He didndu nuffn he wuz a gud boihttps://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=share&v=cD0m1Ar7Kfg

He didndu nuffn he wuz a gud boim.youtube.com/watch?feature=share&v=cD0m1Ar7Kfg

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>>258174777He's a good boy, loves his mama. Loves Jesus, and America too.

>>258174777Are those cracklips?

>>258174957he's all American too just like Alex Jones, he's got a MAGA hat and loves to shoot guns! also he was a good boy out on a run when those evil racist KKK members showed up and shot him for no reason what so ever

>>258175146they are just so big that crack is attracted to them.

Holy shit, how many videos of this one jogger committing crimes can there be?

>>258175926Not enough. Imagine all the noggery he's gotten away with.

>>258174777fuck those Walmart employees for not shooting the jogga. Why the fuck would they let him live when he actually stole something?

>>258174777Nice trips. Wait a minute, where is the good boy's bowtie?

niggers can do no wrong in america. American culture is centered around niggers. They have holidays for niggers. They killed hundreds of thousands of white men to free niggers. They listen to nigger music. They elect a nigger as their president. They dress and act like niggers. They draw the entirety of their modern culture from niggers. They post sassy gifs about niggers. They watch sportsball in worship of niggers. Their biggest event of the year involves throwing parties in honor of niggers playing sports. They use nigger slang like "bruh" "thot" and "f4m". When you say "Martin Luther" they're not thinking of the father of protestantism. They're thinking of the nigger. Their cities are completely overrun with niggers. They worship their ZOGbot police force disproportionately filled with niggers and their global police force of soldiers filled with niggers. Their men sit around watching nigger ball while their women sit around watching nigger talk shows. They worship niggers like Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson and Jackie Robinson while attacking the whites who actually built their country before niggers took over. Their movies are filled with niggers and their music charts are topped by niggers. They send niggers to the Olympics and celebrate when the niggers win because those niggers are true red blooded american niggers. They watch nigger porn to a point where "BBC" does not make them think of an international media company but about nigger penises instead. They will tell you how much they hate niggers and how the mutt's law meme is a stale joke and they are just pretending to love niggers but the evidence speaks for itself in that America has always been and will be a nation of nigger loving niggers.

>>258174946This is the archetypal negro algorithm.

>>258174777>arrested for stealing or "shoplifting"???? Well? Which was it?

I haven't been following this. Is this a different arrest from when the cops tazed him?How many times does this niggers get arrested? Why do liberals pick the worst martyrs?

>>258174777yup he didn't do anything, he was a good boy. What are you retarded OP?

>>258174777Wish the media could see this. Cop in background (black), cop putting on cuffs (black). No white cop, no media attention.

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>>258174777Separate incident. doesn't prove anything

>>258180315They'll just call the cop an Uncle Tom

>>258180315cop is obviously racist as fuck.it is now illegal to arrest niggers.

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>>258180442I know you're a cum-guzzling lizard-brained and dopamine deprived pornography addict but it's not for you to decide what is and what is not evidence in a court of law. This nigger is a nigger, case closed.

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>>258174777That is a very low IQ jogger, having obvious trouble to follow simple instructions.

>>258180611i'm at a LOSS for words :D

I don't get it. He literally didn't do anything wrong in that video. What's the evidence that he committed a crime? I mean solid, concrete evidence. Not your "he just looks guilty" feelings.

>>258180611Cop is black.

>>258181723A "crime" isn't even really the crux of the legal argument. Nigger attacked a dude with a shotgun and go himself killed. Ahmaud will be found posthumously guilty of assault with a deadly weapon and the worst the hicks who blasted him are going to get is something like illegal detention, because for all intents and purposes the shooting was 100% justified, even if the presentation of their firearms was not.

>>258181947pointing out a nigger's race is now racist, you fucking asshole.

>>258181723Lol yeah the cop just arrested him because he felt like it. This is the horseshit niggers actually believe. Nobody wants to deal with dumbfuck gits. Nobody.

>>258174777Damn that white supremacist cop.

>>258182124So what did he do then? Don't be a bootlicker and think that the cops are always right. Think critically.

>>258182573Charged at a dude with a shotgun, grabbing on to the barrel in an attempt to disarm the man. There is no law that trumps the natural law of self defense, so it really doesn't even matter if these dudes get convicted, niggers dead and they ain't, they won.

>>258182573Why am I suppose to make a judgement from a video you yourself claimed didn’t have the entire story? All I can do is use the available context to determine that armed joggery is a typical dumbass sambo and does typical dumbass sambo things. If it walks, talks, dresses, smells, and respects authority like a nigger, it’s a nigger

>>258183038Except that he was literally hunted down like an animal. If somebody pointed a gun to you, I bet you'd fight back too. Just because you are unarmed and defend yourself against an armed person doesn't make you the bad guy.

>>258183038I don’t think he’s talking about that video. It’s obvious that he was shot for assaulting them and they can’t really argue that evidence. They’ll just say shit like “being black/jogging/trespassing/burglary doesn’t deserve a death sentence”


>>258182220disdem whyte bois be rayciss

>>258182573>So what did he do then?He dindu nuffin

>>258183302No. In the park video, Armed Robbery said he was going to "Fuck up" the two armed officers if they tazed him.His court records indicate he was extremely aggressive and pretty stupid.

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>>258183302He literally was not. The video shows that one car paced him while the others waited in the road. Also any search for any person can be construed as “being hunted like an animal”, except most hunts for actual animals are less dangerous for the huntersJust face the simple fact that armed joggery made these people feel unsafe in their homes, not because of his skin color, but because he violated the social boundaries that define civilized man, and the response was completely justified. His being shot like a feral animal is even more justified because his behavior was indistinguishable from one.

>>258174777How long is this nigger's criminal record anyway? They always rally around their absolute worst.

>>258181723>He literally didn't do anything wrong in that video. What's the evidence that he committed a crime? I mean solid, concrete evidence. Not your "he just looks guilty" feelings.He DIN DU NUFFIN, NIGGA.See daz wat am sayeen, y'all crackas be rushin to judgment an SHEEITDAS why we should KILL them white ass bitches that put this poor innocent Honor Roll student in the ground like the nigga animal he iz!

>>258181723He was busted trying to take a tv out of the Wal-Mart and after he failed to produce a receipt for the tv the cops were called and he wasn't allowed to take the tv out. He got 5 years probation. In this video he was caught at a park known for drug activity while driving with an expired license and possession of weed. The cop still let him go and was nice to him despite jogger charging and threatening the copyoutube.com/watch?v=d7RmbadxRIThis dude was so used to doing whatever he wanted with little to no consequences he thought he could just assault an armed man and get away. He was literally a spoiled brat who was never properly punished until he fucked with the wrong 2 guys.

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>>258183302I don't know what video you saw, but I saw a feral negro zig-zagging up to attack a fat old white man with a shotgun that the negro could take....like Trayvon tried to do with Zimmerman's gun...like Mike Brown tried to do with the cop's gun...

>>258174777Hes getting trashed in the comments haha.

he didnt do anything

>>258183930Most of his family members have criminal pasts.Not a single person said he was a "good person" or "going to school" or any of the bullshit things people say about these pieces of barely-human garbage.And his record is pretty long.

>>258183302Going out of your way to attack the armed man that just called the cops on you for breaking into a house isn't being hunted down. He could have easily out run the father and son and got away but he chose to go in their direction and attack cause he's used to everyone letting him get away with his bullshit. Spoiled brat fucked with the wrong ones this time.

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>>258174777Who on earth tries to steal a 65'' TV? lmao

>>258184174im not human cause im black?


>>258184718It happens often especially at Wal-Mart. There's usually someone at the door that checks your receipt but sometimes you can catch them lacking and wheel a tv right out of there. My local news is always full of security video of people simply just walking out of Wal-Mart with expensive shit.

>>258180315Was the guy arresting him black? I could not tell it sounded white but then the skin was in shade and heavily tanned, he seems like a beaner or some type of really dark med.

>>258174777He didn’t steal it. He jogged off with it.

>>258174777holy fuckin SHIT how many of these videos do they have? was this nigger some kind of serial criminal? the TV said he was a good boy but this...this is questionable behaviour... I hope they launch some more after school church programs ASAP, these boys need Jesus.

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>>258180699you get raked last

>>258184829No you aren't.

>>258185440It's amazing how much black privilege allows these people to get away with.

>>258185572why am I not human?

>>258184572The truck is ahead of him and parked.....how is that hunting him down and shooting him??? Looks more like waiting, him catching up to them, attacking the son while going for his shot gun and dying.

>>258185574>wudweedoo>wudweedooI'm trying to decide what I find more offensive: their abject stupidity or their shitty nigger behaviour.

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>>258185736You're a lesser evolved variant of a normal human if you were black.However you're even less than that cause you're larping as a black person. That's even worse than being black.

>>258185736There is no human, there should be if we were designating human races as we would any animal be different species or at the very least sub species. Whites would be one species or sub species with Africans be another and so on and so forth. I say it not in a way of being nasty but in a purely biological stance that you aren't human. You and I are two different species.

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>>258184572He's not spoiled he's a stupid fucking nigger with an IQ of about 85. He thinks like an animal but talks halfway like a human. It has nothing to do with upbringing, or education, or social circumstances. He's just a dumb fucking nigger who got put in the ground for being a dumb fucking nigger.Not all niggers are dumb but the ones that are, holy fuck. This dude just parked his car in the middle of the fucking grass somewhere with a bunch of weed looking like a fucking piece of shit, and was offended that a police officer would have the audacity to even approach him. His nigger brain couldn't understand why the police officer was (politely) trying to ascertain what was going on. Just straight up didn't understand it and so his nigger brain defaulted to being mad instead and he literally almost attacked the fucking cop because his stupid nigger mind was in its primal OOK EEK chimpanzee rage mode. Just like what happened in the webm you linked. The stupid nigger just robbed somebody's fucking house in broad daylight in FUCKING RURAL GEORGIA because he is a STUPID FUCKING NIGGER and can't actualize in his apelike brain why that isn't worth the risk. Then two good old boys head him off at the pass to round him up like the all american dip your arbys curly fries in ranch heroes they are, and (being from rural Georgia and understanding the nigger race well) bring guns in case this stupid fucking nigger decides to do something fucking stupid. Then, voila! The nigger's brain goes into full chimp mode because these CRACKA AZZ BITCHES B TRYNA STOP ME N SHET and he tries to GRAB A MAN'S BUN and gets put down by Jim Bob the second he gets a clear shot (good shooting Jim Bob.) You know who's even more retarded than this dead ass fucking nigger though? All the uptight liberal faggots you know who fall for this shit every fucking time. Deep South Georgia Rednecks might be fucking retarded, but you'll never see a single one of them fall for this stuff.

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>>258184174Exactly....his own black community is what ultimately failed this nog. Factor in his obvious mental illness.....blacks have to take care of their people, they're failing....as usual. Where is his father???

>>258185933so cause im black i am a lesser variant of a human? So, why is that?

>>258186088don't compare coyotes to niggers, coyotes are clever.

>>258185811He intentionally ducked behind the car out of sight because the shotgun was blocking the side of the road ahead of him and then jumped at the shotgun after going around the car out of sight. Jogger thought he could ambush the shotgun and take it away for himself. All he got was three shots of ammunition. And then he tried to run away again after failing to get the shotgun after a fierce scuffle for it. Made it all of three steps. Jogger had jogged his last.


>>258184066checked also your link is dead is this the video you're talking about?youtube.com/watch?v=1v7o_6uI9R0

>>258186088so you saying im a seperate species?

>>258186295read my effortpost you fag>>258186203TL:DR this shit has literally nothing to do with his upbringing or his family. he's a dumb nigger animal and so are the rest of his family.

>>258186203*slow clap*

>>258186326No. You're less than that for pretending to be a black guy on the internet

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>>258175146Oh, he's fucked up on something for sure. Look at his eyes.

>>258186342I am not comparing them at all, I am simply stating that like Wolfs and Coyotes are different species and have the fixation index of .153, Europeans and Africans have the same index number of .153 but are not different species. This in turn showcases a clear bias in the taxonomy commuity.

>>258174946based and software engineer pilled

>>258174957Nah. He's a bad boy. Cuz he don't even love her.

>>258186469Yea but the one I posted was the full version. The guardian edited the clips of him charging and threatening the officer out. Not suprised they're deleting the full version of the video.

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>>258186645sorry I don't understand you . first you saying I am not human cause im black , then you are saying that Im not black therefore Im not a human.so what the fuck is it hombre?

>>258186517Yes, according to science and the precedent layed out by the taxonomy community when it comes to other people, if we to taxonomically schedule humans as we do animals we would in fact be two different species as would Wolves and Coyotes be.Yes, according to science and the precedent layed out by the taxonomy community when it comes to other people, if we to taxonomically schedule humans as we do animals we would in fact be two different species as would Wolves and Coyotes be.

>>258186326Africa has very rich access to food all year round. So instead of evolving long term thinking blacks evolved aggression to fight for territory above all else. Whites on the other hand evolved in environments with much more seasonal uncertainty and encouraged traits of long term thinking and collaboration. This is why it would be a crime to allow you to leave Earth. Your genes are of primitive warriors, they won't suddenly become thinking genes, and breeding it out will only make worse off mixed whites, you're only gimping the future of humanity.

>>258186999If you were black then you wouldn't be an evolved human. But you're not black

>>258186999That lack of reading comprehension. So you really are a nigger, huh?

>>258187115>>258187143>>258187177>>258187319alright you nutty ass fuckers stop giving me different responses

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>>258187115There would be more than two species. Sub-Saharan Africans, Australian Aborigonals, and Eurasians, at the very least, You could easily argue that Asians are a separate race from Caucasians, but they aren't as different from us as Nignogs and Abbos are from everyone else (and each other.) Abbos especially are *very* distinct morphologically. Prominent brow ridges, occipital buns, etc. If either Niggers or Abos were extinct by the time modern science came about they would be treated as a spearate species. There is no doubt about it at all.

>>258187505Bless you. I'm glad this nigger's dead.

>>258186203His whole fucking family are criminals.Dad, mom, brother, cousin...Fuck, I lost the moms arrest stuff. Buncha misdemeanor thieving shit.

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>>258178963Its really going to blow your mind to find out it’s all by design

>>258174777>too hot to be wearing a jacketMAN'S NOT HOT

>>258180699based leaf

>>258187779It's going to really blow your mind when you realize it's all a judeo-christian milieu

>>258187457The general consensus is we evolved seperatly for around 50k years causasians and asians mixed with Neanderthals as well. This is the reason why our fixation index is so far apart. So yes we are different species the reasons being clear divergent evolution. While your ancestors competed for food, we shared and used teamwork. It's simple really.

>>258182573You fucking moron the Walmart employee who was a witness to what they did is in the video IDing them. When was the last time a body cam picked up the crime that somebody else called the police for you dumb fucking nigger???

>>258184829Do you have a felony record?Do you bring loaded, stolen guns to schools?Do you try to shoplift a giant TV just by pushing it out of the store?Do you wear fur lined winter jackets in Georgia to steal shit?Do you threaten armed people?I love it. In stories like this, any black person immediately identifies with the piece of shit. Maybe that's because they do do those things and really are feral subhumans.

>>258174777Ay maaane I ain't een do nuffin mane what tv?

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>>258186088Heiled, but kill that iFunny watermark, niggerbrain.

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This video is more proof that he did nothing wrong. They are accusing him of stealing a tv. DO YOU SEE A TV ANYWHERE IN THE VIDEO?

>>258186936>>258186469full videoyoutube.com/watch?v=ChcvBmLCgGE

>>258189189ummm the hell are you talking about ?

>>258178963>They watch nigger porn to a point where "BBC" does not make them think of an international media company but about nigger penises instead.To be fair, there's not really a difference.

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>>258189651You immediately identified with this piece of human trash, and it means you are just like him.Normal humans don't take the worst of their race and immediately identify with them.

>>258189801There were black saints.

>>258174777He wasn't "shoplifting" no tv, he was just out there rapping. Why do you gotta do him like that on his day off?

>>258190047When did I do that?

>>258189495Obviously ran from the scene of the crime. Fucking meme flag. Go back to the hildawg forum. Or is it a discord? Probably a fucking discord.


>>258174777>YouTube>niggers being niggersvideo removed in 3... 2... 1...

>>258190050The issue is not accepting blacks in history it is rewriting current history.Imagine if I said Ramses II was a white blonde guy

>literally no proof whatsoever that he committed the crime>arrested with no evidenceWhy didn't he sue them?

>>258180442Prowling around construction sites, bringing loaded guns to school events, slinging god know what in a drug-infested municipal park, "shoplifting" large screen tv's. It's the pattern of conduct which led up to him getting shot. It's not as if things didn't lead up to their expected conclusions.

>>258183302Rip Arnold Arby's

>>258190494Ramses was a light olive skinned, hazel-brown eyed black-brown haired ruling egyptian male form my understanding.

>>258174777>do you guys have ID on you?>i know you probably don'tLmao, what a racist.

>>258191208He's a literal nigger himself.

>>258191288>niggers can't be racistYou're racist for thinking that.

>>258180442Supposedly Georgia law does take into account the past histories of people involved in justifiable homicide incidents.

>>258186999fucking kike

>>258190595Pretty sure it was weed he was slinging.He liked to pose with it in his CGM gang pictures.

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>>258191448whats that?


>>258191606What wrong with the P22

>>258174777>shoplifting>deserves death penalty/pol/ logic. Lmao you incels will never learn. You're shoplifting from your parents every day by stealing food and shelter from them...get a life trolls.

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>>258192102It's stolen, for one thing, and it is also a .22 caliber target pistol with ten rounds.I mean, it's great for a ten year old learning to shoot.It's silly to act like it is a badass gun.


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>>258174957Now he's deaaaad, dead Jogger.

>>258192428Lmao did not know.

>>258174777I can tell from seeing this image and looking into his eyes that he was basically retarded. All retarded niggers have this fucked up look in their eyes.


>>258192421This is the third crime he has been filmed doing as far as I know.> Trespassing and burglary> Theft> Getting really aggressive with police after driving without a license and smoking pot in the car.

>>258189541>>258186936thanks anons. holy shit after watching the full video this faggot is lucky the first cop was chill that situation could've went way different


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>>258174777He didin du nuffin.Dem whit pippo raycist.*smacks lips*

>character assassinating someone who was murderedThis is a low even for fucking 4 Chan