New nick fuentes thread since the last one hit the bump limit

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fuck off gay kid

>>258174535What are you a wignat? Get lost I'm with groyper


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>imagine being a faggy wignat and not trusting the fucking plan

>>258174406there we go>>258174770see you can answer me now, user. I'll wait.

>>258175022>not trusting the plancringe. trusting the plan is based department 100

>>258174958>I listen to a fat pedo communist

>>258175194gay kids don't decide what is based

>>258174406Is nick a top or a bottom?

>>258174406Although I'm dissapointed in Nick, calling him a faggot doesnt refute his political beliefs. Shills will try and divide us every chance they get

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Unironically I would give nick fuentes the biggest wedgie of his life if I ever saw him.Kid's like, 5 feet tall. He can say whatever he wants, i don't care. He can have his little reddit community alright? but if anyone ever said anything to me I would smack them so hard their head pops off.I swear to FUCK. FFFFOOOUUUUCKand that's what confidence IS, in a nutshell. You little cock gobblers can say whatever the fuck you want cause I know I could beat the shit out of every single one of you.

>>258174406What is Holla Forumss obsession with this guy? And why is OP pretending to like him but actually hate him? Is OP a faggot?

>>258174406Nick Fuentes is literally perfect and the true face of conservatism

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>>258174406Trust the gland

>>258175536it's the same people spamming the same posts every day for months. just check the archive. and they're unironically in a discord because they always all immediately respond to each other in the first couple of minutes when the thread becomes active. they've yet to fool one, yes, as always OP is a massive faggot

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>>258175439lol you wouldnt do shit you little larping faggot

>>258175615MAGA Fox News shill.

>>258176537You have three choices>Dem/conservacuck>wignatism>groyper paleoconservatismThere is only 1 correct choice

>>258175432>nicks haters are spreading Jewish propaganda Surprise, surprise.

>>258177961these threads are getting so old at this point

>>258174406>>258174722dudes a faggot e celeb get the fuck out of here

>>258177616how about none, you dont need a fucking idol to have a political ideology

>>258177961it's from an 80s book that a bunch of elite homos got together and ... made the playbook for the homo agenda that 'doesn't exist'. and yeah, all the shitty rhetorical tricks attempted in these threads to attack antihomo right-wingers are right out of it. everyone should read itlibgen is/book/index.php?md5=2DDF579F07F82B966C02D27369447C86

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Does nick really believe in the JQ or does he think that's "cringe"I know he says we shouldn't give money to isreal and makes holocaust jokesBut does he understand what the jews are doing to us?

>>258178747>>258175432I wish we could come up with propaganda techniques to make people feel embarrassed to support "diversity"

>>258178838If you listen to his show, it's very apparent that he's aware. He also understands that sperging out about it 24/7 makes you a total pariah.

>>258174958Fuentes is based. Kys

>>258178838Yes, he's basically a national socialist who is trying to infiltrate the Republican party.

>>258179257back to the litterbox, homochild

>>258176362U think u could give me the glasgow kiss? Think again, my head movement is on point. You couldnt touch me u imperialist fag. U wouldnt even have taken Scotland if not for my clan's help (i am still ashamed of our betrayal)You would get thrown out on your head faster than you could tip your steam-powered hat to that fat retard Churchill

>>258179371Good one Moshe


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filthy dumb newfag scum

>>258177616That's a very black and white view on things but it makes sense. This is how Americans view politics.>wignatismWhere do you think we are? Sage

>>258175022What is the plan?

>>258179326And how does he expect to do that without his cause of death being a suicide with two bullets to the back of the head?

>>258179529This shirt is pretty based I might buy it. Thanks for the link.

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>>258174406fuck off conservatard, this prick is a borderline fascist

>>258179375hahahahahahagay larper faggot

>>258179807Show flag Jew

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>>258179806based and normal black latino campus conservative pilleddoing the lord's work.

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>>258180075his dad does look jewish

>>258177616Kikes are so lazy.

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>>258180209Could you answer this?>>258179688

>>258174406What's his take on various issues?

>>258180309lol kikeswhite nationalism is beautiful

>>258180331cringe. you just posted cringecringe out!!!

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>>258180541It was a legitimate question. How do we defeat ZOG? I wanna know.

>>258180646How to Hate a Jew - Steven Terrorstorm film is released exposing USS Liberry.-crickets & blackpill-2015: Marching to Zion released alongside Holocaust Hoax Exposed -hundreds of thousands of views-2016: Influx of Holocaust-exposed pages on facebook-2017: closeted homosexual 18 year old (Nick Fuentes) starts making youtube videos-2019: a twitter botnet is prepared for him by a failed Greek/Kike (Milo Yiannopolous) who previously tried to hijack all Right-Wing talking points (minus the anti-fag stance)

>>258180835Great video and an accurate timeline of events. So is Nick Fuentes just a clout chaser, useful idiot, or is he an actual Jewish plant? I have to say that out of every 'leader' that has arisen within the dissident/alternative right-wing, he's caused the most infighting so that has made me wonder a couple things.

>>258181191If he's actually a fag, then all 3. If he's straight, then just 1 & 2. He's riding the wave of the risks taken by other guys. All of whom have their careers torpedoed, receive death threats, etc.

>>258180646>ZOGcringego back to stormfront cringeweeniethis is a latino christian catboy board.

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>>258181767He sells t-shirts with ZOG written on them.>>258181744What do you think of the Ben Shapiro incident? To me, it looked fake and scripted. Fox News covered it and all these massive political commentators called it out, even Meghan McCain. I wouldn't be surprised if he was secretly friends with some of the people he argues with and it's all e-celeb drama to distract people or to cause infighting with.

>>258175252if a fat pedo communist said the sky is blue would you reject that?

>>258182214the whole "nick is gay" is something that people only started saying because Vaush used an out of context screenshot to try to cause discord in the right wing. The depressing thing is that faggots here actually took the bait

>>258182557the whole "nick is gay" is something that people saw with their own eyesit's complete insanity that nickers are telling us to not trust what we can see plain as day for ourselves

>>258174406Nick appeals to younger people, simple as that. This is why I don't have an inherent problem with groups like TPUSA or PragerU or Ben Shapiro. Because the neocon/libertarian perspective primes people to be paleoconservative. It's no different from being a Democrat and becoming a socialist or some childless 30 y/o cunt screaming about rape because you wish someone would rape you. But you faggots want to complain about his catboy jokes or his funny interracial merch drops because "y-you can't do that, you have to be 100% trad and 100% serious all the time unless it's making fun of blacks then it's just humor". I'm sure it makes for great entertainment when you're just being a skinhead all the time. I'm sure the kids won't choose to listen to nigger music tape #43356 and watch porn instead of listen to some straight-faced angry zoomer talk about heuristics

>>258174406>the last one hit the bump limitkind of like Nick's ass after his last date with catboy

>>258182557nothing at all to do with going on a date with a catboy

>>258174722checked, and i'm with Mudochchan

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>>258182557>the whole "nick is gay" is something that people only started saying because Vaush used an out of context screenshot to try to cause discord in the right wing.omg so much thisthis isnt gay.

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>>258182896I fully agree that it was a retarded thing to do and I wish Nick hadn't associated with that degenerate, but if you honestly think he's gay you either need to go back to the synagogue or TRS

>>258182148All I know is Nick is useless. He had a very brief window of opportunity where he could have escalated Twitter drama between himself and Shapiro with a smartass line about Lavon Affair or the Holocaust after Shapiro responded to the USS Liberty thing. He failed, didnt do it.If youre talking about the street harassment, that was even more useless.

>>258183218Who is less useless than Nick? Strike and Mike or the TRS crew? I actually like them but if you think they have any relevancy in 2020 you're totally deluded

>>258183167>he doesnt remember common filth vs TRSodomitesnewfaggots get out

>>258183704Lol I actually still listen to CF's stuff

>>258183389You're trying to force it. Pat Little was out there experimenting, doing random clickbaity things just to see what works and what doesnt. 4chan found Shia Leboufs flag and helped with airstrikes and stuff, Nick treats it like a facebook attached to a linkedin account. While Pat was livestreaming a his one-on-one Naming the Jew jewwalks, he was getting counter-signalled by guys like fuentes. Say what you want about all the weirder stuff Little did, it was entertaining, in a good way, and his one on one hour long interviews with random channels were great. Most of those are deleted now.Nick interviewed him and it sounded like he never even listened to any of them. He is a self-centered fag.

>>258184044This is a retarded take. It's not 2017 anymore and tactics need to change to accommodate. If you're looking at this stuff just to be entertained, then a weirdo like Pat Little doing insane stuff is definitely hilarious, but you see how it completely torpedoes any possibility of him rising out of a youtube sideshow that gets taken down in a few months.At this point, I'm starting to get convinced that people simply don't want to succeed. If you look at this through a pragmatic lens, who else has a better gameplan than Nick? I'm honestly curious who you think would be better to keep an eye onE celebrity is faggy in general though. That really annoys me about Nick but it's kind of a part of the internet

>>258180309its unironically time to shed the latino subheader and espouse spanish heraldry

>>258184591See >>258180835If you think what we need is a neocon catholic who is probably a homosexual just repeating watered down versions of Ilhan Omar tweets, youre wrong. This train was moving before Fuentes and his fags

>>258181767>"ZOG" cringe>>258179806

>>258182972since when did elon musk become gay

>>258183167he ticks EVERY box for a closeted homosexuali can understand having an ambiguous perspective, but to insist you know for certain that nick is straight is completely delusional

>>258186272Ok bud who is someone better than Nick? If he's this bad you should have no trouble naming one

>>258185065If you don't vote Blue on abortion and gun control, youre a cringe atheist socialist.

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>>258186799Pastor Anderson.Of course youll say he doesnt count for whatever reason, and that just means youre forcing it.Stonetoss is doing a great job overall. Doge pages are doing great job redpilling on holocaust. Anons taking it to the comments sections are playing their part. Youre forcing a figurehead no one asked for.

>>258187111Pastor Anderson is pretty good but he's rapidly being painted as the new westboro baptist church, and doesn't have as much pull with the youth. Epic memes and trolling comment sections is not a legitimate political tactic

>>258187368>God first>except when inconvenient, then we'll switch to roman catholicismAmazing.>"comment sections are useless"Ok boomer, where have you even been? Comments are a major major factor in this game.

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>>258174406Fuck off spic

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>>258187111never heard that Name

>>258187368boomers are apt to assimilate zoomer culture before jewlywood rots them another hell lower

>>258188052DeutschHow to be to Zion the (short clip) (short clip)

>>258178838Yes.Watch the show.

Once again, this is the most homosexual movement in politics. Trap threads on Holla Forums always hit the post limit. It really doesn't make sense that you guys criticize Fuentes for his twink fetish.


>>258187111I'm sorry but KJV-Onlyism is a bankrupt theology. He lost his debate with James White on that topic.

>>258191286No he didn't. He even debunked his book chapter by chapter, making a 1 hour video on each. James White ran a smear campaign against TEXE MARRS. Absolute scum.

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>>258174406>makes wignats, jews, and libtards seethe.Yoo based? Stay mad.

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>>258191286Why the King

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