The enemy is in our midst

Why did kike jannies remove pic related so fast? It's almost as if the meme was extremely red pilled and (((they))) are terrified the goyim will realize that Christianity is our only hope against fighting the eternal Jew>inb4 not politicalThe war against the Jews is very fucking political you filthy kike. Fuck you and praised be Jesus Christ

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>>258175415this picture is stupid, there's no more pozzed institution than the church, its filled with gay pedos, muslim apologists, feminist dyke priests or extremely ignorant hillbilly cults

>>258176117and zioniststhe only church worth a damn are the middle eastern ones but they're not white so why bother.

>>258175415>>258176117brokewoke: both paganism and christianity have been subverted by (((them))), but the orthodox elements of both are good for the west and should work together rather than against each other to remove the vile elements in our society.

>>258175415Because it's factual. Anti-Christianity is synonymous with anti-white politics and there is no argument to be made to the contrary.

>>258175415in reality

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>>258175415>Fuck you>and praised be Jesus Christsubhuman mutt



>>258175415Fuck the Rabbi Jesus the kike from a stick.Fuck the holy spirit, and your fucking Jew God.

>>258175415Read the 1611 KJV of the Bible. Its in that shitty old English where they didn't know how to spell shit. But it has all 80 books instead of the "approved by the satanic Vatican" 66.

>>258176436>anti christian is anti whiteMhm, why dont you marry off your daughter to your nigger "brother" from africa, mutt?

>>258175415Why don't you let in a few more refugees christcuck

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>>258176549im cool with that

>>258178237Better then her getting raped by some "Asian" men

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>>258177966>66those digits fit well

>>258177966>kikeEveryone who calls Jesus a kike is a fucking retard. Kike = Christian hating jew

>>258175415k, too bad tons of christian organizations bring in refugees, and the pope is a literal commie. copediedope

>>258178959Ok, Kike.Nice flag, you must enjoy sucking penis.

>>258179524So much hate in your heart

>>258176117b-but not real christians

>>258179750Since heaven is their goal, all Christians should receive sacraments and be immediately killed to ensure their salvation. I can do the killing, i can take the burden of hell if it means you get to meet your god.Tell me how am I wrong? I would save everyone better than Christ could ever do.

>>258180208What is stopping you from giving your life to Christ and doing his will?

>>258180564Nothing stops me, Im not a christian because no matter the angle from which you look at, the conditions for salvation are retarded. You benefit most from being murdered at the moment of taking the sacrament. Someone poisoning your wine is actually doing you a favour.Stop and think about how retarded that is lmao.

>>258181157>benefit most from being murderedIf you think someone instantly goes to heaven after they die, you are wrong. The dead are asleep and raised on the Day of Judgement, so if a real Christian is killed, they would technically will just be in a sleep/skipping the time you would have here on earth before its turned into the New Jerusalem after the return of Jesus and destruction of the old earth.

>>258182489Exactly. Since dead cant sense time passing its pretty much instant to them, kind of like waking up from a sleep.How does that challenge anything i said though?

>>258176117If I'm a tranny and go to Mosque, am I really Muslim?

>>258175415pagans aren't a real faction, they're just your run of the mill atheists who really liked Crusader Kings II.

>>258182864What is your point? So murder us? That just shows how strong our faith, willing to die for Jesus if you have to, but no one wants to be murdered.Your dumb fantasy example is pointless and doesn't change anything nor challenge the truth in Christ.

>>258176117>be swede>member of the most atheistic society onearth>be a cuck>blame the religious people (who are by and large very ethnocentric if they actually go to church)can we just nuke sweden already?

>>258176549Neither were ever based in reality.

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>>258183284>noone wants to be murderedWhy though? It's a sinless way to die and you will get eternal bliss at the Gods side.You make no sense.

>>258178043>tfw the Catholic bible has all of the books inthe KJV+the ones thatr the prots excised after asking literal rabbis for advice

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>>258175415Christianity is the ultimate solution, returning to practicing christian would solve all the problems. As long as you don't fall for the ruse that the jews of today are the "chosen people". Read the bible and see for yourself who are the chosen people today.And no, christianity doesn't mean you have to wear a robe, live in a stone house and be somber all the time. Yes, you can still post your memes.

>>258185466also, no, you don't go straight to hell as soon as you make a mistake. that's not the doctrine.I could go on because really, there's a lot of false shit about christianity nowadats. And yes, the church has been infiltrated.

Holla Forums seems to have trouble separating God from the abomination that calls itself his church. The OP image in is error; all those groups are pulling on the same side

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>>258183333>Lumping atheism and paganism togetherDo I need to explain to you why this is retarded?

>>258185782>Do I need to explain to you why this is retarded?Most modern paganism is just atheism for people who don't think normies can deal with atheism

>>258186144Explain? What you said makes no sense. Are you a spic?

>>258185782Whats retarded is you think you can refute it/

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>>258186144>The rejection of a god existing is the same thing as a worshipping a pagan pantheon of godsI really hope you are merely pretending right now

>>25818641899% of pagans on Holla Forums don't actually beleive in the old gods as real, anthropomorphic beings that control the elements of the universe. They are either vague pantheists or just plain atheists that don't see how they can have a functioning society without religion. The thing is, they hate christianity and want an ethnoreligion, whether or not the religion is true. And no, I'm not a spic

True if reversed. The hail Odin guy probably has a sense of belonging on a local group of people, is aware of his ancestors and values the land he treads on. WHILE the Christian can not deny how in the eye of Jewsus every man is his brother and he would love to see his faith spread all arround the globe as nothing sets him apart from others. Extremely unbased strip.

>>258186451>>258186767As far as politics goes it is functionally the same see here>>258186437Besides, Pagans dont actually think that their gods are what they say they are. see here>>258186767

>>258182489That sounds totally reasonable, and not at all ridiculous

>>258176117>dude like 1.3% of the catholic curch abused kids, it's not like you will find a similar number in any powerful organization >and the pope spouts retarded liberal shit sometimes to remain popular, which is his job >that means all christianity is like this, orthodox, gnostics, protestants.Fucking pea brain pagan larpers need to open a book

>>258175415Jesus was a jew.You worship a jew.

>>258175415When are jannies NOT doing something retarded and or destructive?You'll make yourself go crazy trying to rationalize their behavior. They're just pedoes and sociopaths

>>258176436Except all white supremacists are also majority Christian and the main target of globohomo has been the straight white Christian male since 2008

>>258180208You would be murdering people you fucking sociopath. Why are pagans also always murderers, rapists, thieves and criminals?

And what's christian strategy to win against the jew? If they turn one of your children into a trannie will you just offer them another one because "turn the other face"? Gotta follow the scriptures cuck. Don't forget to welcome all the black bulls into your wife cause you know we are all equal before god. Based teachings wow.

>>258181157Here comes another lebbitor with a talking point he saw on /r/fedoras that blew his mind. You do NOT benefit most from being murdered after sacrament because sacrament doesn't = salvation first of all and even if it did, Christians are bound by the Great Commission which states we have to bring the kingdom of god on earth before the rapture can ever happen.

>>258187303Thanks for making the case for secularism there.

>>258175415>so how much are the Jews paying you to worship your ancestors Gods?>>258176549lol

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>>258187088This.This ends the case for christianity.

>>258176117>this picture is stupid, there's no more pozzed institution than the churchDidn’t Jesus despise the institution? Thought that the literal crux of it.

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>jesus is jewstill regurgitating what jews tell you?you cant get past step 1, youll never break free from the GI Joe kungfu grip of jewrynot 1 man who wrote any of the books of the bible, was jewishjews dont even exist until 2nd kingsjews will tell you who they really are if you listen.i need not continuously repeat myself as you can not wake a person pretending to be asleep

>>258175415> Christians are dumb race traitors who hate their culture. > All my ancestors, leaders of industry and scientific thought, for the past 1000 years were ChristianTherefore...[Fill in the blank]

>>258190708>for the past 1000 years were Christianall of your ancestors, leaders of industry and scientific thought for the past 1000 years wore clothing, too. I guess we should keep wearing clothes if we want to keep society moving forward!

>>258180208Heaven is not our goal, our goal is to help everyone else to go to heaven. Can you also do that well?

>>258191563no evidence for the existence of heaven. it's just a cope for alleged men who are afraid of death

>>258175415>protestants not on the left>protestants not furiously fellating the jew and pulling the rope for him at the same time>lgbt one isn't literally a catholic priestbullshit image

>>258191325I'm only stating that saying to a Christian > How dare you not worship your ancestral God! Is objectively wrong because Christianity has been the religion of whites for over a thousand years. Does it take longer than a thousand years for something to be considered "ancestral"

>>258191325no wonder canada hasent done anything of value, you're a bunch of no cloths degenerates

>>258191660Of course there is no evidence. Of course it exists, now, only in imagination. Christians simply believe that the universe, in all of its hidden dimensions, is large enough to contain a being powerful enough to save us from the condition of death. There is no evidence or proof. It's a bunch but this hunch gives people purpose and a brightness which they feel is evidence in itself of God.

>>258192106pay no mind to the canada-oidthey, like much of europe, have abandoned religion>hurr we believe in sciense!which they have perverted much like the rest of everything their secular hands touch.they require """"""physical""""" evidence of something that transcends physicality therefor making it impossible to provide 3d dimensional evidence's a catch 22 that they're too stupid to realize is a fallacy


If any Christian claims empirical evidence for God, he is probably a well meaning dimwit. There is none. And it was never about the evidence for us. When we lived in the dark ages, we only knew of the things in the dark ages, now adays we know many things, but we have only progressed about 500 years from the dark ages. That's a miniscule amount of time in the life of the universe. Then why do we think that we know everything there is to know, when, 500 years ago we were ignorant and yet we stilled believed even then that we knew everything there is to know. Could a medieval man imagine the modern day? Neither can a modern day man imagine humanity in a million years from now, or what strange secrets of the universe wait to be uncovered in those million years. And yet a million years is a mote in the time scale of the universe. Therefore it is not illogical to believe strongly in the possibility of powerful, intelligent, well meaning beings. Which operate on a time scale far greater than ours.

>>258176117>there's no more pozzed institution than the churchYour government.

>>258176117Whatever you say fag

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Ubermensch ay? Lol

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>STOP PICKING ON US PAGAN WHITE MEN REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEThen stop being pushy cunts Jew worshipers. You have your own trillion dollar$ worth of website$, churche$, movie$, concert$, politician$, even a country called the Vatican.WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT? 4chan too? Godin is a thought crime 'nazi' hate symbol according to the authorities.

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