Give me your hardest redpill you fuckers

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>>258190868Serbs are Turks.

>>258190868there was never any cheese pizza in the opening scene of home aloneat the very beginning you can overhear the mom asking one of the daughters if she ordered pizza. the daughter replies that "buzz did"later when kevin confronts buzz over the lack of cheese pizza, buzz taunts him and says that all the cheese pizza has been eaten. this upsets kevin, who claims that "everyone knows" he only likes cheese pizza. since its also known that buzz bullies kevin we can assume that buzz purposely did not order any cheese pizza knowing it would upset kevin, intending to taunt him over it later

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>>258190868Niggers actually do toungue my anus. Once at an Andrew Bynum campaign fundraiser, a nigger offered to slurp my oyster, a titular comment indeed that got my jimmies rustling for sure.

>>258190868everything is shit and theres nothing we can do about it

>>258190868the more a woman has sex, the more of their dna of the previous partners is a part of her.

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>>258190868It will NEVER happen.

>>258190868You can't fight ethnic enemies with arguments and debate.

>>258191807Well rather, you can't win.

>>258190868every poster here will be rounded up by NWO soon

>>258190868Everything you think is important, isn’t.You will be dead soon, for an eternity. You will cease to exist entirely. As will everyone you care about.There is no reason for existence. You are standing on a rock in a universe filled with nothing but death and emptiness.There is nothing that will come at the end to save you from your death. There is no “immortality” science project that is going to save you like you secretly assume will be there. You are just going to die.There is nothing you can do or say to change any of the above. It is all inevitable.


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>>258191992what the fuck are those sheboons doing? do they enjoy living in total fucking trash?

>>258191807>>258191865Yup, and everyone is a RDWS larper. (until they're not.)

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>>258191992Why though

>>258191115damn son

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>>258191992Relax. The African-Americans in this video are just expressing their feelings.

>>258191969Le ebin nihilism pill so deep

>>258191930thank so tired.


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>>258191992WE WUZ KANGZ N SHIT

>>258190868in the batman film where CIA asks Bane >if i take that mask off, will you die?bane replies>it would be extremely painfulthe following exchange has been misinterpreted CIA says>you are a big guyand bane replies>for youbut banes reply was not to the statement "you are a big guy"bane was saying>it would be extremely painful FOR YOU to try and take this mask off because the second you touch me im gonna to snap your neck

>>258192110Requesting that a Site Administrator swoop in and IP trace this user for the hate speech he has posted here.

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>>258192319Because they are expressing their feelings. You should work on being more sensitive.

>>258190868Sharia will always be an option

>>258191700It's almost like inserting foreign proteins in your body changes your genetic makeup...

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>>258192563>>258192498>>258192391Low tier bait, work harder Kevin, you're going to be late for soccer practice.

>>258190868once you finish all the red pills, there are only blue pills left, and you start taking them.

>>258191336>the bed was warm and moist that night

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>>258191992Based white guy telling him it's not worth it.

>>258191700this. you're a cuck unless ur first

>>258192498what are you asking from the white man again ?

Usury is what the Elite (((JooS))) use to control the people of the world. If all debt was paid back there would not be any money in existence. Paper script only represents money, the digits and amounts on the accounts kept on computers are the "money".

>>258192498Kill yourself, nigger

>>258191061Tell that to my friend Mr. Miladrogovich...

>>258192779I am Demanding that a Site Administrator swoop in and IP trace this user for the hate speech he has posted here.


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>>258192970I am white.>>258192683In the year 2020, you cannot stand up for peoples' feelings without being accused of being provocative.

>>258191115this changes everything we thought we knew about realitythis is a bigger shock than learning that 9/11 and the hollycost were both lies, combined!

Women know that their contributions don't matter and that is why they are happy to play the hypergamy game.

>>258190868There is no outer space. We live inside the eye of the creator/ God, on the inner lens of Gods eye, and the sky above up is the inner eye reflecting the light of God back onto curvature of Earth is the curvature of the lens.

>>258190868>that nigger who flashes his high beams

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>>258193093>provocative.dude you are the whitest person this board, using words like that, drop the larp.

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>>258190868Mentally ill poeple who thinks they are something they are factually not gets encouragement instead of help even tho they all kill themselfs after not long, can you fucking imagine being crazy and mentally ill and no one helping you, even making it worse, holy fucking shit

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If you masturbate and take your cum and rub it into your asshole your cock will stay hard for about four hours.


>>258193389Told you I was a white man.Doesn't change the fact that these African-American women are expressing their FEELINGS!

>>258190868It only takes a single generation to wholly subvert and demoralize a population, as we all know by now.In 1958, if pic related had been released in theaters, every single theater showcasing it would have been burned to the ground by townies. In 1978, when it was released, people just either sat down and watched it or didn't.We have been tamed into a culture of cucks for at least 4 generations now, and there's no going back without a collapse. It is now impossible for the populace to engage in direct action against evil, generally.99.9% of anyone and everyone who claims they'll do anything when the government comes for them are larpers with their hearts in the right place. We are domesticated cattle who enjoy the evil fed to us by our masters.

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>>258190868I cant believe we let these sociopathic fucktards into our countries.

>>258192545>tfw I work out 8 hours a week.

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>>258192497No, I don't think that's right

>>258191115This makes so much sense. Why would they have already eaten the one cheese pizza entirely if Kevin is the only one who likes it.

everything you are told about muh race or muh ethnicity, it's just you, you are the minority and everybody hates minorities, so either you survive or you don't nobody is out there to make it easier for you

>>258193655You're just being racist.