"If Black people were to leave America name the long term impacts it would have in USA?"

Does not matter how much Americans like the try, black people are conscious of the USA. Our humanity helped make the USA a first world country but at the same time some our humanity has been sacrificed so others can act right in America.If black people were to leave America and let's say move to Africa or the Carribean/South America, name the long term impacts it would have for the United States economcially, socially and emotionally.>fascinatingAmerica would never recover.America wouldn't be dominating any music or charts anymore.Hollywood would no longer be hollywood.No more sportsCulture would be bland.No immigrants want to move hereThey’ll just replace us w/ MexicansAmerica would lose BIG money.black men won't be able to get their designer baby.The entire economy.....industries and government, would crash and never recover.The jails will be filled with hispanics and other non-white immigrants.They would start move to what ever country black people are at. Cause they're obsessedThey will do everything to make us suffer for leaving-disease, debt, war. Just like Hati and Liberialipstickalley.com/threads/if-black-people-were-to-leave-america-name-the-long-term-impacts-it-would-have-in-usa.3501834/

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>black people are conscious of the USA10/10 chink cringepost.

>>258168874>only lists good things

>>258168874>black people are conscious of the usabeginning the argument with failure

>>258168874Shut up nigger. You have felonies to commit

>>258168874Reading through the first page of that thread honest to God makes me want to leave America. It's the slow realisaton that there is NO getting rid of them that just kills me

>>258168874Without other races, whites would destroy themselves. The constant warfare in European history shows this to be true.

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>>258169317how can we prevent this?

nice reddit spacing

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So what would be the benefits?

>>258168874Crime down, obesity down, welfare spending down, test scores up. Clean public transportation. Safe urban streets.

>long term impacts to Americaprobably cities on the moon

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>>258168874I don't watch jew nigger ballI don't like jew nigger "culture"I don't want shitskin invasionAmericans, aka Whites, would gain BIG amount of their money back. etc. everything you say is bullshit but if that were to get all of them to leave I'd nod my head in agreement.

>>258169317Except this isn't the 1800s there's be way more cooperation that would last for a lot longer having centuries to look back on as to what the alternative is. And an accent barrier is far more workable than a la language barrier. Finally, the same could be said about every other race. We put all the Africans back in Africa and they'll just kill each other more, we do it to the Asians and they'll do they're little economic and turf wars, Europeans will fuss and may feud but otherwise know who's who, especially after this era. But that's the beauty of race, were not promising every lasting peace we reject that notion, but it's better to be with those of similar racial characteristics so that ethnic ones can be more defining rather than it all being clogged up in multikulti hell

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>>258169317The hilarious part about your shitty argument of wignats purity spiralling is it's still 100,000,000 times more desirable, amicable and productive than the current state of affairs.

>Like Liberia and HaitiThey had a Revolution the starved and somehow, it's whiteys fault the entire time. They'd resist the whole process, leave proudly at the last second, then when they're back and starving they'll beg to return and cry how they were thrown out and had to leave with the Klan on their heels, then say they were captured if every brought back. Hispanics and non whites would grumble from their countries if the same happened but not much else. Either way they all should go and the rest can go to hell

>>258169493i do what i can

>>258168874It's a risk I'm willing to take!

>>258169926>*then a language

>>258168874Don't knock it till you try it.

We’d be better at sports

>>258168874this would bankrupt the prison system


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>>258170058Citizens in post ww1 and ww2 Europe would disagree

>>258168874My car wouldnt have gotten vandalized by those fucking inhumane mother fuckers that need to be treated like criminals shoot first ask questions later

>>258169317In America all new waves of Whites initially had trouble but once they settled in they were just American.

>>258168874Lmao listen here you nigger worshipping golem, we'd still what, half the country being fucking Mexican.

>>258168874>Our humanityYou're not a nigger and niggers aren't human. Post pictures of your hand with timestamp, Moshe.

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>>258171618Yes, by adoption the label of "white" to distance themselves from blacks, Hispanics, natives and asians. How exactly do you think that transformation happened? Because they were "good white citizens"? No, it's because elites created an economic incentive for lower class "whites" not to associate with other races.

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>Hollywood would no longer be hollywood.GEE, WOULDN'T THAT SUCK LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

>>258168874>If black people were to leave AmericaSuch a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L statement. I would like to just sit and cherish this statement

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>>258171989Economic? So economics is why people don't want to be around "minorities" but, WWI and II where because of European blood lust to kill other Europeans?

>>258168874>"If Black people were to leave America name the long term impacts it would have in USA?"America would be a much better country to live in.


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We would easily become a planetary interdimensional superpower that would rival galaxy threats.

>>258171083funny how even then they managed to rebuild their countries bigger and better than they were before the war. What war happened in africa?

>>258169317this is sadly true thoughif there were no kikes nigs etc we would just make someone else the ultimate evil

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>>258168874LMAO, this low IQ shit is hilarious sometimes.

>>258168874Drastic reduction of violent crime and welfare and tons of tax dollars freed up to spend on space exploration.

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Coke stock would rise significantly.youtu.be/LwkIy0SJzqQ

>>258173781Is this real?

Don’t make me so horny OP, a man can only get so erect

Retarded black people trying to sound deep and profound is so embarrassing.

Collage and medical care for all. Return of the arts. Return of the space program. Better paying jobs and less immigration due to the breaking of the gibslibs voting block. A fraction of the crime, return of high-trust communities. Return of functional social safety nets. Less homelessness. Paradise. Return of the America that invaders think they’re getting when they hop the border but which is long gone.

>>258168874nice bait m8

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>>258171989The elites imported those same non-whites against the wishes of the lower classes. Whites saw themselves as "white" as soon as Europe started reaching farther around the world at a more common rate, before America was born. Every white group that bordered dark peoples, like the Greeks, made a very clear distinction between whites and non-whites, even while also recognizing white subgroups. Sons of Japhet, Christiandom, Europa, The Fair Races, etc.tl;dr "Whiteness" has always popped up anywhere whites regularly saw non-whites.

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Drop in crime instantly, drop in murder instantly. Your average nigger takes in more in benefits than your average white pays in taxes. The question should be how would you survive without us feeding you like animals at the zoo.

>>258168874The US would collapse into civil war

>>258176168crime rates plummet across the boardviolent crime rates drop to Switzerland levels.billions a year saved in educated useless subhumansbillions a year saved in feeding and housing subhumansbillions a year saved in incarcerating the subhumansbillions a year saved in health care costs of subhumansbillions a year in wasted productivity of subhuman workers saved There's lots more I'm not even thinking of right now I'm sure. Toss the spics and jews out and America becomes paradise on earth.

>>258168874>America wouldn't be dominating any music or charts anymore.Implying black people have anything to do with the music charts and not the jews who write, produce, and publish the music.

>>258176173Over who gets to throw the biggest celebration.

>>258168874A ton of early American history would esse>>258168874ntially be lost and erased.

>>258168874>Culture would be bland.Wow, can (((they))) get any more racist against white people by calling our culture "bland" ?

>>258168874A reaction gif does not exist that could adequately represent the laughter generated by these fantasies

>>258168874Ok Chang. Before postulating and posting drivel from your obviously idiotic mind, fucking kill yourself.

>>258168874>Hollywood would no longer be hollywoodWhat was the hashtag last year? #OscarSoWhite?It'd be a problem to find some hood rats to star, that's for sure

>>258169317Bullfucking shit in a time where we didn't have such scientific achievements I agree but in this time we would unify to achieve greater goals

>>258168874You can't remove 50 million of 325 million people and still have a functioning economy.It'd take at least 20 years to recover, more likely 40

>>258168874The crime rate would be cut in half, and America's average IQ would jump by 10 points.

>>258168874Nigger, everything would be wonderful and entertainment would improve a thousand-fold without executives pandering to niggers constantly. America would become one of the safest countries in the world. The average intelligence would increase by 20 IQ points IF NOT MORE. Niggers are a stain on this country, and should be removed by any means necessary. You want to leave? Awesome. Be my fucking guest, NIGGER.


>>258168874Honestly, it would be fucking amazing. Huge portions of cities are under utilized because of the jogger menace raising the real estate prices as more and more non-joggers are forced into jogger minimal quarters.If joggers suddenly became spearchuckers in Africa, we could have such things as >A DC with a livable east side.>A Chicago with a livable south and west side. Infact, a Chicago where you can live virtually anywhere.>A Philly that is livable beyond its dense core, and its distant suburbs>A Brookyln Brownsville that is no longer Brown>A harlem that is at worst beaners>Bronx literally becomes top tier placementI can go on, but if joggers decided to jog off, I'd literally move to Baltimore in a week.

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>>258168874iq would leap 50 points


>>258168874>Assuming letting this 3.8 million sq. mile spiritual buttfuck disintegrate is a bad thing


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>>258169317Whites killing each other is literally nature you fucking retard.

>>258171989White is an idiot's term for European Caucasoid.

safe cities, music and sports would be enjoyable again. wow

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>>258168874>They’ll just replace us w/ MexicansWell that is true, mutts can't handle a white only country

>>258168874Reminder: Everyone said the civil and social reforms of the 60s and 70s would cause crime, fatherlessness, poverty, drug abuse, unemployment and delinquency go down.Everyone was wrong, those things all went up.The left has never fully explained this.

>>258182420do niggers really think they are better than mexicans?

>>258176991And don't forget - who ultimately decides what tops the music charts, what music is good and bad, who sings it, what goes out into media, etc. Hint: They have big noses and tiny hats.

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God awful heavy metal would rise, sports would suck, and good sex would diminish. All the delicious ethnic foods would be eliminated.


I don't even like to think about it.

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>>258168874Do niggers seriously not realize that the US would be much better without them? Suddenly cities would be free for hard-working people to live in, shitholes like Detroit and Chicago would be livable again, the money saved on welfare, police and the prison system would allow for lower taxes or benefits for people who actually deserve it, and the country would stop obsessing over 'muh racism' and pitting niggers against whites and instead focus on building up the country. Niggers lack of self-awareness never seems to amaze me, really.

>>258168874>OP started this thread based on a fucking Lipstick Alley threadWhat are you sliding,you 56 IQ nigger?

Less crime, lower gun violence, happiness index rises.

>>258168874Jesus christ...

>>258182854ceases to amaze me*. Not to mention that the US could actually have a future that isn't becoming a country like Brazil.

>>258173781Is that real tho? the gif? How they make him do that? Also bulge check?

>>258168874Niggers are the albatross around the neck of civilization. They fuck up anything they are involved in. Life would be much more pleasant if jews and niggers were gone.

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>>258182630Nigger music is shit.I don't care about handball. Bestiality is a sin you degenerate faggot, stop trying to have sex with apes.Whites are the best chefs around, I almost guarantee you've never been fed a good meal by a nigger.

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>>258168874crime stats would be better overnight

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>>258182854without heroin and grandmas I might literally be out of a jobI’d have to go back to running lidar to justify my existence

>>258168874>Culture would be bland.NIGGER AUDACITY & ARROGANCEI guess only Africa and the US have culture.


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> Safer cities>Significant drop in crime rate>Significant drop in murders>Gang violence percentage will drop> Safer streets>Cities like Baltimore and Detroit will be livable again> No more niggers music / jungle beats> Nigger culture will be gone forever in America>No more money being wasted on these subhumans for welfare>No more large scale chimpouts because a gud boy dindu nuffin>Obesity rate heavily drops>IQ rate increases by 10 points>Safer schools>People wont get murdered for 10 dollars in their pockets as much anymore>No more listening to Niggers whining about rayciss wypipo>White population will heavily increaseI dont think I can even name all the good things that would come out of joggers leaving Amercia.

>>258182854>Niggers lack of self-awareness never seems to amaze me, really.Remember that, to a dog, garbage smells great.

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>>258168874Violent crime would drop by 80%, murders by 50%, people on social assistance by 40%. Democrats would never form another government. Wages would rise. Taxes would drop, government spending could drop or be reallocated. The prison population would drop by 75%. Property values would raise. People would live in Detroit and Chicago again.

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>>258183561Based leafs do exist

>>258178630>implying niggers actually contribute to the economyback to plebbit

>>258183371"I might leave my kids with a third-world country, but at least I'll have my spicy chicken and rap music."

>>258168874the average life expectancy would increase by about 5 years. murders would go down by about 50%. the number of single mothers would decrease by about 1/3. the average iq would climb 10 points

>>258184365Whites who listen to rap and act like ghetto niggers to seem cool need a visit from the angel of death. I cant tell you how many wiggers ive seen in my city (toronto). Imagine being a white person that listens to a chimp scream into a microphone.

>>258184588Wiggers absolutely get the bullet

>>258184588early early gangsta rap was the shitor maybe I’m just nostalgic

>>258168874>If Black people were to leave America name the long term impacts it would have in USA?Nothing.

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Guys they can’t leave, we’d lose our Jordans!

>>258169317Nukes changed the game. There's not going to be another big European land war with the UK, France, and Russia all having nuclear weapons. Even if wignats took over everywhere instead of the kind of pan-European-but-not Concert of Europe 3.0 white nationalism most non-grugbrained people subscribe to the most that would happen is expulsion of Poles from Britain and other things like that. Conquering is a game from the last century.

>>258184813I mean as long as you dont act like a fucking ghetto nigger to seem like your tough shit I couldnt care less of what you listen to.

>>258184588I would go as far as to say Wiggers are worse than niggers.For one is a traitor the other is following his nature.

>>258168874No niggers, no problem!

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>>258168874Guys guys GUYS SHUT THE FUCK UP. LET'S NOT BLOW THIS.Fuck everyone, I hope all the black people don't suddenly decide to move to another country. We would be so fucked.I personally cannot describe how devastated I would personally be if I woke up tomorrow and all the black people had moved.Also, and remember not to tell them this fellow caucasians, but they are the single greatest driving force of our economy. They all up in those compound interest loans, diversified stock options, industrial futures and shit but we scam them out of the money they would otherwise get from their portfolios with our cracker magic.We would probably have to pay them reparations to move back here asap.I really hope that no black people read this and don't act on this plan. They'd have finally outsmarted us and our white devil system if they did.

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>>258169317>knowing a white nations couldn't work>thinking the solution is to fill white nations with non-whites

>>258168874Well you should leave and really teach us a lesson. How about haiti?

>>258185037Words cant explain how niggerfied Toronto is lol. Ever since that cuck Trudeau let in Caribbean andAfrican immigrants into my city, its become a hellhole. You see niggers everywhere blasting their jungle beats while causing trouble. I live near a high school, and every white kid there acts like a fucking nigger. You cant even walk outside without getting robbed by a bunch of coons (almost happened to me). The crime rate has gone up drastically. Now this gay city even has its own underground faggot gangster culture and rap scene. Niggers literally come into my city just to form gangs and shit the place up. Im sorry if im ranting / venting like an autist,but It angers me that this city was clean about 30 years ago. I wasnt even racist before, but now I am after experiencing the damage that niggers can cause.TLTR: Niggers destroyed and shit up my once safe and low crime rate city.

>>258185113>financial securities and future planning are literally a google search away>the whites are hiding it!!!If anything I think brokers would want more people to buy into the markets. Not just for their own commissions but also to bolster the markets as a whole. Sadly there are few raps about retirement planning or the benefits of maintaining good credit.

>>258178630>You can't remove 50 million of 325 million people and still have a functioning economyHow many of those people are actually working and contributing to society? Do their combined incomes surpass the social services drain of the others? The answer is no. Mostly menial jobs mean little to no impact on the economy. If all if the blacks were to leave, there would be no need for black owned businesses in the ghettos so it is also a self repairing problem. You didn't think this through at all.

>>258186050No it's because all the blacks have inherited lots of gold and investment stock options in Wakandan bank accounts that have been wisely held in trusts for them since the days of the pharoahs, their noble ancestors. White devils like ourselves hide this from them so we can use their hidden wealth to fuel our society, as obviously responsible fiscal management and future planning is not something anyone can ever do and therefore is some sort of white lies and trickery.This is to stop blacks from realising that if they all leave to live in beautiful paradises like the Congo, which we brainwash them into believing are violent hellholes, white people would be totally fucked and beg them to come back.I really hope no blacks are reading this and figure out how to 'stick it to the man.'

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>>258186786Dude stop revealing the master plan

>U NEED US>t nigger Come on now nigger. The rest of you admit to being worthless in our mode of society at least

>>258168874America would never recover.> subjectiveAmerica wouldn't be dominating any music or charts anymore.> so?Hollywood would no longer be hollywood.> hollywood would be even more insufferable and we'd just kill the kikes now that their pets are goneNo more sports> because we didn't have sports before black people were even allowed to play> because we didn't create sports> oh wait, we didCulture would be bland.> for you, coal burnerNo immigrants want to move here> good.They’ll just replace us w/ Mexicans> who's "they"? implying we wouldn't finish the job.America would lose BIG money.> by spending hundreds of billions less on welfare? explain.black men won't be able to get their designer baby.> you mean a mutt, right? a half-caste.The entire economy.....industries and government, would crash and never recover.> um... no. niggers only spend what we give them. That's the complete opposite. All things would flourish.The jails will be filled with hispanics and other non-white immigrants.> good.They would start move to what ever country black people are at. Cause they're obsessed> good.They will do everything to make us suffer for leaving-disease, debt, war. Just like Hati and Liberia> niggers can't do shit themselves

>>258187397>No more sports>> because we didn't have sports before black people were even allowed to play>> because we didn't create sports>> oh wait, we didBasketball and football would drastically be different

>>258168874We would have space travel, colonize other planets, cure cancers. The time we spend on petty nigger shit and culture is pure regression. That list is not positive.

>>258174126kek have not seen this one before

>>258168874Peace and fucking quiet for a change.


>>258169317>Without other races, whites would destroy themselves. The constant warfare in European history shows this to be true.This is partially false. One of the main reasons Europeans had a technological edge over the rest of the world was precisely because they could be in a perpetual state of war without full on genociding each other. Euro states shrunk and grew for a century, but cultures existed and blossomed during this era. New resources were exploited by the conquerors, and economies were shifted by the defeated. The constant state of warfare without extermination kept Europeans experienced with war, but never stagnating. With constant war came technology. White empathy towards each other ultimately has doomed them, as they think shitskins can reciprocate. The only extermination of white cultures was done by the hands of non-whites like the Seljuks.

>>258168874Way to stereotype. One does not have to be black to produce great music.

>>258168874If gay people never existed there wouldn't be pedophiles

>>258168874there are african nations that welcome american blacks with open arms yet niggers will still refuse to leave because of the gibs here

>>258168874We might actually be able to have a functional welfare system

>>258185113Criminally underrated

>>258168874Theres an infograohic about this very topic. Crime, particularly violent crime would plummet to lows we haven’t see in decades, we would have a net tax increase in the billions, literacy rates, unemployment stats, health and average iq would all drastically improve. It would be an amazing thing to experience, but we already tried that and they almost all refused to go, and the ones that did created a cannabalistic hell hole

>>258168874>wypipo be systematically opressing us but we still own all da culture and da music and da spices

>>258185029oh absolutelyI detest all rap and hip hop in every form except a very specific period of time, like 1993-1997.

>>258173781this man just wanted to make funny youtube vidoes, what did you do?

>>258168874Teenage girls would have to Twerk on TikTok to the Oakridge Boys.

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