>Ministers under pressure over schools return>France's Macron loses majority as defectors form new>Teenage boy charged in Canada's first 'incel' terror>Hungary outlaws changing birth gender on>Rolls-Royce to cut 9,000 jobs amid virus>Three more arrests over Aya Hachem

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Other urls found in this thread:>These>>258186032Ainchoo>The>People>>258191051Yeah,>>258192144Reminded


>>258182423been a while since i seen that image lol

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Stream Eddie?

Is this peak arrow mong

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>>258182423When does race mixing become bestiality?

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>>258182718Dianne started an onlyfans?

>>258182423so, this is what "recovery" looks like?

Attached: 28609428-8339233-image-a-2_1589960682519.jpg (634x440, 71.74K)

>>258182659I’m sorry but we are experiencing some technical difficulties.

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>>258182260It’s fun, Tuesday is £20 buy in and one rebuy for another £20. Keeps it cheap and keeps the dumb fucks constantly rebuyingIt’s a genuinely nice night, plenty of banter, old fucks and young lads all chatting and playing poker together.

>>258182909turn it off and on again

Ngubu is exactly the same as us in every wayEquality is objectively true

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>>258182423the establishments open borders policy is letting in child murderers and rapists in the name of diversity. maybe it's time it stopped and we lock up all those responsible for this they have blood on their hands

Attached: diversity 2.jpg (1000x307, 168.99K)

>>258182909So you mustered up the courage to go back, any action from the neighbours?

At this point I'm struggling to think of things about this country that are even worth saving, and its even going into the past as it seems increasingly alien and foreign.

>>258182909How you did not inhale toxic fumes goes beyond collective understanding, shame about the paintings

>>258183205no, that’s from my landlord

>>258182889>peak recovery

>>258182536>I don't want to sound like a fart-sniffing Sargonite, but at this point I think we need to start with individuals. As in, right from the bottom, one person meets with two, who meets with two again, and slowly form communities that look out for each other in that way. If it is true that in the past the average Englishman never had any involvement with the state I think now we need to do that again out of spite. If they don't want to provide solutions, fine, we'll look out for ourselves.Start forming vanguards, lads.

Attached: c4ff41_249232dbf0294cd3adc882e5431ed7ec_mv2_d_1920_1278_s_2.jpg (1998x1330, 588.77K)

>>258182718>>258183187i was thinking the other dayhow long until some genealogist goes rogue and attempts to bring the discussion about how we are different species back into the light

>>258182874Yeah lad, she collabs with Emily Thornberry

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>>258183255>How you did not inhale toxic fumes goes beyond collective understanding, I’m struggling to understand that myself >shame about the paintingsit’s a cross stitch by my grandma, the landlord said the damage is mostly superficial bar my PC. i’m hoping it’s just surface soot

>lovely peppery rocket and spinach leaf bed>nice and hot peri chicken I marinated for a few hours >radish, beetroot, cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers >little drizzle of good quality olive oil >360cal for the whole plate I love a good salad on a barmy summer evening

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>>258183272how mad is he/she

>>258183396He might be in this thread right now

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>>258183534he wants me to stay, probably because i’m more or less a stable rent payer.

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>>258183627The DSS pay your rent you mong.

>>258183335>that pic>"I hate krauts, but I hate non-krauts even more" - Otto von Bismarck Bismarck was truly a

>>258182874she is calling for race war now

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>>258183697>Scotland killing WalesWhy?

reminder: anything less than IN FULL AND UNDERACTED will be a disgrace

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>>258183620Das rite sistaMuhfuggin whiteboi doctors racist n' shieetCrackas wont give a nigga a twenty bag of cheddar for mandems bad lung ting

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>>258183477We did this to you. A going away present, from us. We could have put you out of your misery, standing there watching you, you oblivious to our presence as you slept. A mercy killing, if you will. We decided that would be too kind. We woke you up before you died.Remember that.

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>>258184013well you didn’t account for the fact i’m a spastic and instead of leaving the property i stood there throwing pots of water on an electrical fire

>>258183627He just wants the neighbours to get a chance to do you proper. And was that a leather topped table you torched?

>>258183193Look into know more news exposes them

>>258182909Thank fuck for that

>>258183477Let us hope so

>>258183477No it's not, the landlord would have to replace all of that. Your room will also stink of plastic for a year no matter how much you spray it.I know someone who's kitchen burned.

>>258183858Dianne thicc as goat curryShe strappin' bare G's for equality ting

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>>258184206>leather topped tabledidn’t know that’s a thing? no it’s wood

>>258182909what the heck happened?

>>258183272Did they not see all the empty bottles

>>258184359my stream was FIRE

Even Wind in the Willows doesn't seem recognisable to be, even though I'd be hard pressed to think of something that should be.

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>>258183886for voting leave

>>258182423man this still gets

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>>258184161>well you didn’t account for the fact i’m a spasticWe have been accounting for that fact about you for a very long time. Now we really must get going.

My bruddas don't dab, we just Vossi bopI tell your girl to link me at the coffee shopGetting freaky in the sheets, we're takin' body shotsThen I finish with a facial just to top it off, ayyMy bruddas don't dab, we just Vossi bopI tell your girl to link me at the coffee shopGetting freaky in the sheets, we're takin' body shotsThen I finish with a facial just to top it off, ayy

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>>258184426not illegal to drink >>258184560lol i’ve missed tedposter

>>258184345Looked like it had tacks in the side of the top, like some leather desks do.

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>>258184426I used to live in the Midlands and my alcoholic next door neighbour blew his house up trying to cook while he was pissed. Got taken off under the prevention of terrorism act because he was a Pakistani. I still have his cat. I'm back in Wales in now and the cat looks genuinely confused every time somebody is speaking, it can't cope with the accents. me, where is this place called "Hell"?

Attached: Wind_in_the_Willows_main.crop_500x375_0,78.preview.jpg (500x375, 57.46K)

>>258184755Good job those bottles werent full, place would have gone up like the fucking hindenburg. But then they wouldnt be would they.

>>258184720Why does this thing look so much like Michelle Obama?

>>258184986Post kitte


>>258184820oooh i see what you mean, nah what you’re seeing is the rim of the table. it’s like a knotted pattern>>258185071kek


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>>258182909looks like your desktop caught was the start of the fire, the bit of wall where it's peeling above but has no smoke damage seems to be where the flames were concentrated

>>258185177Look, black is beautiful, black is excellentBlack is pain, black is joy, black is evidentIt's workin' twice as hard as the people you know you're better than'Cause you need to do double what they do so you can level themBlack is so much deeper than just African-AmericanOur heritage been severed, you never got to experimentWith family trees, 'cause they teach you 'bout famine and greedAnd show you pictures of our senpai on their kneesTell us we used to be barbaric, we had actual queensBlack is watchin' child soldiers gettin' killed by other childrenFeelin' sick, like, "Oh shit, this could have happened to me"Your mummy watchin' tellin' stories 'bout your dad and your nieceThe blacker the berry the sweeter the juiceA kid dies, the blacker the killer, the sweeter the newsAnd if he's white you give him a chance, he's ill and confusedIf he's black he's probably armed, you see him and shoot

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>>258184469was it an iphone charger? i saw it in the echo lol


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>>258185456I always imagine all the other protohominids taking the piss out of homo erectus.

>>258185628that’s what i’m thinking... i had a candle on but i’d assumed i’d knocked it and it’d hit the paper work on the other side. i need a proper look. i’d feel better if it was electrical

>>258185071it would have been embarrassing if they were full of piss

>>258181209kek. Yeah carrying stuff on their head seems pretty retarded. I suppose that's what you have to do when you don't have a wheelbarrow because you don't even have the wheel.


>>258185640>Tell us we used to be barbaric, we had actual queensha

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>>258185944do you live on moss way?

>>258185865Eddies fucking piss would probs go up like jet fuel


>>258186176nah i reckon you do

>>258185842Your landlords insurance going to cover your fucked kit?

>>258186032Lol. WE WUZ QUANES N SHIEEET.>These comments are hk racist. It’s not like Kenya has no wheel barrels. Much of the country is electrified, there is plumbing, and they have universities and electric trains. Wheel barrels are expensive, though, and cannot be used on rough terrainC O P E

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>>258186293i’ve fully doxed myself lad, i’m in knowsley>>258186504not arsed about it really, had that PC 5 years so she did me well

>>258185741>>258186032Cause it's shutdownThat's not me and it's shutdownRing ring pussy, it's shutdownFashion week and it's shutdownWent to the show sitting in the front rowIn a black tracksuit and it's shutdownTouch the road and it's shutdownBoy Better Know and it's shutdownYou wanna act like a G for the cameraYou say you're Muslim, you say you're RastaSay you don't eat pork, don't eat pussyLiar, you're just a actorBlud, you're not on your deenAnd if Selassie saw you he would say"Blud take off the red, gold, and green"Them man are soft just like ice creamSzeen? Start moving correctlyIf you don't wanna upset me, you get me?You tryna show me your FendiI told you before, this shit don't impress meI bet I make you respect meWhen you see the mandem are selling out WembleyRoll deep in a blacked out BentleyPull up outside like "wah gwan sexy"

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Attached: cat beastie.jpg (1200x900, 83.4K)

>>258186504>yeah it had 4 titans in it and an i9, officer

>>258185887Nah mate, they're catching up to us

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>>258184520Watch this,

Attached: ApuFlyingBalloons.png (1238x1312, 207.47K)

>>258186032>It's workin' twice as hard as the people you know you're better thanMy favourite is the outright supremacy, could you imagine Ed Sheeran blasting out white power lyrics on the radio

>>258185061Jesus this is hard to watch and im not even from the UK

>>258186635Aw thats the spit of my old tomcat. Looks like a good cat.

Just saw the first few minutes of ITV news at 10 because it came on after what I was watching. Fucking hell no wonder everyone thinks they're gonna die if they go outside. Described it as 'a shocking number of deaths', 365, about 20% more than the daily average, is 'shocking'. Guarantee if 2k died on any given day before this pandemic nobody would care or even know.

>>258183505>a barmy summer evening*balmy

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>>258186785It still feels totally foreign to me, recognisable as an echo, but foreign in the present. Like the uncanny valley applied to a national memory.


Attached: 1483987872008.jpg (926x857, 126.36K)

>>258186848This one breaks my

>>258183606hes right yuno

>>258185640They really are delusional.Pic related, if you follow the thread you see the black OP starts telling her to "shut up bitch" because he knows she's starting to talk>>258186032Ainchoo eva heard o' Queen Latifah, white boi?

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Spoke with my mum on the phone earlier on. Her neighbour who is ninety-five years old learned today that her cancer has returned, and that it has spread to her lungs and liver. My mother told me that when I was growing up and she was looking after me she only earned seven hundred pounds each month. I like talking to my mum on the phone. Whenever I feel really down, which is pretty much every day, speaking to her makes me feel better. In my teens we used to talk in the kitchen, and she would tell me about people in work and about her life. My father thinks she has poisoned me against her, but she never said anything bad about him unless she was angry and we argued sometime she would say I was a bully like my father. She is a flawed woman but I am flawed too, probably moreso than her. I really love my mum and don't know what it will be like when she's gone. She is my best friend, and I don't have anyone else in my life that I can speak to the way I speak with her. In my early teens we would play draughts together and she would usually win. After football practice she would take me to the McDonalds drive-in and I would order a double-cheeseburger meal and begin eating it in the car on the way home. When I was maybe eight or nine she took me to Disneyland Paris on holiday for a few days, just me and her. Looking at the photos of her then she seemed already so old, and she was in her late forties but looked quite haggard in her cream fleece. At the hotel we were staying at someone accidentally smashed a bottle of red wine on the floor. In Disneyland she bought me a scythe like the one death carries, and it was a black plastic pole with a foam scythe at the top and some boy ran up to me and stole the scythe and I cried. I was too small to go on most of the rides even though I would stand and check my height beside the ones I wanted to go on. I'm so glad she met someone and has been with him for a long time.

>>258187296What's even worse is that I can't even imagine what the counter to that would look like in the present. As I have said, everything that looks like it's ours looks foreign in modernity.

>>258186952She leaves the faces of mice carefully arranged next to the kettle in the kitchen for when I get up and look for a cup of coffee. I don't know what happens to the rest of the mice.

>>258187376>>258187427Ayo, Stormzy, G, I beg you, G, release music senpai''Cause you know what? It's gettin' me so mad, senpaiWhat's wrong with you? Fuckin' pussy holeRelease some fuckin' music, man, dickhead"Big MichaelAnd it's likeSaid I went mainstream, suck yo momNot top two, top oneMan must've thought I was dumbWhat the fuck have you lot done?Shellings, I made juice, life gave me lemonsYou lil' fuck boys do my head inHenry the VIII, behead himCan't tell where I'm headingCould be Glasto, could be ReadingI was on the field like Bedding

Attached: definately_not_a_black_man.jpg (491x681, 47.97K)

>Newham in east London has the highest proportion of deaths from coronavirus in England and Wales. BBC News looks at why, and what it means for the community.GEE I FUCKING WONDER

>>258186783Lad look at this comment from the video>>258186569


>>258187610based corona chan

>>258187427>They really are delusional.Here's one for you.Try looking on her twitter page, you might find some more gems.

Attached: BoomerangsAreJustLikePlanes.png (657x872, 223.94K)

>>258185061That video was my first proper redpill. God bless the man who made it.

>>258186783the comments are nice

Attached: 3AD8CA23-6474-451A-A5AE-8D11CC994143.jpg (1242x1488, 436.19K)

>>258187925>Newham has the youngest overall population and one of the lowest indigenous White British populations in the country according to the 2011 UK Census. The borough has the second-highest percentage of Muslims in the UK, after the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, at 32%. A 2017 report from Trust for London and the New Policy Institute found that 36% of local employees in Newham are in low paid work; the highest percentage of any London borough. Newham also has a 37% poverty rate, which is the second-highest rate in London.

>>258187427>what white culture? whites have no culture at allIt's amazing that they genuinely believe this. Even when they live in Western countries. What do these retarded apes even think culture is?

LADS help. Looking for that vid of that londoner confronting a couple of idiots from that march where they were wearing the anonymous masks. From a couple of years back. He calls one abdul and lamps one of them...

>>258186569>Wheel barrels are expensive, though, and cannot be used on rough terrain

Attached: laughing betjeman.jpg (996x1280, 117.68K)

>>258188135>black>abo'sThat IQ is showing

>>258188327They're kind of right. I don't see how the American imported movies and music most people consume can be called "a culture" and what used to be regarded as "our culture" is now so foreign and alien that it's only "our culture" as a formality.

>>258187427They say there is no such thing as white culture as they destroy it and claim that twerking, rap music, eating spicy food is somehow better. They only see culture as one thing: “Can I consoooome it?”

Geesus Christ, so much for MIGA bojo being right>The leader of the far-right political group Britain First has been found guilty of an offence under the Terrorism Act after refusing to give police access to his mobile phone on his return from a political trip to Russia.>Paul Golding, 38, was stopped at Heathrow by Metropolitan police officers on 23 October last year on his way back from Moscow. He refused to give the pin codes for an iPhone and Apple computer and was later charged with wilfully refusing to comply with a duty under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act.

>>258187296You know ive always enjoyed that song quite a bit, but now i feel like i never actually understood it.

>>258188327>What do these retarded apes even think culture is?Spices and rap

>>258188778Dissidents get 1984.

>>258188760>They only see culture as one thing: “Can I consoooome it?”So do most white people. And even then when people do encounter genuine culture that is exclusive to us they can only do so with a sense of irony and insincerity.

>>258188327Average Arse oscillations per minute is directly proportional to the racial cultural index

Attached: culture.gif (360x360, 1.9M)

>>258188760>twerking, rap music, eating spicy foodkek beat me to it (>>258188802)

what are we going to do

>>258187610i live in croydon which is meant to be among the worse for corona but i dont even know anyone with it.

>>258188685They’re missing the fact shit like running safe water, roads that work, electricity, plumbing, engineerings, buildings etc etc is a part of “white culture”. If it wasn’t they would have it in their country, but guess what? They don’t. They have dirt and sand and rape. And when they butcher all these things we built they have the nerve to say that we don’t have any culture.

>>258188534Do you happen to have the pic of someone in conversation with a negress and they say 'wow that's that double digit IQ in action' (or something similar) in repsonse to her previous comment and the nigger replies with 'thanks'

Attached: ApuLaughingHandOverMouth.png (710x577, 43.87K)

i pee in the sink because it saves waterama

>>258187427I suggest all westerners read this book, even if you're not into painting yourself, just for the insightswhenever a feral subhuman nigger talks shit about western art, or some hipster faggot, you will have all the ammo you need to know just how severely ignorant of civilization itself they really are

Attached: OIP.jpg (474x417, 24.88K)

>>258185061is that goethe faust?

>>258189182I don't but i d like to see it

>>258189142I wouldn't say they're aspects of culture. And I'm not saying that to be a dick, but more that...I guess no one is going to feel a sense of belonging and spiritual nourishment over a light bulb.

>>258188981>And even then when people do encounter genuine culture that is exclusive to us they can only do so with a sense of irony and insincerity.Are you talking about whites or blacks about this? Because you’re right about both, but when whites are ironic they don’t destroy like blacks do or try to rewrite history like they do. Admittedly a lot of whites are dumb consumers like them but at least they don’t destroy history and the moral fabric as they do it.

>>258189285Marlowe's Faustus.

>>258188685>They're kind of right.Nah.>>>People of colour are painfully absent from our museums. Let’s change that >As part of the The V&A’s Friday Late programme, the collective treated visitors to contemporary work being made by young people of colour. For the editor-in-chief and founder of gal-dem, Liv Little, the collective “wanted to fill this space with a spread of work that is reflective of different lived experiences … with art forms that are not static but instead interactive.” Work that is, in short, “never seen in traditional museum and gallery spaces”. You could listen to the young women spearheading grime music in the grand entrance, or twerk to empowerment in the lecture theatre, or immerse yourself through dance in the culture of queer and trans women of colour, or listen to discussion on how we manage careers in arts, music and politics.

Attached: ApuClown.png (512x512, 111.5K)

>white people have no cul-

Attached: shootingstars.jpg (580x387, 38.36K)

>>258189431I'd say that being insincere about your own culture is worse than destroying it, because at least them it can be rebuilt because the sense of identity and sincerity is still there which means the destructing was purely material. But if you regard your own culture is "cringe" or "lame" or worthy only of deconstruction and mockery, then it can never be rebuilt.

white people have no cul-

Attached: adfadsf.jpg (700x350, 66.44K)

>>258189472which one do you recommend?

>>258189852that larp destroyed white culture

Attached: D75B1DDD-1A81-4725-BF02-05483FD63B21.jpg (474x357, 29.64K)

>>258189412I’m not saying individuals cases of electricity are as culturally relevant as a Beethoven piece, what I’m saying is the fact that we can function electricity as if it’s our second nature is a part of our culture.The Arab and black countries that do have these things is only because whites or chinks (who copy whites) install them in.

>> with multiple different mirrors to download a pdf copy, takes less than a minute to DLno excuse other than you're lazy

For me it is tonic water with a slice of lime

>>258189948But it was Prussians which led Germany into WW1 which precipitated the next war

>>258189948no. it was us larping that killed europe>DEEEEEEER WE GO WIV BURGERZ TO FIGHT DA GERMANZ HEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR :DDDD

>>258188135Yeah. The areofoil principle is what is used on the sailing ships they used to discover the continent with the boomerang. So

>>258189244>whenever a feral subhuman nigger talks shit about western art, or some hipster faggot, you will have all the ammo you need to know just how severely ignorant of civilization itself they really areThanks for the recommendation.What's hilarious is that despite attempts to convince us otherewise, blacks have contributed almost nothing to civilisation, Western or otherwise.

>>258189710But the thing is these people who say that our culture is cringe or whatever don’t actually make any culture themselves. It’s geniuses who make the cultural and that meaning is given to the masses by those geniuses. Most geniuses are hated when they’re alive but loved as soon as they’re dead.

>>258190119>>258190164Germany doesn’t exist you spastics

Attached: BD92213F-4B59-4FC0-93F9-620B899B0177.jpg (474x649, 40.32K)

>>258190164>no. it was us larping that killed europeWhat does larping have to do with that?

>white people have no cul-

Attached: gn4zu9fqjed41[1].jpg (1535x2048, 363.27K)

>>258190164>DEEEEEEER WE GO WIV BURGERZ TO FIGHT DA GERMANZHow does that make any sense? We got into the war before the burgers

>>258190354Didn't say it did

>>258190354Prussians suck. Protestants are idiots. They believe whatever some dumbass pastor tells them.

WN, you are clear to engage: >>258190509


>>258190509all christians are dumb desu

>>258189602>Nah.Yah. Bowden was right when he said most people know nothing about our art, music, literally, law, science, etc.>>258190039I know, but it's just too materialist for my liking. Not only that it it gives them too much wiggle room to say "lol a technology isn't culture" while also claiming black's invented maths. I know they're not even being fair to begin with, but to resort to quantified lists just seems to be the wrong approach.

Attached: Screenshot_2020-05-20 Hassan Akkad حسان عقاد on Twitter I hope you can help my get this message delivered to Mr, PM BorisJo[...].png (595x515, 199.14K)

>>258182889Well, I guess that explains why Recovered numbers for the UK are N/A on worldometers. I mean, if you came to work loooking like that, surely any half decent boss would tell you to go the fuck home.


>>258190836i wont even click because i refuse to listen to foreign tongues

>>258190509>They believe whatever some dumbass pastor tells them.that’s taigs mate

>>258189412I know what you mean, it's material or technological culture, culture in the wider anthropological sense. But you can place it all in a wider context: the invention of the light bulb was Western man's Promethean moment, harnessing electricity to create light the way our earliest ancestors used fire.We then adapted the culture we had created around candles and gaslamps (e.g. ornately designed candlesticks and holders in our homes) to the lightbulb, and all the different types and styles of light fitting. We made the lightbulb itself a symbol of innovation and discovery, like Archimedes' "eureka" and Newton's apple. It entered our idiom and we use phrases like "not the brightest bulb" alongside older expressions like "burning the candle at both ends".

Attached: 71vp5xv7gXL._SR500,500_.jpg (500x500, 28.84K)

>>258190310>Most geniuses are hated when they’re alive but loved as soon as they’re dead.Not to sound like some memeing shit, but this is a modern cope. It's not like Shakespeare was hated, not Marlowe, nor Dickens, nor Kipling, nor Elgar, nor Chaucer, et cetera. This is something people tell themselves today to make themselves feel better about there being no cultural works that can belong to us.

>>258190810>Yah. Bowden was right when he said most people know nothing about our art, music, literally, law, science, etc.That doesn't mean that whites don't have culture.

>>258190427Hitler shouldnt have allied with the japs , good chance burgers would have stayed out the war if not for them. Would still get steamrolled by the soviets tho

>>258190061thanks mate, downloaded

>>258190810Yeah you’re right. I guess what to take from this is that even when they try to spin things and say they invented things (which they didn’t) we can say and prove we mastered them.They can’t take away a painting, a book or story or a piece of music that was written before mass migration happened.They come to Europe to experience a bastardised version of American culture, that to me is enough not to like them. They’re the most materialistic people known to man, hence why the elites want them here.

imagine thinking covering your food in spices and whatnot to make up for how gross your food is, is a culture

i think the big realisation that still gets shilled against/suppressed in britpol is that europe is heading towards a massive conflictwithout a doubt it seems inevitable that one of two things is going to happen>the complete erosion of law and order, first leading to anarchy and quickly escalating to war>the slow erosion of law and order, sending europe into a brazil/south african-tier limbo where a white minority occupies an economically prosperous class/elite police units/military/special forces. what i don't understand is, a lot of people here lean towards the second scenario being the most likely, but fail to take into account just uncomparable brazil/south africa are to europe. already when can see a whole new generation of young whites are waking up. its gonna end with violence

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>>258191106If whites don't engage with their culture then they don't have a culture. Culture is not a thing that people have a distant, off-hand, relationship with. It's something that informs your every action and word that passes your lips.This is a good video that covers this attitude which even people on the Right like on Holla Forums also engage>>258191051Yeah, but it's hard to argue, to use a leftist word, that anyone else using a lightbulb is appropriating our culture, isn't it?

>>258191094It’s not cope though, Jonathan Bowden said this in his talks that artists are often hated or misunderstood in their time, which they are.

>>258191510Just testing something out.

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>>258191510You avin a giggle?

>>258191368>They can’t take away a painting, a book or story or a piece of music that was written before mass migration happened.They sort of can. How many of our people regularly engage with those things? If every single work of Dickens were to blink out of existence, how long would it take for society at large to notice?

>>258191501When multi ethnic groups have been together it has never ended peacefully. Why? Because it’s multiple forms of beings trying to compete for hierarchy

>ein Volk>ein Reic-

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uncooked food covered in god knows what of unholy spices is not a culture

>>258191501>its gonna end with violenceI can't see it being an even-sided violence. And even then, what will most of our people actually lose from this change of power? Deano has more in common with Khalid than with us.

>>258191859I know m8

>>258191672Just sorting out the dimensions of my Wojak pics. Don't want them too big.Just made this one for my spelling and grammar correction posts.

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>>258191579>Yeah, but it's hard to argue, to use a leftist word, that anyone else using a lightbulb is appropriating our culture, isn't it?Yes, they see technology as a free-for-all. Everything that makes life easier is considered a universal part of human endeavour to be shared for the good of mankind, but apparently trivial things which are tasty or fun from other cultures can't be used by whites.Just realised I could've made an obvious pic-related joke when I was talking about Western lightbulbs and lamp culture.

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>>258191835>How many of our people regularly engage with those things?I don’t know but for example classical music often has tens if not hundreds of millions of views/listens. The need for culture without irony is still there.

where’s that pic WN had in the OP a few days ago of the Pope saying you can worship without the church?

cheers to whichever user suggested pokerstars turns out I had a old account with 20 in it from a promo they ran ages ago, completely forgot about it when I started using Ladbrokes I owe ya a pint lad

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>>258191610But not the artists I listed I assume? I mean, Wagner is more hated now than "in his time." Chaucer was hated, but more because he was writing in English than because of him personally.

>>258182423when you think about it, all the Pakis in the north who are raping those little kids, are inbred weirdos who have no social skills and the native English women won't touch them with a 12 ft barge pole, so they've turned to organised paedophilia. They're the ultimate incels....

>>258191859The issue being is that many whites have already accepted that we belong low on the hierarchy. A lot of the humiliations that we suffer have already become "normal." People who still watch television accept that white men will be shown as either stupid or villainous.

>>258191501give me one example where a country just goes from orderly and everyone getting along to anarchy in a short period.Collapses are long drawn out processes , not something that happens overnight. You have to prepare for a lot of sitting around and doing nothing. Enoch powell was going on about how civil war was inevitbale back in the 60s , nothing ever happened

>>258190836>scrubs>custom nhs lanyard>a fucking cleanerlmao

>>258192462wasn't venezuela the richest country in south america all of a few years ago?

>>258192006>Deano has more in common with Khalid than with us.but deano wont convert

>>258192078The ears are too high.

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>>258192144It's producing it that is the issue. I've always wanted to be a writer, but I've spent the last 10 years trying to get over the cringe factor of me actually writing something that comes from a sincere place.

>>258192153WN was on a few days ago? haven't seen him in like 2 years

>>258192582Deano is a sponge with no agency. He'd do it if it was the fashion.

>>258192462>in a short period.>Collapses are long drawn out processes>Enoch powell was going on about how civil war was inevitbale back in the 60s , nothing ever happenedkinda makes replying pointless, considering i never said anything about a short period and this has been a drawn out process

>>258192657>I've spent the last 10 years trying to get over the cringe factor of me actually writing something that comes from a sincere place.

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>>258192561They where on paper rich but most of it was just oil revenue that went to leaders and the plebs saw nothing much . Venezuala isnt anarchy either, even with all the CIA effort to oust maudro hes still holding on.

>>258192657deadmau5 the music producer said he was like that to begin with, which is why he wore the mask. he said it didn't matter if he failed because all they saw was a basically what im saying is, write under a fake name/persona

>>258192747he anonymongs now

>>258191835>If every single work of Dickens were to blink out of existence, how long would it take for society at large to notice?Reminded me of pic, and related Morgoth>>258192144Reminded me of another Morgoth they bin all our books and drown out our music completely, we're still here.

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>>258192218Artists back then where loved for their work, their private life was actually private. If you’ve notice the cult of an artist these days is often how they view things in their personal life, which in this current climate of cancel culture results in very boring people. You bring up Wagner is a fine example. They always criticise the man but never ever his work. And I think it’s because his work is sincere.

>>258192751>He'd do it if it was the fashion.Wahey! Love a cheeky Hajj to Mecca with the lads!

>>258192751yeah funny meme but not believable. im trying to have a proper discussion

>>258192890deadmau5 is

>>258192785>quickly escalating to warSouth africa has only been majority ruled for blacks for 30 years, and they are basically falling apart at the seams , not just black vs white , but natives vs african immigrants, and zulus vs xhosa. But it isnt really le civil war boogloo kinda happening pol larps about.

>>258192791See? This is the societal response to a white man feeling genuine, and wishing to create genuine art.>lol greentext funny reaction face XDThis is without even getting in to the larger societal rejection, especially from our own group. Even something as benign as Lord of the Rings is mocked roundly by our own group.

>>258187082yeah it's super bizarrepeople on the street sayingoo it's a bad day 200 people diedlike the only thing that matters is the number that die - when that number is pittance compared to the number of deaths total, or per million - plus the statistics are warped anywayno matter about>4th industrial revolution>smart cities>panotpticon ID system>WW3 China-Russia-USA-Iran etc.>Global economic collapsekeep klapping for freedom [from prison]arise sir boomer [who shot people for money]funfactUK has had a military soft coup77th brigade, 6th garrisson running SAGE, making govt policy outside of parliament.Sedwill moving to merge civil service with Mil.Intelligencewho here has heard of the>Fusion Doctrine?

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>>258192404However at the same time a lot of people are fed up of it>>258192657Stop thinking like that because your thinking like the enemy then and the enemy is not what you are is it?

>>258192890>deadmau5 the music produceras opposed to deadmau5, the economist

>>258193147im sure he thinks of himself as one

>>258193078Maybe stop taking yourself so seriously you autist?

>>258192462romanian revolution


>>258192462>nothing happened We went from the most peaceful major nation on earth to one with regular riots, disorder and crime levels or ancestors would not have beloved possible in the space of 40 years with are relatively small percentage of non whites.Our whole society has been undermined to accept this as the'new normal' but it isn't normal for us. The only thing that kept us from going full Norther Ireland is the massive power of the state to suppression it. That power won't be there forever.

>>258193213Probably has more money than all of us tbqh

>>258193076>But it isnt really le civil war boogloo kinda happening pol larps about.Rhodesia. Also like i said south africa isnt actually that comparable to the situation europe is facing

>>258192921And even changing the titles isn't good enough for them. Every example of a wrongthink book must be

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>>258190836lemme guess, wogs with their begging bowls out while the government virtue signals at our expense.

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>>258192943Basically yes. If you can portray it as a right lark he'd do it. Not keen on the praying though, but it keeps the imam happy, the melt he is!>>258192973So am I. Deano is a person that didn't exist a decade ago. He's completely plastic.>>258192921We're getting to the point now where they don't even really need to. As I said, if it were to just vanish into thin air, how long until we noticed? If Classic FM were to go off air mysteriously, would anyone really care, or would they just say "oh well, it was nice while it lasted" and go back to Radio 1?

>>258193090These are the same lunatics that take peoples kids away and mutilate them. Was breyvik onto something?

deadmau5 used to post on /mu/

>>258193233Well, in that case maybe we shouldn't make any art at all? I mean, if we should all be smirking then maybe I should write a witty take down of Downton Abbey. Like, they call it a Abbey, but where are the monks lol! This idea of not being "serious" is entirely new, and is a way to avoid any sincerity, but the irony is that there's no way to actually feel the sincerity without feeling awkward about it.

>>258190836Looks like a late stage groomer to me

>>258193286>earth to one with regular riots, disorder and crime levelsand it's almost entirely one sided with no fightback.Its sensible to prepare for a south africa kind of future, people their were saying that transition was impossible and it would kick off before black rule, but it happened, are they are now forced to live behind a 10 foot wall and electric fences.