Why did CIA get rid of the government of Tunis and Egypt back in 2011? I understand why they targeted Libya and Syria...

Why did CIA get rid of the government of Tunis and Egypt back in 2011? I understand why they targeted Libya and Syria, but why did they target their own allies? Simply to make it look like unorganized happening? But that wouldn't really make sense, since all the top players know it was them anyways.

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>>258177565Because fuck you, that's why. Maybe we should bring freedom to your country?

>>258177979You already have done it for decades. Kultur-terror isn't just a meme, and we both know it.

Bump. Since it's almost a decade old thing, I'm quite certain somebody has a glue. I mean someone else than all the glowies browsing this thread.

So apparently most people simply don't care, and those who do, don't want to bring attention to themselves and therefore decide not to post anything.

You know if someone would have posted some bullshit-explanation I probably could have accepted it, but all this silence really only makes me more interested in this subject.

The same answer with all of those shitholes: oil/shipping lanes

>>258177565>Why did CIA get rid of the government of Tunis and Egypt back in 2011? I understand why they targeted Libya and Syria, but why did they target their own allies?Becuase the USA Goverment is infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood.>GREEN TIDE RISING>by Philip B. Haney>The Ascension of Hamas (What Was)archive.fo/4Zn5z#selection-107.1-147.33https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/federal-judge-hands-downs-sentences-holy-land-foundation-case>Federal Judge Hands Downs Sentences in Holy Land Foundation Case>Holy Land Foundation and Leaders Convicted on Providing Material Support to Hamas Terrorist Organization>The government presented evidence at trial that, as the U.S. began to scrutinize individuals and entities in the U.S. who were raising funds for terrorist groups in the mid-1990s, the HLF intentionally hid its financial support for Hamas behind the guise of charitable donations. HLF and these five defendants provided approximately $12.4 million in support to Hamas and its goal of creating an Islamic Palestinian state by eliminating the State of Israel through violent jihad.>The government’s case included testimony that in the early 1990's, Hamas’ parent organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, planned to establish a network of organizations in the U.S. to spread a militant Islamist message and raise money for Hamas. The government’s case also included testimony about Hamas material found in zakat committees.

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>>258177565Probably George W. Bush, who is still acting behind the scenes in SAD/SOG, just wants to eliminate, destabilize, fragment, or discredit any government he can, in order to take over himself as a criminal organization.

>>258182257'USA is infiltrated by Muslim Brotherhood'.George W. Bush 'infiltrated' himself by being friends with bin Laden and al-Qaeda before 9/11.

>>258182257Enemies Within Series: Philip Haney - National Security Meltdown - Islamic Saturation in U.S. Govtyoutube.com/watch?v=mjWHvDNpTi8>In June 2016, Haney testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee, where he alleged that the Obama-era DHS had ordered him to delete hundreds of files about reputed associates of Islamic terrorist groups. Haney made the case that several attacks in the U.S. could have been prevented if some of the files had not been deleted, the Examiner reported.>Writing in The Hill in February 2016, Haney claimed Obama had thrown the U.S. intelligence community "under the bus" for failing to "connect the dots" after a Nigerian Muslim terror suspect was linked to a failed terror plot on Christmas Day in 2009.Phil Haney is now Dead.>"Somebody I deeply respected and considered a friend Phil Haney - a DHS whistleblower during the Obama Admin was apparently killed yesterday in Southern California," Carter wrote. "Pray for his family and pray they find the person who murdered him. Still trying to get confirmation on details.">Haney, a former DHS agent, was also the author of "See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government's Submission to Jihad.">He was an outspoken critic of the Obama administration, specifically its handling of radical Jihadist elements and Islamic terrorism.foxnews.com/us/dhs-whistleblower-philip-haney-found-dead-police-say

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>>258177565Obama Muslim Brotherhood / Isis bullshit.I'm soooooo glad their plan got fucked up in Syria.there is somthing they want in Syria big time and i dont believe its a pipeline or oil... not sure what it is tho

>>258182464>George W. Bush 'infiltrated' himself by being friends with bin Laden and al-Qaeda before 9/11.Well sure; Now the Islamists are on Top.The Globalists and the Islamists:redmoonrising.com/Ikhwan/BritIslam.htm>Fomenting the Clash of Civilizations for a New World Order>In 1928 the Muslim Brotherhood was founded by an Egyptian schoolteacher named Hasan al-Banna. The Brotherhood was a religious secret society known publicly for its emphasis on Islamic education and for its charitable activities. Prior to World War II British Intelligence cultivated ties with the Brotherhood through agent Freya Stark,>Furthermore, most secular movements advocated various schemes of Arab unity, a union or a unified policy, which threatened and undermined the pro-West traditional regimes of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and other client states. The West saw it as a challenge that had to be met." >>"According to CIA agent Miles Copeland, the CIA began to cooperate with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim mass organization founded in Egypt but with followers throughout the Arab Middle East... This signalled the beginning of an alliance between the traditional regimes and mass Islamic movements against Nasser and other secular forces."

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>>258177565Someone here wondering why Tunisia was toppled by the CIA.Pretty simple I think, W wants to topple every government but SAD.That evidently includes the USA and EU.So e.g. Bush probably pushed Brexit along, and Bush was definitely behind bullshit conspiracy-theories about Obama, Trump, and Putin.Why, ultimately it doesn’t make a whole lotta sense, he destroys or renders impotent every government so he can commit ‘crimes’ of an unknown character.Likely ultimately those crimes involve fomenting wars for no reason.Obviously however he wants to weaken governments using every method developed durinng the Cold War, including our own government, as that is what he does.He deploys the methods of SAD/SOG such as sowing factional dissent and discrediting public figures with guilt by association or conspiracy-theories, etc, and also purposely foists the most incompetent and laughable people into power, which is what the USA used to do in communist countries.However, here he definitely is just aiming for anarchy, not a regime-change.He is just ruining most major governments in the West and Middle East.And again, not clear with what objective other than committing crimes and blowing things up.Perhaps simply because he can, and he is a mega-rebel who is against all authority.Not clear if he holds any grudge against e.g. the USA or EU.Not clear why he would, however, what, he was arrested for DUI.God knows, the man is mad.He wants to destroy the whole federal government because he got pulled over for driving drunk while living in Texas.Stickin it to the Man.He is doing it, whatever the hell his motive.He is discrediting, dismantling, fragmenting, and subverting the whole USA government.And bizarre also is that people help him do this.Probably mostly 9 whores, as only they would have a ‘reason’ to.

>>258182076But Egypt and Tunis already cooperated with the deep state, so wanting to get access to oil really doesn't explain it this time, since they already had it there.

>>258183495Bush also behind various other disinfo such as Sandy Hook ‘crisis actors’, he probably made that up himself.Alex Jones for whatever reason repeated it and memory-holed 9/11 thereby.Note that 9/11 has yet to be explained rationally.My theory is that Al-Qaeda used C-4 to demolish the buildings, including 7.Also Bush and Condi allowed it to happen, and Israel kept quiet after their initial warning at Bush’s behest, while sending Mossad to observe the event.Bush himself likely also behind OKC.That was his first attempt, also al-Qaeda, using McVeigh as a proxy or cover.Most likely it was a cover and again they detonated C-4 planted on the columns.So, other than the whores 9, the only other faggots helping Bush are terrorists.Indeed, bizarrely, Muslim terrorists.

>>258183431nbcnews.com/news/world/trump-admin-cancels-300m-aid-pakistan-over-terror-record-n905786>Trump admin cancels $300M aid to Pakistan over terror record>The Trump administration has claimed Islamabad is granting safe haven to militants who are waging a 17-year-old war in neighboring Afghanistan — a charge Pakistan denies. Announcing the initial suspension of funds in January, the president accused Islamabad of rewarding past U.S. aid with “nothing but lies & deceit.”> at the insistence of advisors such as Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter signed a directive authorizing covert aid to the fundamentalist opponents of the ruling communist regime in Afghanistan>Major General Walter Joseph Cawthorn who, as Deputy Chief of Staff of the Pakistani Army established Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence in 1948.>The power of the ISI increased for its first twenty years until the emergence of Pakistan's first popularly elected civilian leader, the socialist Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in 1971. Bhutto immediately displayed the same nationalistic characteristics as Nasser, Mossadegh and the Shah and his regime fell out of favor with the British government and the West>Britain's relation with the Pakistan underworld becomes clear with a look back at the BCCI scandal. The Bank of Credit and Commerce International was the first Third World multinational bank, created in 1972 by Pakistani banker Agha Hasan Abedi.>>One of BCCI's early moves to gain international influence was its purchase in 1976 of 85% of the Banque de Commerce et Placements (BCP) of Geneva, Switzerland. Then it installed Alfred Hartmann as manager. Hartmann then became the chief financial officer for BCC Holdin; Hartmann was a member of the British banking establishment through his connections with the Rothschild family, being a member of the board of directors of N.M. Rothschild and Sons, London, and president of Rothschild Bank AG of Zurich.

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>>258183431Ignore anyone who claims an ideological motive behind these guys.They are gangsters.W and al-Qaeda, etc, are simply organized criminals.They have little ideology, that is just their disguise adapted to their homeland.So, what the hell their real motive is, bears to be witnessed.You know that neither the Saudi gangsters nor W believe in anything humane.They ‘believe’ as a persona contradicted by other ones, as usual of 18 apes.Now obviously a motive for some thugs helping W is that he opens a canal for their drug-trade, etc, but the motive for W and the core terrorists, really not logical or comprehensible.Ultimately one can easily see the likelihood of this ending in failure and mass destruction.So that may well be Bush’s motive, at least, hence why he compares himself to Gacy.Just some sort of mega serial killer.Why he would do this, hard to say.There probably has to be at least some lunatic subjective reason for him,other than vices that are general to all 18s.…

>>258183431Also noteworthy is W made up the idea that Islamism is the motive of terrorists,and made up the idea that Trump or alt-righters are ‘fascists’, etc, both to sow discord among his ‘enemies’ and to confuse people about what really drives people like himself, which is ordinarily a banal mixture of greed and vice.Hint: they are apes.

>>258177565They needed more islamist fodder to be funneled into syria/iraq.

>>258184224In regard to vice, one must ask oneself what it was that motivated e.g. Ted Bundyto track down and bludgeon college girls to death.Not much, he was just a retard, a subhuman ape.I doubt there was much deep psychologically behind that.The reason in his case, likely that women are more animatedly afraid than men are,are weaker than men to resist his attacks, and he was addicted to the whole process of killing people for entertainment as an addiction to fear, terror, and riskiness.So similar here with W, he just likes it when you scream and run for cover.That is at least half of his motive, he is moronic.The other half, just banal criminal greed, likely, he enjoys accruing ever more power and criminal income.So to a degree also because you let him do it, he has the opportunity, so he does it.Why he does it, because there is nothing stopping him from doing it, and there is nothing he would not do if he had the opportunity.

They declined the offer to have Bill Clinton do a few 20 minute speeches. This was unacceptable.

>>258184768So, we may never understand the designs of evil,It is enough to know that evil, like goodness, is retarded.The terrorists were instruments of retardation, who died in hope.Behind them is a cult of moronic beliefs, that thrives on low IQ.There is the worst kind of stupidity, the kind that claims to be wise and right.There is the worst kind of arrogance, pure dumbness without merit,While daring to claim the authority of God.

>>258184444Interesting point bro, considering Libya is between Tunis and Egypt, it could make sense. Simply quite rad to sacrifice several allies to get rid some of your enemies, but definitely something they would be willing to do any time if they think it simply is worth it.

>>258184979Did they really do so? You got any link m8?

>>258184224>Also noteworthy is W made up the idea that Islamism is the motive of terrorists,>W and al-Qaeda, etc, are simply organized criminals.>Implying Islam has not been an adversary of Europeans since it's inception.Buy a Gun, and Shoot yourself you fucking nigger.

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>>258185072Also curious he said ‘hijackers’, presumably meaning himself of the federal govt.The highjackers were really really high when they came up with this plan.Fool me once, shame on, fool me twice.Shame on, someone or other.Shame on roody-poos.That’s it, fool me twice, shame on niggers.So again look at the other serial killers and their ‘motives’.A lot of the time, if not all the time, their motive was just vice, they really enjoyed fear and risk and were addicted to getting away with it.Asking why they did it is like asking why did you ejaculate.Other than that, Bush is probably making money here somehow.Probably a hell of a lot of money, if he is in drugs or whatnot.So he has multiple ‘motives’, all of which are about as deep as a nickel.Also compare niggers, they never seem to have any intelligent or deep ideology.In fact, sometimes they ruin their whole lives over a piece of stolen property.As W might say, intelligence does not become them.Same thing with him, however, ironically.Deep meaning, deep meaning does not become me.Also note in general that 18 is always going to do whatever he can and whimsically, with total disregard for the consequences, because that is another sort of enemy or oppressor.If he ‘gave in’ to fate or reality, that would be giving in, in other words.It would be turning himself in rather than putting up a fight and a chase.

>>258185702You are quite dumb to believe that any of these guys in these fake religions they make up are really ideological fanatics of their creeds. Compare e.g. Ndrangheta in Rome.

>>258177565To my knowledge, nobody really knows. Maybe they had lost grip? Who knows. Egypt especially is an essential piece to be in control of. Imagine what would happen to Israel if Egypt was left to prosper under genuine leadership like Assad.

>>258185702Some manchild here very upset I pointed out that religious beliefs are not the motive of Islamists, so-called, but psychopathy is.You know who else believed that their motive was religion?American voters in 2004.Maybe Breivik?Who knows, lots of silly little cowboys.Compare e.g. Ndrangheta in Rome. You think they are really devout Catholics, overall?Only one persona is, not the whole 18.So same thing with Islamist ‘extremists’, or any other 18s.Part of them is a religious fanatic, another part couldn’t give two shits about god.Look at Bush himself, he is an ‘evangelical Christian’ devotee.Yet he is also an arch-criminal and seemingly a rebel against all life-forms.That implies he embodies the satanic principle, and yet is a ‘Christian’ in another parallel life.

>>258186476In general, 18 cannot bear to ‚limit‘ himself to one consistent persona or belief.He is changing constantly also in time, observably, from one to another belief.He is actually also maintaining more than one persona or mask for different occasions at all times.That is what a psychopath is, a man of lawlessness.

>>258186103>You are quite dumb to believe >projection>that any of these guys in these fake religions they make up are really ideological fanatics of their creeds.>Implying>Ignoring the fact that the Organisation , Religious Laws, Creed, Networking exist and are destroying European and USA Law and Institutions; whatever personal shit the topd dogs profess is irelevant to the discussion.gass yourself.

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>>258186475And then there is also Suez canal, not to mention how important ancient Egyptian stuff like pyramids and obelisks seem to be for the elites.

>>258186476>Some manchild here very upset I pointed out that religious beliefs are not the motive of Islamists, so-called, but psychopathy is.>implying>Projection

>>258186949All your 'institutions' are already destroying themselves by tolerating psychopaths and borderlines, creating borderline women and putting their incompetent, masochistic cunts in charge.

>>258177565because we elected a literal nigger

>>258186949Note btw that it is consistent with the personality of a manchild 5 that he may imagine that the cause of a behaviour or movement is an ideology, since that motivates himself.As an idealist, he is driven by ideals, but it is a misjudgment on his part to apply the same mentality to a psychopath or other type of person than himself.Since as a rule terrorists are psychopaths, they cannot be consistently ideologically motivated, but are instead motivated by what motivates a psychopath, banal greed and sick vices related to enjoying fear and risk-taking.

>>258186476What exactly is this "18"?

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>>258187441>Note btw that it is consistent with the personality of a manchild 5 that he may imagine that the cause of a behaviour or movement is an ideology, since that motivates himself.>Projection>hat he may imagine that the cause of a behaviour or movement is an ideology, >Implying

>>258187441A psychopath may appear ideological, such as Jim Jones, but cannot really consistently be such, as he is equal parts contradiction of any point of view or personality he holds as well as materialistic greed and hedonism.So no, these guys are not motivated by ‘Islam’, that is psychologically impossible for them.Islam is an excuse for their crimes, not the motive.

>>258187598Same thing with Christianity in regard to the Catholic crusades and colonies.Christianity was not the motive, it was the public face of the movement.Christianity itself, as well as ‘Islam’, is just a fraud designed to cover up the truth, true wisdom, and to provide a holy veneer for diabolical acts of robbery and theft, or any other sort of crime or perversion, such as terrorism as a sort of joy to be afraid and to terrorize others.

To manufacture pro-globohomo populism. Tunisia was ruled by an anti-democratic dictator, and Egypt was ruled by one too. Thus they overthrew Tunisia and installed a globohomo regime, overthrew Egypt installed a (((Muslim brotherhood))) regime, and then overthrew that one for a globohomo regime.Geopolitics is theater by the way, the CIA and MI6 work with the FSB and Chinese intel to engineer conflicts. They aren't actively fighting against another player. Just look at the Nigerian civil war, where different western/eastern block countries all supposedly fought each other, completely doesn't fit the geopolitical narrative. It's all to dissuade men from thinking about real issues and instead protect the oligarchies that stand in power. There is no "good side".

>>258186949A manchild 5 is in a base-state of 15, hoping for or seeking after something not yet there, and applying effort toward that ideal outcome, and reinforced by the state of 6, discriminating, judging, distinguishing, producing, and relief.A psychopath instead is an 18, in a base-state of reinforcingly attacking or fleeing,and strongly reinforced by fear, risk, and terror of both himself or others, for its own sake, he is a fear-junkie, and a terrorist by predispositionHe is highly averse to obeying or being dominated as well as to his own will or patience, and so impatiently rebels against all authority and seeks to aggressively acquire what he wants, as soon as possible.He does not pursue long-term ideals at all, nor hold beliefs, as belief is painful for him.He wants instant gratification and aggressively obtains it by force or trickery.He is also averse to any consistent identity or self, so he allows himself to take on multiple pretended ‘masks’ in order to blend in with others and steal from them,and in order to experience a variety of different lifestyles and perspectives.He is constantly changing these masks and so his own personality out of boredom and a lust for adventure and change.

>>258188646So, obviously the notion that ‘ideology’ such as Islam motivates terrorists or any other psychopaths is a delusion of 5 manchildren, who are projecting their own way of thinking onto a subhuman and amoral ape that totally lacks any ideals, let alone stable ideology.So, obviously the notion that ‘ideology’ such as Islam motivates terrorists or any other psychopaths is a delusion of 5 manchildren, who are projecting their own way of thinking onto a subhuman and amoral ape that totally lacks any ideals, let alone stable ideology.

>>258188273Well this kind of sounds plausible, I mean, who would the politicians in USA/Europe blame if it wasn't CCP and Russia? And same thing also goes vice versa. So I'd say plausible, but uncertain.

>>258182515Thank you so much for this

>>258188646>>258188864>I'm just going to talk about what I want, making it Gigantically Clear I only care of the angle I want postt about while projecting my own inmaturity towards user.

>>258188273>>258189007I mean it sure could be like two party system in USA where both parties are profiting from the situation, but without further proof I still consider it only as a theory right now.

>>258188864So no, they are not ‘motivated’ by religion, they made up religion motivated by what their real motive is, rebellion against all laws and reason.Islam is bullshit because 18s, not the other way around.Funny here they quote the Quran rather than ahaadiith.Durr, Quran bad, it says to attack infidels.Says to attack, 18s.No, the Quran is not the problem here.The problem is their religion which is not based on the Quran, but on psychopathy.What I mean is, their culture of being psychopaths, of which the religion is one element or face.That is the same thing with e.g. the Jews.‘Judaism’ is just an expression of the fact they are gypsy madmen and gangsters.It is not their motive, they are as mystical as a ham samwich.Their motive is, …, can you guess? Hint: they’re kikes.Chaching! A lot of it is that.Also psychopathy in general, such as envy of all othrs and envious entitlement to disguise oneself as them in order to then rob them blind and experience their lives.

>>258189474You're not listening, boy.Scroll up and read, then you will see what I am talking about, a psychopath is not someone you can comprehend as ideologically motivated.

>>258189918Obviously therefore the intention behind promoting the idea that there is an ‘ideology’ behind this or that attack or movement is just to trick manchildren.In reality, note that apparently the Jews and Vatican operate as one unit.Presumably, the Islamists are also part of that international crime syndicate.There is no ideology behind psychopaths, there is genetics, being an ape, namely.There is ooga booga and a jug of banana wine.They’re nobody.youtube.com/watch?v=k9QXY80OxS0

>>258187793catholicism is not christianityin fact catholics killed more christians throughout history than anybody else by far

>>258190245Really they, psychopaths, are an ape, but that is pretty much nobody human.As an ape, it envies every human and wants to be like youuuu.Weebee deebee deebee dee.It imitates you in order to take your property, including your personality.youtube.com/watch?v=9JDzlhW3XTM

>>258189978>You're not listening, boy.>Projection>>258189978>a psychopath is not someone you can comprehend as ideologically motivated.You decided to talk about psychopaths on your own; completley off topic; you should have made your own thread. Talking about the Ideologies that are moving the sheep is relevant; deciding to strawman and namecall me was not Noble, Mature but Very Obscene and Vulgar,all because you decided to impose your Blogpost on everyone else.So go KYS faggot.

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>>258190698Christianity in general is a bunch of fantasy and nonsense.The author of the few real books of the New Testament, John the Baptist, warned us about it in Revelation, as a form of 666.

>>258190907>projectionThat is what you are doing when you project your ego and need for a belief and ideology onto Charles Manson.But Manson was an ape, he was a nigger, he was a gypsy, a hobo.

>>258177565the sandniggers deserve to be enslaved for betraying Gaddafi.

>>258190973cool opinion bro

>>258191633It's not an opinion, it is your opinion that it is an opinion, you silly ape.

>>258189339You are welcome.

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>>258191236>defending a dictator that spread commie revolutions all over the world with oil moneyeveryday this board seems more like a chinese/russian psyop


Basically all the Med Muslims don't want an oppressive styled Islamic culture, they've seen Greece, Italy, and other Med countries. They've seen the amount of wealth and prosperity that tourism brings, they know that they have the most fantasstic climates for tourism and huge historic legacies, they want a moderate 1990s-2000s Turkish style culture, or completely cast off the Islamic yolk completely. This is when Israel steps in and creates terrorists with their agents, then unrest, then a bunch of non native Islamic Extremists arrive and death and horror destroys the burgeoning moderate culture, simple as.


>>258192605But why?

>>258192860Israel is completely dependant on the US, if everyone around Israel are all nice moderates, all friendly nations, hospitable, hosting tourists from every country in Europe, then there is no Israel. Israel needs to keep its neighbors in constant war mode, then they're permanently victims of Islamic terror and fear. This is how the US Israel relationship works. Plus the actual hard line Muslims want their faith to stay extreme, so they're in collusion to control the masses too.

>>258192605He doesn't want to be oppressed.It doesn't want us to take away its banaaana.youtube.com/watch?v=6Tou8-Cz8is

>>258183499Maybe it was just practice?

>>258177565Bumping this excellent thread, that will sadly be eclipsed by the 1,654th BBC post of the day.

>>258193244Some nigger here talking about moderate this and extreme that.Silly people.Crime is crime.I said that he is afraid of losing his banana.He has a Republican ass as his avatar.Hee haw.Ok a Democrat ass, whatever.Republican war-elephant.It is all the USA to me.I would kill it all with fire tomorrow.Enlighten me.Same bullshit there, the ‘ideology’ game.You believe, I believe, he believes, she believes, it is all becaue of this bullshit belief we must now discuss and discuss and criticize.The reality is, it is because of apes, not beliefs.Many ‘humans’ are apes, not people, and those are psychopaths, so e.g. also whole countries of them like Somalia and Abos.They’re not human, folks.