Mika Brzezinski melting down and is on the phone with Jack Dorsey AS WE

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Jack it’d be a shame if someone smashed your head in if Trump didnt get kicked off Twitter.

The very idea of that niggerfaggot Dorsey risking his platform over this whore is amusing, but illogical; perhaps that means he will follow through.

>>258168133lol seethe you gigantic fucking nigger

>>258167951She is BLEEDING BADLY

>>258167951Jack won't do shit until after election. Doing so now will get Twitter shut-down by the POTUS. He has the power to do it.

>>258167951Her daddy......Zbigniew Brzezinski, Godfather of al Qaeda and Taliban, Dead at Brzezinski to the Mujahideen: "Your cause is right and God is on your side!"

>>258167951She is so full of shit. That bitch can't do anything.

She was literally begging to speak to the manager earlier.

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>>258167951She must still be ass-devastated over Trump saying her face was still bleeding after a facelift.

>>258167951Mika will die soon.


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>>258168967>Never go full Karen

>>258167951Doesn't she know how many lefty scumbags depend on having a Big Bad Republican to tweet under for clout?She is literally killing jobs!

Mikaren will get Twitter sued.


>>258167951Trump is worth more to Twitter than your entire broadcasting company, Mika.Good luck.

>>258167951>Trump gets banned from Twitter>Massive shitstorm ensues>Trump commissions Elon to make a new platform for him>We get a better Twitter without an censorship>Get to call Obama a traitorous nigger without getting bannedDo it

why is Holla Forums so obsessed with what people post on twitter? theres literally 20+ threads about a twitter post at any given time. its really fucking pathetic. this place is basically just a twitter archive

>>258167951Unironically banning Trump would be the right move. Only way he will will go after Twitter is when he is personally banned. He does not care about his supporters or conservatives.

>>258168967What are the odds a lady with the I want to speak to the manager haircut wants to speak to the manager.

Translate.twitter.comJacks backpage.

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>>258169494>why is Holla Forums so obsessed with what people post on twitter?It's a slide/narrative hedging technique, started in 2015.Problem with it, nobody here cares about what anyone else thinks; and oldfags have seen enough garbage that "every day until you like it" doesn't work as a tactic.

>>258167951>Bans Trump>Trump mad>Trump slaps Twitter with antitrust lawsuit along with google, alphabet and other globalist companies based out of the USADo it Mika, Godspeed.

>>258167951Imagine if Trump went to Gab.

>>258167951If joe gets investigated then it would prove Jack is an accessory in coverup. Jack knows this. If nothing happens though, leave it to us vigilantes.

>>258168967kek, what did Trump do this time?

>>258169494Because unfortunately it's now a major arena for public discourse.


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>>258167951Reminder that her father is a founding member of the Trilateral Commission.

>>258169531Every blue checkmark has been kvetching for a Trump twitter ban for years and that bitch Mika is acting like she got a top level serious meeting after a few retarded tweets tagging jack. Total nonsense, she is pathetic.

Lmao what did he say to get her so hysterical? s an epstein

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>Twitter banning it's above and beyond number one source of clicks

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Is this over the death of Joe's intern?

>>258169676What the fuck...Actually it's not that surprising sadly.

>>258167951Is this the ultimate karen move?

>>258167951Twitter already told her if she doesn't like what he posts she can block him. Twitter told her that like 2 hours ago.

>>258170138crackin jokes about her husband, joe scarfaggot, murdering an intern he was banging

>>258167951It looks like a female jew that had a nosejob. Anybody know if it really is?

>>258168852he's also the architect of USA/NATO's expansion policy in Eastern Europe. The war in Ukraine is a result of that policy.

>>258167951REFERRING TO TWITTER ON /POL,gets you permanent OP is a faggot status, plus a bullet to the head. ( in minecraft)

>>258170519>BrzezinskiAnon, I...

>>258167951Twitter cant ban him itll put them out of buissness.

>>258169961>p-please take my call todayno

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I wish twitter didn’t exist. I wish all social media died desu. Forums were based

>>258168133>it would be a shame (insert internet meme threat)ass hurt antifa bernie bros are still a thing?

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What did Trump say to get her flow up?

>>258167951>GET TRUMP BANNEDCancel culture. This isn't Racism how?


>>258167951>only we are allowed to write thousands and thousands of negative articles and spread them on twitter. You must never bring up anything about us.

>>258171134>[email protected], stop re-writing content.

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>>258167951>A call is being set upwhat is the fax machine broken?

Twitter should probably do it, it'll prove to normalfags who really is in power. "Most powerful man in America? Why do these people with big noses and rimmed glasses get to call the shots?"

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>>258167951This is how you get Twitter nationalized.

>>258171501true, trump doesn't even have power over an american website, imagine if a chinese website tried to ban Xishows who's actually in power


I just hope that Trump would impose sanctions/anti-monopoly laws on tech giants.

>>258167951Twitter banning Trump.Would be fun.

>>258167951Dorsey is in africa hiding from justice. I don't think he has a phone.

>>258171666>America Firstyou don't hear the violence in that?

>>258171666words are violence

They ban him and he jumps over to Gab and it takes over as the #1

>>258168852thisthe bitch need to arkancide "herself"

If trump get kicked off of twitter, anywhere he goes will turn into the new twitter because everyone, including the people that detest trump, will have to follow him over.

Dumb Donald will be banned the day after he's out of office and completely powerless.The faggot will do nothing but seethe.

>>258167951oh wow great idea,

>>258172040Yeah, all those tick will fly to gab just to post angry rant underneath every Trump post

>>258171621not that i agree with everything our system does but that is kind of the way it was fucking designed. You guys just had your leader declare to be in full control and nobody blinked. Will be interesting to watch that fallout.

>>258168749He literally and legally does notProve me wrong

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>>258171345Weird. It's almost as if the rules are arbitrary and unfair, and being rich, famous and powerful makes life better. Huh.

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>>258171958break the silence

>>258168967Ok turboKaren

>>258172079Thanks Joe. Hope you find a lot of success with Spotify.

>>258167951He broke her, and she was not the intended target! Is there ANYTHING President Trump can't accomplish ?

>>258167951O hope she does: this is announcing the first amendment no longer matters. How long until media talking heads are targetted by groids for perceived slights?

>>258172132There is probably no other Twitter user that attracts that much attention to the platform.That would be suicide for the company.

Yeah it’s a move and all but something tells me Twitter would take a massive L on that one.

>>258172739I was thinking the same thing...

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>>258172371it's about time we bury the west

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>>258172739dumb argument, by that logic they could just allow child porn because it brings the clicks, obviously there's more things to consider than just what people will click on

>>258172375Yeah I don’t think so either but the swarms of magapedes and Q boomers would spam twitter to absolute hell if they banned their cheeto daddy

What did he even say

>>258173183>child porn because it brings the clicks What? Are you really going with that argument?

>>258173183>dumb argument, by that logic they could just allow child porn because it brings the clicks, obviously there's more things to consider than just what people will click onTwitter does allow child porn. You just have to hop over to the Pakistani site. It's all fag stuff though, with suspicious-looking phone numbers attached.

>>258167951Twitter won’t ban Trump. He brings them a shit load of traffic.

>>258173183Child porn is illegal and actually only interesting to a small minority.Retarded analogy.A platform like twitter lives from involvement. How many people would watch a liberal circlejerk group?

>>258169171I wonder what Trump's media coverage would be like if he didn't use Twitter.

>>258169494Reddit too

Look im all for free speech and rights to voice your angry but SCREAMING FIRE IN A PACK THEATER IS NOT FREE SPEECH...saying this man kill someone without proof and out of your anger against that person is not free speech...YOU GAY HOMO PIECES OF SHIT BETTER NOT CALL ME A JEW OR GOYIM OR I WILL CURB STOMP YOU IN MINECRAFTwhy is no one talking about NASA detecting a parallel universe next to ours where time runs backwards??

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>>258173504this one can see the thought police

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>>258171345>asking the FBI to investigate someone is a threat>but only if you're a republican

>>258172375he can cut off access to the internet, the Federal government controls it

ccccombo breaker

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>>258171345>says murderers should be apprehended by law enforcement and punished according to law>violent vicious threatsI actually understand that maybe Trump is a little TOO rude over twitter, and in this case maybe a little TOO cavalier with his murder accusations. But violent threats? I've actually never seen or heard him threaten violence.

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>Nice tranny social media beehive you got there, gigafaggot. Be a shame if somebody was to fucking nationalize it into a ventilator factory.

I like how they put echoes on their name so you know they are kikes .

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>>258173684>>258173747>>258173795incel fuck off or else

>>258173865Why repost that grade-school brainteaser?

>>258173183>they could just allow child porn because it brings the clicksNo? Fucking pedo paprikaniggers.

>>258171501>Obongo: cool invention tyrone, wanna come to the whitehouse?

>>258167951if his account gets canceled this is how the boogaloo starts checkem

>>258173987or else what?

>>258174034i always love algebra... a square plus b square equal c square

>>258167951This will boost his support if it happens. Imagine how many moderate democrats there are out there that think they're party has gone insane.


>>258168326Now start saying nigger in public. I bet you're so nice to blacks in public you hypocrite.

>>258167951I hope so. Twitter would go back to being irrelevant without Trump on there.

>>258168967if trump leaves twitter, twitter's value would tank overnight

>>258173467I don't think they can. Don't elected officials have special considerations?

>>258173259Hi Rabbi

>>258174296Black people are not the same as nigs.

>>258167951Fucking top!Kids make me laugh. Manager coming Ahahahah

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>>258167951Imagine if the cunt does it so they shut down Twitter altogether.

>>258169491>>Trump commissions Elon to make a new platform for him>>We get a better Twitter without an censorshipBased

>>258170277Haha yep.

>>258167951When the president sues you the proceedings move really fast

Mike obviously wants bondage and domination. She's unfulfilled and it's painful to watch.



>>258174176>>258174286ill see you in 30 minute...stay where you are coward dont move

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>>258172375>literally and legallyImagine thinking these were the sameGo assemble lmao

>>258168133>reeeee>orange man bad>reeeeeeeyou pathetic little fucking internet faggot cock sucker. Seethe and dilate for 4 more years you pathetic fucking loser.


>>258169921>Because unfortunately it's now a major arena for public discourse.It's where 90% of news stories come from since "journalists" are basically catty bloggers now.

>>258169791ThisTrump is King Kong Twitter is his pen

>>258174515>>258169491He should probably set up a fediverse instance.

>>258174684Oy Vey!

Jack surely wants to be called to testify in the Senate and BTFO in myriad ways to satisfy Mika's braying.

Trump living rent free in leftist minds - day 1.I don't even think of Trump anymore.


>>258167951I really really really hope they do this. There is no reason Twitter should be able to have this much power. Conservatives should have done something about this a long time ago but if they ban Trump there's no way the government would ignore it.Tech companies need to be regulated. We shouldn't have a few gigacorporations with complete control like this.

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>>258171213funny how it's only libel when it's done to blue check people

>>258167951>Court rules Trump can’t block aisle of 1A>Twitter can ban TrumpInhibiting the communications of the president could is sedition

>>258167951>>258168967Thank you Lord for letting me live in this timeline. Every day is an endless comedy.

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>>258168326It’s almost like you don’t know anything. You’re definitely new.

>>258167951Hope murdering Joe doesn't get the taste for blood again if she faila

>>258174460>Black people are not the same as nigs.Pathetic white cope


this thread is full of retards

>>258167951>msnbc>haircutlast boss of karens whines about most powerful man on earththis is glorious

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The fact that Trump is making a Brzezinski seethe is a huge white pill.

>>258169912I don't know, but by god I hope he keeps doing it.

>>258167951Who's this tranny?


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>>258167951Good. Maybe if they ban Trumpstein off twitter the fat orange boomer tard will finally wake up and take down big tech.

>>25817386599 years old duh take your quiz 4 babby and 360 degrees Celsius out of my internet.


>>258169494People who run twitter are the ones obsessed with what people post on twitter and anywhere else.

>>258172375Production Act. He can force Twitter to manufacture face masks.

>>258176025whats the hard for you to solve

>>258173865clearly paul is as a soros paid jew and his parents are kgb operatives subverting western university

>>258175639Havent seen this one. Saved.

>Corporate media leftist whores wants Trump banned from twatterTypical cancer

>>258167951>liberals: think ultimate “own” would be to get orange man temporarily banned from twitter>right wing: ultimate own is to win in the political arena, where it actually mattersPolitical social media drama is a very intentional distraction from real issues and is most heavily used by the left to distract from a bill that they can pass but they know if people are paying attention they’ll go ballistic. Corona is real but is used more as a distraction, why do you think they waited until we were all cowering inside and focused on one thing to start proposing and passing anti-privacy and anti-rights in general bills?

>>258174413Have sex

>>258176817>liberals: get obamacare, import millions of voters, legalize abortion, make abortion free, civil rights act, 1965 immigration act >conservatives: pass patriot act obliterating the constitution for the future interest of the ruling class, millions of immigrants to replace dwindling white population, 20 year never ending wars>trump: tweets

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>>258167951>BANNED FROM TWITTERoh noo.....

>>258176817When they hear somthing against them, instead of wanting to counter the claim or argue it logically, their natural inclination is to censor and silence the dissenting voiceIts shocking and i can even admit the democrats have only recently begun being this bad in the past decade

Banning Trump would help him.

>>258167951trump is literally the only thing keeping twitter alive right now

>>258167951Remember when 2.2 millions were supposed to die by now and the infected mortality rate was 10% instead of .33%?>

>>258175409Replace last bubble by>I want to speak to the manager

>>258169961>How dare you use libelous language you daughter fucking cheeto skin nazi sucking on Putin's cock in a peepee bed

>>258167951> polish surname

>>258172375>what is the FCC?>under which branch of the government is the FCC?>who appoints the 5 commissioners of the FCC?

>>258177281The demonrats voted against the civil rightsThey have always been the party of slavery, at every stepIf pol was consistent it would be democrat

Trump is the only one capable of actually doing damage with that character limit. All those left fuckwits need to post /32 or /59 part dissertations while Trump can inflict maximum ass pain in a single tweet most days. Brevity is the source of wit. Twitter is absolute garbage if not for the shitposter in chief.

Twitter will go bankrupt if they kick Trump out

>>258168133>”do what the liberal mob wants or we’ll coerce you jack!”It could also be considered simple terrorism since your goal is to terrorize anyone who won’t blindly follow your political aspirations to the letter or silence your political opponents. How does it feel being in Antifa but your tactics are ripped directly from Hitler’s brownshirts?


>>258167951fyi she gave her daughters’ her dad’s (their grandpa’s) surname instead of their own daddy’s name. How the bloak still stayed married to her for 20 years is a marvel

>>258167951Would like to see them try

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>>258174296I do it all the time. Niggers don’t do shit but run their mouths. Not to mention, they are sneaky and will look to attack while you’re off guard. Just bop me on the head with a blunt object and you’re good

>>258173594Yes it is.

>>258174731Can you even read, you shit-for-brains literal retard? The absolute state of braindead mutts.

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>Mika Brzezinski wants President Trump banned From

Sure. Do it. Censorship will get kicked in the tranny nuts so hard that it'll pretty much go away once things clear up.

>>258168967has anyone told her on twater: "Now, calm down Karen, he is your president" yet?

>>258172375The President Twitter feed is considered a public forum due to leftist being mad about Trump blocking them. Shutting down his Twitter would be a violation of the First Amendment.

>>258179015Yes, she started mass replying to every comment calling her a Karen and spamming the same video like an unhinged maniac.Shes spammed the video to over 15+ people so far. She really is melting down today, what a basket case.

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>>258179354This is why I quit Twitter years ago

>>258167951You can't ban Tweety from twitter

>>258167951>Twitter bans Trump>Trump nationalizes Twitter


>>258178373The joke was supposed to be the daughter of zbignew (globalist mafia) is threatening to have joe smash jacks head in for not removing Trumps post about joe smashing someones head in.


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>>258171345Ironic, lefties literally dox people and make real threats.

>>258167951Trump won't get banned by twitter. If he was he would find other source for tweeting

>>258167951If they ban him they guarantee his reelection.

>>258169791>Bans trump>Trump whines on fox>Continues doing nothing

Who bitch this is?

>>258168852Funny ,they're kikes too.Big think indeed

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>>258179354won't this achieve the exact opposite of what she is trying to do?she is giving Trump more publicity, not less

>>258167951Can't have the president be able to get out his message to the people, that's not what twitter is about, right? :^)

>>258167951I have always wished that faggot Jack would ban Trump. Twitter was in the shitter until Trump ran for office, then elected. There's so many people who use twitter because Trump tweets regularly, whether they like him or hate him.

>>258168133Smh at all the retarded faggots who didn't get the joke. He was referencing Morning Joe killing an intern with a bust.

>>258169055Checked. Trump curse incoming


>>258167951>>258167951The shitstorm that would happen if the President of the US got banned fromTwitter would be unfathomable. It would kill the whole Twitter platform.

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>>258173183>saying they do something for money is dumb because they could just make more money by becoming criminalsAsk me how I know you're not white.

>>258167951Zbignette is angry, guise

>>258190325An optimist, I see.

ban trump from twitter? god I hope so, just the chance that twitter gets banned or even seized in america would put a smile on my face. imagine all the newfag normies coming here, though. it would be 2016 reddit exodus all over again

>>258173932We need to hijack those echoes. Call them hate amplifiers.

>>258167951Banning Trump from twitter would be the fastest way to get declared a publisher in history.Please do it, I would like all these social media platforms to stop being treated as a public forum.