Serious discussion: What happens if we reopen and there's a 2nd deadly wave?

What will happen if the powers that be decide to reopen America but there's a 2nd wave that hits and it's just as bad if not worse than the peak? We are rapidly approaching 100,000 COVID deaths, and that's with us sheltering in place in the form of lockdowns or quarantines, and wearing masks when going out. What happens to those numbers if we reopen and loosen all restrictions?

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>>258185526I dunno... what happened when over a million people died of tuberculosis last year?

>>258185789Those numbers are not factual.

>>258185526Going out doesn't make the virus more deadly. The reason we've had as many deaths as we've had is simply because this virus is extremely contagious. While reducing lockdown restrictions will indeed result in greater infections than we currently have, it will not result in a massive increase in deaths simply because so many people have already had it. In total, by this time next year, probably around 200K americans will have died, almost all of them old.

>In New York City, the U.S. epicenter of the pandemic, the death rate for people 18 to 45 years old is 0.01%, or 10 per 100,000 in the population. People aged 75 and older, though, have a death rate 80 times that. For children under 18, the rate of death is zero per 100,000. That’s zero.>A recent Stanford University antibody study estimated the fatality rate from the virus is likely 0.1% to 0.2%. The World Health Organization (WHO) had estimated that the death rate was 20 to 30 times higher and called for isolation policies. On which version do you think the media focused? in mind that in America, the death count is 93k, basically just a repeat of the 2018 flu season. It's an absolute nothingburger, and somehow the only uncucked country was Sweden, who refused to destroy their economy with a brainlet lockdown.

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>>258185526Let the boomers hit the floor.

>>258186064You do realize that's because we've all been sheltering in place right? Those numbers would skyrocket if we went about our daily lives during the peak of COVID. It may not be a super death machine virus, but it's still waayyy worse than the regular Flu.

>>258185526Nothing because most people were ignoring the restrictions already.

>>258186543No they aren't. Go take a drive in Los Angeles or New York. There's no traffic because no one is going out. People are listening.

>>258186543Not actually true, most people when I go places are wearing masks and traffic is down dramatically. Even just the natural result of offices being closed and people working from home results in fewer people in direct contact.

>>258185526Let it happen. There are too many useless humans around.

>>258185526What happens? Faggots like you die.

>>258187092My work is basically 1100 people split between four giant rooms sitting three feet away from each other on benchesliterally asking for it before we shut down

>>258186512No it isn't. We under-diagnosed the disease 50 times over, its lethality is actually about on par with the flu.

>>258187577Same, I work for a federal agency in a sea of cubicles, I volunteered as mission essential so I go in once every 3 days and I'm the only person on the floor of my building now. they're not even going to begin phasing non-mission-essential staff back in until at least july and even then it's going instages; we won't be fully staffed until at least december. My agency is anticipating a 2nd wave and preparing accordingly

>>258185526are you talking about bill gates' second pandemic? yeah, they'll release

>>258185526That would require the virus to actually exist...

>>258187996>Same, I work for a (((federal agency))) in a sea of cubicles

>>258186064>>258185789>>258185526Well let’s hope that the long term effects aren’t as bad as I’m hearing. Everyone is too focused on deaths and not the fucked up life you have after you’ve been ravaged.

>>258188227>>258187996How do you live with yourselves? Working for the govt is my final safety net before an hero since you can apparently be extremely inefficient and stupid and they hire you. But it’s the worst type of job to have, unnecessary and part of the evil machine.

>>258185526its pretty much guaranteed at this point. we will open up, second wave hits, government then forces us all back into lockdown with stricter rules. people will blame the retards for demanding everything to be opened too early, and the retards will blame the government for acting tyrannical while insisting the virus is fake and gay. more people will die and the economy will crash far worse than it already has. the 2nd great depression begins 2021.

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>>258185906In the world? I'd believe that.

>>258185526Who fucking cares? Death comes for us all. Grow a pair, you little bitch.

>>258188818Yeah, I have a feeling after the second wave hits it will no longer be about "stay at home orders" and they're going to be more strict about it. They will put us on forced quarantines like they did in China. National Guard will be deployed again.

>>258188544It rocks man, benefits are good work's easy.

>>258188818Now this is a prediction I can support

>>258189164This. Live life while you can. I don't want to become old after working as a nurse for a decade and have first hand seen the shitty treatment elderly get now. It's not going to get better in the future the way my socialist communist shithole is going.

>>258185526"If there is a second wave".

>>258185526>2nd deadly wave>implying there was a 1st

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Try to imagine what your recipe is going to taste like before its finished cooking. You can get a good idea but you won't truly know until you are finished cooking.The sauce is simmering. Enjoy the succulent smells.

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the pandemocrats will burn at the stake

>>258185526Doesnt matter. I'm serious. Democrats are treating this like a "war" but expect there to be no casualties. If that isnt extraordinary privilege, I don't know what is. Clearly the airborne aids narrative didnt pan out but just shutting things down royal fucked the economy with the economic equivalent of a shrapnel grenade. Were just going to have to sneeze it out and ride the wave....

>>258185526>What happens if we reopen and there's a 2nd deadly wave?There wasn't a 1st deadly wave, fucktard. There has been no increase in overall mortality; now they are just claiming that anyone who dies for any reason (aside from murder, suicide, or accidents) died of Covid-1984.

Nbg is never going to let this topic stand. Prepare for shill spam

>>258185526Nothing. Don’t be such a faggot.

>>258185526Who cares?I didn't catch it now and I wont catch it in the futureAlso my habits tend to have me stay at home anyway so I'm not in any risk

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>>258185526The world collapses, of course.

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>>258188818>opened too earlyAre you retarded? What is "too early" for you? We were told this was all about not overwhelming hospitals. It was never about saving lives. Only flattening the curve and we did so. Do people have the memory of a gold fish?

>>258186064>the death count is 93k, basically just a repeat of the 2018 flu seasonIt's so funny how the nothingburgers believe this. They just don't understand science, so they don't understand the situation. Hence they are enraged at being forced to lock down and they believe they are losing wages. Look at the graphs of total (all causes not just COVID-19) deaths this year versus previous years. This year's is much higher and jumps in March. COVID-19 deaths didn't replace influenza deaths, it added to them.

A better question is: what if we prop up hordes of unhealthy fucking retards and an actual natural disease emerges? This happens. This is good.

>>258187996What's your second wave plan? I work at a utility company and they haven't brought anyone back to the office. I never left though so I've been working in an empty skyscraper since march. Its actually kind of awesome

Aaaand this topic is already overrun with nbg paid shills/bots.

>>258189812Hey retard, total deaths are going up because you convinced people to avoid going to the doctor over a flu. Not to mention setting back "elective" surgeries by months.

>>258189812>COVID-19 deaths didn't replace influenza deaths, it added to themNobody ever denied this

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>>258185526Then you suck it up you pussy. Stack the bodies and keeping going.

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>>258189812Who gives a fuck. You do absolutely nothing to change society every flu season. Why does an extra 25 thousand deaths warrant the whole fucking country shut down? People who buy into this ate brain dead.

>>258188818That'll be the narrative, not reality.

>> they are, covid is only 326k deaths since October. Even malaria kills 435k globally.

>>258189863>I never left though so I've been working in an empty skyscraper since march. Its actually kind of awesomeYeah, my work is really tedious and independent even under normal circumstances, so the building being empty isn't bad, I straight up through on the lofi beats playlist and chill on the days I'm there. It's honestly pretty cool. As I said, I volunteered as mission essential and am on a rotating schedule with other employees who did so. As it stands I think the plan is just to proceed with an abundance of caution, like I said they're going to bring people back in phases, with the most vulnerable in the last group to return, if / when the second wave hits I assume they will draw people back out as necessary, but I don't know. There's no real timeline to my knowledge, they MIGHT start phasing us back in in July, but depending on what happens, maybe not.

Not a what if. The next wave will hit harder and faster. That's because the virus never stopped spreading. So now it's fucking everywhere. Two things will be the main drivers of the next wave: People's frustration with the changes and economic reality crushing down on everyone. The next wave could then be a real nightmare, like what really happened in China, remember those leaked videos of wrapped bodies piled up on sidewalks in front of residential buildings? You can't hide mass deaths. People will see. You'll be confronted with the reality and unable to deny. Then true fear kicks in. People will refuse to leave their homes and if forced to in order to get supplies, they'll look like the odd things we saw in China. People wearing water jugs on their heads. Then the backlash against those who pushed to reopen and violence to the nothingburgers. Then real hell sets in.

>>258190128Because this isn’t the flu. Throughout history there’s been a natural dance between immune systems and diseases. One gets stronger, the other makes adjustments. Covid19 is something that was built in a lab to bypass that natural dance. To try and enter that dance now is very risky. Risking death or long term complications. If you can stay home, don’t risk getting chink aids. No one knows the long term implications. Don’t let elites volunteer you to be the test subjects for opening the economy.

>>258185526Nothing will happen. People will die and the disease will pass. A second round of lockdowns will not be possible. They tried that shit during the 1918 pandemic and people told the government to go to hell. Once we open up, we're staying open, or else

>>258190430practically every country on earth shut their shit down like steel trap when the level of contagion became apparent, if the deaths are low it's because the mitigation works. These are deaths despite mitigation.

>>258185526There will be. Whether there is or not. False flag incoming. Guaranteed.

>>258190735It wouldn’t even matter if 10 million people die.

>>258189812source: your assEven if there was an increase in mortality, this could be due to:-improper use of ventilators (resulting in Ventilator-associated Pneumonia)-People delaying medical treatment-Stress endured as a result of isolation and home confinement-Natural yearly fluctuation in flu deaths-Air pollution (Coronavirus epicenters all have heavy air pollution)

>>258186064>the death count is 93kPer two months. That's 558,000 per year.3.79 million babies are born in the U.S. per,839,205 people died per year in the U.S. prior to immigration before COVID-19 net demographic increase per year: 950,795Excluding immigration after COVID-19 net demographic increase per year: 392,795COVID-19 cut the U.S. demographic growth rate by 58.7%. I'm sure the Georgia Guidestones people are happy.And fuck immigrants. Don't say "immigrants will make up the difference".

>>258186669I'm in SF. The morning commute is sparse, but by midday, there are people everywhere. On the roads and walking. People walking and biking 100X more than usual. People shopping all day long. No, people are not listening. They are just wearing masks. Some are acting more mentally ill than usual.

>>258187092>people working from home results in fewer people in direct contact.I live in an area of mostly white collar office people. They aren't at the office, but they are home, in large numbers all walking and biking around and shopping all day. So, maybe the city is empty, but the burbs are PACKED with people out and about.

>>258190879Yeah besides the mass chaos that would ensue with the uncertainty that you or anyone you know could be next and it's not really a fun ride, dying sickly.

>>258185526A second wave is inevitable

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>>258191038>558,000 per yearThis number doesn't take into account forthcoming therapeutics, vaccines, the prolonged effects of mitigation, or perhaps most of all, how weak coronaviruses are in hot weather, which is just starting to hit.Letting retards such as yourself have free speech was a fucking mistake.

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>>258187996How's Quaneesha doing? She ever get that back child support from her third baby's daddy?

>>258190128You'll blast past a million deaths in under 60 days if morons like you are listened to. Bitch, the virus is very fucking real. A nation with an educated population, not crazy levels of corruption and good healthcare capacity and quality can have German and Taiwan like control of this with low death rates. Idiots like you who deny the damned thing will give us Ecuador level results. You'll also be blamed for the second wave, ending the right politically. You dumb fucks are running into political suicide. I'm saying that as a VERY conservative person. You're being the side of dumb as Jindal pointed out. I doubt this is organized or part of any premeditated plan, but the left is now likely seeing the potential and letting you faggots run with this. What fucking ever. Shit will go how it goes.


>>258191565Quaneesha works for the federal government she's doing just fine without the child support.

>>258191427>besides the mass chaos that would ensue with the uncertainty that you or anyone you know could be next and it's not really a fun rideme or anyone I know isn't a diabetic geriatric fatfuck and therefore this virus is of no concern, consider dilating

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>>258185526>Most deaths are poor people>Most deaths are black/Hispanic>Most deaths are elderly, unemployed people mooching off taxpayers>Most deaths are liberals in citiesHow do I become a super spreader?

Blue-collar trash who didn't qualify for the CARES Act for some reason, so their income stopped when the lockdown started. I'm sorry your business unclogging toilets or whatever failed, but you deserve to die because your job was silly and then in addition to that, you fucked up so bad that you didn't even qualify for the CARES Act (which covers business owners and self-employed). Do you have a felony?vvvvvv>>258189946>>258190128>>258190951

>>25819142710 million people dying globally is literally nothing.

>>258190642Until the bodies piled up and everyone knows people who died. You're a fucking idiot and fuckheads like you are marching the right into a death camp.

>>258191905Why do you care what others are doing? If you’re so scared than you can stay home and avoid people.

>>258191570If everyone in america was infected, deaths would be 350K, because the death rate is 0.1%.

>>258191290I'm not really sure what your point is, my wife and I walk around the block every evening in quarantine. We wave to our neighbors and are friendly, we go out and pick up food from restaurants. That doesn't mean we have greatly decreased the level at which we are socializing.

>>258191740Gee maybe because the Big corps and business took all the loans via dummy companies?

>>258191708Yeah right you fucking potato

>>258191570>>258191905impotent leftist seethe, ya love to see itnewsflash: we're not all anicent fat fucks who are targeted by this disease like you

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>>258191570fuck off retard

>>2581857891,500,000 died in 2018 - we don't have 2019 data, I think? way, COVID 19 is the least of my worries. This was just a global pandemic where the deep state used the Chinese government to infect the rest of the world.

>>258192123>leftist happeningfag retard who thinks that a virus with a confirmed mortality rate of less than 1/10 of 1 percent in people under 65 poses any threat other than to the economy has no responseColor me surprised

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>>258191740Seriously. My wife's a stripper and she qualified. Because she wasn't a total idiot and paid taxes on her earnings above the bullshit reported by the strip clubs on her 1099. We run a small ranch here in Texas, we got EIDL on both the ranch and her part time stripping. The only people who got cut out are dishonest faggots who severely tax dodged, to the point of filing nothing for years. Fuck them.

>>258191570Old ass coofers and fatties. Stay scared basement barry.

>>258185526Some people will die. But some people always die. In fact, people die every day. What's the big deal? God worldview - meh, get your wicked heart right with God and he might spare you, or he might call you home to heaven win/winSecular world view - why do you hate and not trust evolution to do the right thing? If you are strong and nature decides you are worthy of life you will survive. If not, you die and we as a species grow stronger and more fit.

>>258190582It is a flu


>>258188247>Everyone is too focused on deathsThis. Know of a couple of fit persons who got taken into ICU. Not boomers. The road back seems really long. Apparently it doesn’t have to kill you to suck major balls.

>>258185789What happened to the 60000000000000 jews that died in the shoah

>>258192067It's .01% when under healthcare capacity. When your capacity gets overrun, the fucking fatality rate is around 15% you fucking moron. That's when you see mass graves and bodies piled up in the street. THAT will cause a massive breakdown in social order. You're either a total fucktard or some faggot that wants the US to collapse.

>>258189654>no increase in overall mortalityThat’s a complete lie. Aggregate deaths are up sharply just about everywhere.

>>258192577It's the flu and then some chinks spliced it around in a lab to make it more contagious w/ a long ass incubation period and aids like in some ways as well.

>>258185526Retards die. And nothing of value will be lost.

>>258185526Nothing happens, OP. Life goes on, this is only fatal to people who are likely to die from other existing diseases to begin with.

>>258185526>What happens if there's a 2nd deadly wave?When is the 1st deadly wave going to get here?

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>>258190066>Nobody ever denied thisMany nothingburgers are making the argument that it's killing old people who would have died of influenza this year anyways.

>>258185789Dead Africans mean nothing

>>258189654>Covid-1984Love it and will be using it

>>258192900Hey there, looks like based on the quality of your posts and your opinions that this board might not be for you. Maybe Reddit would be more your speed?

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You were never closed, ya schmuck. There was no real quarantine, at all.

>>258191543The hope cope:>This number doesn't take into account forthcoming therapeutics, vaccines, ... or perhaps most of all, how weak coronaviruses are in hot weather

>>258186512>Those numbers would skyrocket if we went about our daily lives during the peak of COVIDWhats your proof?

Probably not much, as long as you get your vitamine D you'll be fine

>>258185526We need to build herd immunity and reopen society. More people are going to die if the economy doesn’t reopen. It’s literally just a flu. You don’t want to catch it but it doesn’t mean you cower inside all day to avoid getting sick. Wash your hands and keep your distance from strangers and you’ll be fine.

>>258185526Personally I'm hoping for a 12% death rate.

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>>258191543It's global, we know hot weather does fuck all.

>>258193268Yeah. The flu didn't stop happening, so those people who would have died anyways did, in fact, already die anyways. And we don't shut down the country for them even though this happens every year. People who are vulnerable to this need to be sequestered, not the rest of us.

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>>258193562>herd immunityThat’s just a media meme.

>>258191459Most houses didn't even have running water in 1918 let alone the health system and available information like we do now. We gonna be alright.