At what point did the world go to shit?

At what point did the world go to shit?

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>>258187404After the bite of an apple.

>>258187404since time started now quit being a faggot and get over it

>>258187404When whites stopped ruling.

>>258187404When Nazi-Germany lost the war

>>258187404Around 3000 or so years ago.

>>258187722Correct. Also things are only going to get much worse so you're going to have to learn how to deal with it until you die.


>>258187885sounds blackpilled as fuck


>>258187404There wasn't one specific event except maybe >>258187722It's a culmination of many things that one their own are meaningless but collectively have put us in something far worse than any YA dystopian fiction could ever hope to accomplish.

>>258188182are we powerless to stop what's happened to the world?


>>258187404directly after Adam and Eve were kicked out.

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>>258188338only if you want to be powerless

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>>258187587WWI lead to commies, which lead to WWII and the fall of the colonial empires who had a stabilizing effect on the nigger-infested hell holes of the world.

>>258187587Creation of the Federal Reserve

>>258188028Honestly by that point the world was beyond salvation already. 1914 is where everything fell apart.


>>258189447the thread dies when the thread dies

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>>258187404When Harambe got shot.

313 AD when the Roman Empire turned to Christianity?

>>258187404The world has always been shit.

They should have never let him get away with it.

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>>258189853In what way?

>>258187404Leaving the gold standard...

1913-federal reserve act1920-19th amendment1965-immigration act

>>258187404When Martin Luther got off scot-free, fucking heretic.

>>258187404Once the Black Hand shot the Crown Prince.

The day a gypsy like gave a cross to Emperor Constantine and the western world went from feeding Popes to lions to kissing their feet

>>258190037I don't know. It's just that things seemed to spiral downwards much faster when the (((desert religion))) took over.I'm no histoiran, though, nor much of a sociologist so I can potentially be wrong.Also: enough with the damn traffic lights, Captcha!

>>258190402does the pole count as a traffic light?

>>258187404>>258187492>>2581875871200 BC

Once we started giving women more rights

>>258187404375 Mya


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>>258190402Why the fuck did the rest of Europe convert? Afaik The elites converted in northern Europe and then the NPC sheeple masses converted because 'the king is high status and always right.I hate humanity so much

>>258190454Probably. Or did you mean, "pole" as in "person from Krakow"?>>258190769Fuck if I know.I mean, they already had Sol Invictus and Mithras and the old pantheon of deities.All that went out the window, along with a sense of duty to their respective "patria", "familia" and similar older values and concepts.

>>2581874041966 America and Great Britain immigration policy was weaponised against the indigenous population. (((They))) gained a lot more power after killing Kennedy.

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>>258189954why is our grandfather so smug lads


>>258191031I'm talking about Northern Europeans. I think kings and nobles converted first the plebs then converted out of an NPC instinct to follow. It's the same as today with kikes pushing mass immigration and the goyim eating it up.

>>258190769>Why the fuck did the rest of Europe convert?Economic reasons. Christian kings wouldn't trade until you converted and idk what you know about Northern Europe but it was once a frozen hellhole where agriculture wasn't exactly tenable so trading for food and goods was a necessity hence the raiding.>and then the NPC sheeple masses converted because 'the king is high status and always right.That's not exactly what happened. Germans were converted at swordpoint. Norse kings were converted first and depending on what region commoners either didn't convert and revolted (Sweden), didn't convert and the population ebbed as non-Christian kings ascended and descended a few times (also Sweden) or the king forcibly converted the peoples (Denmark and Norway). It took centuries for Scandinavia to fully convert tho. Hell, the last of Norse practitioners in Iceland and Greenland didn't convert to Christianity until the 17th-18th centuries iirc.>>258191476See above.

>>258191072>>258191314why. cmon, pls put more effort and tell us at least to wat event ur referring to.. jeez

1914.Western civilization was at its HEIGHT prior to WW1. Europeans were 30% of the global population with dominion over the entire planet. It was completely thrown away in a dick measuring contest by a bunch of monarchs who were cousins and totally unaware of the consequences of total war. This then leads to ww2 and the shit we have today. Had ww1 not happened or the scale of the war been drastically reduced things would be different. WW1 caused what people to lose faith in themselves in what they can achieve.

>>2581917591789 would be the French revolution. Was gonna say the same myself but for the most part the world had corrected itself again prior to ww1.

>>258191559How does a king forcibly convert people? If you make paganism illegal then pagans will simply practice their religion in secret.

Kys nigger shill

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>>258187602>actually believes this ancient myth from the creation myth of the ancient Israelites

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9/11.It took a few years for the effects to kick in, but there's your answer.2007 with smartphones was the final nail in the coffin.

>>258192018>How does a king forcibly convert people?By executing those that refuse to convert.>If you make paganism illegal then pagans will simply practice their religion in secretSome did, most didn't. It didn't happen overnight, you historically illiterate retard. It was a process that took literal fucking centuries.

>>258187404What year were you born?

>>258191559I know a man was sentenced to 3 months of prison back in the 1700's for "Having worshipped Odin for 9 years".

>>258187404April 30, 1945

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>>258187404You think this is bad; you should see 2222.

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>>2581874041917 when the US entered the first world war. The old order was destroyed and the US became ascendant.

>>258192359the boogaloo will happen before then, i hope you're ready.

>>258191929i see, thanks for answering, interesting. why do you think so?

>>258192042You can't reason with such people. Best to not cast pearls to swine as Rabbi Yeshua would say.

when Trump became president


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the moment it was finished being created and ready for life as we know to grow on it.

>>258192216If you travelled to Saudi Arabia and made Islam illegal you would have never pending civil war and people practicing Islam behind closed doors. A king can't force a religious change unless the people submit to that change.My personal theory is the kings initially converted everywhere in Europe from France to Scandinavia to England, the plebs then converted due to Christian association with status. We see a repeat of this today with nu-males signalling on twitter for good boy points.

>>258192832>If you travelled to Saudi Arabia and made Islam illegal you would have never pending civil war and people practicing Islam behind closed doorsAre you straight up retarded? You unironically think that if the controllers of MECCA made Islam ILLEGAL, they wouldn't have civil war or secret Islam practice?>A king can't force a religious change unless the people submit to that changeIt's almost like the threat of death and imprisonment is a motivating factor in a change of attitudes or something.I'm not even going to bother with the rest of your idiotic rambling. Read a fucking book or maybe even just skim a wiki article or two to alleviate your stupidity.

>>258190130shut the fuck up catholicuck


>>258187722Incorrect.The nazi’s losing was not the worst year in history. Why? Because the nazis rising up in the first place was a byproduct of the world already going to shit. The world went to shit the year that the industrial revolution took off. Everything that happened after that is directly attributable to the industrial revolution and the globalization that followed.

>>258193170You can't read I said there would be a civil war. If you made Islam illegal under threat of death in Saudi Arabia Islam would never disappear. Paganism disappeared in Europe because the masses agreed with it at some level. I think this was mainly due to associations with status and signalling like how bucks signal about letting in as many refugees as possible to be tolerant.

>>258187404>At what point did the world go to shit?The USA lost the battle in 1906. England lost is hundreds of years earlier.

>>258190121the entire world isn't about your big macs