>Africans were living in mudhuts before Europeans arri-

>Africans were living in mudhuts before Europeans arri-

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>>258185539No archaeological proof this ever happened, nice larp fgt.

>>258185539Okay Pajeet

>>258185539Everyone knows that the BBC can erect walls greater than anyone else's

let me guess... it got washed away?

>>258185539pic rel

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>>258185610Check out the work of Graham Connah who studied the walls for years.>>258185764It's still there.

>>258185539Length of Great Wall of China 3890 milesLength of my cock, 8 inches

>>258185539they still do

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>>258185868post a picture of it faggot.

>>258185539 And yet something made in China outlasted it....

>>258185539Mud walls versus cut rock walls. It's like comparing their mud huts to a built-out house.

>>258185539What were the walls made of, OP?

>>258185539pretty sure thats a pic of ancient baghdad

>>258185764>washed awayyes, but you can still see the remains. it's also rumored to be the original site of Atlantis

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>>258185539Oh wow, it's a dried shit block. So impressive. The Great Wall of China is nothing compared to this!

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>>258185539Constructing the Chinese wall was still more of a feat of engineering. Look at this terrain.

>>258186345Forgot pic. But compare it to this wall>>258186316

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>>258185539Only fools build walls.

Dey put MUD on dere HEAD to keep cool!Very WISE peopu

>>258186313that isn't a picture of the wall faggot.no pictures of the physical wall means it doesn't exist.

>>258185763Working double time to prove mutts law...

>>258185539Right, it's pretty cool. If blacks knew about this they wouldn't need to pretend they (west Africans) was Egyptian kangz or invented everything.

>>258185539Made by Amazigh Aryan Chads

Tfw mesopotamians did all that shit before you

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>>258186427Virgin NigNog Mud wall VS Chad Chinaman archeological masterpiece.How will black boys ever hope to compete with bugmen if they can't even stop locusts?

>>258186661They haven't made shit faggot

>>258186074That looks like a theme area at Disney Land.

>>258185539Niggers couldn't even build a wall in Civ 6 let alone anywhere else.

>when your race is so embarrassingly incompetent that white people who pity your primitive minds and societies feel the need to rewrite history to protect you from bullying by the other races

>>258185539>Did you know that>Something that didn't exist was better than something that existed?>Nazis btfo!You morons never stop to amaze me

>>258186313en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richat_StructureLiars. It's basically a the remnants of a bubble from a geological fart.Dindus didn't build this.

>>258186313Are you talking about the Richart structure?

>>258185539make city in shape of a wheel but still don't manage to create an actual wheel

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>>258186661Joke explained whites invented everything on that list blacks can pride themselves in inventing the following >truck refrigeration>the water gun

>>258186661That is the tallest bullshit burger I've ever seen>automobileWho could forget Henry Ford's afro and love of watermelon. So iconic.NTM your pic's name is in jewscratchThis is terrible bait, but let's see who takes

>>258186661This is what black people say when there is nobody else around to prove otherwise


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The wall in China is actually a wall though, not a mud fence.

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>>258186832Oh wait I just looked it up.>Shakaland VillageIt literally is a theme park for whites to view Africans in their natural habitat.

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>>258186661Your message is hilarious because there are probably some blacks who belivieve in these bullshits

>>258185764No the British were able to destroy all evidence of it in the 1800s in a couple weeks supposedly.

>>258185539It is rumored that ancient whites built the walls to keep the niggers in.

>>258186427The great wall of china is not really impressive. Parts of it had already collapsed by the time the rest was finished, it never served a purpose because the mongolians or huns or whoever conquered them that time just went around the south end, and its not even a stable structure.

>>258185539we built something bigger than that back in the day from snow, but it melted so no proofs, just believe me

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>>258186313Mate that’s a couple thousand miles of away from Nigeria “Benin”


>>258185539Well they certainly didn't build to last then.


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>>258186313Atland / Atlantis was in the Atlantic Ocean (the name of the ocean itself comes directly from Atland) and Atland's remains exist still to this day above water, it's called Azores Islands, which are literally mountaintops of part of ante-deluvian Atland. It had an island archipelago stretching all the way to the North America and quiet few to north all the way to IceLand. People of Atland were what we today call Cro-Magnon or "Germanic" / Nordic" type of people. Have you ever thought about how come Nordic peoples were living in primitive huts and longhouses in Scandinavia, considering the fact they are very intelligent and have high civilization-potential? It's because their original homeland, Atland was destroyed and submerged due to changes of orbits of celestial objects and they had to scatter and search for refuge, so all these primitive huts you all see in threads about ancient Mediterranean civilizations mocking Nordics, keep in mind that the reason they lived in primitive huts was because they were displaced and forced to start from zero. Before their homeland Atland / Atlantis was destroyed, it was like today USA is, it was a central hub of the highest civilization world-wide and ancient civilizations like Greek and Egyptian were founded by group of refugees from Atland who used local populations to build a new nations, that's why so many first pharaohs and Greek leaders were tall, white-skinned, square-jawed, blonde and blue-eyed-classic Cro-Magnon (from Atland) people. Some of refugees from Atland established themselves in North America, hence R1b Y-DNA was present there in elite members before Columbus and hordes of migrants from Western Europe. That's also why cultures of Egypt and American were so similar, even building techniques were the same, pyramids, religions and much more were very similar or exactly the same.On attached image between NA and Europe that triangle was Atland.P.S. Guanches were remaining Atlanteans.

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>>258185539Benin :DD

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>>258185539Nice city-state bro, it would be a shame someone subverted it.

>>258187653oh fugg oh shid

>>258186313>>258187003>>258187015If anybody still thinks that Richat Structure / The Eye Of Sahara is Atlantis, then you better read this:Richat Structure / Eye Of Sahara is 100% naturally created in seconds through a discharge from an electric arch, most likely from a celestial object, perhaps Jupiter. To see how it was created, watch at 35 minutes and 28 seconds this video: youtu.be/tRV1e5_tB6Y?t=2128Look at attached image, then look closely around it and especially the left side and you will literally see patterns of electric discharge, that might to some misleadingly look like rivers, however rivers don't flow upright, and these electric patterns go from more or less center to outer ring, which is higher.Electric discharges of celestial object origin also created for example Grand Canyon and English Channel plus much more, including on other planets.To learn about true location of Atland / Atlantis, read here: >>258187576

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>>258187576yeah I'm sure there's 0 evidence too that claim

>>258185539this is literally Baghdad house of wisdom, center of science in middle ages. Stop stealing islamic culture you fucking nigger.

>>258186760Polfag crackers are a funny bunch. Adept at dividing their so-called enemies like their favorites, (((da joos))) and praising others when they benefit from such praise.First their dindus but if there's an issue that crackers can benefit from, dindu becomes Chad NigerSo now the bugman is Chad Chinamen?? How far does this type of thinking get for such a decadent nation in decline.Wypipo are the bipolar trannies of this planet.

>>258186661No anime though.Fuck joggers.

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>>258186074Thats a themepark

>>258185539Why does blacks and jews always islamic culture? We have lost enough already. Our civilization in ruins, our pride humiliated, empires gone except Iran. It feels something else entirely watching blacks, lowiest of low, stealing our civilization which were considered pinnacle of human existence once. How far have we fallen.

Reminder to not respond to slide threads.

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>>258186440Right. No walls.and no private property. Let's just share everything. Its my turn to fuck your wife tonight ok user

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>>258185539We looted and burned their palace it was a one story shithole . There edu (king) a beggar in rags

>>258188281It's really not fun questioning if your ancestral civilization belongs to you. This we wuzzing needs to stop.

>>258187109>henry ford was the first one to make a car

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>>258186758Great, let's invite modern day Mesopotamians to live with us then


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>>258186316Think it this way:>dump monkey manages to build an aeroplane >200 iq alien builds a spacecraft without effortTell me, which is really more impressive?

Leaf who hates what canada is supposed to be

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>>258186074Looks like an anime goblin village

>>258186886Pretty embarrassing. Even more embarrassing that black revisionists are too dumb to understand why it's embarrassing in the first place.

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>>258185539more like the great wall of benis

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>>258187329>>258186074They were unironically better off living in small, undeveloped paleolithic societies. They had their land and their way of life, and they weren't all starving or dying from AIDS and mass rape/genocide. The introduction of antibiotics, vaccines, and modern agriculture to Sub-saharan Africans just caused a massive increase in their population, most of which remains largely unproductive and reliant on international aid for basic sustenance. Yeah, everyone likes their iPhones and penicillin, but ultimately I think everyone would be happier and better off if Africans were chasing gazelles and free to wander the African heartland without being encumbered by modern technology or the existence of government. It would save the west billions of dollars a year, and I imagine most Africans would actually be happier if they were free to wander the savanna and hunt and forage without worrying about borders and property and laws. Living and spending your whole life in what is effectively a giant UN disaster relief camp where there is nothing for you to do but get AIDS, pump out niglets left and right, and eating nothing by shitty enriched rice with onions protein or whatever they get from the UN sounds like a dystopian tier reality, and I genuinely feel sorry for all the Africans who spend their entire lives in giant AIDS infested refugee camps. The sad reality, is that the globalist billionaires and Zionists actually want the world to look like a giant African UN refugee camp. It's simply a cheaper way for them to feed and house us goyim by the billions. What's even worse is that most people would literally be happy to go along if we were ordered by ZOG to relocate to internment camps for the rest of our live.

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>>258188525Why are black people trying to take Egyptian culture now?

>>258185764By niggers.

>>258186109big oof

>>258189366made me kek

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>>258185539How could anyone ever really know? It's long gone, and you can say whatever you want about things that do not exist anymore.

>>258186427God I wish the US had this wall on the southern border.

>>258185539Is this the map for the next Oblivion game?

That wall doesnt look very great

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>>258186427that mountain itself looks like it could stop any serious army from crossing already

>>258189666very nice numbers

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>>258187360If your 'massive wall' could be completely erased by a few gin swilling Brits over the course of a month it wasn't much of a wall, now was it?

>>258185539yeah its amazing what africa did after the roman and greeks were up and running

Hey, so the walls of Benin are real...Its literally a tallish wall of dirt.That's it.They dug a ditch on one side and built the dirt into a wall.

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>>258187373most likely explanation

this entire "marvel" is just people taking time to dig a ditch and build up the wall in various sections

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this is the wall even earlier.Really aint much to speak of.

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Yet if you google search images, you only get images of that circle city that is made to look like the wall was made of something OTHER than fucking dirt lol.

I mean, some sections were frameworks of sticks FILLED with dirt, maybe a few rocks... but still...Its fucking dirt lol.

>>258188670I'm already living here.>tfw Assyrian

Did Africans even have mud bricks before Europeans arrived?

>>258186316It's more impressive than Trump's wall

>>258190537they certainly did not use proper mud bricks in that wall lol.>>258186316I don't see any bricks in that wall.Just mud.Like they layered it on something else lol.

>>258187418>it never served a purpose because the mongolians or hunsTell me how I know you don't know what you're talking about. It was the fucking Mongols who built most of the wall.

>>258190525Assyrians still exist? Man imagine how much better the middle east would be if Arabs weren’t the ones who ended up dominating the region.

So earthbenders were niggers?Also, does not look longer than GWOC looks 10x smaller. GWOC covers a gigantic land mass this is just a city. Are there actual historic remains?

>>258186661> That filename

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>>258190525Green eye black haired master race?

>>258186316i could get over that wall easy with no equipment, the great wall of bateaters? not a chance

>>258189376Could it really be? Based blm poster

>>258185539What happened to them>destroyed by niggers

>>258186661>filenamesubtle bait mate

Pereira's account of the walls is as follows:>This city is about a league long from gate to gate; it has no wall but is surrounded by a large moat, very wide and deep, which suffices for its defence.The archaeologist Graham Connah suggests that Pereira was mistaken with his description by saying that there was no wall. Connah says, "[Pereira] considered that a bank of earth was not a wall in the sense of the Europe of his day."Ruiters' account of the walls is as follows:>At the gate where I entered on horseback, I saw a very high bulwark, very thick of earth, with a very deep broad ditch, but it was dry, and full of high trees... That gate is a reasonable good gate, made of wood in their manner, which is to be shut, and there always there is watch holden.lmao they couldn't even maintain it.

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>>258190897;_; My dad has that, I got the hazel eyes and black hair. >>258190816There's a few around. Chicago, Detroit, and some areas of California has large populations there.

>>258190025hahahahhaa fucking niggers

>>258191127>destroyed by niggersNo, destroyed by brits. About 200 british soliders attacked this huge city complex and conquered it completely in short time because they had guns and niggers didnt stand a chance

i love the group of """historian""" retards on reddit whose nuke they have locked and loaded against RACIST WHITE NATIONALISTS is the fact that some africans were smelting iron in some godless year before christ and that means they've been an advanced civilisation all this time

>>258191164It took the British 9 days to take the entire Kingdom, including their capital. Great wall / 10

>>258191164>they couldn't maintain itWouldn't be surprised if they didn't even built it in the first place. Cro mag was also present in nig nog lands.

>4x the length of the Great Wall>53,000 miles>twice the circumference of the Earthwat

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>>258191512They didn't even blast it with cannon, they just set fire to it.

>>258191327Redpill me on (g)assyrians are you sandniggers or somethingt.brainlet


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>>258187767so there should be all kinds of glass from the electrical discharge then. is there?

>>258191778Assyrians are a semitic people who are from iraq and syria. Better than arabs. Closer to whites than other semites.

>>258191778they say we were the cradle of civilizations. Occupied Mesopotamia, which is basically northern Iraq and Syria.According to the bible we were the sword of God and used often by him to punish the Jews. We destroyed the first temple.We're a Semitic people and can pass for Greeks or Italians, at least whenever I go to those countries everyone there is surprised to find out I'm not from there.

>>258190738>they layered it on something elseshit and piss maybe a few dead joggers every 2 miles

>>258191778I think they're indo europeans? Correct me if im wrong

>>258192420>we were the sword of God and used often by him to punish the Jewssounds based

>>258191806You have just been reported to the BKA for online hatecrimes. Enjoy prison, bigot.

>>258186074Mudhuts > ghettoes > favelas > Liberia

>>258188670Did someone mention the King of Heroes?

>>258192420>According to the bible we were the sword of God and used often by him to punish the JewsBased.

>>258185539You can still walk on made in China wall. What does that say about your wall? Lol

>>258190025I get thirsty looking at any pictures of Africa

Thats literally just a large mudhut

>>258186074What are the rock towers for?

>>258187208And it exists

>>258188640Well no, it was some German fucker IIRC, those wily German engineers. Henry Ford made the first cars that mattered significantly and were more than a luxury product. It certainly wasn't invented by an African, so quit wasting your breath on that.

This entire city was wiped out by the British.The British heard there was a small city out in the wilderness so they tried to go out and find it on a peace mission with priests and gifts. The Africans ambushed them all in the middle of the forest and killed them all.Out of retaliation the British sent a group of soldiers to the city and killed them all.

>>258192594You are.

>>258193203>Fictional we wuz civilization was worse than an actual civilization

>>258186427Built with the minds of Mongolians on the corpses of thousands of chinks lol.

>>258188034You need to go back

>>258186313German user do you have any info about Egyptian pyramids being linked to some other pyramids outside of Egypt? I remember several posts going into detail about this and a long youtube video of a journalist or researcher confronting the corrupt managers of the Pyramids.Do you have a megalink of document with more Atlantis texts?

>>258193320I'm european? Finally I can no longer be called a mutt

>>258185539joggers didn't even have written word, wheels, boats, i could go on...................if you are a jogger, you should thank God you got colonized, it's pretty much what aliens mythos is

>>258193540Nah, you're still a mutt. I was saying that you are wrong.

>>258192002That’s a great question. I know the area is littered with shells indicating it was a coastal zone.