate pedo.

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>>265072162i really dont give a fuck. I die with my boots on, like a free man.Fuck lockdown fags.

>>265074759it's from FT you stupid nigger kike.

Apparently it hides in your brain where antibodies can’t get at it so you still have it if you’ve had it and it attacks your brain constantly.In 18 months we will have the Z event. It’s the fucking T virus.

It's literally AIRBORNE AIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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>>265072162This virus is fucking pathetic. Took no precautions against it at all, so I probably already had it, and haven't felt sick since 2019.

>>265075280based Mexican gardener

>>265075050Noooooo not my heckin' chrisarino!


>>265075457chinks have known about this for a while

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>>265075564Explain why there are zero videos of this happening in the West

>>265072162>trusting the NIH

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>>265075280Fair enough but you get no help when you’re infected you must go into the sewers so you don’t pass it on. We will see what emerges in a year. El Zomboi.

>>265075525He's the new face of the coomer. The pedo Hollywood edge makes the meme better.

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>>265075564I've been told that this is video of him getting electrocuted to death because of his shitty laptop.

>>265075629Because there aren't enough 5g towers yet

>trannies are now resorting to making threads outside of their containment general because niggers proved nobody really cares about this dead chink meme coofdont care

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>>265075339Oh so you stole it from another publisher THEN shilled it here and you feel this is a point of pride?Jfc, homie. Unironically kill yourself. And when you're done with that, SUCK FREDDY'S FUCKING DICK you incompetent joke.

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>>265075629White people are already consumerist zogbots... You best start believing in zombie apocalypses, user. You were born into, have live in, and will die during, one.

>>265072162Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtan!Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!Cthulhu R'lyeh fhtagn!He's coming Holla Forums

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>>265075564that looks like electrocution, why is he connected to the computer

>>265075629Not a virologists. Just a survivor. I can’t explain the infernal. I just send it back to hell.

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>>265075485Fashion designer, i milk tourist who come fore the festival seasons and spend millions in crazy outfits for the parties and burning man.My stores are open and we dont even use mask and greet clients with a handshake.Fuck it.>>265075766Eat shit faggot your country is gay as fuck and your religious autority is saying that Jesus was a nigger, kys.

>>265075839nope, whatever's happening to him starts without him being in contact with the laptop

>>265072162>BE VERY AFRAID GOY THREAD #243656


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>>265075839>I've been told that this is video of him getting electrocuted to death because of his shitty laptop.Laptops run on 3.3V (some have 12-24V power supplies). A laptop cannot electrocute you.This man was cleared of having coronavirus and was "recovered". Yet there was some of it still in his brain and it killed him.

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>>265072162It's literally Cthulu making his omnipresence known

>>265075913tomorrow, when you go for your daily dose of BBC, choke on it.

>>265076450>>OMG CORONA WILL TURN YOU INTO A NIGGERit literally does that.

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Oh shit anons, where have I seen this symbol before?!

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>>265075629there is two strains. we've known this for awhilewe got the less deadly strain. the fucking flue 2.0 that give brain damage.china was different strain. the one that can kill instead of leaving retarded.

>>265076470who the fuck cares nigger, do you get that if coronachan is this schizo manifestation of rabies-hiv like svenanon thinks, the transmissivity is as such that all of us will be infected unless you have already bugged out to a bunker with bsl featuresbut actually the 2week meme has proven that this chink chimera has fallen apart in its virulence, chinks cant do anyrhing riggt and that includes engineering a humanity ending bioweapon

>>265075952Tell him to stay underwater we're fucking full up here

>>265072690Check em

>>265072162The deliberate engineering and deployment of Covid-19 is one of the greatest human rights violations in the history of the United States.

>>265076113Oh nooo! I never suspected before this day. Can it truly be. The archbishop of faggoting for Satan isn’t much good? I’m devastated.Next you’ll be telling me Sir Jimmy has died and I’ve missed it. He’s a national treasure that one.

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>>265072162Coronavirus is a Chinese experimental bioweapon that was accidentally released. The reason for the worldwide lockdown is government officials around the world were not sure how bad it would be.

>>265076873>but actually the 2week meme has proven that this chink chimera has fallen apart in its virulence, chinks cant do anyrhing riggt and that includes engineering a humanity ending bioweaponare you fucking retarded or just trolling?

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>>265075839its def not electrocution, that shit is instantaneous muscle contractions, go watch videos of people being electrocuted, their body starts shooting flames within seconds. smoke begins to come out of their body too as the insides crisp up

>>265077278A C C E L E R A T E


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>>265077705more and more infections and less and less deathsdead meme chink cooftake some vitamin c nigger

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>>265077918>less deathsyou truly are retarded.doctors are finally able to treat it better but the virus is still with you even after you "test negative".it's literally AIDS.

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>>265072162just a coincidence. not a bio weapon

>>265072690Rolling on the river

>>265077918new cases spike before new deaths retard

>>265078214okay? and? see >>265076873raw r0 means you are getting the airborn aids, you WILL get pozzed


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>>265078438no they don't

>>265078438ok retard, that's a scale of months and months, deaths going down and down, more active cases than ever and less deaths, you trannies can do your little cum deathcult, but your meme virus is obviously not at the same potency anymore, the chimeric nature meant its height of danger was just in the immediate breech zone

>it literally vibrates through walls and now it grows tentaclesThe absolute state of covidniggers seriously

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>>265076873I think the globalists seeded it at Wuhan.China is pushing for a one world currency backed by its gold reserves to replace the petro dollar because this ends the threat of retaliation on China from America for the virus.This is exactly what the globalists need. They need the authority giving to them to issue a digital global currency that is the world reserve in order to have the globalist state. Without this it cannot exist.China and globalists who own the media and fund antifa/blm are attacking us. This is fourth generation warfare. Democrats are assisting communism of the globalist type which is Chinese globalism which means communist slavery for us and billionaire lifestyles for the ruling cartel members and TOTAL POWER. In Big letters.Goodnight pol.

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>>265072162Weaponized testicles? Why the fuck can't I have those?


>>265078860Top fucking kek on pic shoop. That OC? Fukkn saved

>>265078583Beat me to it

>>265078790i had no idea viruses can mutate that fast. it's only had a few serious italian doctor says its safe now?

>>265078214Of it doesn’t kill, then what’s the point?

>>265072162>Just two more weeks

>>265073680>Even those that do, such as smallpoxEven those that do, such as smallpoxEven those that do, such as smallpoxEven those that do, such as smallpoxEven those that do, such as smallpox

It feeds on negativity. Possibly occult dark matter stuff. Stay happy and positive. You'll be fine. Ignore fear and overcome.Love is the answer.Is it coming together for you yet? Why so much madness in the world, hm?


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>>265079072Nah man, saw it for the first time yesterday or so, it's fresh

>>265078583based corona flood

>>265076780Source: my ass after my dog fucked it

>>265072162The Somalis are protecting their own fish, their sustenance. They have become pirates because they are defending their children’s food. Now, we seek to address that matter in the wrong way. Should we send warships to Somalia? We should send warships to the pirates who have attacked and seized the economic zones and wealth of the Somalis and the food of their children. I met the pirates, and I told them that I would negotiate an agreement between them and the international community that respects the 200-mile exclusive economic zone under the law of the sea, that protects all marine resources belonging to the Somali people, and that stops all countries from disposing of toxic waste along the Somali coast. In return, the Somalis would no longer attack ships. We will propose and draft such an international treaty and submit it to the General Assembly. That is the solution. The solution does not lie in sending more military ships to fight the Somalis. That is not the solution. We are addressing the phenomena of piracy and terrorism in the wrong way. Today there is swine flu.Perhaps tomorrow there will be fish flu, because sometimes we produce viruses by controlling them. It is a commercial business. Capitalist companies produce viruses so that they can generate and sell vaccinations. That is very shameful and poor ethics. Vaccinations and medicine should not be sold. In The Green Book, I maintain that medicines should not be sold or subject to commercialization. Medicines should be free of charge and vaccinations given free to children, but capitalist companies produce the viruses and vaccinations and want to make a profit. Why are they not free of charge? We should give them free of charge, and not sell them.The entire world should strive to protect our people, create and manufacture vaccinations and give them free to children and women, and not profit by them. -Quote from Qaddafi at the UN General Assembly in 2014

>>265072162ahahahaha at least it doesn't affect people protest police!

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>>265076780America was already retarded. That explains the lack of damage.

at first I thought it was airborne aids, now I see that it's the materialization on communism. wear the mask!!!stew inside those hot steamy mouth juices!!!


>>265072682Tbh im gonna discredit any research by a college as liberal as university of cali at san fran at this point cuz i dont trust anyone anyway this shit changes every day fuck anyone for believing this also

>>265075564Chink psyop by a bad actor.

>>265075564How do I know this is from meme virus and not some genetic defect?

The simulation might be ending.Going to bed. Find me dreaming if you can. We'll chat before I die.

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>>265075839he's having a seizure

>>265075050Looks like Ted Bundy...

>>265072162Bunch of tentacle rape fantasies are gonna come true

>>265080352It's from an epileptic seizure, according to the people who posted it before it got picked up by doomporn shills.

>>265075457IS that for all people?Anyone else feeling smarter and more intelligent recently?

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>>265072162>Corona-chan will cause irl hentaiThis year keeps getting better!

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>>265079970>(((zerohedge)))shut the fuck up,

>>265075564looks fake if you ask me.


>>265078617So deaths are instant? Provide a source that says people have died instantly from it.Why is the icu in Houston reaching capacity then if corona instantly kills you?

>>265072162>believing the corona isn't a hoaxget pegged, leaf.

>>265072162has anybody seen Kurt Eichenwald since the outbreak started?

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>>265078438Not necessarily to the same extent. The first casualties were those who were most vulnerable. It's on its way to being a seasonal virus with a much milder impact.

>>265072162Vote in the straw

>>265075564...this man is having an epileptic seizure.

>>265078214My whole family tested positive, all asymptomatic. Not a coof. Not a sniffle. Nothing.Retested 3 weeks later, tested negative. It’s a fucking cold with flu like symptoms. Unless you’re over 70 or obese.

>>265084388t. a lying kike nigger faggot.hope you and your whole retarded family gets it.

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>>265084594ok karen

>>265084724oh noes! everyone is lying! it's just a flu bro!

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>>265078076I rarely do this but that is one of my favorites out of any doujin I've ever read, probably used it 200 times by now. That perfect pose of her ass he sees, the 100% willingness she exhumes, God. Hope you're still here my negro: Gifted Bitch Eduction.

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>>265084594>Oy veyy my fibromyalgiaRedditors? A bunch of kvetching hypochondriacs? Who ever would have guessed?

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>>265084594> Leaf> Source PLEBBIT> Only 3 actually tested positiveYou can't make it up

>>265084594>>265084594People always freak out when googling or thinking about their symptoms. Worse now people are socially isolated and blasted with news about corona 24/7, you are going to get some serious hypochondria under these psychological conditions.

>>265072365>anime isn’t real>hentai isFuck everything

>>265072162Boy, I can't to see some tentacle porn of Corona-Chan

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>>265085652very neat sweater


>>265086108yeah man, it's all in their heads.

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It should worry you that we know nothing about this virus. if the system was allowed to do it's job and line up the lab mice and infect them row by row and see how they come out the other side we would be getting consistent messaging about what it does and does not do.Even the official info is speculative. This should scare people shitless.Somebody up top is not only suppressing media coverage beyond straight fear porn about how many people are infected and "horrifying death" that it detracts from the fact that it looks like even asymptomatic people suffer long lasting effects. The long and short of it: This disease replicates so absurdly fast for reasons yet unknown EVEN THIS FAR IN that it causes micro tissue damage in various bodily systems through sheer viral load.A more apt name would be the Wuhan Enigma Flu, that's exactly what it is, a big unknown.I am willing to bet the elites are sweating bullets over the idea that sheckleberg is going to have his workers return and get winded doing half of what they did before.

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>>265075564invisible reverse cowgirl

>>265089027Somebody is keeping this underwater. The effort to actually hamper useful treatments are fairly obvious to anyone who is keeping track. They basically put people to sleep on a vent and they more often than not never wake up.Nobody questions it. MEDICAL PROFESSIONS WHO WE TRUST TO SAVE OUR ASS with 60% mortality rates are just breezing by ones with sub 1% without any communication about why their results differ. Something smells.I can absolutely respect people who don't give a fuck about the masks because I know you're rejecting the horseshit they're feeding you but the worry is that you're just consuming horseshit with cheese. It's all a political game, pick your side, reality doesn't exist let's just play pretend while things physically break down I'm sure this will end well.Make sure your immune system is healthy, drugs don't cure you of a virus, your body's battleground does so down some zinc, get some vitD, vitC, and all the rest you can to be in peak shape for it. The only way you win is through your immune system.

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>>265072162Are we living in the Splatoon backstory?Will I turn into a squidloli now?



>>265079994>UCSF is very liberalIt's just a medical research facility, you inbred flyover retard. Get back to trade cucking.

>>265075462It was only question of time with all the queers and their prep


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What a timeline.

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>>265074738Thank you

>>265072162wait a minute...>Coronavirus is now a hentaivirusholy shit we did it lads we made anime real

>>265072690it did to that one guy in India that got it into his spine, driving him insane and causing him to eat three people before being apprehendedshame it seems to have been an isolated case though

>>265072162damn this shit is starting to get kinky

>>265072162Who cares, faster its over the better. Fuck this gay planet and it's "people"



>>265084594Holy shit what a bunch of weak faggots.



Dont all corona viruses have tentacles like that/ You guys are retards

>>265076113why are mexicans so dumb

Coronachan tentacle porn when?

>>265072690>Digits and it infects the brainIt already does, numerous studies point to this.>turning victims into cannibalistic walking corpsesIt doesn't do this though. Just strokes/seizures and stuff like that, obviously if you get brain damaged, becoming impaired in some way goes without saying.


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>>265072162what a bunch of horseshit propaganda.

>>265074738I always thought that the reason why viruses weaken you immune system is because in a viral infection your immune system is more likely to kill you.

>>265089027Nah, it's pretty much a meme flu with a 99.9% survival rate and most people don't even get symptoms, their immune systems crush the puny virus.


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>>265085229Thx dude will read it later

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Sars-Cov-3 is going to be so much fun. I wonder when China will be finished with it.

>>265075839you were told wrong, its nerve gas

>>265085229Saving it for later since I already masturbated and I think there is a snake on the house thanks user.

>>265072162Bro... i have bad dyslexia or some shit. I read "weaponized testicles". Its been getting worse. I think i just try to read to fast for my own good.

calm down and praise tzeentch ok

>>265072690First season walking dead?

>>265072162The media is lying.


we flood now

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Thought the same,Also god-tier meme

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>>265072162Fuck you gayniggerYou can't scare us

>>265075629the security guard is having an epileptic seizure in that video, it was part of the disinformation in the early stages of corona

>>265072162I already told you faggots how Covid came to be. And the glowies know it.Still think kung flu came from bat benis in Wuhan? Explain this retards.

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