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Trump gay

>muh anecdotal evidence. Okay.

>>258178402Is she critical? Is she dying? Any particular risks? Or is it just a positive case that's being reported because of muhhhh drumpf?

>trump boasts anecdotes>this is bad>woman does it>WOW HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE MUST DEFINETLY BE BAD SHE IS TOTALLY RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!prophylactics aren't 100% effective, nor is any medicine. In fact, considering 19 years of hydroxychloroquine usage, she might have developed a resistance to the mechanism that would inactivate COVID-19

>>258178402Its supposed to subside symptoms when you already have it, its not a preventative, retard

>>258178811No additional zinc being taken

Doesn't she know that is a dangerous drug that will kill her? Why did she listen to Drumpf?

>>258178402But it's not safe to take I'm told by the media. This woman has been on it for 19 years.

>>258178402>woman with pre-existing immune system disease gets sickSHOCKING!

>>258179459This. No zinc and no azithromycin. >wHY iS iT NoT Working!!!??>Got COVID-19 So she got the sniffles or is she on a ventilator?

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>>258178719Maybe she wasn't even tested.

No link, what is this? Amateur hour?Do you seriously think it's being used as a vaccine? What matters is how severe her symptoms got, according to the article she was hospitalized but mostly recovered. And she already had pre existing health conditions which put her at risk.Here is the link you were too lazy to

Did she also take Zinc, the active part of the combo, or are you just a faggot?

>>258179968You don't need an antibiotic unless you get pneumonia

Makes you wonder how many people the media had to scour through to find a story a like this.

>>258180016she had a serious autoimmune condition and survived? Jeez, with how bad the media makes the disease out to be, sounds like HCQ is a goddamn miracle drug.

>>258178402>have auto immune disease>get sick of the common coldoh no will Holla Forums ever recover?

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How many people got the Chinese virus who did NOT take hydroxychloroquine? Nearly all of the people who have gotten the Chinese virus did NOT take hydroxychloroquineThink about it

>>258178719Muh drumpft is all they fucking have these people are insane. He's living rent fucking free in their heads. They go to sleep thinking about him, they dream about him, they wake up thinking about him, they talk and read about him all day. They are fucking insane. t. in-laws over right now

>>258178402It's only effective when taken with high doses of zinc.

>>258178402>Retards thinking that taking an anti-malarial drug by itself is some kind of miracle cureNo shit it didn't work. These are the same kinds of people who buy the dick pill advertisements on Pornhub

>NO! Stop being hopeful and optimistic! DEATH! PESTILENCE! STAY AT FUCKING HOME!>So what's stopping you?!You know that's a really good question!

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>>258178402>hydroxychloroquine has been touted as a preventative measure against COVID by TrumpYou're a special sort of brainlet

>>258180632my eyes are open

>>258179968>finally a leaf that's not a complete faggotMaybe there's hope for your country.

>woman suffers from severe autoimmune condition>catches a virus that spreads extremely effectively guess im a cruz missle now

>>258178402India offered HCQ prophylaxis to 10,000 Mumbai policemen.About 4,500 routinely took HCQ, while 5,500 refused.RESULTS:HCQ group: 0 deathsNon-HCQ group: 9 deathsAnd those who contracted COVID-19 in the HCQ group had "mild attacks" you can still get Covid even on HCQ. But the severity depends of several factorsThe woman in this OP's post was fat old and possibly pre diabetic. You can see her silhouette in this for healthy people, HCQ improves their ability to ward off serious infection. For unhealthy people, it may offer help or not depending on how unhealthy they are

>>258178402The theory goes that hydroxychloroquine helps to defeat China Plague by allowing your cells to intake more zinc. No matter how much zinc you take very little of it actually ends up inside your cells.That is to say, you could be taking HCQ for decades and still get China Plague - but it should reduce both your symptoms and the longevity of the illness.Also, this lady probably wasn't taking supplemental zinc. HCQ allows your cells to intake more zinc which fights the virus. If you don't have zinc to intake it's not doing a whole lot.As usual another article that doesn't know what it's talking about.

>>258178402Fake and TRAP (can be used simultaneously because no one in their right mind would do that)Right in the KaPOOPor - these studies are full of poo and lies, and she and her brother-husband are from Jurrlink seems to be at odds with everything the Administration says, go figure, a Canadian working in Toronto? >I got FLU shot, no flue for me! >gets Flu>Vaccines don't worrk!>Doesn't understand there is more than one flu virus

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>>258178719>implying she even exists

>>258180428I love how the media says stuff like "Trump is taking a drug that has not yet been approved by the FDA 'for Covid 19'"I have yet to hear of any drugs for Covid-19 that have been fully approved by the FDA. I mean yeah, people shouldn't be self prescribing but it's not like there are many alternative treatments other than just not getting sick or being put on a vent or oxygen when things get serious.


>>258178402>Sick person got le Chinese Bioweapon VirusOk

She forgot her zinc.

>>258178402>must use with Zinc>most deaths are also vitamin d deficit

>>258178402Well the bitch still got Lupus too. Sounds like she’s just weak as fuck

>>258178972>Its supposed to subside symptoms when you already have itnope. it's supposed to be an ionophore that helps zinc to move in and block the virus from efficient replication. other drugs are good at suppressing the immune system from overreacting.

anybody who tries to respond to this shit with reason is wasting their time. the fact that somebody wrote this because they think it has rational value demonstrates that you can't argue with stupid. these people are morons and deserve to have the right to abort their offspring.

>>258181564there is also the question of how high her daily dosage was. drugs for chronic problems are delivered in low doses.

>>258178402I don't think anyone with any credibility said that the drug prevents people from getting the virus. The initial trial showed that people who already had covid had a reduction in viral load when hydroxychloroquine was taken alongside azithromycin. Hydroxychloroquine was not as effective on its own. >1 post by this IDOh well.

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>>258178402>cbs- "I will now eat this shit as fact and not question it at all" ~ OP

I didn't read the thread, but is it all over for Trump now?


>>258181313Solid evidence right there. 10,000 is a pretty large sample population.

>>258184912it blocks efficient replication. this means replication is slowed and you don't get as sick, not that replication has been completely blocked. this isn't rocket science.

>>258178402>%80 false positive rate

Wisconsin woman with compromised immune system takes hydroxychloroquine for two decades. Still alive!

>>258178402it doesn't prevent you from getting it you fucking retard. It minimizes the threat of the virus if you do happen to catch it.

>>258180647Same with all of you fags who suck his dick and rush to defend every stupid thing he does

>>258178402in other news a cancer patient who was undergoing chemo succumbed to cancer today.

>>258178402Not sure who, where or when anybody said it provided immunity.

>>258178402And she lived or it would be saying "SHE DIEDED" 3 times in the headline alone.

>>258189753No we don't. We just love pissing you off.

>>258190008Not sure who, where, or when anyone said it definitely was proven to work other than trump and his worshippers who are finally pretending it's real now after months of denial

>>258190662>deny virus because trump said it was a political ploy>pretend now they have pharmaceutical knowledge to defend trump taking medicine for the virus they formerly believed wasnt realYeah no, you guys are brainless dicksucking cultists

>sage topic that makes your cult leader look bad>we just like making the Dems cryIf you like making the Dems cry, why are you getting rid of threads where Dems are crying...seems like you guys are the crybabies that can't deal with reality

>>258178402BREAKING - Pawpaw fruit, on Hydroxychloroquine for over 20 years, tests positive for

>>258180162He's a faggot.

>>258178402I legitimately hate the media.

>>258178402What's her name? How old is she? One person huh? Got any more people? Italy had a few handfuls in their study. So, now media will do all in their power to find anyone who takes it and got the cough. Let's see how many they can get. TDS is real.