The government of Finland everybody. Notice anything?

The government of Finland everybody. Notice anything?

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I notice OP is greek

>>258181799roll for 14

>>258181799grease still hasn't paid debt

>>258181799Roll for six

>>258181799Too many white males

8 I want some politically arrogant mommy

>>258181799>once a month nothing gets done for an entire week

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>>258181799I would eat your PM's ass on a platter m8.

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>>258182258> tfw the Finno-Ugric male with natural hair colour is the one token nigger forced diversity hire> :DDDD ebin

Women and sœymales?

>>258182531Saved, what a cutie.

not 2015 enough

>>258181799Women and s o y s

I'd like to touch that PM's no no square.

They all have wide, Asiatic faces.

Mongolians like black?

>>258181799They're all Mongolian

>>258181799would bang those three in the middle.

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>>258181799Lack of diversity. Very sad


2/3 women1/3 low test basedboys

>>258181799no diversity


>>258181799They’re all very diverse asian peopleWe can call off the hordes of Muslim invaders now.

>>258181799Yes, soon Finland will get invaded by hordes of migrants


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>>258181799Too many women.


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>>258181979Roll for 7

>>258181799Wtf they're all jews

>>258181799Scandicucks are such fucking faggots. They make me feel embarrassed to be white.

>>258185993>Finland>ScandinaviaOnce more the state of American education shows

>>258181799It's peacetime

>>258186629We didn't do it.

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>>258185993>Finland>ScandinaviaTrue moderm american iq

>>258181799You mean the trannies?

>>258181799Bad cases of man jaw?

>>258181799Too many white people, how can we expect to properly represent the Asian immigrants in the government if this is the case?

>>258181799Goodbye Finland. Shame the language won't survive the decade.

>>258187100That's just the unfortunate results from the mongolian shovel face entering the gene pool.

>>258181799>Notice anything?I want the one in the middle to sit on my face.

>>258187263It's making a comeback.

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>>258185993>>258186629They're still ethnically Nordic, if not culturally.

>>258181799a finland pop quiz bois, can anyone circle the faggot in this picture

>>258181799No black people. How racist.

>>258181799wypipo are beautiful


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>>258181799roll for 2

>>258182258Yes they should have more shitskins because they do such a good

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>>25818179910 of them are inept

>>258188153shut up

>>258181799I love Sanna mommy

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Imagine suckling on those toes

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>>258189205>>258189264>>258189430heitä homo volttivittu sanna ja vittu sinua


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>>258189612Minij khövöguch onguots mogoj zaguasaar düürsen bajna.

>>258181799mostly karens

>>258181799>He doesen't give his support for Tovarish Sanna.

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>>258181799Yes. The prime minister has some sexy legs.I'm a white male btw.

>>258190518jews aren't white.

>>258189430Hope your jaw can unhinge

>Close the borders even against the laws>Number of asylum seekers etc. drops to zero (even from Russia)>Put a quarantine on the worst region in the whole country>Put a stop on public gatheringwtf I love socialism. Fuck the far right.

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>>258181799do they have polygamy or something? and how do 5 guys run the whole country?they must be chads.

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>>258181799When the bacon-pasta Antti gives up the party's leadership to Mommy next autumn SDPs support will skyrocket.

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>>258181799Yes, very pale looking, unlike you you fucking niggerjewblackhairapeassholeshitcrump of a human

Yes, it's a very incompetent leftist government that completely bungled up their chinese virus response.

>>258191215This. Right wing govenrment let in tens of thousands of refugees but when Sanna Marin took over not a single refugee has arrived since 19.3.

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I notice traitor scum

>>258191938It was a nothingburger, it was best to not do anything.