Holla Forums humor Thread - OC Edition

Post those OC memes lads, I'll start with my own I made for you guys: youtube.com/watch?v=7oAmFCnbQlk

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these are real white people definitely

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>>258176314>>258176527solid shit boys, no cringe yet, keep it up

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>>258175667>devine operating system systems

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>>258176314just to be safe

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>>258180588lolNice digits, too


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>>258181790Kek, I’ve been looking for this forever.

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>>258180301Fucking kek. Im saving that shit bro good job user.

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>>258176314Isn't that what every Holla Forums user looks like?

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>>258180588Frogs aren't reptiles, reeeeeeeeeeeeThis makes me so fucking angry, fuck off you fucking piece of subhuman garbage

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>>258183337>off by fourNice try Hans, maybe next time.

>>258180301someone send this to the roastie

>>258176314How long will u keep posting this fake? I almost believed for a while, but can we stick to real shit, since there is plenty of war on whites?

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>>258180283anon your pic related is retarded. Hitler fought for freedom freedom for all of us from kikery. your kiked user. free yourself from that. you are a house nigger doing what your massa' dun toll yaI hope your ego is not so fragile you cannot handle this I hope you take some more redpills and keep growing as a person.

>>258180283please watch this youtube.com/watch?v=kgtCDVwwMx8its kikery. These were Hitler's enemy, they are all our enemy this is national socialism bitchute.com/video/hGT2IL6SIRkC/does it sound evil as all fuck? when you compare the two vids, who is more evil user which side are you on?

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>>258185112That is a humor pic. Take a break from your crusade.

>>258180106There's a jew hiding in your brushes

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>>258186693cannot unseeholy fuck sweden10/10

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>>258186693Fucking schizo, where?

>>258175667Gosh darn I miss him so much

>>258175667Based. I miss him so much.

>>258186693>>258186876>>258187002it's practically a perfect fit

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>>258187002Row 7, position 4

>>258183492haha nice user

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>>258186693There's also a very cursed Homer in the bottom left corner.

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>>258185734The victor will never be asked if he said the thuthNever forget that, the only way to win this race war is to be ruthless and unforgiving, they are doing the same to us,. Goodness and believeving in one another will only bring us to our downfall.In this conflict there can be no mercy, no peace, no rest. For our very existance is at stake, in spain we have a saying: "If you are to make an omelette, expect to break some eggs". This is war, expect casualties.

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Does anyone have that one pic of the Nazi guy talking to the girl on OkCupid and they're agreeing on environmental stuff but she doesn't realize he's a Nazi?

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Lmao you pathetic racists never fail to make me laugh with your "pol humor" threadsFace it, most poc will be infinitely more successful than any of you sad virgins ever will be. You are on the wrong side of history, get over it losers

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>>258193332Pitbulls are white supremacy dogwhistles now didn't you know? You bigot.