Globohomo aesthetic

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it's always a where's waldo of "find the white male who doesn't drink plants"

Makes me want to kms


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>>258182130Even as pixel art all the guys still do the face (on the left)

>>258182130Eli is that you?

>>258182130sodomy enabling aesthetic

I would kms if I had to work in an office that used that and people in those pics.

>>258182360it's like brutalism with less effort


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>>258182794Lol holy shit

>>258182130There was a thread on /g/ about it not a long time ago.It's cheap and bland illustrations in a style called "Alegria" on this shit. Hate it. Alegria is supposed to mean happiness in Portuguese/Spanish, yet I get angry and annoyed at this cheap, fake, hypocritical design


>>258182130>>258182360The adobe suite and its consequences have been a disaster for the artistic zeitgeist

>Look at this, isn't it so very very fuzzy, warm, nice, non-threatening and not cheap fake subversive shit at allThis abomination is everywhere

>>258183644Checked and lol

>>258182130It's conditioning all of us to be children of the state

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>>258183644This is the most astute aesthetic critique on this whole board.

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>>258183259I guarantee this shit started in colleges just like the Cal-Arts shit they've been shoving in kids faces for the last decade.Oh, invited too many shitskinned retards to your school? Well, you you want those oh-so-coveted graduation rates, you better hire some deconstructionist marxist professors to explain why changing professional work into something easy enough for monkeys to replicate is Actually A Good Thing.


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We should find out who the globalists are in government and then kill them in Minecraft

>>258182130Its so ugly in ways I cannot even describe, its just wrong.

>>258184983this disproportial shit looks like... what comes after postmodernism? ironical postmodernism?

>>258182130Imagine drawing black people.

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>>258185717are you saying crude art from 2000 years ago justifies these soulless low-effort doodles?

>>258182130French school textbook "How are babies made?"

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We know why sites look bland these days, but why do they make the designs they do? The blue and white is meant to be like the black budget teleporting portals. Think

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>>258182130Yep that’s the literally the point of Flat Design. And these people will say this proudly. It’s meant to be an Esperanto aesthetic that can be propagated through low-agency races.If you lower the floor by which something is used you can scale it to be virtually infinite. Then there’s no impediment to capital, which includes human beings.This is why they want mixed race cosmopolitan flat design artists.

>>258182130>>258182360>>258183006>>258185920>>258186153this type of programming started with apple and their silhouette people. they say this type of advertising is effective because it helps you "become the figure" and join yourself into the image, you subconsciously put yourself into the silhouette or next to it thinking: "that could be me dancing with that ipod".OPs globohomo art style is a growth off of that advertising factor meeting flash animation and the simplistic 3d pixel/polygon art from the 2000's. so now what they do is use simple designs to create characters but with obvious features as if you were designing your avatar in some cute game from a few years ago. these games have trained us to see ourselves with less features, and to define ourselves more with a hat or a pair of sunglasses/etc. the learned advertising factor makes it so we can visualize ourselves as a character more ...-if less detail involved.even if the character looks nothing like you, your brain still wants to insert yourself in the situation because that's what you were taught. even if the characters are black and you are white then you are silently processing: somehow i am "friends" with them because of their "friendly features" you have been trained to recognize, or somehow you are seeing that you are like these people regardless of skin color because you both live inside these simple patterns. either way, you are subconsciously connecting to the art through the little details about these characters, in hopes that you will be more likely to buy the product or absorb the message. that's why there are so many characters that have no faces, ..because its you.that's how they want you to see yourself.wake up.

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>>258182130Is the G for gay?

>>258186177oh lawd

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>>258187165Great post. No color, no, race, no face.

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>>258187165You'd have to have an incredibly weak mind for that shit to work.

They used to have the villain wear a mask and the role model show their face because they didn't want you to feel for the bad guy. We are on a depersonalize project. We need to buy the self.>>258189544Not really. Everyone is unfulfilled these days.

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>>258182130Just put the Amazon logo up there lol

>>258182130Globohomo and Gay

>>258182130Damn that, this world should burn.

"fill in the details" so that you can become "the real you".>>258189544it's subconscious processing. if you walk by an apple, somewhere in your mind you are picturing yourself eating that apple even if you aren't hungry or hate apples. the associations on that level happen like dreams. just like if you saw a wolf, somewhere in your mind you are wrestling it and its biting you. its not what you think its what your subconsciously think. so when shown these friendly images lacking detail, you automatically fill it in without even realizing it. most optical illusions work this way also, your brain is just trying to do its best to try to keep this shit in order.

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>>258183259It's funny how they frame the fact that it's so dead simple that anyone can pull it off and thus the ''artists'' are interchangeable as somehow being positive.They literally say that they dumbed it down to the smallest common denominator. No soul is left.

>>258187165you a smaht mufucka

>>258183259also juvenile and fundamentally weak. Reducing the dignity of the human form to a blob of abstract shapes. It's disgusting tbqh.

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>>258182130I hate this on pure instinct.

>>258184553it's also a paraphrase of a fascist quote that is well known on Holla Forums, I believe it goes something like "modernity and all is consequences have been a disaster for Western Civilization" or something like that

>>258190817why else would jews love it so much?

>>258184248hence the juvenile, bingo

>>258182130>Bright, solid colors>Basic shapes and outlines>All people are indeterminate shades of brown>People are lumpy, fat, and deformed>Unnatural hair colors and ultramodern hairstyles>Random bits of ethnic clothing>Gender-specific accouterments worn by opposite genderIt's all highly contrived, focus group tested, socially engineered bullshit. They make it look avant garde and "rebellious" but it's only that from the perspective of the traditionalists that the establishment has destroyed. It's all made so faggots on twitter can feel edgy and rebellious against a traditional system that's long since been destroyed while remaining entirely within the confines of the globohomo system that runs this planet and encompasses every major institution and corporation. God I hate it.

>>258190583Yeah. If the artists are all interchangeable is it even art at all? Or is it just marketing? It's art being captured, compressed, and standardized within the capitalomarxist machine. Truly, it must burn for us to be free.

>>258185630holy fucking based

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>>258190817This is so fucking good

>>258191066close, it's from ted kaczynski's manifesto and the original quote was "the industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race."

>>258186206closer to 2500 years ago. and black figure pottery isn't really crude, Geometric style was crude. Notice how on the Black Figure you can actually identify intricate details like the hem of the robes or the facial expression and hair style. There's actually effort involved there. Also, it was done by hand and required a precise baking technique to produce those colors, it wasn't just point and click laziness. The faggot that you're responding to doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about and deserves a fucking rope.actually, (((You))) need to hear this too you jewish faggot>>258185717now kill yourself.

>>258185766>who the globalists are in governmentuh, all of them.

>>258189544check out this guy who is immune to propaganda

Think about how happyful they are and why they never put in a yelling emoji. Facebook was built to maake you alone and depressed, but in the happy cal-arts people is the lie of hope. Along with e-celeb and your friends happy pics. Chat rooms, forums and avatar sites were very different. You were talking directly to others. Blogs allowed more freedom and allowed you to take breaks. Even cringe art was something from the soul.

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>>258183111Those tripsThat file name Kekked


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We need to recruit some decent drawfags immediately. I want to see people in this style fucking each other, killing each other, shitting in each others mouths. I want to see soulless pastel cartoons commiting every hate crime and atrocity immiginable.

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>>258186765more like "when are abortions ok." Honestly that and the sex Ed books are probably the creepiest part of all this bullshit. Really brings home to you exactly what level (((they))) are operating at.


>>258183878Can we as a culture get any more sissified? Imagine being so cut off from reality

>>258191066>Fascist Come on now

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>>258182130It fries the brain. And it's everywhere!Ah how I hate this "art".

>>258189544which is why it works on so many people

>>258182130You're a hipster, OP. You're upset at the mainstream for the sake of it being mainstream. Go on and dig yourself deeper into some conspiracy, the self actualization from being a special snowflake might make life more bearable.

>>258187165best post

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>>258191845Actually based. If the art is as easy to make as >>258190583 says, this should be very easy to do.


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>>25818954499% of people have an incredibly weak mind

>>258191200ask wojak.>>258190734>>258191187>>258191845>>258192381this is why memetics are the only effective weapon.what it does is break this specific conditioning on command by opposing the norms. when you insert something else into an image that is not supposed to be there, it makes you consider which is right, and your brain slows down to actually see what the original pattern says. again, a lesson learned from optical illusions, when you finally realize the trick. all of a sudden, something that should be thought of one way is interjected by a picture of something else, and it shatters the original pattern.think of any meme like that and you will begin to understand.hail victory!

>>258191125yeah, I mean, what else is there to say?

>>258191280yeah it's probably my favorite

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>>258182130Why is everything these (((people))) produce so ugly and disgusting?

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>>258191845Great idea. Even edits can work.

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>>258191393that's it, thank you user. Yeah I knew if I posted it wrong it wouldn't be long before I'd get the right answer. It's one of those rules of the internet, Poe's is it even possible for captcha to be this kosher

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It's meant to be as flowery and non-threatening as

>>258185630I made the mistake of going to a California art grad school (it was the recession I didn't know what to do and it was almost free tuition) and HOLY SHIT the level of deconstructionism and Marxism was absolutely unbelievable. Kids could literally just shit on a plate and as long as they could spew enough symbolic bullshit about oppression and intersectionality they'd get A+ grades. Students whose technical work was amazing but who were bad at bullshitting got barely passing grades and were berated by their professors for presenting work that was "hollow" or "dead."It really opened my eyes to what bullshit modern art and design are.

>>258182130I'm fairly certain 99% of the "artists" who draw this kind of shit are women.


>>258193324Can confirm.

>>258188604I saw a real life mammy the other day. A big fat nigger woman with a big fat smile, wearing what looked like a 50s dress and a hat, while waddling towards the bus. She was probably straight out of Africa, which would explain the outdated style.

>>258192310holy fuck rabbi, don't you have a baby's dick you should be sucking on somewhere?

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>>258191845>>258192555>>258192390>>258193222I'm a drawfag who has Adobe Illustrator, which is the program probably used to make these. That or Sketch or any of the other vector-based drawing programs.Anyway, give me a list of subversive ideas and I'll take a crack at drawing them. I'd rather not just do 100% big-nosed cartoon Jews, so try to come up with something interesting. I'd like it to be subtle enough that we could photoshop it into screenshots of Facebook and have people think it might actually be real. Maybe drive some liberal outrage that way.

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