College is a waste of time

Im 20, got a welding job out of highschool and i now own my own house, two trucks and a motorcycle all paid off

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>>258189099can you post more THICC taytay?I haven't seen her recent pics after she got THICC. also what kind of motorcycle did you buy user? I have an SV650. shit's cash.

>>258189099>i manned up and took responsibilitythis message is great and all, but it's one of those "no shit" kind of facts.

>>258189292I got a chang jiang 750, its the chinese clone of the ural from the 60s. Pic related is it

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Unless you know exactly what you want to do, and know for sure about job prospects when you start it can be a huge waste of time and money. Having education is a good thing. But most universities are left wing indoctrination camps that produce perpetual debt slaves.

>>258189099You made enough for a 200k+ house, two 40k trucks and two 10k+ motorcycles in 2 years? You must have had an amazing instructor to become an elite welder at 18.

>>258189478houses in the midwest can go for as low as 25k. sure as hell going to need a lot of work, but house ownership doesnt mean a brand new mcmansion by default.

>>258189429that's not a motorcycle faggot. now i know you're lying.

>>258189478No my house was $80k, i bought it a couple months ago. One truck was free the other one cost $6k. The motorcycle was $3k

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>>258189590200k for a broken down shithole here. I'm rural. No decent house anywhere is 25k.

>>258189726Yes it is

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>>258189731the message here is "live in your means". it's something a lot of the whiners on twitter can't grasp

>>258189771I never said it would be decent. just that being a "home owner" doesn't always mean you spent a lot

>>258189099no more cheezeburger for youfilthy Fattie

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I did 10 years of post secondary education to pursue my dream career, which requires this kind of education/training/experience. I started at just under $100k, which of course seemed pretty good because I was essentially poor for so long, but obviously I knew that it would take some time to make up for the opportunity cost of those 10 years of shitty income. But I didn't go this route for money; if it was about money I would have obviously chosen a different career path.I have my own house, a car, two kids, and my wife stays at home. I live in an expensive area so my disposable income is not enviable, but we don't really care much about restaurants or buying lots of things, so we are comfortable.

>>258189805Exactly. My house is small but its nice as fuck. You can get very nice used cars for $10k or less. New cars are a bad idea anyway

>>258189099Trades are good and more people should do them before they disappear.

>>258189099YOU GOT FAT!

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>>258189099What do you need two trucks for? Trucks are an utility vehicle.Your post stinks of chest-pounding without thought. Like if you were a 20 year old kid playing a man.

>>258189099Prepare yo die from lung cancer in your 40's, get sales job male 10k month no dangers

>>258189731Okay, so you bought beaters. That's different. I wish there were 80k houses around here. Hopefully for your sake you didn't build a fixer. It's never worth it. Still amazing you were able to save 100k in 2 years. 50k in pure savings per year is incredible for an 18 y/o.

>>258189099> College is a waste of timeyepi still get angry thinking about the waste of time and money

>>258190023I bought my current car new. buying new has merit in some circumstance. For me it was first and foremost that I plan on driving it for 10-15 years. I'm more of a 1 in the hand is worth 2 in the bush kind of guy

>>258189099>Listen goyim you don’t need to enter any skilled professions. Just trust Patel and Shlomo to take care of everything for you.

>>258189099consume more product there goy

>>258189099education overall is a waste, you can do anything if you just put effort to it, you know when you need to further your knowledge, but even then a formal education with paperwork and all that jewish bullshit is to further someone else than you, just stick to learning what you need how ever you can, I don't own any of those things because I don't like owning shit but I have the money, mostly because I like money, money is fucking cool

>>258189099Fake and gay post. Sage

>>258189731>I have $45k/year of disposable income a year and want to brag about it.K. I have $50k/year of disposable income after getting a college education. I also get to sit all day in an air conditioned room.

>>258189787I see a penis

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>>258190069Unlike you europoors i have enough disposable income to buy more than the bare minimum so i can have an extra suv if i want. >>258190133No, theyre in very good shape. One came from my grandpa who barely used it because he was old. The other one is a hummer h2 which is in wonderful shape and has low milage for its age>>258190358So do i, i tig weld aluminum in an air conditioned factory thats like an operating room>>258190381Fag

>>258190358The thing I've found out about money as I've gotten older is once you have enough of it to live without worries and buy anything you want, it suddenly gets worthless. Not sure what kind of point you're trying to make here. OP has established his income has been sufficient to live debt free where most get buried in it


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>>258190476>Unlike you europoors i have enough disposable income to buy more than the bare minimum so i can have an extra suv if i want.He didn't ask you could afford an extra truck, he asked why you would want one.You are falling into boomer-tier materialism without questioning why.

>>258189731Am I the only one who prefers 30-35 post wall thick (not fat) women. Usually have c/d tits and a nice juicy ass that isn't nigger tier and an almost flat stomach? The sex feels so much fucking better even though they a little more wrinkly

>>258189099>taylor poster

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>>258189099good goy

>>258189805How can you live within your means when the jews are confiscating all our wealth through inflation causing skyrocketing prices. Liberals are unironically 100% correct about income inequality they just have no idea how it’s happening and it’s because we don’t have sound money and a gold standard.You telling people to live within their means is like telling a Venezuelan they should have lived within their means even tho your current life savings down there won’t even buy you a dozen eggs. Sure we aren’t as far along as Venezuela yet but it’s the same concept. You idiots think 1/3rd of all millennials out there that live with their parents are just entitled? And won’t do the work?

you still haven't had sex though

>>258189099>got a welding job out of highschoolHow do?

>>258190719It's not hard. I have about 120k in liquid assets as it stands. I only rent and my car is paid off. I'm single with no kids. There's that responsible life decisions thing popping up. Try to think outside your foil hat.

>>258189099Im sure the doctors that treat your wounds and sicknesses are a waste of time as well.

>>258189099I got a MS in a STEM field. Fully retired at 43. Do whatever the fuck i want now. Nice work on paying off 3 used vehicles and a doublewide bro.


>>258189099good move man. you're probably set for life. now find a wife and have a family.I was forced to go to college by my retard boomer parents and now I have massive debt and 10 years later never found a job in my field. Absolute waste of time and money. I used to tell them I just want to be a barber, I don't wanna go to college. They almost killed me with shame for wanting such a thing.Im a fucking loser and probably will never own my own house, a decent car, have a wife or kids etc.

>>258190358This, i know people who earn 70k usd straight out of collage (top 100 university), it all depends on what you study.

>>258190719>You idiots think 1/3rd of all millennials out there that live with their parents are just entitled? And won’t do the work?I agree that the housing market and job situation is fucked up, but I also think a very high proportion of millennials have a rampant sense of entitlement, backwards priorities, and a Peter Pan mentality. Most have no desire to have kids and therefore don't plan ahead for anything beyond immediate conspicuous consumption and more stuff.

>>258190476How much do you make? Im excellent at TIG, especially at thin gauge stainless, but only get $20/hr.

>>258190690Yes, taytay is just unusually beautiful for her age, like a 78 lotus esprit>>258190706Yes>>258190719Millennials are entitled weak bitch niggas. If i can do it they can do it. Inequality is natural and fine. Theres plenty of dirt cheap homes across the usa. Unless you live in california the 1950s dream is alive and well

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>>258190962He's not telling the whole story. Even if he managed to make 50k/year right out of trade school and saved every penny, he had help of some kind to own those things outright.

>>258190815having money without kids is nothing to brag about

>>258190815Yeah but the point is you could make minimum wage in the 50’s and have kids and a home. Cuz the dollar went further. I’m not saying it’s impossible to make it now but you need a plan to make it whereas back then you needed a plan to fail. It isn’t responsible for society to not have kids. Your making a financial decision to not have kids when it shouldn’t be like that at all.

>>258190746Practice and git gud. Then lie about your job experience and ask for help from the other guys. Then try to get into your local pipefitters union

>>258190889I have aspergers syndrome so im going to die alone. I wish i could though

>>258190980Dirt cheap homes should be 3k not 50k. It’s all inflation nigger.

>>258189292you know thats a male right

>>258190962$25/hr in the pipefitters union

>>258190133Yeah. It's far less impressive than OP wanted to think it was. My used Pontiac cost $3K, totally the same as a new Viper LOL!

>>258191097this is always a dumb point the anti-fed people have. so the dollar was worth more back then. the market was also severely more limited and way less people lived in the US too. the dollar's value floats with the market it exists in. saying you can take 10000 bucks back to 1920 and be rich is as pointless as saying you could win ww2 with modern technology. it proves nothing.

>>258191252The average salary is like $45k, thats pretty good

>>258190946They have no desire to have kids because they innately and correctly know the system is fucked and they can’t afford them. You could be Lower middle class in America 70 years ago and rather easily have 4 kids and a home paid off

>>258189099>welding Lel cunt of a job

>>258189099>own my own house, two trucks and a motorcycle all paid offwow, you've achieved so much in life

>>258189731And you brag about that SHIT? A shack and used beater truck? Fucking redneck.College is good because my end of year bonus alone could cover your house.

I got a degree in healthcare administration. And just the other day I came to the realization that I actually didn't learn much

>>258190962I think you would earn better here (25 euroish) a friend of mine did some welding it is pretty well paid for lower educated people.

>>258191387Average Salary is about 30 percent lower than that. Stop going on 4chan where everyone is top of their field and makes 200k/hour. Average income is around 30k for full time workers.

>>258191461monetary value of necessities is one stupid concept people have developed thanks to consumerism. I don't give a shit what my house is worth money wise if it's a solid 4 walls and a roof and I can live in it debt free.

>>258191461>College is good because my end of year bonus alone could cover your house.X, not in the first 5 years not even if you live in a very expensive city.


>>258191461Its a nice 1700 square foot home, its not run down at all. Most millennials cant even get that lmao

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>>258189429Legit have the ss logo lol cringe man

>>258189099I got a degree in software engineering. Unfortunately, it was right after Pajeets started shitting up everything. If I paid what kids pay now for college, I'd be fucked.

>>258191226okay retard

>>258190690Yeah. There's one woman who had her top body at 35 but she had some wrinkles in her face too.

>>258191388>They have no desire to have kids because they innately and correctly know the system is fucked and they can’t afford them.Nah that's a cop out. Everyone I know that says they "can't afford to have kids" literally do nothing to actually change their financial situation. They don't make sacrifices to save money or move to a cheaper location, they just keep doing what they normally do. They'd have no problem saving up for some new phone or other bullshit, but they aren't will to do that for something as trivial as perpetuating their bloodline. It's pathetic.And don't give me "the system is fucked" bullshit. It's always been fucked; the boomers had it easy, but that was a very, very short blip in human history. We have to stop comparing ourselves to the boomers and move on and adapt accordingly.

>>258190889Wow your parents are dumb cunts, how did they force you? Did you put up any resistance or did they threaten to kick you out out ?>>258191226IKTF when I was your age a girl even approached me and I still failed.

>>258191354The issue is rising prices not min wage. If there was no man made manipulated inflation minimum wage wouldn’t need to rise to enable to make ends meet.Min wage doesn’t even get you delapidated housing let alone other essentials. If you made min wage 60 years ago you had twice the purchasing power as min wage earners have today. In the year 1800 gold was 20$/oz.... 120 years later gold was still 20$/oz. today gold is $1700/ozA min wage earner in 1964 could purchase an ounce of gold after 1 week of working. Today that same min wage earner has to work an entire month to be able to purchase that same ounce of gold a min wage earner could purchase after a week 60 years ago.

>>258191696Yes, i love riding it by the synogogue on saturday morning wearing an SS helmet, all the kikes get spooked and its hilarious>>258191793t.salty millennial>>258191875It hurts

>>258191545>According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median wage for workers in the United States in the first quarter of 2020 was $957 per week or $49,764 per year (assuming 52 weeks of work per year). Wages were 5.7% higher than a year earlier.Maybe you live in a cheaper area, where the salaries are also lower?

>>258189429timestamp it or lie

>>258189478He is talking about old used trucks. Even one was free somehow.

>>258191664>collageo noes a typo.

>>258191564Monetary value aside, there's differences in value of life in having a nice place VS a not nice place. Unless you're in the boonies, a $80k house is going to be a crappy place.

>>258191919Prices have gone down for most things. The cheapest crappiest tv in the 50s which had a 3 inch round screen cost the equivalent of $2000 in todays money. Food was more expensive too, adjusted for inflation a gallon of milk costs the same as it did in the 1970s. You can blame regulations for cars being more expensive, same for housing. Zoning laws create artificial lack of supply.

>>258189099Congratulations, friend! Glad to hear a success story for once.Now get yourself a White wife and start having babies!

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>>258192209Not mine. Im in huntsville alabama

>>258192209even in the boonies.

>>258192198Retard doesn't know what a typo is. Out.

>>258189099Good job young man

That's right. Practical jobs are good.Plenty of worthless educations out there.

>>258192432Ill try but i doubt i can because im disabled. At least i can laugh at millennials bitching about income inequality

>>258192415That TV was also a piece of furniture, had user serviceable parts, and ran for 25 years.Now tell me about that $1000 smartphone you have that can't charge it's soldered in battery after a year or two.

>programmer>built my house on my land in the rockies>40k new truck>white wife>2 white kids>33 on Saturdayget good feggit

>>258192415>Prices have gone down for most things.As a whole prices have gone up, inflation is undeniable it is even a aim of the fed to have a steady 2% inflation. You are right tho if you mean that prices have gone down relative to income.

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I got a meme liberal arts degree. It was pretty fun just partying and reading all the time desu.

>>258192519college vs collage.

>>258192923How much debt are you in?

>>258192876It will be obsolete in less than 10 years, who cares?>>258192905As long as you have health insurance its fine. Only retarded niggers cant afford insurance

>>258189099welding is a pleb job, CONGRATS! Meanwhile the chad STEM major will make 3 times your salary and be a scientist

>>258192905i.e. CPI relative to income.

>>258193289Theres 4 times as many stem grads as jobs, most dont get paid more than me.

>>258189099>>258189731>>258189787>>258190980>>258192432How and when did TayTay get so god damn thicc? What do these celebs take to get such thickness upon them? I remember when she was flat as an ironing board.

>>258193163>It will be obsolete in less than 10 years, who cares?Planned obsolescence isn't A Good Thing.

>>258193289>3 times your salary and be a scientistLol he thinks scientists get paid well.

>>258193442because they don't go in the right fields. A surgeon for instance will ALWAYS have a job in America due to the high obesity rates

Cool bro. Nice career prospects ya got there and an obvious spending problem. Im 22 just started my career making 50k a year with nowhere to go but up and i dont have to ever leave my air conditioned office full of sexy bitches and all the amenities of modern life. Enjoy working in shitholes full of nigger felons and retards your whole life while not saving a dime.

Thiic taytay is so hot, if only she put 20lbs irl

>>258193531The average Biochemist / Biophysicist earns $45 an hour

>>258189099>Im 20, got a welding job out of highschool and i now own my own house, two trucks and a motorcycle all paid offGJ, STEM is a meme, I make five figures with a masters at 40, nothing to show for it and no prospects. Fuck STEM.