Would you be against a benevolent one world government?

Would you be against a benevolent one world government?

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>>258176524I'm against any one world government

>>258176524yes, governments should be localized. then those local governments can work together. the further from power you get the less control you have


>>258176524>benevolent one world governmentAs long as the Unicorns and fairies were fair, no.

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>>258176524I think all of us should go back to tribal systems because the big government shit we have going on now just isn't working.

>>258176524We already have a one world government. Have you benefited?

Jesus H Christ, Greta, dont you have to give your expert opinion on the virus somewhere?

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>>258176524>benevolent one world governmentOnly if the tooth fairy covers my dental

Yes. Absolutely. 110% would be against it and so would everyone I know. The only people for it live in stinky shit metropolises.

>>258176524A one world government can never be benevolent.

>>258176707nowhere to escape to, once they decide to unperson you, you're fucked, also complete control and benevolence don't mix, total power corrupts totally.

>>258176524If the entire world is filled with aryans

only if it incudes highspeed railay and highway connected north america and asia via alaska/russia

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>>258176524>Would you be against a benevolent one world government?Yeah I would be against that, because it’s in the bible, dumbass. Tower of Babel story. Everyone is supposed to stay in their own little area and have their own government, culture and language. We already figured this stuff out a long time ago. The hubris of these globalists is unbelievable.

>>258176524People here seem to be against jews so...

Guys, this is a HYPOTHETICAL where the one world government is unequivocally benevolent.

>>258176524>benevolent>governmentThose two words don't really go together tbqh

>>258176524The base unit of sovereignty is the individual. If the individual wants to dilute their sovereignty by ceding it to a world government, so be it. If the world government is formed and takes power by default, I'm against it.

>>258176524Only if they make me the one world ruler and they have to do whatever I tell 'em. Otherwise no way.

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Any country can apply to become a member of the United States. A mechanism for a 1 world government exists, yet there isn't a massive push, simply because a 1 world government is about control. Any government that doesn't guarantee me of all my existing rights... that government is illegitimate.

>>258176806it was never intended to be this way. it was suppose to be local>state>federal

The saints chosen to run the new government will be the same people who laugh about bankrupting their political opponents after framing them.

>>258176524>benevolent one world governmentIs that even possible?

>>258177094If it's always benevolet there is literally no argument against it, But that will never happen.

>>258176524yes, the world is too big and the people in it too diverse, any one group trying to make laws and do things for everyone isnt going to be able to manage it effectively and the majority of people will suffer for it as everything is going to have to be compromised to be able to include everyone, where as if you have local governments they are able to react to and act on behalf of their people much more effectively, and each group/country/state etc will have far better representation and more suitable laws and practices for them

>>258176524>benevolenthurr durr

>>258177563Well it is certainly fucked now and I am getting tired of it. I want to fight back and I think a lot of other people feel that way too. The future looks bleak. Learn bushcraft. Protect your families.

>>258176524Radically so.

Yes. I’d give it about ten minutes before the sociopaths buried an ice pick into the cranium of the benevolent.

>>258176524I’m even against our Federal Govt being so strong FFS. I support Localism/De-Federalism/Nationalism

>>258176524>benevolentWhy are you assuming that?

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>>258176524There is no such animal as a benevolent government you faggot.

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Yes. Always.Fedoras and kikes need to fuck off back to >>>/r/eddit

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>>258177094If it's absolutely benevolent then yes. There is literally no reason why not.The question becomes more interesting if people argue why they don't believe it to be possible

>>258176524Because you are for killing elderly boomers to seize pensions, kill Blacks to seize their property, in every country, remove all our liberties and make us live in a dystopian 1984 style future where we are only allowed to have "unithink" one way and boring political correctness.Oh, and you want to subdue, and kill all whites too because you believe word for word the genocidal words in the Torah.Thank you very much.


>>258176524Yes because odds are the asshole that will follow the benevolent great leader will be a tyrannical lunatic. Benevolent leaders are a fleeting thing that never lasts.

>>258177072>>258177075>>258176524Funny how Jews want globalism even though The Bible/Torah make it pretty clear through The Tower of Babel that (((God))) does not want that. I wouldn't be opposed as long as it had common language and culture between all inhabitants for best cooperation and cohesion.


>>258176524Because it's not going to be benevolent.

>>258176524Sure, but not one run by people. I'm waiting for our robot overlords.

>>258177563You can thank Yankees for the current state of affairs. CSA tried to leave, but Yankees wouldn't have it, and their kike president Abraham Springs Lincoln centralized all government to be subordinate to the federal government.

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Oh yeah you'll love the Chinese and Russian bio microchips inside your head. Get out of line and pop goes the weasel. bloomberg.com/news/features/2018-10-04/the-big-hack-how-china-used-a-tiny-chip-to-infiltrate-america-s-top-companies

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>>258176524We already have a One World Government. Just not everyone is smart enough to recognize it.Yet.

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>>258176524>Would you be against a benevolent one world government?Yes nigger

>>258178148>(((God)))>I wouldn't be opposedWhat a surprise. Fedoras are kike slaves.

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>>258176524I’ve got a thing about authority. It pisses me off.

>>258176524local management is always more efficient

>>258176524About the only way we'd get a benevolent one world government is if an only-partially-genocidal AI managed to take over the world. That would certainly be preferable to the one world government our leaders are trying to make.

>>258176524Of government is in the title I will hate it. There is no Good government. Just idiots who are dumb enough to believe they are

>>258176524What makes them benevolent?

>>258178148Jews wrote the Talmud thinking they can outsmart God and skirt around the spirit of their own laws through legalism. They also want "globalism for thee but not for me" precisely because they know it shatters social cohesion and makes the cattle easier to manipulate.

>>258178394I was watching a vid where they were arguing that Bill Gates is a FTM tranny.

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>>258176524If there was actually benevolent.I find it difficult to picture a group of people with control over the entire world having the general population'S best interests at heart.

>>258176524Depends on how it's administrated; but not really. Mind you, there'd need to be some pretty firm safeguards and separation of powers. Probably not possible without some kind of strong general AI oversight. Still, IF you could make it dance without turning into some corrupt tyranny? Absolutely.

>>258176524We already have a one world government, it's just less obvious.


>>258179118You just let them live up there without paying rent? 24/7, wtf?

>>258176524From tribes to cities and nations, a world government is just the next logic step.

>>258176524i vote for the corona virus for prez

>>258178774It wouldn't even need to be genocidal. Probably need to be recursively self improving, and would likely view us the way an autist views a civ game, but hey. If it cares about the 'happiness' and 'individual choice' stats when its making decisions? I'm on board.

>>258179285because if the government actually helped people it would ruin all of Holla Forumss stupid end of the world survivalist civil war fantasies

>>258176524If it's so full of jews and obviously shit that you needed to call it "benevolent", no.

>>258179466I mean, no, I wouldn't approve it.

>>258176524>Would you be against a benevolent one world government?.....run by satanic child fucking kikes.

>benevolent >governmentDo I even have to say pick one and only one?

>>258176707Too much power in one place.Have you never heard the phrase "power corrupts"?Who's going to oversee the world government? Another World's government?

>>258176524decentralize in all things

>>258176524>people kept wishing hitler comes back like he's jesus or something>now everyone is against one world government which is exactly what they kept memeing hitler should do if he came backheh

>>258176524>Government>BenevolentThere is your first mistake

>>258176524What is the incentive for this one world government to improve? Competition between nations, just like between corporations, is good for progress. Without it, I fear that a one world government would stagnate and eventually fail to be benevolent.

>>258176524No, but a benevolent one world government is impossible.

>>258179285>Why?...Think of the amount of power it would require. Then imagine what would happen to any group who said:>We don't want to be under your rule>we'd much rather govern ourselves, thank you

>>258176524not if everyone in the world was white

>>258176524No, but that is under the contingency Americans aren't forced to accept the small arms treaty- or any other regulation which impedes upon the Constitutional birth-priveleges given to all human beings by the founders.

I'm all in for the world government. I'm also for the eradication of religion and ethnic differences.When all that is done, we can focus on the real goal: conquering our galaxy

>>258176524In the words of Paul DentonThe wealthy have always been the ones to profit from one-world government.A few bureaucrats in New York can't make good decisions for New Jersey, let alone Paris or a village in China

>>258179967so what? all societies have rules for people who dont want to follow social expectations

>>258176524It's not going to be benevolent and you know it.

>>258180275You mean like it is for a lot of people nowadays?

>>258176524>benevolent >governmenthow fucking retarded are you?1) when gov are not stomping on some one else2) they are getting some one to do the stomping for them3) and when not doing that, they are stomping on their own peopleEuro is currently is between steps 2 and 3NWO will have not choice but to institute "2 minutes of hate" with various groups/regions being the target on a rotating basis.picture a boot stomping on the face of humanity....forever

>>258180424How the fuck would you know what it be like? If we would have always listened to the nay-sayers, humans would still live in caves. Fuck it, lets roll the dice

>>258177094I accept this hypothetical only on the assumption that they have an infinite supply of fairy dust and pixie magic to draw from to create this amazing ahistorical state of affairs.

>>258179840>>258179957>>258180275>>258180424>>258180986All under heaven

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>>258178468see>>258180097that is what I was implying. You don't know what triple parentheses mean? Christianity embraces and teaches some of the best practices of western culture. That is part of the reason why it spread so quickly through Europe. Christianity is an excellent way to teach western culture to other cultures without straight up saying that is what you are doing.

>>258176524absolute power corrupts absolutelykys globohomo

>>258176524No. World government cant work. Just like the EU can't work. Their is too much disparity between the cultures of Northern Europe and Southern Europe.Now consider that the disparity between Africa and Europe is far greater.By the same token, Socialism can't exist in a culturally diverse nation.

>>258181467>i would be for world governmentPeriod. Stop.You are a kike slave.


>>258181556>absolute power corrupts absolutelygay cope>kys globohomobut also based

>>258176524Do I get to be king? If not then who gets to be king? If it's not a monarchy, then no, fuck off.

>>258181556And why would a global government be diffetent than national governments? They are all corrupt af

>benevolent governmentThat's an oxymoron.


>>258178064>Blacks>property.Hey, where's my bike ?!?

The entire planet ruled under one person?Too risky.

>>258178148Torah != Talmud.

>>258176524benevolent to who? In a world where obviously contradictory outlooks are held in the same esteem you can't please everyone.

>>258176524>run by jews who despise white peoples and cultures>benevolent

>>258181697Jews aren't white and hate western culture.

>>258182106How about a group of a dozen people?

>>258180275Do they? Do think more or less English girls would be raped by pakis and africans under a paki and African, dominated world electorate?

>>258182486It already is. Is this a world that is perfect or can it be better?

Probably the most interesting topic on the whole site, and everybody is like "meh, who cares"Get out of your comfort zones you cunts

When I was a teenager, I couldn't wait for a one world government. Now I wish there was no government whatsoever.

>>258176524You might as well ask if you're against a "benevolent government". There is no such thing, and there could never be.The pretense of benevolence is just Keynesian multiplier-effect and deficit-spending economics to increase "aggregate-demand" and produce dependency.youtube.com/watch?v=d0nERTFo-SkGenerally-speaking local government is ideal, but local government is weak and disorganized(and unable to protect itself from the rapaciousness of other governments).You could argue that a one-world government is the only way to break the Darwinian struggle between nations, because a one-world government would have the power to prevent all war. And without that struggle for wealth and power across nations, each nation could stop focusing so much on money(IE power), and focus on things that are truly beneficial. But more likely it would just end up an extremely-hierarchical police-state. And while governments can become weakened by poor leadership, they have to be destroyed from the outside. If there is no outside, they just become basically Orwellian/1984, forever.

>>258176524>benevolent one world governmentno such thing

>>258177094What is it to be benevolent? Give people whatever they want? Socialism?I'm reminded of the movie Wall-E, where there was the space cruiseship where everyone was fat and sitting on hover chairs their whole lives. Is that benevolence or is that hell?What some call benevolence, others call theft and murder(think abortion).

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>>258182998Yes. Drop the courtan, eradicate religion and ethnic differences, and indoctrinate all of humanity that we are all from the same tribe. That would be way better instead of wasting resources gor petty national interests

>>258184054except "eradicating" those differences in practice just means pretending they don't exist

>>258182486That just leads to nothing more than condensed infighting, and that's dangerous in the hands of anyone that can partition the earth on a whim.

>>258176524>Would you be against a benevolent one world government?Yes, because I know that behind it is the most corrupt satanic motherfuckers the history of man has ever witnessed

>>258184342No, that means that we have to wait a hundres years or so. Races exist, because humanity was separated till recently. With global travel, the races will mix untill its a uni-race

>>258184424And how is that different from what we have now? The possibility of having more unity would still be bigger, although far from perfect

>>258185284you would need a hell of a lot more than a hundred years and a level of forcible control that no one could possibly see as benevolent so the conditions are already broken.

>>258176524It doesn't matter. There is no way to avoid a one-world government It is the last step before intensive space exploration

>>258179670Exactly so what are we doing with national governments?It’s a paradox since the answer to the corruption of power is ultimate power consolidated into one entityA king of all kings No one can deny the truth

Don't worry. It's about to happen.

>>258185557I was never talking about a benevolent government. That would be a utopia that might be achieved in the far future. I was rather talking about basic stuff, what humanity would need to accept a nwo

>>258185284If that happens, the average IQ of the human race would fall too low to maintain a world goverment.

>>258185541>And how is that different from what we have now?It's not, the world is already ruled via consortium.

>>258177045You can't escape as it is. You need the government's permission to leave and enter any country.

Only if we remove jews first

>>258176524I'd be for a one world government if they put Jesus Christ as King

>faked moon landing>faked Holocaust>spread COVID-19>benevolent

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>>258186209Only if the tooth fairy is the queen

>>258186030in that case the only feasible way to eliminate differences would be for one group to eliminate all others and repopulate the rest of the world with their own children.

>>258186566No, just wait. The races are mixing anyway. You don't even need to eliminate all ethic differences, you just need a majority of mixed breeds and the indoctrination that people are first and foremost humans, all brothers and sisters or some gay shit like that. Than the establishment of a nwo is not that big of a deal

>benevolent>governmentPICK ONLY ONE FAGGOT

>>258176524Depends on who is on top / runs it and where on the political spectrum they fall. I'm not for a one world government that is a soft tranny child rapists government, that's why I like China they are unapologetic about the things they do. I appreciate that more then lies and cover ups. A one world government needs to be brutality effective and destroy anything that threatens the people / peace even if a few hundred thousand dies. Pedo trannys executed in the streats for the safety of mankind, that's something I'd support.

>>258188146Brutally based

>>258188146Might makes right

>>258187255idk, causing people to mix requires constant propaganda upkeep. even fully indoctrinated people mostly mate with their own race. health problems and infertility from outbreeding depression makes it even harder. i just can't see it happening without unprecedented levels of control over human reproduction.

>>258176524>Would you be against a benevolent one world government?There's no such thing. We barely have any say and representation in our own current national government, the fuck do you think a world government would do to hold your interests as your goal. Stop being a stupid naive simp.How are you euRAPEeans so fucking naive with the concept of government? Why are you all so ignorant of corruption, power, finance, and social policies? Wake the fuck up already.

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>>258176524Yes. It wouldn’t work. It just violently Balkanize sooner or later. People are too different to governed by a single entity.

>>258188528I see your point, but i disagree. Granted, people mostly breed within their own race, but given enough time, the majority will become a mix. The question is, do we have to speed up this process or do we have the time to let that happen naturally?

>>258189086They've been trying to speed it up for decades.

>>258189156Right. I give it 100-200 years from now to reach 'critical mass', without additinal acceleration. The minds of people are have become more progressive in the last 50 years, and with improved global travel, it's just a matter of time

>>258176673>>258176691>>258176707>>258176751>>258176806Who would be the president of the world government?

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>>258176524How would the taxes work in a one world government?

>>258176524No. Small governance is the key to a happy and productive society. Current countries are already too large and too powerful. The more powerful a country is, the corruption there is.

>>258188938It would only work if countries were left a high degree of autonomy. The day to day of running things INSIDE their own country would be left totally untouched. Cultural values wouldn’t be affected. The world government would only come in to avoid geopolitical tension/conflict. Their primary objective would be to avoid dangerous state competition stemming from acquisition of resources and power and environmental damage. That could work. But it probably would take some sort of catastrophe to make states accept giving up that kind of autonomy as necessary to their survival.

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>>258176524An argument I'm sure no one has made yet:Different races require different regimes. Because they are wired differently.

>>258177052do you not understand that highspeed rail/highway connects contribute to higher nigger populations?

>>258189086i COULD see your point if it weren't for the biological factors working against outbreeding. another example of which is the fact that genes tend to express themselves in groups which (in a healthy individual) mutually exclude other gene groups. Ethnogenesis only happens when groups are genetically close enough, like scandies and franks creating normans. there is no new discrete race of mulattos because the descendants of a mulatto will end up expressing almost exclusively the genes of one or the other parents' race (that is, if they're not infertile).

>>258190022Absolutely based. OP seemingly doesn't understand this despite living in such a small (and monogenous) country himself, it's sad to see.

There are different forms of theoretically possible world governments. A very important factor is the amount of authonomy of regions. I would prefer a large amount, it would lessen over the ages automaticly

>>258189937Europe would pay the net taxes, Africa would receive the net benefits.The EU would be a microcosm


>>258190035So it would work just like the UN?

>>258191615All nuance would be banned, the world would turn black and white.

>>258176707How about you tell us why we all need to be under one boot huh?

>>258189821Gandolf the grey.

>>258191876That's how politics always works.And why transnational organizations always fail.

>>258188422You've shown your true Bolshevick caananite colors, fuck you evil pedo rockfeller.

>>258176524The only way this is happening is we build a robot supra society so advanced that they take care of our needs without effort, we would have perfect lives and freedom to be in any place, the robots would be hardcoded to never fuck us over and to be in total control of foreign interplanetary diplomacy, when they conquer new worlds, they make them habitable and some of us move there.

>>258176524As long as they’re not ruled by jews, pakis, niggers and anyone not white

>>258176524Are the whites in control and do they get their own white-only nation?

>>258176524They all gravitate toward tyranny.

>>258176524be·nev·o·lent: be·nev·o·lent: well meaning and kindly.If Americans were children, no. But we're not.

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>>258176524Yes, because benevolence implies an unattainable form of perfection in government. The more power that we give to a central government, the more we run the risk of empowering the wrong people, giving up the wrong freedoms, and destroying the cultures and heritage of billions of people. This kind of power on a global scale breeds corruption.

>>258176524>benevolent one world governmentbenevolent to whom?

>>258176524no, but it must be a direct democracy

>>258176524One world, blend all cultures/races into one culture-free grey race with lower IQs that are much easier to make slaves out of.Damn all these diverse cultures....they stand in the way of my global utopia (slave world).

>>258176524> a benevolent one world governmentNo, it would be the best case scenario for humanity. However, we all know it wouldn't work. Every single current government is corrupt as fuck, I wouldn't trust any of that filth with even watching my dog while I shit. I'll come back and they'll tell me he committed suicide with toilet paper while holding a bloody knife.

>>258192620Absolute easiest kind of system to exploit and steal the rights of the people away.You will never see more propaganda targeting a population than in a direct democracy.

>>258192899>Absolute easiest kind of system to exploit and steal the rights of the people awaywhat the fuck are you talking about? how can you control the thinking of the entire population?>You will never see more propaganda targeting a population than in a direct democracyoh you're a retard.

>>258176524>benevolent one world government>square circle>2 + 2 = 17Things that don't exist in reality. Logical impossibilities. etc

>>258176524> benevolentWho do you think is able to decide and implement whats "good" for every one?How is "good" / benevolence going to be defined, considering lots of different cultures and moral rainbows?This isn't at all as easy as it might sound if you are serious about benevolance...

>>258176524If by "one world government," you mean "one group of people exterminating all others and then colonizing the remains of the globe," then yeah that would work in theory. Anything else is impossible to unify. Humanity is too different from each other.

>>258176524I want one yeah but I don't know how it could possibly workOnly an AI overlord could do it.

>>258192635>blend all cultures/races into one culture-free grey race with lower IQs that are much easier to make slaves out of.Could you imagine that raising the IQ could result in people letting go of old cultures because they see through it and also resulting in a better check against the NWO abusing power because they have the brainskills to organise etc against it?