Kraut/pol/ & Deutsch General - Achtung vor blonden, fröhlichen Familien Edition

>>Election analysis >Meme>What doStay critical to all news. Always try to get multiple authentic sources.Create Memes, spread Memes, attack the narrative.Join AfD or IB or Einprozent; counter subversion.Get /fit/. Get /lit/.Dont stop improving yourself.Be social. Dont browse imageboards all day.Spread flyers and stickers.Discuss politics with people; call attention to the Unrecht.>English language >Counter culture>Der>Der Volkslehrer ->Laut>E;R>Ruhrpott>Andreijs>The Attack on the Traditional German>24/7 Copyright Free Films, Serials, & Cartoons! from the 50s and>Get>AfD TV (german)

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A voter for a nigger is not what you wanna be.


>>258184291Großen Dank, Herr Bäckermeister.

>>258184450DIE IN YOUR SLEEP!

>>258183758When you have kids, you will watch it 14 times a week.>>258184414>im meltingIt has nothing to do with acid. It means she lost, she's done, out of the game for good, and all it took was a little common sense (to throw water on a fire), and the wicked witch was gone with the wind. Dust.

>>258184477immer wieder gerne. Ich schau dass ich den OP noch ein bisschen besser mache. Einige Links davon gehen zum Beispiel gar nicht mehr

I am an informant active within right wing extremist communities, ask me anything.


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>>258184861are you a jew?

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>>258184861I am a guy doxing an informant active within right wing extremist communities, ask me anything.

Laut Google Transparenzbericht werden in der BRD die meisten Webseiten gesperrt, in YouTube die meisten Kanäle entfernt, in Facebook die meisten Inhalte gelöscht. Selbst Nordkorea hat ein freieres Internet. Hier sichern wir Videos. Videos, die in der BRD gesperrt sind - alles, was wir nicht wissen sollen - Politically IncorrectLaut Google Transparenzbericht werden in der BRD die meisten Webseiten gesperrt, in YouTube die meisten Kanäle entfernt, in Facebook die meisten Inhalte gelöscht. Selbst Nordkorea hat ein freieres Internet. Hier sichern wir Videos. altcensored.comhttps://donnersender.ruhttps://dein.tubeKanal

I did never get this jew-meme.

>>258185096Are you a Jew?

>>258184861How does it feel to be on a CIA hit list?

>>258184949Nope. of German and Danish stock.

>>258185096Roll quads to prove you're not a Jew.

>>258184722>It has nothing to do with acidask Judy Garland about that...>It means she lost, she's done, out of the game for good...Dust.i like your kind of diplomacy...

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Hey there krautsI have a questiondo u have statistics on births per women in Germany for people in rural and urban areasIf not can u tell me if the rural ppl have a lot of kids

>>258184722>t means she lost, she's doneTrump complete and utterly destroyed her immigration dreams for now. MAGA!

>>258185400show flag first

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>>258184291Im really hoping the afd wins wishing you guys luck.

>>258185400T. American or Britbong evaluating his chances of moving to mainland Europe.

what is the party that is gonna win the elections after Merkel leaves in 2021 also do ppl still like the cdu

>>258185001>>258184861Are you samefagging constantly or do both of you crave far right cock? Also fuck both of you leftist pieces of shit.


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>>258185528AfD is full of jews mate

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>>258185523I am a Greek expat

>>258185592it will be an Weimar Situation


>>258185592CDU is going to get a new leader who is likely to be more conservative than Merkel and want to bring back voters that went from CDU to AfD.

>>258185592How long does it take you to recover from anal fissures (on average)?

>>258185658Western/Northern Europe is full and a complete shithole

>>258185528we cant win by voting

>>258185773Oh I have seen the woman who is gonna replace her she looks even more liberal and feminist like than Merkel

>>258185825Yeah but any statistics on rural ppl

>>258185882She stepped out of the race lol, it's all between three men now

>>258185773Merkel supposted to be conservative btw? Like how??!!

>>258185788What's that. _.

>>258185998Oh I didn't know that

>>258185952not that I know. we have 16 states and every state does count stuff a different way.. even corona deaths kek

>>258185773wer soll das bitte machen?Merz?die wollen diesen Zombie Merkel für weitere 4 jahre einspannen

>>258186140But do they have kids a lot

>>258186053CDU always was a conservative party, Merkel went more to the left and many CDU members didn't approve of that.

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>>258185998Ich habe gehört, dass die Mutti wieder noch antreten wolle

>>258186061Hi Lebcutie

>>258186262Aber sie ist überhaupt nicht konservativ

>>258186323Oh I remember u from another thread where r u from

>>258186224Merz, indeed, as I will be voting for him.

What's up lads?

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So if you dont believe mind breaking Russian conspiracy theories your happier.

>>258186261Are you a gril?

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>>258185492>>258185330Thanks, now I get to sit back and relax with my tanning injections that induce anorexia.

>>258186557your government is the mind breaking one

>>258186464Diesen Kerl?

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>>258186549I prefer my women WHITE. Write about that in your studies.

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Warum heißt "driver's license" "Führerschein"?

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>>258186861Ganz genau!

>>258186791Go surprise finger blast some women at the main entrance to the train station in front of a major landmark achmed.

>>258185773more conservative in terms of MUH GDP.this includes more migration than ever before cuz corporate overlords dont like a shrinking population


>>258186960Verpiss dich blatt :D

>>258186960So that you know you can ride the Führer offically.

>>258186595Horny Simp.


>>258186262so what did they conserve ? mass migration always happened under conservative rule , even guest workers program in the 1960s was under CDU rule.

>>258187286Lemme scare u swiss userß


>>258187037Ist er besser als Merkel? Was sind seine Werten/Grundsätze?

>>258187369Lemme scare u lebanon userẞ

>>258187307Do you not know that CDU, hell even SPD were against taking in Turkish guest workers? Arguing that there was too much of a cultural difference between the Germans and Turks. After America put political pressure on Germany, the guest workers came over here.

>>258187307>even guest workers program in the 1960s was under CDU rulethat was special. even members of other parties spoke out against it and the (((USA))) put pressure on usbut yeah conservatives are actually useless

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>>258187405Tay did no-no-thing and Incels are OUTRAGED. The usual really.

>>258187289Danzig und Stettin sind ungarische Städte wie Budapest


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>>258187515why did the US want turkish workers in germany ?

>>258187452خليني أجوفك بووووووو

>>258187286This coming from you of all people

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>>258187762Is this a serious question?

>>258187614Ich hasse euch Amis


>>258187884yes ? how did they profit from it ?

>> jews control the

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>>258187837Why do you want to fuck a goat?


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>>258187964You don't understand how the USA works and who is behind their politics. Their intention was always to mislead and destroy Germany and the German people. I get that you're one of those baseless Trump followers but you should take a good look at what they've done against Germany throughout history.

>>258187171Nein du>>258187182I'm just trying to understand how the words even relate to what it's describing. Führer = leaderschein = glow? like Heiligenschein = Halo or holy glow/auraDo you call your feds Scheinnegeren?

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>>258188356Geldschein = BanknoteSchein can be a small piece of paper. A parking ticket is a Parkschein

>>258188081I dont I am a Euro expat>>258188129هاهاها جفةجحخغقصيعنيصصضبىتمغقيبغثضضثهجذطىئ ١٢٣٤٥٦٧٨٩٠

>Question: xy?>Answer: It's the Jews!Rinse and repeat.

>>258188276its not only happening to germany only . in fact the USA, GB and France are even further in the great replacement agenda .

>>258187449er ist ein stück black rock scheiße, die uns weiter in richtung Weimar bringt.Er ist genauso ein Jude wie die anderen auch.Mit Merz heißt es, weiter an die wand fahren, bis nix mehr geht.Demnächst sind wir dan das Europäische China

>>258188356Führen = leading can also used in "mit sich führen" carry with you but in a vehicle sense its the driver although you dont führ a car you "fährst" es. Zugführer = Traindriver

>>258184291omg it's all so tiresome. they have always been this completely open about their agenda. now people just accept it as normal. god hits reset button when?

>>258188483I guess that makes sense, schein = authoritative indicator or markingSo why call it Führerschein and not Fahrerschein?

>>258188356‘Scheinen’ can also mean ‘to seem like’. For examole:Du scheinst ein Jude zu seinYou seem like a JewFühreinschein translates to leader/driver’s copy???

>>258188692france is a special case it gives some africans passports because these countries were ex colonies and the constitution states that these countries are technically still part of france

Anti-Semite are as deceptive as they accused Jews of being.

>>258188692USA doesn't about their 'replacement' because once again, you have to look at who's behind the American politics.

>>258189001I dont say its all jews but a Talmud and kabbalah interpreting group of them is fucking with the west

>>258188751Dann weshalb wirst du ihm deine Wahl geben?

Good night frens.

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>>258186549>EbnerIch würde gern mal an ihren Nippeln spielen

>>258188692>furtherCorrect. And it finally came very local here, with some crackheads threatening to kill or make jobless anyone that says anything like 'saying white pride ain't racist'. This is like the 2nd poorest state as of 2015 in the US. We have several of the most poorest counties and towns in this country. So much for white privilege. I actually got very scared I thought of having to use a gun...


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>>258184291Don't be blonde and happy a hooked nosed pubes haired fucking kike said so!

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>>>Die neu gewählte Landesverfassungsrichterin in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Barbara Borchardt, hat ihre Mitgliedschaft in der vom Verfassungsschutz als „extremistisch“ eingestuften „Antikapitalistischen Linken“ (AKL) verteidigt. „Meine Mitgliedschaft in der AKL steht nicht im Widerspruch zu meiner Tätigkeit als Landesverfassungsrichterin, deswegen werde ich meine Mitgliedschaft auch nicht ruhen lassen“, bekräftigte sie gegenüber der Welt.

>>258189226das wird der andere, ich wähle eine Partei die zumindest ein Ideal vertritt

>>258187449hes even more of a neoliberal globalist than merkel. the media portraits him as a strong man that will bring back normality. in fact he is for more globalization / EU . he wants tax cuts and more migrant consoomers for the big corporations (muh GDP)

Why is nobody talking about this?>>258189261Als ob ich dich lassen würde :*

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>>258187037Was ist dir wichtiger`?Das wohl der Partei, oder das wohl des Landes?Das wohl der Bevölkerung oder das wohl des Staates?

>>258184291krieg ich mal den link zum artikel?


>>258188990so what did the french fight for in ww2 ?

>>258189610die gibt es nicht



>>258188953Führen means to drive

>>258188919never liberals and everyone else don't have kidsconservatives/traditionalists/rural ppl do a lot moresome have 6 kids so all city ppl end their lineage and all we have to do is see if yhe kids will stay traditional

>>258189381>Barbara BorchardtEine richtige Perle, die Gute

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>>258189193Yeah, Jews are as all minorities a burden on the majority and they might even be the most burdensome minority (for the reasons, you explained). My problem with antisemitism on Holla Forums is that it corrupts debates, by shouting down the debaters as "Jews" or generalizing the topic as "Jewish". It's just tiresome. It shows that dumb and mischievous Normie-masses are advancing into muh free-internet[TM].

>>258189854'lieb sie

>>258189738to be nigger

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krautsdo ur rural ppl have a lot of kids?

>>258189783demnach sind Baptisten, Mennoniten und andere Freikirchler auch NAZIs

Why do they hate Germany so lads

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>>258190034Yes. My family does, and I currently have a son, and we're planning on having more soon.

>>258189783> Nazi babiesIch glaub es hackt. Die haben Sie ja nicht mehr alle.

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>>258189925>by shouting down the debaters as "Jews" or generalizing the topic as "Jewish"yes but I think that the majority here has at least a glimpse of the topic beyond the general memes etc. its just easier to use these 4 letters than posting X links and a wall of text every time

>>258190241Why'd you gleefully destroy your own body?

>>258189996Dumbest Video i have seen this year. The nigger that made it unironically claims that italians are white but french arent. BIG KEK

>>258189758Warum? Was ist mit ihr geschehen?

>>258190493nieder gebombt und verboten durch die Besatzer

>>258190241>Small and thinI'd transition as well if I was him

>>258190241Are you the gay Sweden user?

>>258190493ach nur der 2. Weltkrieg und so

>>258189925>unironic racist retard>trying to deflect from the Jewish usury problem like pottery

>>258189996I'm going to play this in my truck with the subwofers as loud as possible and drive down the street with all my windows down.

>>258190241based and taftajpilled

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>>258190273nice and good luck raise them right

>>258190451niggers and jews bad news

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>>258190606>tfw no swedish twink bf

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>>258190711That looks like a man. It is a man.


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>>258190589>>258190654Daran erinnere ich mich nicht

>>258190711could you please stopwith your disturbing isnt even political, its just degenerate

>>258190711Fuck off I am on nofap ffs

>>258190984bringt auch nix wenn du es tust

>>258190438It ain't me lads>>258190606No, I'm American but I've not been in these threads for a long while. I made a few kraut/pol/s a long time ago>>258190596There's no such thing as becoming a woman m8 but he's pretty sexy>>258190711Has anyone told him that he's a minor Holla Forums meme in the past few months?

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>>258184291>white families happy>arrrg nooooooooooo!! *mutt screetches*

>>258190996>could you please stopsince you asked nicely, yesI wasn't planning on posting any more anyway but never mind that

>>258190241>>258190711Disgusting faggots

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>>258191296I don't know if he browses Holla Forums but I saw that he posted a 4chan screenshot (from Holla Forums I think) on twatter once

>>258191400I'm not gay

>>258191400Sorry I just mostly do it to fish for new pics and for sweet sweet (you) highs. I'm an addict, pls forgive.>>258191492A weird amount of crossdressing weirdos are on 4chan in some capacity but someone should let them know that Holla Forums specifically has been mentioning them and link the archive. I think they would get a kick out of it.

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>>258190390By now, there're more people ignorant about the topic than educated on it. It's due to the evolution of antisemitism. At first, it was new and people didn't believe in it; so the people that did believe in it had to educate themselves on it. Then, when these educated people were winning, the people that were ignorant began to believe in it. As a consequence of that, these ignorant people started to abuse it as a "Totschlagargument". The epitome of this "Totschlagargument" is the phrase "It's the Jews".


>>258190805>>258190894Mutts and Schwöblis Law.

>>258191595>make america trap againI laughed not gonna lie

>>258191589>i'm not gay>why yes, I do masturbate to men>>258191595Kys

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>>258191718Was ist ein Schwöbli

>>258191857I'm so scared of death though>>258191749The roman salute and bible one is almost better

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>>258192020Ein Deutscher.


>>258191595>social rejects come to 4chanImagine my shock>>258191857>I'm not gayI'm not we've been over this already

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>>258192054>tries hard to suppress the laugh>>258192214nicht Schwabe?

>>258191595Ancap is that you? Why are you doing this? Is it cause you're a mutt?

>>258192214So die Deutschen ficken Neger oder was??? Das überrascht mich


>>258192438die Schweizer denken die wären was besseres

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>>258192344Depends on who (you) is referring to but essentially I'm anonymous but also I'm white.>>258192292I would figure they would crawl into a leddithole or something>>258192326Should make more edgy stuff and really ramp up the advertising here and they would make a killing.

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>>258192326Hab mir grade ein Schwöbli mit Nutella gegönnt.

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>>258192686that thing is called "Weggli"

>>258192668Did you ever fly over the eastern us and see the Indian Summer?

>>258192611yep based. should write an anonymous letter to the company that he does that now and recommends everyone he knows to do the same

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>>258192599>>258192490Ich hoffe, dass unsere Bergnachbarn tun das nicht...

>>258192782Das sind Schwöbli.>Der Begriff «Weggli» ist ein alemannischer Diminutiv von «Wecke» («Brötchen»), das wiederum vom althochdeutschen Wecki abgeleitet ist. Der früheste historische Beleg für das Weggli stammt aus dem 16. Jahrhundert. Weitere regionale Bezeichnungen sind Michetta, Schwöbli und Milchbrötchen

>>258184291Of course the jews have to go after the smallest minority of humans on Earth, blond people.

>>258192438ja ja degeneriert aus Amerika

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>>258192668Taftaj has a plebbit account too

>>258192839If this is some sort of code and I'm being misunderstood I meant it depends on who you are referring to me being ancap meaning but I don't know what you mean there.>>258192991Yes but at least once upon a time they stayed farther away. I think noporn on tumblr scattered people to the winds

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>>258192888wo zur hölle nennt man das michetta?

>>258186323>>258186430Wha e fuck are all These ayrabs n mutts n fackin Anglo*ds doin in me thread.Piss off.Dontcha Ave som non german threadI fackin swear

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>>258193142Are you living in Germany or ever did within a year ago?

>>2581925991. Wir verweigern den EU-Beitritt und profitieren trotzdem davon??? BASED2. Wir verkaufen den Schwöbletten überteuerte Steuer CDs??? BASED3. Wir behandeln die Schwöblis wie Scheisse und sie arbeiten tritzdem für uns??? BASED4. Wir fressen Katzen und wenn sich die Schwöblis beschweren dürfen sie nicht mehr einreisen und gehorchen uns auch noch??? BASED5. Das ist nur Schwöbletten-Propaganda6. Frauen haben eingeschränkte Rechte und dürfen kein Motorrad fahren oder Feuerwehrmann sein??? GIGA BASEDJetzt mal im ernst Uwe. Wo ist denn da der Diss????

>>258193165No wonder the Italian economy is a piece of shit if they produce cripple Weggli like this.

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>>258193250I move around but if there was some German or German resident frequent to this place that bore an ancap flag I am not him.

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habt ihr das gesehn?

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>>258185617I am neither samefagging and leftist.

>>258193363Okay now go away.

>>258187903Kannst sie net dafür verachtenAmerikaner sind behindert seit der Geburt.Diese schwere Behinderung ist ihnen angeboren.

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>>258193293>Das ist nur Schwöbletten-Propaganda

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>>258193337Was für eine Missgeburt ist das denn? Italo-weggli looks like a roasty

>>258193407ja omg die Boomer fangen an mir Angst zu machen

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>>258193293mach dir keine sorgen, für neger gibt es keine ländergrenzen, wenn wir hier untergehen, kommen sie zu euch

>>258193567Gute italienische Backkunst. Kriegst nicht in den Mund und hat einen Nippel.

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