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>>258180334honestly I dont care if you dont want to wear a mask or not, just don't get pissy that i'm wearing one

>>258180600You guys are fucking clowns.

>>258180743perfect for clown world. honk honk. but really i'm an essential worker surrounded by niggers and spics, I wish I could wear a mask all year around.

>>258180334No faggot

>>258180334>A P3 sealed respirator? I wear all the time>These shitty surgical/cloth masks? NeverYou're a retarded cuck if you believe masks don't work, you just need the right kind of mask>>258180743go catch the coof, faggot

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>>258180987Honk more fucking clown.

>>258180987Coof troops get the hoof.

>>258181233lmaoing at your corpse

go wear your face diaper you mental infant


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>>258180987this, which is why I dont really care about if someone doesn't want to wear one because it isn't like they've got the right one or even know how to use it. Just dont get pissy I'm geared up.


>>258181480Aw clown mad.*applaud

I don't give a shit.If people want to protect themselves, that's fine.But it's not like its poison gas or anything.It's just a fairly common flu with some sting.

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>>258180334Why? So I can get COVID-19? Because that is what will happen. Why do you think they want you to wear one?Viruses can get through all those shitty masks that us plebs have access to. Wearing the masks creates a warm, moist environment in which viruses thrive.Fuck off with the mask nonsense.

>>258180987LMAO, even the best masks aren't enough to protect idiot humans. People make mistakes all the time and fuck up with the best of equipment.

>>258180987>go catch the coof, faggotYou know what's funny? That faggot already got exposed to it, just like you did, too. Everyone on this planet has been exposed to COVID-19 by now.

>>258182912Theres different kinds of masks you retard. No wonder you dumbass mutts have such high death rates.

>>258180334I do the bare minimum of wearing a cut up t shirt so no one has a shit conniption. In Texas no one gives that much of a fuck.

>>258182912>Wearing the masks creates a warm, moist environment in which viruses thrive.Yeah, that's why doctors and nurses have been wearing them for the past 200 years. They make you get sick. That's perfect logic.

>>258183146id like to think that guy was joking but all the boomers i run into are giving me the same bizzare q tard level shit. It's too bad the virus really isn't that bad, kinda hoped all the tards would die off

>>258182092How bad are the retards chimping out about masks in America? here on Holla Forums they insufferable.In my country I just get some curious looks and every now and then someone would start a friendly conversation about my mask, like cashiers would ask where It...>>258183008>People make mistakes all the time and fuck up with the best of equipment.if you're so much of nigger to fuck up a simple decontamination protocol you deserve to catch it

>>258180334Refusing to wear a mask is the most snowflake thing Ive ever heard of

>>258183813* like cashiers would ask where I got It

>>258183330When I had a doctor's appointment last December not a single person in the entire hospital was wearing a mask. Surgeons wear them but it's for entire different purpose. tl;dr your a stupid fag go watch more CNN (clown news network)

>>258180334Nobody says I've got to wear one.

>>258183873>Refusing to wear a mask is the most snowflake thing Ive ever heard ofwhat was the last thing you ate and drank

>>258183873How? It's more snowflake to cow to fearmongering and become part of the scaredy-pants hivemind.

>>258183873lol wtf happened to Holla Forums why are there so many big brother dicksuckers in here


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I dont get people who dont want to wear one. It's just sensible protection. Like a seatbelt, or an oven mitt or something

>>258184159>memeflag>no mask pla shillchecks out

please dont wear a mask ever!hopefully all you schizos get sick and die this is good for the rest of us

>>258180334They're making us here but slowly it's changing. Seriously though wtf are they even supposed to do. It just seems like some kind of fetishist playing at social control, there's no way they'd fucking prevent an actual disease.

>>258184441>wtf are they even supposed to do.pic related.Also, it's nice to be anonymous in public. I have social anxiety anyway and I like being able to hide my face in public. It eases a lot of the stress for me.

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>>258184380>sensible protectionProtection from what exactly?

i like being anonymous in public. dont care if some boomer thinks im a pussy for wearing one. american mongoloids will politicize everything

I'm smashing the grill of the first person in public who tells me to get a mask..ill upload here.

>>258184380>Like a seatbelt, or an oven mitt or somethingI don't use these either

>>258180334ok little man, just for you

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>>258184687Yes but the people in that picture are black.

>>258184687That's incredibly fucking gay. If someone has a fucking disease it could be transferred in far more ways than just COOFING also you are assuming a shit ton of variables e.g. they haven't coofed on their clothes, etc. The whole thing is pointless. People are going to get sick they do every year. People like you who should stay in the closet.

>>258180600Nobody cares if you wear a mask retard. Its the insufferable busy bodies who want to enforce it on everyone else.

>>258180334I do

>>258184844Another Western faggot hahahahahah better go call the police ,I think your neighbor was having a BBQ outside thats not what I call social distancing!!! download the tracking app too make sure to stay safe and let the jews know you're sheltering in place

If masks worked, we would wear them every flu season.


>>258180334DON'T WEAR THE MASK

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>>258184687then wear a mask if you wantwear a mask every dang daywear gloves and a condom too, who caresbut understand people might object to being forced, at threat of state violence, to wear a mask as a feel-good measure to placate others

>>258183091Post proof or shut your fuck up.

>>258180334I tried. But it keeps chaffing my groin.

>>258185012you are not forced to wear a maskstay home, stay outside the shops, busy streets and public transport and enjoy

>>258185303>dude everybody is dying from this shit>trust me

Imagine handling the minimum of civic responsibility this poorly.

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>>258180334Why do you wear the mask?


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>>258180600If I see you wearing one of those pussy face condoms, I'll rip it off your coward face and stuff it up your ass, commie. You fucking liberals make me sick.

>>258180334No I've been told by officials that masks don't work on people who aren't healthcare workers and could even be harmful.

>>258184380Only half this, it isn't like you can buy one in the first place now anyways.

>>258185368>nobody is enforcing you to wear it>just check out of society completely

>>258185252>but understand people might object to being forcedYou're forced to pay taxes and obey a million unjust laws. A mask to offer protection to yourself and others is hardly comparable.We're long past the point of being "forced".

>>258180334Suck a dick, nigger, I do what I want.

The chad full face respirator vs the virgin chinese paper mask with no seals

>>258185081>wearing a mask makes you a retarded NPC>if you're le redpilled you wont wear one!1okay schlomo

>>258184900How the fuck do you not use an oven mitt tough guy?

coronacircus.com/2020/05/06/masks-as-the-metaphorical-muzzle/Thank me later, faggots

>>258185448some people are just born traitors they couldnt even be patriotic for a second of their lives

>>258185699have fun living in fear - i haven't worn a mask anywhere this entire time. i appreciate you wearing one though so i can identify you as a faggot without speaking to you.

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can somebody make a compilation of twitter/instagram/facebook/mainstream news all shitting on people proactively wearing mask back in feb/march timeframe? there had to have been hundreds of pundits across all the networks in cohesion saying the same thing:>masks dont work>only wear masks if you are sick>you should be saving mask for healthcare staff>its just a flu and mask do nothingand on and on and on.chinese expats bought all the masks in jan and feb and shipped them back to china while the western media justaflu'd it up to the point that they too got locked in their homes and now all the sudden they are on the mask train.

>>258185873>being this insecure

>>258185699YEah yeah go put your mask on faggot. After all, going outside is dangerous!!!

>>258185563Why do I picture the ugliest, frailest little virgin writing this?

>>258185960>wears mask, is there for secure :D

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>>258185784Nice CCP propaganda you got there, comrade.

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>>258185599>>just check out of society completely>society oh so you just noticed you live in a society imagine my surpriseyes you do and if you dont want to help out you should be denied healthcare and isolated on an island until you either die or become covid free

>>258185626> A mask to offer protection to yourself and othersif someone feels they need to take measures to protect themselves they canI don’t feel I need to wear a mask so I don’tI object to the government forcing me to do something for my own protection and not for the collective good of the publicI also think seatbelt and helmet laws are dumb but I always always wear them, because I choose to

>>258185873Masks aren't a sign of fear, they're a sign of consideration. Unless you're packing an actual respirator, a cloth mask isn't going to be as effective at preventing you from getting infected as it is for containing the spread of infectious droplets from your breath, this reducing the chance of spreading infection. You're not brave, you're just self-centered.

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>>258186159We started to re-open yesterday and everything is fine. Hospitals were reporting low numbers since day 1. Media tried to shill but our doctors didn't take the bait. MEanwhile in USA if you die of shitting yourself, yep, CORONA. The media in the USA is helping China just because they dont' like Trump, I've never seen anything as insane as that.

>>258186287The people shilling for masks want everyone to wear masks every time they step out into public. You can get the common cold from someone sneezing for example, and you can be 100% sure they will shill for this especially when winter comes. Laws were made for idiots and cucks because they're too stupid to handle life on their own.

>>258185563bring it faggot, I'd like to see how your keyboard skills translate to a real life fight against my 300k x folded katana kijoduko.

>>258180334i called 6 people sheep atthe store just a bit ago and not one person stood their ground then i called this old bitch pathetic and laughed at her

>>258186302It's a sign that you're a faggot. I am self centered, I am of course me. You wish I was (You) centered - that will never be the case, faggot.

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>>258184900I use a dish cloth


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>>258180334can't afford one, my unemployment and food stamps has been held up for 10 weeks because the democrats spent the money for computer upgrades on bike lanes and public transportation .

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>>258186287You don't protect yourself by wearing a mask. You wear a mask to protect others. It's not a matter of personal choice, by not wearing a mask you are choosing to potentially infect others.

>>258180600rip that off you cuck boi

>>258186258Nice rebbutal, you illiterate boomer

>>258186556Exactly why you're the scum of the earth and nothing about your stance is noble.

>>258186287>I object to the government forcing me to do something for my own protection and not for the collective good of the publicThe mask is to protect others from you if you are an asymptomatic carrier.Since there is no way to know, you are asymptomatic, the only way is to ask everyone to use one and in that way you reduce the spread.Its called being courteous and caring enough about your folk to try and protect them.

>>258186600nice digits, you're a faggot. I'm not responsible for you

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>>258186567>hah i've got my mask on i'm healthy!>hasn't changed his underwear in several days, doesn't shower regularly, make his bed, or do laundry

>>258184380>an oven mittimagine going to jail for not weari g an oven mitt though

>>258186757write a song about it faggot.

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>>258183208baaaaa>>258183813Here in NYC everyone wears a mask like a good robot. I go out regularly and I've never seen anyone else without a mask. Funny thing is, no store has made me put one on either

>>258182912>Why? So I can get COVID-19?no you wont fuckhead


>>258186600But if you aren't infected you aren't infecting others. Also if you are infected wearing a mask isn't going to do all that much especially if you're in public.

>>258184380>oven mitt on my headIs that because it’s the right shape?

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>>258183813punch you in the face fo r being a sheeple

>>258180743take your meds schizo

>>258186600Depends on the mask. N95 masks and respirators with P100 filters etc. absolutely protect from virus. The shitty home made cloth masks and shitty paper surgical masks don't do jack shit except diffuse a cough so it isn't so high velocity and the aerosol spreads less.

>>258186702OK Chang.

>>258184380>I dont get people who dont want to wear onesmarter than you

>>258180743Why does this bother you?


>>258186600If i had a nuclear bomb, I wouldn't hesitate in setting it off, relying on the kindness of others for your survival is short sighted.stay home save YOUR life.

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>>258184844fuck off pantifaggot.

This thread is lava.

>>258186536Based. Next time spit in their faces. Little bitch made pussy sheep wearing their muzzles like frightened cattle. I'm raging just thinking about it. FUCK


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>>258180334Does anybody remember how for all of February and March the CDC and the media were telling us NOT to wear masks? Now that they realize they helped spread the pandemic they're saying the opposite and denying that they ever spoke out against masks

>>258181840>Be Police>Harass people>Provoke them so much that they are willing to fight the police>WTF we got caught in a clever trap!!!!How do these people manage to get dressed in the morning with their room-temperature IQs?

>>258185626>We're long past the point of being "forced".hoax, pussy faggotville your trip is cmplaete kys

>>258187283see its shit like this. Why does it bother you? I finally dont have to smell wet back breath and every boomer loses their fucking mind

>>258181480Hey, I found your picture

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>>258186789How did you know are you psychic

>>258180334Yeah sure I'll wear the mask just as soon as I use the cuck belt in my car.FUCK OFF

>>258186302>Masks aren't a sign of fear, they're a sign of considerationthe fuck they arent, i call out every mask wearing idiot i see.

>>258186759Or, hear me out, people who are actually at risk just stay home. You don't enforce a bunch of insane laws because a tiny percent of the public will need to go to the hospital. This shit reminds me of how peanut allergies were handled with children.

I don't what's worse, that leftypol shills cynically forced this anti-mask meme, or that there are actually Holla Forumsfags dumb enough to fall for it.

>>258183146The CDC, surgeon general, and entire mainstream press was telling people NOT to wear masks into April

>>258187339Yeah I wore a mask then because they said not to. Now I don't wear one because they're telling me to. Keep licking those boots pussy.

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>>258186764Prove you're not a nigger.

>>258186600>You don't protect yourself by wearing a mask. You wear a mask to protect others. It's not a matter of personal choice, by not wearing a mask you are choosing to potentially infect others.fuck off seriously FUCK OFF, this is AMERICA and you can go to hell. in fact we will help you if you keep this shit up, i bet your a libtard too

>>258186962Correct. Which is why it's good to wear a mask because if you're infected you won't know it til about a week in.

>>258187609We ought to sic the FBI on them

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>>258184380For months the "experts" were telling people masks did nothing

>>258187502No you don't, larper. You would be calling out hundreds of people like a psycho accusing people of gang stalking them.

If wherever you are at requires a mask and you dont wear one, you are a spiteful little faggot. Just wear a mask. You arent an individual or a rebel just a faggot.If there are no mask requirements, do whatever the fuck you want and leave everybody else alone

>>258180334Okay, I want to wear one anyways because I don't want to get sick.

>>258180334do I get magically cataclysmic powers if I wear one

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>>258183873Shut up pussy. I’d beat the shit out of you if I saw you in person.

>>258187609I don't think you can pin this behavior on the left. This kind of sentiment is present in many factions of the right. On some level the caricature of the freedom loving zealot became a reality. I have to say though, it's sad to see this happen.

>>258187541Everyone is at risk given how fat and vitamin deficient americans are. Those people have to work and eat too. Since I assume you are against any type of handouts and lock downs and want the economy running at 100% why don't you put on a fucking mask and help protect people.Or you can just pay out gibs to those who can't work and they can stay home

>>258186759>The mask is to protect others from you if you are an asymptomatic carrier.>Since there is no way to know, you are asymptomatic, the only way is to ask everyone to use one and in that way you reduce the spread.>Its called being courteous and caring enough about your folk to try and protect them.maybe i want you to die.

>>258184111Catch the coof then, dipshit

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>>258187862If I see a "no shirt no shoes no service" sign I walk the fuck in shirtless. No one tells an AMERICAN MAN what to do.

>>258187386Ok, not smelling wet backs and niggers sounds like a good reason to wear the mask.

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>>258187730>FUCK YOU FUCK YOU I GOT MINE ME ME ME ME ME ME ME What an inspiring libertine virtue. dog bles :-DDD

>LETS START>#YOU'RE NOT A SURGEONRegarding the masks

>>258187802It was always obvious masks work. The reason they said not to wear them is because health workers needed them. If they don't work then why do health workers need them? Anybody with room temp IQ could see through that lie.

>>258184409Darwin at work exerting selection pressure against the ignorant.

>>258186759then why aren’t masks mandatory fir everyone everywhere at all timesyou’re constantly at risk of exposure to pathogens your entire lifewhy are people with HIV or hepatitis allowed to work with the publicwhy are you allowed to be within ten feet of a road at nignt without a reflective vestwhy doesn’t the government come to your house and make you exercise for 60 minutes a daywhy are you allowed to operate a car with any alcohol in your bodywhy can you be a practicing doctor if you graduate at the bottom of your classwhy isn’t every passenger plane torn down and inspected after every flightwhy are you allowed to go out in the sun without your state-issued SPF 100 sunscreenwhy doesn’t the state mandate that every single child become a competent swimmerwhy can you drive a car without airbagswhy isn’t everyone on a 1800-calorie paleo dietwhy don’t we execute every violent criminalwhy don’t we screen people for violent tendencies during childhoodwhy ever leave your houseit’s a big scary world

>>258186536Based and health pilled

>>258185563Okay boomie I'd shoot you lol

>>258180334No thanks. They don't even work.

>>258188125>why doesn’t the state mandate that every single child become a competent swimmerRacist

Our ruling class was telling us NOT to wear masks for months while China seized the main N95 factory in Shanghai and sent its nationals abroad to buy up all masks and ship them back to China. Their own globalist policies created a shortage so to save face they told people not to wear masks. Now after the pandemic has blown up in the US do they tell us that masks are OBVIOUSLY good and if you don't wear one you're a racist nazi bigot.

>>258184873Good then we won’t have to listen to your insufferably cunty bullshit anymore.

the human nose is a far better filter for particulate and you fuck up its natural filtration of using passive currents to keep the rostrum and outside hairs dry when you wear a mask

>>258186600>by not wearing a mask you are choosing to potentially infect others.Yes.

>>258186536The only people who really SHOULD be wearing masks are the elderly and infirm. You sound like a bitter cunt


>>258184984Coughing produces aerosolized droplets asshole

>>258180334Fuck you, sheep.

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>>258183091I bet the Sentinalese haven't yet. Someone should go warn them there's a coof going around.

>>258180600>just don't get pissy that i'm wearing oneI'm not. I'm laughing at you because you're a retard who believes that the deadly Covid virus actually exists.

>>258184159We were flooded with redd.it faggots.

>>258188125a novel pathogen that likely escapes from a chink bsl4 facility is the reason why. This is an unknown pathogen and very little is known.Maybe some precautions are necessary when dealing with the unknown.

>>258185252If you don’t want to comply with the law fuck off to your safe space snowflake. Fuck your feelings.

>>258188005dude i hope it never goes away but whatever i'll enjoy the summer for once

>>258184159Meme toad says what?


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>>258186302I’m just not a collectivist and I don’t give a damn if you die. It’s also a lot better if we spread this thing around rapidly to achieve immunity. If we follow your plan, we will all be cowering in fear forever.By the way, I’ve already had covid. It did some damage, but it’s not that bad, don’t be a faggot.

>>258188426Do you know the date of that interview? Thanks.

>>258188443> Coughing produces aerosolized droplets assholeand those droplets either travel directly into your mucus membranes or they end up on a surface that you touch and then you touch your mucus membranesjust like every other respiratory illness (except TB)

>>258188667Imagine being this much of a bootlicking slave. Disgusting.

>>258186600What if I don’t care about others? What if I think the best part of this whole pandemic is that it will cull the weak?


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>>258185563Try it and your aorta will develop a .45 caliber leak at supersonic speed

>>258185563That is assault and will be met with overwhelming force to prevent further escalation by the aggressor.

>>258180334JUST. A. FLU.

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>>258188667>If you don’t want to comply with the law fuck off to your safe space snowflake.

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>>258185586Which is why I stocked up on 100 kn95s before the plague

>>258180600I'm not upset when you wear one. I'm laughing at you and experiencing second-hand embarrassment.

>>258189224>.45>supersonicYou shooting .450 Bushmaster or something? .45 AARP is slow as fuck.

>>258180334The anti mask movement is a Chinese/russian Psyop, same goes for antivaccers etc. Its all in place to have diseases go rampant. First they sseded distrust with the antivaxxer movement years before, now they went a step ahead and made people question the masks. Its retarded to believe they won't help... it's like standing in front of a burning house and you'd rather say nah water won't help(cuz ohmahgawd I readitontheinternetitmusttbetrue), instead of trying if it actually doesn't work. It's like what's the matter of wearing a mask or not? it doesn't hurt you. And it could save your or other peoples lives. Just do it as Op said

>>258189160These retards using that term act like it means it's super duper extra turbo deadly. Anyone using that term is instantly ignored.

>>258185826>equating medical irresponsibility with patriotismActually the patriotic thing to do would be to wear your mask to protect fellow citizens from yourself in case you have the virus and don’t know.

>>258184687Would the CDC really just make up statistics like that?

>>258189019it was from march when you were literally Hitler for wearing a mask, because muh hero's needed them more than you and shitlibs would confront you for wearing one.

>>258189350I mean anyone that shitposts here regularly stocked up in January. Again why I'm not pissy people arent as geared as I am

>>258189350KN95 is chink knocknoff N95. It is supposed to be equivalent but has not passed any of the standardized testing a real N95 has. You are basically trusting chinks to be honest buying KN95. Could be N95 equivalent, could be chink trash and worthless.

>>258187699prove you're not a faggot

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>>258189224>.45ACP is super sonic>a mask fag carryingOkay sure, you noguns larper.


>>258180334Those mask creep up on my right eye. I don't like them.

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>>2581858731. You lie2. Not wearing a mask is living in fear, fear that the state has some imaginary power over you. Why don’t you take off your seatbelt, don’t wear a helmet on your motorcycle, etc.. while you’re at it.

Daily reminder that Fauci lied and people died

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>>258189682How fucking new are you?

>>258188638it’s a coronavirus—->A

>>258186116i picture a mad budweiser sipping couch potato boomer with a gun collection

>>258187802>For months the "experts" were telling people masks did nothingIs that the reason people aren't wearing it?

>>258187954Turn off your vpn schlomo

>>258180334SUCK. MY. DICK.

>>258189729Shut the fuck up shill.

>>258186600Listen Jack, I have been having involuntary, violent, uncontrollable, pleasureless ejaculationsI've had teeth falling out and I haven't been able to taste purple for 3 daysNow I wear pants almost everytime I go outside, so tell me then, does the public have a right to tell me that I can't wear pants or that I don't have a right to force them to wear pants? Is public safety really being properly addressed if I can't force them to cover themselves?

>>258186536>I’ll take things that didn’t happen for a thousand, Alex

>>258189724Can't do it, huh Jamal?

>>258189496this thread is now about .45 Super CCW recommendationsGO

>>258190188joe stop posting you need to get ready for your next livestream interview

>>258180334>1 post by this id

get to work goyfoxnews.com/health/cdc-now-says-coronavirus-does-not-spread-easily-via-contaminated-surfaces

Are conservatards really bent out of shape about this? Why??I wear a mask, and don't even think twice about it.

>>258189224>supersonicYou're not carrying .45 super or .454 casull you larping bitch.

>>258190070Shill for what? Just go the fuck back to redd.it.


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>>258189955the point is that ether the expert were lying before or they are lying now, so now we have proven that experts will lie to you, and people that lie to you cannot be trusted, and therefore experts can't be trusted.

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no way

>>258190375They're all shills user.Do you really think prepprs are seething over the prospect of actually putting their prep into play?

>>258190375They are not really right wing that is why. Anyone who is actually on the right would naturally be concerned about a pathogen. They would care enough to protect themselves and their folk.These are idiot capitalists, the faux right, who worship money and the atomized individual.

>>258190435nice faceberg meme, boomer

>>258190375That's because you're a retarded redd.it nigger that's never made 1 choice for yourself in your so-sex cucked life.

>>258186278I think it would be easier more cost effective just to remove the Karens and lefties from society. They are a net negative and really not worth the effort to fix them

Why wear pants?I don't let the gov dictate what I can and can not wear.You non-mask wearing people still have pants on????? Pussies!!!!!!!

>>258190070Any fan of .45 AARP would know that it isn't supersonic. Even +P ammo out of a 16" barrel is subsonic. Only exception is if you are using some very light non-conventional loads like 70gr Liberty Civil Defense.

Wearing a mask feels kinda liberating to be honest. It feels good being kinda anonymous on the street.

>>258190433Shill for chinks and leftist subversion.What kind of dumbass would try to argue that mask ownership doesn't correlate with prepper mentality and by extension gun ownership?You're a fag, and it's obvious.

>>258190444Trips of truth. Logic escapes the bots & redd.it niggers.



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>>258190683You've got me there.

>>258186610And die

>>258190697> It feels good being kinda anonymous on the street.that’s because you’re weak and afraid of everything

>>258190839Somebody actually sat down and made this picture lmao

>>258190697Agree. I love feeling anonymous when Im buying way too much booze at the grocery store.


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>>258190742I don't own a singe mask, but have plenty of guns, not a leftist, and I don't give a fuck about China. A fucking dust mask is a meme for retarded fake preppers.

>>258190697I wore my full face respirator in March. Was hilarious how everybody was intimidated and would avoid eye contact and get out of my way. Was like I was Darth Vader and they were some low ranking empire wagecuck afraid I was about to force choke them. I still wear it sometimes but have mostly switched to N95s because virus is essentially gone in my area.

>>258189572I don NEVER heard no "novel" in all my years until this virus hoax. You say that word in front of me or my kin, you'll get a fist in your face faster than you can draw than custom .454 casull redhawk.

>>258186836You should go to jail for not wearing an oven mitt if your hand releases airborne aids.

>>258180334don't kill grandma! plus, wearing the face diaper improves your chances of getting laid by trans people because they respond sexually to virtue signallers!m.youtube.com/watch?v=1Fx-l2TbBFw


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>>258190444Again, why does that discourage people from wearing the mask? The information is out there for everyone to look up, the masks work, you don't need an "expert" to tell you this.

>>258187250>Next time spit in their facesGet shot by my Ccw weapon and charged with bioterrorism if you survive.

>>258191177>You should go to jail over something I fully made up

>>258191335It's a piece of fucking cloth, how do you get mind controlled by a piece of cloth?Is Holla Forums nothing but actual fucking schizos now? Holy shit Americans are seriously fucked, absolutely hopeless.

>>258189224i'll slap my dick against your forehead at supersonic speed you little DORK


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Masks are for the weak Fuck your little tissue paper tied to your ears it doesnt do shit

>>258191374you can look up that viruses are vastly smaller than the pores of a paper mask, you can look up the studies that say masks aren't that effective. You can cherry pick though the science and come to any conclusions you want.


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>>258191177>You should go to jail for not wearing an oven mittbut more people have died from burns in their home than from COVID-19don’t you want to save lives? why are you fighting this, just wear the dang oven mitt

>>258180960Hahaha this

>>258191562>thinks people are trying to argue the mask itself causes mind controlCan't tell if you are literally retarded or just a kike using pilpul to derail the thread with senseless off topic debate. Either way, get gassed.

>>258191374Have you ever worked construction for even 1 day in your life? A fucking dust mask cant even keep dust out. They basically keep you from spitting on people, which isn't something I go around doing anyway.

>>258191776and social distancing means no more stink eyes for crossing the street when i see said niggers or spics. Ill be kinda sad when this is all over. oh well.

>>258191562Bunch of faghots in here who think they are important individuals

>>258191729>viruses are vastly smaller than the poresthe bare virus doesn’t float through the air like a dust particle

>>258191729N95 and P100 filters absolutely work. The surgical masks with no seal don't do jack shit.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/24011377/>The filtration efficiency of selected NIOSH-approved particulate N95 and P100 filtering facepiece respirators (FFRs) and filter cartridges was investigated against the viable MS2 virus, a non-pathogenic bacteriophage, aerosolized from a liquid suspension. Tests were performed under two cyclic flow conditions (minute volumes of 85 and 135 L/min) and two constant flow rates (85 and 270 L/min). The mean penetrations of viable MS2 through the N95 and P100 FFRs/cartridges were typically less than 2 and 0.03%, respectively, under all flow conditions. All N95 and P100 FFR and cartridge models assessed in this study, therefore, met or exceeded their respective efficiency ratings of 95 and 99.97% against the viable MS2 test aerosol, even under the very high flow conditions.

>>258191562You're mind controlled when you do what they tell you, idiot. I don't trust no "scientist" to tell me what's what. I do it the way I've always done, and that's how it's gonna stay. I DON'T WEAR NO LIBTARD GATES MASK

>>258187609Trying to get them killed? That’s not nice.

>>258183330Doctors and nurses wear those types of masks to help prevent infecting their patients with what they might be carrying. They are in close contact with patients, and that is why they wear them. Outside of that, surgical masks are of limited effectiveness and will not protect the wearer.

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>>258191750Masks don't prevent infection 100%, they reduce the rate of spread and likelihood of infection. It is one of several components to containing the virus. Did you think that facebook boomer pic was clever?

>>258191750What do you get out of removing all nuance from a problem? The problem is not so simple as black or white. The masks work but they aren't fucking foolproof, all these measures are necessary for such a contagious virus, the masks are there so more and more people can go out to work safely until the spread starts to slow down.>>258191729This virus is not fucking airborne, if it were literally everyone would have gotten it already.>>258191802These masks are not made to keep dust out, why do you move the goalposts like this? >>258192124>theyWho??? Who is telling me what?

>>258191961obviously you haven't heard of brownian motion, what a fagot.

>>258187670At that point in disease progression, I believe that.

>>258192185If you’re scared stay inside. Let rest of us work and play as we see fit.

>>258187672Rebel without a clue

>>258180334Transmission of virus is through the eyes. It's pretty hard for them to penetrate other tissues.. And virus doesn't live very long on your skin. Only about 5 minutes. Fucking idiots.

>>258187730Fuck you knuckle-drafter, catch the shot for all I care, hardhead. You were warned.

>>258192229Bare viruses are not common. Aerosol is small water droplets. While small, aerosols are still many times larger than the virus. Viruses are suspended in these larger drops. That is why filters no rated to the size of a virus can still stop it. Viruses do not like to get 100% dry. It disables most viruses. Although some viruses like Hantavirus do survive being dried and can be contracted from stirring up contaminated dust (rodent urine residue).


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>>258192124I can't tell if you're joking or not.

I will never wear the mask

>>258192331>Let rest of us work and play as we see fit.Take that to your government, this has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the mask. The masks work, whether the government tells you or not.I agree retards like you should be allowed to not wear one, go ahead and die, but don't be surprised when you are barred from entering private establishments since you are endangering people.

>>258192331The medically vulnerable still rely on the healthy. Letting the virus spread uncontrolled is irresponsible.

>>258185873The goyim know something. I think it's time to SHUT IT DOWN

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>>258192528so you are saying that once the droplets are wicked into the fabric of the mask the bare virus isn't then free to be sucked through the pores of the mask right into your lungs to incubate?

>>258187144Why does it bother you that anyone thinks you're an idiot? Oh right, you don't want to be reminded you ave a hive mind.

>>258187908The loudest monkeys have the smallest balls, pussy

>>258180600>t. cuck

>>258192696It annoys me the mask issue is so polarizing. I am 100% pro civil rights, pro constitution, pro gun etc. Yet I still wear a mask because I don't want some retard coofing on me. I am totally against the shutdown. If people want to stay home they can. But forcing people to stay home is wrong. Forcing people to wear masks is also wrong, but a private business can do what they want.

>>258187189Nice shirt.


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>>258192185>These masks are not made to keep dust outMost people ARE wearing dust masks, and if they can't even block dust, than they sure af aren't going to stop a virus. You are one of the most retarded people in this thread, and are being btfo left & right.


>>258192696Listen to this nigger, yeah sure masks work, but unless you're 80 years old you're not gonna die or even get that sick. You can go around worrying every little cold is going to kill you go right ahead. We should make fag sex illegal for public health reasons but I have a feeling you would REALLY have a problem with that

>>258191335It's hilarious that people like you think there's a magical difference between the filter medium in a gas mask and the filter medium used in a disposable respirator, despite both being certified to the same standard of particulate filtration.

>>258185873>I'm too badass for masks>Still wearing pantsMan, you pant wear faggots are tiring. Who lets the gobernment tell them to wear pants?? Fucking maskless pussies.

>>258192580Aside from a few schizos, the "anti-mask movement" is just shitposting. I wear a P100 respirator when I leave the house, which is not often.

>>258187959>maybe i want you to die.Then I have every right to kill you on sight, don’t I?

>>258192790>The medically vulnerable still rely on the healthy.they should not do this

>>258193077Even a dust mask is better than no mask.

>>258187672I knew there was at least one of you out there.

>>258192185>This virus is not fucking airborne, if it were literally everyone would have gotten it already.Then why is a mask needed? Most people who had it, didn't even know. It's a fucking cold, retard.

>>258183873You’ve never had your ass beaten before, have you user?

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>>258180334Pay the credit card bill for all those useless masks you hoarded you fucking jew.


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>>258180334I will wear the mask if jews give palistine back.

>>258187990You get told what to do every day, and suck that cock like you mean it.

>>258193178>evidence, my asshole

>>258192934I only want to know your reasoning. These masks may not be as effective as one would hope or think, but at the very least, they aren't harming you. I only want to understand your point of view.

>>258193005You wear the mask because you are a pussy terrified of the social or legal consequences of not wearing one. unless you're 80 years old with HIV you are a coward

>>258192878It shouldn't be. The virus would most likely stay bonded to the filter material until dry and then rapidly be damaged by the drying. But like my post here shows>>258192073Even P100 respirator filter isn't 100.0% effective at stopping virus. A few make it through. So, yes, a filter is not 100% effective. A nice filter is only 99.99% effective.

>>258193121I have never worn one, cuck.

Burgers btfo

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>>258193121No it happened before in 1918 and they were stupid enough to hold mass meetings in the middle of a pandemic.

Attached: Anti-Mask_league_three_graphs.png (544x538, 294.9K)


>>258193343Thats the only reason you wear pants. Unless you got a tiny cock, you're a coward.

>>258193109then let me CS you while you’re wearing someone else’s promask that doesn’t fit

>>258193101>but unless you're 80 years old you're not gonna die or even get that sick. You can go around worrying every little cold is going to kill you go right aheadThis is not about you, stupid fucking retard. You are actively endangering those around you by not wearing a mask, that's the issue.>>258193077>>258193206Are you fucking retards actually stupid? Why is everything black or white for you fucking faggots?A virus being airborne is not the same as it traveling on water droplets in the air, it's also not the same as dust particles, the virus doesn't travel on dust, it doesn't travel on air, it travels in the fucking spit people cough out, which is what the masks stop. Holy shit.

>>258193101>Wear a mask you bigot!! Listen to the science!!>NO!!! You can't force guys to wear condoms when they fuck me in the bathhouse!!

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>>258180334TAKE. THE. VACCINE.

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>>258180334EAT. MY. ASS.

>>258193451I wear pants to keep my legs warm and because it is an actual social norm established over thousands of years, not some retarded hysterical reaction by women and HIV riddled faggots afraid of a fucking cold lmao

>>258186302And you're not brave just because you take a dick in your asshole. If you don't want to be around people that might expose you to some pathogen, stay the fuck home and keep your goddamned mouth shut about it. Better yet just go around jacking your jaws, maybe I'll run into you and I can permanently silence your voice.

>>258193543I don't hang out with 80 year olds or HIV positive faggots like yourself so who am I endangering?