White skin is not normal

Listen here faggots.The homo sapiens species has only been around for about 300,000 years. Only within the last 40,000 years has white skin developed and that's probably from literal inbreeding with Neanderthals.However white skin literally did not even become common among Europeans until as recently as 6,000 years ago. Europeans as recently as 8,000 years ago has dark skin. Blues eyes have only existed for the last 8,000 years and blonde hair has existed for the last 11,000 years.For 98% of human history all humans populations were predominately dark skinned. Racism is retarded. Do you even understand what race is closest to taxonomically? Literally it's a fucking ecotype you dumb fucks.

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Absolute brainlet take. Chimpanzees have "white" skin, gorillas have "black" skin. It's been around since forever.


>>265059174Want to know how I know your ethnicity?>Europeans as recently as 8,000 years ago has dark skin.>has

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>>265059174You do not speak my languageYou cannot make moral judgments for meYou are not knowledgable of what you speakYour power is expressed as disregard for what you make true to your believers Your only political distinction is exclusion

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Race is not about eye color, skin color or hair color. It is about genetics, different behaviors determined by genetics (See Mao-A gene) different bone and muscle structure and density, different facial structure and different skull shape, etc. There you have an example of phenotypes within races (In all of which the color varies).

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>>265061087Yes you dumb fuck that's ecotypes. They exist in a bunch of other species and plants.

>>265059174Light skin tones are the product of switching to agrarian based diets rather than hunter gatherer diets. Being pale is literally biological proof of being civilized, while dark skin is proof of savagery.

>>265059174eat gas

Don't care non whites are ugly af and you know it. That's reason alone to preserve whiteness

>>265059174Hieroglyphs on the pyramids have white feautures (nose and facial) and are always painted with white paint.

White skin is the sign of evolution. Black skin is the sign of stagnation. Think about the historical accomplishments. The lighter the skin the more advanced the civilization. Freakin albinos will be our final form.

>>265059174COPE razib.com/wordpress/category/cheddar-man/

>>265059174so you're saying white skin, blonde hair and blue eyes are traits of evolution?

>>265061489Except it was dark skinned people who started agriculture you dumb fuck.


>>265059174True, meds are superior

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>tfw tall white-skinned taconigger with green eyesthank you spaniards for raping the natives. i would hate to be a short brown spict. andale andale ariba ariba

Also the fact that something is relatively recent development doesn't mean it's a bad thing.In fact white skin evolved out of necessity in Europe and Asia. Whites are simply more evolved than bantu niggers

>>265059174Normal compared to what? Lots of animals have white skin if you shave off their hair, cope more.

>>265061186It's far more simple. >Identity is cultural and psychological, within the human nature it is to develop ethnic identities (as history demonstrates).>Subspecies are a genetic and material realities around which natural selection has forced us to gather around so our communities could thrive.>Humans usually develop different ethnicities (German, Spanish, etc) but with "civilized" colonization and later departure from the original ethnicity Americans have develop identities surrounding their subspecies, most of the time through visual identification.

>>265059174>being this retarded

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>>265061919Yes, 10,000 years ago. They turned light as they became more settled and civilized.

>>265061919Where are they now? Besides it was Mesopotamians who started agriculture you dumb fuck not your nigger dick fantasies

>>265059174>Only within the last 40,000 years has white skin developedIt independently evolved in something like 3 separate groups because of dark-skinned people being crippled and rendered unable to reproduce by vitamin D deficiency. Light skin is a survival adaptation for low-energy environments.

>>265059174black people's greatest invention was white people.

>>265061186>Symbol of Forbidden ExistenceI see you put a lot of time into this.

>>265059174>literal inbreeding with Neanderthals.Stopped reading there

>>265061449Are you severely mentally damaged? You're saying literally what I was saying but with an enormous quantity of faggotry attached to your language, shot yourself in the testicles faggot.

>>265059174>inbreeding with Neanderthalsstopped reading here. breeding with Neanderthals was literally the peak of human exogamy, the exact opposite of inbreeding, you're retarded.

>>265059174Thinking that skin color is what makes europeans different from sub saharan africanYou need to do at least 18 to post here

>>265062181>>Subspecies are a genetic and material realities around which natural selection has forced us to gather around so our communities could thrive.Genes = real is not an expression of identityNature in and of itself is not a human expression of cognitive beingGenes = real is not the application of human knowledgeGenes = real is not a consensus of truth derived from mental causality...>>265061186

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>>265059174>For 98% of human history all humans populations were predominately dark skinned>white skin is not normalSo you're saying white skin for the span of human history is very rare.White skin is superior.White skin is best.white is right.

>>265059174It's called evolution you dumb fuck

>>265061919'white people' living in an area they get tanned and 'dark skinned' people are different things user

>>265062704Lick nigger anus you pile of nigger shit.

>>265059174do all us a favor and kill your self faggot

>>265059174>inbreedingneanderthals aren't our family. how is that inbreeding?>making claims about blonde hair, blue eyes, white skin without any evidenceyeah, ok nigger. sage goes in the options field.

>>265062857No one cares about your kike scientific cope. Niggers are ugly af not even considering their skin. Imagine wanting to proprogate nigger ugliness into eternity

>>265059174its called evolution faggot, we are the superior people. NATURE selected us, COPE

>>265063015no u faggot

>>265059174We are Gods.

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>>265059174sounds like a lame black conspiracy theory you got there.

>>265059174>White skin is not normalCorrect. White skin is exceptional. All the niggerbabble about racism is purely just envy. You hate us because we are better than you.

>>265059174>white skin developed and that's probably from literal inbreeding with Neanderthals.Nice projection

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>>265059174The earth is only about 6000 or so years old.

>>265063080Then I guess chinks are the superior people in your logic you stupid fuck.

>>265059174Vote in the straw poll:strawpoll.me/20443285

>>265062437Literally admit that we are the evolutionary leap forward. We must purge the shitskins

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>>265059174>mating with another species>literal inbreedingand you want people to listen to you? perhaps don't be a full blown window licker first.


>>265059631>>265059999Literally they did you retard. Not from nowadays monkeys but we have a common ancestor with apes and monkeys that is much closer than with any other animal species. Fucking amerimutt so uneducated and ignorant cant even into basic biology.

>>265063255Theyre yellow with shit color eyes. White skin & blue eyes are the master race, deal with it

Evolutionists get the rope first. Absolutely degenerate.

>>265059174Racism isn't based on phenotype (even though non-Whites are almost universally revolting to look at), it's based on the genotype and the genetically pre-determined behavior. An albino nigger is still a nigger.

>>265063255Superior to niggers sure. Deep down you know it's true

>>265059174Define normal you nigger. It’s adapted to its environment.

>>265059174cool story whites are still the only real humans sorry about it not really tho lol bye bye

>>265063235Don't even bother with the (((evolutionists))) they are too far gone. Just let them do them. Eventually they will all be fucked up on antidepressants and cutting their dicks off with the rest.

>>265063420They are more intelligent, have more interbred in them since they fucked not only one subhuman species like whites did, but TWO. They have evolved farther down the line according to your logic, you dumb fucking stupid retard. Do us all a favor, take a shot gun and go blow your fucking brains out you stupid faggot nigger kike.

>>265063376monkeys are not hominids, we didn't evolve from them or breed with them. Thats ridiculous late 18th century science cope. The missing link will be a hominid not a monkey or ape

>>265063054cope? Explain this. Why are you so upset?

>>265063695>chinks are more evolved OK zheng

>>265063528And what is phenotype determined by? GENES YOU STUPID NIGGER! Fuck your fucking retarded racism!

>>265060354This is incredibleWhy is no one saying anything?????

>>265063695>You become more evolved by fucking other hominid speciesWhat?Neanderthal DNA is miniscule in Europeans. Most of the offspring would've been sterile. Just admit whites evolved out of necessity. God chose us not you nigger copers. Once society collapse again will whiteness be heavily selected for. Your skin survives in Europe and North America literally because of the white man's agricultural and industrial prowess. The fact is niggers would be crippled by vitamin D deficiency if you so desire things to return to 'normal'

>>265062985Go watch CNN while your mother is having a gangbang with a feral pack of syphilitc niggers cocksucking wheelchair retard.

>>265063853Upset? Not at all. Whites are made in gods image and we're forged in fire on the European continent. Fact is life was much harder for Europeans. It would've been near impossible to reproduce without our adaptations

>>265063235>he doesn't know about pre-Adamite >>265063659Implying microevolution goes against theology in any way

>>265063933Yes. Read again.>Racism isn't based on phenotypeThis doesn't exclude racial discrimination being extended to phenotype. Non-Whites are ugly inside and out, they're disgusting to look at and that's more than enough reason to not want them alive. Any non-White that's even remotely good looking is an aberration that won't be replicated in the following generation.

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>>265059174Youre making the assumption that the current mutations with skin and eyes in regards to melanin has only happened once. I say theres evidence this can happen every few hundred years and if it takes hold in a civilization then you've got a blonde haired blue eyed population.Reasoning: Civilizations across the entire globe have blonde haired blue eyed upper class/GodsPic related is a Nuristani man, this fucker lives in AFGANISTAN. These mutations happened probably about as often as doctors see them happen in hospitals when delivering babies. Sometimes they become common in groups. It happened overwhelmingly in Europe recently, but it may have been even more broad in previous occurences of this.

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>>265063933What so you think albino niggers are okay?

>>265059174>Neanderthals had White skin>Neanderthals predated Homo sapiens by hundreds of thousands of years>Neanderthals interbred with Homo sapiens>Meaning our White skin genes are much older and have a legacy that predates even our own species Essentially racism isn’t “retarded”, because even assuming that everything you say is true, this makes people with Neanderthal DNA the more advanced man or the ‘upgraded version’, if you will. Whereas niggers and abbos have no Neanderthal DNA, and thus belong in the Stone Age. Not to mention the evolution that has happened after the supposed ‘migration’ out of Africa as you admit. Some groups have traits that others do not, people may find these traits desirable and preferable, ergo “racism” isn’t retarded, you are, retard.

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>>265064515To clarify I'm saying in the last 100k years this mutation has probably happened 200k times, minimum.

>>265064515Because he is a literally unmutted indo iranic

>>265059174So you were there for history and you saw all this dark skin for all human beans?

>>265064712Anyone who denies whites are the most evolutionary advanced race is literally denying the accepted science of evolution

>>265064515Could it perhaps do with the fact that Afghanistan is on the Indo-European trail? Fuck even later in history you had the Macedonians getting down there. Rather than some white mutating sub asians, it's acutally just white genes

>>265059174>old earth

>>265064712But you have no evidence of this what so ever and you're just farting out of your mouth.

>>265064910Including these "whites", ma nigga?

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>>265059174Race is about me taking my tiny white cock and impregnating your sister and then you mother and then you (it is 2020, after all and we have science) until your skin becomes as light of a shade as mine and you dick becomes an inny fuck you

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>>265064427Whites are made in gods image and we're forged in fire on the European continent. Fact is life was much harder for Europeans. It would've been near impossible to reproduce without our adaptationsHow is that relevant to this:>>265060066>>265060354>>265061186>>265060007How do you benefit from identity of the white color?


>>265064910True. >>265064922In the case of the Nuristani yes. However their mutation has occured and reoccured multiples even within their own group. >>265064848They were pagan until 1895.

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>>265059174Wow it’s almost like the Europeans’ white skin is an evolutionary adaptation. Kind of like how Europeans evolved to be more intelligent than their dark skin “brethren”

>>265059174The pharaohs were white. Also, who fuckin cares. Aryans are gorgeous. Cope faggot

>>265059174>Posts the Cheddar man propagandaThanks for showing how fucking stupid you are, negroid

Race isnt just skin color you dipshit. It's everything from the food you eat to your core values.

>>265059174White people are like X Men. Genetic super powers of supremacy and all the normies hate us for this. We will rise up and cleanse the world once more, we just gotta find our magneto to lead and it's over for you turds!

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>>265065048Its probably as common as 1 in 5000 brown haired brown eyed caucasoid parents to have blonde haired blue eyed baby even if asiatic admixture, all that has to happen after that is that fucker has a lot of kids

>>265064427>Whites are made in gods image and we're forged in fire on the European continent. Fact is life was much harder for Europeans. It would've been near impossible to reproduce without our adaptationsHow is that relevant to this:>>265060066 >>265060354 >>265061186 >>265060007How do you benefit from identifying as the color white?


>>265064503Check’d and based

>>265059174Literally Limmy with blackface. Try again, zog.

>>265065127Keep coping neaderthals produced sterile offspring when they interbed with humans. Only the offspring between male homosapien and female neaderthal could reproduce. Mitochondrial DNA is passed down the mothers line and remains almost entirely unchanged. If humans and homosapiens interbred with neaderthals as much as you say it should be in far greater abundance than you so claim. Keep coping nigger. You exist at our discretion

>>265065410>It's everything from the food you eat to your core values.for you that is leaf(s) and leaf(s)

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>>265063376No they didn't you stupid fuck. Do you not understand the difference between monkeys and apes!? You are one dumb fuck for a chink. You also do realize that no modern ape species is a direct anscestor to us right!? CHIMPANZEES SPLIT FROM OUR MOST RCA 6.5 MILLION YEARS YOU DUMB FUCK!OUR GENUS HAS ONLY EXISTED FOR THE LAST 2.3 MILLION YEARS AND OUR SPECIES FOR ABOUT 300,000 FAGGOT CHINK


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>>265059174dumb nigger detected

>>265059174who are you to define normal in biology? drink battery acid

>>265059174Everything good evolutionarily comes about by inbreeding. There are no selection pressures which can overcome the gene drive's desire to maintain genetic integrity, and that is done by selecting the dominant recessive ancestor gene whenever possible.Everything good about being white comes about because people made reproductively bad decisions and created selection pressure on their own descendents that ensured only the good mutations would survive within the inbred genetic pool, which occasionally would outbreed with other pools.this is literally how animal breeding works.

>>265065854no u

>>265066133Is that you coppercab? Well trolled sir.

>>265066133>no uyou are slothfag

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>>265066133>Thinks Cheddar man is legitimate>Isn't retardPick on, you non-white subhuman

>>265066337no u nigger anal licker

>>265059174So you admit evolution moves forward.

>>265059174>Inbreeding>With different hominidWhat a retard


>>265059174guys thinking about it, being human is pretty unnaturalI mean fish have existed for billions of years and humans have only started existing in the last hundred thousand or so

>>265059174I don't care if it's normal or not.It's beautiful, and certain people can not STAND that.

>>265059174Absolute bullshit. I don’t even need to read it AND HAVENT.

>>265066475Are you that fucking dumb to not realize I meant to say interbred? Do you seriously not have enough of a grasp of the English language to not realize that maybe, just mother fuckin' maybe, when someone is typing fast they just might, they may as well just mother fucking might, accidentally type some nigger words? Jesus fuck you are stupid.

>Muh skin colourLook how he copes with the skin color of the cheddar man( proporganda anyway). It literally has Caucasian facial features. It doesn't look like an abbo doesn't look Asian doesn't look like a nigger.

>>265059174Whites aren't descended from Negroes

>>265059174Dude, you don’t know what your talking about. Inbreeding is breeding within your pedigree. Also white skin was a mutation not due to breeding with Neanderthals. Sage this retarded thread.

>>265059174Give it a rest nigger!


>>265061810Interestingly enough the author you are posting is a brown Bengali guy... not trying to make a point just thought it was interesting

>>265063376No we didn't. Both different genesis of monkeys and hominids evolved from the same primate, and then there's niggers, which are neither human nor monkey, and they currently run this board


My skin may be brown and that is the same color as poop but at least the sun doesn't destroy folate in my blood so I don't have to ingest more. Doesn't matter now but it used to.

>>265066783>>265066666hail satan

>>265059174>race is only skin color

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>>265067013>faggotry is only gay sexkys

>>265066666Just admit you made a fruedian slip and you realize that coincidentally most of our evolutionary traits come about because of inbreeding

>>265066670>Implying the skin color of the cheddar man is not based off nothingTaking this out you're actually correct, he is a pure caucasoid cromagnid.

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>>265065680Fucking retard it’s exactly what Im saying oh god you are one dumb amerimutt

>>265067178ooga booga go back to africa you racist pile of shit

>>265059174>inbreeding>with Neanderthals Retard alert!

>>265066832>Gay projection>Providing evidence that whites literally are more evolved than niggers >Tries to deny itTypical leftist.You'll always be a nigger with a nigger nose and a nigger skull. Your entire race is literally just reduced to genitalia kek

>>265059174You mean cross breeding.

>>265066666Lawl nigger mad

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>>265065969You are one dumb son of a bitch.

>>265059174Source: the tip of your professors cock

>>265059999checked. This fag got rekt. Look at user sperg the fuck out. Cope and seethe, nigger.


Skin color is about vitamin D vs folate. Sunlight destroys folate and activates vitamin D. Vitamin D grows bones and folate is good for pregnant women. In places with less sunlight vitamin D is prioritized and vice versa.

6,000 years, tops, faggot... The whole of human history.

>>265067453i love it

>>265067330neanderthal genes detected

>>265067431nigger tongue my anus

>>265067465>Tries to debate>Gets btfo >World view shattered> Seething that you now have to live with cognitive dissonance

>>265067479And you can just eat both of them and that's it. Vegetables mean skin color doesn't matter.

>>265067667no u

>>265059174So white people are the next evolution of humans? Explains why we're better than everyone else. Cool!

The ice age probably had something to do with white mutation. Years of living in a dark cave.

>>265067465Didn't turn out how you expected huh share blue?

>>265067717So chinks are the next evolution of humans? Explains why we're better than everyone else. Cool!

>>265067756I'm an agent of chaos,faggot

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>>265059174>White skin is not normalNeither is intelligence.>For 98% of human history all humans populations were predominately dark skinned.For 99.99999999999999999999% of the history of life, animals were predominantly brainlets.

>>265059174So we've got some cool unique evolutionary traits? That sounds like something that should be preserved right? Why would you want to destroy rare and unique phenotypes, unless you're spiteful and jealous of them?

>>26506777725 posts in and you clit-dick isn't any larger

>>265059174Race isn’t skin color nigger

>>265059174tell that to all the racists on the left that hate white people

>>265059174So basically white skin is the next evolutionary step?

>>265067719People didn't live through the ice age, they moved north after it

>>265068047Will you rub my clit dick for me, faggot?

>>265059174so what youre saying is white people are more evolved

>>265059174ayo>*tilts head*hol' up>*pulls up pants*so you be sayin'>*smacks lips*us crackas>*takes a crack pipe hit*is more evolved?>*does a crip shuffle*

>>265059174Explain to me why you are speaking a white language on a white computer network

"race isn't skin color" yeah right

>>265068171We don't hate white people, we hate intolerant bags of shit who seem to be mostly white

>blue eyes have only existed for the last 8,000 years>literally posts a blue-eyed person a thousand years olderWhat did he mean by this? What's his endgame?

>>265068203My mistake, 27 posts in. I'm sorry. What I meant was that mongoloids are a simian impulse automaton made to be social climbing drones. The mongoloid species is biologically incapable of sentience, which is why they're just vaguely animated bags of sickly skin, with a bit of blood for lubrication, held together by some brittle bones. The most perfect disposable organism to grease industrial machinery in the most gory of fashions, for China, for CCP. Now go rub your clit dick, faggot.

>>265059174So we're more highly evolved? Gotcha, thanks.

>>265067777>So chinks are the next evolution of humans?Can you show me anything deomonstrating that they wont be?China will overtake the US within our lifetime as the world's dominant political and economic power.Japan is decades ahead of everyone technologically and have the highest IQ and lowest crime rates of any nation.South Korea is not that far behind them.Indonesia is basically in shape to become the next China.Asians literally are dominating the world, and they are btfoing literally everything kikes have been pushing in the west since we lost WW2.

>>265059174that shit literally doesnt matter, that was then, this is now. and wether you like it or not race has a part to play in world politics.you literally cannot deny people of each race have predisposition to act a certain way. stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason

>>265061186>It's okay to have bad syntax

>>265068589So they're "winning" by default, even though they don't even want to live in Asia as they storm White countries.

>>265059174White skin is a product of nature and human practices derived from natural rules. Thus it is natural.

>>265059174>tfw when you're related to pic

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Is it really ok to be white though?

>>265068551Yes. Whites took over Europe because natural selection favored us. We were superior and better suited to the environment. sciencemag.org/news/2015/04/how-europeans-evolved-white-skin

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>>265069245Well according to the nigger whites in this thread, chinks are the master race

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>>265070062Shut the fuck up you dumb faggotnigger tongue my anus


>>265068825Yes, they're winning.As in, we are going extinct, and they are not.Of the various peoples that will remain once we are gone, they have no competitors other than Jews, but Jews are useless without White Goyim unless they can establish a foothold in Asia before we're gone.

>>265065680lol thats literally what the jap was saying, you are the blackest retard gorilla nigger ive ever seen

>>265059174>racism is retarded>white skin is from inbreeding with neandethals Listen here faggots.The homo sapiens species has only been around for about 300,000 years. Only within the last 40,000 years has black skin developed and that's probably from literal inbreeding with Neanderthals.see how stupid you sound

>>265071186Are you fucking stupid you dumb leaf faggot kike NIGGER

>>265071249Shut the fuck up Amerimutt FAGGOT KIKE NIGGER

(((creationism))) and (((evolution))) are false

>>265071186KEK GOTEEEMM

>>265070239>>265070843>>265071343>>265071438lol. There’s no way he’s actually this butt mad. He’s gotta be implementing some kind of subtle, strange rhetorical strategy, right?

>>265059174Most mammals are pale you fucktard

>>265059174>Humans are a subspecies compared to whites

>>265059174>Blues eyes have only existed for the last 8,000 years and blonde hair has existed for the last 11,000 years.So what you're saying is that white people are more evolved?

>>265059174yeah the pleiadians tried to advance the species but nooo

>>265059174>he thinks racists are racist based on skin color

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>>265071981Blue eyes are way older than 8000 years old. Do you have any idea how long it takes for an eye color mutation to happen?

>>265071803Or maybe, just maybe, just in the slightest fucking possibility, you are just a dumb nigger?

>>265072099>he thinks faggots are faggots based on what they fuck

>>265072366Spouting racial slurs like nigger or chink doesn’t misdirect anybody from your intentions or where you’re coming from.

>>265059174>inbreeding with Neanderthals.Wouldn't that be interbreeding?how does it feel to be such a low IQ nigger that you need to be taught to use your native language by a Spic?

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>>265062231Anyone else find this disgusting?

>>265059174Racism isn't based on skin color. Do we treat poos and niggers the same way? Some of the most intense racism I have ever seen was a Japanese friend who hates Koreans.

>>265061087Paleoatlantids are Chads apparently

>>265072792Or maybe, just maybe, just in the slightest fucking possibility, you are just a really dumb nigger?

>>265072806Here you go nigger kike>>265066666

>>265059174kikes always project what's true of themselves, onto their enemies.We weren't the ones who bred with the Neanderthals, you savage yids.

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>>265071186Based terryposter

>>265073239Would you like to see shit slide out of my giant anal glands?

>>265059631Only young chimpanzees have light skin. It turns black as the get older.

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>>265073169easy snowflake, take your meds.also dilate sweetie.

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>>265063483Calgarian detected.

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>>265059174Imagine actually believing there were people living on earth 300k years ago. Earth and everything on it is only 7k years old, retard.You fell for the evolution meme

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>>265059174>literal inbreeding with Neanderthals.that's outbreeding tho

>>265059174white skin is an evolutionary adaptation to absorb more sunlight, vitamin D.

>>265073493Greatest lie ever told

>>265059174>For 98% of human history all humans populations were predominately dark skinnedAnd dug in the dirt until white people came along and did everything modern we know today. Most of the world is still brown. But they are unexceptional, sad, and worthless.

>>265063805We evolved from them when Homoinade split off from our ancestors, when Austropitchecus began bipedal walking. That's when we split off you retard.

>>265073439cope nigger.go build another african chopper..lmaoniggers are literally built with shit by satan.

>>265059174Cheddar Man was never proven to be black. He just lacked a gene present in all Europeans that was linked to skin pigment. Eastern Asian people lack the same gene. The researchers took this as artistic license to make him appear black and the (((media))) ran with it. It's a hoax.


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>>265073439Niggers have pronounced brow ridges which is evidence they are paleolithic.

>>265059174OP can't make the connection between 300,000 years of cave man faggotry with almost zero progress, followed by the human race suddenly exploding in power... and the rise of the white man in the last 8000 years.We are the final evolution.

>>265059174Probably tanning, like bog bodies, not actual black skin

>>265073846pay attention to the cope posts

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>>265059174White skin is literally superior. White people can metabolize Vitamin D from the sun. Black people can't.And white people can produce melanin according to need according to environmental stimuli. (aka: a tan)Darkies are stuck with an outdated, inferior form of epidermis. When you consider that whites are also gastronomically superior, one has to wonder if newer-model humans like Europeans are simply better in every possible way. (Whites seem to have better brains too, so it makes sense)

>>265059174So white skin is more evolved? Got chya




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>>265074319There's no such thing as "more" in evolution, no matter how you look at it. Everyone is connected to everyone via ancestry. Some people have green skin, are they more evolved? No they're just fucking weird and maybe from space. White skin probably evolved by living in caves, look at those cave systems in Turkey. Probably chilled in there during the ice age.

>>265073477I'm from chink town BC nigger. Bet u didn't expect that!

>>265073439>Image uses Michael Phelps, who has such an atypical physiology that he was tested for marfan syndrome.

>>265059174You are trying to make an argument based on your personal, normative rationalization of points for which you've provided no sources. And yet, race is a biological thing that doesn't care about your rationalizations, your decisions as to what is or is not stupid. It doesn't matter when the European race emerged. All that matters is that we exist now, and no matter what you say or deem to be stupid, Europeans and all other races really do care on a biological level about it.

>>265059174yes, as a white horse isnt natural, product of domestication

>White skin is not normalYes and?

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>>265059174Cheddar man proven false. >>265063695Also cheating on tests is as common as breathing air in Asia.

>>265077283based. BASED!

>>265059174So you're saying that whites are superior? Look what whites have achieved in such a small amount of time.

I'm with Hitler on this one

>>265059174Looks just like Venti

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>>265059174Whats more evolved?A skin type that can rapidly adapt to any environment?Or one that is good for one environment?

>>265065513By taking part in the in-group bias, duh. Its what the jews do.

>>265059174Light equals good, dark equals bad. Humans like all apes are daylight adapted, so we understand this intrinsically. Then the lightest skin race emerges, and is also the most beautiful, most intelligent, most empathic, and most compassionate. And that's just pure coincidence, not the will of God made manifest.

>>265059174>inbreeding>with different speciesI don't think you know what that word means, Nigger

Vitamin D you ignorant cunt.


>>265059174Lol I thought this was Riff Raff in disguise or some sheeeiit

>>265059174Lmao you're just jealous

>>265059174>listen up i'm an insecure retard who made this post to cope and used a picture of a debunked lie and have no idea what i'm talking about.Cope harder retard.sage

>>265059174The first european was a niggerkek

>>265059174I mean, all you said was that cigs didn't exist until whites existed.That is a fun sentence.


Liht skin and blue eyes only arrived ater the Younger Dryas event. The oldest whites are found on North America not Europe. Whites are the true Native Americans.

>>265059174Sounds like what you described is something called evolution, and you nogs are on the wrong side of it.

>>265059174The world is 6000 thousand years tho

>>265059174>However white skin literally did not even become common among Europeans until as recently as 6,000 years ago.Thats' about the age of Adams' lineage.Hmmmm ...

Here's a thread that isn't bait.>>265083385

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>>265062019holy shit source of webm?

>>265059174'inbreeding with neanderthales' im pretty sure inbreeding means something diferend, like the opposite. damn american education

>>265059174>probably from literal inbreeding with Neanderthalsfound the neanderthal hybrid jewish abominationfuck off, jewsemites are slooped porehead occipital bun neanderthal hybrids

Skin color is the most insignificant difference between races. More important aspects, like brain size and lobes development, make niggers violent, dumb and lacking empathy.And no amount of education can change that. Degenerates think they can improve the race in general by racemixing. If you have a prized champion horse or dog you don't fucking waste his lineage crossing them with stray muts, because you'll end up with stray mutts and soon no champions

>>265059174you know this shit was debunked

>>265062019>medsgirl is Russian churkaguy is part nigger

>>265062231Why do blacks have relatively lighter palms? Same question for soles?

>>265059174What an abortion of a thread

>>265059174>White skin is not normal>flagWhere you come from it's not

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>>265059174Glad it got thoroughly debunked as quickly as it did.

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So, what op is saying is that blacks are the most unevolved race on the face of the Earth. Well, that sure explains a lot to me. kek

>>265059174>inbreeding with Neanderthals.>inbreedingman you are fucking stupid.

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>>265059174>White skinRace is MORE than the skin you fucking dumb cunt. KYS

>>265059999checked, humans and monkeys evolved from a common ancestor of unknown skin color. this doesn't make niggers humans by the way lol.

>>265061449What you call ecotypes, i call race.... replace every word "race" in this thread with "ecotypes" if you fucking want you semantics kike. The argument is still won by us and you fucking lose, you loser kike.

>>265063695>Thinks evolution has a directionYOU ARE FUCKING RETARDED

>>265088384i get your points but a large brain physically does not correlate to intelligence. Also while virutally the same humanity is very diverse unlike big cats etc. I just wish we used a bit more logic with our sentience than tribal tradition primitive pattern recognition techniques we currently use.

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>>265059999chekt n rekt

>>265059174Your argument begins with: homo sapiens mating with neanderthal is inbreeding. That's actually the opposite of inbreeding, though I am glad you clarified you think it was literal, rather than figurative. I'll only address the remainder of your irrational rant to point out that the gist resembles a perversion of the logical fallacy called argumentum ad antiquitatem, i.e. 'dark skin has been around for longer, therefore racism isn't valid.' The conclusion does not logically follow from the premise. What kind of wal-mart professors are your parents paying good money for you to be subjected to?

>>265061866What else could it be? The white is an extant and distinct group. Thats how it works

>>265073439>More evolvedThere is no such thing, the races of human have been adapted through evolution to the ENVIRONMENT they have been in over thousands of years, we are all as "evolved" as each other, so for instance the differences of intelligence is because of the environmental pressure that has kept niggers as niggers and has adapted whites to be whites.We are no more evolved or less evolved than mosquitoes or elephants if your DNA exists today you are the current end point of 4 billion years of eveolution.

>>265059174Eco type definition, Oxford English Dictionary.a distinct form or race of a plant or animal species occupying a particular habitat.Races are real, I’m so glad that you agree with the consensus of the board. Well done OP.

>>265059174>The homo sapiens species has only been around for about 300,000 years. Only within the last 40,000 years has white skin developedWe've been around for 300,000 years and only with the last century has chemotherapy developed. You want to treat your cancer by having the tribal witch doctor casting bones and giving you better herbs to drive out the evil spirits?

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>>265092539This isn't true is it? And if it is can you link me some course or videos? I love shit like this.

>>265059174Oy vey.

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>wahhhh wahhh why wont white women fuck me?stop with this shit youre fucking pathetic

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>>265059174You are right. White skin is not normal: it is special.Niggers should revere us Whites for gracing them with our presence.Instead, they jealously chimp out like the normal monkeys they are.

soul.exe not found

>>265059174Reminder for everyone here that race isn’t skin deep.

>>265059174>>265059999>EVOLUTION AND EUGENICS ARE REAL>HURR EVOLUTION AND EUGENICS IS FAKELiberalism is mental disorder.

White skin is not normal, but it makes everyone seethe so I like it

>>265059174>m-muh euros were NIGGERS the whole time! h-honest!>we just don't know where whitey came from. deys RAYCIS an shieeeeeetgo be a nigger somewhere else.

>>265059999phys.org/news/2017-05-scientists-million-year-old-pre-human-balkans.htmlIf anything we evolved from serbsgod, quite literally, is a serb

>>265059174I don't take lectures from Jews

>>265059174>inbreeding>with neanderthalsReally shows your lack of knowledge.

>>265059174>that's probably from literal inbreeding with Neanderthals.

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>>265063695>wethe american actually thinks he's human lel


>>265101556I didn't know Greece and Bulgaria were Serbia, burgeroid

>>265097598Yes brain size is correlated with intelligence you idiot.. from memory it's about 0.4.Chimps have 400cc, homo erectus had 1000cc and modern humans have ~1400cc (regional differences ofc)Obviously that has something to do with their intelligence

H.heidelgergensis lived in Europe well over a million years. They had whiteskin under the hair. White skin is the oldest of all human traits. But dont tell that truth to the niggers.

>>265059174wtf are you talking about stupid faggot.you clearly don't have a fuckin clue.

>>265059174White skin is a product of sexual selection because it is the pinnacle of aesthetics and beauty. Stay mad shitskin.