Racism is irrational

There's no reason to hate other races. Socioeconomic factors are more responsible for the way people act than their genetics, and it's more productive to address these issues rather than irrationally assuming that genetics are the cause. Such irrational hate fosters degeneracy, and prevents your growth as a person.

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books.google.ge/books?id=QTFekkFi_GkC&pg=PA102&lpg=PA102&dq=Bantu cephalic index&source=bl&ots=Fu3SBYBZwH&sig=ACfU3U1vVpvtNRzyj1lqMNKyVDAYwzxfBw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiv2rW3ocPpAhVE8uAKHVL2D8MQ6AEwAHoECAgQAQ#v=onepage&q=Bantu cephalic index&f=falseones

At the same time, ethnocentrism is moral, and it isn't simply irrational hatred to want to preserve your ethnocultural identity

>>258172062Supremacists of any race are delsuional if they believe there is any pure white or pure black person. The entire planet is some degree of mixed race. I get why the stupid and gullible fall for this artificial "moved-cheeze" bigotry, but consider for a moment who profits from from your fear.

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>>258172062ur mom is irrational

>>258172062>There's no reason to hate other races.wrong>Socioeconomic factors are more responsible for the way people act than their geneticsprove it>Such irrational hate fosters degeneracy, and prevents your growth as a person.muh skinheads

"Racism" is the irrational/ unwarranted judgement or discretion based on racial criteria you retarded shithead. However warranted or rational judgement/ discretion based on race can still be necessary at times. Taking a organ donation? Racially screening donors will prevent you from getting a liver from a type U. Choosing judges for a skating championship? Maybe screen your judges to prevent in group bias. The mistake is identifying all racially rooted judgement as irrational. And that is what you just did.

>>258172062racism is just a broadened and simplified form of kin selection, optimized for high-population-density societies. "hatred" per se might not be rational, ethnic nepotism and in-group bias plainly are.

>>258172742Nice Loki's Wager fallacy, you dumb smelly mutt. Now take OP by the hand and fuck off back. >>258172062>economy is more than raceWhat about you finally join the 41%, Holla Forums.

>>258172062>it's more productive to address these issues rather than irrationally assuming that genetics are the causeokother countries are shitholes producing monstershey! it does feel good to not be racist

I think we'd be better off living in ethnostates, but I don't *hate* any race. Except Jews, fuck them.

>>258172742"Diversity" and "division" share the same etymological root.The people profiting do so by keeping those below them divided.


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Fuck off spic.

>>258172062do you know where you are?

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>>258173256>>258173367fair points

>>258172062"Racism" is a Jewish canard to stop white people from acting in their own ethnic interests.

>>258172062>Socioeconomic factors are more responsible for the way people act than their geneticsSurely you have studies that back up this claim. What's that? It is a career ender to study the relationships between genetics, IQ and behavior traits?>Such irrational hate fosters degeneracy, and prevents your growth as a personIs it irrational to want a safe society? Is it degenerate to want a place where your children have a bright future? Is it hate to want to associate with people who are like you? The main reason different races hate each other is that they are forced together. There would be little hate if Africans stayed in Africa, Asians in Asia, etc.

>>258172062Their racial characteristics creates their socio-economic statusA nigger is poor, because a nigger is dumb, a nigger is dumb because he a niggerTherefore you can basically establish being a nigger and being poor as paired traits

>>258172062Absolutely based my man. The ethnostate dream in America is simply too unrealistic anyway. It may be possible, upon balkanization, for some remote areas in the mid west or deep south but its just not practical all over the country. We need to focus on the larger picture which does have solutions, dealing with the accumulation of wealth and power among traitors, and the abandonment of people to the nihilism of modern society.

>>258172062fuck offracism is borderless

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>>258172062racism is stupid. Loving your country isn't. Is wanting the immigrants out of my country racist? I don't know, but I don't blame anyone for being racist against the people invading their country

>>258173256>"Racism" is the irrational/ unwarranted judgement or discretion based on racial criteria you retarded shithead.It's more than this.Racism has many unrelated meanings, and shifting between them to make non sequiturs and to relieve pressure is a standard debating tactic on the left .Acknowledging that statistical difference between races exist is "racist", yet entails no judgement of individuals.Acknowledging that race exists at all is "racist".Refusing to accept retroactive responsibility for the actions of past Democrats, kikes, etc is "racist".Etc, etc.

>>258172062>There's no reason to hate other races.of course not. But race realism is a thing, and it's obvious how it would be better to have a place for each race. Diversity tends to destroy social cohesion and trust between people.

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>>258172062>1 postop reply to this post or your mum get bbc tonight

>>258174139get a load of this newfag

>>258172062I mean, the science completely disagrees with you, but I wouldn't expect a Jew to be able to accept scientific facts

>>258172062Cope harder.You can genetically select for dog breeds to act in a certain way. We've made wolves less violent over a span of 20000 years.The environment can genetically select for humans to act in different ways. Europe has made humans that have a lower time-preference over a span of 50000 years.These genetic differences are the primary determinant of your socioeconomic standing.

>>258172062 Food for thought. Racism was and is a biological self defense mechanism.

>>258172062>Socioeconomic factors are more responsible for the way people act than their geneticsIf you ignore every single study done on twins separated at birth.

>>258174114Based Nazi mutts

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>>258172062White Genocide is real.

>>258172062nah, I don't hate other races, I just understand the reality that you can have a country of divided people, and race divides people, no matter the culture

>>258172062Cultural supremacist checking in. Traditional western culture is best. Modern western culture is divided against itself because of internal cultural diversity. It will fail because it is inferior.

>>258174540No, it's not.

>>258172062Classic racism is not about hating other races.It's about calling some races inferior and thus subjected to extermination.It is obviously a shit theory, as any races, that survived by now, have something that made them survive in various ways.Whites are obviously smart.Kikes and joggers are great at serving the elites as criminals and just street thugs.Arabs and asians are great at butt licking and praising their superiors.Hating and despising other cultures is not racism.But you have to have the right mindset and understand, how your own society works. Meritocracy isn't always a right thing. You have to go trough social ladder for generations to appreciate the ascension. If you just happen one day to be the leader of the state, just because you are a genius at economy or something, who can guarantee you won't fuck it up after being bribed by the competitor or the enemy?Elitism is also not a great perfect thing for obvious degenerative reasons.

>>258173375>Nice Loki's Wager fallacyYou misspelled Not Loki's Wager fallacy

>>258174735Based untermensch.

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>>258174463wait a minute.. Why the fuck does this niba have my national emblem on his t-shirt?

Read, Revolt of the masses.

>>258172062>Racism is hateful, and its irrational to hate others for no reasonRacism is actually acknowledging that there are differences in races. If I say that, for instance, the white races are on average more intelligent than the black races; am I being racist?>You will say I am, don't even try to lieBut I never expressed any hatred. Children are less intelligent than adults, and I do not hate children. Dogs are less intelligent than humans, and I do not hate dogs.>What are you trying to say?Stop falling into 'word traps'. The left use purposefully abstract language so that they can dismiss genuine issues and concerns with a catch-all demonisation term like 'racist/sexist/nazi/fascist/antisemite/islamophobe/homophobe/transphobe'. None of these words are useful as they can all mean radically different things. When 'racism' can mean both to point out that there are racial differences, or to desire to murder every single person who is a different colour from you; then it has failed as a word. It does not accurately express anything.There are issues in the black community, particularly to do with crime. Most people who are opposed to having blacks in their nation are not opposed to them because they look or sound different, or even for their relative lack of intellect; it is the fact that they are violent, dangerous and ruin regions through excessive pollution, graffitiing, drug-dealing and violent crime.If we could address those issues then you might find that so-called 'white supremacists' actually don't mind living near to the new clean and law-abiding 'black people'. But we cannot address those issues, and we cannot address those issues because morons like you call us 'racist' and shut down any events geared towards finding a solution. You usually also try to dox us, have us fired from our jobs and then incite the blacks (and antifa) into a frenzy and have them destroy the area beyond what has already been done.You are the irrational retard, not us.

>>258174270well, I think we should just let people be when they're not hurting anyone. Immigrants do hurt people and they should be removed from Europe, but if they stayed in their shitholes we wouldn't have any problems. I mean, what danger does an underdeveloped African really pose to us in Germany? None, unless he comes here, rapes our women, steals our stuff and is generally an annoying faggot.

>>258173121Do you have any data to back up the claim that race has more of a factor to play than socioeconomics? Because from a purely logical standpoint things outside a race's control would seem to play much more of a factor than the ones in their control...

If you cannot hate you cannot love. If you cannot love you are not human. In other words OP, you are a subhuman faggot.

>>258172062>Socioeconomic factors are more responsible for the way people act than their genetics,Clearly not. If anything, socioeconomics are the product of human biology such as race and it could never be the opposite. Human society can never preceed humans. Simple as that.

>>258172062do you really give a shit why a nigger is robbing you when it happens?


>>258175020Arabs, Berbers, Turks and pajeets who migrate to Europe are Caucasians, which means they are white.

>>258174896> ID:SIavCalls the Aryan winner of the WW2 untermensch.Wild guess: the butthurt belt?

>>258172062It's completely rational. Racism is pattern recognition. Because each race evolved and adapted to their specific geographic areas, we all evolved with different genetics. Those genetics give us tendencies to behave certain ways, like white people and their ability to prep for the future. Or blacks and their tendency to have the genetics (MAOA, higher estrogen) which make them more violent than anyone else.The hegemony do not want you discussing the different species of hominids, they do not want you discussing genetics and IQ. This is because THEY are genetic trash and if we were to go full on eugenics, they'd be the first to be euthanized and taken out of the gene pool.

>>258172062>There's no reason to hate other racesniggers and chinks are ugly. isn't that enough?

>>258172062Truet. Upper class black user

>>258172062i agree. not about the jews though. jews are scum. blacks, latinos, and asians all massively contribute to america. the jews just use us and get us killed. the jews are filth.

>>258175389Caucasians are not white.Race theory classificator names europeans "caucasians" for meme reasons, but never equalises arab mutts with whites.

>>258175389i can bump this thread with redpills all afternoon rabbi

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>>258175411No idea what are you talking about, I'm an Arab.

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>>258175675So half-ukrainer then.

>>258172062To hate people just because they look a certain way is low iq. That being said, if you hear a "Woopty hoop du didda do muh dik" in the wild and relax. Well that's even stupider than hating skin color.

>>258175597False. Even some Africa Horners are racially Caucasoid, despite being mutts.

>>258172062I don't hate someone because they're black I hate black people because of how they act.

>>258172062> no reason to hate other racesOi don't 'ate 'em, but I don't loike 'em either. I wouldn't hate or think about them at all if they weren't crowding into our countries, trying to re-make them in their own image (see: 'the 1619 project'). They're a burden, pic related. (and no I don't want Asians here either, they're just included for honesty.)

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>>258175955>racially Caucasoid, despite being mutts.You just contradicted yourself.


>>258175597Caucasians are white.I've met some Chechens that were whiter than Germans and especially Russians.

>>258174139'Racism' is secondary, an effect, caused by the primary problem of being exposed to other races in the first place.

>>258175199Race determines where your socioeconomic factors will end up after a few generations.Look at whites. They generally perform well everywhere, despite some of them originally being colonists, serfs, and refugees.Look at blacks. They generally perform poorly everywhere, despite some of them originally being worldstar hoopjumpers, hiphoppers, and kangz.We can see these trends all around the world with different races. You'll have to go through unnecessary kosher mental gymnastics to prove otherwise.

>>258174294>the science completely disagrees with you,What science? A scientific analysis can only tell us races are different with empirical evidence to corroborate it.Only racism can make the positive statement that one race is superior to another, with only opinions and feelings to feed your confirmation bias.I was born a sociopath. I don't feel things the way you do. My conscious doesn't bother me ever. I have to study and learn about a lot of this emotional tripe you take for granted.

>>258172062Ok tell that to the shitskins and niggers who are the most racist people in the world. White are the only ones who have ever helped anyone that isnt their own race.

>>258172062Niggers must be removed from the Western Hemisphere by any means necessary.

>>258172062Why does he have a Germanic Rune on the wall and the Roman Laurel Wreath but also a Christian Cross

>>258176271Mutts are not white. They are mutts.The meme name from bullshit theory does not make them white, what gives them lots of butthurt.A lot of them might look white due to PKU prevalent in the region.

>>258173415>shitholesthis is what it comes down to for the Holla Forumstard doesn't it, the effectiveness of the economy and le ebil nigger preventing us from colonizing mars or some other brain dead futurist transhumanist bullshit like that>>258176350>completely eradicates geopolitical presuppositions of socioeconomic development in history and general congregation of certain specific race within particular areathis will be surprising for you user... but... there is a reason why areas that isnt overrun by wildlife, jungles, deserts and mountains everywhere developed well (like europe/eastern asia) and why geographically disadvantaged continents (like africa, south america etc. that are mountainous, full of deserts and jungles) have not developed as wellconsider the following: race has nothing to do with it

>christianity is the saviour of the white rac-

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>>258175023probably a massively redpilled Holla Forums user who became a fan of slav and nord culture

>>258172062your every action is 100% determined by genetics, dumb faggot, what you mean to say is that it's not hereditary. which is not true, you are just assuming bullshit and racism doesn't imply hate.

>>258176195I am saying when anthropologists look at their skull they see a Caucasoid. Their skulls are Caucasoid, which is a result of a lot of Semitic ancestry, so considering Semites themselves to be mutts is absurd. Even Yemenis have like less than 5% Negroid admixture.

>>258172062Where in the hood do you live, user?

>>258172062OP you’re a stupid faggot. If what you said was true, then rich black people wouldn’t commit crime at about the same rate poor white people do. But you’re a disingenuous sucker of cocks, so I’m not surprised you didn’t know this.

>>258172062Again with the >irrationalshit.

sure, I could accept that as long as you accept that you can respect another group while not wanting your own people to be erased and replaced with those of the other groups

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>>258176869All you are saying that you are a kahetian arab mutt, envious to whites and willing to shit your genes with PKU.


>>258172062>Socioeconomic factors are more responsible for the way people act than their geneticsSadly, noThe world would be better if that was the reason, but sadly it is not, and hiding your head in the sand makes it worseyoutube.com/watch?v=T0KKc6GbeNo

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>>258172062No you are a kike

>>258172062The thing is you confuse the word racism. Racism from the start was coined by a jew as a propaganda word. The word racism is political. You are very incorrect when you say socioeconomics mean more than genetics. The simple evidence that this is false is just to look at what different peoples have built. Europeans have stood for 90% of all important inventions and scientific discovery for example, art and architecture as well. Most of the remainding discoveries ashkenazi jews stand for and a few east asians. See a pattern? The pattern is higher IQ. But that's not all obviously seing how Europeans are third in order but still contributed the most. I as a nationalist agree we should hate on people "just because". We simply want the right to our own homelands. Currently we are invaded and subjected to anti-white propaganda: like porn for example. We just want the evil to stop, to people stop targeting us and to leave us alone. And I wish the same for other people. Hell, even Africans and arabs can come and visit us as tourists. Culture is exciting. But don't invade our nations and make it into something else. That is what we ask. The remainder

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>>258176869Arabs, Anglos, Spanish, Scandinavians are all niggers.

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>>258172662>>258172062The truly redpilled position. Kikes and niggers are people with their own cultural and genetic qualities and flaws, just like whites. This doesn't mean that we need them in our societies.

>>258172062I don't believe in racism, like hating on anyone but your ethnicity is fine to me, but hating on people because of their race just doesn't make sense to me. The reason most people would call me racist is because I want to preserve Britain and our ethnicity, although I wouldn't call that racism. This is probably incoherent because I'm drunk but I just want ethnic Britains to carry on through time like we have before.Like rule Brittania sats,"Britons never never never shall be slaves!"

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>>258172742That mixed people exists doesn't mean that there are no races. Races based on genetics, with specific traits, behaviors and avg IQ. Race is upstream of culture user

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>>258175023Do you really have to ask? Chechens are also fighting along side Right Sektor and Azov Battalion. Why not other mutts too?

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>>258176491>I was born a sociopath. I don't feel things the way you do. My conscious doesn't bother me ever. I have to study and learn about a lot of this emotional tripe you take for granted.daaammmm look at this XxxSephirothxxX right here, don't cut me bro ur strong1!

>>258172062Fuck you nigger kike."Racism" is a psy-op word to imply in-group preference (healthy, normal, basic dignity) is hatred.Fuck you, nigger kike.

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>>258172062I wouldn't hate them if they kept to their own

>>258176699chechen phenotype is literally whiter than a lot of russians who have slanted eyes/high cheekbones.

>>258177802This too. Extremely related to my point.>>258177568

>>258176773>jungles and deserts prevent urban development Tell that to the Mayans, Aztecs, and Pueblo

>>258177540This is not a racial map. In fact I am sure you have no idea what it means.

>>258172062No you may discriminate and hate too.Hate is our anticorruption emotion really.

>>258177761Any Chechen is more pure blooded than American mutt monstrosities.

>>258178075you were talking about skulls, that's a map of skull shapes. niggers and monkeys have long skulls, non-niggers have average to short skulls.

>>258172062if they don't belong to my Nation Family.then i they are foreigners and i hate them

>>258172062>When it's such obvious bait you know it's (((1 post by this ID))) and report the thread without ever even opening it.

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>>258172662This, I wouldn't be as racist as I am if I wasn't forced to share my country with a bunch of subhumans that further deteriorate my own country and culture.

>>258176491>one race is superior to another,If you define what behaviors are "better", of course a society from a race can be "better" than a society from another race.If several things are "different" then by definition can be arranged in a hierarchy based on specific definitions of "better" and "worse".

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>>258176773>geographically disadvantaged continents (like africa, south americaYou cannot be this blind, can you?Africa disadvantaged?What's Japan for you? geographically privileged?

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>>258178334Actually you can rarely guess Cephalic Index by phenotype. Bantu have low CI and very wide heads, Scandinavians low CI and long heads. I was talking about facial features, prognathism, nose ridge, lips, eye slits.

>>258175205Cannot and do not are not the same idea, Socrates

>>258172062>Socioeconomic factors are more responsible for the way people act than their geneticsThen why do people with antisocial personality disorder commit evil actions?

>>258177537this. But dear Sven, you better hurry up there.

>>258176491I'm sincerely sorry, but all your abstraction, gymnastics, platitudes, all those carefully erased distinctions... they won't make you white.Don't blame me, blame leftists, without which you would very probably have been born white.

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>Racism is irrational>Racism is>Racism existsYou can only be the victim of racism if you mix with other races, if you stay with your own kind it'll never be an issue for you. If racism exists then its rational.

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>>258178156>Any Chechen is more pure blooded thanokay, thats bullshit

>>258177758>That mixed people exists doesn't mean that there are no races.Races exist. How do we know? Becasue people over here look different from people over there. So we collect a bunch of DNA from people over there, that is a "race". Over time, more and more members become mixed. They become more asian or less brown or more less white or more red. Now we have a new standard for what is "race". Tomorrow it startd over again. This has been going on for 100,000 years. Why does this terrify you? Feigning outrage now is laughable.

>>258178660Wrong, Bantus have long headssee; books.google.ge/books?id=QTFekkFi_GkC&pg=PA102&lpg=PA102&dq=Bantu cephalic index&source=bl&ots=Fu3SBYBZwH&sig=ACfU3U1vVpvtNRzyj1lqMNKyVDAYwzxfBw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiv2rW3ocPpAhVE8uAKHVL2D8MQ6AEwAHoECAgQAQ#v=onepage&q=Bantu cephalic index&f=falseones with broad heads are western pygmies. pic related would easily pass as African-Americans, many Arabs have in-between features, can't be considered pure Caucasoids even with facial features.

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>>258179270i dont get it.why should a jew promote paganism instead of christianity?

>>258178414>If you define what behaviors are "better",That doesn't sound scientific to me. If you substitute ice cream for behaviors, it's weird.>"If you define what flavors are "better", of course an ice cream from one flavor can be "better" than an ice cream from another flavor"This is all very subjective and not least bit scientific.

>>258178613is japan a giant desert?is japan a jungle full of dangerous wildlife?are temperatures in japan nigh unlivable?you haven't proven shit retard, africans and south americans have to deal with all that shit, lucky for us euros we didn't have to but had we have we might have ended up just like themget that through that thick fucking skull of yours>>258177989the point is they had to adapt to their enviroment which a) made urban development more costly b) made it economically less efficient than geographically advantaged nations which would contribute to their semi-backwardness compared to europeans when colonization began - only proving the socioeconomic differences have little in common with "race"

>>258179270I don't even know who's jewing who anymore

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>>258179195What we call races are like the named colors in pic related.The fact that there's a spectrum and no hard separation, does not leads to declare that there's no such thing as "blue" or "red".What the main races define are the center points, and that's not changing user

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>>258172062>socioeconomicStop right there. Nu-pol is reddit tier.

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>>258172062>jewish cross>pierce logowhat confused retard made this pic>>258179718jews/christians are jewing everyone because they are jews

>>258179526Because Paganism doesn't threaten their status as God's chosen people. To them, Paganism is just goys being goys, while christianity is goys attempting to usurp their status as God's chosen ones. They fucking hate christianity. also, the last row on the left of pic related terrifies the jew

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>>258172062If there is no reason to hate other races, then hating other races must be wrong in some way.If hating other races is wrong, then we know:A: It springs from our sinful nature in some way.B: We should try to create a world where we are not likely to sin in this manner. If hatred for other races springs from our sinful nature, it must come from either our animal or diabolical nature; it is pretty obvious it comes from our animal nature, as we can see this behavior among animals as well (animals are very tribal), and it clearly comes from our need/competition with other races predominantly.If we wish to make a world without this particular sin, the least disruptive and most effective way to achieve this is to separate the races; we do not see dolphins and tigers hating each other because they really do not encounter one another, but dolphins attack sharks and vice versa all the time. If dolphins and sharks were in entirely different environments, they would have no cause for conflict.Therefore, if Christianity says that hating other races is wrong, a good Christian should advocate for the separation of races.

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>>258179657I'm just here to say meemeeflags begone

>>258179195this is just skull shape. Genetics, of course, affects everything, including traits and behavior.All of it is, OF COURSE, average. It doesn't mean that every individual black can jump higher than every individual white, but, if you take a million whites and a million blacks, the black's avg jump height would be higher.There will be a white dude that can out-jump 98% of blacks, but the top 10 will be all blacks.lagriffedulion.f2s.com/blackathlete.htm

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>>258179270A kike attacking the ultimate jewish trick?You can't be serious

>>258179526jews want to destroy ChristianityIn this instance, the jew is attempting to weaken Christianity by offering an Indo-European an alternative to Christianity that he may identify withdivide and conquer>also lurk moar

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>>258172062>Socioeconomic factors are more responsible for the way people act than their geneticsYour argument rests on the assumption the socioeconomic factors are not influenced by genetic behavior.

>>258179526Number of christian vs pagan "pogroms" might give you a clue. Paganism is dead, it's a joke at this point really especially considering those "practicing" it. It's completely harmless. Christianity on the other hand remains a force in eastern europen nations and a potential force in western ones. (which are secular and modernist now but could return to it) Christianity helped bring down communism in the east, and could potentially, if awakened again, help bring down globalism in the west. So it's a potential threat, while paganism is not.

>>258178395wow bro, i am sure dutches are THAT bad

>>258179526I mean I personally think that Christianity provides solid moral framework and that sort of thing. Paganism was and is definitely more savage. What better way to weaken people by telling them to abandon a religion that is a driving reason for why the west achieved so much?

>>258179657you're telling me that japan has geographical advantages over the entire African continent, or the entire south america. Man you don't "have to deal" with deserts or jungles, you just live in the fucking fertile land, and exploit minerals, and oceans.... Large fertile land and mild weather ARE geographical advantages. Plenty of those ein Africa and South America.Africa never invented the wheel user.

>>258178886>I'm sincerely sorryYou could have stopped there.

>>258179195>Over time, more and more members become mixed. They become more asian or less brown or more less white or more red. Now we have a new standard for what is "race". Tomorrow it startd over again.This is completely wrong, if that was the natural case - races would never arise in the first place. (And neither would species) The normality is separation, leading to races and then eventually to separate species.

>>258180360They have literal BLACKED porn on state funded TV shows for kids. Toothpaste niggers are fucking awful

nl had anti racism commercials in 03

>>258177764It's not a gift if that's what you were thinking. People think I'm anti-social and strange, not charming and witty.

>>258172062>Such irrational hate fosters degeneracy, and prevents your growth as a person.>irrational hateAll hate is irrational, as it is emotional, not logical. Anyway, almost anything can be rationalized - human "rationality" is as subjective and normative as emotions. >irrational hate fosters degeneracyOnly if it is hatred of goodness. An irrational hatred of degeneracy would lead to an irrationally intense purging of it.>prevents your growth as a personYou are saying that without any foundations upon which to make universal claims.

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>>258172062Completely untrue.The data proves that socioeconomic factors do not explain Nigger violence.

>>258172742The joos? Aliens? Soros? Or are they all one and the same? I'm scared.

>>258172062>richest black neighbourhood has higher crime than the poorest white neighbourhood muh socio-economic conditions kys shill faggot niggers are the bane of the civilized world

>>258180582>The normality is separationWasn't that primarily from geographical displacement? Inbred genetics cause recessive traits to express leading to deformities. Like the Pharaohs or European monarchies. Fresh genetic material is necessary to prevent reduced biological fitness.>then eventually to separate species.All of humanity is the same species.

I think I've only encountered one person that was just one race. I've got a mixture from all different regions of Europe with more more concentration around the Mediterranean. I also have a good amount of Native American 35%. Only have 1% trace amount of black and 1% trace amount of meso American. I believe it's my large amount of of Native American that i dont age as fast. Heaven knows I should look like I'm my 90s. Had chronic insomnia for 10 years and partied like a rock star for 35 years. I'm pushing 50 but can easily pass for someone in their 20s. Lot of whites with more white ancestry age faster they peak in their late 20s or early 30s.

>>258181251Also works with sat scores

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>>258172062>Socioeconomic factors are more responsible for the way people act than their genetics>[citation needed]

>>258181426>All of humanity is the same species.Sadly no, at least in the way "species" are definedIt's silly to propose that a pygmy and a mongol are the same species.

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>>258172062Which of the many black nations, regions, and cities around the world would you move to if your expenses were paid?

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>>258172062>There's no reason to hate other races. Socioeconomic factors are more responsible for the way people act than their geneticsWow you're actually starting to admit genes play a role. Good for you

>>258172742>theres no such thing as a perfect circle, therefore building anything with circular intent is futileretard alert

>>258172062Racism is inductive dumbass, not irrational. Valid system for gathering knowledge, with downsides like every system created by man.Get fucked.

>>258172062define "hate"

>>258172062i agree with op

>>258172062Even when you account for socioeconomic factors they still score lower on the SAT and commit more crime than whites of equal income levels

>>258182665there's a way to improve SAT scores

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>>258172062OK (((OP)))

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>>258172742Yes there are pure people. Dumbass

>>258181426Different evolutionary environments. And the mixture of such different populations lead to issues with compability and a loss of specialisation. This is regarded as bad for most animals but as by magic is supposedly "good" for humans.. can't be due to politics, can it? lolRecessive traits =/= diseased traits, inbreeding doesn't create any new traits and are mostly a risk in populations numbering below a 1000 individuals. This "ree you must breed with nonwhites or you'll be inbred" is absolute BS propaganda. You antiwhites are simply brainwashed to dislike whites and then make utter shit up to justify it.

Well idiots conflate racism and being opposed to cultural changes caused by changing demographics, it's so easy to slander too.youtube.com/watch?v=0-UBd_hs0XsTake this for example, it's very interesting, but you can see how easy it would be to conflate racism with the fear of particular minorities bringing a lot of crime and mess into the area (which is exactly what happened).

>>258172062There might also be some genetic involved, OP. Stats on income and education support that theory. Of course studies on that are taboo. However everyone is different; you can generalize on a category, not on an individual.

>>258182861>SAT scores rising as less blacks take the testHmmmm.. one wonders what the connection between the two might be?

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Mason "elites" create division and rape everything that moves.

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>>258183114>Well idiots conflate racism and being opposed to cultural changes caused by changing demographics,Race/demograhics and culture (thus cultural changes) are directly linked, as you even state in this comment. If you'd accept a multiracial society but then whine that said society changes culturally, well that's just stupid. Of course it will. Culture doesn't create humans, humans create culture.

>>258172062oh yeah those africans have really been to the mercy of socio economic factors for the past 10000 years amirite guise

>>258183605I agree with you in spirit, but I think culture does create humans, in two senses: first, during evolution, I don't think we were fully human until we covered our body with rags. In that sense we are human because of our behavior. second: an artificial culture is injecting african dna into humanity's gene pool, which means culture can completely modify humanity.

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>>258179195>Races exist. How do we know?Because we invented them. They're just a way for you to tell two people apart; they don't actually mean anything.

>>258183300Are you suggestion correlation implies causation?

>>258184193One could say that certain evolutionary pressures introduced by a culture will influence a population much like any evolutionary pressure in the environment, but that culture of course did not fall out of the sky. It was created by humans, from their biological nature. That culture can of course also be created by one people, and then inflicted upon another, which is kind of what we are experiencing as well. (making it unnatural or yes, artificial, to that people)>first, during evolution, I don't think we were fully human until we covered our body with ragsThis however is more of a philospohical question. It's also pretty hard to draw a strict line where one species end and another begins unless a long time has passed (and they've drifted far apart). It's not impossible that "we" had basic clothing, tools etc before we were proper humans (ie homo sapiens) either. In either case, we are only capable of a certain behaviour (or not) if our biology allows for it, never the opposite. So if we would not have had the brains (determined by biology) to develop clothing, then it wouldn't have happened. As such, biology still reigns supreme.

>>258184839Nope. I'm suggesting there is likely to be actual causation there. "correlation isn't causation ree" doesn't mean that there's never any causation to be found anywhere as some people seem to imply by how they use this statement.

>>258184839correlation suggest causation.considering race & IQ, IQ & SAT Score, in this case, the probabilities are high.

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>>258172062Fuck off glownigger. Racism, by definition, has absolutely nothing to do with "hating races". You're getting cucked out of your own language.youtube.com/watch?v=fgReurGebJg&t=24sThis is a great video that talks about all the ways the English language is getting 1984'd.

Sage confuser thread

>>258184573So what you're saying is that the differences in appearance between these populations aren't biological? They're not genetical? And all those who perceive them are actually simply imagining it? Fascinating.Clearly, they exist and they are biological. Now for the next thing - why do you assume that evolutionary processes has magically, and completely uniquely in nature, has only affected outward appearance of humans rather than behaviour as well?

>>258176793holy fucking based lmao

>>258177339It would be a better world if idiots faced reality and stopping being deluded idiots.

>>258172062The lack of blowing this asshole out of the water with facts and stats itt is disgusting. Race realism is the most important redpill for any newfag by far. By far. Not schitzo idiocy, not maga shit, not nihilistic baiting faggotry.Niggers are inferior, races are different here is why. That is the supreme redpill.

>>258172062Stop being a nigger, then racism will not exist...

>>258172062I don't hate other races, but I do hate that the government is helping other races wage soft racewar against mine and taking my money to support them when they have nothing but contempt and physical violence for me.Other races should probably remove their hands from our pockets and leave before things get nasty.

I wish everyone who unironically had the term socio economic in their vocabulary just fucked off forever

>>258176056Gonna need a source for that senpai

>>258177339Good charts. Here's another interesting one.

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My room is just like this, am I a meme?>>258172062

>Has a cross, a gun, and a pagan divine blessing rune>Doesn't realize how delusional that makes him appear especially with the sociopath little smile on his ignorant face

>>258189067this one is the most impressive"13% do 50%" is very optimisticalso this youtube.com/watch?v=k0Y35EpOiFc

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Imagine believing that making judgements based on the actions and behaviours of others is wrong. They are responsible for their own actions, and whether or not they chose to behave morally and responsibly or not. They are responsible for displaying whether they are decent and good people or not. Those who do not wish to take any sort of responsibility for their own actions will argue, contemptibly, that they have no such responsibility because of other factors in their lives, such as being poor, being mistreated by others, not knowing any better. But the buck stops with each individual. If they are not capable of determining how they should act in society then they don't really deserve to be treated well by it. They are like children, demanding special treatment while unable to perform any of the duties of responsibility that go alongside rights. Do you know how I know that OP's a faggot? Because he defends the irresponsible out of a need only to defend himself.

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>>258172062nobody said anyone hated anyone....stop masturbating to white hate porn

I unironically agree.

>>258172062>Socioeconomic factors are more responsible for the way people act than their geneticsNope.

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>>258190730its a hate thread by a hate shill from huffington

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>>258172062Time for you to go visit downtown and meet some fine people of the community. Wait, no. Looks like you moved out into nowhere and continue shitposting.


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