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>The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. >Essential reading: ->'Industrial Society and Its Future' (ISAIF): editions-hache.com/essais/pdf/kaczynski2.pdf washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/national/longterm/unabomber/manifesto.text.htm mega.nz/file/WZpkDA7C#1Lzn1l_Yk7F2Qi97M4rIp442YlfVgTNqeEiV0JwQ-dQ Easy-to-print version: usa.anarchistlibraries.net/library/fc-industrial-society-and-its-future ->'The System's Neatest Trick': Easy-to-print version: usa.anarchistlibraries.net/library/ted-kaczynski-the-system-s-neatest-trick >Further reading: ->Anti-Tech Revolution (ATRev): we.riseup.net/assets/389236/Kaczynski+Anti-Tech+Revolution+Why+and+How.pdf ->'The Technological Society' by Jacques Ellul Available at: ratical.org/ratville/AoS/TheTechnologicalSociety.pdf ->Último Reducto ->'Propaganda: the Formation of Men's Attitudes' by Jacques Ellul ratical.org/ratville/AoS/Propaganda-JE-Vintage1973.pdf academia.edu/32348584/Propaganda_The_Formation_Of_Mens_Attitudes_By_Jacques_Ellul >Who is Theodore „Ted“ John Kaczynski? ->Neo-Luddite ->Confirmed 167 IQ ->INTJ ->Man of Action ->PhD in Mathematics ->/ourguy/ >Visit our FAQ: pastebin.com/CiTT61vW >Visit our /prep/ing list: pastebin.com/dE45kWSt So far the goals have been: >creation of FAQ >creation of /prep/list >make memes >keep threads alive >have informative, educative and entertaining discussion

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Bump. Based thread.


>plagiarizes all of his ideas Nothing personal, kid

>>258163633People wont return to nature. Saged.

Questions:[SIG]Do you do any physical exercise? What? How often?From 1 to 10, how healthy would you rate your diet? // 10= healthyDo you meditate / pray / .. ?How intelligent would you rate yourself compared to [your environment/ the average person]? // 10 = intelligent, 5 = same, 1 = dumb[OTHER]Have you read ISAIF? Have you read AT-Rev?What is your MBTI personality type?

Bump. I'm going to read "The System's Neatest Trick".

>>258163633Shit. There are two /TKG/ up and running at the same time. Checked the catalog three differnt times, your thread never came up. What the fuck.>>258163966Sorry user(s). Let's let the other thread die.

>>258164411Who originated all his ideas? Those would make a good reading list.

>>258166093Thanks for using this pic I made in yesterday's thread :) All of you guys are obviously free to use it however you can

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>>258166203Jacques Ellul (January 6 1912 - May 19 1994)Ellul was a French philosopher and theogian. He held degrees in Sociology, Law, and History of Law. He was also a professor of History and Contemporary Sociology at the University of Bordeaux.During WWII, Ellul was a leader in the French Resistance, and later in life he was active in political life and the Ecumenical movement.Among over 50 other titles, Jacques Ellul authored the works 'The Technological Society' and 'Propaganda: the Formation of Men's Attitudes', both of which were highly influential in the ideas and published works of Ted Kaczynski.Ellul is the high-brow version of Ted. Anyone who has read them both cannot fail to see how deeply Ellul influenced Ted. even some of the terminology is straight from Ellul's work, especially regarding propaganda.>>258166475Thank you so much for making it, forgot to tell you yesterday, it is awsome user.

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>>258164640Peope have never left Nature user. It can be argued that even cities, nuclear bombs and toothbrushes are a product of Nature. The 'environment': is it just the cute animals, trees, flowers and bees, or is the human mammal's environment also cities, asphalt, and more broadly the technical complex?

how true is pic related?

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>>258167722Read The Human Zoo by Desmond Morris

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>>258165381after that ATRev

>>258167965thanks for the suggestion

>>258165381His 2nd best essay after ISAIF

everybody go read AtRev, it's the best thing you will ever read

How well does anti-tech go with nationalism?

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>>258169596probably not so well.anti-tech is anti system, nationalism still works inside the system. this system - antisystem thing is so fundamental, i have to constantly switch my viewpoint when operating in my daily routine

>>258167722>how true is pic related?Very true. One item missing from the list is that the animals in the zoo are 'cared' for by a 'benevolent elite' which controls their environment.>>258169596Found pic related in /NSG/ just a while ago. Was very surprised to see Ted's ATRev and Tech Slavery on there.

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>>258165376>Questions:>[SIG]>Do you do any physical exercise? What? How often?daily pushups, situps, squats, jump rope>From 1 to 10, how healthy would you rate your diet? //9>Do you meditate / pray / .. ?no, should though>How intelligent would you rate yourself compared to [your environment/ the average person]? //solid 10>[OTHER]>Have you read ISAIF? Have you read AT-Rev?yes>What is your MBTI personality type?sounds jewish. not interested.

>>258163633Bump for good old /TKG/!>>258164640People never left Nature, else they'd be extinct. The only reason city-dwellers can live the way they live is because of the villagers who are more in touvh with Nature than they are.

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I have a question: What should be done with nuclear weapons? Would they play a role on the Anti-tech revolution? What role would that be.Honestly, I am worried the revolution successfully occurs only to be whiped out by an accidental detonation of a nuke

>>258165376>Do you do any physical exercise? What? How often?Mostly calisthenics with no equipment. Since exercise equipment is literally nowhere to be bought where I live (not even a pullup bar!), I signed up in a gym, although I intend to quit the gym when I get my hands on proper cali equipment (preferrably gymnast rings).>From 1 to 10, how healthy would you rate your diet?6 at best. I try to eat as homemade and natural as possible, but it's hard. Eliminating bread from a diet is hard enough as it is, but in Balkan culture, it's impossible.>Do you meditate / pray / .. ?I tend to go to a walk around the village on cold, wintery nights, as lightly dressed as possible and let my thoughts wander. I also do Wim Hof breathing and cold showers if that counts.>How intelligent would you rate yourself compared to [your environment/ the average person]?I don't like comparing myself to other people, regardless of who is superior to whom. I only compare myself to my previous self, and if I'm superior, I'm satisfied.>Have you read ISAIF? Have you read AT-Rev?Yes.>What is your MBTI personality type?INTJ

>>258171616>revolution happensnormal people:>fuck i need water>fuck i need food>fuck my wound might get infectedyou:>oh shit please no nuke pleeeaase

My 2 cents.If I remember right, Ted got fed up because he couldn't live peacefully in the woods. There was the usual noise and distractions from civilization encroaching into his cozy area.If he lived somewhere truly remote, like alaska or north canada, he might never have been compelled to carry through with the bombings.One minor issue I have with the book I read (ATRWAH) is that there's no talk about an acceptable level of technology he's comfortable with. Like is a pre-vacuum tube era acceptable? What about indoor plumbing? It's nearly impossible to build plumbing without some form of technology.Is it really more industrialism, rather than technology itself, that his main beef is?He hated stereos because hearing other people's music infringe on your quiet space is annoying. I get that. Are any ted enthusiasts keen on getting rid of every comfort they take for granted? What's the motivation, because you love humanity and believe without a revolution the species will die? If you get an anti-tech revolution, half or more of the planet's population would certainly die, and someone at some point would get lazy and want to make machines to do the work. Nothing is there to prevent people from re-industrializing, however long into the future.Personally I would be happy to live in the woods. Over the last year or two I've researched soundproofing techniques and the only real way to get a nice quiet property in the woods is to have a big, dense, heavy wall that is loosely coupled / limp. In other words, a large earthen berm. Berms are how the oil & gas industry soundproofs their equipment on private property.

>>258169974But anti-tech is still not globalism and can work well with my interest for my people? Nations prior to the industrial revolution worked just fine.>>258170288I became interested in anti-tech and "simpler way of life" due to my realization of how my thinking is distorted by all sorts of distractions, like my phone and computer. Our society is a 24/7 society; we technically never rest. I think that technology has contributed to nihilism and made people's lives spiritually and mentally unfulfilling, and that destroys the spirit of a community and a nation, too. I think that's why many fascist and national socialists are interested in Ted's writings.

>>258167722Spot on. Domesticated people create domesticated animals, and vice versa. As above, so below.


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>>258169596Nationalism, whether civic or ethnic, is always based around a political identity, therefore it works inside the system. Racialism, on the other hand, has a biological basis and far less political elements than nationalism, making it a better alternative.


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>>258172345Fair pointBut I mean, what's the point of victory if you're whiped out nonetheless. Basic biological needs can be met with moderate amounts of effort, but if a nuke blows up in your face, there's not much you can do to remedy that

>>258171616Ted covered this in "Antitech Revolution: Why and How". He said that the possibility of a nuclear fallout should not hinder the efforts of the revolutionaries; that the destruction of the tech-system must happen at all costs.

>>258173056dude, the revolution is a filter. Just try to maximize your chances. That's all you can do. Then hope for the best when the dice are thrown.

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>>258173212one solid nuclear blast can produce emp strong enough to fry all electronic stuff. that shall make our job easier

>>258172582Correct. The problem is if I suggest to you a better alternative than that of Ted you will simply ignore me.

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>>258173600you cant feed this hare krishna scam to meplus you need an iq of 170+ to win me over ted

>>258172921That makes sense. I just really need to make some research myself.

>>258173822>iq of 170Yes, you are an expert in avoiding KRISHNA.

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>>258173600You can always bring up some new ideas on the taböe if it's well-intended. I'll listen.

>>258172438You post good questions, leaf. I'll answer:>Is it really more industrialism, rather than technology itself, that his main beef is?Yes, it is. It's people like Varg Vikernes who are opposed to technology in the wider sense. However, Ted does dislike technology in the wider sense. He just percieves industrialism as the greater problem.>Are any ted enthusiasts keen on getting rid of every comfort they take for granted?Can't speak for others, but I am willing to do that. If I could have the Ted lifestyle right now, I wouldn't have any complains.>What's the motivation, because you love humanity and believe without a revolution the species will die?Again, can't speak for others, but my motivation is not the love for humanity (I am much more misanthropic than you'd like to know), but for the love of Nature and hatred of civilization. Especially the modern, industrial civilization.

>>258174036We study geeta, we dont need middlemens to interpret krishna

>>258173361This, too. And the morern economy is such that if one vital country's economy collapses (USA, China, India, UK etc), other countries' economic collapses will soon follow.

>>258174571corona made the first domino fall, it will now proceed to knock the largest one too, we shall soon see butterfly effect magnified to a dragon spitting fire and viruses while violently fluttering its wings

>>258172582>I think that technology has contributed to nihilism and made people's lives spiritually and mentally unfulfilling, and that destroys the spirit of a community and a nation, too. I think that's why many fascist and national socialists are interested in Ted's writings.That very well may be it. Still, Ted's work seems to kind of negate all political ideology.Evola touches on the effects of Industialization on human society and Tradition as well.

>>258173361And do you think the resulting EMP will be enough to ensure the success of the revolution? I not that well versed in physicsNot planning anything here, I just want to know what's on the table for us

>>258174304>WeWho is “we” ?

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Ted Kaczynski was a tranny. Don't let all of his bullshit excuses for killing fool you. He killed because society largely (bigly if you will) hates trannies so he hated society.

>>258175018i am not here to discuss theology. all i am interested is to tear down this system, so i wont do the least to derail the thread now. >>258174999Yes, if the grid fries up, the two basic elements of self propagating system communication and long distance travel would be frozen, that would break global corporations as they wont be able to quickly react to ensure their survival

What ie Ted's take on science, especially medicine?

>>258175960From ISAIF: 121. A further reason why industrial society cannot be reformed in favor of freedom is that modern technology is a unified system in which all parts are dependent on one another. You can’t get rid of the “bad” parts of technology and retain only the “good” parts. Take modern medicine, for example. Progress in medical science depends on progress in chemistry, physics, biology, computer science and other fields. Advanced medical treatments require expensive, high-tech equipment that can be made available only by a technologically progressive, economically rich society. Clearly you can’t have much progress in medicine without the whole technological system and everything that goes with it.122. Even if medical progress could be maintained without the rest of the technological system, it would by itself bring certain evils. Suppose for example that a cure for diabetes is discovered. People with a genetic tendency to diabetes will then be able to survive and reproduce as well as anyone else. Natural selection against genes for diabetes will cease and such genes will spread throughout the population. (This may be occurring to some extent already, since diabetes, while not curable, can be controlled through use of insulin.) The same thing will happen with many other diseases susceptibility to which is affected by genetic degradation of the population. The only solution will be some sort of eugenics program or extensive genetic engineering of human beings, so that man in the future will no longer be a creation of nature, or of chance, or of God (depending on your religious or philosophical opinions), but a manufactured product.

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>>258175960science would enable medicine to perform genetic conditioning hence eliminating traits considered undesirable for techno industrial complex. and would render natural evolution into engineered species

>>258175237Why does everyone speak about Ted in past tense? He's not dead, you know.

>>258168050Lol, odakle je ovo

>>258176199Based, but im wondering, how should we ever explain eugenics to normies?

>>258176737just tell them had your parents not been normies, you could have been a chad

>>258174999First of all, nice trips.Second, it depends on the power of the nuclear bomb and the plase of dropping. By my logic, EMP range will not differ much from the radiation range.

>>258176737We don't explain eugenics to normies. We apply it to them.>>258177034Kek

>>258176737No chance.

What all people should start doing if not already is to starve the compromised internet system. Do not use fakebook, smartphones, stupid censored google search or order at Amazon. It has lead the internet to be a trap spun by the elites to catch the herds of the unsuspecting There is alternatives in technology, independant infrastucture like properly set up IRC goes a long wayThanks OP for baking this thread although your Discord idea from yesterday was not that good

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>>258163633What a great way to get this place shut down! Did you just hear about this user or you yet another feeble kike thinking he’s being clever trying to “get one over on poltards”? Fucking idiot. The rest of you replying shows how new you are.

>>258173229I'm glad to see we're reposting the stuff I was talking about before. Posting Ted's book list again.

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A large part of the climate change narrative is supported by companies that want to figure out a way to keep profits. This focuses their goals into only lowering carbon emissions. ie "if we can lower carbon emissions we can keep the machine going" Carbon emissions has no interest in problems like mass extinction or the autism rate rising. They want to continue what we are doing now but with giant machines sucking carbon out of the air.Many of these people pushing policy aren't environmentalist in any true sense of the word.Many of these folks are techno theocratics, and they aren't really our allies. Most politician don't have a problem with this mindset. Those that we leave out end up being important after all. Earth is an organism and everything is interconnectedClimate alarmism is being used as a tool for globalism. If you feel like you should change then environment because of climate change, and climate change is proven wrong, then we shouldn't protect the environment?

>>258179790So fucking tired about all those threads on irrelevant American politics and cronora on here why don’t you go discuss them at reddit or facebook or whatnotbraindead slaves

>>258176737>explain eugenics to normies?but why? no need to explain the whetstone to the cattle.

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So did anyone think of any great books about things like basic tailoring, blacksmithing, things like that? I get that foraging books would be regional by necessity.

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>>258180651Saved.>>258166475Check this image out man:>>258180651

>why yes I think TIRAIC is a prudent critique of society but don't think technology is all bad how could you tell

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>>258181734Just to continue off of that line of thought I was starting, the SAS Survival Handbook and How To Survive The End Of The World As We Know It are good books toward that goal.

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>>258163633Have a bump

Ted a shit, a zero-solution complainer, and that’s all you will ever get in these corporate /vg/ marketing threads. These people are astroturfing ideologies to see what sticks.


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>>258181734search for murdercube. you'll find all you ever need. if you prefer real books, get john seymours 'the new complete book of self-sufficiency'. it is worth its weight in diamonds.

>>258183125clockwork orange reference is spot on

>>258183125My proofs are the constant spamming of niche “ideology generals by posters on third world vpns pretending Holla Forums is /vg/. Just look at the catalog.

>>258163633/TKG/ and /RWDS/ are the only two threads worth coming to on this board. I'm so fucking tired of shills

>>258183409Real books, absolutely something that will work when there's no electricity. Thanks for the tip.

>>258184076always thank jew for the tip

Spent the majority of the day fishing today. I caught 3 carp and 10 smaller variety of fish. Am I officially tedpilled?

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>>258183508It's perfect. An user shared it with /TKG/ yesterday. >>258183629Currently have tha catalog heavily filtered. But in any case isn't /vg/ exclusively gamer stuff? Don't know much about it at all. Furthermore, Ted has been a mainstay of Holla Forums since way before /TKG/ anyways....

Bump for the Ted pills

How can i help change ancap to anprim?


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>>258163633Ok, so what are you anti techies gonna do when inevitable disasters (sun's expansion, meteor strikes, end of stelliferous era, etc) occur that could be mitigated or even ignored with proper technology? Serious question.

>>258184657Ted is not a “mainstay” of Holla Forums you astroturfing cuck, and /vg/ is a board entirely made of video game publisher astroturfing. This brand of astroturfing looks precisely like the Holla Forums catalog since the coronahoax started. I’d ask you about it but I am sure you are contractually disallowed from disclosing any useful information.

>>258172438Wow a non shill intelligent leaf asking good questions where the fuck am i?

>>258185309Die. If that's our fate, that's our fate


>>258185607That is the problem with anti tech ideology. They just take the cards dealt to them, even there is a way out. Very disappointing indeed. I, for one, will fight with all I have. I wont become a defeatist, and wont just take the bullshit thrown my way.

>>258185309this: >>258185607

>>258186164Dude.... you're not gonna be alive when the sun fucking blows up

>>258163633ted is pol incarnate but he fucked up by killing people and not enlightening the masses.

It's nigger time!

>>258184641>>258184834>>258184913Fishing is a very productive hobby, keep going, user

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What am I supposed to do instead of surrogate activites?

>>258186455Be kind to whites, live a good life.

>>258185565It's rare to see, I know.

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>>258186448Thank you Fin user. Unfortunately I don't take the fish home. I fish for fun/sport (But secretly preparing for when I need to do it for survival). I used to do it with my father when I was younger but he died :( I'm pretty good if I say so myself, both at reel fishing and pole fishing

>>258186340He is arguably more well-known because of what he did. Terrorism brings a sort of mysticism around him, which draws people's attention.

>>258175237>Ted Kaczynski was a trannyPost proof

>>258187190The documentary on (((goyflix))) claims that Ted was a closeted transgender

>>258186847Sorry to hear that, my condolences. Fishing is nice whether you do it for nutrition or just for fun/sport as you do. Your skills will come in handy if you ever need to self-supply food :)

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>>258186919I think it's hard to argue. I'm not a hateful or violent person, and I can't condone his actions, but I still think his ideas hold merit and should be studied. Like the saying, "Separate the artist from the art."

>>258187372Thank you fin bro. It's ok, I must make papa proud by destabilising industrial society

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>>258186164>even a way outevery way, that tries to avoid the inevitable, increases the height of the fall.


>>258187302A search tells me that he thought he wanted to be a woman when he was young. A tranny would be someone who is living as an opposite sex person, not somebody who just thought about it.

>>258188020Based. It was literally a passing thought he wrote down during school in his diary and never went through with it. He probably doesn't even remember thinking that anymore lol. The goyflix doc focused on it for ages to discredit him

>>258187302>>258188020His desire to be a woman lasted about a week and then vanished.

>>258187798I disagreet. National Transhumanist

>>258188138It also came up during his State-mandated psychological evaluation in preparation for the trial. The transcript is out there somewhere.

>>258188458F for the MK Ultra victim

>>258163633OP please fucking add this to your general, it's incredibly relevant. It completely proves Ted was right.>quick rundownyoutu.be/bGMkSNj_-7Q [Open]>longer writeup with link to the actual documentcitizentruth.org/techno-tyranny-how-the-us-national-security-state-is-using-coronavirus-to-fulfill-an-orwellian-vision/TLDR recent FOIA request reveals official government document laying out plan to enslave humanity with AI. It's not a conspiracy theory anymore, it's public fucking record and I bet 90% of people will be too lazy and bluepilled to bother to look into it at all.

>>258187190it's in the documentary on netflix. it's indisputable he admitted to having feelings of becoming a woman, but people's negative reactions kept him from pursuing it.

>>258188138Who hasn't had a thought in their life that women don't have to work as hard as men because all they have to do is flash some tits or sleep their way to the top like Kamala Harris? Women have it way easier than men in many aspects while complaining about how hard it is for them to get ahead.

>>258188504He wasn't though. At least according to him.

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>>258188910I mean.. we live in a society where if a child has that passing thought their parents will assume they are trans and mutilate them... soo

>>258188908False. Those ideas came and went on their own and within a week. Read the psychological evaluation transcript while you seethe and dilate.

>>258189149Society has convinced itself that masculinity is a bad thing. It fucking disgusts me.

>>258188908>He believes (((goyflix))) documentaries.Wow, you're a real freethinker!

>>258189585Me too bro.... me too

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>>258188361>disagreeyour 'way out' creates complexity. this complexity creates more complex problems, which in turn require even more complex solutions. you could have it simple and smart, or complex, but there is no 'way out'.

>>258176367Iz onog novog Netflixovog dokumentarca.



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>>258165376For what purposes is this data collection? Building psychological profiles?

i'd like to recommend a german documentary about kaczynski from 2003. worth seeing 2 hours about uncle ted, LSD and the origins of the Internet.m.youtube.com/watch?v=GY6fb59XFbQ

>>258189725I thought the dog was about to eat that chick. But holy hell was the outcome wholesome.

>>258191568So did I when I first saw it lol. Holla Forums does that to you

>>258188629Pretty terrifying. This shit proves empirically that Ted is right when he writes about self-propagating systems. Anti-Tedlets on suicide watch.

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The craziest thing about Ted, he may have killed some people, but so did many leaders of the world, but they never have documented more truer words than he.

Leaving my last bump, gotta sleep. Keep this and similar threads alive as always, fuck slide threads forever.

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>>258192757Have a good night fin bro! I'm going fishing again on the weekend. I will catch a fish for you!

>>258169596I want that fucking cover of Impeachment of Man. I've been looking for it for a while now.

>>258184641While carp are the shit tasting niggers of fish, yes your day was based and tedpilled. And I'm jealous.

bottom line, he should have just run for office, we have to recognize those with good ideas and empower them so they don't go rogue.

>>258193356Haha. I don't eat them. I fish for fun (and secretly preparing for the tedpocalypse)