This is the face of the modern left. This is what we're up against...

This is the face of the modern left. This is what we're up against.How can we ever win against these prime examples of the human species?

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>>258182828I like how he's wearing the exact same outfit as the kid behind him

>>258182828Nah those are liberals, the current righties can't stand against leftists like Belarus, Novorossiya, Transnistria, NK, Chinks, Russian/Former SSR NAZBOLs n Bols

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>>258182828>>258183320Holy shit I just noticed that. Is this real?

>>258183320So many of them do not know how to dress like civilized adults.

>>258183320lmao, literally a naive manchild.

>>258182828>walking outside in thatJesus I'm wearing more or less the same thing but at least I have the decency to not leave my house since it's just my lazy wear.


this is why you should never go out in the same clothes you sleep in or lounge around at home in. and always accessorize, at least wear a watch or something. line up the neckbeard too.

>>258182828Is that Phillip Seymour Hoffman?


>>258183320>both were dressed by their mother>only one of them wishes his country was destroyed because of itthat little kid is a fucking champ

>>258182828>weUh no.

>>258182828Implement a non-shit healthcare system and you'll see 99% of "leftists" become boring liberals overnight.>>258183320Matt's what happens when you overdose on irony and pay too much attention to political bullshit for 30+ years.

>>258182828They dont have kids the right does all the right has to do is raise their kids straight and that's allYes that also applies to immigrants which are hugely left wing

>>258183511Bro he's wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Same type of clothes as the fucking dad with the kidDon't tell me you're so autistic you wear a suit every day like that food review YouTuber

>>258186122people did use to wear suits most of the time when going out

>>258186122Dont talk shit about Reviewbrah

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>>258183578I wouldn't even cut the grass dressed like that.

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>>258186122He's wearing ill-fitting shorts and t-shirt. He's also got some kinda weird toddler waddle thing going on with his posture.

>>258182828Am I the only one who wants to see that guy in one of those mexican gangs execution videos?

>>258183320fpbp nice observation

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>>258187262He even has the proportions of a toddler, his head is massive and he has t-rex armsIs it shopped?

>>258182828I don't understand how people have so little respect for themselves and their communities that they would go out into public dressed like this. Even if I'm just going to gas station, I'll still throw on a pair of slacks and a clean shirt.


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>>258187379I see these people and I have the uncontrollable urge to bully them. Like not hurt them, just humiliate and intimidate them. I just want to remind them how weak and pathetic they are and how little their opinion would matter if men were still allowed to be men.


>>258182828I'm pretty against bullying but if I saw this guy I'd have to bully him. I wouldn't be able to control myself. He looks like if soi became a sentient being. I'd punch him just out of pure instinct to naturally pick on the weak

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>>258186935ok boomer

>>258187675But he's not wearing any of them.

>>258182828I like how he dresses like that toddler behind him. And in classic fashion he is fat and out of shape due to his access to large amounts of food or his refusal to exercise his body probably both, but he shills for an ideology where his fat ass would be forced to work like fuck while getting stale bread and vegetables rather than fast food and sweets.Truly we are in the heat of decline.

>>258182828This guy strikes me as a life-long Cubs fan, who became a White Sox fan ... just because Obama.

>>258182828What's wrong with him? Why are his appendages so short compared to his torso?He has the arms and legs of a manlet, but on a tall person's torso...he truly has a fate worse than being a manlet, no wonder he is a leftist

>>258188471Go back to Rèddit Karen

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>>258187823This is a natural urge. It means you have some will to make your surroundings better. Bullying is a form of education, and absolutely needed to teach those "men". Cherish your urge. Take pride in it. It means you are not lost in the hell that is our time.

>>258186321I bet you always go to Tesco in a 3-piece suit you faggot britbonger.

>>258187675>2350 Euros for a fucking shoeWhat the fuck.

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>>258183320The kid is wearing way better clothes. The man has gymshort (despite obviously never going to the gym), white socks and terrible shoes. Also the kid's shirt is in better condition and his clothes fit better.

>>258183363>NazBols>LeftistsLeftists would never accept a "racist", Nationalist, Dugin-inspired ideology like NazBol. Where do you fucking LARPers even come from?

>>258189124I get my 3-piece suits from Tesco actually.

>>258189043>>258188870>>258188521>>258187823>>258187379Whats more embarrassing is that guys such as these currently have more power and influence on American politics and in American media than any pro-white figurehead.

>>258188521I want the 3rd world masses to kill Whites like this.

>>258189360>fit betterhis shorts go all the way down to his cankles you capri wearing faggot

Dressing like a normal person in america must be like being the only athletic person in the middle of fatsos.

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>>258183320The kids socks match because he was dressed by adults.

>>258189581He's a toddler. The guy looks like he shat himself and is waiting for his mom to come wipe.

>>258189467Remember that time they got Bernie elected? Me neither

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>>258187187Lol never noticed the mutt son until this moment.

>>258183320It's so fuking depressing going to former third world countries like South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam and see these people who were farming rice and eating bugs just a few decades ago now outdress and outstyle us in every way. Impeccable clothing ranging from trench coats, turtle necks, dress shoes, urban street wear, perfectly styled and well groomed hair, even a few placed piercings. This current generation of American fashion is a fucking joke, if it even exists at all- sweat pants, Walmart t-shirts and gym clothes. We used to command fashion and style back in the 80's and 90's around the globe, now this country is becoming such a fucking embarrassment. I really do hate living here, but not for the same reasons as the fag in the OP- who is a part of the problem.

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>>258189632Yes it is

>>258186755hey, I had that nerf battleaxe as a kid

>>258186122Fuck you slob. Youre part of the problem in this country. Have some pride and learn how to take care of yourself and dress properly.

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>>258189976They have Illhan Omar, AOC, and "the squad". Who do you have that's explicitly pro-white?

>>258183363Lul, all commies do is steal and slave poor people then spend that money to pose in nkce propaganda..

>>258189632Yes it is.

>>258190187So dress like a faggot or a serial killer and I'm good to go?

>>258190267AOC and Omar both cant get enough of white dick, no matter how much they try and compensate in politics.

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>>258183363>righties can't stand against leftists like Belarus, Novorossiya, Transnistria, NK, Chinks, Russian/Former SSR NAZBOLs n BolsNone of those are left wing, retarded slav nigger.>>258183747Wrong.

>>258183363>Nazboldon't they advocate for international businesses?

>>258190460>HURR DURR DRESSING RESPECTABLE MEANS YOURE A FAG HURR HURRReminder subhumans like you get the bullet too, fatass. Youre no brother of mine.

>>258187379You are not alone.

>>258182828How can left even compete?

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>>258190531And they've made "socialism" go from taboo to mainstream in less than a decade. When's "pro-white" going to get the same treatment?

>>258190267They're pretty pro white. Pro white dick at least

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>>258190187Kill yourself faggot

>>258182828He looks like an alt-right youtuber about to tell me the forced diversity in Pokemon is making it suck.

>>258190798Hello again fag, still butthurt over your jogger pet?


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Something about people clutching their phones in public makes me furious. I’m a broken record but I really wish people would use their phones less in public.

>>258190998Seethe harder, fat fuck. In the white ethnostate, fat fucks like you will be mandated by force to lose weight and get in shape or face severe consequences, and dressing like a slob will carry heavy fines. Only respectable whites will be allowed, and the rest of you will be purged side by side along with the other subhumans.

>>258190460It's better to dress like a serial killer than to dress like a nigger.


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>>258191096>>258190859>Doesn't answer the questionYou faggots are going to get Republicans campaigning on mandating tranny HRT in 2030 while and wondering why things only continue to get worse.

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>>258183363Based gang.

>>258190827>And they've made "socialism" go from taboo to mainstream in less than a decade.You mean go from a neat idea we thought about experimenting with during the Obama-era, to being totally outright hated by the entire country except for pockets full of shitskin immigrants communities.>When's "pro-white" going to get the same treatment?Its absolutely everywhere already. It's never been a better time to be a White Nationalist. Things are leaps and bounds better than in the Obama-era. Check Trump's tweet that paid homage Nick Fuentes just the other day. Pretty fucking out in the open if you ask me. Seethe harder, tranny fag.

>>258191553>implying there will be any trannoes left by 2030

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>>258184308>you'll see 99% of "leftists" become boring liberals overnight.Don't hold your breath.Wait, actually DO hold your breath until you fucking die because what you wrote is retarded and you're a retard for writing it.

>>258191073He looks like Phillip Seymour Hoffman

So leftist pod casters don't even try to better themselves like alt right ones do?

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Lefty is packin’ heat for some shitskin pussy

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>>258190460>dressing well and having respect for oneself is Gay?>Canadian ah I seeSeriously though when did having respect for yourself to not look like a total retard become fagotry

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>>258191073He looks like an average Leftist, which is literally what he is.

>>258191782>Its absolutely everywhere already. It's never been a better time to be a White Nationalist. Things are leaps and bounds better than in the Obama-era. Check Trump's tweet that paid homage Nick Fuentes just the other day. Pretty fucking out in the open if you ask me. Seethe harder, tranny fag.Lmfao, this is pure delusional cope. Nobody gives a shit about Nick Fuentes or knows who he is outside of Twitter. You didn't get a wall, you didn't get anything you asked for, you're vilified by the whole country to the point even Republicans will disavow you and will turn on you to get liberal clout. Keep believing this while black tranny #1395 gets cheered on by MAGAsimps.

>>258183320That was the point of the photo you genius

>>258190827They're rightist liberals that are participating in Capital's adoption of Marxist dogma (but not actual Marxism.) They aren't really responsible for anything other than being thieves and grifters.>>258191782>check out the guy whose family is married to jews tweet that paid homage to a guy with the last name fuentes.Lmao the absolute state of white nationalism.

>>258191834Leftists are inherently selfish and want free shit. You give them free shit, they revert to liberals and support whoever gave them said shit. Pretty easy to understand.

>>258182828I bet this guy relies on his "all-American" family for food and shelter.

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>>258190717Look how angry you are. Probably loaded with estrogen.

>>258191903If you wear a scarf and gloves you're automatically a faggot. I get why this would hurt your feelings, Tandy.

>>258192907When did I say scarves or gloves retard

>>258189270>trust the revolution

>>258192999I was directly referencing that picture with my comment. I don't think that could be more clear.

>>258189365Based retard

>>258190798the difference being the only shooting that lefty fag has done is into a kleenex

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>>258193074Where in the pic I referenced does it show scarves

>>258190544kek, the left are the only people who call out the massacre of 600k iranians for oil and the fact that we shit on every third world country's chances of industrializing (see South America and Iraq) because our corporations need to exploit poor people. America's court system is literally letting a corporation be the judge on a case where Chevron destroyed half of Equator for oil. But yes, do post about it is all just losers projecting defeatism. It really shows just how retarded all of you have become.

>>258182828WowzersHe looks exactly like faggot from a pol meetupDevastating post, OP

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Pol, where the successful and handsome men of the Internet post

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High IQ ONLY plz

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>>258182828God damn my posture is fucking shit from sitting around all day but god damn at least I don't stand around like I got a cock in my ass and I'm holding in a shit at the same time