>west virginia>95% whitestill one of the poorest states in the United States. Care to explain Holla Forums...

>west virginia>95% whitestill one of the poorest states in the United States. Care to explain Holla Forums? I thought an Ethnostate would be full of rich """whites""".Maybe americans aren't white

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>>258189508Money isn’t everything, jew boy.

>>258189611>Money isn’t everything, jew boy.sounds like a cope, new worlder mutt.

>>258189508>Care to explain Holla Forums?Irish americans

>>258189750>I thought an Ethnostate would be full of rich """whites"""When was that ever said?

Life is old there, older than the treesYounger than the mountains, growin' like a breeze

>>258189860you guys """white""" americans spew this idea of a perfect ethnostate society

>>258189508>>west virginia>>95% white(X)

No corporations or manufacturing there any more.Jews hate Whites.

I live in WV, it's nice to see a thread about here. Yeah we're poor as shit, drugs in a lot places, but other than I fucking love it. There's no faggots here and people are white. I genuinely only see maybe one nigger a week.

>>258190038Go live with the non Whites and STFU already.

>>258190144other than that*

>>258190038No nigger, you said rich, now tell me who said it

>>258189508>>258189611>>258189750>>258189785>>258189860>>258189938>>258190038>>258190040>>258190078The whitest and most faithful or disciplined or "aware" people in this country are also the poorest. They manage to get by or hold down some position. They know that popping into the social scene or money printing machine will influence their life and bring their family unwanted attention.

>>258189508I wished I lived there instead of surrounded by spics in the hills of norcal

>>258189750Chasing money is what mongrelized the world. Cheap, slave labor and unscrupulous brown consumer cows are why kikes flood the west with immigrants. Look at trash cans like California, London, and New York and tell me they are enviable. Social and cultural unity is more important than corporate overlords making extra shekels.

cost of living is lower in WV tooless crimein our part of WV the cost of living is low while having the ability to commute to decent jobs

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>>258190078Coal mining left just like it did in the really poor parts of Kentucky. Motherfuckers in America do not know poor is until you go to the sticks of WV. But the people there just make shit work anyway. >t. Pittsburgh fag who works in gas and goes there

the idea of WHITE ethnostate by americans is still one of the biggest memes that come out of right wing larpers

America was never white.

>>258189508Whites are not created equal.

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>>258190369While Mohammad rapes you country.

>>258189508You are right. There is no natural beauty in WV. Please it is horrible here. Go to California. Go to Jew York.


> lower crime rates than richest black neighborhoods

>>258189611this, unironically. I had to move to WV for work for about 2 years. I knew the tropes and shit, but living there was a different story. I've never been so happy in my life. and yeah, there's not much money. and people do just fine. enjoying nature costs nothing. and you can do a hell of a lot of that. I was shooting more, camping more, kayaking more than ever before. It was great.

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>>258189508The geography is shit, nowhere to farm, mountains are hard to access, very shit roads.

>small state with no population density>manufacturing and resource harvesting sabotaged by Jewish globalism>opioids crisis created by JewsWow that sure is a lot of cohencidence

>>258189508A lot of coal towns in WV. When a mine shuts down, the entire town loses it's main source of income. Some of them are ghost towns today. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Coal_towns_in_West_Virginia

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>>258189938almost heaven.

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>>258190170>>258190191>>258190259>>258190483>>258190500coping mutts KEK

>>258190270What part are u from? I was born in Charleston and lived in Raleigh now I live near Nitro.

>>258189508>still one of the poorest states in the United Statesit is the state with lowest amount of gdp product and resources. has nothing to do with race. their main export/industry is coal.

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>>258189611>>258190598These anons get it. When will people realize that money doesn't bring happiness?

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>>258189508It's only that white because spics and blacks don't want to move to a poor place.Immigrants go where the money is, which is why the majority go to cities. In England the countryside is still mostly white aside from a few pajeets, but trying to claim that >white area less developed, therefore whites not goodis retarded.Name any rich state in the US. It got rich before the third world moved in.

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>>258189508> full of richLiterally who gives a shit about money? Appalachia is our poorest region, filled with whites, and I would gladly associate and live with the people there than the spic and nig filled shit hole I currently reside, and I live in the goddamn northeast. Unfortunately my STEM skillset keeps me here as there isn't infrastructure out in the sticks to support my work.

>>258189508Its rural as fuck with shit farmland and it's one big ass mountain that treacherous and icy as fuck in the winter.

>>258190270It's positioned 16th in crime rate so it's not especially good

>>258189508What are the crime rates compared to a high income black neighborhood?

>>258190800>Latvian>calling others poor muttsPure cope.

>>258191145>treacherous and icy as fuck in the winter.user i know that feel..

>>258189508is that marky?

>>258191100Ride eternal, shiny and chrome.

>>258189508>Pays taxes>taxes goto New York Yeah, this is a toughie

>>258190220This. Langan is a farmer

>>258189508West Virginia is a paradise compared to your shithole country, which is also allegedly full of whites.


>>258189508>PoorMoney isn't real.All that matters is what it buys.How much does the average house cost in West Virginia vs New York or California?

>>258189508Because there's no jobs there, hence less gibs.

>>258191138> STEM skillset keeps me here as there isn't infrastructure out in the sticks to support my work.Rural places will always be poorer just do to the nature of them being rural. Rural means less jobs/infrastructure which in turn provides less work to be had. The people that do manage to have money in rural places will then spend their money outside of them since there is really nothing there to waste money on


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West Virginia is a beautiful state if you appreciate the outdoors.

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>>258191344You can't be serious.

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they look jewish

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>>258191169well what do you expect with no infrastructure, hard to develop areas, and one industry(coal) which has practically been destroyed by our own government?


>>258191392>shithole countrycope, we're developed. And we're actually white unlike you mystery meat niggers

>>258191058it's weird that this place hasn't realized this yet. Ironically, the job I had to move to WV for was shit, but it paid well. But being there made me realize that wasn't life, so I quit and moved back home to start a family. lost a decimal point off my income, and even though I left WV, I took it with me. My wife is pregnant with our first child right now. We're due in 11 weeks. God willing, this will be the first of many. the Jews can eat my ass, and keep their shekels.

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I could just as easily turn this around by pointing out that WV is a safe state (by American standards) in spite of being so poor. My whole life I've heard the poverty excuse to explain away high rates of black crime. It doesn't hold water under close inspection.

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>>258191874bjp-online.com/2016/10/photographing-the-slums-of-riga-latvia/truly an enlightened country. the pinnacle of white civilization.

>>258191706op is a retard

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>>258190598and crime is much lower despite being "poor"

>>258189508Poland is poor but can afford socialized medicine while California is rich but can't afford it. How does that work? Moreover, do you think blacks today are better off than whites 100 years ago? Money doesn't fully capture quality of life or success. Moreover, up until whites declined in population in America, America was the greatest undisputed power in the world with unprecedented standards of living. It's diversity that has caused things to decline for us. And even still we are doing better than any brown group in comparable situations.

>>258189508Interesting... and this place is cheap to live, you say? :D

>>258189508yet another jew controlled jew paper deficiency ergo untermensch thread

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>>258191977the richest majority black neighborhood has more crime than the poorest white equivalent.

>>258191533Correct, which is why I haven't endeavored to move yet. Not only do I need money, I also need to develop whole new skillsets. Otherwise at best I could do testing for soils, well water, etc and that is just a couple kits, petri dishes and agarose.

>>258191169That's because it's full of white methheads who will steal anything that isn't bolted down.

>>258191058 Jews and shitskins will never realize it because its contrary to their entire being. Kikes can't exist without trying to get one over on their neighbors and shitskins are the human embodiment of aimless greed. Sadly we have too many of both on Holla Forums.

>>258189508It's poor but safe and comfy.

>>258189508West Virginians look like THAT? Guess I know where to head on my next vacations.

>>258189611Money is a huge indicator of success and efficiency which whites can’t seem to have in West Virginia


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If you have to ask, you might want to look into the history of our state.Basically we allowed outside influence rape our land and resources for no money.

>>258192111Poland is not poor. Maybe compared to Germany they are but they are a first world country with a very high HDI rank.

>>258192086It's true. the whole time I lived in Motown, the issues were still niggers and spics.the frat boys got rowdy occasionally and tried to light the cops on fire, but that's a different issue.

>>258189611Yes, opoids are important too.

>>258192111Poland has far less leeches that contribute literally nothing to their system. California is full of niggers and spics who don't pay into the system but get bribed with gibs to keep voting democrat and to keep spending whitey's money on frivolous shit.

>>258191706I expected a bit lower when the guy I responded to said that crime is low. Relatively speaking, they're in the top 1/3 so it's OK when you look at the circumstances, I guess.

>>258191977Arizona #1 most dangerous state?

>>258190038I take it you think wealth is the end all be all when it comes to an ideal society. Don't get too upset about it, its a common neo liberal lie.


>>258189508WV is white, but its white trash white. Degenerate redneck culture is very popular in the state.

>>258192612Thats New Mexico thats number one, get your eyes checked. We're number 8 but its hard to be safe with such a large shitskin infestation.

>>258189508Why should it be rich? It's not full of Jews, is it? A white ethnostate would be preferable to everything else even if it meant that the people were a bit poorer.

>>258192811yea that's true we're a bunch of drunk junkie motherfuckers, but hey at least we're white.

>>258189508I’d move to WV and I’m a generationally wealthy nobleman. Nothing beats never seeing a brown person. Nothing.

>>258189508Perhaps you missed the 3000 years of prior history and the Africa and Europe comparison? Dumb jogger

>>258190520Lol, WV is a beautiful state, wonderful people.t. yankee.

>>258191977About time we got to be #1 at something.

>>258192267If they're 95% white americans, they're probably racially aware and wouldn't fuck a mexican-looking guy like you

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>>258192976>at least we're white.That's by far the most important thing. Nothing else comes even close.


>>258189508They are Appalachians, a backwards people.

>>258190598WTF is that real???

>>258190800What ever Moshe.

>>258189508the state is owned by the Rockefellers

>>258190598Did you meet any qts there user?

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>>258190038Who has more in life than the parents of white children?

>>258193164>mfw when I fuck all your white women

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I want to impregnante leftam I wrong?

>>258190225What's stopping you from making a move?

>>258191169Crime in general. Violent crime is below average.

>>258189508I'd like to tell you a story, a yore of old,about a motherfucking janny, who got too bold,I was just a little kid, minding my buisness,logging on to the interwebz, sitting, envisioning,about how I could rid the world of some pests that were bothering,me and my family, we were scheming, wandering,I went on to the chans, to spit raw truth,redpill some oldfags, while baiting them with pics of boobs,and whaddaya know, there came a janny,might have been a jew, wop, dunecoon or tranny,looked like GallowBoob on HRT,he or xe had no motherfucking A-R-G--uments,he just deleted and censored,all the hard work I made to bring to attention,the work of the schemers that were plaguing me daily,they let the hapas and sand people come in every thread derailing,quality discussion with nigger dicks and white chicks,bait threads, shitposts, and a range of other kiked shit,until every thread is rhetorical or about the chink flu,could a jannie be behind this? THat's what I think too,the jannie grabbed my arm and said,, "You're banned",collected my redpills and wrapped it with saran,threw every truth straight out the window,I asked that motherfucker, "How does it feel being a cucked simp, ho?"Pulled down my pants after undoing my zipper,said, "Fuck jannies, even more than 'fuck niggers'",took a shit in my hand, and threw it straight,at the motherfucking jannie's faggot kike muzzie face,So the moral of the story is, can't fight the truth,fuck every single janny from gookm00t to GallowBoob.

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>>258189508Poland is 99.99% white, and still a massive shithole, so no, skin color is obviously not everything