Are there any men left in the UK?

This is a child from Barrow in the UK.Last night she was taken by a group of Pakistani men and sexually abused and raped. She was told she “owed” them because she had not been around for 7 weeks because of the coronavirus.

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>>258185007toll paid in part

>>258185007> her story 1/2

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>>258185007>She was told she “owed” them because she had not been around for 7 weeks because of the coronavirus.Diversity is our greatest strength!!

>>258185145>story 2/2

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>>258185007Nobody cares

>>258185145So she knowingly got in the car to go be a prostitute for asian men and then got raped and beat as well? Everyone involved in this should be put to death (legally after a fair summary trial)

>>258185007>She was told she “owed” them because she had not been around for 7 weeks because of the she was fucking the muslims before, this seems like a toll to me

If something like that happened here, these men would all be dead with their balls in their mouth by tomorrow.

>>258185446>So she knowingly got in the car to go be a prostitute for asian menPakistani.Pakistani men."Asian men" is the newspeak word designed to keep the goyim in the dark and promote white guilt---by the mass media.

>>258185614as it should be. SO WHERE ARE THE MEN IN THE UK?

based coalburner thots BTFO

>>258185145>3 asian menStopped reading there.If she is this delusional she doesn't deserve to be helped.>hurr you need to do something but nothing too radical and please don't actually target anyone specificallyWell enjoy living in New Africa then miss.

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She enjoyed it.

>>258185007>Patrolled NEXT

>>258185007That ‘child’ has a 1,000 cock stareShe doesn’t even look surprised in the photo


She's a fucking idiot for going anywhere near those subhumans. The first thing she should've done when the subhumans first approached her was to spit in their faces.Her family failed her because her family, and everyone's in the West, was destroyed decades ago via social engineering.

>>258185007Burn the coal etc.

You fuckin mongs, you can see that she's a minor and probably comes from a broken home, they literally don't know any better.

>>258185645yeah I know what they mean. Orientals are perverted but not in this type of way. The type of sex crimes they commit like happened here last week is more like trying to take upskirt photos of teenage girls.

>>258185007Nice link, you retard gorilla nigger.

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>>258185645>correctly describing people based on the continent of their ancestry is a Jewish trick for people too stupid to know what "Asian" meansRead books, don't eat them.

>>258185007It's a damned shame there was no intervention from anyone.

>>258185215At least post pics fag

>>258185007>Go with a Pak>Feel the smack

>>258185940She fucked them multiple times going to their "parties" and it was normal for her fucking men for nothing while being a drug addict and humiliated by them. I hope they kill her

>>258185145>Asian menwhy can't you call them filthy pakis again?

>>258185145>"I used to believe that these people loved me"WTF??How?How does a young white girl ever fall under the impression a hoard of Paki fucking shitskins want anything but pure sexual exploitation from her??

>>258186006What's so hard about saying "Paskinstani men"?Why are you trying to subvert the English language?That's like saying "I drive a car" versus "I drive a Ford"No fucking shit you drive a car. What model?"Pakastani"Your pilpul and mind tricks don't work on me, Rabbi.

>>258185007get raped whore


>>258186208They are inferior and the reason why we white men are so fucked up, we have to no longer reproduce with their help

>>258185007>Are there any men left in the UK? not really, too cucked and scared of being called racist, and if one did manage to do something, then rest assure this girl would be the first to condemn him!

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>>258186006>MUH DONT BE RAYCIS>MUH BOOKS>>>/r/eddit

>>258185007the police will protect us, w-won't they?

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>>258186044I posted all the pics there were in the twatter link,

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>>258186006fuck off. When people say asian they think chinese/korea/jap. When you say goat fucking middle eastern cockroach you think paki. Fuck off.

How many thots can a pak pack pack if pak packs could pack thots?

>>258185645>"Asian men" is the newspeak word designed to keep the goyim in the dark and promote white guilt---by the mass media.No moron"asian men" is what pakis and middle-eastern men are called in britain.I dunno what's the word for chinks

>>258186121You are literally heartless, i'm not a whiteknighting simp in the slightest but anyone can see that this is not the average coalburner.


>>258185007I am not going to put my life on the line for a random slut. Unless it is my own family, or close family friend being attacked, I'm going to be a "concerned" passerby and do nothing.>>258185145>>258185215Lmao, she's a prostitute but won't admit it. I hope she gets some more beatings because she is dumber than a rock.

>>258185007So she hangs around with wogs?and we are supposed to white knight for her when they go full wog on her?I fail to understand what anyone is supposed to do if she chose to be with literal subhumans.

>>258185007When the Americans give more of a fuck than we do. This ain't nothing new

>>258186006this poster is not an AmericanThis girl's story shows the importance of having a father in a child's life. Girls with a good dad who gives them attention and teaches them about self-respect and the world don't go to parties with a bunch of smelly pakis and don't seek the attention of subhuman men.

YOung whore went to get fucked by 3 chinks, then got raped and beaten because she was in debt and didnt show up to parties to get fucked to pay her debtDeserved imo

>>258185007she seems happy to me with that smug smile

>>258186006>purposefully associating Pakistani with meek law abiding Asians such as the Japanese etc.We all know what is meant as Asian, and it does not include ethnic Indians.

You get what you deserve for congregating around non whites.

>>258185007>35,000 Brits die of the Coronavirus>"It's a nothing-burger!">1 girl gets raped by some Pakis>"IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING THIS IS THE WORST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO US IN THE HISTORY OF BRITAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

>>258186642This retards are calling pakis asians, estibro.

>>258186579>"asian men" is what pakis and middle-eastern men are called in britain.No shit, Sherlock. You are really fucking dense in the head or a shill trying to use the English language to confuse the reader of this thread.I questioned the ULTERIOR MOTIVES AND REASONS BEHIND the usage of the word "Asian," you shit for fucking brains mental retard.Learn to English comprehension, moron.

>>258186590She is this has been going on for a long time, have you even bothered to read what she posted on fb? If no then do it and then change your mind.I recommend the first post and then tell me with a straight face you care.

>>258186447>paki>middle eastern Also she is an English girl speaking British English.

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>>258185145>>258185215Bravo brits on giving away your country and women. Cuckz

>>258185679>>258185775>>258185129>>258185605You do realize that it's men's job to ensure women take the correct path? These complications of this multicultural shithole we find ourselves in are not something to revel. Women will not learn their lesson due to other women being beaten/killed. Women are absolute retards with 0 critical thinking skill. We all know this.Nothing will change until men act, and incidents such as rape, beatings, and the like will do nothing but flourish with the apathetic chink like thought patterns such as yours.

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at least they didn't force her to speak german

>>258186590She is a coal-burner. You can't deny that. Had these people not beaten her she'd have continued on her path. She is a traitor and your sympathy is better spent on people who deserve it.

She says it's Pakistani men if you keep reading. She might be 16yo or something so she doesn't shit about life.I think UK is unironically the most cucked dystopia brave new world place on earth.And I say that from France.

>>258185007sauce?where are the other photos?

>>258186162Because they'll get arrested. That's what happens when liberals get incharge, and you're police buddies will gladly arrest you; which is why I could care less if cop is murdered regularly

>>258185007Asian men? Get fucked whore.

>>258185007UK women literally asked for this by promoting diversity and immigration so I literally dont care. Maybe after the beating she will learn she owed them.

>>258186938pakis have more in common with arabs than they do with the ChineseWe should've just kept calling chinks Orientals

>>258186878people here have called Indians "Asians" since the 1960s

>>258186795one fertile white girl is worth all the "asian" bongs to ever exist>>258187050yeah, let's just throw any white child who had no chance in life to the niggers

>>258187352Correct, subversion of western culture kicked into overdrive during the 60s.

>>258187352yeah, that didn't turn out bad for your country at all you dumb fucking bong

>>258186208She was fucking them in exchange for heroin, apparently was fronted X amount of heroin and didn't 'pay them back' now shes a victim of her own actions (as all actions have an equal and opposite reaction, newtons third law)in the US this happens all the time with nigger lovers

>>258187106here's another thread with more pics>>258182403

>>258186162because that, like making the connection that all these "asians" have a lot more in common than just being asian, is racist - a far worse crime than being repeatedly raped.and that's what the police target. that, and those using mean words on the internet. who cares about systemic abuse of young girls, as long as you're not a racist.

>>258187050>she'd have continued on her pathShes going to continue even after this. They never learn till they pay it in full.

>>258185145>>258185215>i know that nothing will happen and the bbc wont report this

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>>258187508She was a trafficked child you fucking retard. The solution is clear: Kill all the pakis in the UK.

>>258186590slag took heroin from them and fucked those pakis on the regular>i thought they loved me :-(this quote alone had me in stitchesand of course its>le ebil men manipulated me ;(cherry on top, she doesn't even blast the shitskins whatsoever>haha whore goes >>>trash


>>258185145>>258185215Drug addict whore should have killed herself.

>>258187001simp faggot. eat a shotgun.

>>258187775she was selling her pussy to afford her drug habit, she still loves paki men after the fact you simp faggot

>>258187775So getting fucked by the local drug dealers because they are so bad boys and it makes my bagina wet is now considered trafficking?

>>258187775>usa>lemme tell yall what ta dohow about you get off your ass and show them what to do? we've got plenty of shit that needs to be cleaned up here. lead by example.

>>258185007Somehow this seems a hoax.

>>258188036They forced addictive drugs on her, retard>>258188036She was stolen off the street at the age of 13 or 14.

>>258185007Going after people one by one with a huge army called the Police works.


>>258185007Good, the west should get this especially women as they love Muslims.

>>258187384There are plenty of white children who love their own people. Plenty who suffer daily. If she were a rape victim, I'd have agreed with you. But, she's been prostituting herself for these people. >>258187585This is true. I know a Finnish girl who was nearly raped by pakis, Arabs and attacked by a nigger. Yet, she would go on to date them despite the lessons life gave her.

>>258187031I bet she burns more coal than the titanic

>>258188154she's a commited hoaxster

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>>258188023>simphello 14 year old

>>258187472What continent is India in?

>>258188102No one where I live would dare to try something like this, at least not with a white girl, by the end they'd wish they were dead.

>>258186439She must have been beaten near death. I wish there was something we could do.

>>258185007COALFAX needs to expand to include this shit, there's just so much to mine


>>258188228Before being "forced" stolen she was fucking them because they are "fun" and I quote directly from her "loved me", I can assure it was a longer road before she even get drugs in her system and selling her pussy to pay for it.

>>258185984Is that an insurance scam?He surely wants people to smash his window in.

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>>258188429>here's my excuselol fuck off you larping faggot

>>258187258The rare based leaf.

2bh, I couldn't give a fuck.

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>>258186447When people say “Asian”, Americans think Far Eastern but in the UK “Asian” is shorthand for Pakistani/Indian/Bangladeshi/Sri Lankan.

>>258185394Spoken like a true pimpFlag checks out

>>258186602Satoshi and Muramasa are very violent guys.

>>258185007not that these animals don't deserve to be executed - they dobut the toll isn't paid in full yet.women need to know what happens when you engage in bestiality


>>258185681using the word pakistani and 3 police officers will be at her door and beating her up next

>>258187001I'm hanging out with my 4 month old white son while my wife makes dinner, faggot. I'm doing my part. Hope you aren't preaching from a place of inferiority.

>>258185446Based. Redpilled. Etc.

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>>258187001Women are not slaves. If you're against their freedom go live in the middle East.The girl with a busted eye most likely deserved it. I am so sick and tired of all these "raped" girls.


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>>258185007>whore fishing for sympathy for her whoring>internet retards actually buy itStop>>258186006Would you call Egyptians "Africans"? No, because there's a big difference between them and niggers just like Japs and Viets ain't Indians

>>258185007not even americans would sit by and do nothing about this. certainly there are nationalist groups in UK that can deal out an ass whooping or 7?

>>258187001Men have acted in the past and they got fucked over hard by their own government


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>>258188588>Hurr durr what is stockholm syndromeAgain, she was barely out of middle school, you gypsy fucktard.

>>258188865some of the pakis that raped her probably were police officers

>> still doesn’t change the fact that it very much sounds like she knew exactly what she was getting into

>>258185007personal opinion blog faggotry here>1. i love white women. they truly are the greatest gift ever bestowed upon mankind. a grand treasure to be sought, protected and loved>2. white women vote for, and welcome this and if i say anything im not good enough and cant handle and smol pp ect ectwhen they politely ask for us to protect them again, and they apologize for being whores, we cant start loving them againuntil then though, they can fuck right off

>She was told she “owed” them because she had not been around for 7 weeks because of the coronavirus.Is this a code for being a prostitute? Wtf. I am confused. Also why is she calling then "Asians"? It's clear that the groups didn't consist of ricecels, but muzzies.

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>>258185145>I used to believe these people loved meYeah, and I don't believe a word of that shit.

>>258185007Sad state of after going on most the western world. In the past even if the father was out of the picture some man from the extended family will look after her. But the way things are now any male relative would be condemned for trying to protect her from pakies.

>>258188883sounds pretty gay, user. you sure you don't want to go out and rescue some white cunt from her own stupidity?

>>258189024>Hurr durr be a whore and dieStop demanding white men to be superheroes that save everyone while constantly being hated and attacked by the same people they save.

>>258185645Asian people should seek restitution. Asians do not need this false propaganda right now.

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>>258188998and their own women

>>258185007at least theyre not speaking german

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>>258186208>pakis love me>oh no they raped me how could this happenWomen are incredibly dumb.

>>258185007>>258185145>>258185215its shit like this that pushes me to my absolute limits

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>>258188998this>not just fighting pakis >it’s fighting the press, police, courts and society at large >and even these girls will turn against you

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>>258186579Chinks are east asians

>>258185007We can send those 2 jogger hunters we have here in the USA over there. They seem pretty effective at pest control.

>>258188711>shorthandDon't be so easily kiked. They're skewing the data with vague bullshit to mislead the people

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>>258185215>>258185145Why didn't she just tell her parents? I don't believe any of this shit.


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>>258189126They actually do get upset about this. I've seen a few complain that it's negatively effecting their reputation. Pakis and such have been trying to appropriate the Asian stereotype from them for a while now.

>>258188998that's because they need to start at the top, not at the bottomif you're going to do the time or even get killed, go after the bastards protecting the pedos before you go after the pedos

>>258189030Right? It was probably the mayor of London

>>258188966>>258185645>>258185446>>258186006>>258186162>>258186212SHE LITERALLY USES THE WORD PAKISTANIDO YOU EVEN READ THE SHIT YOU REPLY TO

>>258189267quit parading the grandpa around, all his big words arent worth the air in the end.

>>258189267i guess this is why they try to destroy Putin in our press

>>258187001if only men could vote id agree with you. Guess what retard WOMEN voted for this so they pay the toll

>>258187001Yeah, okay, let us know when Western liberalism finally falls, until then women can call their local goon squad and arrest you for correcting them.Down with JewsDown with ZOGMay we roast the balls of our oppressors soon and force them down the throats of the women who need corrected while we laugh like men of old.

>>258189565>Yes, working class white male, simply get at the ones with the most power and money who are most protected and most hidden

>>258185007Accountability, where is it?Oh woman leaders everywhere with "feelings over facts" while kids, boys/girls getting raped.The day we can refuse muslims and jews is the day the world get's world peace.


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>>258189119I'm not telling you to save people, I'm telling you to kill pakistanis.

>>258189779>even a broken clocks gets the time right twice a day

>>258189126Restitution for what? No one is thinking of East Asians here, at least not solely, when we hear Asian.>>258189767They want to feign outrage about something, as if the the actual topic at hand isn’t enough to be outraged about.

>>258187977>simpCan you at least Stop talking like nigger, focus on removing the jew .

>>258186208Ask her teacher.

They keep saying women/girls are so smart.Yet they also keep telling us they are constantly bamboozled and tricked by (the supposedly dumber) manipulative men into abusive relationships/prostitution etc.Now, being a dumb man (also see my flag), maybe I'm totally wrong and way way out of line, but doesn't that suggest that women/girls are actually dumber than a sack of bricks, despite what the media tells us?Just throwing it out there.

>>258189806>(((journals))) around the world shill for goy shekelsitsallsotiresome.jpg

>>258185007Fucking Asian men, I'm literally never ordering a Chinese takeaway EVER again.

>>258190031Its impossible what you want in the current political,social and economic situation.

>>258190031>i'm telling youlead by example

>>258185007We're not men. So why don't you yanks show us how its done, we cant fight back cos we're all cucks like pol always says but you guys are the REAL men and yet non-whites murder and rape your people daily and you don't do shit. Go on buddy show us how its done otherwise you're full of shit. I don't even fucking know where barrow is why should i go to prison for doing something about this for a literal drug addicted prostitute?

>>258185007I know this is another grooming girl, but are there no men in her family? Here in the USA where we still have guns, people get shot over shit like this, brainwashed corncob rapes not withstanding.I know you bongs gave up your guns, but as they say,petrol's cheap.... A few well placed Molotovs could solve these rape gangs that the police chose to ignore, bonus if you dress up in turbans and burkas as they'll think it's just another internal paki squabble...

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>>258190054he's often right, but never follows up on his words, not ever.

>>258185007I just looked up barrow, its 96.7% white british and 1% white continental european. ''asians'' make up 1% of the population. The men there should lynch the 1% of trouble makers but they wont so dont fucking expect me to do it for them especially when you wouldnt yourselves.

>>258185145>>258185215So what? She deserves it. White women are whores. Notice how she already knew these guys and now what? She wants some kind of sympathy becuase the subhuman niggers she associated with beat her and “raped” her? Fuck off. Only a fucking faggot cuck simp would defend her, Based pakis too. Maybe she’ll learn something about being a whore. I doubt it though.

>>258190266Tell that to brenton tarrant

Everyone who has posted coalburner etc. in this thread should unironically kys. This is a young impressionable child seduced, groomed, forcibly addicted to drugs, prostituted, gangraped and beaten half to death.You all sound EXACTLY like the british police and politicians looking the other way for years.THIS IS EXACTLY HOW THEY HAVE GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT FOR SO LONG YOU RETARDS.Everloving christ. This is how they operate. Here we have a young girl providing evidence of paki gang rape and most comments are harping on the girl. What the fuck is wrong with this place. What the fuck is wrong with modern western men. You absolute fucking degenerate cucks. Kys.

>>258190479A couple of lads beat a muslim bloke in rotherham to death for revenge but that was about it. These girls have no caring families. And i'm not petrol bombing shit for some whore who prostitued herself.

>>258188711It's like when people say Mexican to refer to anyone south of the US.

>>258186212"asians, youth, troubled kids" ....etc it's disgusting way of covering it up.It's Muslims, brought by the Jews.

>>258190499>haha Greta goes bitte bitte

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>>258186642No they are pakis and arabs, she says Asian like the media does incase shes taken as racist. Which is far worse than being beaten and gang raped can ever be in the UK

>>258185007Who cares. Next time they should kill her

>>258190744What did he achieve with his mindless killing?

>>258190752There are muslims and jews here on /pol enjoying it.It's porn for them, it's a reason they film it and send it around to friends thinking it's funny, cause they are sick people.

I have zero empathy, she was groomed young to be raped which is a common occurrence in UK and Europe. Even after being gang raped for however many years and beaten like it is now, it still makes sure to refer to them as Asian men to not be seen as racist. This woman is as much as the enemy of western civilisation as the shitskins that rape her and all the other ones regularly.

>>258190428maybe quit voting against the interests of your own people, for a start. maybe kick out the foreigners that rape little girls and commit crimes instead of letting them walk because of muh racism

>>258188390Fuck me.I have read police reports on these things before and it has always made me so angry. These pictures are atrocious. Brave girl for speaking out.Who does that to a girl? In our county. Foreigners doing this to English girls and being protected.The death penalty is too good for them.As to those blaming her, it's easy to do that, but when you know how girls are manipulated and threatened into this little by little, or given booze or drugs so as to make her seem complicit, then you would not blame her. These are vicious, deceitful people, who treat them so nicely until they're dependent, then the abuse begins and the shame, threats and lack of Police intervention stop them being able to escape. If they try to stop, then shit like this happens.Be on the look out, Bongbros. If you see something like this happening, do the right thing and protect the lass.

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>>258185007Any brits in the thread to share their opinion on UK's near future?

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To have gangs gangrape your young girls and then to go about criticize the girl instead has to be the absolute ultimate form of cuckoldry.Even swedish degeneracy pales compared to the cucks in this thread. The absolute state man jesus christ.

>>258191093A terrorist mosque, a breeding ground for inbreds, sponsored by jews.

>>258190752>“Gang raped” Kek These dumb whores go out and party with these guys because they think it’s edgy and cool and it’s the British version of the white American girl who fucks niggers to piss of daddy.Then they get all fucked up on liquor and pills, get “raped”, then regret it, call the police and call it “rape”. Which it’s not. Which is why they don’t get prosecuted and rightfully so. They literally ask for it then when they change their mind they act like something so bad happened. Pathetic, the only cuck here is you. Cuck.Hope she sees this tho bro!!

>>258185940Just look at her face. She love this stuff. Being humiliated, ijured and raped. You know, really fun times

>>258190428Don't fucking agitate them mate! The day of the rope is coming, annnnnnnnnnnnnyday now, probably..

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Seriously what the fuck do we do about this...

>>258187001>You do realize that it's men's job to ensure women take the correct path?I'm not buying this anymore. Women have the mental capacity to weaponize the power of the state against men. theyre on their own now and if that means western culture needs to die, then so be it.

>>258185007is she a child? she had no part in what happened to her? this is the fault of the average man in the uk who would never have invited the invader? oh i get it they need to " man up " when it's convenient before going back to having no value.this horror show is what the herd chose to go along with let them reap their just rewards


>>258185145Nigger and shit skin love is so altruistic

>>258191377neck yourself inbred loser.

>>258191413>The day of the rope is comingIs it really tho?


>>258191342But what did it ACHIEVED, killing someone or something has to realize something.

>>258189767I said filthy pakisdo you read the posts you reply to?

>>258191283It has no future. People always talk of 'the collapse' on here, but most don't actually realise that the collapse has all but already happened. It's surviving the future which is the concern, not changing the present.

>>258191321the girls story is equivalent of a drug addict in debt getting beaten, all clothes taken and left somewhere in bush but in her case she is a literal prostitute. hard to have any empathy for these kinds of peoples, in the text she says herself she went to get fucked by 3 pakis and then got raped because she didnt show up to some parties to pay her debt lmao how can you have empathy for her

>>258186439Damn, big paki cock did that much damage?

>>258191248Worse happens in your shithole everyday. The most depraved mother fuckers are from the u.s.a, men who literally fuck corpses after murdering them etc.. Yet you do nothing. I'll gladly admit we're fucked and a bunch of pussies. Why should us pussies fight when you real men dont? You have literally done NOTHING to stop the browning of america. I voted bnp, parties dead now so i dont bother voting but i will when a nationalist party pops up. I bet you voted zionist republican lmao

I have a feeling there's no more whitepills to swallow. Kikes have won and it's absolutely atrocious.

>>258185007idgaf about roasties, rape as many as you want

>>258185145She calls them Asians instead of Pakistani MuslimsShe can kill herself

>>258185007where is the father? Ooooo yea its daddy state. DADDY STATE CALLING DADDY STATE WHERE ARE YOU? OOOO YEA DADDY STATE IS BRING IN MORE BROWNS in FOR more rapen. YOU island slaves are pathetic

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>>258185007> She was told she “owed” them because she had not been around for 7 weeks because of the coronavirusSo she has been consenting in some extent... How do you manage to defend that kind of people ? She's utterly sick.

>>258185007How much you wanna bet she & her parents are leftist?

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>>258191283I would go somewhere else, everything you see here about the UK is absolute bollocks.

>>258185007>10/10 in bongistan

>>258191539Stopped terrorists.More should arrive soon.Seeing the muslims play the victim when it is thousands of attacks from them all the time, pretty much woke up a lot of people.Soon the muslims and even the scarab jews will lose it all.

>>258191526Who, for us or for burgers? Because that post was satire. It's akin to your house being on fire and you're pointing over at your neighbours garden telling them to mow their lawn.

>>25819153950 slimes that were alive are now dead.

>>258185145Literally don’t care what this white whore does or gets from Pakistani groomers.She got into a car, had parties with them and probably has a bin white baby incubating inside her.My only regret is she didn’t get disfigured for life so we could see her betrayal and avoid her.Women wanted independence, this is what it looks like.

>>258185145Being a whore is fun and nice when you're a racr traitor nigger fucker. I wish they would have beat her to death she is nothing but will always be a worthless nigger and jew anti White nigger fucked whore worthless ass bitch. She should have her head caved in for fucking shit skins and nigger animals. Ooooohhhh they had businesses they were hot shot shit skins and she is a worthless nigger fucker whore!

Attached: niggerworship.jpg (646x940, 195.44K)

>>258191509>neck yourself inbred loser.Most of her post describes being humiliated and fucked by pakis you white knight.Anyways there whores fuck subhumans and defend them until the end but at the same time want to shame native men for not "doing something". In their spoiled whore minds we should all risk being jailed for 5 years over some race mixer who will find a new Paki to fuck in one week.And while you are rotting away in jail for your "noble deed" she will continue to do as usual and learn nothing.

Attached: images.png (227x222, 9.89K)

>>258191731There's no fucking point in blaming each other and playing victim Olympics. It really doesn't matter if UK or US will become completely globohomo'd first. The similar fate awaits every single country on this God forsaken planet.

>>258191413These americans are such fucking idiots bro. They go on about the ''no go zones'' in the uk like it would never happen over there when they cant walk through black or brown neighbourhoods without literally being killed. Then they go on about the rape gangs, not realising more of their people have been raped than anywhere else on the planet.

>>258189063It is sadly often the case.Some of the girls, particularly those in care of the state are emotionally vulnerable and will literally fall for anybody who treats them like a human being. And as we've seen the British care system does sweet fuck all to protect them from exploitation.On the other end of the spectrum you have morons who think they're cool for hanging out with obvious psychopaths and and when, not if, it blows up in their face they start talking about how we should 'protect women'.

>>258187001sure, but first find a way to remove women's right to vote and I'll make sure to only vote for policy that ensures a good future for women and men alike.

>>258191529Looks like we're too divided. at this point it's like we're programmed to not do anything. even blame the girl as a coping mechanism.

>>258191741>Kikes have won and it's absolutely atrocious.they have. the next step will be announcing it so they don't have to hide it anymore. its already in progress if you pay attention. jews won.

>>258191554So did she. So what are you crying about again?

>>258191870>>258191918There was nothing that changed in good after the attack killing is acceptable if in the end your goals are achieved.He didnt achieve his end goals

>>258192143Killing muslims is its own reward.

>>258185007The absolute state of britbongland

>>258191993Poor you, sack of shit.Sadists like you are the problem.enough rope for every single one of sound like a incel loser hating wamen XD

>>258190891I don't mean some random Brit taking matters of pride upon himself like days of old, fuck that for half of these chav slapper sluts who got a trip to the toll booth..... I mean actual male family members who saw justice go undone when this rotterham thing went down...We regularly hear about diddlers getting shot at from the pedo lists that show where they live in each neighborhood...mostly from the family of their victims, but we did have a serial killer who was hunting them that made the news a few years back...

Attached: image.png (690x648, 618.2K)

>>258190499america is kike central. every time a fucking burger talks about kikes it's cringe af there are more kikes in american than Israel you fucking dick , and america was in the war killing germans you absolute spac so go fuck a nigger you fucking useless tit god i fucking hate americans all the guns in the world and you STILL rolled over for niggers and handed EVERYTHING over to them including your balls

Attached: bye bye miss american pie.png (661x1600, 512.95K)

>>258187001no faggot it's not our job to educate, micromanage, helicopter around women and dominate them with our ALPHA AURA that will convince them to take the WHITE PATH and have only white babies, it's women's job not to be clueless fucking retards and exercise common sense and choose things like white nuclear families WILLINGLY. go outside, you are out of fucking touch with reality along with the rest of the 14 year olds on here who LARP about swaying women into becoming nationalists and tribalists with the power of their redpills.

>>258185007>Last night she was taken

>>258185007>Are there any men left in the UK?There’s at least 1 group.

>>258191798I can't honestly think of any place you can go right now. China is a commie shithole, EU is completely fucked, US is a giant mess, Russia and CIS are poor shitholes torn apart by oligarchy, Oceania is cucked beyond any salvation just like burgers, hats and other "post-UK" countries. And don't even get me started on sandnigger places.

If we do anything we get the absolute full weight of the law, and the muzzies barely get prosecuted. We literally have our hands tied due to a goverment sanctioned diversity loophole. Wtf are we supposed to do, realistically?

Attached: 1570884133062.jpg (500x333, 107.25K)

>>258192143You sound shit scared.Fix your shit. oh you want other people to do it?KEK

>>258185145>3 asian menStopped reading there.

>>258191444>Seriously what the fuck do we do about this...Nothing really that can be done, see: >>258191602 but realistically any actual solutions that can be implemented to prevent or disrupt things like this from occuring on a local level are beyond the remit your average person, even most on here will talk a big game, no matter their country but when push comes to shove would they be willing to do what needs to be done? I'm talking murder, gang violence or paramilitary activity, unfortunately anything that falls short of that is pissing in the wind and denying that at this point is just a coping mechanism to those who are still hypnotised by delusions that we can vote our way to a brighter future, this goes for much of the west.


>>258191658Okay let me spell this out for you. Here is what happens. Goodlooking slick muzzie seduces naive 15yr old young girl. Overloads her with gifts and attention. Starts fetting her drunk. Starts emotionally manipulating her. Gets her on drugs. Gets her to sleep with his friend to pay off a debt. Relationship gets more abusive and violent. Humiliating pics get taken. Threats srart to happen. Her family will be killed if she doesnt comply. Over time a young naive 15 yr old girl has been turned into a wreck, drugaddict prostitute under constant duress threats and manipulation.That is what you see in the picture. That is what is happening every day to thousands of dutch, english and other western young girls.And your attitude is why it is allowed to continue

>>258188709Weak men are unironically entirely to blame for our current world. I'm not sure how you can argue against this.>>258188883I'm military, take that how you will.>>258188944Your top comment doesn't align with your bottom comment very well. Women's rights is a surefire means of collapsing a society. Hell, even the ancients knew this via the Athenian comedy The Assemblywoman.>>258188998I unfortunately agree. What I share I insinuate on the macro scale.>>258189823Women hardly know any better. I once found a sort of ironic humor in these things but now this fucked up current state of things just makes me sad.>>258187977The antithesis to my views would be to applaud the shitskins who are leading our women down the wrong path and consequentially turning them into whores? Sounds pretty cucked desu.

Attached: 27bf616911fa27aeed9513baa9a9853c.jpg (2111x1300, 605.51K)

>>258187001Yes yes, men must do something but at the same time betas and women vote for a government that punishes men that try to do something

>>258192092>even blame the girl as a coping mechanism.More cuck shit? If you hang out with Pakis even after being beaten by them you can only blame yourself for what is about to happen.

Attached: pepe-the-frog-kek-4chan-internet-meme-punch-punch.jpg (800x800, 77.98K)

>>258187069>And I say that from France.of course you do, every eurotrash fuckwit on here is desperate to cast aspersions at their neighbour and shirk the title of most cucked as they desperately race to the bottom. i think i'll be six feet under before i ever consider a word that comes out of a fucking frog's mouth.

>>258185007nice butterflies

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>>258185681Holy shit, almost exact same reply, we must be brothers.

>>258185007Why are all men in the Uk responsible? What have you done about that white girl raped in a field by a Mexican?

>>258192234>The absolute state of britbonglandALL western countries are fucked. Dont act like you're any better when you have literal muslim errorists in your senate.

>>258187472we're fucked but it has nothing to do with the terminology used to describe indians and pakistanis in this country, you 70 iq barely sentient redneck fucking moron

>>258191794nothing because race traitors should be executed next to nigger animals and kikes

Attached: 1shot.jpg (650x829, 188.38K)

>>258191870>SOONW H E N

Attached: 15839807540520.jpg (1024x788, 97.74K)

>>258192014Yeah you're right mate, but they weren't ever really known for their introspective abilities. Part of it is arrogance, but the majority of it is a coping mechanism, because they know deep down that they are royally fucked too.

Attached: Muttland2.webm (640x800, 1.89M)

Liberal brainwashed fruitcakes teachers/parents destroyed the society.But saying she deserve it?Thats just low and usually comes from ugly shit scared incel idiots.

>>258192644When you stop sitting.Thats when.

How can anyone still see non-Whites as human? I don't see them as human at all, just animals who need to be hunted.

>>258185007Doesn't seem like it.

>>258185145even here she can't help but say "asian men" instead of muslims.

Also this

>>258191267Why not ban drugs then? I doubt you ppl will ever advocate for something so obvious because muh alchooool

>>258192279>america is kike centralthey own the USA but the UK is the actual kike banking central power. you know of the city of london and the jew bankers, and why the USA was crested in the first place right? you know jew bankers literally OWN the UK, RIGHT??


Attached: 1589973073865.jpg (1024x568, 68.17K)

>>258185681>>258188865>>258189030Toothpaste and mutt retards, in England "asian" generally refers to those from the middle east and Indian/Paki's in general, it generally refers to a shade of brown, it doesn't mean chink/japanese.Please neck yourselves for shitting on this girls post over something so trivial, and that you were wrong about

Attached: 1552947006667.gif (101x170, 84.7K)

>>258185145DROPPED>asian>loved mefuck this whore. Deserved worse desu

>>258192364so ? wtf is your point? what can you do about the girl? shes already gone and became so repulsive you lose any empathy

This is the best outcome that could happen.>Racemixer gets punished>Pakis look bad>Better her than someone innocentIt's two birds with no stone. If every paki raped and murdered a race mixer all our problems would be gone.

Attached: 1542402766974.png (1152x648, 76.23K)

What a dumb skank. She deserved all of this and its blatantly obvious that she enjoyed it too. Shes a useless hole, good for nothing but a quick fuck. No harm done. Youd think she would just go away or yaknow call the cops but no she kept quiet because either 1. Shes too fucking stupid to do anything(many women) or 2. She loved being raped and cut up.

>>258192799>But saying she deserve it?She must of forgotten she doesn't like in a white utopia anymore.There are a number of things white people need to do daily to survive into what the west is going to soon become.The most important thing is stay off the fucking streets at night, why was a dumb bitch out at night? why was she hanging around a place with pakis? yeah she kinda does deserve it.

>>258185446>prostituteShe LOVED them.

dead countrydead peopleforget about us

>>258185145So she faced horrible abuse and kept going back to them? am i getting this right?

>>258192407blaming the girl is a coping mechanism. if a single man could realistically do something it would get done. the problem is it can't be done without committing suicide.

>>258190115Because you've been brainwashed.Asian has been used specifically in the British media and law enforcement lexicon to try and obfuscate the origin of most criminals to the point that putting Asian in quotes is now a euphemism that not only encapsulates an Arab Muslim in Britain - but also simultaneously makes fun of your newspeak failure at said obfuscation.

>>258192626pakis get really mad when I call them a paki on twitterit's like their n word so calling them paki more often will help

>>258192868Brenton Tarrant decided to stop sitting and he turned out to be completely alone. Noone picked up his legacy, there were no mass mosque shootings after that. You can't make any changes without waking people up first.

>>258193130Why does she have such bad guidelines in her life?Who did that to her brain?

>>258187977found the jew bot

>>258193056They're Muslims, not Asians, you fucking retard.

>>258190752Nice counter signal you simp.A wilful girl who thought she knew the minds of men has been shown the error of her hubris.This is a story as old as the written language.Red riding hood wasn’t about a girl avoiding quadrapeds it was about girls being lured by older men... dyor whores.

Attached: 6D840BDF-DB7C-4911-95D5-C2D181C0B5A4.jpg (863x1757, 955.87K)

>>258193162Blackmail is a thing though.

>>258193269>Why does she have such bad guidelines in her life?westerners are new to multi-culti, they have alot to learn on how to survive around savage brown people. and by far the no:1 rule is stay off the god damn streets at night#$*[email protected]

>>258193010heroin is already illegal. you want to make it more illegal?

>>258192364>Okay let me spell this out for you. Here is what happens. Goodlooking slick muzzie seduces naive 15yr old young girl.In reality a 15 year old girl rejects several British boys in order to fuck a Paki. He treats her like shit but she's such a race traitor that it's not even enough to change her mind. She probably actively hates people like you and would be disgusted by you attacking Pakis.The rest of your comment is even dumber

Attached: zdk7A9i.jpg (340x416, 77.39K)

>>258193379There are 15 year olds here that gets hooked on heroin and kept coming back cause of that addiction, and eventually OD.There as so many reasons.People saying she deserves it, is just sad and sick.

>>258189494She was whoring herself for drugs.

>>258193130>why was a dumb bitch out at night? why was she hanging around a place with pakisprobably single mother household

I would lick that pussy till she squirms. I'll make that eye better baby

>>258193326complete schizo, stick to your own language if you don't know how English works

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>>258185215Shame her dad wasn't around; he could have taught her some of the basics of English grammar.

>>258193326>They're Muslims, not AsiansPersonally I wouldn't call them Asians either as it is misleading when you consider popular vernacular, but technically Pakistan is in south Asia, so you're actually a bit of a retard for sperging out something which is factually correct.

Attached: 1586822672076.png (860x880, 227.7K)

>>258192343Like I said before, family members could dress in a burka and bopeep the fuckers,claiming to be a transmuslim if caught and say they were doing it because they disgrace Islam or som other takiya bullshit like the other pakis do...

Attached: image.png (615x515, 436.23K)

>>258193162Likely introduced then addicted to drugs, chiefly heroine. This is the SOP with rape/grooming gangs.

>>258187050This is only true if you catch the criminals responsible and put them to death, otherwise it's very cucked.