Okay, seriously what in the FUCK is his problem??


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>>258167248He's a cuck when it comes to politics.Pretty good author, though.

>>258167248There is no way this is real LMAO

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>>258167248>it's real

>>258167388Sure.. good author when it comes to visualizing satanic cocksuckery

>>258167248This dude is ruining my image of him by making these middle school level comments.

>taking seriously a guy who wrote about a kids gangbang in It

>>258167248>It's fucking realDid he even write those books, holy shit..

>>258167248He has severe brain damage from the accident that almost killed him.

>>258167248wtf it's real

>>258167248>hehe drumpf a poopy faceThis is a grown ass man. An author none the less.

Stephen King's "The Fartknockers"


He's been a demon for decades, literally.Doesn't "It" end with a teen orgy or something?gross fucking pedovore.

It's just a boomer reference, zoomers, calm downyoutube.com/watch?v=LHv2dIM3t9I


Can we please get a TV special of him and Ron Perlman?

>>258167850Hehehe, your ID says PP, hehe.

Well, he must certainly side with Shakespeare on brevity

>>258167388IT was one of the worst movies in recent times and he’s a pedophileIf you like his books you’re of the same type that OMG GUYZ loves Disney Star Wars

>>258167979Throw Jim Carrey in there too.

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>>258168083The remake or the original?

>>258167248>washed up boomer repeating memes that are 2 months old on twatter but adding orange man badsad>>258167388>good authorlmao no. he's a trash factory.

>>258168083Imagine thinking The Shining or The Green Mile are bad books

>ATTENTION>ATTENTIONthis king degenerates new movie DOCTOR SLEEP is pure pedophile garbage. Who's seen it?

>>258168181How are The Shining, The Green Mile and The Stand, terrible? The Dark Tower?


>>258168249I saw it, family. The soul sucking represented adrenochrme, and the cult is based on real life cults

>>258168370Exactly.. and they make the kid suffer to make it ooze more delicious soul before they eat themFuck you king you faggot

>>258168175Everything is garbage. The newest is even worse, it has literally 0 qualities.Good acting? NoGood plot? Hehe shapeshitfing clown from spaceGood characters? Cuckold preteen romanceGood horror? Not even that>>258168209Yeah, it’s fucking garbage. What’s your point, fucking consoomer?

>>258167248>some random celeb quotes beavis and butthead>directs it towards current presidential administraction>Holla Forums's cope level is off the charts

>>258167248People on the left are losing their minds because they know he is going to win.

>>258167248He's insane but a talented writer. This is nothing new.

If you're an American and didn't know that that was a Beevis & Butthead reference, you're too young to post here.

>>258167649>image of himA degenerate alcoholic and druggy that wishes he was still 12 so he could fuck his childhood crushes?What an image.

>>258168301fuck off. He hasnt written a decent book in 30 years

>>258167248Hahaha poo poo peepee orange Cheetos two scoops racist man bad

Head crusher!youtube.com/watch?v=PM5_dgKDsrc

>>258167248>a completely out of context beavis and butthead referenceThis man is a great American writer.

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>>258168496>enjoying things makes you a consoomerGB2R

>>258168657>stephen king>talented writer

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>>258168301The ending of Dark Tower is one of the most lazy bullshit cop-out endings I have ever read. Absolutely garbage that I trudged through 7 books for that fucking nonsense.

King's writing just depresses me to fuck and back. After reading IT I wanted to kill myself. Basically evil things win and they laugh while you suffer and die. >pennywise lives

>>258168699Huhu shut up beavis


>>258167248You're like 20 years too late on that joke, King.


>>258167248Lmao wtf they've all lost their minds! What, pray tell could be going through his head as he writes this? This is some shit a whack job would write on their padded cell with a crayon.

look at all the gen z neet faggots who don't remember the glory days of 90s TV

>>258168116I feel sorry for them, it's awful that people feed into their psychoses

>>258169141at some point it became superfluous, but his old stuff definitely qualifies as horror classics.

>>258168657Is he tho?

>>258167248thats pretty fucking funny

>>258169612i havent read a single book of his with a coherent and passable ending. name one of his books you think is good

>>258167248He's a hack trying to stay relevant on Twatter. Nothing more.

>>258169612He really was at the top of his game when he was making entire stories good enough to excuse the child sex scenes they contained.

>>258169922>but bruh... Ka is a wheel so the ending is the beginning

>>258169922The watch tower series is pretty good desu

>>258167388Stephen Kings books made start to read books again in my late teens, but then i picked up other books and found out that Kings books are kinda like the McDonalds dollar menu aka thought wank, it feels good to read, but then in the end as you close the book you realize that you learned absolutely nothing.Just a wank to fill in your spare time.

>>258169922Fuck I mean the dark tower

>it's realWhat the fuck?Is he OUT OF HIS FUCKING MIND?! ROFLMAO

>>258168116>Not yelling at Trump with his ass

>>258167248best thing hes written in years

>>258167388An author should be judged by the totality of his or her work. Most of King’s books are trash.

>>258170394>restart at the beginning but maybe this time will be different because reasonsHe said coherent. Not the retarded "life is a circle" trope thats been skullfucked to death for the last eon.

>>258168301read a real book you retard fag

>>258167388He himself has admitted his books are trash, but knows exactly what to write so they're best sellers.Trash sells more than actual quality content.

>>258170783you've probably literally only seen netflix/tv/movie adaptations

The comment are fucking cancer

>>258167248>its real wtf


>>258170337This is a great analogy. SKs books are like junk food. It's fun while you're eating but then you look back and wonder "what the fuck?"

hearts in atlantis was goodkinda creepy how the kids mom was a whore and accused the breaker guy of being a pedo

>>258167248He is projecting his problem

>>258167248He was meeting Ron Perlman lately.

>>258168476Sounds like a rip off of "Monsters Inc."

>>258167248You expected better?

>>258170394the dark tower was absolutely horrendous, i made it through the first but in the start of the second one i couldn't make myself keep going. does it get better? id rate the first one 4/10 and the second was shaping up to a 2/10

>>258170915He covering over the fact trash is pushed harder than quality.

>>258167388He is a hack.

>>258172544First two were good. I'mThe shining and Salem's lot we're great.But King has some deep seated issues involving butt fucking and kid fucking. There's a common theme in most of his products.

>>258167388He's overrated as fuck.


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>>258167248cringe boomer

>>258167447stop posting this kike

>>258167388everyone who disagrees with me is a cuck. looks like being an asshole has made you better at debate! you've leveled up, tool

>>258168116>>258167248how LONELY are these sad assholes?

>>258169922Pet Sematary is all I can think of. The Jaunt and The Mist are good short stories too.

>>258170337This. They are what they are and King knows it. Some of his old stuff is ok but they are definitely all full of wierdo stuff. It is what it is in the end.

>>258167248He's saying Trump is an iconic comedian like the hit 90s show created by Mike Judd


>>258169612Name his good books.

wannabee trying to make himself relevant. Where does he live again? Oh that's right in 100% White Maine. Typical limousine liberal.

>>258167388People actually think an author can be simultaneously alive and good.

>>258167248This is the power of celebrity And to think the hold the reigns on our culture

>>258167388There is only one decent Stephen king book and it’s from 1970

>>258167248whoa steven king is a dolt

>>258167248Cocaine fried his brain

my fucking sides

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>>258167248Boomers have a weird sense of humor

>>258169202Did the characters have to blow a load into a girl to beat the bad guy?

>>258176556The school shooter one, right? Rage or something?

>>258167248I thought he stopped doing drugs?

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>>258169563It's. Bevis and butthead reference. Still really fucking weird

>>258168301>The Dark Tower?srlsy nigger? you dare go there? fuck you.

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>>258167248He’s a pedo and he’s caught on video.

>>258167248Mental illness. Don’t forget these people have infiltrated the courts, the law enforcement and the universities.

>>258167388Checked, I stopped reading his books around 2015. Read 4 past midnight when I was about 9. Avid reader. Switched to Dan Abnett around 14 or so, haven’t looked back. >t proofreader>2.7k wpm >ama niggers

Pedos are just like that - mentally defective

>>258176820>The left can't m-

>>258178423Oy vey

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>>258167248seems steve is back on the coke again

>>258167388Stephen King is a fucking hack you dimwit

>>258167447Please stop posting this I can't stand that fucking face and it's so frustrating being unable to reach through the screen and punch it

>Implying Beavis isn't based af

>>258167248He's off his oxycontin. Jonesin bad.

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>>258167248About as creative and original as his novels...

>>258167388He just steals ideas from young starry eyed writers who send him transcripts. His son does it too now. He didn't write the first two Dark Tower books at all. He wrote half the third one and all the ones after.

>>258168209The Shining is absolute trash. All the famous shit you remember from the movie was Kubrick's invention, and he left out some of the cringiest scenes. I've wanted to like his stuff so many times because I love reading horror and there are horror bookshelves are literally half his stuff, but it's infuriating overwritten crap almost every time. Go read some Lovecraft or other old Weird Tales stuff, that's where he ripped off all his "ideas" anyway.

>>258168301The Stand is so goddamn boring

>>258167248>an adult wrote this

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>>258168657I'm sorry to break it to you user, but you're a clueless midwit

>>258169016He pulled Rage after Columbine. He should pull It.

It's peak irony that the same people who call Trump childish and stupid proceed to prove themselves to be even below him.When's the last time these fucks had a compelling argument against him?They distort everything he says, from Trade deals, debates, foreign negotiations, HCQ to UV treatment.There's nothing lefty celebrity scum has done to specifically counter anything Trump has said without resorting to insults or flat out putting words in to his mouth.I don't consider Trump to be any kind of messiah or anything but my god if he isn't the President you needed.(unless of course it's all just some gay ass masonic theatre)

>>258170886Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy

TDS is one hell of a drug.

>>258167248He busted out some coke. This is awesome, we might get some good writing out of him again.

>>258187390They is four things that can destroy the earth, he said. Women, whiskey, money, and niggers

>>258175125The Jaunt is a 100% shameless ripoff of The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester. Awesome book, highly recommended. He is the literal embodiment of that Office skit where Michael quotes MLK and then signs his own name to it. There ought to be better laws against being such a fucking Jew.

Also it's king's old short stories where he shined.

>>258175977The critic and Lovecraft aficionado S.T. Joshi says Stephen King's only good work was Running Man. I'm not a big fan of Joshi, but he hates King with a vengeance that is pretty amusing.

>>258178374Tell more

>>258167388He's a trash author. None of his works have any emotional depth to them and any time he uses paranormal stuff it comes across as a trite plot device.

>>258187849So based. I've read it three times. I need to read it again.

>>258167248He’s succumbing to Trump Derangement Syndrome. I’m afraid he doesn’t have long...

>>258187896Other than the word jaunt the stories couldn't be any more differentFucking smooth brain faggot

>>258187900Agreed. Night Shift was pretty fun. I thought the Ledge or whatever approached greatness for it's near-perfect suspense. Part of the problem is any tension he builds usually fizzles out over and over again due to the bloated 1000+ page self-indulgence. But again, so many blatant ripoffs.

>>258167248he's a jew.he claim King as his surname all he wants. It may as well be Kang.the asiatic eyes and frog mouth tell it all.

>>258167649Like when he wrote about the underage girl getting tag teamed by 4 guys. Kys faggot

>>258167248Hey Steve you dropped your manuscript. Over there; in the center lane.


>>258167388He a well edited hack. The pewdiepie of authors.

>>258189593The stories are different, the idea is still completely Bester's. Cute that you got to say "smooth brained" though, do you have a Kekistani flag on your lunchbox too?

his brain is long-gone from too many coke benders. his best work is when he was first going through them, and before they made him completely retarded.

>>258190086Why is it that nobody ever acknowledges this part of the book that goes on to be made into blockbuster movies and cleaned for public consumption.

>>258184534It's a jew lol>>258167248This guy is such a hack fraud fuck. If he isn't writing short stories it's fucking total dogshit. How childish does someone have to be to post something like this? Was he seething when this shit came out of his fucked up car accident faggot brain?

>>258170337Yup, read his books like a madman in teens. Picked one up to read again in my 30’s and I was like holy shit this is fucking retarded.

that's so stupid, but it made me laugh.

>>258167248Haha! I also remember when that was funny 25 years ago! Haha!

>>258187896>The Jaunt is a 100% shameless ripoff of The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester. Awesome book, highly recommended. He is the literal embodiment of that Office skit where Michael quotes MLK and then signs his own name to it. There ought to be better laws against being such a fucking Jew.Oh damn, really? I'm definitely going to go read it then. And King ripped that shit off hard? I wouldn't put it past him. What a total kike.On the note of short stories, Clive Barker's The Forbidden, is very nicely written. It has otherworldly nightmares in it, but also has relatable urban horrors, blended together. If you live in a big city with ghettos nearby you, it is an extremely uncomfortable read. Candyman was based off that story.youtube.com/watch?v=B5kJMvH1JKw

>>258167248When you are such a boomer you think you are relating to the kids but you are relating to 40 year olds

>>258167248LOL! Way to go Stephen King to standing up to orange man (with the tiny hands!)

>>258167248He and Spielberg raped Drew Barrymore on the set of ET.

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>>258169202I saw this coming around book 3-4, whenever they are past Blaine the train. In the foreword King says some shit about how the gunslinger may not be the hero after all and readers should get used to the idea. It was clear that he was just trying to be edgy and unpredictable. Plus the story just sucked once it got to the point where it was talking about his childhood. Still don’t know or care how the series ended. Shame because the guy narrating for the audiobook was talented

>>258191246He's also grasping at anything while seething that in today's world, you can have all the novels and writing accolades but along comes a comic book graphic novel about zombies and for almost a decade it's all anyone talks about. Stephen King who? Deep down inside it plays a role in all of this

>>258167740>He has severe brain damage from the accident that should've killed him.ftfy

>>258167388Pretty big faggot who uses souled out lives for his scripts. Typical psuedokikery. >>258167552



>>258167388The Stand was good though.

>>258191406That photo is legitimately all the evidence I need to believe that claim. I'm not even kidding. You can see the sexual deference in her face while providing the light for his smoke. He definitely fucked her. What a fucking sick world and in particular disgusting morally and ethically corrupted maggot him and that other kike are. As is all pedowood.

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>>258169202>DT7FML, I loved that series until that shit at the end. Weirdly, The Wind Through The Keyhole might have been the best of the DT books, after I and III. Unfortunately King has gone full libtard TDS, and I don't admit to liking his past works publicly anymore.

>>258167248He is a cuck

>>258167534>Mfw when the left would completely destroy itself without censorship or shaming to keep it alive

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>>258170915>knows exactly what illuminati gang signs to put in his books so they are best sellersFixed

>>258167248Oh look a pedophile attacking the right. How original.

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