Breaking: Major 40,000 displaced in Michigan in just one morning major dams have failed in michigan over 40,000 people have been displaced in a matter of hours, governor whitmer on suicide watch

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>>258167173They did it.

>>258167173Is this the whore of Babylon?

is she one of those mommies that tries to drown their children for witchcraft reasons?

>>258167173i guess there budget is more concerned with climate change and transgenderism than simply holding the state together, maybe they are just trying to raise taxes

>>258167173how come this isn't on the news?

WTF I'm in a neighboring state and we are in a mild drought. How much water fell over there?

>>258167173Imagine if evidence came out she pulled a Yellow River maneuver to flex on rural retards?

>>258167789because its basically a democrat Chernobyl

>>258167907what kind of failure was it?

>>258167173Flood evacuation is a non-essential activity. Please stay home folks, put on your masks and insert your corks.

>>258167173Ain’t shit compared to India/Bangladesh

>>258167907amazing how this shit just happens, those poor people are so fucked

>>258167932it's fucking weird, not even on reddit, there only on submission and they are talking about why the damn should be government property instead.

>>258167789it's big here in Michigan at least

>>258167974I don't know, but it seems very coincidental this shit happens after governor hangers is going full Nurse Rached.

>>258168164It's all over Twitter. I mean retards blaming trump of course but it's there

>>258167173They can't evacuate! That's against Führer Whitmers executive stay at home order!!!

How much further can whit-cunt sink the state?

>>258168204How's Michiganians reaction to all this?You have an insane governor-ess and a major flood at the same time.Are people angry?

>>258168401sadly I don't know many people who aren't going full YASSSS QWEEN GRETCH

>>258168401I am currently waiting for this to effect me looks like she is scared shitlessimagine being one of these people having to watch that tranny to sign language right after you lost your entire livelihood in a government created pandemic state

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Never give women power.

>>258168505Dafuq, are people actually... supporting her?This can't be real. We are almost toppling our governor here LOL.

>>258167173The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.A window shalt thou make to the ark, and in a cubit shalt thou finish it above; and the door of the ark shalt thou set in the side thereof; with lower, second, and third stories shalt thou make it.And, behold, I, even I, do bring a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life, from under heaven; and every thing that is in the earth shall die.But with thee will I establish my covenant; and thou shalt come into the ark, thou, and thy sons, and thy wife, and thy sons' wives with thee.And of every living thing of all flesh, two of every sort shalt thou bring into the ark, to keep them alive with thee; they shall be male and female.For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights; and every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth.And Noah did according unto all that the Lord commanded him.And Noah was six hundred years old when the flood of waters was upon the earth.And Noah went in, and his sons, and his wife, and his sons' wives with him, into the ark, because of the waters of the flood.Of clean beasts, and of beasts that are not clean, and of fowls, and of every thing that creepeth upon the earth,There went in two and two unto Noah into the ark, the male and the female, as God had commanded Noah.And it came to pass after seven days, that the waters of the flood were upon the earth.And the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights.-Book of Genesis Chapters 6-7tl;dr Whitmer is a sodomite and enemy of our Lord.

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>>258167173And there is it is, Michigan goes red.

>>258167173>presence of the carcinogenic chemical dioxin in the riverbed downstream of the plant.Drink up.

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>>258168572Fuck is there really that many people who read sign language? Just put subtitles so everyone can follow, if they have a noisy house or crap speakers. Deaf people can read normal language can't they?

>>258168949I don't really get the Confederate and Annie Frank joke at all, but ok, nevermind.

>>258168827We literally have people snitching on their 4 year old nephew's birthday party to the police.

>>258169123They're probably there for the people who are there in person.

>>258169123its just a tool to look more inclusive, and also to brandish their state of the art trannies fresh out of the laboratories

>>258169499>You will live to be a trannycant Blade RunnerNeat.

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>>258168949>using the LORD’s messages and biblical scripture in Vain, for the purposes of implying his fellow man “deserves” to dieRepent.

>>258167173perhaps this bitch should have been more concerned with the dams, which were a known problem for years, than with keeping people under house arrest

>>258167173>Michigan dams fail>the media: WHAT THE FUCK BLUMPF? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS? YOU OWE THIS AMAZING WOMAN AN APOLOGY AND YOU NEED TO COME FIX THIS RIGHT NOW DRUBLFL!They're like a nagging hysterical wife that Trump just shrugs off. How can trump have rough bdsm sex with the media to make them stop?

>>258169331America, that's a very Soviet thing.You're in the Land of the Free, WTF!

>Detroit wasn't demolishedmissed opportunity mother earth

>>258167173thank god i don't live in a democrat-ruined shithole.

>>258167173Why is Lord Farquaad running Michigan?

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>>258168341so is reddit, everything is Trump's fault 24/7 DRUMPF DRUMPF DRUMPF

>>258167173>several major dams have failedYeah but at least you have a big military, woooooh!!


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>>258167173classic ZOG terrorism. You want to protest LARP-19? you want to defy their rule?get flooded, nerds. they know no one will do anything of value about it.just sit down, shut up, and be happy they didn't gas your kids and then cook them like a thanksgiving turkey.

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>>258167173We have reason to believe that this was expected and a known eventuality. We are working on researching who knew what when but It looks like they had the opportunity to correct this months ago. We are asking anyone with insider knowledge or proof to pass it along.>>

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>>258168341How are they spinning this to be Trump's fault?

>>258167173>be you>be michigan faggot you (you but your kind of annoying and think rap is relevant)>become homeless when 20 million were already made unemployed weeks earlier>no second impact payment but hey you dont have bills anymoreone must be thankful for those little miracles

>>258168164But it was government property since 2018.

>>258167173>governor whitmer orders the 40,000 people to stay at home because of COVID-19

>>258169123only democrats use them its an extra minority or cow on stage for her to virtue signal about caring about deaf people.

>>258167225Jesus christ look at all the bootlickers in the comments

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>>258167593She can drown me.

>>258167173Are the evacueea wearing ahitty masks & socially distancing? We need to arrest anyone who evacuates without a mask or who gets within 6 ft of anyone else. Remember to socially distance from your own children, especially infants cause they have week immune systems

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>>258169123>>can't they?No, many people born deaf are not taught written language in their specialized schools. That fact ia used to made interpreters mandatory, and sometimes it even affects their test taking in schoola....that's what happens when a sever minority won't assimilate.Tsourc: Woeked with the disabled for many years.

I'm going to need to see your dam license.

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>>258172759That is completely idiotic. Is this why deaf people are so annoying?

>>258173611Its like the New Orleans levees, the feds gave them billions to shore them up, they spent the money on casinos.

>>258167581She's a whore that babels on.

>>258172759Duking phones & the shitty pad that frequently replaces s with a

>>258172617Are the evacuees getting back to work to fix the economy?We need to arrest anyone who evacuates without denouncing the corona virus as a dem hoax. Remember to ignore all scientist and institutions but instead preach orange man and take your hydrocloromadeupmiracledrug

>>258173963kek. niggers gonna nig.

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michigan user here. covid did this. we need to extend the lockdown.

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I hope they had a good insurance plan

>>258167173She's going to have them all arrested for leaving their homes, right ?

>>258173618I know nothing about specialized schools, but in my normal public school I had class with deaf kids that did the normal curriculum with the rest of us and had their own disabled people classes for electives.


>>258168348yOU wIN

>>258167932They’ll still find a way to blame it on GOP, like the Flint water contamination

>>258167789Because it's inundating the gargantuan waste storage ponds of Dow Chemical inc, and us going to permanently fuck the water table of the Great Lakes area for 50 million people. The very definition for "manmade ecological disaster" is about to be rewritten.

>>258168401Michiganders ftfy

>>258167789She's a prominent Democrat from a state that until 2016 was seen as a solidly Democrat state. As dams take a long time to fail, any failure now could be blamed on the decades of neglect during Democrat rule, so they're staying silent. If/when Trump wins Michigan again in 2020 watch as the 2021 news is all about the "Republican state of Michigan failing to take care of its infrastructure."

>>258173618Basically. Hindered neurological development from being catered to in special schools. Public schools, or mainstreamed classes don't seem to cause these issues. Really it'a the fault of people thinking they are "helping" by being "more understanding" Truth is: having a disability just makes life harder. No one really cares outside of family. Learning that early makes those who can integrate stronger, and leaves those who can't...well, fucked.

>>258174621The chemical plant along with ponds and landfill are only like 20 miles away from lake huron. Is that enough distance to keep the chem waste from reaching the great lakes?

>>258174208ban all healthy activity & blame sickness on people being sane & reasonable, while implementing disasterous policies that are actually killing people.Covid19 is a virus of the mind. It is a religion. Seperation of church & state.


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>>258167173Why do I have a feeling one of you incel did this to michigan out of hatred for women runs very fukken deep and its very disturbing to say the leastif trump told you to stay your ass home you'd listen but the fact a woman told you to stay home bring major cause for your concerns...

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>>258167173Oh, so the Koch budget that still hasn't fixed FLint's water pipes fucked up again with cheap earthen dams? Who knew regumplicanism was bullshit?100,000 dead Americans due to piggy's bumbling and lying. gump lies, America dies

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>>258167173God punishes the wicked. And this whore has upset the Lord

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>> like they admitted the ponds have already mixed with flood water. RIP Great Lakes or least Huron, Erie, and Ontario.

>>258167373This. Government does shit like this.

>>258167173Apologies for poor EnglishWhen were you when Gremlin Whitmoll dies?I was at home writing manifesto when Brenton rings"Gremlin is kill""Yes"

>>258167873They broke it on purpose. Jewish ritual.

My engineering mind says this was avoidable even recently. It could have ahd concrete on the surface to prevent that erosion. The makn weakness of a natural ground gravity dam is the spillovers with erosion. It was worth trying to get bulldozers and other equipment in to try and stop what was happening. The small spill over could have been stopped. Imagine nor even trying. Just some grass and dier erodong away slowly as you watch and known ot will devastate and be unstoppable soon. If i was governor or even a town offical od try like to hell to save my fucking community. No heros left not free spirits left. Of i was a citizen with access to equipment a ground works company with access to dirt and materials call people up and fuxking do something. Oh that's probably illegal fixing it huh? Ya the while community would be on your side and charges droped or court btfos by jury or pressure.


>>258175489So yjeu didnt even try to save the world by trying and moving some chemical's or building sandbag or actually walls aroind the plant? Yep we are fucked we have incompetent gold fish leaders and no motivated citizens yep fucked

>>258176594.... You are fucked user. I'm not even joking it's infuriating that this isn't all over mainstream media. Do Boyce Hydro back democrats or something? (Their license for the dam was revoked two years ago btw)

>>258177368Jew York Times has an article up about it. We are certainly fucked though, too bad have no idea what kind of chemicals we're dealing with because it's proprietary information.


>>258167907The Yellow River flood was far more devastating.

So it hasn't gone critical yet but it is about to. The containment ponds are already leaking and mixing with the water. The us coast gaurd is supposed to help. But i bet theres no real plant to prevent this. Should be a federal emergency plan with military civil engineers going full red alert right now. Fucking pathetic humans

>>258171522Because>reeeeeeee>orange man bad>reeeeeeeeee

Where are you getting this 40,000 people displaced by the flood number from?

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>>258171207or we just had massive rains on top of already high water levels you retarded faggot

>>258167173Send them to canada.

>>258169123Its one of those pointless jobs that Democrats like to use to line their pockets and justify obscene spending. Broken dams are the result.

>>258167173Shithole state full of old people, white trash and coloreds too poor and talentless to leave. Every family with sense fled Michigan from 2000 - 2010

>>258178864The dams were known to be neglected and in need of work for decades, nothing ever happened.

>>258176265the punishment is being levied on the poor fags down stream of this shit. This fat jewess will be immune.

>>258169123Virtue signaling. That sign language broad probably makes $500 an appearance and is on call practically 24/7

>>258169123I think it's an ADA thing. They are required by law to have them

>>258174621Covid19 from great lakes region is about to mutate. New covid19 symptoms include:elevated dioxin levelsItchy burning eyesWatery eyesHair lossCancerImaginary Wierd chemical taste in waterA lot of the other symptoms of chemical poisening already match covid19Gotta double down on oppression to stop the spread of covid20

>>258179071And everybody with a degree or skilled trade leaves as soon as they graduate. Skilled trades pay 2-3x and are 10x busier in sun belt. Only idiots remain in that miserable backwater dump

>>258169197It strikes me as a colonizer fetish. The confederate symbology is just noise added on later.

>>258178864and where is the additional water comming from? climate alchemy?

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>>258179319On camera??

>>258179071Fuck off, Indiana-nigger.

>>258174621Poisoning the well.

>>258179080the money probably went to our greatest ally as part of our yearly goy tax. We Just didn't have enough left to fix the infrastructure... SAD!

>>258177801>because it's proprietary information.Rule number one of pond storage. If you're not allowed to know what's inside, It's basically liquid cancer.

>>258179631We dont tolerate further perpetualation of the mischaracterization of the great late Adold Hitler. Use stalin or something its tempting amd easy but its not true


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>>258167907Considering that there's already armed protests, she'd be treading on very thin ice. Seriously, wth is her problem, why does she feel this need to fuck with people like this?

>>258172617badgerhound, nice

>>258168204>id: JE1Ew

>>258167173The irony of her having the opportunity to become the hero she thought she was

It's tragic. I wonder how many people couldn't get out before the waters rose and died of Covid.

>>258181618cant protest if you're too busy picking up the peaces.

>>258167173Most likely right wing terrorists

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>>258179631You just posted cringe bruh>>258181198Looks like their last fuck up was dioxin, I'd expect it to probably be the biggest one this time also. I'm wondering what the volume difference in contamination it will be compared to before. I am downstream but hopefully it can be contained in the first lake before getting to my two.

>>258182313If your house gets flooded out, you pretty much have to toss anything that isn't the foundation. There isn't going to be any "picking up the pieces" until after the quarantine restrictions end.

>>258169965This whole situation has put on full display the malaise which has been festering in this country. All the vapid mask wearers have been behaving in the most absurd of ways. On more than one occasion I have seen a man out with his children, the man wearing a mask but the children not. Just think of that. In what fucking scenario is something so scary and dangerous that you need a mask to go outside but don't put one on your children? And then there are the complete fucking idiots you see stopped at traffic lights wearing a mask whilst alone in their vehicle.


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Governor Witless was questioned about Roe vs Wade in a slip up she replied, I don't care how those white people get out of MY state I just want them out.

>>258182691fair>>25818276595% of the population just parrot what they perceive as popular.

>>258167907>Imagine if evidence came out>>258181618>Seriously, wth is her problem,In case anyone ever had doubts on how effective shitposting is.


>>258167593She can sit on my face until I’m completely suffocated by her snatch.

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>>258167173anyone evacuating their home should face a year in prison, governors orders are to stay at home

>>258167173Did the governor order michifaggers to stay inside while they drowned?

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>>258182522I would force thatbplant to have aconcrete barrier wall with a generator to power a sub pump to save it incase of floods if i couldnt get then to move thier plant away the important bodies of water. Wtf. Ive been kn 2012 mode since 2011 and now this pre disaster planning will be proven to be neccessary soon. Sadly its coming and it will be increasing in speed and frequency

>>258167173Seems awfully convenient for Biden's possible VP pick to suddenly have a "crisis" to deal with that shows her "leadership". Like, real, real convenient.

Looking like we'll need to get started on the next disaster bill

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>>258167173Another dem scheme to get disaster funds

>>258167173Another victim of... the Trump curse.

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>>258167173Michigan is gonna be red as fuck in November.

This is well past the time for us to remember a distant American tradition

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>>258184025>vote for us and we'll give you free money to save you from poverty and disaster>gets votes>creates more poverty and disaster>if you just vote for us, we'll give you even more money to prevent this!>gets votes again>everything implodes worse>WTF WHY IS IT GETTING WORSE? ITS THOSE FUCKING REDNECKS IN REPUBLICAN DISTRICTS!!!>IM GOING TO MOVE TO THERE BECAUSE ITS NICER!

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>Looks like we can't get bailed out over the nothing virus, better cause this dam to collapse

>>258184219We need a definitive list of those struck by The Curse

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>>258173136They ain't got no dam license, Hoss.

>>258184677Long list. But good idea. Observing those digits

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>>258174065My sides!

>>258169197It's an attack on American liberals (who despise Southerners) by implying that Northerners are too incompetent to save Anne Frank and that only Confederate Southerners can do it.>>258179508More like a classical Hero's Journey (brave young knight sets off to save a girl)

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>>258174065Well done.

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>>258183874>build a wallWhy go through all that when you can just seed it? It would be harder to mow around a wall.

>>258167173Why would the free market allow this to happen?

>>258181873Pure coincidence.

>>258167173Boy Whitmer sure is doing a bang up job, isn’t she?

>>258185163Forgot image

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>>258174621dont the gl drain into the mississipi?

>>258185296>why didn't the democrats fix all the things we broket. republicans

Can anyone verify if these are the culprit Dow chemical waste ponds in Midland? There's another pond but it's cooling so likely not contaminated.

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>>258168572God has troubling ways to punish some people sometimes :)

>>258185697Lake Michigan artificially has water sent to that was through the CAWS. Upstream from where this pollution will be.

>>258167173hope they are all wearing masks and social distancing .. OR JAIL.

Honestly the Michigan GOP deserves everything they're getting from Gretchen this term for having the fucking gall to run neocon Bill Schutte after moderate Rick Snyder got absolutely nothing of note done in his 8 years other than Right to Work.

>>258175489>>258174621>>258176594So without masturbating over disaster porn, what are the best and worst case scenario's for this? I don't want to panic over a fair portion of the world's fresh water being poisoned for good.

>>258167173Governor "please drown 6 feet apart from each other" witmer.

>>258185711>what is the Flint Michigan water crisisSomeone play the clip of Obama telling his fellow niggers their lead-infused water is safe to drink, while refusing to actually drink said water.

>>258167873The Titabasomething river is a big river and Lake Wixom is empty, however big that was.

>>258186107Sorry, I dont understand what youre saying.

>>258167173I live in Midland, place is proper fucked

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what is the point of a 'chemical pond'? What happens when they fill it up; what do they do with it long term?

>>258187202>What happens when they fill it up; what do they do with it long term?Build another pond.

>>258167173No ! You can't go out ! STAY AT HOME !

>>258187174>>258187033First off, any charities or anyplace the people can trust to help get you guys back on your feet? Secondly, heard anything chemical contamination?

>>258182313>Picking up the pieces>Leaving them with nothing to loseOkay

>>258171500May the wind be in your sails friend

Michibros you guys need to get ready rid of this governor lady ASAP. Holy fuck this is insane what’s next

>>258187033Did you have to evacuate? >>258187017No, the GL don't drain into the Mississippi. A canal in Chicago connects water from Lakes Michigan into the Mississippi system through.


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>>258187841I dunno how the woman is still alive. She needs to be shot point blank in the head in Minecraft.

>>258168401Michigander here. Can confirm peoples' reaction. Pic related was sent out yesterday, everyone south of the Sanford Dam has been given the order to evacuate yesterday evening.Rumor has it that the owner of said dam knew about it's failing structural integrity since 2011, but due to lack of funds ( or fucks to give ), the dam has been slowly rotting with each frost.Forest Lake's dam is about to go too I hear. Which probably means the bridge for US-23 is going to get blown out in Omer. Fun stuff.Main arterial roads on the East side of the state are flooded where the creeks and drainage ditches are. In some places the water is so high that fields look like how it is on the actual lake. Like, with waves and shit. It's fucking nuts.

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>>258187841Does Michigan have any nuclear power plants? Asking for a friend.

>>258179631>>258181278Yeah I am getting real sick of these braindead boomers associating everyone they don't like with Hitler and Fascism. Honestly, they should get the rope too. Fascism and a Hitler type leader is exactly what America needs right now.Even the founding fathers would be disgusted by civicuck migapede boomers. The founding fathers were literally white nationalists

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>>258173136What happens when you revoke a dam's license? You cannot just shut down a dam and tell the water to stop flowing.


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>>258188083Down by Detroit, I think that's the only one.

>>258185099>only we can serve the jews best>>>/his/

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>>258167173Was the Simpsons right again?

>Whites are evil>Republicans are evil>If you're middle-class or lower, black, mexican and a republican you're voting against your own interests.If voting blue is the right decision how come states with a democratic majority are all mismanaged shitholes?

>>258167173Makes me wonder if these were the Republican counties that flipped the state Red during the 2016 elections. Hmmmmmmm

>>258181618Power is a serious drug. Gives high like nothing else when you can do such things.


>>258188112You can open the gates and drain the dam. They apparently just walked away from it.

>>258181618>why does she feel this need to fuck with people like thisShe's a bitch with a massively overinflated ego, user. Don't overthink it.

>>258175860No you fucking retard the 3 out of 3 dams where already considered in "weak condition" in 2017 and she didn't do a fucking thing, it was only a matter of time, or a matter of a huge flood overflowing the area.Holy shit your TDS makes you even more retarded than usual conspiratards.

>>258188112Fine the owners more money I guess?

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>>258188024Yeah so... are people mad at Whitmer or what?

>>258186558There's probably not enough waste in Dow to completely fuck up the ecosystem of the Great Lakes, worst case scenario is the entire bay area and east coastline gets a nice dose of fuckery, but I doubt it'll be something like the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

>>258167225damn the third dam didn't go?

These houses died of covid 19, all animals drowned in covid 19Tedros wills it.

>>258188310how so?>>258187448youre kidding me? There is a way to treat it right?fuk>>258187916Ok, thanks.

>>258188894I hope so, really do. That's a lot of fresh water to lose. According to has already been some mixing.

>>258188867Too early to say. Right now people are in the middle of an evacuation and trying to figure out what the fuck is going on. I'd give it a few days and see how much of a response FEMA gives to the counties most affected.Though it's fair to say these rural counties are getting real sick of her shit. Only real reason she stays in office is because every city below Bay City is niggerland that votes gibs in regardless of affiliation.

>>258175860This is a bot.

>>258167173Looks like she is out as veep. Can't even keep our dams from collapsing. What an absolute cunt.

>>258167173atomwaffen did it

>>258189195It really boils down to what they have in those waste ponds. If it's some kind of anti-algae contaminant then the ecosystem will be fucked three ways over. We can filter out a lot of the poison with the water treatment plants in our county, but the really big problem is losing the food for all of the little fish that the big game fish like Walleye and Salmon eat. If that goes, the whole tourism side of the economy goes.

>>258188024>but due to lack of fundsisrael isn't going to pay for itself goy

>>258189426even if it isnt -it is...;)

>>258186558I haven't been able to get to my pc yet to check some actual maps and the report on their last spill to make a call right now. I tend to believe it will be similar to what the other user said in that it will make a big fucking plume of contamination that eventually dissapates somewhere before Lake Ontario.Expect an advisory on fish consumption in the future for many years in the areas where it actually settles.

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>>258176251This is a blue state retard. Dilate

>>258181618Satanists feed off the pain and suffering of others. They intentionally wreak misery on the world because they thinks it "gives them power." Maybe she thought satan would grant her the VP role if she fucked over tens of thousands of people like this

>>258187174>enjoy our scuba trailget more photos Parker

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>>258167932Funnily enough, there is an active reactor near there. Maybe if their lucky it will get Nigtroit.


>>258188314Because niggers have no capacity for assessing cause and effect>fuck whypipo imma vote for Deshonte cuz he said he gonna get mo money for dem programs

>>258167173my sister is in MI she said this made her pussy wet

>>258190527>>258187033>ParkerFunny you say that because I was in the army with a guy named that from Michigan that I always thought posted here once I discovered this place.

>>258185697lakes michigan, huron, and superior have drained directly into James Bay via the GRAND canal since it’s completion in

>>258174756saved, see you back here in 2021

>>258167173Trump Curse is Real

>>258171207Because zig can totally control record breaking rains

>>258190332Wrong. Michigan is a flip-state. Flipping from Democrat governor to Republican governor every eight years since the 50s. Literally the only reason why a Democrat gets elected in this state is because Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Saginaw, Flint and Midland have a collective stroke and vote blue every other election. It's like a pendulum, back and forth all the time.

>>258187566Most of what I see being reported is that the power plants cooling ponds are being miss represented as the contamination ponds. Yes its likely something did get swept up, but not nearly as big a volume as what's being represented. As far as charities go, I'm not sure, but the town's main FB page is open to view, try looking there >>258190527I'm not down there anymore. Which Parker?>>258187916I live on the East side which is dry

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>>258167173>40,000 people have been displacedhorrificI can't believe 400,000 people have lost their homes

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>>258167225cnn isn't fake news now? someione slap me.

>>258172312Post em

Friendly reminder to Michigan refugees: Fuck off we're fullT. Ohio

COVID19 can weeken dams? Shit. We will all be under water in 2 weeks!

Can someone draw on a map where the dams are broken and where the dow chemical plants are compromised? how does this effect the great lakes?

>>258191861but think of how 4,000,000 displaced people win effect the economy.



40,000 people used to live herenow it's a ghost town

>>258192409Working on it now, >>258190016 is me.

>>258188221That’s too far away and too many hills inbetween for some major happening I think.

>>258167173Why doesn't she just arrest the water for not complying with her social distancing edict?

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>>258185099>>>258169197>It's an attack on American liberals (who despise Southerners) by implying that Northerners are too incompetent to save Anne Frank and that only Confederate Southerners can do it.>>>258179508>More like a classical Hero's Journey (brave young knight sets off to save a girl)It is neither. It is the psychotic khazar milker cravings ravings of a chronic masturbator turned into an image. It does not make any sense otherwise.