When are AR15's going to be banned?

when are AR15's going to be banned?

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Same day we ban the moon.

>>265069904Over your dead body

>>265069904go ahead and ban all the AR15s, wont matter to me because i have AR14s

>>265069904That's the most spastic autismo looking bad ass I've ever seenhow many holes do you think he's put in his own clothing?And very soon OP


>>265069904When faggots rule

>>265069904he's fast

This guy eventually get his nuts shot off right?

where/type can I buy a modestly cheap M-14 style rifle?

>>265069904ban assault oxygen

>>265069904Same day that politicians no longer like breathing.

>>265069904Ah yes the Devil May Cry school of gunplay

>>265069904Where were you when gunkata became real

>>265073216It was always real, but no one was fucking insane enough to try itExcept this dude, apparently.He looks Russian - reminds me of that Larry Vickers video of the Spetznaz training in RussiaFor the uninitiated/retards:youtube.com/watch?v=U02E2sjwlLM

>>265069904> Blacks still thinking they're going to win any race war.

>>265073633this looks unbelievably stupid.Gonna go watch it

>>265071776for you

>>265071308>spastic autismobabies first time seeing high level pistol play outside of hollywood

>>265075421plot's Orwellian pozz but it's worth watching once

>>265069904Wow looks like an NPC from the 90s

>>265071842The cheapest you’ll find a new Springfield is around $1200 on sale at PSA. I had one a while ago and sold it, it worked fine and had nice iron sights, it’s just heavy and clunky compared to an AR 10.

I hate the T-Rex arms, side to side glance. It's a useless motion, taught to encourage situational awareness, but quickly becomes a force of habit with no conscious thought behind it.Shoot and move, move, move. Standing still will get you killed. Doing T-Rex arms just means you have to reengage your arms in the event you see another threat. Run and find cover and assess your situation from there.

>>265069904it would literally be easier to ban iPhones. there's less of them.

>>265071776He's going to get himself shot doing that shit. Practice better make perfect, for his sake.

>>265069904February 2020 after Joe wins the election.

>>265077674>clunky compared to an AR 10.What's a good inexpensive 308 AR? DPMS?

>>265071308>That's the most spastic autismo looking bad ass I've ever seen>how many holes do you think he's put in his own clothing?>And very soon OPI've had bullet holes in my own clothing from niggers trying to kill me. I am invincible, I cannot die.

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>>265069904The day before the shooting starts.

>>265078874I'm sure he's drilled it many times with a paintball or airsoft gun

>>265077716>implying you can do what this Russian man didi'm going to break your fragile masculinity with some words on the internet, and there's nothing you can do about it. cope more, you effeminate amerimutt

They've already been banned in the US under the assault weapons ban during Clinton and Bush 2. It's since been repealed obviously. I know shit about guns, but I heard someone in the know say that leftist politicians want ar15's banned because in any type of actual insurrection or civil war scenario, an ar15 would essentially be necessary to mount any type of serious offense/defense against national guard troops, militarized federal agents/ police, etc. The military equivalent of an ar15 is an m16, which has been standard issue to all us marines for many decades, and it's by far the main firearm they train with

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>>265069904damn this dude is on another level

When joe Biden defeats trump


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Do most people holster their guns with one round in the chamber and with the safety off? That seems dangerous. How likely is it for a gun to accidentally go off?

>>265081799very unlikely, look at the schematics for a gun and use your brain

>>265076082>high level pistol play>kike range theatrics Okay noguns.


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>>265081799Depends how dumb you are. If you can't pay attention, it's quite likely. See jewtube for "glock leg" videos.A modern gun in good condition will not go bang without something pulling the trigger. As for the likelihood of that, see above.Then again if there's a manual safety, most people will use it because that's why they bought a gun with a manual safety. Whether they remember to take it off or not, see above.

>>265079003Well all LR308 are DPMS, AR-10 is not the same thing for ppl who dont know. I personally think they are all over priced and retarded, but if I had to choose 1 I would get a POF Revolution, or build from an 80% like a normal person, but yes I would go with the DPMS platform, over the armalite.

>>265076082No guns detectedNo one uses a gun like this because shooting yourself on accident is a real concern.

>>265084586Might as well get a 6.5 creedmoor at this point. It's going to make 308 the new 30-06 since it does everything 308 does in a lighter cartridge with better ballistics.

>>265069904Thanks to recent dindu riots, swarming people's cars, homes and businesses...they won't be anytime soon.

>>265078890well we are in June 2020. so thank god for that

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>>265071842bear creek Arsenal, but my advice is keep an eye on gun.deals and look at their daily postings all the retailers online have deals randomly throughout the week. Just remember not to over pay because all of the stuff is made from a handful of companies and the operators just like to show off their rollmarks at the range. Milspec is milspec, but most people like harvey anchor or cerro forges, but Anderson Manufacturing aka The Poverty Pony makes good forgings and good machining on their stuff. The best deals are gonna be Anderson lower and Bear Creek complete uppers, anyone trying to tell you they aren't good for the money is a shill.


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You stole this webm from /k/ you faggot

>>265083904Old but gold.

>>265085127Why do you think he uses his offhand to control the barrel?

>>265081053the main reason the AR would be the goto firearm especially over those homosexual commie larper AKs is because of the ARs modularity, and its prevalence among LEO and military allowing you to upgrade or fix your rig by scrapping the dead peoples guns, and any caliber cartridge that can fit in the ARs magwell can be made to chamber with the proper bolt face and chamber/barrel ext. with correct feed ramps/magazines with correct geometry. They make ARs chambered in 9mm, 45acp, 12.7mm, 7.62x39, .410 shotshells, 12guage, .357 mag, 6.5, 6.8, .300, and Im sure you could make one, with a lathe and a cnc to fire any other caliber you can fit.

>>265085527M14 not AR15 you mong.

>>265086684If I'm going to be killing people and taking their crap what does it matter what gun I use to do it with?Retard. Even if your fantasy happens (it won't), an AK will kill and get you the AR you didn't spend money on.

>>265081799Most carry guns don't have a manual safety (assuming that's what you're referring to). I'm not sure how most people carry, but I personally think its retarded not to carry chambered. If you're in a situation where you need it, that extra second or two racking the slide before you can put rounds on a target are pretty important...and racking a slide quickly makes a fair bit of noise as well.Having to chamber a round will add time, whereas disengaging a manual safety won't. You do run the risk of the adrenaline dumb making you do something retatrded like forgetting the safety, but if you drill an appropriate amount this shouldn't be an issue anyways. I live in a cold weather climate. So more clothing to catch on a trigger...so I won't EDC anything without a manual safety...but this is a personal choice for every ccw holder.

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>>265086684How good is the AR15 compared to an M16?Are M16s legal for cilivilians to buy? Is AR15 the highest powered semi auto rifle available to legal purchase?Fully auto weapons are banned in the USA now right?

>>265081799I would argue that safeties are retarded. Most defensive pistols dont have external safeties, like a glock or a sig p320 (the M17 DOES) LEOs and feds dont use safeties because they will cost you your life when seconds count, or you can be a dead faggot while you are fiddling around with your safety and wracking your slide.

>>265084355well the p320 will go bang when you drop thwm

>>265086993The only functional difference between a standard AR and M16 is the fire control group. A lot of civ market ARs are higher quality than the military issue guns. The only fullauto/burst M16s that are legal to buy are ones that were registered before 1986, and they cost tens of thousands compared to about $1000 for a really good AR.

>>265086993>Depends. >No.>The ar-15 isn't a high power rifle.>you need a tax stamp.Alternate answer. What the fuck is google. What the fuck is /k/

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>>265085407i wouldnt get an AR chamberwd in 308, 30-06 is a 308 projectile with more ass, and if I were to shoot anything beyond an intermediate cartridge like a creedmore, .243, 308 30-06 etc, Im gonna choose a precision bolt action 100%

>>265085527I assumed it was a typo, not sure why anyone would want a m14

>>265087015Situational. What fucking manual safeties take seconds assuming you've drilled appropriately? You have a safety that you have to do long division or some shit to disengage? Make be solve a quick crossword before you go bang?I agree on having to rack your slide though.

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>>265086993>>265087241the m16 has a LOW shelf reciever.. extra space for the auto sear and whatnot.. with an AR you have to remove this metal to make space.. but just go with coathanger machine gun user.. pic related

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>>265085127use blanks until you're proficientsame idea as dulled/wooden blades>havinggunzand>usinggunzare two different things

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>>265069904If those four posters were men with guns he'd be dead

>>265088213He'd be giving himself his best chance at surviving by doing what he demonstrated so what's your point?

>>265081799if it's decocked and it's a quality pistol like a P226 or 92FS pretty low if it's holstered correctlystill I wouldn't recommend one in the tube unless you are actively working in military/police/security or live around niggers unless you're using a hammerless snubnose revolver or something

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>>265086993AR is a semi-auto variant of the M-16. Same gun with no burst/full auto.They are plinkers. The kind of thing you shoot squirrels with. a .223 is a very small bullet, and only used by the military for two reasons: Smaller/lighter ammo means you can carry more. A wounded man requires more resources than a dead man.

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>>265086993so the only difference is the fire control (trigger/selector) the BCG, and the rear lug shelf on the lower. Majority of AR15s have a M16 BCG, so all you really need is the 3 round burst or full auto sear with the selector switch, both of which are 100% legal for anyone to buy, dont even need to show an ID, but for a full auto sear you would have to modify your lower by drilling the 3rd hole, and you would be committing a felony by doing that. You can legally and easily purchase select fire stuff from brownells even, but if you gwt caught with the fcg and an AR lower batfe can charge you with constructive possession. That being said, you can buy full auto sears on wish.com and is marketed as "airsoft" and it isnt listed as full auto sear, you just have to know what it is when you see it. Or just google "coat hanger full machine gun" it is stupid easy, but risky.

>>265085127it's called training, safe queen

>>265069904probity never idk. honestly I think it depends on the population and if people are going crazy.

>>265088057based girl

>>265088438Probably not, in reality. Guys standing around like that looks like a mugging. If they wanted you dead, you'd be dead already. If they want your wallet and you're surrounded like that, your best chance of survival is giving them your fucking wallet.

>>265069904search and assess is stupid

>>265087241or buy a rdias or lightning link

>>265069904Purge all Jews out from your nation and will be no mass media lie, no usury Banks, no LGBT, no drugs , no dating, no Porn , no fatherless children, no breeding whores, no corona riots race war. I is war Humanity vs Jewish swindle

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>>265088213he might get luckyif they were bongs with guns he'd be just fine

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anyone else dry fire clear rooms between watching episodes of 24?

>>265075421It's insanely retarded but entertaining in a way.

>>265071308That's just russian bodyguard training

>>265088543>you would be committing a felony by doing that.Not according to the constitution

>>265088813You think you have better odds of survival with 4 hair trigger sporting shotguns aimed at you?

>>265088535>plinking squirrels with 5.56mmYeah I don't think that's really the case

>>265088813The one in Glasgow didn't work out so well. If they were mutt police they'd be in a kneeling position.

>>265088535myth, and the smaller/faster projectiles are better at penatrating armor, and tumble fragment better because of its velocity, that is why it is a good choixe for home defense, much better than 9mm even.

>>265088837no b ut i usually am finger fucking my guns when watching shows like that.

>>265089015Shoot squirrel with .22lr. 3 and the old lady can whip up a pot pie.

>>265069904>banning ar15>after tens of millions of them are manufactured and out thereK goodluck

>>265088717So it's best not to know an effective atrategy to neutralize four surrounding assailants than it is to know one because sometimes four assailants want to mug you instead of kill you?I'm not saying it would be a good idea to put yourself in more danger if your life isn't directly being threatened, but I don't understand why the OP vid is being criticized.Also the original guy i replied to said the ruskie would be dead, i said that his strategy looks like a good way to neutralize 4 murderers, and you replied to me saying that they wouldn't be murderers. Kinda dumb.

>>265089015He's not that far wrong. Most civilised people think hunting deer with .223 is unnecessarily cruel. It's for shooting foxes.

>>265089236>civilised You fucking British?

>>265069904I bet you hate Trump and yet you want him to take away your ability to own an AR15.

>>265088837This, but accidental discharges are real

>>265089167The point is it's very, very unlikely to be effective even in the extremely unlikely situation presented, which is very unlikely to involve anyone wanting you dead.

>>265089446So he's worse off for training his body to use those maneuvers?

>>265089236Definitely effective for small game. Can fudge it with the right ammo for bigger game...but really why would you when there are far better options out there.

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>>265089415it's not accidental if you put aside a few bucks for repairs.

>>265089236>Most civilised peopleWhat, like democrats?>think hunting deer with .223 is unnecessarily cruelWell, arrows would be even more cruel in that case. You can certainly take deer with .223 as long you aren't doing gut shots with FMJ or something

>>265089371Your lot are the only ones with the retarded special snowflake spellings, you narrowed it down to "rest of English speaking world" not the UK.I'm English though.>>265089561Yes, he's wasting time. He'd be better served spending time training to suck himself off, at least he'd get some use out of that.

>>265069904never now, gun debate is over and we won


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>>265086684there are too many problems with making your own barrels for rifle or pistol cartridgesyou can certainly do it for shotgun cartridges tho

>>265089634Nope, hunting broadheads are very effective. The likes of 9mm and .223, not so much.Then again if your standards are "skin the dog before you fry it" you may disagree.

>>265089712Maybe his skills are so impressive that he can get blowjobs from hot russian babes, what do you think about that?

>>265089570why not just use a .50bmg, frag grenades, or dynamite? Or carry 1 light versatile rifle for hunting and defense? But seriously, why havent you people ditched the 5.56 for the 6.8spc? And the gun/ammo panic buying has only proven that 9mm and 5.56 are the most difficult cartridges to find when shtf, while the shelves stay stocked with 6.5 grendel, 6.8spc, .30 carbine, 45-70, but have to be on a waiting list for months to purchase 40 rounds of 55gr 5.56 fmjs

>>265089712>I'm English though.Looks like I narrowed it down precisely, John Bull.

>>265086993I'm pretty much echoing the other posters, but M16 is the full-auto military version of the semi-auto AR15. M16s are legal if they were sold and registered in the civilian market before 1986. Making one now is impossible to register, and would not be legal to possess. There's a lot of hunting rifles you can legally buy that's more powerful than the AR15. The parts to convert an AR15 to full auto are stupid easy to get, but carry long prison sentences if you get on the BATF's radar. There's some pre-1986 full auto guns for sale, but usually cost $20K to $50K, as well as the paperwork steps to legally buying one.Most people, even those doing homebuilts, don't bother with full auto since it's impractical for any civilian use.

>>265085527Accurate appraisal, +1 for anderson lower

>>265088934Why do I not believe this but also not doubt it? Russia is an enigma.

>>265079003Diamondback 10Sub 1k

>>265089236>hunting deer with .223 is unnecessarily cruel>>265089634>arrows would be even more cruel this depends on you ability to place shots. it's more cruel to take shots you can't make

>>265078874i watched some guy take a class with an ex spetsnaz commando on youtube, they just did dumb shit with ammo all the time. it doesn't surprise me, just a lifestyle i guess. I imagine that is to avoid being detained so he isn't concerned about body movement.

>>265069904Is that Gun-Kata?

>>265069904When they start selling guns? I don't know AR15s they're like a starter kit.

>>265078874he is practicing, you retarded nigger


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>>265087481.308 is for semi-auto battle rifles if you want a bigger slug.of course if you're running bolt you want a precision cartridge, you can even for the .338 Lapua autism cartridge

>>265090037Broken clock my dude.>>265090232Depends how retarded the deer are as well. You're not going to get the kind of piss-easy shots you get around here from e.g. a red deer in Scotland.

>>265081799A lot of people talking shit, I'll tell you something. I once met a guy that did the shit that doesn't have a name, and yes he walked around with a 45 with a round in the chamber and the safety off. No idea what his logic was but I guess you see guys do brain surgery and you don't understand. He was like top of the line too, so yeah, I guess some do. I never saw him work. He also wore expensive clothes in a very lethal area. It was weird. They are out there.

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>>265090028>being prepared...as in before you actually need somethingWhen shtf im not concerned about buying ammo, I'll be thinking of the most common lootable shit. Dont confuse rounds on the shelf with rounds that you can obtain. Also, if you look at what manufacturers shift their production to in shortages...its the shit that sells the most thats profitable...so 556 and 9. Regardless, more rounds in circulation mean easier to obtain...even when your local farm store runs dry.

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>>265077716> quickly becomes a force of habit with no conscious thought behind it.That's the point. In a real, high stress situation, you can only reproduce a tiny amount of your training. Good training means getting good habits that you're more likely to reproduce. In reality, you'll probably just throw a quick glance over your shoulder, and that's the point. What's certain is bad training will lead to terrible reactions. You should read that story about FBI training, back when they shot 5 bullets out of a six shot revolver, then stood up to empty the casings in a bucket: restitution in the field was disastrous.Unless every single time you train, you actually run back behind cover, that training is still more efficient than yours.

>>265090028thats not even remotely true, the amount of 5.56 in circulation is astronomical, all your meme cartridges stay on the shelves because no one has rifles for them and no one caresi bought thousands of M855 5.56 Green Tip without issue during the plandemicin the shtf .223 and .308 will be everywhere should you choose to acquire it.

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>>265088103wtf happened here? he bent over to pick something up and his pistol went off? I assume that is highly uncommon but how the fuck does that happen? Did the cock or whatever get snagged on a piece of clothing and then it fired?

>>265073633Hollywood totally sucks dick, mang!

>>265088103I can't believe people keep one in the chamber

>>265069904Is his gun also The One Ring?

>>265091051that was a malfunction because he modified his pistol, probably aftermarket parts like a lighter trigger installed improperly. A gun cannot not just "go off" by itself, and you do not under any circumstances use a shitty holster or fidget around with loose clothing in or around your holster or trigger well.A loaded and condition 0 hot pistol is an inert object.

>>265090933He was holstering like a dozy cunt, something got in his holster and as he bent down it moved and pressed the trigger. Boom.>>265091051It's fine as long as your kit's in good shape and you're paying attention when the trigger's uncovered. It's a problem if you're sloppy or packing under 90 IQ points.

>>265071842Just make one yourself. Its rather easy.


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>>265081799i carry hot 100% of the time, it's called using a proper holster. You don't even put your finger in the trigger well when you drawcarrying a 15+1rd and a spare 15rd (Glock) whenever I run even in shorts during the summer, no one knowslearn2gun

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>>265091484now your friendly monitor knows though

>>265069904Try to remember the basics of CQC.

>>265091484The fuck's up with those flat points user? That's not smart in the land of plywood houses.

>>265091777fuck that noise, it's easier just to kneel and get the shit over with

>>265091777You're pretty good...

>>265079003Build one. I built a sub moa precision ar10 for $1500 and a shorter lighter fun ar10 that is ~1 moa (+-.25 depending on ammo) for about $1000. You could easily build a good quality one for less than $800 if you wanted too. Way better value than what you could buy complete and actually building one gets you intimately familiar with your fun.

>>265069904Gun-kata memes aside, I believe the technique he is using is called something like "Center Axis Relock"

>>265079003Daimondback db10. They're excellent rifles

>>265092423>Gun-katawhat a shitty yet awesome movie

>>265081799Understand what "double action" is and why it was invented.People these days hate it because it's hard to shoot, so they go with striker fired pistols, and then they complain they shot their dick off.

>>265069904That fucking fag thinks he so cool and quick with his little gun lmao.I could easily take him out with a swift accurate slash to the jugular with pic related.So much for your gun then, eh?

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All you need is a browning xbolt with the 28 inch barrel and you can literally do anything other than pierce armor with off the shelf 308.224 goes thru armor off the shelf and 50bmg, other than that, nothing else is going through steel plates unless you machine and load it yourself.


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I just added another one to my 3d printer's queue. I will add one more for every attempt at infringement.Government get out, REEEEEE!

>>265092922are you watching gay porn?

>>265092861I find guns pretty fascinating. I've read a bit on the internet over the years and it seems everyone has an opinion. Interesting there are so many types and calibers etc too

>>265092922this is the second time i've seen this fag shitif you're gay, you need to rope or seek legitimate mental help. i wish you the best.

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>>265091776my monitor would know that 9mm is least of their concerns>>265091818i carry hydra shok hollows if i'm feeling frisky, but i stay with flat tip when steppers feel like they want to hide behind shit after they stepotherwise i carry 10mm hard cast lead innawoods

>>265093234Look at his flag and ask yourself again

>>265092995The best anti-kevlar weapon is a flamethrower

>>265092922unless you're going with the FS sentry job, then that death timetable means they're dropping hammers on the exit stoop or staunching anyhow

>>265069904He's going to be the safest guy if stationary walls ever attack him.

reminds me of that guy who played Gollum in lord o the rings

>>265092922>cant use a gun to tap a maple tree>thinks guns are worthlessMakes sense


>>265093596>cant use a gun to tap a maple treeSure you can, the barrel of the gun is a hollow steal tube

>>265092861It seems to be people used to DA who do most of the dickshooting. Cops transitioning to Glocks, mostly. Not so common these days with people who can keep their fucking finger off the bang switch.Also DA was invented to blast Russians in the Crimea really, really fast at close range, not as a safety measure.>>265093422Just load the HSTs user, it's not worth plugging Old Mrs. Jones across the street.Also you're a big fat liar about the 100%, I can see you don't have one chambered.

>>265069904>when are AR15's going to be banned?The government is too stupid to figure out how to actually ban the AR-15. States like Jew York and California have tried for the last 30 years, yet people have found ways around their gay laws.

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>>265069904>AR15 bannedNever in my lifetime if you catch my drift.

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>>265069904what do you have against ArmaLite?

>>265069904This guy is a fucking idiot

>>265088103remember kids, always wear a holster

>>265093837You wont do shit nigger

>>265093341>Fag shit>Picture of knifeAre you mentally retarded? How is a knife "fag shit"?

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>>265094026Your cable management is horrible , and clean your fucking walls, they look like shit

>>265093754i'll load whatever i want, Old Mrs Jones should get the fuck off the streetits not chambered here because i just fitted the laser/light, otherwise I have two chambered pistols, and a short barrel with M855 in the chamber under my desk, in this room right now. i have cameras around my house and the perimeter of my property, and i may or may not have gen3 nods and level iv ceramic sapi plates so if you want to talk about hot loads you ought to pack some if you are going to step, but you won't find me in my cuckshed when you do

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>>265088535Pic related is some better context for the nogunz anons on just how small the .223/5.56 bullet is these are 55gr (one of the most common weight) .223 bullets with a penny.

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>>265069904That's impressive but it doesn't look very cool.

>>265088535>5.56 are plinkers>you shoot squirrels withokay bro, here's your chest cavity with some M855 squirrel plinkers

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>>265081799It's safe to have one in the chamber with a striker firef gun because the firing pin is not kept under tension while the gun is loaded. if your carrying a hammer fired gun loaded you'll want to keep the hammer de-cocked to keep it from going of accidentally. most striker fire guns I.E. Glocks and Glock like polymer guns guns don't have Manual safety's.

>>265069904This dumb motherfucking showoff is going to kneecap himself with that pistol some day.

>have a AR-ish gun Trudeau forgot to ban>have like 2000+ rounds of 5.56 left>he could prohib it any day>too pussy to shoot a gun illegallyShould I start blowing through ammo? 500 rounds a week?

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>>265095396fukcing idiot, save it for the boog

>>265081799Many modern carry guns have passive safety's instead of a manually activated mechanism.Most examples of 'glock leg' are caused by not holstering the firearm safely after firing. When you see those opertoresque looking guys practice their pistol shooting, and they bring the firearm back to their chest with both hands after scanning, their support hand stays on the chest ( sometimes it moves clothing out the way) while they holster their weapon. This stops them blocking the view of their holster as they put the gun in it.

>>265095187 There are plenty of hammer fired guns that you can safely keep chambered with hammer cocked and trigger safety on. 1911 style is really the only ines you need to keep with hammer down/half cock.

>>265069904how the fuck tho

>>265095130I don't think I am going to be able to eat that squirrel after contact.

>>265095396Save it leaf.

>>265093960Come try

>>265085127dont shoot yourself, problem solved.

>>265095986How much should I save? 1000 or so? My end-of-the-world gun is 7.62x39, not 5.56, and I got even more of that laying around

>>265096642Shoot them all. You will never use a gun for shit, pussy.

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>>265093754>Also DA was invented to blast Russians in the Crimea really, really fast at close range, not as a safety measureWhen it comes to revolvers, while the double action enables one-handed continuous operation, it's mostly a side effect, and it was achieved before in different ways. The most important part of a double action trigger is, the hammer is resting and can't go any further, thus no mechanical failure nor dropping it on the ground can cause the gun to go bang. Which is why self-loading semi-auto pistols, despite being single action, eventually came to acquire a double action trigger: contrary to a revolver which "needs" double action to quickly chain up shots, a pistol doesn't need it at all; the only reason that remains is security. And yes it's a "security", it reduces the odds of an accidental discharge, but in no way prevents the gun from firing as intended like a "safety" would. That's the compromise of modern DA/SA pistols, they lack a safety but gain a security. Striker fired pistols have neither, there's no wonder accidents happen.An extra side effect of an external hammer in double action is the ability to "ride the hammer" when reholstering the gun, making sure nothing stands in the way, and enabling to prevent the gun from firing. This is such a key feature, that you can now find a Striker Control Device, which can be mounted on Glocks, that allows to "ride the striker" and reproduce this safety on a Glock. People have carried and continue to carry DA/SA pistols for good reason, striker fired pistols are one step forward in terms of technology, and two steps back in terms of safety and security. The recent rise in accidents is unironically and almost exclusively owed to Glocks. Ask /k/.Also why does it have to be a nogunz frog teaching Americans these things?


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>>265071308>And very soon OPnah jews have lost the gun fight. that's why all the kvetching


>>265093318guns are real funit's totally fucked that Australia isn't like the #1 place in the world next to America for firing off machine guns and blowing shit up for laffs

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>>265090875because fuck physical standards. grrrllll pawr!

>>265088103poor doggo got scared. all because this idiot couldn't get a proper holster

>>265090659If you're talking about the Unit, those guys do more marksmanship training, particularly pistol, than any other unit on the planet.Their standard of performance is insanely high. You will get the boot straightaway for any kind of accidental or negligent discharge.Not the kind of person most people should pattern their behavior after.

>>265096778>When it comes to revolvers, while the double action enables one-handed continuous operation, it's mostly a side effectNo you fucking retard, the Beaumont–Adams was specifically developed for cavalry use, single handed, with a sabre in the other hand. That's what DA is for, and everything that came after was adaptation.

>>265081799If there isnt a bullet in the chamber the gun is useless. You will never have time to rack one when shit goes down. Not even a gun owner and this is common knowledge.

>>265093123jesus, those arms nearly collapse upon themselves. at least he can larp as a starving commie faggot.

>>265069904Is this an autistic russian?

>>265097085We used to be. We had great gun laws until the SAS were used to false flag Port Arthur.

>>265069904laugh all you want.That training is really good. This is the martial arts of our age. Especially that back shot. That's cool.

>>265097085>it's totally fucked that Australia isn't like the #1no my friend, you need to imagine it up north with some canadian friends, we have just as much free space, fuck these kikes that took our guns

>>265077716t-rex arms is so that you can relax your arms while still having control of your handgun.

>>265096819why would anyone do anything so moronic? everyone there is an idiot.

i can coom faster than he shoots

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>>265097800sure but my point is Australia not having a thriving psycho-kunt gun culture is topsy-turvy upside down shit

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>>265069904Time to meme rapid fire

>>265069904Yeah, seeing a video like this, I don't care either way. THIS GUY is gonna make it out alive when Antifa kicks his door in and surrounds him. Nice to see that some people practice enough to not need to bring down a load bearing wall with bullets to come out on top.

>>2650966425.56 would be more common during the boog, wouldn't it?

Anyone got a model name for a decent/non expensive ar15 stock to go with a 16” barrel

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>>265098467Australians are too busy killing funnelweb spiders, manowars, saltwater crocs, half of the poisonous snake species on earth, baby-eating dingoes, intelligent maneating tigers, those giant birds that will carry away a 200 pound man to feed it's kids, dinosaurs, and roving gangs of rabid oil thieves to even think about wasting bullets on each other.

>>265098827for every leaf I meet with a 5.56 I see 5 more with 7.62 (39 or 51)

>>265097649Cavalry could cock their single action revolvers one handed just fine, it was always about safety. History was rewritten under the light of modern times, retronaming revolvers of old "single action" and forgetting why they were made that way, but that leaves little way to logic and doesn't answer much questions.Like, how come prototype double action revolvers that were always fully cocked were axed? Why do modern semi-auto pistols need double action even though they're self-loading? And how come rifles don't have double-action triggers?

>>265069904Holy shit is that gay.Also kys OP.

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>>265099098>stockThat's one of the cheapest components on any AR, just go with magpul.I always liked the ACE fixed stocks.

>>265099263Let's have Captain Crosse of the 88th Foot in 1854 explain this simple concept to your cretinous frog sucking arse:“I then found the advantages of your pistol over that of Colonel Colt’s, for had I to cock before each shot I should have lost my life; but with yours, having only to pull the trigger, I was able to shoot four Russians, and therefore save my life,” Crosse wrote. “I should not have had time to cock, for they were too close to me, being only a few yards from me, so close that I was bayoneted through the thigh immediately after shooting the fourth man.”

>>265099855Let's have Drew, a firearms instructor for Davad Defense, in Chicago, explain the issue to your hamburger spinning civilization:"As this was urban Chicago, he had his G19 drawn but didn’t find anyone. He is an experienced appendix carry guy, and when he reholstered, a piece of his t-shirt got inside the trigger guard causing the weapon to fire. The high-velocity personal defense round went into his upper thigh, and the bullet passed obliterated his femoral artery."

>>265100088I stand corrected, that really does explain why the armies of the 19th Century didn't adopt Glocks en masse.

>>265100261Indeed, they weren't safe to carry, and safety goes first!

>>265088057what a fuckin badass! thats parenting right there...

>>265100300>Indeed, they weren't safe to carry, and safety goes first!I audibly keked.

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>>265090459>thot vaccinelol based

>>265097951because not everyone is a fucking pussy

>>265069904Oh shit we equilibrium now

>>265069904Based, going to learn this.

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>>265096775holy shit ranger boots

>>265069904Where can I get gun kata lessons