Kansas state freaking out about a George floyd tweet

What is happening:amren.com/blog/2020/06/kansas-state-university-jaden-mcneil-george-floyd/The Tweettwitter.com/McNeilJaden/status/1276255988732039168If they are freaking out about that, imagine what would happen if they started seeing pol memes in that thread.

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>>265054270I just fucking saw this and the amount of laughter I've gained from the seethe in the replies is fucking GREAT

>>265054270What a cuck.I hate blm. Hate antifa. But this faggot is a joke.

>>265054498They are seething user, would be a shame to waste this moment when all eyes are on.

>>265054270Why would he do this? What a moron. It was disappointing to see how bad the America First crowd was at defending him in the replies.

>>265054728Why not?Floyd was a scumbag and anyone defending him as an individual are fucking retards. You can have issues with his death and arrest, but making him some saint is a crabs in a bucket moment.

>>265054658Literally fucking stupid, he knows the university is far left wing, any dissent and racial joke at this current moment would literally be anal rape and would guarantee in expulsion. Nick Fuentes is streaming rnow and he sounds so retarded it hurts.>>265054695Go on....>>265054728The AF fags are all twelve, no subtlety and brains to them whatsoever. However I agree with their cause and wish they would be able to communicate their points better.


>>265054270Looks like George Floyd will be the western versión of Muhammad. You will not be able to talk about him if its not in praise

>>265055297Isnt Kansas State a public government funded university? Wouldn't expulsion be a violation of 1st Ammendment and get them sued? This is something the old ACLU would take up before they got cucked.


>>265055212Because that is not how normies see it. Normies think the autopsy says he was strangled even if you put proof otherwise in their face. This is classic unnecessary bad optics.

>>265056095O no, normies might get their fee fees hurt for realizing deep down that they've been retards.

>>265055297It doesn't really matter if you like this guy or not, all the leftists are raiding that thread already in a highly triggered state. If they start seeing a whole bunch of pol-tier memes, they would probably lose their minds. Definitely lolz potential there.

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>>265055864They're allowed to "if it goes against the values of the university". But the person I read this from on twatter was a guy with a rainbow flag and with blm in their bio.>>265055799What is the nigger equivalent of mashallah? Asking for a friend

>>265056448It's time brother. Make a twitter account and download protonvpn. Bismillah and Godspeed brother, I shall aide in the war


We need more people like him to step up. I have on my own social media, and so should you. Fuck Fentanyl Floyd.

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>>265054270>K Statelol

>Says Christians are not Christians because God is love and real Christians won't judgePaul Francis Shaeffer:"No totalitarian state can tolerate those who have an absolute by which to judge that state. "Btw, the commandment refers to judging eternal salvation, it's not a commandment to suddenly stop discerning between right and wrong, as evidenced by the rest of the 4000 years of documents.

>>265056652That's the spirit.>leftists like pic related.

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>>265056368Ok, try running a normie friendly movement while aggravating niggers in a way all our enemies will seize on. It's not even a funny or original joke.

They're a state funded public school. If they discipline or expel him for a joke he'll be able to sue the shit out of them. And K State knows this. But now a lot of the athletes are threatening to not play if they don't expel him. He's in a good spot desu, should get a nice payday, and one K State will prolly be happy to pay to appease the mob. Other students at public schools should be playing this game too. Force your school to do something so you can sue the fuck out of them.

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>>265054270Twitter is such a stupid place. I can't believe serious people spend time on it.

>makes a joke>gets CANCELLEDLand of the free...

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>>265057231Is 4chan better? how? Really interested.

>>265057390Yes its better. Better humor and no clout chasing at least

They are going to get him kicked out! twitter.com/mooninfirst/status/1276523102130696192?s=21

>>265057343Each time that I see a Brazilian user now I think about this.m.youtube.com/watch?v=UiidLPS3GrMBased Brazilian tv. God bless Brazilian tv.hahahahahahahahahahahahha

>>265054270Should have gone to Cambridge

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>>265057598Sucks for him, its still a great opportunity for us to red pill normies and make lefties seethe extra hard.

Nick is announcing on DLive right now that they're buying dozens of domain names and exposing all the people that attacked Jaden for their own racism.

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>guy has balls to make the obvious joke>instead of backing up cryptojews join the reeeee crowdfuck you

>>265054728>Why would he do this?Why would any sane person get offended by this?

>>265054270>Jaden McKNEEL

>>265057944holy, lol

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>>265057390I can call you a faggots in this thread and then maybe have a more nuanced discussion with you in another. In other places I call you a faggot and you go on an hours long assblasted crawl through years of posts.

>>265058116Because they are primed to be extremely offended.

>>265057950>ugly pajeeta says white lives don't matter>gets promotedYeah so much better

>>265054728You know how easy it has become to ruin peoples lives this way? Imagine managing to hack some celebrities twitter account and just tweeting some shit like this. It would blacklist them from Hollywood. It wouldn't matter if they didn't do it. The optics are to risky for any employer to get themselves involved with them.

>>265056995Nadler looks young as fuck in that video

>>265054658stay mad shill

>>265056465>They're allowed to "if it goes against the values of the university"A tweeted joke, that won't stand up in court lmaoIf they kick this Jaden kid out of college, he can sue them for every dime they have.

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>>265058051Robert! Thanks for the popcorn! I like to think Robert is America First too.

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>>265057550>>265058201Yeah both of you are right. In my opinion both places are a waste of time but at least here you can say almost what you want and don't get banned. And I say "almost" because you can't say nigger or other things in safe boards or you can't criticize the moderators or the rules, etc. There isn't total freedom of speech here but there is a lot more than in Twitter, that is clear.

>>265054270where are the screen caps faggots, I can't be bothered to browse this shit

>>265057598> here is an petition to get him fired Yeah good luck with that

>>265054270very based


>>265054270HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA holy shit I saw this earlier and bout shit my pants laughing and here I go again HAHAHAHAHAHABut nah really it was a pretty great tweet there is tons of salt in the comments


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>>265054270It's even funnier from the perspective of a real Christ. I thought it was hilarious and very clever. And to all of the virtue signaling trash using my predecessor and I as a means of justifying liberal degenerate behavior, I have interesting news; you are in hell already, and the feminist liberal degenerate leanings are exactly why.

>>265054658Sure you do, kike.

>>265054270They're hitting him with every npc line in the book >wwjd>orange man bad>straight white dude >CONSERVATIVEthey have no original thoughts whatsoever

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>>265057944have you seen Vandame trying to hide a boner?youtube.com/watch?v=NHJ0v4RPfEs

>>265054270This is a hate crime, he should be thrown in jail.

>>265058386Yes, I'm very aware of the current climate and how illogical it is. That's why I'm saying it was a bad move.


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>>265054270Who is this guy?

>>265054270OUR GUY


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>>265054270Are these the same zoomers always punching right and calling others "wignats" and "cringe" ?Lmao......funny but the so called wignats were far more succesful in their real world strategies. Hell, David Duke got elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives

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>>265056888based and checked

>>265058673But there is no starting over here... I can go spam nigger on a safe board, get banned, then ban evade. Right back to shitposting while still making faggots assblasted.

>>265054270Lmao that thread Is a goldmine

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>>265059176hahahahahahaha based Van Damme.

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>>265059395Niggers love their safe spaces, such snowflakes, SAD

Nick is so sexy when he’s this fired up

>>265059528>then ban evade.

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>>265059952Fake account and vpn meming mate


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>>265056465Wtf are you on about. They can't expel him because "muh feel feels and muh university values". If I were him I would be praying that some kiked overzealous dean just up and decides to expel him. Lawyers would be crawling out of the woods to take his case on because of how easy it would be. And those sorts of 1st amendment cases always come with awards with big price tags attached to them once the courts get finished.

>>265059358It was literally a joke People joke about dark things. That’s what they do

>what the fuck are you on about nigger?K-state secretary

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>>265057950Ha, they wouldn't defend any white person making a joke

>>265054658>I hate blm. Hate antifa.you are the faggot

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>>265054728This. The pro gamer move would be to affix yourself to your college and openly advocate for white genocide.

>>265060282>Fake accountAccount in 4chan?

>>265060500holy based

So there are people on Twitter that have fun trying to get someone fired for something they said?Don't they have something better to do?

>>265054270Bump. Kansas fag here

>>265060922Yes, totally, that's the only other choice.

>>265054270Expel him this instant! Niggerball players are threatening to not play, and white boomers need their college niggerball fix.

>>265061199You been sleeping under a rock for the last month?That's ALL these twitterniggers have been doing for the last month, doxxing and ruining peoples lives for shit as simple as saying they disagree with niggerlivesmatter

>>265060500Reported the alleged dox.twitter.com/p1groupie/status/1276392137949622272

>>265061199what you are witnessing is the left side of the bell curve. they didn't have access to the internet until the proliferation of smart phones--before that, internet access required a computer and those were for nerds.

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>>265058495>If they kick this Jaden kid out of college, he can sue them for every dime they havNo he couldn't

>>265060428Yes I am aware my friend, read the second part of my statement again.>>265060828KEK

AYO want triggering pics?

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>>265054270good. fuck universities. we must fight back and this dude's leading the charge. im with him.

So, that twitter sure is a big safe space hugbox. You can tell they're rarely challenged over their groupthink. Sad.


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>>265061514Gringo basado

>>265060942>he doesn't know.

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Why do non-Christians expect every Christian to be a literal saint or else they're not a true Christian and a horrible person except the ones who hate Christians don't actually believe in Christian ideals and would be fine with an Atheist saying the same thing.

>>265057129sports ball during a pandemic?

>>265054270What stops anyone from just making an account with someone else's name and picture and tweeting offensive shit?


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>>265058120best timeline

>>265057390>the sub-human Spaniard thinks his opinion is valid

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>>265054270What a Chad lmao

>>265062044I know you can pay to post with a name. But that is so rare that I don't even consider it real. Every time I see someone posting with an account everybody bullies him for being a faggot for posting with an account. And for paying to shitpost.

I would wager if Floyd took a drug test right now, he would test positive for formaldahyde.

>>265054270>Not living life in reverse

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>>265061326Don't forget the christ-cucks who can't handle a joke.

>>265054270Notice how he's getting the same or even less hate compared to when people apologize for saying less.

>>265057950Who are the sub-humans that issue out these pozzed tweets on behalf of universities?

>>265054270Little white bitch gonna get what he deserves. Time for you racists to get your throats cut.

>>265062777A lot of people are backing him bc he hasn't cucked.

>>265059640Is she down to fuck?

>>265058116>Why would any sane person get offended by this?They wouldn't. The problem is that everyone around you is completely fucking insane. Welcome to clown world.

Good for the zoomer. Kid has done more in a single tweet than Holla Forums has in a month.

>>265056465>They're allowed to "if it goes against the values of the university".no they aren't, stop making up shit and spreading misinformation you faggota public university can NOT expel you for things you say

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>>265054270Greatest tweet of 2020 or all time?

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>>265062646Dude your country is 10x the shithole that Spain is. So shut the fuck up.


>>265057129>K State will prolly be happy to pay to appease the mobthey'd be risking a lot more than a lawsuit, they would risk losing public funding altogetherthat is according to the law, but I'm not sure the law matters much when it comes to 'racial issues' anymore...

>for those impacted by this statement, please know there are supportive resources availableAnd they use the term "white fragility"

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holy moly are the jiggaboos gonna murk this cracker over a tweet?

>>265065000I would be in fear for my safety if I was that white boy...

>>265064843This coming from the people who get triggered by one word...

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>>265064443Read the second part of my statement

>>265054270>people openly threatening him with murder and posting his location with specific threats>twitter does nothing>FBI does nothingvery cool, try doing that exact same shit on here and see how it goesfucking Holla Forums does a better job of enforcing the rules/law than twitter does

>>265065000Murking confirmed.

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>>265057080Shut the fuck up asshole. If everyone stood up for themselves these cowards would shrivel up and die. They can't cancel the whole of society.

Okay what's going on. Every thread I've about this has had some massive fag whining about normies using the exact same language and talking points. They really are seething aren't they?

>>265054270He's not wrong

>>265055212Crabs in a bucket?

>>265054270This is my favorite zoomer since the kid who went off on his sis for having an onlyfans

>>265065656Anyone who still believes the rule of law applies in this country is a fool.


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US is lost. Burn it with fire.

>>265054270>>265054498In bad taste...

>>265054270My wife's son will no longer be attending Kansas State this fall because of this incident

>>265065000This stuff is getting ridiculous

>>265064473that's pretty accurate

>>265054270Stop victim blaming you fucking cucks. Back your own side for once>>265054658In what way is he a cuck? Name one dumbass

>>265055297AF has done more for the right wing than any of you cucks have. Part of AF is being able to express literal jokes on social media.

>>265065000Even if they don't kill him, they will assault him, harass him, destroy his property such as his car or belongings, spit on him, and do all manner of other illegal things and the university will not only do nothing, they will actively support it so the "vile racist" will be forced to leave the college. The time for arguments has passed.

>>265056465Probably already well-established case law on this kind of thing. Funny enough, probably in defense of a lefty. They hate that most.

>>265070359The law is meaningless. It doesn't matter if legally speaking, he's in the clear, they will simply harass, assault, or otherwise engage in violent action to remove him and the university will look the other way to force him to quit of his own volition, if he isn't outright killed or hospitalized to begin with. I am so tired of cucks thinking that the law is in any way meaningful or applicable, or that you are safe from the mob when our entire civilization is breaking down in front of our eyes. Laws only matter if they're enforced and applied across the board with no exceptions. That is not the case in this country, and it has not been for some time.


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>>265062667Newfags get out and stay out

>>265057343He's seems to be pretty popular for someone getting 'cancelled'

>>265071192That is an entirely different issue than what I was discussing. He'll need to start carrying, for sure. At least for a few weeks until the outrage mob forgets about it.

>>265054658>I hate blm. Hate antifaSure you do faggot

>>265060346We need a biblical realism movement in art.

>>265064473Explains asians desu

Have you seen the argument the Marxists are making to expel him?>well, the first amendment is just freedom of speech, not freedom from consequences, so even though they’re a federally funded institution they can kick him out because it’s just a consequence

>>265061622He seriously could. He's not threatening violence so there is no case for kicking him out.

I really hope all of these nigger lovers abolish the police that protect them.

>>265056448Fuck the memes the kid's responses by themselves are based as fuck. I'm voting for him one day.

>>265059164and he isnt apologizing or backing down an inch, completely based .

>>265056809Someone should include that nigger from Atlanta on there.

>>265057343Every fuckin Brazilian chick I know hates Bolsonaro's guts. Like it's worse than girls hating Trump here. Weird bro

>>265054270Tweets trigger niggers into escalation.Kek is pleased, still voting Trump.

>>265059425>David Duke got elected to the Louisiana House of RepresentativesWhen was that again?

>>265066968He shut up XD

>>265060922Brilliant and based. Escalate for Kek in WAYS THE LEFT MUST APPROVE.

>>265062305Fuck off kike worshipper

>>265071192This is doom-pilled, but it seems to be true. Of course, you can't trust the media at all and it is also possible certain cases are being highlighted to give you the impression cancelling is happening everywhere to keep people in line.

>>265076084It's because he's not actually redpilled. If he was publicly burning witches, all of those worthless whores would he singing a different tune. Witch-burning is the final redpill.

>>265054270Imagine if this BTFO's cancel culture and blows up. If they do not bow... this could change things.

>>265054270god damn that tweet owns

>>265054270Cast iron balls.

>>265054270He's got guts. I hope he doesn't back down.

>>265076844>Witch burning is the final redpillSavimbi approved

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>>265078325I honestly don't know if the kid is dumb as a box of rocks bringing fire and brimstone upon himself or if he has brass balls. Either way, I wish him the best of luck.

>>265061506reported this dumb hole

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This smug ass kid is eating this shit up and I love it. This is what people need to be doing.


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>>265055297>would guarantee in expulsion.So what. Sue them. Live rich and comfy ever after. There was literally nothing racist or otherwise wrong with what he posted.

>>265054270If one man could have that much power with a single tweet, imagine what one man could have if he stood up to the mobs.

>make a fake twitter account. >browse through comments and pick out any that are particularly leftist from a normal person>find the ones that are easy to dox>send them a message "it's cool to say tough guy stuff online, but you are now on a list of people that will face repercussions if anything should go wrong *dox info*"This is the easiest way to deal with the retarded normie problem. Scare them straight.

>>265054728>>265055297The whole point of "cancel culture" is to shame people into shutting up and accepting the narrative the left feeds them. Props to him for defying it, even at risk to his own well-being. More people following suit is the only way anything will ever change.Conceding every public platform to them like you retards would have us do is just giving the left what they want.

>>265080335The leftists and the jew fear lists because it implies accountability. Lists do not forget.


>>265055297Would you still hang out at a leftist freak show? I suspect he's trying to get unjustly suspended and will sue them and make bank. ( We really should make this a strategy, and make sure that what gets you kicked isnt ultra inflammatory)

>>265079643 Dat Regal Living tho

>>265054270>imagineno. make real.

>>265055297>he knows the university is far left wing,K-state is not far left wing. It is a school in the middle of Kansas. If they fold people on the right cannot act like this is "just another leftist university". This would be terrible.

>the school is literally offering therapy for niggers who saw this tweetHahahahahahahahaha holy shit imagine being such a fragile cuck you need therapy for seeing a fucking joke on twitter holy fuck

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>>265079643NIGGER DIDN'T KNOW HE had a father.

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>>265061719Almighty KEK

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>>265081902Someone should have a campus music festival feature covers of Gwar, ANAL CUNT, Type-O Neg, and Slayer music.

>>265076844He’s a nobody, so no, that won’t happen even if he doesn’t get expelled. But that’s also what makes the reaction so over the top.

Can't someone just link a couple of off color tweets from other students?And I know they had 2 fake hate crimes there.kansas.com/news/local/education/article221373355.html

>>265054270>black fragility

What he did was essentially commit heresy. He didn’t say anything about race. He just made a joke about their Messiah. It’s very much like the repressive Islamic culture in some countries. Also similar to the way the Catholic Church used to Be like 500 years ago


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In all likelihood he will most likely be expelled. It's almost a guarantee at this point. They will literally burn down the university if he isn't. I can already hear the crackle of jew knuckles at the credit unions readying up to freeze all his investments and accounts. I can already hear the cackle of niggers as food delivery services search frantically for his accounts in an effort to freeze them.But he stood up, and he didn't apologize. He whitepilled us all. The best outcome unfortunately is some nigger attacking him forr twitter cred and him shooting him in self defense. I pray to God he carries every day.

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>>265054658SEETHER spotted!!LmaoFuck thay dead nigger


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>>265054270Lol he gonna die

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>>265054270george floyd deserved to die

People have a right to voice their opinions. I hope he sues the school for $100 Million for violation of his civil rights.

>>265054270He looks pretty based


>>265084894You should go to the link and look at his follow up tweet. With no apologies as well. America First Groypers are the real deal, no matter what you hear from some of the autists on this board

>>265067268if you put crabs in a bucket, they will all try to walk over each other to get out, and pull anyone who gets close down into the bucket, even though some basic co-operation would allow some of them to get out

>>265062305they're gaslighting. never give them an inch


>>265054270Oh those shitters on twitters.Screw them even if they CAN take a joke!

If K-State tries to attempt anything to punish him, they will get a legal notice in 3-5 business days from this organization:thefire.org/category/newsdesk/Pretty fun to read about all the educational institutions they call out - and the ones they sue.

>>265054270are these people socially suicidal?what do they expect at this point>inb4 pussy if you want to fuck your life over revealing your power level go ahead, but you cant have your cake and eat it by making a statement like that publicly and then bitch and moan when you get cancelled by the neobolsheviks



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>>265075621One City already did

>>265080335Gets counter doxxed by a corporate enforcement team like the CNN meme kid

>>265086965>>265087066rich coming from two anons

>>265079643How happy are they that some guy they didnt know died and in return they got over 10 million dollars for it

>>265064623don't pretend like all of the west isn't a complete shithole

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>>265054270>All the christcucks seething about how unchristian he is and quoting "turn the other cheek" and "love your abusers" bible verses Fucking kek.

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>>265054728>Why would he do this? Why not?If the school doesn't react - good for him, repeat.If the school expels him - sue them.If he wins - precedent.If he loses, he has at least made a name of himself, something that will be recognized. He could go into politics, or something like that.



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>>265061622Yes, he could. It's a pubic school, so they can't kick him out for something he said, especially after Trump's EO.

>>265086795why the fuck do you care what (((society))) thinks about you? take off your chains, walk free, stay true to your convictions, and stop giving a fuck what other people think you faggot

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>>265067268It's like shrimp on the barbie. But crabs in a bucket. I dunno.

>>265088468He literally can't lose if they kick him out over a tweet. It would be a public school violating his First Amendment rights.Not only would he win, per Trump's EO they would lose federal funding.

>>265062667it isnt an account literally look up the faq >>265073025It would be extremely creepy. Look up the known variants of angels: thrones, dominations, cherubs, archangels, etc. There are 9 I think. Their descriptions, man. Make sure you get the descriptions IN THE BIBLE preferably not apocrypha.Though some DO have wings or are humanoid. Many pairs of wings though. And their faces may or may not be made of many eyes and jewel color stuff. Fire sometimes? Dope shit.Then some medieval shit like the Throne of God, Army of God, New Jerusalem's Walls. Why does God have walls in heaven anyway? Never asked myself that, huh.Man, I wanna be in heaven and die under the Legions of God against the Enemy then live again in the eternal paradise after victory.>tfw i may not

>>265087915It's astounding how much that stuff is unabashedly misused.


>>265082327I know it's childish but,every time I hear of this kind of public outrage, I just think of the Uruks outside Helms Deep becoming angered after the first arrow was fired. Just hoards of brown people screeching at the sky about the latest offense and getting more and more enraged just waiting to go and chimp out.

>>265090395You're actually not wrong.


Attached: jaden.jpg (593x826, 92.6K)

>>265089221The first amendment doesn't apply to 'racism'. The kikes run the courts.>per Trump's EO they would lose federal funding.Big kek at thinking Trump would ever defend one of his supporters for this, or for anything.

>>265081848>K-state is not far left wing. It is a school in the middle of KansasUniversities are islands of progressivism, regardless of their regional context. They were conquered 2 generations ago by kikes and useful idiot marxists.

>>2650914749-0 supreme court says it does. They explicitly ruled on not just "racism" but hate speech. You are just a defeated little bitch.

>>265054270christcucks are fuming in that thread lol

>>265056652VPN is worthless without burner phone number

>>265054270That moment when people are more upset by this tweet than when George Floyd held a gun pointing at a pregnant black woman, sired and abandoned most children, failing at decency for a human being, whom of which was also a drug-addict and a dealer sometimes that swindles upon his honest and hard-working neighbors. In other words, your typical nigger.

Attached: 1537987237175.jpg (766x960, 42.48K)

Ahhahaha the absolute state of christcucks

Attached: Screenshot_20200627-010532_Brave.jpg (1440x1930, 878.14K)

>>265092794christianitytoday.com is beyond pozzed. truly a kike-run commie shitrag.If you're trying to piss of a Christian, don't use that as a source. Even normie grandmas know it's trash.

>>265092794Who do you think you're fooling, kike?

>>265092960No, just trying to point out that mainstream christianity is beyond subverted and all the comments in that thread being total cucks and quoting out of context and irrelevant bible verses are why I cant take christians seriously. I know for a fact that the majority of christians are like that too, holier than thou cucks. Sad thing is that christians of a couple hundred years ago would've executed them all as heretics.

>>265093505Literally a strawman argument.

>>265056465>What is the nigger equivalent of mashallah? Asking for a friendyoutube.com/watch?v=l1dnqKGuezo

Attached: Untitled-012.jpg (2664x2664, 1.35M)

>>265093737"Peace, my man/nigga"?

>>265093640I dont think you know what that means


Attached: 1592076708921.png (351x319, 107.59K)

>>265054270The hero we want and need.

>>265061213Thank god this isn't wsu. Too close. But it won't be long...

Attached: 1593229985776.jpg (312x445, 27.14K)

>>265054270One of the Deans sons just threatened him with violence on twitter and he screencapped it lol. Madman.

>>265094951>judging the real by the counterfeitI think you're a degenerate who resents the idea of moral authority which is the real reason you rebel against God.

>>265054658Cuck projector spotted.You’re insecure from all the strange men your mother was fucking throughout your childhood, so you now you call any threatening man a Cuck. You’re just projecting, you scared little mama’s boy

>>265058116>America>sane peopleyou should know better

>>265056095>trembling in fear about going against Normies view of the world.I have utter contempt for weak disgraceful men like you

Attached: floyd marvel.jpg (600x922, 180.84K)

>>2650573904chan is superior in every way.The structure of the platform is just better, in every way. Here you just post in honest purity. Pure expression of the heart. No followers. No likes. No faces no avatars. No history. No social climbing no dicksucking. No thots. No blue check whores. No Jack. No getting banned for using the word ‘who’re’. Twitter is literally hell. 4 Chan is at least limbo. Heaven is pre-internet world


>pls dont kill me

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>>265055297If they KState expels him he is gonna win a shitload of money off them when he sues them.He will probably never have to work a day in his life afterwards.

>>265057950This is the same people who condone their Student Union deplatforming guests

>>265087915Even the most evangelical southern baptist is worshiping at the alter of niggerdom

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>>265059395black fragility

>>265068782What, in your opinion, should be the repercussions for make a joke in bad taste?

>>265081848All Universites are crawling with lefty professors and administrators dude.

>>265057390I can call you the little faggot you are.

>>265099392In a pre internet world, not nearly enough people would have been awoken to the JQ, the internet is literally the one thing breaking their plans.

>>265096610>atheists are just mad at godKys

>BUT UR A CHRISTIANtime to flip tables and whip some kikes imo

>>265054270This was a pretty good joke DESU. Niggers are just mad that Chapelle didn't think of it.

Attached: 1593247343364.jpg (1229x691, 506.41K)

>>265055212I'm with you Muhammad. He didn't deserve to die like that, but he was a piece of shit nigger.

>>265100584>repercussions for make a joke in bad tasteNone, just punish the wannabe comedian by ignoring him and by leaving him alone in the room. Once upon a time, this was called "Free Speech".

>>265079643At this point god is just writing jokes.

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>make joke>receive threats of violence and death en masse>lose job and all credibilityKek, what a wonderful time to be alive.

>>265056095Normies have still, to this day, not figured out that the Trayvon Martin story was a hoax, despite all the evidence. Hell, Trayvon got messages from his "sexy girlfriend" and she was skinny, etc. Who comes into the witness stand? Rachel Jaental, some overweight woman, that is 18. Not 16, like in the text messages. Her excuse for not being called "Diamond Eugene" was that that was just her "nickname". Yeah right. - This was the most OBVIOUS hoax case ever and normies still don't see the reality of it all. Some normies might honestly be incapable of reason and logic.

Attached: 039915058.png (2400x2400, 225.22K)

>>265061326Honestly I’m done with all the niggerball after all the Chinese claws sunk into it and organizations caving to these retarded people who couldn’t tell you anything political beyond what is programmed into their minds by the latest news on Twitter

>>265101020>He didn't deserve to die like thatAgree. He was a degenerate and criminal and should've been stuffed with lead years ago when robbed pregnant women.


Attached: schools BLM communists Racist Cambridge Professor Insists 'White Lives Don't Matter,' Calls To 'Abolish Whiteness' 2.jpg (1903x2599, 391.41K)



>>265090395Not wrong at all. Leftists and non-whites often remind me of wild orcs aswell.

Attached: 1592697101781.png (500x281, 183.5K)

>>265102066Imagine actually thinking that someone who doesn’t believe in your Jewish god is just mad at him and it has nothing to do with evidence or logic of any sort. “Atheists are mad at god” is just a Christian COPE because they seriously think that there is no way anyone could not believe in their god and his Jew on a stick.

>>265054270Fucking based post. Love the seething in the comments

>>265102307orcposting is racist, user

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>>265102394>JewishChristianity predates the Talmud by several hundred years. "Jews" are Canaanites. The ancient Israelites were white.youtube.com/watch?v=-_pBwpOoLo0

>>265100584None.But there should be repercussions for faggots with thin skin getting enraged and chimping out over nothing.

>>265056368>realizing deep down that they've been retardsThat never happens. They just see you as despicable liars.


Attached: 1588575371416.jpg (600x432, 28.45K)

>>265101425Dude I'm right there with you. I have lost friends because I openly stated that Zimmerman was in the right, and that Martin was a violent thug picking a fight for no reason. It doesn't matter that the facts are on our side, the narrative is on their side. And they are unwilling to even question whether Trayvon was a saint, they need him to be one so he will always be one in their eyesI don't know about the rest of this board, but the whole Trayvon saga was the turning point for me. It's what redpilled me to how the world works and those trials were the best Holla Forums ever was

poor racist fagots life is ruined because of a tasteless joke haha big sad

>>265102814>Christian identity niggery >we wuz da real jooz Yeah I cannot take you seriously anymore. I was willing to at least have a decent dialogue before the thread ends. But you have shown yourself to be a total moron. Christian Identity is literal WE WUZ of whites. It’s sad. I sincerely hope that you find your way out of that retarded kind of thinking. I’m serious, it’s heartbreaking how white nationalist Christians need to we wuz in order to reconcile their religion with the racialist beliefs they hold, because deep down you know the 2 cannot be reconciled. Christianity is universalist, slave mentality of Jewish origin. Peace brother.

>>265103458>we wuz kangsEasily refuted.bitchute.com/video/IgYgxgGjwYdT/

>>265057080News flash retard - normies only understand force and strength. Successful normie-friendly movements is a contradiction of terms.


fucking lol

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>>265060346every time an angel shows up in the bible "DONT BE AFRAID!"This is why

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Attached: 40f8c4c72d3237f861e5ec78cd8465551f25fd0228fed649983cbc23c6ecf739_1.jpg (1080x645, 77.88K)

>>265054270His career is over.

>>265103647*laughing crying emoji* x3

>>265103523Your CI fantasy is easily refuted by basic genetics, linguistics, and archeology. As one user put it in another thread > I spent more time trying to convince myself when discussing it than anything. Finally I just stopped trying to kid myself. What I learned comes in handy when talking to your typical Christophrenic, the Bible is 100% for jews only and the only way around that is to believe we were the real Israelites. So it wasn't a total waste.

>>265103725his life is over he should an hero and stream it wearing a donald cuck t-shirt.

>>265054270They spend their entire lives talking shit about celebrities and politicians they don't like who passed away, but it's one of THEIR people, all the sudden they're going to pretend that "Don't speak ill of the dead" is a virtue only known to GenX and older.

Attached: 1587926951131.jpg (300x189, 6.95K)

>>265103647What the fuck is this timeline, how weak are these people

>>265103891>projectionYou haven't responded to any of the information provided to you. I've learned over the years that people like you are not responsive to information. You are addicted to sin, and everything else is a rationalization to continue in your ways. You will always be angry and never be able to reconcile with a higher power, usually due to issues from childhood. I hope you work through that and remove that spiritual blockade. The only reason I bother with you here is to provide links for others to glean information if they so choose to learn the truth about the Bible and the European peoples. Western Civilization is Christendom for a reason. You'd have to be blind not to see the blessings. Read some 18th century pre-pozzed history if you want.

Attached: anglo history.jpg (907x1360, 218.54K)

>>265075892>and he isnt apologizing or backing down an inchAnyone that's been paying attention the last 5 years knows apologizing doesn't help at all. It won't stop the mobs. Not in the slightest. You simply lose pride, and they get bolder at your kneeling. It's a losing move. Period.

>>265099575How brave, what a warrior. Except of course she well knows nothing will happen to her. She's a priviliged class over the native population who are annoyed she said are worthless. She's scum and trying to leverage the native hurt at being called less than human into justification for further attacks on them.

>>265058116Because that nigger is the left's idea of the second coming of Christ. He's literally their messiah.

>>265054270lol the seethe reaction to this is proof these idiots aren't oppressed. It's the reaction a spoiled child makes when an outcome doesn't go exactly according to their wishes.

>>265104370>You haven't responded to any of the information provided to youThe information provided is wrong. That’s why.> You are addicted to sin, and everything else is a rationalization to continue in your ways. You will always be angry and never be able to reconcile with a higher power, usually due to issues from childhood.Keep using the “atheists are angry at god” cope. Whatever helps you sleep at night. > learn the truth about the BibleThe truth about the Bible is this: that it was rewritten and edited during the 500BCE to reflect the new monotheism that had come about from Babylonian enslavement. The Israelites were originally Canaanites and practiced polytheism. The Bible has since been added too and had whole books taken out. It is contradictory and scientifically and historically wrong on many levels. It was written by desert herdsmen over 2000 years ago. The gospels were not written by their namesakes and no eyewitnesses to Rabbi Yeshua left anything behind. So there.> Western Civilization is Christendom for a reason. You'd have to be blind not to see the blessings.Christendom was you call it has more in common (catholic at least, Protestant not so much) with pre Christian paganism then you realize. Evola said that European Christianity is pagan in spirit just not in name.


Attached: 1582511397142.png (998x574, 685.05K)

>>265105325Optional Full Size

Attached: 1580885203804.png (1000x666, 785.12K)

>>265089129Is that Adam Driver?

>>2651049419 of 11 propositions you made in this post are simply false, and you've still not refuted any information you were presented with. On the longshot that you are not totally intellectually dishonest, I will present some information which pulled me out of the darwinist materialist worldview, and towards an understanding of the origin of life and information in general. If you respond in less amount of time than it takes to watch this video at 1.25x speed, I will presume you are lost.youtube.com/watch?v=r4sP1E1Jd_Y

>>265105420shooo with that bait

remember when Holla Forums did stuff like thisgood times are back baby

>>265102666damn these lotr posts are so good


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