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>>258164439I saw that video. Will this affect normies, Blacks and the mainstream media? No. Because they are not honest. It's not about the truth. It's about forcing a narrative: White male evil. Black man good.

>>258164955>It's about forcing a narrative: White male evil. Black man good.Correct analysis based anonsan

Video link?

>>258164955Why should it? It has nothing to do with the crime at hand you jew. Talk about being fucking dishonest, someones past crimes aren't what the 2 are being charged for

If the media didn’t lie so much, the number of joggers killed by police would be significantly reduced. They would have less reason to believe the cops are there to kill them

>>258165789just calling people jews doesn't stop you from sticking out like a sore thumb

>>258165789Lots of shills saying this bullshit. The intent of these videos is to demonstrate that he clearly was not an “innocent jogger”. He was aggressive and has a history of theft. He attacked McMichael and paid a price. Who cares?


>>258164955based english teacher

>>258164439holy shit brehs. he DID have a huge hammer

>>258166205forgot pic. break me off a piece of the BBC

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>>258164955How are things going in Japan? You guys okay?

>>258164439>hurled profanitiesAre words physical objects now wtf

>>258164439Whatever happened a few years prior to him being murdered is entirely irrelevant to the case in hand.


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>>258166551Sorry, my nig. It's called a pattern of behavior.

>>258166314kill yourself

>>258164439Chinks destroyed the entire world economy and all you faggots do is post shit about niggers

>>258164439why is he wearing a jacket but no shirtis it hot or cold or what

cop:>I just want to talkAhmed Robbery:>What, why are you talking to me?>Is it cuz I'm black>Fuck you nigga I now have the right to kill you>I'm fucking retarded and unbalanced>Probably am on drugs considering>Thinks cops come after him for being black when they come after him for being a criminal

Big peepee :)Small frontal cortex :(

>>258164439Not that it happened in this situation, but there's a theory that one of the reasons that sometimes contributes to joggers getting shot is that their pants style are saggy. This picture captures it well.A police interaction goes badly and the jogger starts jogging from the cops, their pants start slipping and they reach down to pull them up, and in the heat of the moment to a well-intentioned officer it looks like the jogger is reaching down for a weapon, and boom.The number of blacks shot by cops might fall significantly by a simple fashion change.

>>258164439Black animals are so unleashed.

This is new to me, did the jogger have a video of him being a job to a cop? Link?

>>258164439The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized unless the cop says he smells weed.

>>258164439Even if footage is released of Arbery clearly stealing shit from the Satilla neighborhood all the white guilt dems will claim it's irrelevant. There's no end to their denialism.

post link please

>>258164955Most people wont even watch the first video where the ape wrestles a fucking shotgun out the hands of a man, while throwing punches at him...Its a sin to kill a nigger, no matter what that fucking nigger did. Political correctness and mass media is a fucking joke.t. no gun fag living in socialist nanny state Denmark.

>>258164439Is the officer Japanese?

>>258166995>Does nothing wrong>cops loolking for any Technical excuse to charge when they had nothing

>>258167305Like I just saw some video of a nigger keying a car, and the owner jumps him. Then every fucking nigger in a 200 meter radius comes running to aid the NIGGER against the man who got his new fucking car keyed by a retarded mutt nigger faggot. Fuck black pride, seriously fuck niggers man. I dont even live in the states and I want them all blended to a runny goop.

>>258164439biders gonna bide

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>>258164439Did this fucking nog not own a shirt or some shit? Every video of him getting jacked up by the cops hes shirtless wearing that same stupid ass black jacket.

>>258165734Here's the unedited version. The Guardian edited their video to make Armed Robbery seem the victim.

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>>258167604Imagine the smell

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>>258167057wtf I love saggy pants now

>>258164955Based nip posting as per normal

>>258166314That's an illegal gun dummy.

Armed robbery leading a gang of 15 year olds on a TV raid.

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>>258167604Easier to steal stuff that way. Big winter coats with inner pockets and zippers.

>>258165789Lol how does it feel to have to use your own ethnicity as an insult, all in order to fit in on an anonymous message board?

>>258164955>Will this affect normies, Blacks and the mainstream media?They're not going to see it because the media will ignore it, as they always do.

>>258164822HE WENT TO CHURCH!

>>258169350Look at that 70 iq empty gaze

>>258169927There were two videos released, a shoplifting video and the one in the park. I've only seen the shoplifting video on Youtube. It wasn't distributed by any media outlet that I'm aware of. The park video was edited by the Guardian to portray Arbery in a sympathetic light. Most people will never see the unedited versions of either videos.

>>258166551his documented behaviour and how he treats others has nothing to do with how other people will treat him. he should be treated differently than how he treats people.

>>258164955Is it admissable in court?

>>258164439There's literally nothing wrong with this video. Arbery shouldn't have started dropping f-bombs, but you have freedom of speech. The point where the dude tries to tase him he is literally standing still. The moment he walks away you can hear the cops trying to scheme and bust him.Police are NOT your friends. Do not speak to them more than necessary.

>>258164955To many engrish mistrakes

>>258166103lol they played their hand so badly on this and it backfired yugely

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>>258164955I think the video makes the cops look bad.First cop looking for a promotion from a weed bust, Armed Robbery knows this and automatically has no respect for cop giving him a hard time because of weed.Second cop just walks up and tries to taze him without even knowing what is going on.Tazer doesn't work making him look like a keystone cop.

>>258164439Trump will win georgia cuz people hate niggers

>>258164955How much he chimped out years ago has no bearing on those two cletuses hunting him down.

>>258165789It’s called a character reference. And if the defense is going to say he was just “jogging” this does matter for context potentially.

>>258164955>>258165789The Jew fears the samurai.

Kike music producers trick niggers into promoting violence, drug abuse, and anti-cop rhetoric and Jews profit from it and white society has to put up with the effects which include white kids acting like niggers as well as cops having to use force against violently resisting niggers and nigger wannabes. It’s kikes all the way down.

>>258164955we love you japan

>>258164439>flexing your rights is based and redpilled but only if you're not a PoC

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>>258171104If jogger means nigger, then jogging means nigging? I want to watch this case live on TV, it’ll be comic gold.

>>258166995cop:>I just want to talkWhite people:>You can't make me wear a mask>You're infringing on my rights>Wearing a mask is communism>I don't care if this is private property I still have my right to not wear a mask>I'm recording you officer >No I will not leave or comply with you>WHY ARE YOU ARRESTING ME I DID NOTHING WRONG

>>258164439Fun facts: during this stop Arbery had a suspended drivers license, no title for the vehicle to prove ownership, no proof of insurance, drugs were found inside the vehicle, they attempted to tase him because he was being aggressive, and then it turned out the car he was claiming was his wasn’t. Probably stolen like everything else these niggers “own”.Joggers gonna jog.

>>258170888but they kinda left him off

>>258171343lol go away nigger

>>258164955Welcome to the information era!

>>258164439>>258167788Why is this fag without shirt? Is it not illegal in the US?

>>258165789His other crime was grabbing a gun from a law abiding citizen. He died for that one.

>>258171017I hope they are preparing their countersuit against the media for character assassination

>>258165789I don't know what country you're from Ahmed but here in America the character of the people involved weighs heavily on how the court decides( you know like an ex cop being told to investigate a situation by the police vs a career criminal with connections to numerous other thugs)

>>258171253>getting aggressive at a person that is asking you questions calmlyThat is not a display of rights, just blatant niggering

>>258165789Really destroys your whole "black people have it bad" narrative when he literally threatened and stormed the officer. The cop was still nice and even let him go for having an expired license and weed when he could have arrested him. Any white man would have been shot by the cop if they did that.The two hillbillies that confronted him for his crime didn't play thwt nice guy cop shit and gave him the bullets he deserved. Talk shit get hit joggers

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>>258164439just another jogger jogging

>>258171737>His other crime was grabbing a gun from a law abiding citizen. He died for that one.Literally nothing that happened prior to him physically struggling to disarm McM matters, at that instant he was the bad guy and McM had every right to shoot to stop the threat (and if the gun went off accidentally McM should be cleared of manslaughter too).

>>258165789Be it credit, women, or crime offenses, a past can address a lot about someone's character and habits.

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>>258172210>this person is bad because he reacted to people following him with a gunTell me, what is the proper response to being followed by 2 people with a gun?

>>258165789>It has nothing to do with the crime at hand you jew."the police are coming, please remain where you are""nuh uh nigguh i's on probashun from a few years back i ain't goin to jail"it has plenty to do with it, cocksuck

>>258166551Of course it's relevant retard since it proves his criminal character.

>>258172688Minutes before he was shot he was caught on cam breaking into a house. He has a criminal record and was in a gang. He was trying to flee and then attacked an armed man. He got what he deserved.

>>258172688anything that doesn't involve charging 50 yards towards them and then attacking them head on with only your fists. Bruce Lee wouldn't come out of that situation alive. the stupid nigger should have just run away. hop one fence and those fat fucks aren't catching him. he wasn't even close to cornered he could have just turned and bolted in any direction that didn't have the fucking gun.

>>258167788thanks - good to see the whole thing, clearly stupid and irate negro who was sooner or alter bound to get into an altercation with the policehis cock is huge, he has that aggressive nature - we really have to protect white girls from these sort of fuckers, this is why the jews push "black liberation"

>>258172688>what is the proper response to being followed by 2 people with a gun?“What’s the problem? Oh, you think I have committed a crime and you have called the police. I see you are armed and very serious, let us stand in the shade while we wait for their arrival.”

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>>258171391Car belonged to his mother apart from that all the rest is correct

>>258170617Why do they always have their lips down with teeth showing like that as well?

>>258165789>It has nothing to do with the crime at hand you jew.That's for a competent judge to decide, not some pleb like you.

>>258171600lol go away leaf nigger no one likes you

>>258172688>Tell me, what is the proper response to being followed by 2 people with a gun?call the police, duh>but the police would arrest himthat's why you shouldn't commit crimes, duh

>>258167788Holy shit they really did edit the video.That's some fucked up shit man. You can't just edit stuff, clip it, and move it around to change the message. Give people the whole thing and let them think for themselves.That's...that's fucked up dude.

>>258173093He was in the house dreaming about what it would be like if that house was his, he ran because he was spotted and knew whitie would not understand and just assume he was stealing stuff, he attacked the guy with the gun because, why live, he will never have that dream house.

>>258164439>redd*t>using a screenshot from twitter You have to go back

>>258164439I'm so glad that nigger is dead.Something has to be done about the niggers who had the White heroes arrested.

>>258172688All of a sudden these libshit soiboys are tough guys who ain't taking no shit from someone with a gun.

>>258167520>does nothing wrong>parks a car in the middle of a public park with a suspended licenseGod damn you niggers really need to be removed.

>>258167788he raps, he jogshe dindu nuffin wrongs

>>258167604in typical nigger fashion he thinks he is being coy but is really just being retarded. In the video where he gets arrested at Wal Mart for trying to steal a TV the cop even makes that remark to him "a little hot to be wearing that isn't it?" with a knowing tone. he wears the jacket because it has more places to hide shit he steals and doesn't wear a shirt because it's too hot to be wearing the jacket. however his sub 70 IQ nigger brain couldn't begin to fathom how suspicious that looks to everybody because he is doing something nobody who isn't planning to shoplift does. The cop who made that remark knew exactly why he was wearing that he was just laughing at what a pathetic little niggershine he is witnessing.

>>258173688They're mouth breathers

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>>258167543Yup. If a nigger ever sees a nigger getting beat by a human, they emit pheromones that let other chimps nearby know that a member of the gang is in trouble, and they all attack.

>>258170888while I don't disagree about cops being shitheads he could have avoided a lot of headache by at least trying to act like a human being for five fucking minutes. doesn't matter how much you hate cops they absolutely have the power to ruin your day if you piss them off. it's bad enough this idiot was being a fucking heat score.

>>258172688Get the police involved and press charges for harassment like any sane human being>implying blacks are human

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>>258174279arrested not prosecuted, there is a difference. it was probably part of a PR stunt bc the local authorities know the Jogger community doesn't have an attention span longer than a week

>>258171063it will be a landslide if niggers riot because these good old boys get off like they should. it will be Michael Brown all over again

>>258173093>>258173261>>258173544>>258173970>>258174329The proper response to being hunted with a gun varies a lot huh fellas

>>258171169nobody has to trick niggers into promoting these things. you simply need to point a camera at them

Ok was this nigger really named Armed Robbery?

>>258165789>jewnice try schlomo

>>258166657kek, made me smile

>>258175093i notice more and more that only white men and a handful of pajeets have empathy and kindnessall other people its just desire to dominate however much it hurts others - chinks do it through cunning and hard work, negros though violence

>>258175201Not really. Get the police involved if you're being harassed, simple as.

>>258174279Unironically they are heroes. The world would be a safer & more honest place with more McMichaels.

>>258168760lol the cop did a pat down for weapons so it's not unless the cop is retarded and didnt notice. once the officer gives you a pat down any object greater than a few inches will be discovered

>>258168324fluoride, onions and marvel movies

>>258173688its an anti escalation response. animals tend to show their teeth to other animals when they feel threatened. it evolved from being a sign of aggression and dominance over animals of the same species to being a threat to animals of other species that are being aggressive. my best guess is that humans only really adapted the anti escalation feature and thats why sometimes when people get really angry they bare their teeth at you and lift their chin up. the strange thing is that we dont see humans bare their teeth at animals, so its possible that humans do it for an entirely different reason than animals.

>>258170959How’s your Japanese? Lemme guess that it begins and ends with “desu”. Can it.

>>258164439>no shirt>winter jacket>underware on outsidewtf is wrong with blacks?

>>258175498you guys previously colonized half the world under the guise of civilizing it and the roman republic conquered all of gaul within less than a decade just for military recognition.

>>258171072>How much he chimped out years ago has no bearing on those two cletuses hunting him down.Yes it does. It supports the theory that he's a criminal, which he was

>>258164439>no link who raised you OP, Jesus>>258167788Why are all joggers like this? You never hear about power walkers acting this belligerant.

>>258164955>he deserved to die because of a bad choice he made 3 years prior to the incident>an incident neither of the hicks were involved in or even aware ofyeah... totally a normal and sane opinion to have

"do you have any weed in the car . I don't care if you do" - cops Even the nig isn't dumb enough to fall for that

>>258167788"Nice" cop, "I don't care if you have weed""Nice" cop, should we steal "impound" his car because weed.

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>>258167788>low IQ nog parked in the grass in a known drug activity area.>he be doin nothin but chillin and jiving.>dah police offosir be hurrassin hum!Is this what people really think? It's clear as day he is up to no good, it's why he gets upset at being "harrased".

>>258166938>hot or coldIt's fucking Georgia... and thats a womens jacket.

>>258176062Punishment needs to fit the crime. It's the American way.


>>258176169>>he deserved to die because of a bad choice he made 3 years prior to the incidentNo, he deserved to die because he attempted to assault an armed individual>an incident neither of the hicks were involved in or even aware ofActually they were aware of his criminal record because the older mcmichael investigated him previously

>>258175201Not really, stay calm and wait for the police

>>258175498nice try poo. it goes in the loo.

>>258164822He was a family man, user, a family man.

>>258173996It’s straight from the Protocols. You don’t get to see the news as it happens, only the manipulated damage control.

>>258166314Muh Dick!!!

>>258171063I know people from th area. They started white cucking from day 1.

>>258165789>"Listen my fellow Redditors, just call anyone that insults our precious niggerinoes a "Jew" when we raid Holla Forums and we'll fit right in!"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>>258176169how does it feel to be so retarded that you don't even know this is admissible evidence of his character and aggressive nature? the defense theory is going to self-defense you dumbass

>>258166314more likely something in his pocket or a gun. OR he gets aroused by authority figures like all black men do. He wasn't being aggressive officer he just wants you to plow his little black boipussy.

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>>258170888>>258171391He didn't even shoot the taser he just pressed on the button that makes the shock go on but didn't shoot the things

>>258165789>his past crimes and aggression on hours of police body camera footage from his numerous arrests has nothing to do with anything at all!>haha!I'm going to start punching you faggots right in the fucking face

>>258176169clearly your faggot and Aids infected ass has never heard of establishing a pattern of behavior. If people are trying to argue that he was a "good boy who dindu nuffin" and what was shown on camera is apparently out of character the defense can make a good case for it's admissibility of evidence that shows he was a violent thug with poor impulse control and not an ounce of forethought.

>>258171712because he's wearing a fucking winter coat in 30 degree weather.... they do this because it helps them conceal things they stole

>>258171343sounds like coherent thought rather than eeek eeeek ooook oooga booga cracka. what point are you trying to make faggot nigger?

>>258171055He didn't taze him

>>258167788>becomes aggressive with cops.>parked in a known drug area.>says he was just "rappin" in the park.>license suspended.>leaves so his car can't be searched.>cop smells weed and sees evidence of and shut case. he was obviously just on a morning jog.

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>>258171343Let me refute some points here>You can't make me wear a mask>You're infringing on my rightsDindus are too dumb for this assertion and/or use it when they're actually committing a crime>Wearing a mask is communismYes it is.>I don't care if this is private property I still have my right to not wear a mask>I'm recording you officerBecause we're smart enough to know we're not committing a crime and will prove it>No I will not leave or comply with youThis is a civil statement said with respect and not being confrontational. "FUCK YOU PIG FAGGOT MOFUUCKA! I DIN DU NUTTIN!" is probably what you're looking for in the urban patois

>>258176048>you guys previously colonized half the world under the guise of civilizingAnd look what's happened now that they've stopped

>>258177128Yeah but is not illegal? the cop could have arrested him for indecent exposure here.

>>258165789>Yes, I murdered a baby 10 years ago during a robbery on purpose>Yes, I have 10 charges of spousal abuse>Yes, I have had my license revoked for drunk driving and can no longer legally drive>Yes, I am a heroin addict who steals from his family>BUT YOU DIDN'T SEE ME TRESPASSING ON THAT LOT HOLY SHIT YOU FUCKING RACIST AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BEING SHOT HURTS WHY WON'T YOU LET ME KILL YOU?!?!?!?!?!!?!?That's what you sound like.

>>258164439reddit and adl niggers on suicide watch

>upper middle class white guysDUR Dey be from da soufff, Dey be Hicks!!Wtf is wrong with you faggots.

>>258174091I also jog to houses under construction over multiple weeks 12 miles from my home.quit being a lying nigger. you liar. there were reports of him in that neighborhood committing crimes for 2 months.he was a nigger now he is a dead nigger. case closed.

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>>258165789Georgia is a 3 strike state. Considering this, his past crimes are relevant as they would dictate his actions if he was facing another felony. Arbery knew he fucked up and decided to attacker believing he had 2 choices. Fight in hopes of evading further consequences or die. We all know how this story ends.

>>258177544I don't know why people think judges and courts aren't allowed to use previous convictions as evidence. it's relevant if used to debunk a claim that he was a good boy who dindu nuffin. or if people try to say attacking them was out of can get harsher sentences for being a repeat offender so yeah that shit can factor in. it can't be used as evidence on it's own to convict because it is true that just because he committed all those crimes doesn't necessarily mean he did this one but if it's to support other evidence it's certainly valid.

>>258177980if only he had an IQ higher than 70 he could have figured out running was a perfectly viable option with really good odds of escape.

>>258177931You can see him dreaming in the picture you posted, He is saying to himself, I would put the couch here the TV there etc. etc.Thanks for proving my point.

>>258178379the tv he stole from walmart?>>258169350kek.

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>>258173996I'm shocked you're shocked. NBC edited Zimmerman's 911 call years ago to make him look like he was in the wrong for which zimzam sued them.msm rules the public opinion. never forget that.

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>>258178046no one cares if he was a "good boy" you can't hunt and shoot unarmed black people because they have "bad character". I don't know why some racist bootlickers insist on defending these psychotic hillbillies they're literally white niggers

>>258174091I guess he was dreaming about what he'ld do with the money he was going to make from the copper pipes he was planning on stealing too....

Attached: pipesR.png (1363x849, 586.78K)

>>258178559I guess I've known about it but haven't really put the effort out to actually see it and make it tangible. Now that I see legitimate evidence, it's shocking. Also demoralizing.

>>258178737He was inspecting the plumbing of his future dream home and one of the soldier joints came loose, just imagine how much damage this would have caused after the house was finished.

>>258167788>no warrants>no weapons>no drugs>no reasonable suspicion(something plastic doesn't count brainlets)It seems like Kanago is the actual nigger in this situation who becomes irate after he encounters someone who doesn't bend over immediately.

>>258178647>if I say the word niggers i will fit in.Stop. The jogger has show he has a history of crime. Thus him entering the "construction site" wasn't for architectural intrest. The men were completely justified in attempting to citizen arrest him and justified in defending themselves from this pavement ape.

>>258164955yep, they could have footage of him raping and murdering a child in that house under construction and it'd still be the >y-you can't just chase someone down and execute them, fucking KKK!

>>258170959Bro his grammar and spelling were both flawless what are you on about

>>258179710>reasonable suspicion He's black. Statistically speaking, that in of itself is reason enough but he is also dressed like a typical low IQ nig thug, AND is just sitting in a known drug activity area.

>>258170323>HE WENT TO CHURCH!To steal all the chalices N sheeee yit

>>258170617And after smokin that shit his IQ is around 50.

>>258177462Men are allowed to talk around without shirts. At least here in California. I'm not aware of laws in the US that prevent men from walking around without a shirt.

>>258167788>>258173996So when are the guardian journalists who edited the video getting fired?

>>258167788what a dick

>>258177223ooo-oooh he mad

>>258171391I've been around such folk. They don't understand how the system works. Regardless if the car is his mother's or a friend's of his that let him borrow it. This thing is common with poor trashy people. Media has fed him so much bs about muh racism that he thinks he's going to get shot for smoking weed in a park. And when something like that happens it goes full circle to fuel more people into this kind of fear culture fueled by liberals. Nigger was even smart enough to go back and pick up his weed and start jogging and I doubt they can trial him for seeds. Even the old cop told the young one not to bother with it. Now his mom/friend or grandma has to pay for the car being stuck at a police parking. You might call guys like him them the somewhat peaceful joggers, especially if you compare them to actual lowlife joggers like this:

>>258164955Jap man fascist

>>258164439literally keep dreaming and get fucked nigger



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This attempt at defamation of character is a distraction from the relevant facts. A pair of white men CHASED in their truck armed with a shotgun. They were not acting defensively by any stretch of the imagination

>>258179710we wasn't arrested you ass even though he could have been for driving on a suspended license

>>258182176it's not defamation when it's true

>>258182610It doesn't matter. It's NOT RELEVANT

>>258182698yes it is, that nigger was going to get shot sooner or later

>>258170617in movies or staged photos from syria it is always easy to tell that someone isn't actually dead. there is a certain empty look that dead people have when the soul vacates the body. this is also an example of that

>>258182810Memeflaggot is in the other jogger thread posting the same shit.>>258181635

>>258167788>papa quebec zulu 4442-PQZ-44LMAO Zulu? Is this code for black misconduct or something?

>>258182176They fucked up since under Georgia law you need to personally witness a crime to make a citizens arrest. It doesn't mean Arbery was a good person, it means he didn't deserve to die

>>258180807k thx, it was allowed here too, but since joggers tend to stay topless in unappropriated places every started to banish it.


>>258169811keked and checked laddie

>>258183098Incorrect.Fuck off, paid niggerjzz slurping kike.

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>>258176865Yoooo, fuckin sauce

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>>258183298Reasonable and probable grounds of suspicion under Georgia law means you basically have to witness it, you can't even get that info from a third party. Retard.

>>258183848See precedent: "In Winn Dixie Stores Inc. v. Nichols, 205 Ga. App. 308, 422 S.E. 2d 209 (1992), a Winn Dixie customer complained to management that another customer stole her wallet. The court held that the limited rights of merchants to detain or arrest a person reasonably believed to have committed a shoplifting offense do not authorize a merchant to detain or arrest individuals accused by store patrons of committing crimes against other patrons. To make the arrest, an employee would have had to actually see the criminal act committed. Therefore, it was ruled that management had no authority to arrest the alleged criminal.The court suggested that the only person who could have made the citizen's arrest was the robbed customer herself."Common law doesn't work on your feefees or your interpretation, you have to check what the current interpretation of the law is for every case

>>258164955Makes sense you were honorary aryans

>>258171993>here in America the character of the people involved weighs heavily on how the court decidesExecuting a civilian is vigilante justice. Even if he was in a gang, it's the job of the courts to punish, not some yahoo with a gun. That's a basic principle of due process.


>>258183848Incorrect again.Stick with your own laws, moor.Neighbor called the McMichaels while watching Arbery dig around in house and identified him.Arbery ran right in front of Greg while Greg was outside.You can watch the video

Imagine thinking "jogger" is an offensive thing to call black guys. It's almost as if they're way more athletic than you and are always in shape.>>258166314Look how good he looks with his shirt off, packin meat too. No wonder you guys have been seething over him every day for weeks.

>>258183986That is merchants, at a store.Also, here, since you wanna be a shill.

Attached: Long and short of it.png (2676x1725, 2.67M)

>>258166657Make the board a 1 dumbshit. He wouldn't replace a 0 with a 0. Fucking stupid.

>>258167788what the fuck was wrong with the cops?>accosted for no reason>obeys every request>gets mad at violations of his personal space >cops pull out a fucking taser to threaten him for no reason

>>258184231Answer me this: Did the McMichaels actually witness Arbery commit a felony? It's a simple yes or no question.

>>258167259Niggers aren't people you stupid faggot

>>258169350what a smooth brain

>>258165789>what is a repeat offender?his past actions have a direct impact on whether or not he was an innocent good boy that dun nuffin wrong or just another thieving nogger that got himself dead committing a crime


>>258183986>Moor thinking an interpretation of a rule for a store means anything on private property that the homeowner agreed to being watched and the police blessed off on.

Attached: Officer naming McMichaels for assistance.png (1209x719, 749.23K)

>>258164439anyone got a full video?

>>258166938its a look

Attached: 393BB9B4-1750-49E4-A123-4522603CED3D.jpg (1306x974, 103.12K)

>>258184645Yep.Felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon when hog touched shotgun, lethal force allowed.Reasonable suspicion of burglary, due to neighbor calling them and telling them that nog was running through their yard and witnessing that exact thing.Feet in house in GA is Burglary. And all burglaries are felonies.So, don't even start with the trespass bullshit, shill.

Attached: Burglary GA state law.jpg (946x872, 347.13K)


>>258170888They're my friends if they kill and imprison niggersWasted digits you stupid fucking faggot

>>258169811Topjej lad checkd

>>258184629what video did you watch?

>>258184381Is this bait or do you not understand why they're saying jogger? Its not offensive, its to remind everyone he is a victim, a mere jogger.

>>258184754What the actual fuck does the last red box even matter for? It's literally not relevant to the case. You're just quoting a bunch of legal statutes you have no idea what they mean.Here's the simple math, the McMichaels didn't witness Arbery commit a felony, so unless their lawyer comes through with the stand your ground law during an unlawful citizen's arrest, they're going to get life. Fucking learn your own laws you imbecile


>>258164955Trayvon 2.0

>>258172095always getting what they deserved.

Attached: IMG_5436.gif (512x388, 1.43M)

>>258176865Bruh you can't just post that without the source

>>258185069>>258185239>Reasonable suspicion of burglary, due to neighbor calling them and telling them that nog was running through their yard and witnessing that exact thing.Utterly false when it comes to making a citizen's arrest in GA. That's not what the current precedent there is. It simply isn't. In GA you either witness the felony or you're fucked. They're fucked if they can't push through stand your ground which they probably won't since the arrest was unlawful.

>>258176305Only because Nigger didn't cooperate in the first place and was actively belligerent


>>258185239Reasonable suspicion.They had every right to follow him.Then nigger chimped out and committed felony assault with a deadly weapon.Dead nigger.End of story.

>>258185613Not reasonable suspicion for a private citizen to make an arrest, the threshold is much higher if you check precedent in GA.I'll bet you 10€ right now that whatever the verdict the arrest will be found to have been unlawful in the trial.

>>258185425>Found the kike paid shill on a VPN.So, are you guys on like a retainer to bump these threads or what? Because you type a lot like that faggot Belgian VPN guy from a few days ago.He mostly quit, because he kept getting called out.

>>258185864So, your paid line today is precedent? You fuckers keep moving the goalposts so much, it's hard to keep up with your current narrative, and I practically live in these jogger threads.

>>258184690Yeaaaa, lets help Jews use joggers to take my rights away...

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>>258185904Pó caralho seu burro da piça, não há kikes em PT como na tua terra, aprende mazé a argumentar antes de ires chorar feito retardado

>>258170323>>>258164822>HE WENT TO CHURCH!>>258170323HE WORK AT BLUE BEACON!

>>258176305he was driving on a suspended license you stupid ass and what proof do you have the car was impounded?

>>258186059Precedent is how common law works my ignorant american friend. I have no sympathy for the dead nigger but you can't devolve to a society where a bunch of rednecks do justice with their own hands


>>258166314Mutts law

>>258164955maybe that's because white males really are evil

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>>258167788Loud nigger being loud. Nothing new under the sun.

>>258184690They are though. Go reread the 14th amendment.

>>258186112Said you were on a VPN, learn to read.Also, Belgian said the same thing almost in his post.Hi, former Belgian shill.

>>258186238The cop suggests and asks if they should get it impound so they could search it laterIts not like he was dead set on doing it just a suggestion, I don't remember if he ever decided to

>>258186276Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon can be responded to with lethal force.He wasn't shot for burglary.He was shot for trying to steal a shotgun out of someone's hands.

>>258171063Except magatards hate dixie

>>258167788So, what will leftist media's next move be? Will this just be ignored and stricken from the record or is this a controversial thing on TV right now? I have no idea what's the skinny?

>>258167788Also the cop was pretty chill. Trying to explain the situation to the guy. If I were arrested by a guy like that I wouldn't try to play the nervous guy.

>>258186539It's amazing that there american posters ITT who still think common law is about reading 2 or 3 sentence statutes and then interpreting them however they would like to make a decision, instead of checking the entire body of cases to see how a law has actually been applied in the past. Legal facts don't care about your feelings

>>258164955>>258165789Im confused... Is the jap a jew for pointing the dishonesty of the left? Or are you a jew for defending a negro. Am I supposed to like jews?

>>258186238Cop did not see him drive the car so he could not get him on the suspended license.Cop talked to his superior that showed up at the end of the video and was told not to impound the car, by his superior.The "nice" cop is a passive aggressive A-Hole.

>>258186699During an unlawful citizen's arrest.

>>258186908>Interpreting them however you want.Try again, kike moor.First DA to investigate it had this to say before he sent the case up to higher.

Attached: Ware DA Findings.png (1224x4216, 1.81M)

>>258171072It supports involuntary manslaughter, sincr he has a history of unprovoked aggression

>>258187054Incorrect again, it's like you retards learned nothing the first time you tried this shit.

Attached: Laughs in ZimZam.gif (311x223, 1.52M)

>>258166314This bump is his dicknballs? Nigga looks like he's freezing cold.

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>>258187207Read it, seems like they were wrong in their assessment: even if not criminally wrong.You need to establish courts of law. Justice needs to be delievered by courts, not mobs.

>>258165837Didn't Morgan Freeman say this exact thing, or something along these lines?


>>258187038Still a possible abandoned car in a place it shouldn't be in, he had to check regardless. How do you assume he got there anyway? His buddy drove his car there for him and left? I imagine he ran the plate before confronting too.

>>258164439kanago vs kango

>>258187724It was the mobs that decided the courts were wrong in this case.Funny how you tards can't see that.

>>258165789Because the entire narrative hinges on the idea that he wasn't attacking the white man with a shotgun because they didn't catch the initial contact, despite it being out of frame for only a second AFTER he went around the vehicle the long way to approach him from the side so he couldn't pull up the shotgun to aim it in defense.Establishing that this guy has a history of attacking armed people like a lunatic destroys what little argument they have left.Never stop undermining their narrative. Never settle for enough victory.

Attached: 1588120215271.jpg (1701x850, 152.34K)

>>258164955Based nippon, this is why the juden fear you.

>>258188150It was GA's attorney general that ordered a doj probe into this case.

>>258164439This is actual bullshit. Irate white women and incensed gay men from San Francisco say way more abusive shit to policemen and get away with it. If anything, this anecdote indicates that cops treatment of people is getting more equal with regards to skin tone

>>258164439>hanging out in the park>some cop bothers you for no reason and tries to put you in jail>keeps trying to search your car and says he can smell marijuana and see seeds>citizen knows his rights and tells him to fuckoffbootlickers think there's something wrong with this

>>258167259don't park your effects in the middle of the grass on a public park, you fucking niggerThere is no expectation of privacy out in public, you fucking nigger

>>258188505No, it was the wannabe nigger Shaun King screeching on social media and whipping up anti white hysteria while threatening the McMichaels after sending his pet pack of nigger lawyers over to offer their services to the Arbery family so they could get the videos.

Attached: Talcum X Threatening.jpg (697x370, 32.39K)

>>258187818>Still a possible abandoned car in a place it shouldn't be in, he had to check regardless.Yes>How do you assume he got there anyway?I assume armed robbery drove the car there, I just don't like cops skirting the constitution because of weed.The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized unless a cop says he smells weed.

>>258188825What was the justification given when ordering the doj probe then? Or do you think you can just call them up without any legal justification whatsoever?Pic related is obviously worrying, I hope people called the FBI on him for that. Justice belongs in the courtrooms.

>>258182176>they were not acting defensivelynor were they acting unlawfully. It became defensive when armed robbery fought for the gun

>>258164822Um like honestly we just need to unpack this PoC's actions in a post-colonial context and understand that he's just expressing frustration with the lived experience of systemic racism that black and brown bodies face every single day. Complaining about this should be hate speech, nazi incels. Have sex.

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>>258164439>Michael KanagoNo you kannat go

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>>258187008it's an english teacher ya dingus

>>258165837>They would have less reason to believe the cops are there to kill themTruth. The Democrats push for division because that’s how they keep power. “We’ll protect your from the White Devil ™ you black man. . .”

Attached: 6D25C6BC-B193-41EC-95F9-3FBB54F5C35A.jpg (945x1024, 108.85K)

>>258189148In reality, it's being done to prevent a chimpout.If you have noticed, the current DA on this is a black woman with a mediocre record. She used to be a judge, but now she is back to being a DA.She's there to be the appeasement to the chimps, so when black woman says it was lawful, niggers can't scream racism.It's all being orchestrated.See, we learn from the previous Ferguson chimpouts, trayvon chimpouts, numerous others.The reason the McMichaels were taken into custody so fast was because of the fucking massive deluge of death threats that hit them AND the Black Panthers planning to visit the neighborhood along with thousands of other people to try to stir up shit. True story. There was a nog invasion of that neighborhood less than two days after the McMichaels were arrested.

>>258172095God bless.

>>258166314You've posted this image and text, even going as far as to use the term "hammer", in multiple threads. This behavior is not normal user. Seek help and quit cooming to BBC all day.

>>258171391I know this is an anecdote, but as a white guy, cops have been merciless in giving me tickets and while I've never been shot or assaulted, guns have been pointed at me twice.>14 y/o, going into forest with bb-guns>*gun cocks* "DROP THE WEAPON GET ON THE GROUND">someone said a bunch of columbine kids were gonna go kill everyone or something>cops wasted all our bb's and told us to go home>16 y/o>rearview mirror fell off>just broke up with my gf, feeling listless>roll through a stopsign safely>cop follows me for a mile, didn't see him til I took a turn and noticed him in my sideview>*from behind his door gun pointed at me* "TURN OFF THE VEHICLE HANDS ON THE STEERING WHEEL NOW"So, I don't know exactly what black people are bitching about, cops just sceeve on anybody doing anything abnormal.I'm just saying, if a cop pulled me over and I didn't have a license, title, registration or anything like that I'd probably get fucking arrested. And not once during any of my experiences with police did I ever not simply comply. Right?

>>258176048>>258177420And it's the only shame I have for my ancestors. The shame comes from thinking they could civilize you fucking chimps and put us in this situation. We should have stayed back and observed you like we should the rest of the wildlife.

>>258171253Show me where Holla Forums has encouraged white people to be violent and confrontational with police officers just for getting pulled over

>>258189995I mean I don't know what else to say. I disagree that this was nothing and I've told you the reasons. Don't think I feel an ounce of pitty for the dead chimp, I just really hate the more boorish aspects of American culture and from what I've seen this seems like a clear case of unlawful citizens arrest, which is held to a much higher standard in every state than a police arrest, by a bunch of rednecks. The Bible specifically commands us to resolve this shit in courts of law. Guess there's nothing to do but wait for the trial to unfold.

>>258166938>>258176408>>258184889Baron Samedi is dare I say our jogger?

Attached: baron-samedi-live-and-let-die-thumbnail-sg2.jpg (800x800, 89.93K)

>>258183069Zulu is just the letter Z in super tacticool speak

Every single person involved in this case has been receiving death threats from niggers nonstop.It's why Barnhill was so pissy in his final assessment.Nog's mom was harrassing the shit out of him.The owner of the house, Larry English, recanted his claim about 2500$ worth of fishing equipment stolen due to niggers threatening to kill him.The guy with the phone who recorded the video has been threatened.Something had to be done to keep an immediate chimpout from happening. Easiest and fastest thing to do to prevent a goddamn war from breaking out was to arrest the McMichaels and put on some theater and then not charge them once the niggers stopped acting out and got distracted by the next shiny thing.It's already happening.

>>258190209That's why laws like universal background checks take a little bit of your liberty away, but also restore a little bit of your liberty by keeping guns off the hands of criminals and making cops less likely to act like that.

Damn you guys just love to post all this racist shit on here huh. You fucks dont talk like this irl to black peoples faces though cuz youre all racist cowards

>>258172565Why did you subject me to such ungodly amounts of cringe.


>>258190457Citizen's arrest is held to a higher standard.If Arbery had sat the fuck down, and not chimped out and grabbed the shotgun, the responding police would have had a talk with the truck driver, the McMichaels, and the neighbor that witnessed Arbery in the house.If the cop had decided it wasn't good enough to warrant a citizen's arrest, the McMichaels would have been charged and Arbery would be free to wait out the next few months until his parole violation hearing for shoplifting came up and he was sent back to jail. Which is what he was doing. He chose to attack them, because he knew if police came and found him there, under suspicion, he would go straight back to jail and his aunt would lose the house she had put up to get him out of jail for his shoplifting charge.

Attached: Bond for shoplifting.png (677x566, 75.9K)

>>258190720Background checks? How about you can buy a gun if you dont have any criminal history of violence? I don't see how a gun store looking up your police record when you check out is infringing on liberty that just makes sense but anything beyond that is some disarming civilians globo-political bullfuck. Every single person should be armed if for no other reason than another armed person coming into your house, you would have no defense. And criminals will always have guns regardless if you can buy them or not.Then there could be (and are, right?) owning gun rules like rules of the road with cars. If you violate the rules, your gun gets taken away, like shooting off near a house or killing a protected animal or some shit, I don't know, basic-ass common sense shit like the all-encompasing concept of "gun safety"Legislation involving firearms is literal oppression. I've never heard a convincing argument against that ever in my life and I don't really think one can be made, but go ahead and try I'm very open to any suggestions.

>>258190720LOL, we all know criminals get their guns the legal way.

Umm.. where's the video?

>>258164439The fact he jogged off from that bodycam footage is also hilarious. It legit ends with him doing his insane fake jogging routine. No shirt. Winter jacket. Jeans and everything. Just out for a jog in my drug filled car parked on private property with my suspended license and all.

Attached: 15898006016234745523732353090909.png (960x960, 1.56M)

>>258171712You don't have to wear a shirt when you go outside, you just usually have to wear one if you want to buy stuff

>>258164439Why did he just try to tase him? He should have unload the whole magazine right away.

>>258167788With an attitude like this it is surprising that he lived as long as he did.

>>258191385A basic argument is that gun laws that disproportionately affect criminals and people are in your interest if you're not a criminal. They'll satiate public appetite for further restrictions, they'll make cops less likely to give you shit by carrying a gun, they'll make open carry less be seen as less problematic, and you can keep tabs on them by a simple litmus test.So the average american is an honest decent hardworking citizen, so if a gun law impairs the right of the average person to arm themself, then it's pretty much not a good law, the liberal case for government intervention is small, targeted policies that have massive impact for a small price on the restriction of freedoms basically, and that over time can even lead to an expansion of freedoms.

>>258164439He a good boi.He just doin' his job.The poo-ice is racist y'all.


>>258175201The main idea is that you shouldn't charge at the people with guns

>>258192105I just realized liberal means a different thing over there. I meant actual liberal, as it is understood in most places

>>258192105>>258192480So, legislation will lead to freedom? You're not making a lot of sense you might have to elaborate.Yeah, "liberals" or "democrats" are just puppets as the entire party was bought by the media. Nothing they believe has anything to do with anyting good or political and only serves to put more money into the pockets of "democratic" leaders.

Are blacks getting smarter or something?I remember watching COPS in the 90s and early 00s. Those episodes would go like this.>Mind if do a quick search of your car?>uh, yeah go ahead and search, they ain't nothing in there>*pulls out a kilo of cocaine under the seat*Then with Armed Robbery it's like>Fuck you, no you can't search my car>Okay, you can go.

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>>258167788notice how he doesn't even try to argue against any of the irrelevant nonsense that's being yelled at him because he knows from experience that it would just escalate things even more. there's no reasoning with people like this. it's like trying to reason with an irate child. i don't envy his job.

>>258178647>you can't defend yourself from someone attacking you and trying to take your gun to presumably shoot you

I can tell Twitter's gonna be saying "I shoplift all the time it's just what people do" lmao